Christian Origins

The Origins of Christianity Oasis

Christianity Oasis Ministry provides this extremely intriguing and inspirational Christian origins story of the origins of Christianity Oasis as well as the SON-sational Christian origin of the founder. Learn of this Ministry's Christian origins and created to glorify God.

Christianity Oasis Ministry

Christian Origins

Welcome to our Christianity Oasis About Us page. This is a little synopsis taking an in depth look into the history of the stunning, frightening and yet heart warming saga of the origins of Christianity Oasis and how this most unique Ministry began decades ago. The true events shared within this Christian origins book entitled The Spirit Within and the Beast Without written about the Christianity Oasis founder's Christian origin adventure will absolutely amaze you. Buckle up!

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About Us

Greetings ... The Christianity Oasis Ministry is a very Spiritually inspiring and massive Christian Ministry. Our Christian origins took root in the year of our Lord, 1993 and we have been on the Internet since 2003 with various web pages, at first, and slowly evolving into one of the largest Christian Ministries on the Internet. The origins of Christianity Oasis Ministry began about a decade earlier with the opening of a small Christian Church. Following that, a unique business was opened called New Genesis Miracle Workers. This was a service which would try and help anyone with any problem. After that, an End Times Ministry by the name of Prepare 4 End Times was created.

To be able to teach of the End Times, 10) four foot by eight foot wooden tables were created, set up and displayed in public places which demonstrated an End Times prophetic timeline based on the Bible. They taught people the significance of the signs of the times in today’s day and age and their connection to End Times prophecy. With the inception of the Internet and its growing popularity, Prepare 4 End Times launched as a website to reach and teach more than they could ever reach by displaying the Timeline Tables on street corners. The Internet was the new way of sharing the End Times.

Finally, the Christian origins of Christianity Oasis Online Ministry began to form. It was the perfect solution to answering the calling from the Lord, as the Internet was clearly going to become the venue of the future. We welcome you to join us and discover Christianity from a new perspective ... Honest, simple, clear, eye opening and refreshing. Our Christian programs, studies, activities and entertainment will give you new insight and enhance your YOU-nique relationship with the Lord as it blossoms and grows like never before.

But, wait ... There's more. Come and find out the true origins of Christianity Oasis. Before it became a Ministry. It is the most exciting, exhilarating and horrifying true story that you will ever partake of. Again, the Christian origins of this Ministry were made into a book titled ... The Spirit within and the beast without". Enjoy!

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