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Christianity Oasis provided you with this Zeresh Biblical Wife Bible study on Biblical Women and Biblical Wives. We'll look into that and all aspects of the Bible seeking truth and understanding.

Daily Bread Devotional Bible Study
The Book of Esther
Chapter 5

Zeresh Was a Biblical Wife

Biblical Women and Biblical Wives

Welcome to our Christianity Oasis Daily Bread study program. This is our Zeresh Biblical Wife Bible study taking an in depth look into Biblical Women and Biblical Wives and how the thought provoking Zeresh Biblical Wife message affects your be-YOU-tiful Christian walk.

Zeresh Biblical Wife Lesson
Biblical Women and Biblical Wives Good and Bad

Get ready because it seems that in our story today at Daily Bread, Haman isn't the only one with a plan in mind. Let's look in on Shushan the palace and see what's happening.

As you recall, Mordecai and all the Jews are fasting for three days and three nights, and Esther and all her maidens are fasting too, in hopes that when she goes in to talk to the king, she won't be put to death.

On the third day, Esther put on her royal clothes and stood in the inner court facing the king's house, and the king sat on his throne in the royal house, facing the gate. When the king saw Esther standing in the court, he was happy to see her and he held out the golden sceptre in his hand. This meant she was free to enter.

Zeresh Biblical Wife Teaching
Biblical Women and Biblical Wives Concern

Esther went near him and touched the top of the sceptre, and the king said to her, What do you wish, queen Esther? What is your request? It will be given to you, even up to half of the kingdom.

Well, Esther had other ideas in mind and she answered, If it's alright with the king, I'd like to invite the king and Haman to come to the banquet that I've planned. So the king said, Tell Haman to hurry and do as Esther said. The king and Haman went to the banquet of wine that Esther prepared.

At the banquet, the king said to Esther, What's your wish, and it will be granted to you. Esther answered, If I've found favor in the sight of the king, and if the king wants to answer my request, I'd like to invite the king and Haman to the dinner I've planned for tomorrow and I'll tell you my wish then.

Zeresh Biblical Wife Truth
Biblical Women and Biblical Wives Good and Bad Warning

Well, Haman left that day joyful and with a glad heart, because HE was invited to dine with the king and queen, but when he saw Mordecai in the king's gate, and he didn't bow, in fact he didn't even so much as stand up, or even move for him, Haman was full of indignation for Mordecai. Even so, Haman refrained himself.

When he went home, he invited his friends and called for his wife Zeresh. He bragged all about the glory of his riches and about how many children he had. He went on and on about all the great things that the king had entrusted to him and how he was above all the other princes and servants of the king.

Then Haman said, the queen Esther invited no other man but me to have wine with her and the king today, and tomorrow I'm invited by her again, with the king. Still, all this brings me nothing as long as I see Mordecai the Jew, sitting at the king's gate.

Zeresh Biblical Wife Message
Biblical Women and Biblical Wives Good and Bad Danger

Haman's wife, Zeresh and all his friends said to him, Make a gallows 75 feet high and tomorrow, ask the king if Mordecai can be hanged on it, then you can go in happily with the king and enjoy the queen's banquet.

This idea pleased Haman, and he ordered the gallows to be made.

Things are looking a little dire for Mordecai, but Esther has something in mind ... Or is it God who has a plan? Be sure to join us and find out what it is, in the next Daily Bread.

There is a force out there that is attempting to overtake us all; it is Satan. There is another force that is protecting us from him; it is the Holy Spirit. It is a battle for souls. This battle is called Spiritual Warfare, and like it or not, you are right in the middle of it.

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