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Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Sat Dec 23, 2017 9:24 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hi Friends,

The violence is continuing to drop across Syria. All available statistics indicate this. Having said that, there are still many dozens of deaths per day across the country and flare-ups continue to be a real possibility.

There is increasing talk in the western corporate media that Assad has 'won' the war. However, the tone in these reports is clearly begrudging, like the 'wrong' side has come out on top.

Assad and his allies are undeniably on top, and the trends have been going that way since Russia's intervention began in 2015. However, it's obviously premature to say Assad has achieved ultimate victory. Who knows how things will pan out in the end?

Amidst this backdrop, there is ongoing talk in the international arena about rebuilding the nation in tune with developing any kind of meaningful peace process.

In short, Assad's main allies do not have the money to rebuild the entire country, which some estimate would cost roughly 250 billion dollars (US). As usual, the western countries are using their money as a weapon, making it clear that they will not invest any of their money into the government-controlled sections of the country (which accounts for at least 70% of the entire population of the nation).

China, which has been an ongoing diplomatic and economic ally of the Syrian government, is being viewed as a possible major source of investment (as are other countries that belong to the 'BRICS' nations block, which seeks to remain relatively independent from the western world order).

Below is a link to an article about this general topic. I wish anyone reading this in the coming days a lovely Christmas time with family and God, and anyone reading it afterwards a great and blessed 2018 and beyond. Link to article is below: ... rebuilding

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Sat Dec 30, 2017 4:29 pm
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hi Friends,

I wasn't planning on posting again so soon, but now feel like I should. Some of you might have already heard of unrest in Iran, protests, internal disenchantment with the regime, etc.

Of course, there will never be a government that has 100% support. There will always be opposition, dissenters, etc, no matter what. But knowing what I know about the New World Order, the push for global government, etc, I am deeply suspicious about what is currently going on in Iran.

If you don't like political talk, I politely invite you to stop reading now...

To provide some context to my argument here, I would like to refer to a 2007 interview with General Wesley Clark. In it, he said the US and allies planned to take out seven MIddle-Eastern/African countries, culminating in the overthrow of Iran.

A lengthy article and transcript of the 2007 interview with Clark can be accessed through this link: ... -iran/5166

In 2000, there were approximately 8 countries without a Rothschild (Globalist) central bank: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Syria.

Before continuing, I would like you to study my last sentence. Study every word of it and take your time to join the dots. What do you notice?

Now, at the end of 2017, there are only 4 countries without a Rothschild central bank: Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Syria. Again, think very hard about this. Take your time to join the dots.

Brothers and sisters, it is totally irrelevant how good, bad, or indifferent countries like Cuba, North Korea, Iran and Syria might really be. No, I'm not apologising for any of these countries that are all being viciously targeted by the west (to be fair, not much is happening on the Cuban front at the moment).

This is about world conquest and yes, the type of totalitarian global government outlined in Revelations and elsewhere in the Bible. Repeat: it does not matter how good, bad or indifferent any given country may be. The important thing to remember is that Satan doesn't want any country to be sovereign. He wants them under the control of his global government.

So what does this have to do with the current protests in Iran? Actually, quite a lot. You may have noticed lately a lot of bellicose talk against North Korea and Iran. Indeed, they have apparently given their fair share back. But please remember that these two nations have not been doing anything out of the ordinary in recent times (this is my honest assessment). AND, SORRY FOR THE CAPS, BUT JUST AS THE PEOPLES OF THOSE TWO COUNTRIES ARE SUBJECT TO HARDCORE PROPAGANDA FROM THEIR MEDIA; SO TOO ARE WE IN THE WEST.

Alright, I feel kind of cheap for having resorted to caps to make a point, but I shall continue. I may be wrong, but I strongly suspect that these protests in Iran are following a similar pattern to what happened in Syria right at the start of the devastating conflict there. And I have little doubt that western intelligence services, mainstream media, social media platforms and all available arms of the establishment are doing what they can to incite unrest in Iran.

I would encourage you to read this article by Tyler Durden of the 'zerohedge' news site. I have read him before and rate him as a credible, hard-hitting reporter far superior to what you will generally find in the mainstream media. Link is below: ... ges-regime

My last point is this; I'm just a lone punter with his own view on things. But I would really like to encourage you to think hard about this issue, and the issue with North Korea as well. Are they being targeted because they are 'bad'? Or are they being targeted because they are currently independent of the globalist agenda?

Part of me feels strange for defending these two countries. Yes, I know that North Korea is draconian to the max and persecutes Christians. I know that Iran is also draconian, although not as much as North Korea. But again, I ask the question; Are they being targeted because they are 'bad', or because they are not under globalist control?

And if it is indeed because they are 'bad', what gives the west, with its embrace of abortion, drugs, Hollywood, pornography, violence, war, and so on, the right to act as moral authority?

I'll leave it there, friends. I'm really disturbed by recent developments across the world, and I'm quite concerned for Iran and North Korea. Again, whether they are good, bad or indifferent is totally irrelevant. I am very concerned that they are about to be targeted, with potentially devastating consequences on a regional and even global basis, simply because they are not yet under globalist control. I would love to be proven wrong.

God bless you.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 8:01 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hi again All,

I hope 2018 is going okay for you thus far, and that God will bless the year for you and your families.

No time to really talk today, but I wish to link to an article. It deals with the topic I covered in the previous post; mainly Iran but also, indirectly, North Korea. However, the article also links in with Syria.

It deals with the ongoing sabre rattling, evolving focuses, tensions, agendas, shifting priorities, etc. It comes from debkafile, but I've also read similar details from other sources. Link below: ... ssia-iran/

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Sat Jan 27, 2018 8:28 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hello Friends,

The big news out of Syria of late, which you may well have heard about, is a Turkish invasion of northern Syria to carry out an offensive against Kurdish forces.

This appears to have been as a result of an American announcement that it planned to establish a 30,000-strong border force in the north of Syria, which would have mainly been made up of Kurdish forces.

There are all sorts of intermingled, contradicting elements at play here. Russia and America don't like each other. Turkey has currently left the western orbit into Russia's arms. Russia is pro-Assad, yet Turkey is anti-Assad like the USA. The USA is apparently pro-Kurd, Turkey is anti-Kurd, Assad is anti-Turkey, and generally less antagonistic towards the Kurds. And this is just on the superficial, governmental level.

Beneath it you have ideology, religion, tribes, and no doubt more aspects as well. Only God can understand all of the machinations, and machinations within machinations, and machinations within machinations within machinations, etc.

I shall keep this short, as the article I am linking below is quite long. It basically focuses on the Turkish perspective on this. My take is that the role of Turkey, while perhaps initially provoked by the plans of the US government, are still quite disingenuous, and sinister. However, each to their own. Hard to know from afar. Only God knows. Link below: ... afrin.html

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 5:30 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hi All,

Latest news from Syria is US bombing of pro-Assad forces in eastern Syria. I personally find it disgusting and immoral, more of the same aggressive, self-righteous interference that has left the Middle-East in ashes while doing the bidding of the globalist agenda, the ˋNew World Order‘.

Yes, I understand that there is a counter-argument that what Russia is doing is no better. On the one hand, it‘s not such a bad counter-argument.

On the other hand, this whole so-called ˋArab Springˋ was a western-international plot of the international government-media complex. While Russia has been propping up brutal secular dictatorships, US and allies have been throwing major support behind jihadists, terrorists and the like.

Yes, both may seem unsavoury. True. But my own personal biases, as has been made clear from the start of this forum, are on the side of secularists WHO ARE NOT VIOLENT JIHADISTS THAT MURDER CHRISTIANS.

Feeling absolutely furious about this. Don’t get me wrong. I know that there are a lot of good people across the West, and in the USA, and some may even have nationalist feelings. Nothing wrong with that. The problem is the ruling elite, their lust for global rule and ongoing, murderous interference in the affairs of sovereign nations.

Then again, the Bible makes it clear to us that the end times is all about global empire, and elimination of national sovereignty.

Anyway, death tolls vary on the latest US-led atrocity. US officials say a hundred dead, pro-Syrian sources say several dozen dead and wounded. The victims are said to be a mixture of Syrians and Iran-backed Shiite militia from elsewhere.

If you feel my criticisms are unfair, what right does the West have to enter Syria and stop that country from moving its forces and allies around its own country? Okay, so what Russia is doing may also be seen as immoral. Alright. So then, who started this whole mess?

Yeah, I’m angry. And I don’t pretend to know what’s really going on in the background. We all have biases, and no actor or party in Syria is without blood on their hands. But I put it to you that Syria, and it’s Christians, would be MUCH better off today if there had been much reduced international interference all throughout the last decade, and if the West, in particular, had have been completely uninvolved.

Link to a debkafile article about this massacre is below. Please note, it is only one account, and other sources contradict this, and each other, on details such as the number of dead, the general nature of the incident, and the identities of the victims, their militias, etc. Link below: ... g-targets/

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 5:47 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hello again All,

There has been some more extremely dangerous escalation in Syria, involving Iran and Israel.

Clearly, there is plenty of blame to be shared around when it comes to this, and other related incidents. There are obviously two sides to any story, but it is also clear that certain regional and international players do not see their interests served by any kind of de-escalation, or movement towards peace, that is not completely and utterly on their own preferred terms. Link to an article on this latest incident is below: ... ays-israel

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Fri Feb 16, 2018 11:24 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hello Everyone,

I feel the need to post on recent events in Syria. Some of you will probably not like what I have to say, especially those who have 100% respect for 'The military'. If you have strong nationalist feelings and are touchy about any criticism of the western government-media complex, I respectfully suggest you skip this post altogether.

Firstly, I shall start by saying that I generally have a solid respect for soldiers, especially those who have seen real combat. They are undoubtedly harder and tougher than the vast majority of other people, including myself. I have also been a long-time observer of the national day of remembrance for fallen soldiers in my nation of origin.

That aside, I am deeply disgusted by the presence of the US military in Syria. 'Furious' describes how I have felt about this over the last few days. To cut a long story short, they have no business being there at all, except doing the bidding of the New World Order. Their presence there is immoral. Yes, the most sinister people of all are those who decided to deploy them there in the first place. But I also do not believe that 'Just following orders' is a legitimate excuse for war crimes.

About a week ago I posted about the massacre, committed by US forces, of pro-Assad forces who attacked them in eastern Syria. The popular justification from government officials/mainstream media has been that US forces acted in 'Self-defence'. Okay then, so if I broke into someone's house with a gun and occupied part of the house, then a tenant of the house attacked me, trying to drive me from their house, and I shot them dead, then I guess this could also be deemed 'self-defence', right? Garbage.

It now turns out that the pro-Assad forces who were massacred included quite a number of Russian mercenaries from the 'Wagner' private military contract group. Estimated death tolls vary, with the most extreme suggesting 200-300 Russians died in the attack. On the other end of the spectrum, the Russian government, every bit as unreliable as the western government-media complex when it comes to facts and figures, is acting coy and suggesting that 5 Russian nationals may have died in the attack.

I don't claim to know the truth. I've never even been to Syria. But from the various accounts I have read, the most credible estimated death toll seems to be in the vicinity of 80-100 dead pro-Assad fighters, which is comprised of several dozen Russian mercenaries, and several dozen Syrians, and perhaps a smattering of others.

To be sure, the attack carried out by the pro-Assad fighters was murderously ill-conceived, a terrible idea. But this does not justify the murderous US interference in that country. And before you crow about this and start to feel all good about the US military massacre of its enemies, consider this: many of the Russian mercenaries and Syrian fighters who were massacred WERE CHRISTIANS.

While some of the Russian mercenaries are simple soldiers of fortune, I have read various accounts from others and what motivated them to join the Wagner group and go to Syria. Common sources of motivation included strong nationalist feelings for their motherland Russia, devotion to their Orthodox Christian faith, and desire to defend the Christians of Syria from the ongoing genocidal persecution they have suffered at the hands of the western-backed jihadist rebels, ISIS and so on.

Here's some more info for you. Many of the pro-Assad Syrians who died in the attack were from a group called the 'ISIS hunters'. The group has many Christian members, with at least one account I read suggesting that not only some, but most members of the group were actually Christian. From what I read, the last few days saw a mass funeral for over 30 members of the 'ISIS hunters' group who were all from the same village and/or surrounding areas. If you are feeling all jingoistic and patriotic about the American slaughter of these men, in a war that should have NOTHING to do with America, I would kindly encourage you to re-evaluate your feelings.

Yes, there is plenty of blame to go all around when it comes to this war. I am merely presenting a point of view here that you might not find in many other places. Now though, I think I've spoken enough on the topic.

If you're a military person reading this, try not to take it personally. The father of my best friend, now sadly deceased, did a full combat tour of Vietnam and I respected him tremendously for this. There would no doubt be plenty of decent people in the US military, or any other military for that matter. But I stand by my point; the US military, as with any other military from a western nation or their allies, is totally under the command of the New World Order.

We are not quite in the end times yet, but I think it's safe to say that the armies of the Anti-Christ will not be forces for good. That's about it for now. God bless you.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Sun Feb 18, 2018 5:13 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hello All,

I usually don't like to pay much attention to an organisation like CNN, as it is regularly biased, inaccurate and unreliable. However, every now and again it will stick to the facts in its reporting, if there is no clear agenda to be furthered by telling lies.

I have just read a good article from CNN about the recent US massacre of Syrian Christian militia members, and their Russian mercenary allies. I just wanted to post a link to it, to corroborate the points I wrote about in the previous post.

As it turns out, the militia group I mentioned as being predominantly Christian may well have been exclusively Christian. And the CNN article also mentions the mass funeral of about 30 pro-Assad Syrian Christian militia members who died in the slaughter committed by US forces, along with a similar number of Russian mercenaries.

Violence was tracking downwards in Syria for quite a while. But any kind of potential peace with Assad still in power is simply not acceptable to the New World Order. Thus, the globalist agenda and its deadly interference and genocidal designs will seemingly not take a backward step, and will not hesitate to escalate and flare up the situation again if there is the risk of any kind of peace that is not in line with the overall plan.

Link to the article is below: ... index.html

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 4:47 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hi All,

I've just read an excellent article on the lead-up to the current state of the disaster in Syria, and a summary of the current situation there.

It is titled, 'Syria's Tragedy, America's crime: The collapse of national sovereignty'. Just a point I wish to make, reflecting on a sentiment I expressed in the past couple of posts, and perhaps elsewhere: the USA is the current battering ram of the New World Order, along with its various allies.

When pointing out the evils carries out and presided over by the government-media complex in the USA and across the west and beyond, it is not a criticism of the average person on the street who has nothing to do with these evil activities. There has been, and is still quite a lot that is good about the west. However, with the USA currently at its head, there is no doubt that the powers-that-be in the west are trying to dominate the world, quite possibly to build the global satanic empire talked about in Revelations, and elsewhere in the Bible.

Anyway, here is the link. I really recommend you read it. Very thorough, and full of information and perspective you will not get from western mainstream media: ... vereignty/

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 3:01 pm
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hello Again Everyone,

I wish to keep this short. You may have recently heard of Syrian government bombardment of Eastern Ghouta, the only rebel-held enclave near Damascus.

Mainstream media reporting has been hysterically reporting large casualty figures and speaking of ‘war crimes’. And who is the western mainstream media relying on for its on the ground ‘reporting’ and casualty figures? In short, al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda aligned groups.

There has also been a ramping up of anti-Syrian/anti-Russian propaganda, frequent speculation about the use of chemical weapons, and the like.

In short, there appears to be the very real danger, in the coming days, of another false flag operation being launched by western-backed rebels.

Remember, Assad has absolutely NOTHING to gain by gassing his own people, and giving the USA and its lapdogs an excuse to come to the rescue of their terrorist proxy forces.

Yes, people have presumably died in Eastern Ghouta under recent government bombardment. But did you also know that dozens of Damascus residents have also died recently due to rebel shelling from Eastern Ghouta? Maybe not, because mainstream media has conveniently ignored it.

Friends, the current danger of another false flag operation appears to be very high. I will certainly pray against such a possibility.

Below is a link to a new article on this danger. The report is hardly solid evidence. Of course, I’d only be too happy if it proved to be an unfounded suspicion in hindsight. Link below: ... ate-media/

I leave this to God. Please don’t let the hidden plans of evil people succeed. Amen.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2018 2:39 pm
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hi again All,

Not much time to write today. I just want to refer you to a couple of news articles which can keep you up to date on developments in Syria.

Firstly, the Turkish Army and it’s ‘Free Syrian Army’ allies have taken the Syrian Kurdish city of Afrin, a disaster for the people of the city. Secondly, the Syrian government army and its allies appear to be on the verge of taking Al Ghouta, the main city of the Eastern Ghouta enclave. The latter has also represented a humanitarian crisis, although the actual extent of it is hard to decipher amidst the hysterical western mainstream media propaganda with its biased coverage, exaggerated death tolls and cosy relationship with the jihadist overloads of Eastern Ghouta.

A link to a new debkafile article on developments in both cities is below: ... -to-assad/

The other article I wish to refer you to is about Russian and Syrian concerns of advanced preparations of US-backed jihadists in Eastern Ghouta to launch a gas attack against Syrians, which western governments and media would blame on Assad as a pre-planned pretext to further demonise Russia and attack Syrian government forces.

To be fair, there would be no doubt that the Russian and Syrian side would use propaganda just like the US and its allies. I hope that the Russian and Syrian concerns are not accurate. However, given that there is a history of the US-backed rebels launching false flag attacks with the full support of the duplicitous western government-media complex, one ought to be at least a little concerned that it could happen again some time soon. Link to an article about this is below: ... ck-justify

If such plans are really being hatched, I can only pray that the Lord would thwart them and bring justice to the evil doers.

God bless you all. I hope this Sunday is a good one for you.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 10:35 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hi Friends,

In the last two posts, I informed you of danger signs and warnings that western-backed rebels in Eastern Ghouta, near Damascus, were planning to stage a false flag chemical weapons attack and then, with the full support of the US and other western governments as well as the mainstream media, etc, blame it on the Syrian government. Today, this fear has apparently become reality.

If you have not read the previous two posts, I politely suggest that you have a look at them for a little bit of context. If you would prefer not to have to go through the previous two posts, I will refer you to an article, from March 12th this year, which outlines the concerns held by some that the rebels would indeed launch such a false flag chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta, with the express aim of getting their US ally to launch airstrikes against Syrian government targets. Here is the link: ... houta.html

I do not claim to know everything. Only God knows everything, including the truth behind this latest incident in Eastern Ghouta.

However, as someone who has learned a lot about the New World Order, and the truth of what has really happened regarding Syria since the start of its civil war, my honest opinion is that it is a virtual certainty that the western-backed rebels were behind this latest incident, meaning that it is a false flag operation being carried out with the full support of the government-media complex in the west, and beyond.

Let's think about this logically. The Syrian government has retaken over 90% of Eastern Ghouta. Why would they need to have undertaken this reported chemical attack, which is reported to have mainly killed civilians? What do they have to gain from this? NOTHING. What do they have to lose by this? POTENTIALLY A LOT? Conversely, what would western-backed rebels have to gain from this? POTENTIALLY A LOT? What would they have to lose by this? NOTHING.

Think logically. We can't know everything, because it's only for God to know everything. But we can use the mind He gave us to think critically, while remembering that it is satan who is currently in control of this deceitful world. Remember, we will all need a critical and questioning mind if we are to see through the deception of the New World Order. And we can not gain this alone, we can not have this without God. While admitting that my intellect is infinitely tiny compared to His, I am still thankful for the critical mind He has given me, and that I know that the mainstream media is absolute trash.

All of this aside, there are also some bizarre, uncanny similarities between the alleged chemical attack of April 4th last year, on the town of Khan Shaykun, and this new one of April 8th, 2018. For starters, both were almost certainly false flag operations carried out by western-backed rebels. The one of last year saw a limited US missile strike carried out against a Syrian airbase on April 7th, three days after the reported gas attack. As to what will happen now after this latest incident, who knows.

Another similarity: on both occasions, only about a week before the reported gas attacks, top level US officials had signalled clear intentions to pull out, or at least significantly pull back, from the Syrian war arena. If you would like to read the details about these similarities for yourself, feel free to click on the following link: ... cheme.html

As usual, I will pray to the Lord that His will be done on this. If it is a false flag attack, I pray that He will thwart the plans of the evil doers, and bring justice against them. Overall, I will also pray for His overall justice to come upon Syria.

God bless you. All the best.