Controversial Topics - Promoting Other Sites.

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Controversial Topics - Promoting Other Sites.

Postby Christianity Oasis » Fri Jun 23, 2017 3:52 am


As most who have visited over the years know ... We at the Christianity Oasis Ministry are all about GOD'S GRACE. We do NOT judge here and in truth, we allow many posts to remain which possess shared thoughts, views and opinions which many other members and guests may not be in agreement with or even find offensive.

Please remember that the Lord leads many lost and troubled souls and potential Christians to this pasture to heal and learn and the last thing that they need is to enter a place, expecting peace and instead receive harsh judgment. This can cause these souls to feel condemned because of past/present choices, by Christians who seek to judge but are (in truth) sinners themselves and yet still enjoy GOD'S GRACE ... Yet seek to deny another the HOPE of God's Grace.

The Bible is clear that if you break one law you break them all.

James 2:10 ... For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.

How many laws has each of us broken?

So, it boils down to one statement that Jesus made ...

He who is without sin ... Cast the first stone.

God is about Grace and Love for one another.

In short ... We at the Christianity Oasis Ministry allow our members and guests to share thoughts that some may not agree with and hope that GRACE will prevail.

However ... We ask that everyone please beware PROMOTING links to other sites. We do allow links to be posted as long as it is NOT an act of promoting or advertising for other sites AND/OR posting links to other sites which may possess material unsuitable for the younger members and guests.

For more info: Go to "C-O-O-L Support" Forum then topic "Rules On External Links"

We already have a difficult time catching all of the improper Google ads which they sneak in from time to time and appreciate your understanding in this matter.

NOTE: If you ever see an offensive link and/or Google ad, please contact us at

Luv all of ya
Jesus is coming ... Get your soul prepared.
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