When you pray and nothing seems to happen? What shall we do?

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When you pray and nothing seems to happen? What shall we do?

Postby Smrata94 » Wed Oct 07, 2015 12:02 am

Dear Members:

what do we do when we pray to the Lord and we don't get the answers in a timely manner? Do we give up or wait? What are your thoughts on this topic?

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Re: When you pray and nothing seems to happen? What shall we

Postby dema » Wed Oct 07, 2015 5:16 am

God is this great king who is also our heavenly father. He knows things you cannot know. He wants you to remember that he is the creator and an amazing entity beyond your comprehension as well as being your loving father.

God answers prayers sometimes by not answering them in the way you expect. Sometimes not answering is no. Sometimes not answering is a response to a lack of effort on our parts.

Example: Perhaps you already know the answer and you have asked so that if God doesn't give you the answer you know is right you can say he didn't answer and do what you want instead of what you know.

Perhaps God has told you over and over that you need to pay attention to something, study something, sit down and be quiet with him - but you haven't done it. And so when you ask him other things, he is like an exasperated parent who has told you to clean your room and instead you are in the kitchen asking how to bake a cake. How does God tell you? You will hear it and be unusually aware of it just in your day to day life. It is like someone touched your shoulder and you looked up and heard what they meant.

Perhaps you are just busy, busy and aren't available to hear.

And perhaps the answer is to wait until you hear an answer. That happens to many people who follow God for a living - preachers and such. The waiting seems to not end.

At any rate, not hearing God's answer is not permission for anything.

Oh, and how do you know it is God's answer? You will have peace. If you don't have peace, if there is a funny feeling as you go forward, if you feel an excited push - that isn't God. God's answer comes with peace.
Shame and blame are the devil's tools. With God ALL things are possible.
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