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Christianity Oasis Ministry has provided you with this End Times Modern Day Prophets Study on Shahadat. We'll look into all aspects of the Bible seeking truth, understanding and then peace within.


Welcome to our Christianity Oasis End Times Modern Day Prophets study program. This is our Modern Day Prophet Shahadat study taking a look into the Modern Day Prophet Shahadat story relating to the End Times.

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Please note:
We report the contents of this Shahadat - Modern Day Prophet study because it was shared with us. However we do not suggest anyone adhere to anything but that which is written in God's Word and we only share this as to not be negligent in sharing something that is available in the event that it possesses truth.

The Modern Day Prophet - Shahadat

DREAM - “Rising House of God”

April 30, 2005 – 7am: - I awoke from a dream while I was singing a very strange song and by singing that song I was commanding a House of God to arise which was buried after thousands and thousands of earthquakes - underneath the earth. It had become more and more buried after every earthquake and this process had been going on for thousands of years.

I saw every time there was an earthquake, one or two stories' worth were buried underneath the earth and people would build right on top other stories similar to the old ones, linked to the building underneath. But when the earthquakes came, the whole building was buried deeper and deeper beneath the earth.

When I first saw the house of God outside, on it was written 1857, another part had 1867, then 1887, ... 1987 and until the present. I saw the building beneath the earth which was buried by earth-quakes - but the whole building was perfect, not damaged or destroyed anywhere. But with every single earthquake the building was going deeper and deeper beneath the earth. Every time the building – the house of God - went down further, then that generation of people built another similar kind of building on top of the previous one, linking to the old one. And the whole building was round from bottom to top in shape.

House of God Full of Idols and evil spirits

I saw people were going down - people bringing light with them in order to see how deep is the building, but no one could ever reach its bottom. I saw many times that the people who went down trying to go deeper to explore never came back. Many times I went down too, to see the beauty of that building - but not so deep, only down a few stories. But I returned with sadness, having seen that the underside was full of idols and evil spirits.

I saw many people who went down and used to communicate with the evil spirits which mostly appeared to them as spirits of light - but suddenly changed to darkness. In one place I saw a lady’s skeleton but on her back so many other bones and skeletons were attached ... When I saw that horrible scene at once my spirit brought me back to the top of the building - the upper story on the earth.

While I was standing on top of the building I saw again an earthquake come and the house of God went down in the earth. Then I saw President George W. Bush and his friends come and with great happiness they built on top a similar kind of building linking to the lower one which had been buried recently underneath the earth.

People Doing Evil Practices

While I was standing on the new building, I saw very important people enter the building. I saw a lady, who looked like some king's
or president's daughter whose small baby was dead. She came and stood on the place which was linking to the lower building and shouted, “O mother of fairies come and get my daughter and make her arise.” I saw as she shouted a couple of times, an old lady in white clothes came from below. She took the small baby from a man’s hand and I saw the baby become alive but instead of returning it to them, she threw the baby from the top of the building and she returned from where she had come.

In the Spirit and Power of Elijah

When I saw the entire scene and all these things I saw myself in the spirit and power of Elijah, and was extremely sad and full of anger because of the evil practices that the people were doing. Being full of the Holy Spirit and extremely angry, I told the people who were standing on top of the building to at once leave and go out of the building and stand as far as a mile away - because the whole building is going to come up from the earth. Since I was very angry, all the people went out and stood nearby, watching in amazement what was going to happen to the building.

As I was standing on the building, filled with the Spirit of God, I started singing an amazing song, “In the name of our Lord our God Arise O house of our Lord our God” ... “In the name of our Lord our God Arise O house of our Lord our God.” I sang this song uncountable times and each time I sang, the building started to come up out of the earth. I saw that each part of the building that came out was totally cleansed from the idols and evil spirits. Because I sang uncountable times, “In the name of our Lord our God; Arise O house of our Lord our God,” I found myself standing extremely high off the earth, since the building came out so much. All the stories had been built on top of the earlier ones, linking to them, so I came down and stood in that part of the building which was level with the earth. As I stood there, I saw many righteous people standing, from parts of the building which had come out of the earth.

But when I looked down, a large part of the building was still deep inside the earth and there was great darkness underneath. I again started singing the same song, “In the name of our Lord our God Arise O house of our Lord our God.” But this time I was not the only one who was singing this song. All God’s righteous people which were standing there, they too started to sing this song and the building went higher and higher, free and totally cleansed from all the idols and evil spirits. I saw as the building was going higher and higher, more and more of God’s righteous people were appearing from each part of the building that had been buried but now were out. They were joining us singing that song, “In the name of our Lord our God Arise O house of our Lord our God.”

Every time the building got higher I would run down to the level which was equal to the earth and start singing, “In the name of our Lord our God Arise O house of our Lord our God.” Every time I came down, more and more of God’s righteous people joined with me in this song and the building went higher and higher, entering into heaven - until I awoke.

When I awoke, I was still singing this song, “In the name of our Lord our God Arise O house of our Lord our God.” Now, even though I was fully awake and sitting on my bed, in my spirit I could still clearly see the building - which is the house of God - rising higher and higher, entering deeper and deeper inside the heavens.

Starting a New Chapter

When I was sitting on my bed I stopped singing this song but I could sense that my spirit was still singing. I could clearly hear an echo of it, “In the name of our Lord our God Arise O house of our Lord our God.” Meanwhile in my spirit I could still see the building rising higher and higher. For almost 10 minutes I sat on my bed and watched this strange scene. Then I looked at the time. It was 7:10 a.m. I heard a voice saying to me, “Get the paper and pen and write everything down. This is a New Chapter which is going to start.”

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