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Christianity Oasis has provided you with these SON-sational Qualities of a Good Wife Bible tips while sharing how to become a good wife doing good for God. We'll look into that and the traits of being a Good Wife.

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Welcome to our Christianity Oasis Virtuous Woman study program. This is our heartwarming and absolutely awesome ... Being a Good Wife Bible journey taking an in depth look into various questions like, How to become a good wife. The thought provoking becoming a good wife message within will truly bring a smile to the lips ad heart as you discover the secret of how to become a good wife.

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Good day, friend. Today, we're going to talk about being good and doing good. If you were to create an endangered species list, "goodness" would be up near the top. Evil has been slowly killing off this virtue in women and replacing it with it's own family of "untamed animals" ...

Good Grief!

First, some questions for you about being a good wife according to the Bible. What comes to mind when I mention the word whoredom? I ask because this term seems to be reserved in this day and age for the practice of harlotry as they called it way back when, or prostitution as it is referred to today, but when you become familiar with the text of the Bible, you'll find that anything that led people (and not only women either) away from the Lord was considered whoredom. For those who are exasperated by the Truth of the word, or are offended by it's repugnance, I don't blame you. Some actions which the world practices that are considered normal ... Or doing good, are just as repulsive to our Lord. So as not to offend, instead of the word whoredom, let's use the word 'evil' instead.

How Did This Happen?

I've mentioned how the enemy ever so slowly tempts people into believing that doing evil is doing good, and I'll give you a good example so you can understand it a little clearer and get another perspective of it. If you put a frog in a pot of cold water and put it on the stove and slowly boil the pot, the frog will stay in the water until it boils to death because the change is so slow, it gets used to the gradual changes of temperature and doesn't notice that it's in grave danger. But boil a pot of water and throw a frog into the boiling pot and the frog will jump out of the pot immediately because the danger is evident.

Now, let's move on to our next 'doing good' topic. Did you know that not many years ago, it was illegal to cuss on television, much less most of what they do now? Television and the film industry, until recently, have probably been the largest demise of virtue and promoters of 'evil' in our lifetime.

Think of how this influential medium of "entertainment" has gone from The Walton's, where good morals were taught, to The Simpson's, and so much worse (I don't even like to name the programs I'm referring to, because even their titles are indecent). In this day and age instead of promoting doing good, it's the unraveling of morals that is praised. In between were subtle changes that slowly allowed more and more evil of every kind to infiltrate innocent minds and slowly convince people that evil is in style, like a new trend.

Does this remind you of a frog you heard of recently? Commercials are probably the worst. Does it not bother anyone that our cherished little children's mushy little brains are unsuspectingly being filled with filth while we stand by believing it's all wholesome and funny and proper enough because the world accepts it? How much more naive are we going to get? How can this be considered doing good?

How to Become a Good Wife Instructions

They have public service announcements on TV that ask, "It's 8:00, Do you know where your children are?" ... But why don't they warn about the danger that they're in, right in their own living rooms?

It's 8:00,
Do you know what this television is teaching your children?

If Jesus was sitting in your living room with you and the family, could you honestly be comfortable watching just about any television show or movie today, and be confident that this amusement is what the Lord approves of for His children to watch and be influenced by? Or would you hide your face in shame? Not only is this evil viewed, but it is practiced by most of society each and every day. They don't realize that what they're watching is evil, except in extreme cases. Instead, they think it's just "normal." In the meanwhile, they're being brainwashed, over, and over and over again.

Proverbs 1:10

My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not.

From the Lord's point of view, is this virtuous?

Ask Yourself Questions

Am I teaching my children good virtues? Am I sitting with them and when something evil is presented as normal, do I point it out to my children (and myself) and say it out loud to expose the lies to the light of Truth? Ask yourself in everything you do: Is this really a virtuous deed, or has society caused me to view evil as acceptable because of it's gradual lures away from godliness? You may not have noticed the deception, but rest assured, God does.

Does this mean that watching television is bad and that you won't be virtuous if you do? Not at all. But if you don't identify the evil when it appears, and my friend, it happens every few seconds in some cases, or if you don't turn your head when half naked people appear on the screen, and if you allow your family to believe that you think that when evil is presented on the screen, that you're in harmony with it being normal, then you may want to have a little pow wow with your Creator and Lord and ask His advice about if you're on the same page concerning the amusement you choose and allow your family exposure to.

Qualities of a Good Wife Bible Study
Being a Good Wife Bible Escape

If anyone ever told you it was easy to live a godly life doing good in such an ungodly world as we live in, they lied. As I said before, it's not easy, but things easily attained are usually not worth much. The trials and tribulations that you endure as a virtuous Christian woman are what make you different from the rest. Actually, ceasing to watch television shows that are rubbish would not really be considered trial and tribulation (though I'm certain there are multitudes of women who will feel like they're going through some kind of withdrawal if they give up certain TV programs that they've let themselves become emotionally involved in), but the ridicule that you might receive from family or friends because you choose not to invite unrighteousness into your home may be a bit more of a trial.

Allow me to be a bit candid. Do you want to be different? Are you willing to do what it takes to become a good wife and/or virtuous woman? You certainly have the capability. Sweet friend, if you choose not to, Jesus will invite someone who will. Invite them to what? He will invite them to be His bride.

Call 'em Like You See 'em

Again, I stress to you, identify evil whenever it is presented in any form, by anyone or anything, at anytime. Tell the truth out loud about it. Especially in front of children who will surmise that all of the filth that is smuggled and snuggled into their precious little minds is okey dokey if you don't tell otherwise.

1 Thessalonians 5:22-23

22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.
23 And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Qualities of a Good Wife Bible Discussion
Being a Good Wife Bible Teachings

I want you to know that it is understood that you can't help it that things appear on television or anywhere really, which aren't virtuous. Everyone knows that you didn't ask for the world to bring it to you. Television. Internet. Billboards. Newspapers. Radio. School. Friends. Family. Sometimes you can't avoid it. It's not your fault that the enemy presents evil to you, and if it seems like it happens to you more than most others you know, it's either because you have become more virtuous so now you're more aware of it, or it's because you're getting closer to the Lord and the enemy is afraid his chances for winning your soul are getting slimmer, so he turns up the heat.

What you can do is make every effort you can to avoid it, as Paul said above, and may God count you blameless. You can never go wrong by doing good.

Now, it would simply be unfair to give Hollywood all of the credit for the rapid deterioration of virtue in our time. The internet, although it has only become popular to the average family in the last couple of decades, has quite possibly surpassed the destruction of virtue that television and film have imposed. With the click of a button, people get addicted to "surfing" from one form of evil to another, day after day. For every site you visit, the possibility of receiving E-mail or pop ups from undesirable sources gets ever higher. If you're not positively certain who an "E-Mail" is from, it could very well be Evil-Mail instead of Electronic-Mail.

Not only is the content of the internet potentially dangerous, but with the capability of others to send "Instant Messages" to almost anyone and everyone, and the ability to gain access to personal information about you, the computer can be extremely dangerous. Parental controls can only filter out so much, and hackers, stalkers, sex offenders and profit seekers consider everyone open season. Don't get caught in the undertow when you're "surfing" the net. It may be a net you can't get out of.

Even when you're doing good, seeking something as innocent as sending an electronic birthday card to your grandmother, or looking up a recipe for chicken soup, you'll most likely see instance after instance of advertisements or links to things that the Lord would not like to be impressed upon the mind of His beloved. In fact you can include most every kind of social media in this admonishment. Be alert. Your smart phone may not be so smart, and it certainly doesn't have the best interest of your soul at heart.

Ohhh, just forget I said that. 🤐

It's kind of like a clever lawyer, who presents something to the jury, knowing it isn't allowed, but when the opposing lawyer objects and the judge says, "The jury will disregard counsel's last statement," will they really be able to forget what was said? You can't un-see something you've already seen. When you're surfing the net, Be sure that your lifeboat (God) is sitting next to you when you dive in.

Don't view the things that you know in your heart the Lord wouldn't approve of. Without much discretion, the dreaded viruses that computer users fear are like a broken fingernail compared to the fatal disease that the evil available on the internet can infect your soul with.

Qualities of a Good Wife Bible Promise
Being a Good Wife Bible Vows

Romans 12:21

Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

1 Peter 1:15-16

15 But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation [living];
16 Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.

Just wanted to repeat the verse we're studying here one more time:

I'd also like to repeat a paragraph that you read in the last step to sort of set the pace for what we're going to talk about next.

If you are a married woman, you are the queen of your household and your husband is the king. You work together as a team, for the good of all in your family. You have to trust one another in order for the family to work in harmony and be profitable servants representing Jesus.

The True King of the Castle

Do you find it difficult being a Good Wife, because you believe your soul-mate lacks fortitude?


The paragraphs ahead contain some frank but valid suppositions. As your friend, I firmly believe that the Truth, though it may sting at first, is the best way to attack a problem, so I've taken the no holds barred approach to this particular section, and I hope that you will, with open mind and heart, realize that it is my purpose for you to discover how to improve your life so that you can better serve and represent your Christ Jesus beloved.

Being a Good Wife Bible Reminder

Please remember this ... If any of the following does not apply to you, chances are, you know someone to whom it does and perhaps someday you can help another sister in Christ with your objective understanding of their situation. Okay, the scenario goes something like this: A man and a woman begin courting. I like to use that word, courting, instead of dating, because in today's day and age, the word dating seems to imply that perhaps the person or people that are involved, are not really seeking their soul mate, but just wooing people for the sport of it.

So sorry to keep interrupting, but one more little thing before we begin. There are scads of couples who get married to a person that is not their soul-mate. There are marriages that weren't meant to be, from the beginning ... Marriages that perhaps are not holy in the eyes of the Lord. Many people stay in these relationships out of obligation or fear. It is a very delicate matter and if you love the Lord and you are in this situation, it can tear you up inside. The best advice I can give to you, is to ask counsel of the Holy Spirit for guidance and also see the studies on Christian Divorce and Lost Love to help you understand what the Bible says about this delicate issue.

At any rate ... Man ... Woman ... Courting ... Decide to marry ... What next?

Well, I better tell you a few little details about the matter. The bride in this scenario comes from a family with a dominant mother and passive father. Her mother always had the last word, in every matter, and her dad ... Well, he tolerated. The groom in this scenario comes from a family with much the same personality traits. Is it so unusual that both would come from families where the mother was dominant and the father passive? Not at all. It's very common and has been since Adam and Eve. Think about it. How many married couples do you know that fall into this general description? My guess is the majority. Most women inherently from Eve, think they're the boss and that they are doing good by exhibiting this demeanor, and men, unfortunately settle for it and follow. Ewwwww! Ain't it ugly? No, really, I'm not just trying to be funny. It should be repulsive to you!

So, the bride, right from the engagement, makes all the decisions about the wedding, because as tradition has it, the family of the bride pays for the wedding, and the family of the groom pays for the booze, so the groom feels like he really has no right to contest any choices she makes concerning the celebration. This unfortunately may set the tone for the rest of the marriage. Incidentally, who exactly decided what wedding etiquette is and are the wedding police going to arrest you if you don't follow what is considered tradition?

Okay, so we see that the qualities of a good wife should be practiced even before you become the wife. After the wedding and honeymoon, real married life sets in, and inevitably, because of each individual's choice to follow in the footsteps of their parents' ... And by a progression and intensification of the dominant and passive characteristics of each individual applied to every circumstance of the marriage, the supposed merging of two souls into one, instead begins to separate.

Seeking the Qualities of a Good Wife
What Does it Mean to Become a Good Wife?

The bride confides in her mother, who advises her to be a control freak. (No whining now. If it's true, it's true. Of course she wouldn't use that term.) The groom confides in his dad (his mentor? no, more like a fellow victim of misery) who advises him to just keep the peace. So he becomes more and more passive, while she becomes more and more dominant. He hates it, she hates it, and they're each causing the other to behave this way. It's kind of like having a dual control electric blanket, and the controls get switched. The cold natured person keeps turning the temperature up but keeps getting colder and the warm natured person keeps turning the temperature down but keeps getting hotter!

You have to switch the controls ... Duh!

In this scenario, each person loses respect for their spouse. Many end up divorcing, but many just endure for the rest of their lives, continuing in the mutual torture, when marriage is supposed to be mutually satisfying. I should repeat however, many of these couples are really not soul-mates to begin with, and were too hasty to marry before they found out the Truth of the matter ... Some things were just never meant to be, but we humans like to think we're doing good without making absolutely certain with God beforehand.

For these reasons (and others), people get in the habit of being sarcastic, mean, and bitter in their everyday lives with their selected mate. If there was once any affection between the two, it vanishes, sometimes quickly and sometimes over time, and the mutual disrespect is observed by friends, and family, especially the children who adopt the same characteristics (believing that they're doing good and it's normal) and the cycle just keeps on going.

Note: Jesus never wants His bride to lose affection for Him ... Ever!

If you find yourself in this predicament, you may secretly have thought that you have trouble being a good wife or a virtuous woman ... Because your man is ... Less than virtuous. He isn't a take control kinda guy. He's weak and spineless. He has no ambition, he's not easily motivated, he's lazy, he's inconsiderate, he's this and that and there's hardly a good quality you can think of about him. And why should you be such a jewel for such a slob, eh? Here comes that 'caution' part I was telling you about. Have you been chanting: I'm the king of the castle, and you're the dirty rascal! ... To your husband? (Not out loud of course, but in the back of your mind?)

Discover the Qualities of a Good Wife

Have you created a monster? If you weren't such a persistent little cuss, would he have acquired the kind of masculinity that you wish he now had? Not necessarily, but maybe. If not out of necessity, out of naturalness. If he had laid down the law right from the get go, would you have embraced the feminine role and allowed him to be the leader and king of the castle? Truthfully ... Most women would have fought it, because of what has been instilled in them. Would you have cut him down if he tried to be the ruler of the roost, because of the principles you were taught in your upbringing?

(Just a little side note ... I feared that the word "cuss" may have been a bit abrasive for some, so I looked it up in my Webster's for y'all. Of course the word is a homograph ... One of two or more words spelled alike but differing in meaning. The first meaning of course is: curse or swear. The second meaning, which I had always assumed meant brat, or the like, is not, but appropriately enough is: Fellow! So, being an avid fan of clean humor, I feel justified in addressing women who want to dominate their men with the epithet "persistent little cuss.")

There are lots and lots of questions to ask yourself. There are two sides to every story. The question is, can you be woman enough to admit it, repent, and work hard to help a man that quite possibly you contributed to turning into a wimp, to become the man you want him to be? The man of your dreams may be being held captive ... By you!

Surely, you've heard the saying, "Behind every good man, is a good woman." So, does that mean that if you want your man to become a better husband, you should strive to become a good wife?" If the saying holds true, the better you are, the better he will be, so being a good wife may be infectious to your husband.

Again, please remember this: If any of this does not apply to you, chances are, you know someone to whom it does and perhaps someday you can help another sister in Christ with your objective understanding of their situation. Now, granted, there are some instances where the Lord has brought people together with a plan to save a weak soul, and it may involve a lot of strength on the woman's part, but it's probably a pretty good bet that if the strength that was intended to save, has turned into dominance instead of edifying and uplifting your soul-mate to where he eventually acquires the strength needed to be dominant, then you're no longer on a rescue mission from God and doing good, you're on the road to destruction.

The bottom line is, how are you doing good as a servant of the Lord if you're living under such duress? You must decide if this is truly your soul-mate sent from God and that your marriage is holy in His eyes or if you're both just growing old graciously (?) because of obligation or fear or some other distorted reason. Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance in how to become a good wife in your unique situation.

If you decide that you are indeed soul-mates, it's time to fix your relationship. Somebody has to make the first move. You must step down before he can step up. Absolutely no person should ever be used as a ladder, so that someone else can feel taller. A castle does not have two kings. Granted, this may not be the exact scenario, but in general, this fits most of the "matrimonially challenged" marriages you will find. Infidelity and other passion crimes (if you'll excuse the expression) are usually off shoots of this general problem which is the root.

Qualities of a Good Wife in the Bible
Being a Good Wife in the Bible

You may give yourself reasons that seem very valid for your actions. You may believe that if you didn't "wear the pants" in the family, you would be financially kaput. No matter what excuses you come up with ... Something isn't working. If you haven't figured out the Truth of the role of the man and the role of the woman by now, we will be working on it more throughout the program, so don't lose heart.

If you have already gone through a divorce because of circumstances similar to what we're talking about, remember that sometimes the Lord takes things away that get between us and Him, so before you start getting down on yourself for divorcing, if you've already taken that route, you may want to reflect on that. Another thing to consider is that God's timing isn't always our timing. What do I mean by that? If you have divorced, sometimes a purpose will come along in your life very quickly to bring you closer to the Lord and glorifying Him, but some people need to learn other lessons before an obvious reason appears for what has happened. Be patient. Press on. Don't give up.

And sometimes, difficult as it may be to face, we do things that are not in God's plan. We are wrong. We do wrong things. Does that mean that we are worthless? Does that mean we are unforgivable? Does that mean our future is doomed? Does that mean that we cannot take our wrongs and ask God to make them work for good? Ask! Your loved ones, especially of the female gender will lift an eyebrow at you and express that they think you're crazy to let a man rule you like the Bible teaches. Don't be bullied into taking the world's view. There are Christians that do and will support you in your choice to become a good wife in the eyes of the Lord.

Matthew 12:46-50

46 While He yet talked to the people, behold, His mother and His brethren stood without, desiring to speak with Him.
47 Then one said unto Him, Behold, thy mother and thy brethren stand without, desiring to speak with thee.
48 But He answered and said unto him that told Him, Who is my mother? and who are my brethren?
49 And He stretched forth His hand toward His disciples, and said, Behold my mother and my brethren!
50 For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in Heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.

Qualities of a Good Wife Bible Lesson
Being a Good Wife Bible Fears

You must understand that they have not seen the light that you have. Remember, Jesus' own family doubted His identity, and that's why He taught us:

Matthew 13:57

And they were offended in Him. But Jesus said unto them, A Prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house.

So, you could change the direction of the "tradition" of your family, the way your sons and daughters view the proper role of man and what being a good wife looks like, and put an end to generations of unrighteousness, but beware, because it was you that discovered it, and those who are close to you can't believe that little ol' you could possibly discover anything so profound, they will most probably choose to oppose you. Don't be surprised. You are doing good! Oh dear friend, have I mentioned the peacefulness in your soul that you will embrace when you start this new way of life and God's Grace and blessings shower down on you because you have chosen righteousness over selfishness? Better get an umbrella!

Changing Course

Wouldn't it be nice to purposely do something "good" for your soul-mate, every chance you can get? Don't keep a tally of who owes who for good deeds done, and don't let laziness hinder you from it. Even if you've been together for 50 years, you can leave a nice little note or bring breakfast in bed or cook a special candlelight dinner or pack a little picnic or write a love poem or leave chocolate kisses in a briefcase or a lunchbox. There are countless ways to be good to one another. It is contagious you know.

Qualities of a Good Wife Summary

If you don't have an earthly husband, I bet Jesus would love it if you did any of those kind of things for or with Him, too. A picnic, even a cup of coffee, just you and the Holy Spirit together ... Let the love flow! Show your Heavenly betrothed, Jesus, that you can become a good wife.

Just a thought.

And as always, reflect on God's Grace, every day of your life.

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