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Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Wed Apr 24, 2013 2:16 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
There appears to be a rare piece of good news to come out of Syria. I stress the 'appears' part at this stage. It can't be confirmed yet.

If reports are true, the two priests have possibly been set free. If this can be eventually confirmed, they are luckier than most who have been abducted in Syria. If it can be confirmed, then praise be to God for this relatively small (in context) piece of good news.

But, needless to say, it's wise to first wait for the confirmation. In the meantime, I will continue to pray to The Lord that they simply be released alive and well.

As to who has abuducted them, anyone capable of mature thought would summise that the western-backed rebels or their western sponsors were responsible.

Some have said it was Chechen rebel jihadist-mercenaries, a group renowned for their cruelty and barbarity, who kidnapped the priests. Many of these fighters have invaded northern Syria with the help of the western nations and Turkey.

Another theory (actually put forward by someone who was high up on the western-backed rebel side) is that it was western intelligence agents who did, or at least directly oversaw, the abductions.

I don't know exactly, and I am very careful to accept something without strong evidence. What is clear is that it was someone from the western nations/rebel side. I just hope that the reports of their release are true. But no point assuming it has happened until it can be confirmed.

In other news, the western nations and other new world order puppet states are getting more and more annoyed that the Syrian government and its allies are still holding on, and have not been defeated yet. The west and its new world order puppets appear to be trying harder and harder to find an excuse to invade Syria and bomb it to the ground themselves (because of the failure of the west's jihadist proxies to win the war on the ground).

I will continue to ask The Lord to grant favour to the Syrian government and its allies, in light of the fact that they are generally friendly to His people, and to thwart the evil plans of the west and other new world order puppets, as well as their jihadist proxies.

P.S. This is a little edit done some time after writing this post. It is only to say that early reports of the release of the priests have been confirmed as wrong. The two victims are either still in the captivity of the western-backed rebels, or already dead.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Wed Apr 24, 2013 6:05 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
This post deals with a seperate issue to the abduction of the priests.

Firstly, let me say that I don't have any hard, specific facts to report on here. With the western mainstream media no better than Hitler's or Stalin's propaganda machines, and with there being virtually no unbiased reporting being done within Syria, it is very hard to know exactly what's going on.

What we do know is that Syria is under attack by the new world order, which is using jihadist proxy forces to destroy the country, kill, loot, massacre, etc, with the full support of the mainstream media, which then habitually lies to us, and tells us that every (rebel) atrocity was actually carried out by the Syrian government.

If one would believe the mainstream media's version, the Syrian government and its allies are all bloodthirsty demons, while the rebels are lovely freedom fighters. Of course, there are volumes of evidence available which prove that this version of events is a flat-out fairy tale.

Anyway, to get to the point. The Syrian government forces recently recaptured two small towns near Damascus that had been under 'rebel' control. The names of these towns are 'Jdedet Artouz' and 'Jdedet al Fadhil'.

Moreover, the media has been widely reporting that Syrian government forces committed a massacre as soon as they recaptured these towns. Death tolls of the victims of this alleged massacre range from 100-500. The media tells us that nearly all of these people were civilians.

There seem to be two large holes in the offical media version of this massacre. Firstly, the vast majority of victims were not women or children, but men of fighting age. This could mean that nearly all of the dead were 'rebels' killed in combat with the Syrian army.

The media and its controllers might have then told us that nearly all the dead were civilians, to make it sound like cold-blooded mass executions of civilians, and further demonize the Syrian government. I must admit, I don't know. It's so hard to get decent information about what's happening in Syria.

The second hole in the official media version is far more disturbing. The towns that were recaptured apparently had large populations of Christians and Druze (another religious minority in Syria that has also been widely persecuted by the 'rebels').

These two minorities are generally supportive of the Syrian government and scared of the western-backed rebels. As I said, I have no evidence if this is how it happened. But part of me is now concerned that a big massacre of civilians actually did happen in these towns, not AFTER the Syrian government forces arrived, but BEFORE.

It is lunacy to suggest that the Syrian government would have massacred Christians and Druze, two groups who strongly support it. Was there a large massacre of Christians and Druze committed in these towns by western-backed rebels? Is our satanic, lying mainstream media now telling the world that the massacre was committed by the Syrian government?

I just hope that I am completely wrong on this.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Fri Apr 26, 2013 9:00 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
With this post I am asking any potential readers to make a small prayer.

The Syrian government has had some large scale successes in the war of the late, and the countries of the new world order are clearly not happy with the lack of progress being made on the ground by their proxy 'rebel' fighters.

Now, it appears that the western countries are yet again busily looking for a (fake) excuse to be able to invade Syria with NATO forces, and bomb it to oblivion with warplanes, to finish the evil job themselves.

They are not very imaginative, these leaders of the new world order. They are again pulling out the spectre of WMDs, saying that if they were used in Syria, the west would have no choice but to invade, bomb the country, and so on.

There is already strong evidence that the rebels have used chemical weapons several times in the war, killing numerous Syrian government soldiers and civilians. The western countries largley ignored these incidents, and in the scant reporting given to the chemical attacks, the media tried to muddy the waters by saying it was 'unclear' who was responsible for the attacks, despite the numerous, strong evidence that it was actually the rebels.

Well, now there is a lot more talk in the media, and amongst western leaders, that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons, and that it might be a good enough reason to invade Syria, bomb it, and so on (of course, it's all dressed up in fake humantarianism, such as 'saving the poor Syrian people' and so on).

There is next to zero evidence that the Syrian government has used these weapons, and even the media and new world leaders themselves are using words like 'possibly', 'may have...', 'maybe', 'might have', 'could have' and so on in their allegations of chemical weapon use by the Syrian government.

If any readers of this post can spare a minute and a prayer on the subject, I ask you to ask The Lord to thwart the plans of the evil new world order, especially with regards to the current situation in Syria.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Sat Apr 27, 2013 12:48 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Nothing to say in this post. I just want to post an interesting, somewhat balanced article on the Syrian war. The article is long, so if you haven't got much spare time it might not be the thing for you right now.

It provides balanced coverage on the situation, and doesn't seem to include any propaganda supporting either the rebels or the Syrian government.

It also provides some insight into Christian suffering, as well as suffering of the Alawite muslim minority who were protectors and guarantors of security for Syria's Christians before the western countries and jihadists launched this war on Syria. ... 90636.html

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Sun May 05, 2013 2:06 pm
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Greetings all,

This is a different sort of a post on the issue of the Syrian civil war. In this post I am asking for advice on a certain issue, upon which my whole way of thinking has been shaken and even changed as a result of the war in Syria. This post will be long, but I'll eventually get to the point, so I kindly ask you to stay with it to the end.

Firstly, let me say that I have always been a strong supporter of Israel and have stood up for it in many arguments. This was largely based upon the fact that I always believed that the state of Israel had been re-established for a special future purpose by none other than God Himself. I can even point to bible verses that seem to indicate this.

In short, I always put Israel on a pedestal, and was fascinated and even proud of all of its military activities in the present age. In addition, I was always strongly against all of Israel's enemies, which included Syria.

However, that was before the Syrian civil war. My research since the start of the war has led me to confront some uncomfortable realities, and has sewn confusion in me regarding Israel.

At the start of the Syrian civil war, I generally believed the mainstream media reports, and wanted nothing more than for the Syrian government to be taken down.

However, somehow (perhaps by God showing me?) I began to extensively research what was really happening in Syria through independent news sources, including people on the ground in Syria. I quickly learned that the mainstream media version of events was pure new world order propaganda hiding an evil intention to take down Syria based on fake humantariasm, western incitement, media lies and demonisation of targeted country, as has already happened in Serbia in 1999, Iraq in 2003, and several other Arab countries (Including Libya and now Syria) in recent years.

I learned that the Syrian government, while not perfect, was tolerant and protective of its Christians and other religious groups, and that the so-called 'Syrian rebels' were largely a jihadist mercenary band of cut-throats that are a proxy army of the western (new world order) nations who wish to take down the Syrian government.

Moreover, as has been thoroughly documented in previous posts in this thread, I have come across volumes of evidence that these western-backed 'rebels' are little more than a violent group of throat-slitting, barbaric, Christian murdering extremists who, with the full backing of the west, have inflicted utter hell on Syria.

But now, to get back to my Israel theme. I have long-since written off all western nations as new world order countries run by evil people on both sides of politics. However, I was always reluctant to assign equal blame to Israel for reasons already mentioned. I kept seeing evidence of how evil the behaviour of western nations is, and had no problem concluding that these countries are all run by evil people.

But, even when seeing that Israel was behaving just as immorally as the west, I always gave it the benefit of the doubt that it was just 'being dragged into the conflict' or something like that.

In short, recent events, as far as my own views regarding Israel, were the straw that broke the camel's back. The recent push for the west to directly invade and bomb Syria based on flimsy, virtually non-existant 'evidence' (that the Syrian government had allegedly used chemical weapons) was started by Israel, who desperately attempted to force the hand of the American government to directly attack Syria at once by springing this highly questionable intelligence on America rulers.

Morevover, Israeli made firearms have been seized from Syrian rebels by Syrian government soldiers. And in the last two days, Israel has bombarded various sites in Damascus, apparently slaughtering dozens, if not hundreds of Syrian soldiers, no doubt weakening the Syrian government's defenses around Damascus, and thus empowering the 'rebels' who even the west and Israel admit are dominated by al-queda elements.

I am not interested in turning this thread about Syria into a thread about Israel, especially since Israel can be such a divisive topic. But I am a bit lost about what I should now make of Israel. I have already rightfully written off all of the western nations as nothing more than new world order countries that are controlled by evil people.

My head is now telling me to write off Israel in like manner, too, especially in light of this, and not to mention other evidence I have come across of its evil activities in other countries (such as Iran) where it is backing, with finances and arms, groups that actually murder civilians, including by beheading.

I am not saying that Israel is worse than other countries, but I now seriously doubt that it is any better.

But the other part of me is still aware that it might have been re-established by God Himself to fulfill some future purpose. I am lost with this topic. Does it even matter in the greater scheme of things? I don't know.

I would really appreciate any reasonable advice (please not from blind Israel haters, but also not from blind Israel defenders) on this topic. However, considering that I want to keep this thread about Syria and not Israel, I politely ask anyone with advice to PM me.

All the best, and God bless you all and the nation of Syria which is currently suffering so terribly.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Mon May 06, 2013 3:23 pm
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
A really quick post here,

It is clear that sometimes news is reported on so fast by the mainstream media that they accidentally tell the truth. Then, when the powers-that-be realize that the truth was accidentally told, the reports have to be withdrawn, edited, and re-released for public consumption.

Anyone who has read earlier posts in this thread might recall how I wrote that there is ample evidence that western-backed rebels have used chemical weapons and that there is no evidence that the Syrian government has done the same. However, the new world order countries are desperately looking for the slightest sign that the government has done so, in order to 'justify' directly invading Syria and bombing it to the ground to fulfill new world order objectives.

None other than a high up United Nations Investigator by the name of Carla del Ponte said in the last day or so that there is strong evidence that the western-backed rebels have used chemical weapons in Syria. The problem is, this disclosure does not fit the general mainstream media narrative that the western backed 'rebels' are lovely freedom fighters.

Shortly after the statement of the UN investigator, American and other governments were already expressing their 'skepticism' about the conclusion of the UN investigator, before they had even had a chance to review the evidence themselves. This is absolutley blatant dishonest behaviour. These western nations claim they accept the authority of the UN, but when the UN comes up with a conclusion they don't like, they disregard it. What hypocrisy.

Anyway, one can only imagine the pen pushing, phone calls, and corrupt negotiations/threats that went on behind the scenes, because within hours of the first statement by the UN investigator, the investigator in question and others involved officially withdrew the initial statement and made a new official statement that there was 'no evidence that either side had used chemical weapons'.

Once The Lord allows people to have their eyes opened to the new world order, and the role that all western countries play in building satan's kingdom, it becomes very, very easy to spot the (mis)behaviour that is going on at the top levels.

May The Lord bless the nation of Syria and help it somehow prevail against this evil new world order.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Tue May 07, 2013 2:45 pm
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
I have decided to post an article here about the ethnic cleansing of Christians across the middle east. It is from a mainstream media source, which is quite surprising. Every now and again, as I mentioned in an earlier post, even the mainstream media will (accidentally) tell the truth.

To be sure, the main persecutors of Christians have been jihadist-extremist elements, but the article also points out the irony of America and allies fully supporting and backing extremist jihadist rebels in their violent fight against the secular government of Syria. ... lim-world/

The west no doubt is almost as equally to blame for the persecution as the jihadists. Christians were safe in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, after his removal, well, read the article if you don't already know.

The west was also responsible for the removal of the secular Egyption government (forget the 'Arab Spring' mainstream media narrative, it's new world order propaganda nonsense). Christians were relatively safe under that government, but are anything but safe after its removal.

Syria, well, I don't need to talk about Syria in this post. What a tragic situation. Read the article and you will get a picture of the unspeakable suffering going on there right now, due to that awful, evil jihadist-western political establishment alliance (Remember, the west only fights terrorists when they get in its way. But the west is also more than happy to team up with terrorists if it serves some other purpose).

Enough said for now. The article is good, if you have time to read it.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Mon May 13, 2013 2:27 pm
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Just wanted to post a few odds and ends. The Syrian military and its allies have scored a lot of battlefield successes in recent weeks, and have removed large numbers of the so-called rebels from the battlefield (one way or another). One recent battlefield success managed to break a year-long rebel siege against a Christian village of several thousand people, and evict all rebels from the area, restoring security to the village.

Syria has some very influential and powerful friends, quite clearly (Russia, China, Iran, to name the biggest), and it is quite clear that fear of how these nations might react has thus far hindered moves by western countries to directly invade Syria, decimate it through aerial bombardment, etc.

I pray to The Lord that He continue to thwart western (evil) intentions with Syria, and that He look kindly on not only His people in that part of the world, but also non-Christian allies of His people.

As an aside, I continue to come across large amounts of evidence of rebel atrocities in Syria, which are of course ignored by the mainstream media. In one video, a rebel takes out a knife and literally cuts the heart out of an already dead government soldier. He then states that a similar fate awaits all supporters of the Syrian government, before he then literally begins to bite chunks out of the heart, and chew on them. While he is doing all of this, numerous offscreen friends of the cannibal are loudly praising their god.

In another photo, smiling rebels are posing with body parts, including heads, which they had cut/hacked off government soldiers who they'd taken prisoner. The dismembered parts have been put on a barbecue.

Have also come across yet more videos of machete-toting rebels hacking off heads of tied-up civilians who were government supporters. I don't tend to watch the shocking parts, but watch what I need to watch and then seek to confirm its authenticity via viewer comments and other reports on the certain videos, etc.

That's all today. God bless.

P.S. This small section I am now writing is being added roughly 12 hours after this post, just to make a small edit. The incident regarding the heart-eating cannibal insurgent has been verified and confirmed even in a number of mainstream media sources.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2013 3:19 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
As I am writing this there are more reports of the Syrian army and its allies having military successes against the so-called rebels, which must be making the leaders of the new world order countries furious.

The latest news is that the Syrian army and its allies are close to retaking the strategic city of Qusair, near the Lebanese border. If they can end up officially taking this city, which they have already advanced deeply into, it would be a major disaster for the western-backed rebels (for a number of strategic reasons).

Anyway, there's something I wanted to make a note of here. I was just reading an article about the battle going on for the town. It was from a mainstream media source, which mentioned that the town had been under the control of western-backed rebels for at least the last 12 months.

It was a town of roughly 20,000-30,000 people when the rebels seized control of it last year. Roughly half of its population was Christian. In the article I just read, it casually stated that all of the Christians in the town 'were expelled last summer when rebels seized control.'

Here is the article if anyone is interested. ... -1.1399343

I appreciate the honesty of this news report which, unlike the vast majority of the garbage dished up by the mainstream media, comes across as at least attempting to be balanced and honest.

But I was a bit surprised at the casual way which it, in one throwaway line, refered to the western-backed ethnic cleansing of Christians that had happened in the town.

Presumably, the rebels didn't just politely ask all of the Christians in the town to leave. When ethnic cleansing occurs, it often involves the victims being ordered to leave their homes immediately under threat of death. But it also involves indiscriminate murder and mayhem.

I'm just wondering to myself now, 'What sort of hell was suffered by the Christians in that town when the western-backed rebels seized it a year or so back?' Hard to imagine. Also, what other massive atrocities are going on in Syria that no-one even knows about, that the western nations are responsible for, and so are deliberately covering up?

After all, it's fair to imagine that, media disinformation aside, the real news coming out of Syria is only the tip of the iceberg of what's really going on there.

God bless you all, and may The Lord bring a just peace to Syria, and give it victory against the new world order.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Mon May 27, 2013 2:25 pm
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
The latest news from Syria is that the battle of the strategically important Qusair (sometimes spelled Al Qusayr) city near the Lebanese border goes on.

It is very bloody, and is somewhat tougher than what the Syrian army and its allies had originally expected. As it stands, many have been slain, mainly western-backed rebels, but also a lot of Hezbollah fighters (fighting on the side of the Syrian government).

The reports from all sources seem to indicate that the Syrian government and its allies have captured at least two-thirds of the city, but that more tough fighting and sacrifice will be required to take it all.

Anyway, several of the atrocrities I've come across in the last week or so include western-backed rebels targetting and murdering Christians.

I have just come across several reports, none of them from the western mainstream media, stating that western-backed rebels fleeing the brutal fighting in Qusair swept through a small Christian village near the Lebanese border (named al Duvair) and massacred most of its inhabitants before the Syrian army arrived to drive the so-called rebels out.

I hope it's not true. But we know the western-backed rebels have been doing things like this since the start of the war.

Just another thing to remember. Hezbollah and Iran are black names in the west. They are hated and demomized by western countries and the media. I'm not saying that they are a great moral pair or anything like that. But what I will say is that Hezbollah is generally not hostile to Christians in Lebanon or in general for that matter. In fact, it generally gets along with them okay.

Iran, while almost completely islamic, does have a few minorities , including Christians, which it doesn't exterminate, but tolerates to some extent, which is more than I can say for the western-backed rebels, and some of the other countries supporting them, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Hezbollah and Iran are far from perfect, like every other single nation on earth, it's true. But in Syria they are fighting on the side of the Syrian government, who is perhaps the only thing standing between Syria's Christians and western-backed genocide. Therefore, I have no shame in praying to God that He help the Syrian government and its allies to prevail against the wicked western-jihadist plot that has been inflicted upon Syria.

God bless you all, and God bless Syria. May He bring a just peace there as soon as possible

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Mon May 27, 2013 2:52 pm
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Shortly after finishing the previous post I came across confirmation of another atrocity from western-backed rebels that just makes me think, 'Wow.' No other words. Just a sad, disgusted 'wow'.

In short, a couple of weeks back a video was released by western-backed rebels in Syria, in which they pull three tied up, blind-folded men out of a truck into a town square, they force them onto the ground then murder them one after the other with pistol shots to the back of the head, blood spattering and gushing profusely on the ground around each of the murdered men.

The mainstream media even gave the video a bit of coverage, widely reporting that the three victims were Syrian government soldiers who'd been accused of murdering civilians (clearly to make it sound like the western-backed rebels were acting 'justly' by murdering them).

Here is the heart of the matter. I have just come across confirmation that the victims weren't even soldiers or security men. In fact, their identities have been established by independent sources, and their names are now known. One of them was a dentist, and the other was a teacher. They were civlians who'd been targetted by the western-backed rebels because they were Alawite muslims (This is the sect of muslims from which the current President of Syria comes from, and this sect has traditionally been friendly towards Christians).

Meanwhile, the degenerate warmongering western countries continue to plot and scheme how they can amp up their war on Syria. Incredible.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Mon Jun 03, 2013 5:51 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Just have an interesting little snippet of info today. Maybe readers of this post already know about what I am about to mention.

Firstly, I make it clear that I am non-partisan in a political sense. I am actually disinterested in it, and am not into political point scoring. Forgive me for not being too excited about our so-called 'western democracy', in which we have the privelege every few years of choosing between Party of Satan A or Party of Satan B.

Anyway, that aside, the politician John McCain recently visited Syria, met with and even had his photo taken with Syrian rebel representatives, at one time referring to them and their fighters as 'heroes'. (My research suggests he only entered 300 metres into Syria, had a few PR snapshots taken then headed straight back to Turkey, but that's another story).

To cut a long story short, one of the lovely rebels he had his photo taken with has been all but confirmed as the leader of a rebel group heavily involved in sectarian kidnappings (and perhaps even worse), including one particular incident in which his group kidnapped Lebanese Shia muslim civilians visiting religious sites in Syria.

I'm sure I don't need to remind anyone that it is very, very naive to think politicians are genuinely concerned about human rights and so on.

I wish you all a good day.