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Christianity Oasis has provided you with the Biblical Woman study asking ... What are the qualities of a Virtuous Woman and what do the Virtuous Woman Bible verses say about the virtuous woman meaning? We'll look into that and how to become and remain a virtuous woman.

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The Virtuous Woman

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The Biblical Woman Blessing

The Qualities Of A Virtuous Woman Meaning

Welcome to our Christianity Oasis Virtuous Woman study program. This is our guest favorite and very popular ... The Biblical Woman Journey seeking to discover just what are the qualities of a Virtuous Woman from the Scripture given to us within the Virtuous Woman Bible verses. We will come to understand the true virtuous woman meaning. The thought provoking and extremely essential message found within the Biblical woman quest for the Spiritual essence of becoming a virtuous woman will truly bring the deLIGHTful Truth to your Christian walk path and become your candle in the cold and oft times lonely darkness on your way to obtain and maintain the qualities of a virtuous woman ... For the Lord.

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The Biblical Woman Adventure
What are the Qualities of a Virtuous Woman?

Welcome ... The Virtuous Woman Bible Program was designed specifically for those who want to know more about the Virtuous Woman Bible verses Scripture and/or seek to become a virtuous woman.




That's right! You are you-nique.

God gave you unique gifts and wove them into who you are. He put all your talents and passions and qualities together for a purpose ... A specific plan that nobody else can carry out ... Except you.

So why do what everyone else is doing? Is that not like following the cattle to slaughter? One thing is for sure when we follow the crowd ... The view never changes, we both know that.

Why strive to achieve goals that don't really satisfy you?

There's only one thing you can be that will truly satisfy God, and fill that void within you and and that is to ... Just be you!

The Biblical Woman Gift
Qualities of a Virtuous Woman Truth

This Virtuous Woman Bible verses program will help you to discover your own extraordinary qualities and reveal the you. The be-you -tiful you that is hidden within you. Because deep inside of you, you know that you not only want to be, but you are supposed to be different than worldly trends.

Though you may have followed the world as to obtain and maintain friends, you know it is not what you really want. This Virtuous Woman Bible program is not meant to change who you are (unless you discover that you are not really being the person God created you to be.) But, rather to bring forth the inner you. This Virtuous Woman Bible program is meant to develop the Virtuous Woman Bible qualities that God put together to make you ... Be-you-tiful! You will soon discover the countless blessings that you can enjoy, just because you're a woman. You'll discover, or rediscover, the kind of peace that you can have within when you live a virtuous life.

Becoming the Biblical Woman For God
Qualities of a Virtuous Woman Secrets

Why do I say rediscover? Because when you were a little girl, you naturally made virtuous choices and humble decisions. This was before society taught you to follow the world and mimic everything they do. And when you were an innocent little girl, you had peace within. You didn't worry about how you looked or what you should say or what you were missing, out in the world. You were just happy to be you. Why do you want to be a virtuous woman? What was it that brought you to this program? Why do you feel like you need to learn more about becoming a virtuous woman? Maybe I can guess your answer, because it was either:

  1. The Holy Spirit led you here, and you don't quite know why yet.
  2. You've discovered that what the world offers may look exciting, but it is full of temporal and deceptive promises and you can't help but think that there must be a more fulfilling path to follow.
  3. You are afraid that if you don't make some changes in your life, it could affect your future in this life, and possibly the next. Or perhaps ...
  4. You are just here to observe and if it seems like something you may want to commit some time to, you may give it a try.

Well, no matter what, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by discovering all you can about being a virtuous woman through this program.

The Biblical Woman Road
Qualities of a Virtuous Woman Field Trip

As we go through the Virtuous Woman Bible Verses program together, if the Holy Spirit led you here, you will learn why. If you've become disenchanted with what the world dictates a woman's life should be like, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how fulfilling the life of a virtuous woman can be. If you feel like you need to make changes in your life, you've come to the right place. If you're here just to observe, a special welcome to you, and I hope you'll enjoy our time together.

To each and every one of you, may this program be the beginning of a new and exciting approach to life for you and may God bless you with wisdom and peace and virtue.

To my dearest daughter,

The Virtuous Woman Bible Verses program has been created around a letter that a woman, who had not seen her mother for many years, received after her mother had died. That Spirit filled letter changed the daughter's life completely and forever. After reading the letter from her mother, the daughter became a Christian and turned her life around.

Within the contents of her mother's letter was a request for the daughter to visit Christianity Oasis. She soon felt at home here and shared this precious letter from her mother with us. She asked that we share the message within the letter with as many women as we possibly could.

This wonderful letter was written in such an honest and straightforward manner that it begged to be shared with all. It began by expressing how the mother had sojourned down many paths during her life ... Mostly bad. She made it clear that after experiencing all that the world had to offer, and after making many poor choices, that in the end ... She found herself alone, heartbroken and bitter.

The Biblical Woman Today
Qualities of a Virtuous Woman Shared

One year before the letter was written, the mother chose a new path that was so very different than other paths that she had taken in her life. The path was Christianity.

She spent every waking moment that she could reading the Bible, praying and communing with the Holy Spirit. Then she learned shortly before writing the letter ... She was going to die.

I wish I had told you this long ago.

This letter shared how she had found over the years that many women of the world today have been lured away from Truth, thrown honor to the wind, abandoned all integrity and as a result, they had forsaken God and been robbed of a wonderful promise. She feared that her daughter's life was much the same as hers before she had realized the Truth. She hoped that by her efforts in sharing this letter, that she could encourage her child to change her ways and seek the Lord, and perhaps make a difference in the life of other lost women.

As you can imagine the mother had no idea at the time of the writing, that her words would be echoing in the minds and hearts of countless women, by way of this Virtuous Woman program. You will find the fruits of her words that she shared in her letter, within this 28 day program.

The Biblical Woman Recipe
Qualities of a Virtuous Woman Ingredients

With encouragement and permission from the woman who shared her mother's letter with us, we have added scripture, suggestions and commentary to the message within this treasured letter to help you realize how important virtue is to a Christian woman, and how, in such a world as we live in today, you can strive to live a more virtuous life.

My dear child, you can make a difference.

Let's face it ... Most are not living in the Virtuous Woman Bible verses days anymore. We are living in an obstinate generation. Women today are doing some horrifying things. One woman drowned her children because her new boyfriend didn't like kids. Another woman not having the money for a babysitter, but filled with the spirit of lust, locked her child in a dresser drawer so that she could go out to her favorite bar and look for new men. Mothers have lost the Love that they are supposed to hold for their own babies. Recently, female teachers that teach in our public schools, seduced male children into having sex with them.

We've seen videos pop up lately of teenage girls severely beating another young girl, to sell the footage on the internet. Not too long ago, the "best of the best of American women," one of our women astronauts, drove 900 miles from Texas to Florida in a diaper (so she wouldn't have to stop at a restroom on the way) determined to kill a woman who she found out her secret lover (also an astronaut) was seeing romantically. It gets worse, she's a married mother of three. Equally as disturbing was the manner in which the 'panel of experts' on several newscasts spoke of the 'Love Triangle' as if it was a common, normal practice these days. The woman was previously scheduled to be on the front page of a major magazine as "Mother of the Year."

The Biblical Woman Road Trip
Qualities of a Virtuous Woman Warning

Things have gotten to a point where nothing is surprising anymore, no matter how appalling, no matter how outrageous, no matter how repugnant or repulsive. What happened to the dignity that women used to cherish? Is it any wonder that the woman who inspired this program felt the need to reach out to her daughter ... And others?

The world needs virtuous women to be an example for our children or things will get even worse.

Through the pages of this Biblically based program, combined with the ideas of this writing from the heart of a woman's love and passion to reach her daughter, you will find some treasured teachings that will help you in your Christian walk.

I invite you to embrace these words with the determination that you will at the very least change your own world, if not many that come across your path who you will share these ideas and Words of Truth with.

With all my love, Mom

If you are the mother of a young daughter, I encourage you to begin teaching her virtuous values before it's too late, because the world today will step in and instill undesirable values at a very young age and once they're planted within your child, they're so very, very hard to remove. In fact, you can't begin at too young of an age. When a child first begins to communicate, they begin building their own character, so to begin teaching good virtues to them right from the start is the very best thing you can do.

But, it is never too late.

The Biblical Woman Journey Continues
Qualities of a Virtuous Woman Summary

If you are serious about finding out more about being a more virtuous woman, and are ready to begin this awesome program, make sure you put everything out of your mind. You must be totally free from any problems, concerns or anything else that may affect your spirit. You will have to find a time during your day that you will not be interrupted or distracted. Turn on some Christian music, get your favorite beverage and snack if you want them. Just get comfortable in mind, body and spirit and prepare to discover the beautiful and unique woman that God created you to be.

Join me in a four week adventure into the world of the Virtuous Woman.

To begin our journey, select Step #1 and I'll meet you there!

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