Epiphanies and how to share them.

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Epiphanies and how to share them.

Postby William V » Mon Sep 04, 2017 9:18 am

Well, desiring input is why I'm sharing so here goes. About a month ago I feel I got burned for an action. Holy fire burned, yes it happened. Just a taste and I have to say, I never want to feel that again. It was because of lust. Seen it with my eyes, felt it in my soul. That being said, since that day all my vices I once had are gone because of my disgust with whom I have been. Along with this came a truth that has me somewhat terrified. I'm a war veteran. Combat showed me the truth about the awful state we're in. That truth is we no longer are just in war. We send our best to fight their best. One problem, the ones dying are our sons and daughters. The ones described as having "love so great they would lay down their life for their brother". This takes them, the light of their families and leaves a void where there was once love, loyalty, and righteousness. Once the sons, fathers, daughters, mothers are gone bitterness takes root. And now the Army will not accept the disenfranchised, when I served they accepted the sons that didn't have the role models some of us were blessed with. And through their service I watched as they turned into Men. And now the world seems bent on destroying themselves rather than ceasing the murder. The bible has the truth throughout. All we had to do was love one another and care for the planet. Eden could have been everywhere. But instead we follow the same path as the Jews of Egypt. We want security but refuse to be decent. They left bondage laden with Possesions and then wandered around complaining and asking for food. And when they saw the promised land they consumed it. Just like America, what's left but desert and crops? The Native population wiped out and lands destroyed. This whole thing was so simple and we blew it. This land was never promised by God. We took it under the colonial guidance of "Great" Britain. All the murder, and for WHAT? Jesus pointed out these things and nobody listened. The planet is being killed and we keep moving into new places and slaughtering wildlife and consuming resources for food and shelter. It's the money, plain and simple. And it's the God this world serves. Making slaves of us all. People working 12 hour shifts, meanwhile who is teaching our children values? The Grandparents are ignored because everyone doesn't have the time because of their jobs, and the parents are at work. So let's see, a stranger, the Television, and the internet. Their not even getting a chance anymore. We need to serve God and not money. Because the wanting and getting of things is consuming everyone. Remember the faces of the ones who showed you love. My mother struggled her whole life to get "Ahead" but my fondest memories are when we were poor. Money isn't worth what you'll lose in the end.
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Re: Epiphanies and how to share them.

Postby Mackenaw » Tue Sep 05, 2017 1:55 am

Hello William V :)

God bless you this day, and welcome to Christianity Oasis.

You have shared a powerful testimony of your walk with The Lord. Jesus meets us right where we are because He loves us, and He loves us too much to leave us there. Being able to grow in The Lord is such a blessing.

While reading your post, I was reminded of the following passage of scripture: Luke 7:36-50. I hope you'll read it and allow it to minister to your soul.

A blessed humbling from The Lord has far-reaching benefits, like none other. Now that He has your full attention, there is much work to be done. Hold onto your hat and socks, you are in for a wild ride at warp speed. God is so very Good!!!

I suggest you read some of the studies on this site...there are many. Here is a link to a list of studies: http://www.christianityoasis.com/keyword/biblestudy.htm

William V, I hope you will continue to share, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to post them.

It's a pleasure to get to know another child of God.

God bless and keep you,
(Sister) Mack
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