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Christianity Oasis has provided you with this Cloning in the Bible excellent expedition. What does the Bible say about cloning, especially human cloning? Bible Cloning People Warning. We look into that and all aspects of the End Times. Don't be scared. Be Prepared.

Welcome to our Christianity Oasis End Times Bible study program presenting hundreds of SON-sational End Times Studies and deLIGHTful Christian Walk Studies created to uplift your Christian soul while making you aware of potential danger as you travel along the Christian path. This is our very concerning and extremely intriguing Bible Cloning People exploration sharing the Cloning in the Bible verses and comparing Scripture to events that are occurring around us in the cloning system. What does the Bible say about cloning people? Is human cloning in the Bible? Let us find out the facts on the topic of cloning and the Bible. The ominous warning and thought provoking message within this Bible cloning study discussing cloning in the Bible will truly enLIGHTen your Christian walk. Let's look into this Cloning and the Bible thing together, shall we?

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What does cloning and DNA have to do with a signs of the End Times Prophecy? We will be looking for the answer to that very question in our Human Cloning System journey into the Bible Cloning comparison between the technology of cloning and the Bible.

Speaking of ... There is Bible cloning Scripture that speaks of an army of what many believe will be cloned armies.

Revelation 9:13-19

13 And the sixth angel sounded [Sixth Trumpet], and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God,
14 Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates.
15 And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men.
16 And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand: and I heard the number of them.
17 And thus I saw the horses in the vision, and them that sat on them, having breastplates of fire, and of jacinth, and brimstone: and the heads of the horses were as the heads of lions; and out of their mouths issued fire and smoke and brimstone.
18 By these three was the third part of men killed, by the fire, and by the smoke, and by the brimstone, which issued out of their mouths.
19 For their power is in their mouth, and in their tails: for their tails were like unto serpents, and had heads, and with them they do hurt.

Cloning in the Bible Pitfall

What Does the Bible Say About Cloning Woe

As we sojourn along in our Human Cloning and the Bible research on cloning and the Bible, we find that some believe in the writings of Nostradamus ...

What did a Nostradamus prophecy say about this Cloning and the Bible subject.

There will be cloning of armies, by manipulating the chromosomes to create murderers without morals.

He also mentions the creation of experimental war machines as well.

Much experimental weaponry and creation of war machines.

Cloning in the Bible Trivia Time ... Is any of this possible or is it just someone's fantasy?

Let's continue into the future in the Bible Cloning People potential and take a look first at the experimental weaponry and war machines. We do know that the huge outbreak of new weaponry has been blooming as of late. From dirty bombs used by terrorists to the latest craze of supersonic missiles. But, lets look at something even more interesting since this prophecy speaks of war machines. The US military and other countries now has robots. They started many years ago and are being hailed as a great tool for fighting wars.

Excerpts of this story from Newsday:

Made by a small Massachusetts company, the SWORDS, short for Special Weapons Observation Reconnaissance Detection Systems, will be the first armed robotic vehicles to see combat, years ahead of the larger Future Combat System vehicles currently under development by big defense contractors such as Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics Corp.

Interesting that they say there are larger future combat system vehicles under development.

Chances are good the SWORDS will get even more deadly in the future. It has been tested with the larger .50 caliber machine guns as well as rocket and grenade launchers _ even an experimental weapon made by the Australian company Metal Storm LLC that packs multiple rocket rounds into a single barrel, allowing for much more rapid firing.

This of course is only the beginning of these types of war machines to be used in combat. Maybe soon we will have a RoboCop just like in the movies patrolling our streets. Even now as we speak there is a RoboCop in Japan, where robots are being put to growing use for security.

Excerpt from story:

T63 Artemis, named after the Greek moon goddess Artemis, helped its subordinate human officers distribute fliers on traffic safety at the train station after its appointment as head of Hakata station and surrounding neighborhood in the southern city of Fukuoka. The 157cm-tall Artemis, which has two arms and weighs 100kg, can go on patrol with the help of a battery, police said.

Locally developed Artemis will enter the record books as the first robot police chief in Japan, where robots are being put to growing use for security. The World Exposition, a six-month showcase of technology in central Aichi prefecture, has eight security robots on patrol day and night.

Cloning and the Bible tidbit of Truth ... So, we have a few robots doing the dirty work in wars and in law enforcement. What's the big deal? They cant think or feel or even carry on a human like conversation can they? Certainly they will not be taking jobs from real human beings?

Well ... Apparently they can. Next in our Cloning and the Bible voyage into the world of the human cloning system, lets look at an excerpt from a Washington Post story:

Ms. Saya, a perky receptionist in a smart canary-yellow suit, beamed a smile from behind the May I Help You? sign on her desk, offering greetings and answering questions posed by visitors at a local university. But when she failed to welcome a workman who had just walked by, a professor stormed up to Saya and dished out a harsh reprimand. You're so stupid! said the professor, Hiroshi Kobayashi, towering over her desk. Eh? she responded, her face wrinkling into a scowl. I tell you, I am not stupid!

Truth is, Saya isn't even human. But in a country where robots are changing the way people live, work, play and even love, that doesn't stop Saya the cyber-receptionist from defending herself from men who are out of line. With voice recognition technology allowing 700 verbal responses and an almost infinite number of facial expressions from joy to despair, surprise to rage, Saya may not be biological -- but she is nobody's fool.

I almost feel like she's a real person, said Kobayashi, an associate professor at the Tokyo University of Science and Saya's inventor. Having worked at the university for almost two years now, she's an old hand at her job. She has a temper . . . and she sometimes makes mistakes, especially when she has low energy, the professor said.

Is this for real?

Saya's wrath is the latest sign of the rise of the robot. Though perhaps years away in the United States at that time, this long-awaited, as-seen-on-TV world -- think "The Jetsons" or "Blade Runner" -- is already unfolding in Japan, with robots now used as receptionists, night watchmen, hospital workers, guides, pets and more.

We see in our Bible Cloning People study that everyone seems to be interested in this Robotic craze.

Scientists and government authorities have dubbed this generation "The time of the robot," with humans set to interact with their electronic spawn as never before at the 2005 World Expo opening just outside the city of Nagoya on March 25. At the 430-acre site, 15 million visitors are expected to mingle with some of the most highly developed examples of Japanese artificial intelligence, many of which are already on sale or will be within a year.

Greeting visitors in four languages and guiding them to their desired destinations will be Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' yellow midget robot, Wakamaru. A trio of humanoid robots by Sony, Toyota and Honda will be dancing and playing musical instruments at the opening ceremony. Parents visiting the World Expo can leave their children in the care of a robotic babysitter -- NEC's PaPeRo -- which recognizes individual children's faces and can notify parents by cell phone in case of emergency. This was in 2005 !!! Imagine now.

Would you trust your children with one of these robotic humanoids? Not me.


In Western countries, humanoid robots are still not very accepted, but they are in Japan, said Norihiro Hagita, director of the ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories in Keihanna Science City near Kyoto. One reason is religion. In Japanese [Shinto] religion, we believe that all things have gods within them. But in Western countries, most people believe in only one God. For us, however, a robot can have an energy all its own.

Can a robot and a human be joined together?

Is this Cloning and DNA technology here today or is it in our near future? It is called the posthumans. The Cyborg Liberation Front is now fighting for the rights for these Cyborgs (part human part robot) as if they are human beings. They are concerned that when the world ends these creatures could survive on another planet and take the history of humans with them.

Check out these excerpts from an article from the Village Voice:

International academics and activists, they met to lay the groundwork for a society that would admit as citizens and companions intelligent robots, cyborgs made from a free mixing of human and machine parts, and fully organic, genetically engineered people who aren't necessarily human at all. But the purpose of the Yale conference was direct, with no feinting at other agendas. The crowd there wanted to shape what they see as a coming reality. From the first walking stick to bionic eyes, neural chips, and Stephen Hawking's synthesized voice, they would argue we've long been in the process of becoming cyborgs.

A "hybrot," a robot governed by neurons from a rat brain, is now drawing pictures. Dolly the sheep broke the barrier on cloning, and new transgenic organisms are routinely created. The transhumanists gathered because supercomputers are besting human chess masters, and they expect a new intelligence to pole-vault over humanity - in this century. All one has to do is read the science journals to know these issues are on the table today, says Australian High Court Justice Michael Kirby.

OK now, we look into a robot controlled by a rats brain is now drawing pictures? The information in our Bible Cloning People study looking at cloning and the Bible verses is too far out to believe. But apparently it is true. This article was written many years ago. Can you imagine the possibilities here? If these machines, which they admit do take on their own thoughts and can control, become more powerful than humans or even be used by an evil leader, who could stop them? It sounds like something out of the "I, Robot" or "Terminator" movies. Frightening stuff.

We already have neural implants for things like Parkinson's disease, he says. By the time machines make a case for themselves in a convincing way and have all the subtle cues indicative of emotional reaction, there won't be a clear distinction between machine and human.

There won't be a clear distinction?

Does that mean we won't know the difference between a human or a cyborg?

One operative of the Institute for Applied Autonomy, a secretive technology group that provides robots and other gear to protesters, eyes the civil rights landscape and doesn't see many friends for the newcomers. Most of the folks you'd normally go to are really suspicious of a lot of this technology, says this person, noting that much of the cutting-edge development in artificial intelligence has been for military and law-enforcement purposes. You're writing this against the backdrop of a growing police-surveillance state, so it's not surprising that many folks are a bit skittish.

Cloning and the Bible Danger Sign ... I can tell you I am a bit skittish from all we are learning in our cloning and the Bible lesson. Especially when you hear that all the cutting-edge technology has been used for military and law enforcement agencies. If a part rat part robot that draws pictures isn't the good stuff What is?

Remember what the Nostradamus prophecy said:

Cloning of armies, by manipulating the chromosomes to create murderers without morals.

Sounds similar to what they are doing. Time will tell.

Chimeras (ki-MER-ahs) A chimera is a mixture of two or more species in one body. Named after a monster in Greek mythology that had a lion's head, goat's body, and serpent's tail.

The following excerpts taken from: Of Mice, Men and In-Between
Scientists Debate Blending Of Human, Animal Forms

In Minnesota, pigs are being born with human blood in their veins.

In Nevada, there are sheep whose livers and hearts are largely human.

In California, mice peer from their cages with human brain cells firing inside their skulls.

They are real creations of real scientists,stretching the boundaries of stem cell research. They are the products of experiments in which human stem cells were added to developing animal fetuses. Chimeras are allowing scientists to watch, for the first time, how nascent human cells and organs mature and interact -- not in the cold isolation of laboratory dishes but inside the bodies of living creatures.

I believe, if I am interpreting correctly, they are speaking of blending humans and animals into one species.

But chimerism becomes a more sensitive topic when it involves growing entire human organs inside animals. And it becomes especially sensitive when it deals in brain cells, the building blocks of the organ credited with making humans human. In experiments like those, Greely told the academy last month, There is a nontrivial risk of conferring some significant aspects of humanity on the animal. Greely and his colleagues did not conclude that such experiments should never be done. Indeed, he and many other philosophers have been wrestling with the question of why so many people believe it is wrong to breach the species barrier.

Does the repugnance reflect an understanding of an important natural law? Or is it just another cultural bias, like the once widespread rejection of interracial marriage? Many turn to the Bible's repeated invocation that animals should multiply "after their kind" as evidence that such experiments are wrong.

After consuming even more information in our Bible Cloning People hunt for answers, I really don't believe that you can compare the "cultural bias" of interracial marriage and the cloning and mixing of humans with animals. I mean Moses had an Ethiopian wife but he did not have a pet pig-man.

If two such chimeras -- say, mice -- were to mate, a human embryo might form, trapped in a mouse. Not everyone agrees that this would be a terrible result. What would be so dreadful? asked Ann McLaren, a renowned developmental biologist at the University of Cambridge in England. After all, she said, no human embryo could develop successfully in a mouse womb. It would simply die, she told the academy. No harm done. But what about experiments in which scientists add human stem cells not to an animal embryo but to an animal fetus, which has already made its eggs and sperm?

Then the only question is how human a creature one dares to make. In one ongoing set of experiments, Jeffrey L. Platt at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., has created human-pig chimeras by adding human-blood-forming stem cells to pig fetuses. The resulting pigs have both pig and human blood in their vessels. And it's not just pig blood cells being swept along with human blood cells; some of the cells themselves have merged, creating hybrids. It is important to have learned that human and pig cells can fuse, Platt said, because he and others have been considering transplanting modified pig organs into people and have been wondering if that might pose a risk of pig viruses getting into patient's cells.

Well just amazing how science is working these days. Once again I must quote the prophecy from Nostradamus:

The Cloning of armies, by manipulating the chromosomes to create murderers without morals.

More weird stuff in our cloning and the Bible comparison, huh? I would bet that a mice man or a pig man would be immoral and capable of killing. Just to say that sounds too funny to be true but unfortunately they are doing it and have been doing it for years. I am almost certain there are many experiments they aren't telling us about. What do you think about this possible Cloning and the Bible match?

Revelation 9:13-19

13 And the sixth angel sounded [Sixth Trumpet], and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God,
14 Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates.
15 And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men.
16 And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand: and I heard the number of them.
17 And thus I saw the horses in the vision, and them that sat on them, having breastplates of fire, and of jacinth, and brimstone: and the heads of the horses were as the heads of lions; and out of their mouths issued fire and smoke and brimstone.
18 By these three was the third part of men killed, by the fire, and by the smoke, and by the brimstone, which issued out of their mouths.
19 For their power is in their mouth, and in their tails: for their tails were like unto serpents, and had heads, and with them they do hurt.

Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy

Human Born to Mice Parents?

For example, an experiment that would raise concerns, he said, is genetically engineering mice to produce human sperm and eggs, then doing in vitro fertilization to produce a child whose parents are a pair of mice. Most people would find that problematic, Magnus said, but those uses are bizarre and not, to the best of my knowledge, anything that anybody is remotely contemplating. Most uses of chimeras are actually much more relevant to practical concerns.

Mice With Human Brains

Weissman has already created mice with brains that are about one percent human. Later this year he may conduct another experiment where the mice have 100 percent human brains. This would be done, he said, by injecting human neurons into the brains of embryonic mice. Before being born, the mice would be killed and dissected to see if the architecture of a human brain had formed. If it did, he'd look for traces of human cognitive behavior. Weissman said he's not a mad scientist trying to create a human in an animal body.

Paging Dr. Frankenstein. Paging Dr. Frankenstein. This stuff in our Bible cloning people path to preparedness is just unbelievable. He says he is not a mad scientist. But he is doing it anyway.

Here is a very interesting story about what they have been doing over the years in cloning and what they have and have not told us.

Here is an oldie but goodie to share in the Human Cloning System study on cloning and the Bible ...

The World's best kept secret in cloning research. The world's first human clone of an adult has now been made, by an American biotechnology company in Massachusetts, Advanced Cell Technology. They took a cell from Dr Jose Cibelli, a research scientist and combined it with a cows egg from which the genes had already been removed. (News November 1998) The genes activated and the egg began to divide in the normal way up to the 32 cell stage at which it was destroyed. If the clone had been allowed to continue beyond implantation it would have developed as Dr Cibelli's identical twin. Technically 1% of the human clone genes would have belonged to the cow.

Judging by the successful growth of the combined human-cow clone creation it appears that cow mitochondria may well be compatible with human embryonic development. However the biggest piece of news is not what they did in human cloning - sensational enough - but the fact that they kept cloning secret for three years after doing it, and presumably they were trying to do it at least a couple of years before that. Let's wind back the clock:these scientists had already carried out successful human nuclear transfer into an unfertilized egg before Dolly the sheep clone had been made.

In other words, the huge media rush about Dolly came only because the Dolly scientists in Edinburgh came clean sooner. But even they omitted to tell us anything until Dolly was seven months old, well over a year after the cloning technique was successfully carried out and a good two to three years perhaps after they began their secretive work. The lesson is this: today's headlines on human cloning tell us history. The big question is what's going on now? What experiments were completed in 1996, 1997 and 1998 that we won't know about until 1999 to 2001 - if then? I describe my own conversations with a British scientist in the 1980s who was attempting then to clone human embryos - with some success. His purpose he said was to freeze clones to be used later for spare parts. Defrost a twin, implant it into a surrogate of a humanized ape and cull it for spares.

Over a decade later he is still lying very low about his work. There could be one benefit of the human to cows egg transfers. Some people are very uneasy about creating a human embryo and then dismembering it, however early the stage, to obtain embryonic stem cells from which useful tissues might be grown. they might feel more comfortable with a hybrid solution, if it were shown that the embryonic cow-human stem cells were viable as tissue producers but not capable of becoming a baby. However there are many other ethical issues. For a start it raises the biggest question of all: how many human genes does a cow or monkey have to gain before we give it human rights?

In these human-cow clones one imagines every court in the world would agree that the child born would be capable of being prosecuted for murder, even though it would technically be 1% cow. But what about other proportions? Humonkeys are within our capability and have been for several years. Scientists have already made geep (combined sheep and goat), and camas (combined camels and lamas) simply by rolling two balls of cells together after fertilization. Monkeys and humans have 97% of genes in common so if the right 1.6% were transferred from a human to a monkey we could land up with a monkey more human than animal.

Cloning in the Bible Tears and fears

What Does the Bible Say About Cloning Now

These questions within our cloning and the Bible comparison do have similarities will need facing sooner than you may think. And for the theologians another question: how many human genes does an animal have to have to need salvation? Christians, Muslims and Jews believe that humans are made in the image of God. Human life is a mystery. What does that mean in the light of these extraordinary developments?

There is no stop button in the race for human re-engineering.

Science will soon give some of us the tools to make ourselves cleverer and stronger. What will it mean for our humanity? Many believe that humans and robots will soon coexist.

As depicted in famous anime films featuring heroes like Astroboy, Doraemon and I Robot, to name a few show a world where humans and robots can coexist is drawing near as robot development is rapidly progressing in the service industry amid the declining birthrate and growing concerns about security.

Cloning in the Bible Conclusion

What Does the Bible Say About Cloning Summary

Guess what? All that information was from many years ago. We have not even touched on updated sources which speak of the human cloning system or cloning and the Bible. I mean the advances in AI (Artificial Intelligence) are sinister feeling and breathtaking. We could go on and on and on but we g=feel with the advances happening so rapidly that it is best for you to just watch the news on the topic.

After looking into the cloning system, this Bible cloning people fact checker clearly reveals that the human Cloning and the Bible references comparison to the existing and ongoing escalation of cloning activity do have strong similarities and could very well be a sign of the coming End Times.

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