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Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:49 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hello again Everyone,

I thought I'd make another post in light of the recent western attack on Syria. There is obviously a lot which is not reported in establishment media, and a lot which we just can't know even if we look in the independent media.

There is also a lot which our logic can tell us. Point one is that it is completely illogical that Assad and his government/allies were behind this gas attack. There is also no evidence to indicate this. The best we get from western leaders is 'We have proof'. That's all. And the sycophantic western media simply accepts this, broadcasts it and asks no questions.

Here is a link to a basic outline of the real scenario, and what a 'False Flag' operation actually is, in case any of you may not have visited this forum before and may not be aware: ... alse-flag/

The western attack on Syria, as it turned out, was (thankfully) only a pin-prick operation that levelled 3 sites. It was more for domestic consumption than anything else; in effect, nothing more than a propaganda stunt for show. Having said this, anyone who is sane or with any decency in them is obviously glad that, at this stage, there was not a comprehensive attack, which quite obviously would lead to further escalation with Russia, and a potential third world war between two nations armed with thousands of nuclear warheads each.

Warning, if you don't like to hear anyone make political comments, please kindly skip this paragraph. From the reading I have done, it appears that General Mattis, Secretary of Defence, may have been a positive factor and a decent influence on keeping the course of events limited, minimising risk of dangerous escalation, being one of the very few decision makers to keep a cool head, and so on. More people like him are needed, and less people like John Bolton, the newly installed National Security Advisor, a proven liar and warmonger. The current regime in Great Britain is particularly sinister. The current PM there, Theresa May, and the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Boris Johnson, are dangerous, hysterical and essentially cut from the same cloth as Bolton in the USA. The current opposition leader in the UK may have many faults, but at least seems to be genuinely anti-war. The current French leader is a mixed bag. On the one hand, he bought into the big (almost certain) lie of the 'Assad gassed his people' variety, and participated in the bombing, but at least took more of a careful line and, like Mattis who I mentioned before, tried to keep it low key, and maintain cordial relations with Putin.

That's the end of my political commentary. You may have different views on the matter, good and well, but those are mine. I think a really, really good prayer to make would be to ask God to elevate anti-war people, peace-minded people, into positions of power in the west, but also beyond, and to remove dangerous warmongers like the three or so I mentioned in the previous paragraph. By the way, I don't need reminding that people like Assad, Putin and the like are also far from perfect. However, as I've pointed out throughout this forum, I believe that the overwhelming evidence shows that the real villains in this war are the western nations, and others, who are backing the jihadist rebels.

On the one hand, Bible prophecy tells us that wars will continue until the end times. On the other hand, I don't think this means Christians should stop praying for peace. Maybe through prayers, good things can still happen despite the inevitability of wars.

I'm about to stop writing for today. If you would like a little bit of a roundup about the recent western strikes against Syria, here is a link to a fresh debkafile article on the topic. I don't necessarily agree with, or can verify everything in the article, but here it is: ... -on-syria/

Lastly, I wish to thank God that this latest provocation by the west was only very limited. The alternative would very likely not end well for anyone.

All the best.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 5:28 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hi Friends,

This is a tiny item. It's a link to a video that goes for about two minutes.

It's a great little look into the New World Order and its apparent control over all of the institutions, which obviously includes the mainstream media. In this little snippet from Sky News (in Britain, I believe), the talking head is interviewing a British General; a significant figure who was once, I believe, the commander of all British forces in Iraq during its occupation of Iraq.

The General dares to question the New World Order narrative that 'Assad gassed his people', and is then abruptly cut off by the talking head, and the interview immediately terminated. Again, I say to you, if you watch this little snippet, it will give you a great little insight into Satan's empire on earth, and how the truth must not be allowed to challenge the 'Official story'. Link is below:

God bless you.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2018 1:39 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hi All,

I wish to refer anyone with a bit of spare time to some articles about the recent false flag operation in Syria; namely, the gas attack from a couple of weeks ago that was blamed on the Syrian government (and Russia), despite a complete and fundamental lack of evidence. But, you see, truth is just not very high up on the list of priorities in this globalist agenda. What is of utmost importance is 'The Agenda'. Things like truth are just quaint little obstacles to be removed from the path.

Robert Fisk, one of the very rare credible, decent and intelligent journalists in the mainstream media, was apparently one of the first reporters on the ground in Douma (where the attack was reported to have taken place) in search of eye witness testimony. He gathered his fair share of first-hand information, and none of it supported the narrative that Assad's forces had deployed chemical weapons. A link to Fisk's article about this can be found below: ... 07726.html

Below is a link to an article from the South China Morning Post, which I have included in this post as a cross reference. It is also about the false flag incident in Syria, and makes mention of Fisk's article and the findings within: ... a-wage-war

Lastly, even a senior reporter from ZDF, Germany's largest state TV broadcaster, said in a report that the chemical weapons attack was likely staged by the rebel side. The reporter's name is Uli Gack and, like Fisk, he had also been on the ground in Douma, and interviewed numerous eyewitnesses of the 'gas attack' that allegedly took place on April 7th.

If you want more information on this, click the link below: ... ost-likely

It's a very bizarre and surreal world we're currently living in. I think that's something most of us could agree on.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Mon Apr 30, 2018 3:09 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hi All,

A quick post here. More dangerous and murderous escalation, this time apparently from Israel who, despite its preferred image of being an innocent and righteous outpost in a sea of hostility, has a history of of sinister and murderous activities in recent decades.

Does this mean that its enemies are any better? No, not necessarily. But just because it's enemies are also no angels, it doesn't excuse the fact that Israel has teamed up with al-queda and other Christian-murdering groups in Syria, with a view to taking down their common enemies in Syria and Iran.

This is not a criticism of the Israeli people, as criticism of western nations is not a criticism of the average person on the street in those nations. However, the Israeli government-media complex is every bit as corrupt and rotten as the west. And, despite the rose-coloured view many have of the modern-nation state of Israel as being largely a victim of the New World Order, this flowery idea doesn't mesh with the facts.

Israel is very much a New World Order entity, and its military is kept very powerful for a very specific reason that goes well beyond self-defence, very much like the US military. There is an abundance of evidence to prove this, which I won't bother mentioning in this forum but if you'd like to know more, you could send a Private Message.

A very basic starting point would be to have a look at the Supreme Court building in Israel which is openly drenched in New World Order imagery. Look into it if you wish. Do you really think the New World Order would allow Israel to exist as it does, if it didn't want Israel to exist as it does?

As to whether Israel, the modern-nation state, has a special part in God's plans, some say 'yes' and point to particular scripture that supports this view, others say 'no' and point to other scripture to support this. I have decided to sit on the fence and leave it up to God. Maybe He does have a special plan for that nation-state. I don't know.

But what I do know is that its behaviour is often disgusting and morally corrupt in this current age. Then again, so is the behaviour of much of the world. Again, let's look at this in a balanced, logical, non-partisan manner. Just because the behaviour of Israel's enemies may sometimes be immoral, this DOES NOT excuse immoral behaviour from Israel.

There is also plenty of circumstantial evidence that western intelligence agencies, and Israeli intelligence gave substantial clandestine support to ISIS when it was starting its rampage a few years ago. To add to this, even Michael Savage, a very smart intellectual and Israeli supporter, has asked several times, 'Why has Israel never bombed or attacked ISIS in any way?'

I could go on, but I won't. If you disagree with me, feel free to do so politely. But I am convinced the facts are on my side. Then again, everyone is convinced the facts are on their side.

I have felt a strong message from God in recent years. Some of you might not like the message, or agree with it. But God has told me to let go of any strong feelings towards nation-states, or hopes in those nation states. The New World Order has gobbled up nearly each and every one of them, and will not stop until the entire world is under its control. Our only hope should be in Jesus.

The latest attack on Syria has apparently killed dozens of people, with varying accounts of the victims. At least one mainstream source is saying half of the victims were children, while at least one other source has said most were Iranian soldiers.

And before anyone might cheer the idea of killing Iranian soldiers, think about the sobering answer to this question: In the Syrian civil war, Iran has backed one side, and Israel has backed the other. One of the sides is largely made up of murderous jihadists who have shot, beheaded, slaughtered, ethnically cleansed and committed mass murder against Christians and other groups across Syria during the last seven years. The other side is the Syrian government who, while clearly not perfect, has acted as a protector of Syria's Christians and other minorities over the last seven years. Now to the question:

So, which side has Iran supported, and which side has Israel supported? We both know the answer. The truth is brutal.

That's all. Here is a link or two regarding the recent senseless attack on Syria, probably by Israel, but possibly by western-backed/Israeli-backed rebel groups: ... -in-syria/ ... e5e84ea293

God bless you all.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Sat May 26, 2018 5:43 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hello Everyone,

Thought I should touch base on recent developments in Syria.

Firstly, Syrian government forces and their allies have managed to fully clear Damascus and its immediate surroundings of al-queda rebels, jihadists, ISIS, etc. This is the first time that the government has had Damascus until its total control since 2011, when the war broke out.

Here is a link to an article about this: ... 40846.html

Another development is with regards to Iran. As you would have likely heard, the US government recently withdrew from the nuclear deal made between the Obama administration and Iran a few years back. One result of this is the reintroduction of harsh sanctions on Iran.

Remember, it is typically not the ruling classes who suffer the brunt of any sanctions. Rather, it is the people on the street who suffer the most.

The last month has also been marked by periodical Israeli missile strikes on Iranian troops in Syria, which have killed dozens. The united US-Israeli (and allies) front against Iran in recent times is clearly synchronised.

I personally don't know enough about the nuclear deal to comment on it with definitive authority. However, it is clear that part of the New World Order agenda is to take down Iran. This is no doubt part of the reason that the western nations, Israel and their gulf allies have supported al-queda and other jihadists in Syria: to cause mayhem in that country with the aim of taking down an important Iranian ally.

Remember, whether Iran is a 'good' country, a 'bad' country- or something in between- is completely irrelevant. The satanic globalist agenda wants to take it down, and that's the key point here.

If you have never seen the incredible interview (I believe it is from 2006) with General Wesley Clarke, I will post the key snippet from this interview below. It deals with the plans of the US government to destroy seven middle-eastern countries, ultimately ending with Iran.

The link I am posting only goes for a couple of minutes but if you've never seen it, I highly recommend that you do so. The interview snippet, in and of itself, is yet another piece of hard evidence of the globalist agenda to leave the middle-east in ruins, culminating in the destruction of Iran. Link is below:

God bless you all. Though the Bible says that wars will continue to rage until the end times, it still wouldn't hurt to pray for de-escalation. Who knows? While wars will continue, and killing will not cease, maybe the power of prayer could nonetheless reduce some violence and save some lives.

All the best.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Tue Jun 12, 2018 3:22 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hello Friends,

There are unfortunately more warning signs that the western-backed rebels and elements of the US special forces are again laying plans to launch another false flag gas attack in Syria, which the fundamentally corrupt mainstream media would then blame on the Syrian government, leading to more US air strikes against the Syrian government.

This has happened so often already; it's so old and predictable, buy yet they apparently plan to do it more, along the lines of the same old, well-worn playbook.

The warning has come directly from the Russian government. Perhaps it is propaganda from the Russian government, perhaps not. But if you cast your mind back to April 7th this year, there was an alleged chemical attack in Douma, near Damascus, which was blamed on the Syrian government without a shred of evidence. This was a clear false flag operation (carried out by western backed rebels) that was predicted, with specific details provided beforehand, based on intelligence from Russia and Iran (this has all been covered in this forum).

The new warning from Russia also provides very specific details. It states that the 'Free Syrian Army' jihadists, in co-operation with elements from US special operations forces, are preparing to stage a chemical attack in the village of Haql al-Jafara, using chlorine gas. This village is in the province of Deir ez-Zor.

So, there you go. More specific information about a possible false flag attack which could be staged some time soon in Syria.

A link to an article about this is below: ... ia/243715/

God bless you all. And may He thwart the evil designs of the New World Order (In the end, He obviously will. But it still doesn't hurt to pray for it).

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2018 2:05 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hi All,

The latest news is that Israel has again bombed pro-Iranian forces in Syria, killing dozens. It happened near the Iraqi-Syrian border, and many of the victims were apparently Iraqi militiamen who have been on the frontlines against ISIS.

Friends, I must admit to you that I am totally at a loss when it comes to Israel. As I was brought up (as a child) I was told that Israel (the modern state) was re-established by God for His own divine purposes. There are even Bible verses that appear to indicate this.

I was also encouraged to think of all of Israel's military victories as the result of divine intervention. Indeed, I am still not denying any of this.

But my sympathy towards Israel has dramatically sunk since learning that it was supporting al-queda and other jihadists groups in Syria against a common enemy, and has been doing so since the start of the war there. The evidence of Israel's support of these jihadist groups is immense, and indisputable.

The horror stories are also numerous, too numerous too mention. The turning point for me was seeing video of a distant military barracks on a quiet night. The barracks then erupted into flames, and the cameraman and his associates immediately began to shout out 'Allahu Akhbar'. To cut a long story short, Israel had tipped off al-queda jihadists that the Israeli Air Force was going to obliterate the barracks. The jihadists were there in time to set up their camera and film, as Israel slaughtered 150 Syrian government soldiers in their sleep.

There are so many documented, factual stories like this. There is another one, in which Israeli soldiers on the Golan Heights, within eye shot and ear shot, turned a blind eye as their jihadist allies butchered captured pro-Assad soldiers with knives, one after the other. The Israeli soldiers did not lift a finger to intervene.

Yet so many Christians are with Israel all the way, and are not troubled by its alliance with jihadist groups who kill innocent people, including Christians. Many Christians appear to choose Israel over fellow Christians in the Middle-East.

Israel has never lifted a finger against ISIS, because the two of them have a common enemy (Iran, Syria, etc). Israeli jihadist allies in Syria have committed ethnic cleansing, especially in the city of Homs, against Christian people. They have also murdered them in large numbers across the country, and in unspeakable ways.

I'm not pointing an accusatory finger at any Christian brothers or sisters here, as we all have biases, shortfalls, etc. But I am truly unsure of what to think about Israel. Did God really set it up? Is everything it does divinely inspired and supported? ( I personally don't think so, although many others believe this). How am I to reconcile the possibility that God has a special purpose for that nation, with the reality that it currently supports al-queda and other murderous jihadists?

Yes, I understand that security concerns are not necessarily the same as moral concerns. Personally, I think the behaviour of Israel is disgusting and I honestly view it right now as the greatest obstacle to peace in Syria. Furthermore, I wish for justice to come against it for all of the people it is currently killing in Syria, in support of its jihadist allies. Is God angry with me for thinking this?

I honestly don't know. I know He is all-powerful, all-knowing and has mysterious ways that are infinitely beyond my understanding. I am also ever-aware of my own shortcomings. But the behaviour of Israel is not sitting well with me. Is it morally okay for Israel to align with jihadists and kill people, including Christians, to its heart's content?

This is not to call God into question. I would never be that stupid. He is and always will be perfect. But I think I am missing something on this whole issue. In fact, I must be missing something.

Any fair-minded, balanced advice on this issue would be appreciated. If you're interested in reading an article on this latest Israeli massacre of pro-Iranian (and anti-ISIS) forces you can click on the link below: ... ria-560304

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 11:23 pm
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hi Everyone,

I have another article for you on the topic of the last post, namely Israel’s murderous and destructive role in Syria, its support for terrorist groups in that country and the overall connection to the rise of warmongers such as John Bolton and Mike Pompeo into high-up positions in the current political regime in the USA.

The title of the article is ˋIsrael Kills 52 anti-ISIS fighterś and it features extracts from an interview with an independent journalist, and references to the most recent Israeli massacre of pro-Assad fighters who have been battling against Israel’s Sunni jihadist allies.

Link is below: ... im-at-iran

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 4:35 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hello again,

A really quick post today. Firstly, the latest news in Syria has been about a Syrian/Russian offensive against rebels in the south of the country, near the Israeli and Jordanian borders with Syria. Interestingly, the rebels in that part of the country were told a few weeks ago by the US not to expect help, more or less telling Syria and Russia that their assault would not be resisted by western air power. Anyway, there are new moves there to end the fighting on terms favourable to the Syrian/Russian aide. An article about this is below: ... -russians/

Of more alarm are recent US indications that it wants to put into place a virtual blockade of all Iranian oil sales as of early November, which would have serious economic and security repercussions across the region and beyond (I'm not pretending to be an expert here, just stating the obvious).

Remember that this is the New World Order we are talking about, of which the USA is well and truly a part. These moves to bring Iran to heel have nothing to do with whether Iran is good, bad or indifferent. NOTHING. Rather, it has everything to do with the fact that Iran- good, bad or indifferent- is apparently not under globalist control at the moment.

Below is an article on this topic: ... tegis.html

I am aware I have already done so earlier in this forum, but will now repost a short video that I really recommend you watch. It is from 2006, and features General Wesley Clarke, in which he details US plans to take down seven countries; namely, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and 'finishing off (with) Iran'.

In this video, Clarke is discussing a conversation he had with an associate during the interim time between the September 11 attacks, and commencement of the Iraq War. This video has German subtitles but the audio is obviously in English.

If you haven't watched it before, please do so. It's hard proof of the schemes of the New World Order to sow mayhem across the Middle-East.

That's all for today. Prayers to The Lord that He may thwart the plans of the globalist agenda would be a good idea. Of course, He will ultimately eradicate the globalist agenda completely, upon His return, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't pray against the satanic globalist agenda here and now. God bless.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 6:24 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hello Everyone,

Time for a little update. Most of the news from Syria of late has been concerning the southern part, where the Assad government and allies have been advancing on rebel-controlled areas near the borders with Israel and Jordan.

Most of these areas have now been retaken by Assad and co, but there is an ISIS-controlled pocket that is yet to be retaken. A few days ago, Israel shot down a Syrian fighter jet (killing its pilot) which had been bombing ISIS terrorists. The jet had possibly strayed into Israeli airspace by up to 2km by accident. It went down in the ISIS-controlled pocket. What's very telling is that ISIS terrorists on the ground filmed the flaming wreckage on the ground while repeatedly screaming out, 'Allahu Akhbar'.

It has been common knowledge for quite a while that Israel and ISIS are allied in the fight against Assad/Hezbollah/Iran, etc. Israel has repeatedly bombed Assad's forces and their allies, while never bombing ISIS forces. This is not to say that Israel and ISIS necessarily love each other, but there is a clear understanding between the two in their common war against a common enemy. That aside, it has been a long-established fact that Israel has been directly allied with al-queda and other murderous jihadist groups in their fight against Assad throughout the Syrian Civil War. Some of that evidence has been presented now and again in this forum.

Anyway, in other news, ISIS committed a massacre in southern Syria over the last day or two, targeting the Druze community (who are generally allied with Assad) in a wave of suicide bombings, shootings and murders via knife, etc, murdering approximately 200 people in the southern area of Suwayda. These killers are the people that Israel are allied with. To be fair, Israel is also not the only nation state to have allied itself with ISIS.

Below is an article on the massacre, and below that is a new article from the excellent Robert Fisk, with a general update of the current overall situation in Syria. All the best. Link to an article about the massacre is below: ... index.html

Link to the Robert Fisk article is below: ... 65066.html

God bless you. May His will come to Syria.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:25 pm
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hi Friends,

A quick post here. The massacre of the Druze citizens, mentioned in the last post, has not yet drawn to a close. ISIS apparently took dozens of hostages before they withdrew from the scene of their crimes.

They have since beheaded one of the hostages on film (a 19-year-old student who was being held hostage with his mother, among the dozens of other hostages). A second lady apparently died from a lack of medical care. She was said to have been an insulin dependent diabetic. ISIS had allegedly said someone could deliver the required medicine to them. However, it was almost certainly a ploy to abduct whoever was going to deliver the medicine, and add them to the dozens of other hostages. Therefore, the delivery could not go ahead, and the lady died.

I pray to God that He put an end to the ISIS terror group as soon as possible. Yes, I also pray that He might lead at least one of the terrorists to repent. However, I just wish to see the group ended so the immense suffering they love inflicting on other people comes to a final close. May God also put an end to other groups like ISIS who are in Syria, Iraq, the Middle-East and beyond. There are many groups who may not march under the ISIS banner, such as al-queda, who nonetheless are no different to ISIS.

Prayers for the hostages, the Druze community, etc, would also be a great idea. May the Lord move them to go to Him for comfort in this time of suffering.

That aside, I wish to post you an article about the current state of affairs in Syria. There is more talk that Assad and his allies are on the cusp of victory, etc. However, there is now a lot of focus on the north-western province of Idlib, on the Turkish border. As Assad and his allies have taken more and more of Syria back under their control, the various rebel groups have been given permission to leave newly retaken areas (retaken by Assad and co), and most of the jihadists have headed to Idlib. Whenever peace deals were struck between Assad and the rebels, those rebels who didn't want to acknowledge it would then generally go to the province of Idlib. Many civilians sympathetic to the rebels have also fled to Idlib. Therefore, Idlib has become a massive jihadist and refugee dumping ground and a major terrorist stronghold; the last major one left in Syria.

If Assad and his allies decide to attack Idlib, it would be possibly the messiest part of the whole war to this point. There are no good solutions here: leave a terrorist stronghold in place, or attack it and set off a bloodbath. I pray to God that He would impose His will on that situation, bring about a reasonable outcome and put an end to the war after all these years of suffering.

If you've got some time, and would like to get yourself up-to-date on the current military situation in Syria, I recommend you get yourself a tea, coffee, or whatever, click on the link below and have a read. All the best: ... 5f39285453

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2018 1:14 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hi All,

A really quick post here. Over the last week I have read quite a few reports about western politicians who are stating that they think the Syrian government is about to launch gas attacks against civilians in the province of Idlib.

We have seen this thing all too often. The Syrian government has nothing to gain from doing this, but has a lot to use. We know that western backed rebels have gassed civilians numerous times before, safe in the knowledge that the western government-media complex will falsely pin it on Assad, giving the US and its puppet western states a pretext to bomb Syrian government infrastructure and personnel. Classic false flag strategy.

For more info on the latest signs that a new false flag may be coming, with specific details, including possible involvement of British intelligence, try the link below: ... rovocation

UPDATE: I wish to refer you to another article on the (possibly) coming, (possibly) imminent false flag gas attack in Syria, which will be carried out by western-backed rebels, but falsely blamed on the Syrian government. The article is from Sputnik News, a Russian outlet. Obviously, Russian media sources would be guilty of putting out propaganda, just like western mainstream media outlets frequently do. I personally hope that the information in this article is not accurate. However, I fear that it may hold a legitimate warning of an imminent false flag attack. I hope I’m wrong.

The article, which quotes a spokesman from the Russian Ministry of Defence, provides very specific details about this possible false flag attack. A potential target would be a settlement known as Kafr Zita. A potential time frame would be the immediate short-term future. English-speaking agents are said to be helping the jihadists to stage the attack, and mainstream media coverage would include footage of contrived ‘Rescue efforts‘ staged by the western-funded White Helmets organisation.

Link to the article is below: ... al-attack/

Let’s pray that none of this will come about, while remaining aware that satan‘s New World Order has proven itself capable over and over again of pulling off false flag operations just like this.