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Promise of Divine Faith

by Angela Willis


Promise of Divine Faith

by Angela Willis


An Angelís Wings
A New Hope
His Hands
It Was Once So Simple
Heavens Door
The Masterís Touch
Godís Gemstones
A Promise Not Broken
Did You See?
Itís Not A Dream
Patchwork Of Promises



An Angelís Wings

An angelís wings are open wide
Like billowing clouds across the sky.
Oh, what a sight to behold
With robes of white and halos gold.

An angelís touch
Of love and peace
In childrenís smiles
And newborn babies

An angelís song
Of praise and glory
Love for all is their story.

Spreading joy throughout the land
Is an angelís first command.

Blessing souls with Godís light
And keeping watch on starry nights

Oh, what beauty lies within
When an angelís wings are open wide
Pulling one to itís side.
Angela Willis


A New Hope

Oh!, Lord my God,
Hear my prayer;
A new hope you have given me.
The sight of a world unseen,
With passing ships and flying geese.
Sun does set in the midnight sky,
Touch the sea in that coastal breeze.
Casting Light from above,
Shine your Light down on me.
Crystal water across the Bay,
Cast your waves, come my way.
Breath of God,
Caress my face,
Bring new hope to this place.
Open my eyes,
open my heart,
Take this pain when it starts.
Walk along this sandy beach,
If I need,
Please carry me.
Pathway take me to the other side,
Where the Light shines so bright.
Setting moon kiss the night,
Hang those stars in Heaven high.
Precious sound give me might,
As I watch your sun rise.
Wake up, oh!, Morning
Let me be
Part of a New Hope,
That all can see.

His Hands

His hands healed the sick,
His faith raised the dead.
His feet carried the weight
Of all to be said.

His heart felt the burden
Of every heavy soul,
He came from His Father
For every sinner known.

His eyes filled with tears
Of what was to be,
Knowing that He couldnít change a thing,
But came to save you and me.

His day finally came to an end,
With the soldiers crowning Him
ďLord of LordsĒ.

They pierced His hands and feet
With hammer and nails,
Then hung Him on a cross,
For all of Calvary to see.

Blood dripped from the thorns,
Blood flowed from His side,
It ran down their swords,
Not a word did He cry.

Unto His Father, from which He came,
To rise again on day three,
With nail pierced hands
For all to see.

His name is Jesus.

Ms. Angela Willis

It Was Once So Simple

It was once so simple the way Jesus loved me.
I found myself in a dream of long ago.

Standing in a crowded street with raging voices all around me,
Tears and cheers woke the early morn,
As soldiers brought the two thieves and a man named Jesus
Through the city and climbed a long rocky road to Calvary.

Determined to crucify,
The soldiers made crosses out of the very trees God had made
And now His Son will die on.
By sunrise the soldiers had firmly replanted those trees into the ground,
Mocking the One who was sent to save their very souls.

I felt that I was the one who brought Him pain,
As I stood there watching, my blue eyes filled with tears.
I slowly walked to the foot of the cross
And fell to my knees.
Begging His forgiveness, begging for His mercy,
I looked up in the sudden silence of the night.
The cloth of white was dripping
The blood of my Savior across my face.

Each drop warmed my weary soul
And from my sleep my Savior awakened me,
With His gentle touch and His undying love.
I saw the midnight sky was lit by a cross
That held a golden cloth and a crown handmade.

A drop of blood,
It was once so simple the way Jesus loved me,
In that dream of long ago.

Angela Willis


Heavenís Door

Heavenís door is open wide
Waiting for me to enter.

Clouds of white caress the sky
As I come hither.

Peaceful moments, no more nights
Embraced by the solaced light.

I hear the whispering affections of God
Laying direction upon my ears,
Returning me to this world.

The touch of His hand,
Brings alive a comatose soul,
A different kind of blessing.

On the other side,
Heavenís door
Is open wide
Waiting for me to enter.

Ms. Angela Willis


The Masterís Touch

There is silenceÖ

From whence my beating heart you heard,

Where my Fatherís love
prevailed and run.

His Spirit now ascends
Upon your soul that yearns,

Letting go of what once was,
Keeping thought to what is.

Hoping for what will come to be,
Peace shall cover your fear.

The hands of time will heal your grief.

Fall into the arms of my God,
Know His promise for you.

Despair believes it conquered you,
But I believe it was,

Ömy Masterís touch.

Ms. Angela Willis


Godís Gemstones

Crown of gold, pearls of white,
Lay aside my passions fight.
Rubyís of red, cease my bleeding heart,
Diamonds strengthen my will of glass,
Remove the pain, the pain at last.

Sapphire star guide me through this life,
As raging waters flood my sight.
Peridot bring me hope unknown,
While the moonís light is shining big and full.

Rhombic Garnet show me who I am,
Bring forth the peace between the lion and lamb.
Aquamarine, I too am, only one being.

My many flaws of emerald green,
Will not be seen, with the Topaz chain.
Changing times and changing ways,
Stands to reason in Zirconís face.

Stand beside me, Opal of promise,
As I carry on to do my chores,
to walk as royalty on Amethystís shore.

In sight of clouds that cover my sky,
Help me to see the promise of a rainbow high.
Help me put my heartache to sleep,
When I gaze upon your loving beauty.

Never again will I see you the way I did,
When pain once convinced me there was no end.
For now my sight is on He,
Who kept His promise to you and me,
With a branch from an Olive Tree.

Written by,
Angela Willis July 12, 2008

A Promise Not Broken

As I gaze upon a rainbow bright
I am reminded of a promise not broken.

My Fatherís desire for me
Is to share the love
That dwells within.

Looking to Heaven
I can see the light,
To see past the horizon
And look at the face of life.

As I view the budding trees
And the blossoming flowers
A bit of beauty has again
Been placed within me.

I will turn to the Son for guidance
To feel His warmth in my soul
Keeping to a promise of my own
One that I made long ago.

As each new day approaches
I will try to make one more wrong right.

For it is one of my Fatherís examples
To give the gift of life
--a promise not broken.

Ms. Angela Willis

Did You See?

The believers cried,
ďDid you see, did you see what the soldiers have done?Ē

On His head they placed a crown of thorns.
Blood streams down His face,
The rage and hate of disbelief.

Father forgive them, forgive them, please,
They drove nails in His hands and feet.

Mourners gathered and wailed,
Mother Mary knew her Son
Would soon prevail,
As Jesus hung on that tree.

The thunder rolledÖ
The sky had darkened
And the ground shook so violently,
He was there to save you and me.

They sealed the tomb
Where they laid Him to rest,
Praying only for their Savior
To fill His quest.

Three days had passed,
The women went back
To the grave to see.

The stone was rolled away
And they shouted with such glee,
ďDid you see, did you see He has risen today?!Ē
ďHe has risen from the grave!Ē
Do you see, Do you see
He has risen just for you and me?



In a white robe and bare feet
I stood before the water
That would wash away my past
And bring me into a new life.

Full of fear, God led me
Step by step into the cool water
Pronouncing my faith
Before all who believed.

Not once looking back
At what I was leaving behind
Eagerness filled my soul
For what lied ahead.

Step by step, memories of an old song
ďJust As I AmĒ, rang through my head.

As the minister spoke my Fatherís words
I felt myself tremble
On being taken under
And rising in peace
Of what was to be.

Step by step
He made witnesses of you with me.

Ms. Angela Willis



Heavens bleeding hands,
Holds the Earth in itís place,

Heavens smiling eyes,
Warmed this beautyís glowing face,

Heavens tears blessed,
Souls of living creatures far below,

Heavens song of praise and glory,
For our King, for our Lord,

Heavens angels are rejoicing,
Singing hymns of old,

Heavens table is set,
For your eyes to behold,

Heavens peace is waiting,
Like no other youíve known.

Heaven is waitingÖ

By Angela Willis


Itís Not A Dream

I woke to the morning sun caressing my face
As I laid there in bed
Contemplating the dream I had had ---

A man stood at the gate of Heaven,
Welcoming me like His long lost friend.
His words were soft as a butterflies wings
And His touch as gentle as a feather.

With tears rolling over my cheeks,
I fell to my knees
And cried out, ďforgive me FatherĒ.
He reached down and brushed away those tears
With His nail pierced hands.

As I looked up, in shame
His eyes drew me closer to Him.
While helping me to my feet
He said, ďMy child look around you,
The sanctity I promised you,
Is not a dream.Ē

I opened my heart and saw,
ÖItís not a dream.

By Ms. Angela Willis



Patchwork of Promises

Promises made, promises broken,
A world of pain and tears.

The child within cries out for mommy,
But mommy never comes,
Daddy swings his fist.
The child within has heard the promise,
Never, never again.

She is the wife, she is the mommy,
She is someone she donít want to be.
The child within donít understand
why she ever had to be.

The oldest of two,
She was abused,
Her voice was stolen from her,
As was her purity.

They took her pride,
They seized her dignity,
Those around her,
Found her easy prey.

Looking for a dark place,
A safe haven for her dreams,
She seeks the quiet of night,
When all were asleep.

Sleeping in the dogs area of the room,
She found a place under that dresser.
A dark spot, quiet of night,
She hid her Bible, so she could find the ďLightĒ.

The peace, the moment of silence,
The child searched for in her day,
She found in the words
Of a powerful place.

No one can strip her of her faith,
No one can steal
the words in red she reads.
The promise to be loved,
The promise to be forgiven,
The promise to be set free,
Kept that child within swimming
in that raging sea of hate.

Each night,
before that little girl would go to sleep,
She would find another promise
To patch the pain of everyday.

Her patchwork of promises,
Brought her hope, Into her world of none.
Her patchwork of promises,
Gave her peace, when there was rage.
Her patchwork of promises,
Reached into her soul,
Gave her a light,
Gave her a new hope,
Amidst the daily pain.

By Ms. Angela Willis




Promise Of
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