If You Are Having Trouble Accessing Chatroom-Please Read

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If You Are Having Trouble Accessing Chatroom-Please Read

Postby SimplyBreezy » Fri Jun 26, 2009 10:35 am

Hello, if you have clicked on the blinking "enter" and you are still not accessing the chat room, you can try a couple of things here and see if these help. First you must be certain that your popup blockers are off for this site or that your firewall allows them. Enable cookies is another way some programs say it.
You need to have the updated version of java to be able to access the forums and chat room here, as well as the shout box. To get that, it is a free download and you can get it from java. Also when installing this, you must be certain you don't have the older version on your computer at the same time as the newer version because then your computer will be mixed up as to what version to use. The upgrade does not replace the older version, it just adds the newer one to your computer, so once it is downloaded, you need to remove the older version in order for things to work properly :)

If you have tried all these things and you still are having trouble, please try this link below. I hope this helps you and didn't cause any more confusion :)

http://www.christianityoasis.com/Member ... manual.php

Then if none of the above helps you, please try and email phantomfaith@christianityoasis.com, he is one of the administrators of the site and will gladly do what he can to help you if he is able. Have a blessed day and evening in the Lord.


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