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Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 1:59 pm
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hello Everyone,

No major updates of late. One of the recent tendencies I have noticed is how the US regime has been quite evidently hindering, or trying to walk back Donald Trump’s stated intention to withdraw all US troops from Syria. The latest talk has been of not a total withdrawal, but leaving behind several hundred troops. As I’ve stated in an earlier post, the most moral and logical decision would be to stop interfering in Syria, and in other countries, and pull out all troops. Anything else is just more of the same.

But that’s not the point of today’s post. I don’t have anything major to share with you at this point. But I have a little human interest story which might perk your interest. It’s about a former Swiss soldier who was recently fined by his own government for going to Syria, where he reportedly commanded a Christian militia which fought against ISIS.

I wish you a lovely Sunday, and week. Link to an article about the Swiss guy is below: ... SKCN1QB1N4

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Sun Mar 31, 2019 2:36 pm
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hi again,

Here is an interesting article at al-monitor. It is titled, ‘In Syria’s Aleppo, restored Armenian church hosts first mass’.

The church has reportedly existed since the 14th century, but became unused and badly damaged as the rebels took over parts of Aleppo from 2012 onward. However, the government retook virtually all of the city in 2016, and restored the church.

Remember, the Armenians have been through a lot. A century ago, at the time of the First World War, Turkish forces committed a genocide against Armenians, murdering hundreds of thousands, perhaps even well over a million.

Link to the article is below: ... igion.html

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Sun Apr 14, 2019 1:26 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hi Everyone,

With ISIS now thankfully in tatters, it’s worth remembering that the terror group could not have risen without state support.

It is an established fact, with abundant evidence, that Turkey cooperated massively with ISIS, hosted some of their bases, worked covertly, traded oil with them, treated their wounded fighters, etc. Thankfully, this changed a few years ago after Russia intervened in the Syrian Civil War, began to blast ISIS, and eventually convinced Turkey to reduce support for ISIS.

A fresh article on this, with further evidence is below: ... ia/257318/

Remember, the priority of the globalist agenda for many years was to remove Assad. ISIS was a useful tool. The terror group was never attacked by Israel, who always wanted Assad gone. It is also an established fact that Saudi Arabia and Qatar supported ISIS. The USA and the west only really turned on ISIS after Russia got involved.

There are even allegations that The USA, the west and Israel worked covertly with ISIS in Turkey, supporting and training them, etc. While this is believable, and there is ample circumstantial evidence of their support for the terror group in a broader sense, I’d probably need some harder proof to be honest, before I could accept it as an indisputable fact. At the very least, the west and Israel certainly turned a blind eye to Turkish support for ISIS, in order to serve the globalist goal.

That is all for now. Take care.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Fri May 10, 2019 10:34 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hello again Everyone,

Syria has been relatively quiet lately. But there are more signs that there might be some things happening in Idlib, adjoining the Turkish border. This is the last province which is still largely under rebel control. The rebel groups in control there, of course, are almost exclusively jihadist groups who are either part of what we know as al-queda (in one form or another), or sympathetic to such extremists. These groups often battle each other, and turf wars are common, while allegiances amongst them are fluid. There are now signs of a Russian-backed Syrian government push into Idlib, which would be very bloody. For more on this, check the link below. I think it's quite an insightful, fair article: ... l-showdown

On a side note, you may have noticed a significant amount of US sabre rattling against Iran lately. As I've stated before, it has nothing to do with whether Iran is good, bad or indifferent. The US, and the rest of the western empire, do not like countries to be sovereign, or truly independent of the globalist agenda. Choking off countries like Iran, attacking them, ultimately toppling their governments and installing puppets is a key part of the New World Order plan. I would personally ask you to contrast Iran, where the existence of a small Christian minority is at least officially tolerated (although, under repression, I have no doubt) with Saudi Arabia, which is virtually never seriously criticised by the west. Saudi Arabia is already a part of the globalist agenda. There, Christianity is illegal, punishable by death, if I'm not mistaken.

Recently, the Saudi government conducted a mass beheading of 37 of its citizens for crimes which included 'terrorism'. 34 of the victims were from the Shiite minority. Iran is a Shiite theocracy, and there is little doubt that the Saudi beheadings were a sick message to Iran. One of the 37 victims who was decapitated by the Saudi government for 'terrorism' was 16 at the time of his arrest. His 'crime' was to inform others of an anti-government protest via Whatsapp. Most of the other 37 were arrested for similarly minor things, and many were tortured into signing a confession of guilt, apparently via protracted beatings and electric shocks. Yet the west has no serious problem with Saudi Arabia. Only Iran. Below is a link to a piece about the current tensions between the USA and Iran: ... ssessment/

Lastly, you would've heard about a failed western-backed coup attempt in Venezuela a week or two ago. The government of Venezuela is socialist, and I have no doubt it would be incompetent. However, the New World Order does not care about this (even though its feigned concern for the people of Venezuela will be promoted through the media, ie. propaganda). Like with Iran, the west wants to take it down because it is somewhat sovereign. Also, it has twice the oil reserves as Saudi Arabia, and people like John Bolton, even Donald Trump himself at least once, have talked openly about how nice it would be to get access to those oil reserves.

Thus, to be consistent with my anti-New World Order approach, while I am very anti-socialist, I cannot support a globalist push to topple the government of Venezuela. Remember, one day this New World Order is going to come for all Christians in virtually every corner of the globe, and it's only through the grace of God that this evil globalist system will ultimately be overthrown by Christ Himself. For a short dispatch on the failed coup attempt in Venezuela, click below:

All the best. God bless you.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Mon May 13, 2019 1:33 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hi All,

Here is a little reminder of the situation in Idlib, north-western Syria, where there is apparently no good solution. It is currently run by a myriad of murderous jihadist groups of the al-queda variety, the type of people who shouldn't be in charge of anything. On the other hand, a military assault on the province to destroy these terrorist groups would be incredibly destructive, with a massive death toll seemingly unavoidable.

The most recent article I came across highlights the terrorist nature of the rebel groups controlling Idlib. The article, at Al-Masdar News, is titled, '[Graphic 18+] Rebel group seeking ‘moderate’ title behead Syrian soldier in northwestern Syria.'

I will not link to the article. I only skimmed the article and tried to minimise my own exposure to the sick images in the article, as I would then struggle to get them out of my head for the rest of the day. I'm not even sure if the execution was carried out with a swift slice of the sword. Probably not. These terrorist groups prefer the more bloodcurdling, lengthy and messy way of beheading with a knife. But I don't feel inclined to look to deeply into it in order to find out.

What I have gathered from my skimming of the article is that the rebel groups in Idlib have threatened to do more such things. Remember, this is not ISIS. These are the rebel groups that were openly backed by western nations (and Gulf nations) from the outset, though many nations have apparently since reduced their support for these groups.

That's all for today. Until next time.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Sat May 18, 2019 4:05 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hi All,

I will keep this really short. There was recently a massacre of Syrian Christian children carried out by rebels. I don't know exactly where the town is, but it must be on the edge of, or near Idlib, where virtually all of the rebels are now concentrated.

The four victims, possibly as many as five according to some accounts, were killed by jihadist bombs while they took part in a religious lesson in the Christian town of Al-Sekelbiya. A link to an article about this is below: ... children/#

Below is a link to a Christian site in German. You don't need to be able to understand it, but I can tell you that the caption under the main photograph explains that it is a picture taken at the funeral for the slain children, which must have been very recent at the time of my writing this: ... enannt-1-2

Not much more to say. All the best. May God bless Syria, His people there, as well as others who have been on their side. And may He ultimately thwart those who have the blood of innocent people on their hands.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Sun Jun 02, 2019 10:20 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hello Again,

I wish you a restful Sunday. I have come across an article that is worth reading. It's about ten days old at the time of my writing this.

There is a fake narrative that I have heard from time-to-time that compares Russian tactics with US-western tactics when it comes to military attack. According to the narrative, the Russians are generally indiscriminate with only minimal concern about civilian casualties, while the US and its western allies are greatly concerned about civilian casualties, and are therefore very precise with their bombardments.

This is obviously fake to anyone who has looked into it and checked for themselves. While the part about Russia may well be true, at least to a degree, the part about the US and its western allies is not. The US and its western allies are every bit as indiscriminate with their bombardments as the Russians, and every bit as careless about civilian casualties, despite what western government-media propaganda may say. In short, the idea of 'humanitarian war' is total nonsense, like a 'day night'. Secondly, talk of 'precision strikes' is a propaganda phrase that feeds into the broader, fake narrative.

If you would like some documentation, I recommend you read this article, titled, 'Raqqa is in ruins like a modern Dresden. This is not 'precision bombing'.'

The caption under the title reads, 'Thousands of Syrians are dead and their city devastated. How dare the US, UK and French militaries speak of 'surgical strikes?''

The article is a well-documented takedown of the western propaganda of humanitarian war, precision strikes, etc, that has been rolled out each time the west has destroyed a country that was not part of the New World Order (Yugoslavia, Iraq, and so on).

Raqqa, I believe, was the capital city for ISIS when the terror group was at its height. Of course, the obliteration of the sick, evil ISIS terror group is a good thing. I would seriously question the judgement of anyone who would not agree on this point. However, if you read this article, the campaign to wipe them out in Raqqa, orchestrated by the west, was wildly indiscriminate, and wrought a mammoth toll of suffering, death and destruction on the city and its civilians.

If you ask me, 'How else could ISIS be wiped out?' you ask a good question. My answer would be that it would've been much better if the Syrian Civil War never started at all, that the western and Gulf nations didn't arm, support and train the terrorist rebel groups to start with. It would've also been much better if Iraq was never invaded, was left alone and not destroyed. Why do I say these things? Because these are the things that ultimately led to the foundation of ISIS.

Link to the article is below: ... ns-bombing

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Sat Jun 15, 2019 10:19 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hi Friends,

I wish to encourage you all to pray against a new war in the Middle-East. When I criticise a country, it is not leveled against the normal person on the street. There is much which I don’t like in my own country, for example, but as a person on the street myself, I’m powerless to stop it.

The criticism I’m about to make about the USA is leveled against its government-media-military complex, which, along with the EU, is New World Order HQ. While Iran is undoubtedly belligerent and hostile on a regional level, it is clearly the victim in this latest flare-up, with the USA clearly the aggressor. As I’ve said before, it is irrelevant if a country is good, bad or indifferent. If it is independent of the NWO,it must be taken down.

I’ve linked to this video before, but link again. It’s a vital, 2-minute video of a speech by Wesley Clarke, from 2007, in which he recalls a conversation right after the 2001, 9-11 terror attacks. Clarke recalls a conversation in which an associate at the a Pentagon tells him of a plan to topple 7 countries; Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, a few others, with Iran the last. Watch the video, linked below.

The US has waged economic warfare against Iran and continues to level sanctions, with an openly stated goal of reducing Iranian oil exports to zero. The US has dangerous warmongers like John Bolton currently steering the foreign policy ship. Bolton has openly advocated for regime change in Iran for years, and was also an architect of the Iraq War. The US currently has a fleet including at least one aircraft carrier sailing around not far from Iran.

The US could no doubt decimate Iran, but it would be no cakewalk. It could still lose a war against Iran despite superior firepower, as outlined in the article link below: ... y-conflict

The latest bombing of the two tankers is murky, in terms of what happened, and who was really behind it. The Japanese captain of one tanker offered testimony which directly contradicted the so-called evidence which the US government has provided in order to pin the blame on Iran. A link to an article on this is below: ... d-n1017556

Lastly, there is a really good article on the whole thing below, from Jerusalem Post. It’s a balanced piece which looks at all of the possible scenarios about what really happened with the latest tanker bombings, offering different perspectives without really committing to one or another. Link below: ... ive-592552

A prayer for piece is vital here, as there are evil elements in the US itching for war. There may even be similar elements in Iran itching for war. However, in my honest opinion, the vast majority of the aggression is coming from the USA, backed blindly, of course, by the UK, et al. Please Lord, thwart the warmongers here.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Sat Jun 22, 2019 1:19 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hello again All,

You’ve probably heard about the latest incident which involved an Iranian shoot down of a US drone and a planned US air strike, thankfully called off by Trump at the last minute.

I wish to refer you to a short Tucker Carlson (Fox News) TV segment of about 7 minutes. I don’t like Fox News or any mainstream media, but I like Carlson quite a lot. He seems to have some integrity, and not just read from the same script that most other news media people do.

In this segment, he gives a rundown of latest developments regarding Iran, and outlines what a total disaster it is that a dangerous warmonger like John Bolton has risen to National Security Advisor, a position which he can use to try and get the USA to start another unnecessary war.

Prayers for peace, against the wishes of people like Bolton, are critical right now.

Link to the segment is below:

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 3:56 pm
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hi again,

No time to type right now. But here is a link to an article in the Christian Post.

It has an update on the very latest news from Syria, including a bomb attack by ISIS remnants against a church in North-eastern Syria.

About a dozen were reportedly wounded in that attack. I'm not sure if anyone died. Link below: ... afrin.html

All the best. Keep praying for Syria, and Christians in the Middle-East.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 4:51 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hello again,

A 60-year old Armenian Christian woman was recently raped and tortured over a 9-hour period by Syrian rebels in the northern province of Idlib, the only province in Syria still largely under rebel control. After her 9-hour ordeal, she was then stoned to death.

She is identified and named in the article below. Her suffering and murder are verified in the article. I encourage you to read it. Link below: ... 595978/amp

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 11:56 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hi All,

A short dispatch today. In summary, you might've heard about recent tensions along the Turkish border with Syria. The leader of Turkey, Erdogan, has repeatedly expressed his desire for the Turkish military to (again) invade northern Syria and attack Kurdish forces.

Turkey has been possibly the most sinister player in the Syrian Civil War, among all of the nation states that ganged up on Syria. Turkey has supported al-queda and other extremists from since the start of the war, allowing them refuge on the Turkish side of the border, training them, setting up bases, treating their wounded fighters, even deploying the Turkish Air Force to conduct airstrikes in Syria in support of Turkish jihadist proxies on the ground.

Turkey was also in bed with ISIS while the terror group was on the rampage. Turkey traded oil with ISIS, gave them military support, etc, just as it had also done with al-queda and other jihadists. In fact, it only changed its support for ISIS a few years ago when the Turkish Air Force shot down a Russian plane that was bombing ISIS (in the vicinity of the Syrian-Turkish border). After a period of diplomatic tensions and bellicose Russian behaviour towards Turkey, Russia managed to largely prise Turkey away from its support of ISIS, which was eventually a significant factor in the ultimate defeat of ISIS.

That aside, Turkey has kept up its support for al-queda and other jihadist extremists in northern Syria. Last year, Turkish backed rebels invaded the Syrian Kurdish town of Afrin, Aleppo governorate. A bloody battle ensued between the Kurdish defenders on one side, and Turkish-backed Syrian rebels on the other side.

Moreover, the Turkish-backed side ultimately prevailed. When Turkey captured the town and its surroundings, Turkish armed forces purportedly handed over control to their jihadist allies. During the Turkish-backed assault, and jihadist rampage that ensued when they were given control by their Turkish backers, hundreds of civilians were killed, including some who were executed. There was also colossal destruction of civilian property, looting, etc.

To get to my point, there are also Christians in the north of Syria. And they are concerned that if Turkish forces launch another assault across northern Syria, it could be disastrous not only for Kurds, but Christians too.

A link to an article which touches on this topic is below. There is important background in the article which I have not mentioned. All the best. Link below: ... -invasion/