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The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Sun Jul 22, 2012 7:44 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hi brothers and sister in Christ,

I feel compelled to bring up the unfolding catastrophe in Syria, as I have often been literally feeling sick in the stomach at what is going on there. It could be a bit long, but I'll try to keep it concise.
Let me start by saying that if anyone is getting their news and views about Syria from any mainstream media agency or network, that person is completely in the dark about what is really going on. Sorry if these words are confronting, and I don't pretend to know exactly what's going on there myself, but I have spent many, many hours researching the situation from sources independent of the mainstream media, and if even ten per cent of it is true, the truth is far more disturbing than we could imagine.
Anyone surprised that we could all be lied to en masse in such a highly synchronized and devious way from our mainstream media? Well, remember that this is the same media that will help usher in the anti-christ, brainwashing the world into believing that he will be a wonderful man who must be literally worshiped.
In short, our brothers and sisters in Christ in Syria, about ten per cent of its population, didn't have life all that bad under Assad's regime. Now, there are many, many reports of them being shot down in the street, murdered, even massacred by 'The rebels' who the media basically portray as warm and fluffy freedom fighters. Representatives of Syria's Christian population have even begged Assad to protect them from 'The rebels', who our media never tell us anything bad about.
Remember, western politicians, including Hilary Clinton, have even admitted that the west and al-queda are 'on the same side' in the Syrian conflict, trying to bring down Assad's government. Does this ring alarm bells in anyone's heads? Don't believe me anyone? I can refer you to a large amount of snuff films made by the Syrian 'rebels', including videos of them sawing civilian's heads off with knives, stringing up a handicapped man and shooting him in the head while shouting out in praise of their god. There are other, very numerous videos of them bashing government soldiers, POWs, and insulting them before murdering them in cold blood, yet others of them kidnapping pro-government activists and mass executing them.
Then there was the lovely report from a couple of days ago that 'the rebels' took a whole platoon of Syrian border agents prisoner. They first cut off the limbs of the platoon's officer, one by one, then executed the remaining 22 soldiers in like manner. Never reported by the demonic mainstream media.
There is further evidence that many, if not all, of the massacres occuring in Syria are being comitted by 'the rebels', eye witness reports from civilians often confirm this, but our propaganda disseminating mainstream media, in perfect unison, reports on such massacres in a highly biased, deliberate way which always, without fault, heavily implies that it was government forces who comitted the massacre.
There is ample evidence that our western countries and their intelligence agencies were heavily involved in establishing, and are continually arming and funding 'the rebels', letting them massacre people, and then, through the satanic mainstream media, reporting that it was the government that did it. It is also fact that special forces from various western countries have already been on the ground in Syria.
I will not go on any further, my point is made. This is not a post claiming that the Assad regime was in any way perfect, in fact I was never a fan of it. Syria, like many countries in recent times before it, is being attacked with the full brunt of the demonic new world order and all of its arms, led by our degenerate western countries.
It is not being attacked because its government is 'bad'. Let me tell you, if countries were really to be destroyed according to how 'bad' they are, there would not be a single- not a single- western country existing in the world today.
Lord, I ask you to bring justice to the world, which only You can do. In the meantime, bless the nation of Syria, which is just another imperfect nation among a world full of them, as it bears the full brunt of the deceptive satanic new world order.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 22, 2012 6:54 pm
by vahn
Hello True North

Let us , say , we take four different persons , arm them with cameras , a writing pad and a pen , and place them at four different spots around a tree , say North , South , East and West , asking them to take a picture of that tree and write their thoughts about it , we will not only get four different views of the tree , but also four completely different description of the very same tree , that , without the photos of the tree , we might be thinking they're all describing a totally different trees altogether ..... let alone , if those four persons have gotten to their posts at different times of the day . Now ... let us , for the sake of confusing things even more .... we send all those four to the same tree once more , at a different day , when , getting there , their positions shifts ever so slightly on either left or right of their intended spots , they will , ALL , paint a yet totally different picture of that tree .... only ONE thing remains TRUE to itself ... The TREE .

WAR , is the ONLY thing that is standing true to itself .... NO ONE is RIGHT . War is an Equal Oportunity Distroyer .

I grew up in Lebanon , at the hight of its civil war I was a teenager . I lost my twin there , just because we were Christians . For the longest time , I held on to the resentment(s) to the opposing party(s) , so strongly that I was on the verge of developing a murderous mentality , and at that stage , I didn't care , nor did I ever give the slightest thought as to who gets bulldozed in my path . Just being in my path was good enough reason for me to see red , if they were there , they were gonna get it ..... Christians FIRST !!!

There were many Christians there , who , by either by choice or situation out of their control , sided with one side or the other , in other words there was even divisions(forced) among themselves as well , and , just like the majority of us Christians , cannot still differentiate between Islam as Spiritual as us Christians from the maniacal Muslim militia who have absolutely no idea about spiritual matters , the very SAME applies to within our own ranks as Christians .

The whole country in Syria and the neighbouring countries , Lebanon being at its border before Palestine and Israel , indured forty years of botteled up rage , and SOME one lit the fuse .

A True Christian stands TRUE to His GOD ONLY , regardless of what others are doing ... and My Lord said "Forgive them , for they know NOT what they do"

In Christ , our Lord

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 3:46 am
by ServeGod

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Fri Oct 05, 2012 11:57 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
A link to an article directly relevant to this thread, if anyone is interested. May The Lord come to Earth as soon as possible, and do away with our evil western civilization, and all evil for that matter. ... 6489418086

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Sun Oct 14, 2012 6:20 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hi all. Another link for anyone interested. I don't want to come across as a broken record, just want as many people as possible to know how our Christian brothers and sisters in Syria are suffering, as a direct result of the actions of our demonic 'leaders' in western countries. Make no mistake, it is Syria today, but this is exactly what our demonic world fully intends to bring to all Christians of the world, no matter what country they live in. ... hristians/

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 6:36 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hi brothers and sisters in Christ,

Decided I'm going to continue posting in this thread from time to time. To be honest, it started off as a way for me to express anger at our western countries for the hell they have forced onto Syria and in particular its Christian population.

But my anger at the evil doers is not helping anyone in that country. Only prayers to God can help, and I think that if lots of people pray for the situation, then it can help and even save some lives.

The latest news I picked up from independent media sources yesterday is that the western-backed rebels have abducted ten Christians (who were uninvolved in the fight, incidentally), whose names were also mentioned in the article, and have threatened to murder all of them within 3 days if the Syrian government refuses to release 150 western-backed satanic extremists who are currently in the captivity of the Syrian government.

Things like this are happening every single day in Syria, but are unreported by the satanic mainstream media. Anyway, I will leave all of the anger and wrath toward the evildoers behind this to God, and Him alone. In the meantime, I beg Him to please bring about a miracle in that these ten people of His would have their lives spared. Moreover, if, as horrible as it is to contemplate, the people holding them show them no mercy, please let their deaths and passage to their loving creator be mercifully quick and painless.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 11:34 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
A new article on the subject for anyone interested. ... destroyed/

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 06, 2012 5:31 am
by ServeGod
You wrote:

But my anger at the evil doers is not helping anyone in that country. Only prayers to God can help, and I think that if lots of people pray for the situation, then it can help and even save some lives.

Praying for brothers and sisters in syria and in the middle east. Thank you TrueAndMagneticNorth for keeping us posted on these horrible events.

sister in Christ.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, 2012 6:56 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hi ServeGod,

Thanks for your posting and GBU and anyone else praying for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Syria and indeed other countries too.

I have tried to find info. about the fate of the ten kidnapped Christians, but details are sketchy. Here is a recent article about the situation for Christians in Syria re: kidnapping and other things as well. ... oups-syria

I fear for anyone kidnapped in Syria, especially in light of the release in the last week or so of a whole bunch of new snuff films made by western-backed rebels, featuring close ups of them beheading Syrian soldiers as well as civilians with knives. Makes me sick to even write that such things are happening, but there's no point sanitizing the reality of what's happening.

I just pray again and again to The Lord that he intervene on behalf of not only His people in that land, but all innocent people suffering there. And I ask Him to greatly bless the people in that country who are trying to defend His people, even if they are not necessarily Christians themselves.

Lastly, I ask Him to thwart the plans of the evil-doers, whether they be crazed savages on the ground in Syria, or suited men in power in our western countries.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2012 7:03 pm
by ServeGod
Pankja has given me permission to post his letter. unfortunately the photos have not appeared.
In his own words:

Kandhamal(INDIA) persecution:

Kandhamal is a small tribal district of Orissa (India).Mostly people of kandhamal backward and uneducated. Still people worshiping their idols like sun, stone, trees, river, animal etc. In 1970s there were only 14,000 Christian populations. There has been a 66 per cent growth in Christian population in Orissa's Kandhamal region .The tribal are converting their mind and soul to worship truth living God. God is working through small pastor, churches and ministry. But hindus (bharat hindu party) people could not see the growth of Christianity. As we all knows other state of india and total india is Hindu majority country. On august 23, 2008 the false religious (bharat hindu party) people with their plan they attacked all kandhamal Christian people. With all their power of weapon, mass number of people same time various places they attacked us. More than 1, 50,000 Christians are witnessed the persecution. And 160 churches, more than 600 houses destroyed and burned in to crisp. Those Christians were trying protest they been killed brutally near 110 believers died.

The attacks on the Worship places and institutions of Christians. It will come roughly 105. It includes concrete buildings, asbestos roofed and thatched ones. Inside the church entire furniture’s, sound and music system, electricity, the pulpit, the sacred items have been burnt down completely. The windows and the doors were broken. Some porticos have been broken down. The cross is removed. Some church concrete roof has become weak due to the burning of furniture’s inside the building.

With this incident my family also became main victim as they totally burned my house. While my father with 40 home children run away to forest to save the family and children. My father is pastor Prakash nayak who is well known Christian servant of God. Because of his believe and gospel work people became enemy. but we still take this trial from God.. where we should not loose our faith in God.(. nh

(The above Picture are my family and House)

Present situation:

In kandhamal present situation still not stable. People are living in fear and panic. As houses been burnt, smashed and death of life. Many people and our family now staying away from their own houses. It is so difficult for them to run their family with out any source and business now. Mostly have lost their business and profession. The Christian business enterprise like ration stores, tea shops, stationary shops, Telephone Booths, medicine stores, cloth stores, and etc completely destroyed.

After this issue Indian government helped some people by relief camp and financial support. But it won’t be enough for everyone. Where people have lost their almost everything. The promise of the government hardly is carried out There will be lots of corruption. How long these people will stay outside of a home in different relief camps? The education of children for the year is spoiled.. With this many children’s unable to continue studies. This issue became main obstacle for them to achieve bright career.

The government has not released its press note on this. The Government does not want the rest of the world know that there is attack on the Christians in India hence not allowing the other political parties and dignitaries to visit the affected areas. My hope and pray to God will surely help us with their blessing and almighty power.
Map of kandhamal:-

The maps represent as orrisa state where Kandhamal District is situated.And the Raikia is my native place where the incident began. Then slowly persecution spread all over the kandhamal district.
About Me

My Name is Pankaj Kumar Nayak(25 yrs old) son of pastor Prakash Nayak.I am working as Christian web designer being in city call Hyderabad. Our vision is to see more Christian sites on the internet. There are countless lives out there looking and hoping for someone to show them the "way". Ministries, Christian NGO owners and individuals with the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ can be missionaries without ever leaving their home.

And this platform helps me to achieve knowledge about God and life. And by the grace of God I support few victim family in monthly basis to survive at this critical situation. And we also take care of slum area children by conducting Sunday school service and programs. This is all we do from our own income of work.
My vision

As I work in Miracledesigns and do ministry work among my people, I want to expand my work as well as ministry for the Glory of God. Where my father Parakash nayak got already 30 independent churches, 60 pastors and 600 christian families and many children and youths are in need. My web designing work alone not enough to fulfill Gods vision for these people and support them. I am looking to have opportunity to go abroad and share to particular church and people where they can help and support with my work and I give my all attention to follow their instruction which relating to ministry and benefiting for people of kandhamal.

There are no such organization or ministry where they can implement their long term project to change the life of kandhamal people perhaps they only concern about the temporary help.But my vision is to start a long project such as children education,Bible study center, medical clinic,computer education center,family adoption and widow and older age support etc.The centers and the programs can be run by the local people who under privileged by employing them after the proper training.

My Prayer

“My prayer to God ,that who else part of reading this Lord talk to them in their Heart so that His vision will fulfill in our life.”
Please take this as great privilege from God where He wants us to serve His Kingdom and people ,not only among our churches and people , but reach to unreached place like kandhamal all over the world.
May God Bless us!!!

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 8:05 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
Hi ServeGod,

Thanks for posting the letter. A good reminder that it is not only Christians in the middle-east suffering persecution. I will certainly keep India's Christians in my prayers, and am humbled that they would maintain such a spirit of faithfulness and service to God, even under such harsh circumstances.

The Lord makes it clear in His word that we are to be very concerned, and pray for our brothers and sisters who are being persecuted.

For anyone having a look at this thread from time to time, I haven't been able to find out about the fate of the ten Christians abducted by western backed rebels in Syria, or for that matter all of the other scores of Syrian Christians that have been abducted.

Here is another article about the plight of our Christian brothers and sisters in Syria, including one instance in which western backed rebels murdered a young Christian boy on camera, then set about blaming the act on the Syrian government. Make no mistake, our western mainstream media sources and leaders would much prefer to promote the rebel version, regardless of the truth. After all, the catastophe in Syria is ultimately a crime of our western leaders and media more than anyone else. ... -in-syria/

I have recently read other reports of Christians in Syria being slaughtered with knives, dismembered, raped and so on, all by the western backed rebels. I will spare you the links, I can provide them if anyone wants them. Not telling you this because I want to be gratuitous or shocking, I'm just putting it out there because The Lord wants us to know what the world is doing to our brethren and, yes, what it also wants to do to all of us one day, too, even if we currently live in cosy western countries.

God bless you all out there, and same goes to our persecuted brethren in Syria and all lands of persecution, also I ask The Lord for special blessings to those who would seek to protect our Christian brothers and sisters, even if they are not currently Christians themselves.

Re: The situation in Syria

PostPosted: Tue Dec 04, 2012 4:50 am
by TrueAndMagneticNorth
A new article on the persecution of Christians in Syria. Interesting reading. Also further highlights the evil of our western media and political 'leaders' on both sides. ... hristians/

I remember talking to someone about a video the western backed 'rebels' released a month back, of them murdering people. All of the media said, as if it wouldn't make it as bad, that the unarmed people being murdered were Syrian government soldiers. But the person I spoke with said, 'I reckon they might have been Christian civilians in the video, not soldiers,' and I said something like, 'Well, I don't know.'

This article is now stating the same thing, that it appears the victims were Christian civilians, and not Syrian government soldiers, and that the media covered this up. I admit, it's hard to know. But is there any doubt about the evil of our so-called media and so-called 'leaders' in the west? I know, it's a confronting thought to imagine that our greatest enemies are ruling our own countries in the west. It would be so much easier to believe the propaganda that our western countries are all good, and the only bad people are from other countries. But the real truth is much more confronting and complicated than that.

'No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their deeds.' 2 Corinthians 11:14,15 NASB

Christ made it clear that we are not to hate our enemies, but even to pray for them as He did for those who were murdering him on the cross, but nor are we to pretend that we don't have any enemies, and to stick our heads in the sand about it. We are to be completely peaceful and non-violent, but fully aware.

Christians are suffering in various parts of the world under brutal persecution. It is often muslim extremists doing the murdering of them, but let's not forget that other muslims are also putting their lives on the line to protect our brothers and sisters in Christ in places like Syria.

Let's not forget also, media propaganda aside, that most of the persecution is being orchestrated by our evil 'leaders', on both sides of politics, in the west, with support from satan's mainstream media. We are not to hate them for this, but we are also not to stick our heads in the sand about it. That is my understanding of Christ's message.

I continue to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Syria and other lands of persecution, and also for non-Christians trying to protect them.

Further, may The Lord return to the earth as soon as possible and destroy the evil new world order being built by our political establishment, and the misery being forced onto other countries based on lies, agendas and self-righteousness. Amen.