Rules on External Links

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Rules on External Links

Postby phantomfaith » Sat Mar 26, 2011 4:48 pm

As Christianity Oasis said we are allowing external links/videos in open forums and chats now for the first time since we first opened. The rules are simple:

No spamming - sending multiple links in different forums and/or placing links that have no relevance to the topic in order to advertise for other sites, this means that some people may sneak in here and send link to viruses, trojans, spam etc... When this happens, as most of you know, they will post these links all over the place. This is not allowed for obvious reasons.

Private Messages - Very rarely but sometimes we get reports from members of a suspicious PM they got from the forums. You know the ole My dad was the king of Nigeria and he died and if you send some money you will be a part of the will :roll: rofl
Any type of this behavior is not accepted.

No Promoting - We do allow links being posted as long as it is NOT an act of promoting or advertising for other sites.

No recruiting - In the past, people who have left here or were banned because of varying reasons went and started their own chat room or forums or those who found us on Google and want to steal members to get their site going. Problem is, they aren't willing to take the time effort and work into building it from the ground up with the patience and trust in God. So they came here in disguise or sent a friend to come in and recruit our members to go to their site etc... This is not allowed and the person doing this will be banned.

We know that most members here are members elsewhere, great and groovy :) This Ministry is for the needs of the people who need to be here and want to be here. But, there are other places that you may need to be at times as well. We do not agree with taking people from this Ministry to another one solely as well as taking from another Ministry to this one solely. It just boils down to being righteous. Do unto others and all :)

Inappropriate material - links and or videos/images that glorify violence, sexual promiscuity, racism, satanic material and/or any other material that denies Jesus Christ as the Son of God or mocks the faith of believing in Him will not be allowed. We understand that many who are not believers in Christ are here and are more than welcome yet we cannot allow anti-Christian material being displayed on this Ministry's site.

We encourage the members here to share with each other videos, links to cool stuff on the web, awesome pictures etc... Whether in private or in the open. In the chat room and forums there are ways to report inappropriate material if needed.

You may be given a warning if you post a link/video/image that breaks the forum rules. Please consider others as being your brothers and sisters in Christ before posting something questionable. You can always send via PM to certain members you know would enjoy it.

Whether or not you are given a warning or not, the Administrators reserves the right to edit,remove or leave alone any post/message at any time.

*AngelYellow* Love one another and be blessed by the Good Lord Jesus Christ always *JesusSign*
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