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Disclaimer: The names in this book are fictitious names, changed to protect the innocent. I am not responsible for your actions after reading this book. If you do not wish to be bound to the above statements, return the book to me. God Bless


Contents of book

Part One - The “Real” Truth of Alissa Lynne


Chapter 1 - Early Years (Birth/Childhood/Teenage Years)  

Chapter 2 - Young Adult – Adulthood  

Chapter 3 – Marriages                                                                     

Chapter 4 - Mother’s Influences                                                                                                            


Part Two - The Truth of Alissa Lynne - Thoughts


Chapter 5 - Alissa Lynne’s Truths – The Beginning   

Chapter 6 - Alissa Lynne’s Truths – Self Esteem                                   

Chapter 7 - Alissa Lynne’s Truths – Faith/Trust                                       

Chapter 8 - Alissa Lynne’s Truths – Building a Relationship w/ God 

Chapter 9 - Alissa Lynne’s Truths – Encouragement                                         

Chapter 10 - Alissa Lynne’s Truths – Fellowship/Life 

Chapter 11 - Alissa Lynne’s Truths – In Poetry  

Chapter 12 - Alissa Lynne’s Truths – The Ending & a New Beginning  

Special Message to Single Women       

Authors Last Words             

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Inspiring Women on the Internet     




October 1, 2007


Praise the Lord Everyone – This is Alissa Lynne – Purple Butterfly of Christ


Alissa Lynne is pleased to announce that her first book - “The Truth of Alissa Lynne” is now available for down load, reading and listening to on line as of September 30, 2007! Praise the Lord – the book is complete and revealed.


It is a free book for all to read, and/or listen too! God has blessed Alissa Lynne with the opportunity to give this book away.  What does she get for offering a free book?  The opportunity to bring to you how awesome God truly is.


What is “The Truth of Alissa Lynne” about?


The Truth of Alissa Lynne is an in depth look of the life of a woman who endured many obstacles in her life from childhood abuse, self-esteem issues, rape, bad choices in life and how Jesus Christ brought her through it all. Alissa Lynne’s blesses us with her own thoughts on her life and her walk with the Lord. Her tell it like it is attitude is refreshing in a world of untruth and dishonesty. Alissa Lynne shares with us her thoughts on how she relates the way of the world to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


So if you are still reading and want to see what all the raving is about – go to 


Click on “The Truth of Alissa Lynne” for access to the different versions for downloading and your listening pleasures!


What do you have to lose; it is free – no catch at all – 100% free!

Thanks once again for your continued support in prayers! Praise the Lord and have a blessed day!

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