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Christianity Oasis has provided this E-book relating to Satan and fallen angels titled Imprisonment written by Author Eric Lehto. We hope you will explore our many studies and programs at Christianity Oasis that look into all aspects of the Christian Walk and reveal truth and bring forth understanding and peace.

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Satan and Fallen Angels


Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book relating to Satan and fallen angels is titled Imprisonment written by Author Eric Lehto. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this Imprisonment E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

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In the Beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth ... God made man in their image and likeness. God created the Angels and Archangels. God created Three Archangels, The Archangel of War named Michael, The Archangel of Messengers named Gabriel and Last the Archangel of Praise and Worship named Lucifer.

Out of the Archangels, God placed pride and lust into Lucifer's heart, as he gave glory to God. He felt a sure and strong foundation toward God. He didn't want to just sit worshipping and glorifying God. He wanted to be 'God.'

Having everything to his heart's desire and everyone would bow their knees and worship him as a god.

One day, Lucifer approached the throne of Heaven.

"Oh Holy, Most High God of Heaven and Earth. Why do you sit here looking down on your beloved children? While we angels glorify you day and night?"

"Do I detect defiance in you, Lucifer, Great Morning star."

"What ever do you mean, Oh Great Glorious God?"

"Are you prideful of my Glory and my Holiness?"

"No, Sir." Lucifer lied. "Not at All."

"So Lucifer, You want to be god?"

"No, Sir." he lied once again.

God knew all things, even Lucifer's hard heart. God began to get upset with him and spoke, "Lucifer, Oh Morning Star, Have not I given you everything. You are Worship leader to my Angels who stand glorifying My name. You are a light around My throne."

Lucifer in a displeasing manner broke, revealing the truth "Yes Lord, I want to be god. I want to be Most High above, not just all of the angels, but the humans as well and I want to be GOD!" He grinned evilly.

"Lucifer! You are full of pride, lust, and hatred. My kingdom shall not have such acts of evil. This place is pure and Holy, as I am Holy. This place is a light for my children."

"Be Gone, Your presence is no longer needed, you and your kind will wander the earth until your life will be no more." God paused one moment; "Oh Lucifer, if you want to be god, be god on earth, but not here!" said God raising his hand outward; Heaven's gates opened.

"No!" yelled Lucifer as he fell to earth like lightning.

Jesus watched his Father send him.


Lucifer was bruised and battered and his presence was dim and musky as he stood and looked toward Heaven, yelling, "One day, I will be god!"

Many of his angels followed him in his rebellious cry.

Lucifer's first act on earth was to bring sin into God's people's hearts. Temptation came from him and through temptation he told a serpent, 'The fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil will not kill you, but make God's children wise to know God's plans'.

Lucifer waited, while the snake, sneaky and cunning, told Eve the lie. She was tempted and ate of the fruit, then gave some to Adam.

"Mankind has fallen to a lie." He laughed as he and his angels left the garden. For he knew somehow God would find out, just as God found the lie in his heart.

Later the snake approached saying. "You lied!"

"Of Course." Lucifer lied. "I am a god, God cursed you, you will follow me and I will make you a god one day."

"Really ..." hissed the snake.

"Yes." Lucifer began. "In days to come, you will be a great monster, powerful and with breath of fire. You will be the great Snake that walked the earth."


Later God came to Lucifer on earth. "Lucifer, Oh morning star. You are no longer worthy of your Heavenly name. You are now called 'Satan, the opposed'. You will deceive my children for years, but you will be cast away and they will have authority over you one day ... I promise you this."

"Authority over a god." Satan laughed.

Satan watched over the earth as his followers, the fallen angels, tormented human souls and deceived them into believing that which was wrong, was right. After the flood, he knew the snake would be killed and would live as a spirit being.

The fallen angels who rebelled against God were called 'demons.'

Satan was lord over the demons of anger, fear, strife, death, lust, pride, and greed.

The snake, now a demon, approached Satan again.

God gave Satan power to overcome anything God's children would possibly accomplish and he also had the keys of Heaven.

With his demonic power, He turned the snake into a black shadow dragon and he wandered the earth turning the people's lives into darkness, away from God's light. This second in command was named Mephisto, The demon of darkness.

Satan was named throughout the Bible as the Angel of Light and great deceiver of mankind.

Satan was defeated when Jesus, 'the Word of God' came as a man. He tried to tempt Jesus, but he wasn't tempted. The battle of good and evil began when Jesus' blood defeated Satan on the cross of Calvary.

Satan since that time waited for the day, when he could strike back at God's children in revenge. He hated God's children and tempted them into believing the Bible was a lie, their past was important, and their sins didn't matter. He was a god and enjoyed the look on their faces.


THE DOOR opened; the room was dusty and full of cobwebs. They lined the room's four corners with vials of dead animals, things only a witch would have. They sat organized on the shelves. A cauldron sat in middle of the room. The big boiling stick stuck out of it and the room smelled like rotten eggs. A green light from the floor was dimly luminous.

A man, wearing silver armor with golden shoulders entered the room. He had a mustache down to his chin. Judging by the way he looked, he was a General in the army of some sort and proud of it. He was the guard of the musketeers in Paris France in the 17th Century. He came in head up and bold, selfishly maintained, and he loved the sight of rotten flesh.

An old hag, about four feet tall stooped in the center of the room. She had gray hair and a cane to stroll around. She looked crippled and could barely walk. She looked into the man's face and said. "Jean-Paul Borjour, sir."

"Yes, My good woman."

"What brings you to my underground lair?"

"Power, wealth and my heart's desire."

"Heart's desire?"

Jean-Paul grew up in Turkey then moved to Spain, where he fell in love and married a Spanish woman. They began fighting and nagging each other, so he left and moved to Paris where he wanted to rule France for himself. He first set out to take the largest city, which was named 'Bourge'. He masterminded a way to kill everyone and slowly take over as many other cities around Bourge, as he could, including Paris. He did everything as 'Captain of the Musketeers' to lead a rebellion against the King and Queen, but someone or something stood between him and his pride. It was God and God's servant, Ciel-Remi."

In a short period of time, Ciel-Remi became a troubadour, his heart's desire. He had a dream to bring France back to freedom. Jean-Paul wasn't going to let this happen. He needed a spell bound with powerful influence and came to seek it.

"What is amiss?" The witch asked.

"Ciel-Remi Lebejioux."

The witch walked over and spilled some bat's blood onto a glass plate. She studied the dish saying. "Son of a Lord and Lady inside a Place destroyed, Banished from Paris to Bourge. A powerful force will bury him."

"Yes." Jean-Paul commanded. "Go on."

"Demon of Darkness awaits to open a forbidden portal---"

She screamed and dropped the glass plate on the ground, it shattered.

Jean-Paul wanted to help her, but she was frightened away. "No! Darkness will kill."

"Mephisto, Demon of Darkness will return to kill those who oppose me. I must have this power!"

"No!" She angrily yelled. She walked over to her Spell Book. She carefully turned to the page labeled 'Legend of Darkness'. "Do you know who Mephisto is, Sir Jean-Paul?" She asked.

"No ma'am, I only know he is Satan's right hand man."

"The Legend of Darkness, Mephisto, Demon of Darkness is a Shadow Dragon, born from the power by Satan after tempting Eve in the Garden of Eden. The Snake died in the great Flood and was given the power of ten men by Satan. He seeks to destroy and kill God's army to bring revenge for his murder by God. The Old Reptile can imprison mankind's soul for a servant willing to join his ultimate plan."

"The Power of Mephisto and his minions can destroy cities or towns. His power is to be a god and God's nemesis. The Demon of Darkness will one day stand at Satan's side and rule with him as the false prophet."

Suddenly without quoting anything further, the green light shut off, a glow surrounded Jean-Paul. The book was thrown to the ground and a demon the height a human's fantasy dragon stood in front of him. It circled around him. He was scared. "Human! Do you wish to join my adventure, you have the soul of a servant and willing to take over and oppose those called 'God's chosen'."

The witch was frightened, she approached him saying, "No, Sir! You cannot, death will be yours. Serve him; you serve the devil himself---" before another word could be spoken, the dragon yelled. "Quiet, Human! Your service is no longer needed." It swiped with one hand. The witch was torn in half and thrown against the shelves. The shelves broke causing some of the vials to shatter, her body landed on the ground. She lay in a pool of blood.

Jean-Paul was afraid and asked slowly. "Is it true? Are you the tempter of Eve, the daughter of God?"

The dragon looked into his eyes. Jean-Paul was too scared to offend the beast; it spoke, "Yes Human. You have seen my power and strength. Do you wish to join me as I strike back at God?"

Jean-Paul remained silent.

"Or do you want to die like the witch before you."

"I will join you, Mephisto! You have control over my body ... what women you sleep with and whatever you do, you have free reign. You have the same goals in destroying mankind and conquering this land."

Suddenly an earthquake came causing the shelves to break and the rest of vials to shatter; Mephisto entered through the mouth. Jean-Paul reeled in pain. Once imprisoned, the room stood still. The only thing he could see was the broken shelves, shattered vials, and the witch's body.

"Finally! The World will be my Masters!" He yelled, looking at the cauldron. "Arise my Minions and show our Master Satan your great power!" He eyes turned red and face turned white as though he was no more.

He left the room, a torn blood soaked page read: ONLY GOD'S SALVATION WILL FREE THE DEMON OF DARKNESS.

Chapter 1

THE SOUND of running people, they ran up the green lush hillside. Men had swords in their hands with angry looks on their faces. A man with golden blonde hair, and a trimmed goatee, by his looks he was probably around thirty-five years of age. He wore a leather-trimmed suit with a cape on his back; a mask covered his eyes and his eyes glowed, bright purple.

The man ran toward a monster, it stood seven feet, five inches tall, it had a two heads, one smaller head linked to the body of a dragon, it's scaled green and wings with razor sharp hands, as big as a dinosaur's.

The mud seeped through the man's boots, as the rain poured down on them and they were drenched. He looked around him, and saw another man killing a monster. He saw a snake looking monster and another man-like monster, with tiny horns on his head. He also saw a robed skeleton with a razor sharp sickle in his bony hands.

One strike, the man decapitated one of the heads of the monster. It reeled in pain as blood flowed from the beast's back. The blood red eyes peered into his face and roared, "You fool! You have injured me!"

The man held back his sword, prepared to totally decapitate the monster's other head. He stood firm and yelled, "We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but the prince and the power of the air. Take up the full armor of God, that you may stand your ground in the end times."

The man's sword glowed with a bright light. Before he struck the larger head, the monster yelled out, "NO! You will die!" The sword swiped downward cutting off the monster's head, its body fell to the ground and disappeared. The man held his sword toward the sky ..."

It was only a dream, as Ciel-Remi awoke on the hillside of Bourge. He was laying there, hands on his head, looking up at the sky. He was thirteen years old and had just become a man, even though he was just a teenager. Bourge was a huge town somewhere in the middle of France, just south of Paris. He was lying there waiting for sunset before heading back to his father's house.

Ciel-Remi was a bit thin, blonde hair with hazel eyes. He was a shepherd for his father. His father was broad, having blondish-brown hair and brown eyes. He wore rugged clothes. His mother was beautiful. She had brown hair with green eyes and wore a beautiful blue medieval dress, with white fluff in the collars. She wore her hair in a bun. Ciel-Remi loved his parents, even though his father was over protective at times.

Ciel-Remi's father always had him working. The sheep sometime were a handful. He often went into the hills to have time alone. He had love in his heart and always dreamed of being a troubadour or a musketeer, he believed he would marry a beautiful woman and told himself one day he would be in service of the king of France.

The razor-sharp green grass was poking into his back. Ciel-Remi lay there in wonder of the dream he just had, it seemed real to him. The verse sounded like it could have been in the Bible of the Catholic Church. Why was I given such a dream, war and battle?

France had just experienced a war, in the 13th Century. Paris was taken over by England. For independence from them, they had to fight, and many people were killed. France was still at war with them. When they would be independent, no one really knew. He hated war or battles, if his parents were killed, he couldn't have handled such acts.

A troubadour would see better action than one lying around watching the sheep or wrestling with wolves or any predator trying to kill them. Ciel-Remi's father kept telling him that he would be like David, and even he grew up to kill bigger beasts, became king and also made mistakes.

Ciel-Remi thought his father was rough on him. He wanted to be better than a just a farmer. His father worked as a shepherd most of his life. His father felt he should follow in his footsteps. Except, God had a bigger plan for him and he knew it.

He heard a small soft whisper, Ciel-Remi, Get up and go to the church in Paris.

Ciel-Remi didn't know where it came from and protested. "I cannot go I do not have my father's permission."

Again the whisper came; you have your Father's permission. Go to the church in Paris.

Ciel-Remi didn't know what to do. He headed down the hill toward his parent's home.

Ciel-Remi, head to Paris, You have everything you need.

Ciel-Remi went past his house and headed into Bourge. It was bigger than Paris. It had shops, an item stand, a church and a castle.

As Ciel-Remi entered the city, he watched as some people were talking to one another and some begged for money and places to stay. A guard hit another person who stole some pieces of bread. A man broad in size walked into a pub, he was drunk and struggled to keep his balance. A woman walked around gossiping with another woman. Another man stood in battle armor and held a sword in his large hands.

A guard which was quite heavy and large in size was near the city exit. He watched as Ciel-Remi walked by him and asked. "Where are you going, Son?"

"My father told me to go to the church in Paris. I must obey." Ciel-Remi replied. The guard had other ideas and blocked his way as he tried to leave Bourge but Ciel-Remi began to continue toward the exit still.

"There is a church here, go to that church." said the guard as he placed his sword on Ciel-Remi's chest. "Son, they are saying to keep anyone from leaving Bourge. Paris is dangerous and the land around the city doesn't like our kind out there, just go home or to the church here."

Ciel-Remi heard the soft whisper again, Fear not, Ciel-Remi, Go to Paris.

He stood waiting asked, "Why?"

"Why what, Son?"

"Why?" Ciel-Remi repeated.

"You are sounding like a child saying 'why?'"

Ciel-Remi was tested by God to see if he would obey Him.

Go to Paris, the church is My plan.

"I must obey My Father. Why do you think I am in danger?" He asked the guard.

"Who is your Father?" the guard asked.

Ciel-Remi waited about a second, before saying. "God is My Father."

The guard looked at him in disbelief. Ciel-Remi didn't know what he had just said. Why did I say 'God'?

The guard laughed, "You are obeying God. God is your father. You cannot disobey Him, so I will let you go." He said sheathing his sword and letting Ciel-Remi pass by.

He left the city and headed for Paris.


Dusk was falling as Ciel-Remi entered the small town of Chameceaux; (on his way to Paris), the quiet little town was home to many of his friends.

Ciel-Remi had no problem walking from Bourge to Chameceaux. God was watching his back the whole way there. Why he was going to Paris he had no clue, he just listened and obeyed.

Ciel-Remi watched people walking down the streets. He was going to have to stay the night to complete his mission.

Chameceaux was home to two of his best friends: Jean Duvicioux and Corrine LeChat.

Jean was a bit broader than him. Jean had brown hair with brown eyes. He had been like a big brother to Ciel-Remi before leaving Bourge. They both had a love interest in Corrine.

Corrine was the fairest of all maidens there. She was beautiful, blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes.

They met her and her friend, Marie, when they were six years old and Jean was eight. They were playing knights and dragons when her family came into Bourge. Her parents let her play while they conducted their business. Even as youngsters Corrine and Ciel-Remi had feelings for each other, which made Jean jealous.

Jean's parents moved to Chameceaux two years after Corrine had met Jean and Ciel-Remi. When Jean and his father would return to Bourge, Jean and Ciel-Remi would play 'troubadour' and 'captain of the guard'. They promised each other that their dreams would come true one of these days. Ciel-Remi kept his dream in his heart.

Ciel-Remi passed a few buildings and headed to an inn to stay the night before going to Paris. He walked passed an item shop and living area. He turned the corner and followed the street down to a couple more houses.

"Ciel-Remi!" He heard someone yell out his name. He looked around to find out who had just yelled. Looking up, a young man, with brown hair and brown eyes leaned out the window as the breeze blew on his face. "Where are you going? Your father must be worried about you!"

"I am on my way to Paris, My Father has sent me there, I must obey!" Ciel-Remi yelled back.

"Paris, Ah ... Did you know Jean was named 'Captain of the Guard' just this morning?"

"No!" Ciel-Remi yelled. "A fifteen year old 'Captain of the Guard', I will say 'Hello', if I run into him."

"It is nice see to you again!"

"Nice to see you, as well!"

Ciel-Remi recognized the young man as a friend of Jean's. They became friends after he moved there. Ciel-Remi befriended every one of Jean's friends.

Ciel-Remi continued down the street. He turned the corner and ran into a young man, who wore battle armor and sword. It was Jean. "Well, look what the cat dragged into Chameceaux." he laughed joyfully. "Ciel-Remi."

They hugged each other.

"Hey, Jean, I see your dream came true, 'Captain of the Guard' huh?" Ciel-Remi said.

"Nice huh?" Jean said, showing Ciel-Remi his golden handled sword and its sheath "What brings you here, Corrine?"

"No. Just passing through, after a night's rest, I am heading to Paris. A mission from my Father."

"Paris ... Hold on. Your father let you go to Paris." Jean began suspiciously. "Your earthly father? Or our Heavenly Father?"

There was no fooling Jean. Jean and Ciel-Remi knew each other too well to figure his motive wasn't his own father's and why he was going to Paris? He still couldn't figure that out. He couldn't lie to Jean, not to his best friend. He only said, "Jean, I do not know, why I am going to Paris? I am not sure if my father would allow such an act. I feel something strong telling me to go there. If it is God, then I must obey God, but I am still not sure."

"You are right. You must go. I am 'Captain of the Guard', I know about Paris being dangerous. No young man should be going there alone. They say it is a place of death. If God is telling you to travel there then He will protect you. I cannot stop His plan and you know He is your father, even though you do not believe it to be true. Get some rest, and then finish your quest." Jean explained.

"Thank you, my friend and brother. I thank you for everything."

"I am patrolling the street tonight, be careful. I hope that you can find a place to sleep. I will see you when you get back from Paris. Maybe when you return you will see Corrine while walking down the streets. Good bye and be safe."

"Thank you."

Ciel-Remi walked a few more steps before entering the inn.

A woman, wearing a blue dress and bit on the skinny side with brown hair and hazel eyes met him as he sauntered into the inn. "Hello Ciel-Remi, What brings you here?"

"A mission to Paris from God or my own father, I do not know." Ciel-Remi replied, seeing her smile. Marie was Corrine's best friend and she was two years older than her.

"Paris, Only God would send someone there." Marie said, leaning down and whispered. "One day, I will rule as Queen of France."

"Oh ... Really." He wanted to laugh and thought. Jean is 'Captain of the Guard' his dream has come true, Marie could be correct. Ciel-Remi asked, "How do you know?"

"Henry, the Prince would like to see me tomorrow night and though I do not know why as you do not know why you are going to Paris, I am still willing to do as I am asked."

Ciel-Remi thought Marie sounded crazy or just drunk. She was saying things, which may never be true. He dreamed about being a troubadour, anything could happen. He wasn't old enough to join. The voice simple said the church. He only obeyed. He replied. "Marie, You believe and see it happening, stand on it, and it will come to pass."

"Thank you." She smiled. "You will be needing a place to stay tonight. Am I correct?"


"How much do you have?"

Ciel-Remi held out ten coins. "I have ten coins."

"You do not have enough, but since you are a friend. I am going to let you stay free tonight. Please hold onto those coins for another time."

"Thank you."

"That is not a problem." Marie smiled. "I will tell Corrine, 'Hello' for you."

Marie walked him up the wooden steps. She opened a door to a room with three beds in it and said. "You have a good night's rest. I will see you tomorrow before you continue your journey."

"Thank you. Good night."

Ciel-Remi lay back on the puff pillow and dozed off into a restful sleep.


It was late morning when Ciel-Remi arrived in Paris. He saw Marie before leaving early that morning. He had arrived at his destination. Paris was bigger than Chameceaux and smaller than Bourge.

Go to the church near the Castle.

Ciel-Remi walked into the market place, watching people shop for various items. A woman with brown hair was picking up some apples and paid the gentleman then walked away. Another man was buying pears. He approached closely to the entrance of Notre Dame.

The outside of Notre Dame was still being built. The bell towers and the saints were in place. The Catholics took pride in their designs back then and he couldn't wait until the place was finished.

Ciel-Remi turned and walked into another living area. People were coming and going from their houses. Houses were gray brick stone with piles of hay on them. The doors were made of brownish wood base. He walked further and saw a house that had been abandoned for a decade, and it was starting to fall apart. Rubble lined the outside of it. The hay was singed with black burn marks, which lay on the ground.

He saw the castle ahead being guarded so no one would come and go, unless the King of France or Prince had ordered them. Good luck, Marie.

A signed marked the road to the church, it read:

East: Castle of Paris
North: Church of Mary Magdalene
West: Town Houses

Ciel-Remi started up the road toward the church. He looked at the church and thought back to why he came here. He had left his family for this journey.

Ciel-Remi walked up the hill toward the front of the church. He watched as a lonely beggar sat near the steps. He was in ragged clothes with white hair, the eyes of silver lined his pupils and he stood with a cup in his wrinkly hands and asked. "Do you have money for a lonely beggar?"

Give your coin to the beggar.

Puzzled, Ciel-Remi approached and took out his ten coins. He dropped them into the cup. "Thank you!" The man said, still crouching there waiting.

Ciel-Remi proceeded into the church.

"Lord, this boy is the one, the first of many Soulfires." The old man prayed.

Yes, Gabriel, you know what must be done, when he comes out of the church, he will be a changed, a new creation of mine.

"Yes, Lord." The old man said and took out a Bible, old and stale. It was leather bound saying 'Great Bible'. He also took another object out; a ring, round with silver and it would fit almost any finger. It also had an inscription written inside.

Ciel-Remi was inside the Church and waited on the voice to lead him to the next command to obey. Pews lined both left and right. A big stand was in the distance, two wooden booths on the right side. A statue of mother and son was on the left side.

Ciel-Remi started walking down the aisle.

He watched, as people would approach a candle, lighting one. They would return, kneel down, hands folded. He walked to the front of the building and looked up to see a stained glass window with a mother and her baby. The colors dazzled the eye in brilliant formations, they were red, blue, orange, yellow, green and some purple. They must be Mary and Jesus. He thought. What is important about Jesus and Mary?

Ciel-Remi approached the front, on the altar, laid a Bible. It is white covered and opened ready for anyone to read. He wanted to go up to read some verses.

A man came out from the left doors. He was broad, having white hair and wore a white robe was blue trimmings. He asked politely. "What may I do for you today?"

Ciel-Remi was nervous, struggling to get any words out, but said, "Hello ... Father ..."

"Come, come, son. You do not have to be afraid of me. I serve someone who loves you."

"Father, a voice has sent me here, what for, I do not know."

"Do you have your father's permission to have come here?"

"Which father? Earthly or heavenly?"


"I do not know, I have been following a voice unknown to me."

"What is your name?"

"My name is Ciel-Remi Lebejioux." he smiled.

"You know a lot for a boy your age, are your parents Christian?"

"No ... Sir." he hesitated. "I have been going to the church in Bourge with my friends. That is where I met Corrine LeChat, do you know her?"

"Are you Christian?" the man asked.

"I do not know, I know who God is, I am longing for more than just being a shepherd for my father."

"What are your dreams?"

"My dream is to one day be a troubadour."

"That is a big dream, only God can give such a dream."

"Yes, I know." Ciel-Remi smiled, "Why did God send me to this church? And not the church in Bourge?"

"God's plans were for you to come here." he paused for a second and then asked, "Did you do anything outside the church?"

"Yes, I gave away my coins to a beggar."

"God bless you. Do you know Jesus and why he died?"

"No ... I know of Jesus, but I do not know Jesus personally." He said walking down the aisle with the priest until they stopped at the forth pew.

"God has spoken to you. You are empty inside and God wants to fill you up." The priest explained. "God has chosen you. You can take His free gift of life. He is offering it to you."

"How do I know Jesus personally?" Ciel-Remi asked.

"You need to know what sins you have done, confess them to the Lord and you will be saved."

"Ok ... Father ... May I have time before my Heavenly Father?"

"Yes. Take all the time you need." The priest said, slipping away to hear other people's confessions.

Ciel-Remi saw the priest enter a wooden booth with a blonde haired lady. He knew he needed to confess his sins to Jesus Christ, not the priest. (Back in the 17th Century they believe going to priest for confession was the thing to do.) He kneeled and started to pray. "Lord Jesus, I have been your faithful servant coming here. Lord, I have felt anger towards my father and I love him dearly, Lord, Forgive the unforgiveness in my heart. Thank you, Lord for being here. I want to know you better and take your path." He began crying. "Lord, I believe you died upon the cross for my sins. Let me be a light to a lost and dying world. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

Ciel-Remi wiped away the tears from his eyes. He had a new life inside, something he wanted his whole life. He had God's presence upon him. He was a new creation. He was no longer in darkness, but in the light of God and he so rejoiced with gladness.


Outside, the beggar sat waiting in the sun.

He held the Bible and ring in his hand. Many people came and went from the church. The man quit begging for money, and only waited quietly.

Hours passed, Ciel-Remi finally opened the door. The man looked up at the young fellow and smiled joyfully.

The man stood and approached Ciel-Remi. "You are chosen by God. The Lord told me, a man will be sent from the south. He would give away much, all the money he had before entering the church. You must have these items." He held out the Bible and the ring.

Ciel-Remi was surprised. God must have a plan. He took them, saying joyfully. "Thank you, Monsieur."

"For your good deeds, Please take everything from my cup." The old man turned the cup upside down and the fell into Ciel-Remi's hands.

"Thank you, Sir." He smiled.

There weren't only ten coins.

There were a hundred coins.

God had blessed him ten fold.

"Thank you, Lord, for your blessings." Ciel-Remi prayed in excitement.


Ciel-Remi started walking down the hill, he looked back, but the beggar had disappeared.

Ciel-Remi put the hundred coins into a black leather pouch. He was amazed. A Bible, a ring, and a hundred coins. He knew God was his Lord and Savior.

The Bible is in Hebrew; throughout time I will give you a gift to show you how to understand My word and used it for My plan.

"Thank you, Lord."

It was later than Ciel-Remi excepted, the sun started setting in the west. He wasn't really ready to stay in Paris. He would either walk back to Chameceaux, having left Paris or stay at the inn.

Ciel-Remi ran down the hill almost bumping into Prince Henry and Marie. "Your Highness." He bowed before Prince Henry.

"You may raise, Ciel-Remi."

"Thank you, your highness."

"Hello." Marie smiled.

"Marie told me you would be here. We have just finished and were heading back to the castle. Would you like to join us?"

"Yes, Your highness."

"I will tell my father to prepare the guest room."

"Thank you." Ciel-Remi smiled.

Thank you, Lord.

They all headed back toward the castle gates.

Chapter 2

INSIDE the castle of Paris, Prince Henry approached his father, King Francis. The king knew about his time with Marie, but didn't know about Ciel-Remi. "Father, a friend of Princess Marie is here. I would like to have a guestroom made up for him, just for tonight. He will return back to Bourge tomorrow."

The throne room was huge, made to fit the space with many people. The castle walls were grayish brick layered stone and the floor was cobblestone, granite based. A red carpet lined its interiors, made of fabric and cotton. It surrounded the two thrones and ran down to the doorway. The thrones were a bit larger than chairs and they were screwed into the floor.

"He is a friend of Princess Marie."

"Yes, Father."

"Have him approach, send Princess Marie, as well."

"Thank you, Father."

King Francis was a bit broad, not too fat, white haired with crown of gold on his head. The queen sat next to him was a bit skinny. She had brown hair and also wore a crown. They both wore red garments with white lace on the shoulders.

Prince Henry had brown hair, blue eyes. He wore a blue top with whitish-beige pants and a purple cape was draped about his shoulders. Prince Henry turned on his heels and left the throne room.


Ciel-Remi was still a bit nervous as he entered the throne room, even though God was his rear guard and he loved Him dearly. He bowed before them. "Your Majesties, You have requested me to come?"

"What brings you to Paris?" The King asked.

"The Lord, Your Majesty." he smiled.

"Princess Marie is a friend of yours?"

Ciel-Remi was thrown by the words 'Princess Marie'. Marie didn't tell him she was a princess, of what city? He replied. "Yes, Your Majesty."

"Good, what is your name?"


"Lebejioux, son of Lord Lebejioux of Bourge?"

"Yes. Your Majesty."

"Does he know you are here?"

"I do not think so, Your Majesty."

"Since you are friend to Princess Marie, My son's fiancé. You will stay here tonight and return home tomorrow."

"Thank you, Your Majesty."

"The Lord has brought you to Paris, you must obey Him."

"Yes, we must, Your Majesty"

"You are dismissed, Princess Marie should be coming in shortly. We will have her take you to the guestroom."

"Thank you, again." he paused "Your Majesty."

Ciel-Remi waited as Marie walked into the throne room. She had changed into a pink beautiful ballroom gown, with pink arm length gloves, also wearing a crown. He just looked shocked and confused, with his eyes and mouth wide open.

"Good to see you again, Princess." The King addressed her.

"Thank you, Your Majesty."

"Would you show Ciel-Remi to the guestroom?"

"Yes, your Majesty."

Marie walked up to him, "Right this way sir " She said.

When they had left the throne room, and once they were in the main hallway, Ciel-Remi asked. "How long have you been a princess?"

"All my life, I am Princess Marie of Bourge. I did not want anyone to know. I ran away from Bourge to Chameceaux to disguise myself."

"You sure fooled me." Ciel-Remi laughed.

"Corrine and I were the only ones who knew the truth."

They walked up the steps on the left side, the castle was same gray brick stone, and in the main hallway and entrance were tapestries and another red carpet. They walked a few more steps before reaching the foyer. Ciel-Remi looked up and saw candle lit round chandeliers. The wax had melted on the thick base of the candles. They continued walking up the steps that led to the left side of the tower.

The steps were ten steps each. They led to a balcony type place. He commented again. "You are princess of my city and you did not tell anyone."

"Being a princess was hard and boring. My parents were nice people to let me see Corrine. I did not belong there. I left Bourge and started a job in Chameceaux, becoming an innkeeper."

"Were you a princess when I met you and Corrine?"

Marie stopped. "Yes, I was, I was only eight years of age, Ciel-Remi, Jean does not know about my being a Princess then and he still does not. You are kind enough, you will not tell him."

They continued down the long hallway.

"How did Prince Henry and King Francis find out about of you being royalty?" Ciel-Remi asked.

"As Bourge's Princess, I am destined to be his bride when I have come of age. I am fifteen years old and ready to marry."

"King Francis knew about your being royalty through your parents? They would know your whereabouts."

"Yes, my parents know I am here. I am ready to fulfill my deeds as wife to Prince Henry." Marie began. "but, they did not know my whereabouts for the last two years."

"Okay, I will not say a word. Have you heard word from my father and mother?" Ciel-Remi said worried. "Do they know where I am?"

"Yes, your father sent a message to my father, earlier today; King Francis received a message reading: 'If they had seen you to send word immediately to Bourge.' When I found out, I told Henry, and he told King Francis. They have sent a message immediately to your home. They should get it before you arrive home, tomorrow evening."

"You are probably wondering why I did not tell my father why I had taken off without permission."

"You were confused; a voice told you to leave. You probably asked this question to yourself, 'if God's plan was for me to be here, have I done the right thing?' Your father may not understand. You have a life with Jesus and God is in control."

"Thank you, your highness."

"Please do not use formalities when speaking to me. They make me sound 'royal' I am just an ordinary person. " Marie said irritated.

"Okay, What then do I call you?"

"Princess or Marie."

They found their way to the guest room; three beds on the right wall and a wooden table dresser for clothes and other items. He laid the black pouch on the dresser.

"See you tomorrow, before you leave."

"Goodnight, Princess." He chuckled, as she closed to the door.

Ciel-Remi prayed before getting some rest. "Lord, Thank you, please gives me the words to say to my father when I get home tomorrow night. Keep my family safe and Corrine, Princess Marie and Prince Henry. Thank you for your love, oh Lord, In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen."

Ciel-Remi fell asleep and God spoke, Good night, My child, I did not have you come all this way to be yelled at by your father. Soon you will understand the reason I had you leave Bourge.


Early morning, the birds were chirping outside Ciel-Remi's window, he awoke to a surprise on wooden dresser; a new outfit with a note attached. It read:


The King has asked me to give you these clothes, for your journey back to Bourge, be bathed and dressed before I arrive. Thank you


So Ciel-Remi bathed and got dressed. He put the Bible in a brown sack. He was ready to head home. He had a story to tell his parents and was nervous. He didn't know what they may say, so he prayed a short prayer, "Lord God, Please keep me safe on my way home, put peace on my parents hearts. Thank you for such a beautiful morning. Thank you for your gift of Salvation. In the name of Jesus, Amen."

At this point in time, he heard a knock on the door and opened it, Marie stood there in her yellow dress and she held a brown leather sack. She asked. "Are you ready?"

"I am ready, what about you? By the way you are carrying a bag full of items, this means you are not staying here?" Ciel-Remi commented.

"I am returning to my father's castle. The messenger was delayed. King Francis has asked me deliver the letter to your parents in person. Except, I would like to stop in Chameceaux to see Corrine before we go to Bourge."

"Do you have a story to tell your parents?"

"I have told them what they need to know. I hope you do the same with yours."

"I just cannot lie, telling them I came to Paris to see you."

"Then, this note is useless." She smiled, holding up a folded note with a seal by the King and Queen. "This note came from King Francis. The note tells 'where you had gone and why you were in Paris'. It must not be opened until you hand it to them."

"Yes, Marie. We have a journey ahead of us."

"King Francis has offered some horses. So we can ride back, instead of walking, which would cut time."

"That is fine." Ciel-Remi lugged his sack over his shoulders and they both walked from the room. They headed toward the castle entrance. "Are you sure Corrine will want to see me?"

"Yes. She will."


Princess Marie was born two years earlier than Ciel-Remi and she was bold enough as to command the French army. She came to know Christ when Corrine first invited her to church. She was plain and ordinary; she didn't present herself as a Princess, even though Corrine knew she was.

Marie never really liked being called 'your highness'. She served God who was called 'Your Majesty, King of Kings and Lord or Lords'. Even though she was born of royalty, she didn't fit in as a Princess.

Marie loved strolling outside the castle into town and befriended people. She met Corrine, while Corrine was shopping with her family.

Marie loved people. She didn't want anyone to know about her heritage or her family line.

Marie was thirteen when she ran away and started the inn. No one there, except Corrine, knew she was a Princess. She obeyed the Lord and was blessed greatly.

Prince Henry was traveling down to Bourge to meet the one chosen for him. He had stop at the inn to stay the night. She dazzled the Prince, when he was ready to leave. Marie inquired. "Where are you going? Why?

Prince Henry told her. "I am going to Bourge to meet the Princess that one day I shall wed."

She knew right away, God had a husband for her and revealed everything to Prince Henry but told him. "Please do not tell my parents, I am willing to go to Paris with you."

Marie met King Francis. Prince Henry was a blessing. She sent word to Corrine and Jean. She didn't know Ciel-Remi was coming to Paris, and she didn't want to tell anything to anyone until God commanded her to do so.

They were headed back to Bourge, where Marie was away from for a long time. What would she say? What would Ciel-Remi say? She knew Lord and Lady Lebejioux well. She would help him by the way of the note she carried in her sack along with her belongings.

Marie mounted a black horse. The horse was tame and obeyed her every command. Ciel-Remi didn't know anything about horses, other than what his father told him. She watched him mount a white-brown horse. The horse didn't know him. She just laughed as the horse bucked him off and onto the ground but the only thing that was hurt was his pride.

Again, he tried to mount the horse. Marie rode up beside the steed and whispered, "You do not know Ciel-Remi, give him a chance, will not you do that for me?" She rubbed the horse on the mane. The horse let him on. They rode up to the city gates.

"Good Afternoon. We are returning to Bourge. May we go through?"

"Yes, Princess." The gate guard said and opened the city gates. "Be careful Princess."

"Thank you,"

They rode outside the city walls. The horse that Ciel-Remi rode, got used to his feel and Marie giggled as they rode toward Chameceaux.


Ciel-Remi hated riding horses. He knew how to ride them, but he just hated it. He would rather walk, than riding a bucking bronco. He did admit that horses took less time.

They were near the town.

Ciel-Remi looked over at Marie. She had her head down. He rode up beside her and asked. "What is the matter, Princess?"

"Nothing, I was praying and thinking about my parents."

"You do not think they will be angry for you leaving."

"No! I love them. Beside, leaving home was not my calling. Leaving home was God's plan, exactly, why you left three days ago. God impressed on my heart to go to Chameceaux. I was obeying God and this morning I was praying and God impressed me to come back to Bourge and to leave Prince Henry in Paris and Corrine to become the Princess, I have always been." Marie explained.

"Maybe God is preparing and readying you for being Queen of this country." Ciel-Remi smiled, trying to encourage her. "You do not like being called 'your highness' what will happen when people start to call you, 'Your Majesty'? What then?" He asked.

"God is preparing me for marriage and love with my husband. I did not need to go back there. God will show me in His timing, it is everything and no one alone can rush it."

"His timing is everything and when it comes upon you. We must be willing to lay down our lives for His sake and obey Him." Ciel-Remi preached.

"Are you sure? You did not know Christ before yesterday?" She asked jokingly.

"I knew much of the words of the Catholic Bible. I am just listening to what God is sharing. God gave me this Bible. In His timing I will learn much and how to use it. I do not know when, but the day will happen in His time."

"A Bible! God sent you to Paris for a Bible?" Marie laughed.

"Before going into the church, I gave some money to a man. After I came back out, he was still there and gave me the Bible and a ring for the good deed I had done."

"A beggar?" Marie asked.

"Yes, a beggar. He was sitting there all day long, before I ran into Prince Henry and you last night."

"A brave person to stay in the sun."

"Maybe, he was not a person."

"What are you saying? The beggar was not a human, then what?"

"An angel sent by God."

"You believe he posed as test from God?"

"Exactly, why, I do not know. I was chosen by God to come here, in obedience to Him and He chose me for His plan and His calling."

"Why are you? Many people are chosen by God, what makes you any different?" Marie asked.

"Princess" he sighed. "I do not know."

"You are trying to tell me. God chose you for something you know nothing about? God will reveal it to you in time."

"Yes, I guess so."

"You, guess so?"

"Okay." He sighed again. "I know so."

They came over a hill, the town came into view. They rode down the hill. Marie was faster than him when riding horses. His legs were weary and tired from riding.

In Chameceaux, they rode through to a building on the eastern hill. It was a beautiful mansion, three stories high, about hundred square feet in length. It was white was a reddish-pink roof. Two windows could be seen, one on each side. They could see the white marble pillars stand near the doorway.

The gate of the mansion read: 'LeChat Estate'

Ciel-Remi watched while Marie dismounted her horse and approached the guard at the gate. "Princess Marie and Monsieur Ciel-Remi to see Mademoiselle Corrine LeChat."

"I will inform Mademoiselle Corrine you are here."

"Thank you, Monsieur."

The high social class guard walked down the driveway to the mansion entrance. He wore a bit of blue guard uniform with white-beige pants. The door opened and he started talking a lady. They were to far away to hear what he and lady said.

He came back, the iron-bared gate opened slowly. "You may enter Princess Marie. Corrine is expecting you and Ciel-Remi too." He said.

They walked up the pavement, as the door opened and they entered near the pouch, the lady said, "Princess, You and your friend may see Corrine. She is upstairs in her room."

"Thank you, Madam LeChat."

They stood inside the mansion, stairs on each side. One led to the right side of mansion and the other the left side. Two doors led to the kitchen and the living area. Two windows lined the mansion's entrance hallway. Sitting near the door was a cylindrical table, three feet in diameter. On it sat a glass golden vase. It looked very expensive. The mansion was luxuriously decorated.

They walked up the stairs on the right side. The candle chandeliers hung in perfect formation. The steps lined with a purple carpet. The wooden handle was smooth, not rough. He never lived in a mansion, even though they were servants of royalty.

Ciel-Remi was still nervous and turned to Marie asking, "Why did you want to see Corrine?"

"To say 'goodbye'. Once I am back in Bourge's castle, I will not be permitted to see Corrine, unless she was to come there according to her own will."

They walked down another narrow hall. Tables lined every few inches apart and beautiful flowers sat upon them.

"Corrine's room." Marie announced.

Corrine opened the door, before Marie could knock. "Welcome Princess." Corrine saw him. "Ciel-Remi," She blushed. "I did not expect you with Marie."

"It is okay, Corrine. He already knows I am a Princess."

"Yes Marie, except I still did not expect to him today."

"We are headed back to Bourge."

"From where?" Corrine asked.

"Paris." Marie replied.

"What were you doing to Paris, Ciel-Remi?"

"God sent me there." He just smiled.

"You are a Christian? You are not pretending anymore."

"No, I am saved and love God. God blessed me yesterday."

"Welcome to the family, would you be kind enough to wait for us outside. Marie and I have to talk."


They started chatting as he left the room closing the door.


Corrine loved Ciel-Remi. She didn't want to give her feelings away until the time was right. Marie asked. "Corrine, You like him, do you not?"

Corrine blushed. "A little, even though I like him." She sighed. "I do not know him."

"Yes, but your feelings show everything. I am your best friend." Marie said. "No secrets, you do not just like him. You love him."

"I know, I can tell you anything." She looked depressed. "I am first class, I am wealthy, and my parents would not allow me to wed him."

"What about Jean? He is 'Captain of the Guard'."

"Yes, but I do not truly love him. I truly love Ciel-Remi. I always have. I always will."

"Jean knows, does he not?"

"Yes Princess, he does. Jean will not try to interfere, only my parents will."

Marie hugged her. "Two years, I will be Queen of France, I will rule France. God has blessed me; I am ready to be Queen."

"Two years? Why not sooner?"

"It is in God's time and the Prince is not yet ready."

"Why are you here?" She asked.

"Prince Henry wants me to return to Bourge and stay there for two more years. So, I will be able to live for France being God's daughter and Queen of France."

"Are you here to say, 'goodbye'?"

"Yes." she sighed. "I am here to say 'goodbye'. We will see each again and you can always visit Bourge."

"Yes, I will see you again, my friend. I know we will be in good hands with a Christian Queen of France."

Marie hugged her again and opened the door.

"Nice seeing you again, Ciel-Remi!" She yelled.

My love, I will see you again one day.

"Nice seeing you ..." She heard as the door shut.

Much sooner than you may think, Corrine.


"We had better get you back to Bourge." Marie said walking down the steps. She was fond of Ciel-Remi and Corrine's love and he now showed God's love and light shines brightly within him. "Goodbye, Madam LeChat."

"Thank you, Princess." She said.

Marie got on her horse. Ciel-Remi pulled the reigns of the horse and asked, "So, How many people know you are a Princess?"

"About ten." she smiled.

Ciel-Remi hopped on his horse. "Ten!"

"Ten." Marie said over her shoulder as she rode off.


Ciel-Remi was baffled. Ten people know she is a Princess, Who are they?

He rode next Marie. "Who are they?"

"Who are who?" she asked confused.

"The people who know you are a Princess."

"Oh." Marie put her finger to her temple. "God, you, my mother and father, King Francis, Prince Henry, Corrine and her parents ..." she thought for a moment.

Ciel-Remi counted. "One ... two ... three ... four ... five ... six ... seven ... eight ... nine ..."

"Sorry ... Eleven."

Marie finished. "Your mother and father."

"My mother and father?"

"Yes, they knew before you were born. And all of these people know I hate formalities."

"What about Jean? Does he not know you are a Princess?"

"No! Jean will find out soon. Please do not tell him."

"I promise I will not tell him unless you have already."

"Thank you."

They reached the end of the town, when Jean approached from behind them. "Ciel-Remi, Marie, Wait up!" He yelled.

Jean ran up beside them. "Before you go to Bourge, You may want to know something."

"What?" Ciel-Remi panicked.

"The city of Bourge has been attacked." Jean said.

"What? No!" Marie had fear as she panicked. "We better get back home."

"Thank you, my friend." Ciel-Remi smiled, still panicked. "Do you know anything?"

"No! I just heard!" Jean yelled out.

"Okay, Jean!" Ciel-Remi yelled over his shoulder as they rode to Bourge and he prayed, "Lord, keep everyone safe."


They reached the ridge overlooking Bourge. In the distance, fire blazed making a black cloud of smoke. Marie commented. "My word, what happened here?"

"I do not know." Ciel-Remi said paralyzed.

"Whatever it is, we should check into it." Marie said. 'He' and the horse started galloping toward Bourge. He followed close behind.

They reached the entrance. Ciel-Remi saw the guard lying on the ground, with a sword in his back. He watched as they rode further into town.

Bodies of men, women and even children lay dead on the streets, most of them did not even see the horror coming, their eyes opened and faces as cold as ice. Some of them lay face down, but Ciel-Remi knew they were dead. Who could have done this?

Fire blazed in many places. The fires were burning some other bodies. Ciel-Remi looked at Marie. She had the same expression, of fear and wonder. He rode up beside her. "What or who could have done this?" She murmured.

"Why would they do this?" Ciel-Remi asked.

"I do not know." Marie commented. "You should go home and check on your parents. I will go to the castle to get some answers, whenever you find something to report." Marie put her hand on his shoulder. "We will find the answers."

"Thank you." Ciel-Remi said as Marie rode off toward the castle. He rode up to his home.

Ciel-Remi got off his horse near the house, unlike everyone else's houses, his home wasn't ablaze. He approached slowly, his face pale and yelled out, "Mama ... Papa!"

He walked up beside the house, and then yelled out again. "Mama ... Papa!" No answer. "Mama ... Papa! Where are you?"

Ciel-Remi welled up with tears and yelled again. "Mama ... Papa!" He cleared the house and walked a bit further. He was crying, "Mama!" he yelled louder, "Papa!" He cried, still no answer. He walked around another corner before stopping and froze.

Ciel-Remi, his eyes wide, mouth opened looked up into at the faces of his mother and father. They hung with a rope around their neck. Their eyes were opened and faces were cold. He felt his throat constrict as he realized his mother and father were dead.

Ciel-Remi stood there as tears ran down his face and cried. "Mama ... Papa! How could they?" He fell to his knees and cried out. "Lord! Why did you allow this to happen?"

Where would you be if you did not obey me?

For the first time, Ciel-Remi realized, his disobedience would have cost him his life and couldn't bare the thought.

"Thank you, Lord, for saving me." Ciel-Remi prayed as he pulled out his knife. He approached his parent's bodies and cut the rope letting the bodies fall. "Lord, I should give them a proper burial before going back to tell Marie."

Ciel-Remi drug them up to a place where the ground was not hard, took the shovel, barely blunt and dug two holes, body length. He picked up his father and mother's bodies and gently placed them into the holes burying them with the soft soil. He then found four sticks and made them into crosses and places them at the heads of their graves.

He stood up and wiped off the dirt from his hands and said brokenly. "Mama ... Papa! Goodbye. Rest in Peace." He started crying again. "You were the best parents, I ever had."

After Ceil-Remi was finished he mounted the horse and rode back to the outside. The walls of the castle were broken and Marie stood there, her head down. He dismounted his horse and approached her. "Are you alright?" he asked.

"How are your parents?" Marie asked. She was always concerned for others before being concerned for herself.

"Gone, I buried them before coming back." Ciel-Remi explained, then asked, "You?"

"My father is still alive and my mother---"She welled up with tears. "---is dead."

"That is awful."

"Yes, I found out my mother was shopping when they attacked."

"My parents did not even have a chance."

"No one did, it was a surprise attack."

"Maybe I will get some answers about what happened before we leave to go back to Chameceaux."

"You are going there?" Marie asked surprised.

"I have nothing here, everything, my own life was here and now---"Ciel-Remi stopped, his throat tightening again, "---I have nothing."

"Why did God allow such awful events?"

"God did not, He already knew." Ciel-Remi said looking into her face taking his hand and wiping away a tear from her eye. "God sent me to Paris, so I would be safe. My disobedience would have killed me."

"Let us go talk with my father. I have found my life in Chameceaux that is where I belong." Marie said walking toward the castle.

"Good idea, I would like to know who attacked Bourge." Ciel-Remi said angrily.

"Yes, I would as well." Marie said sadly.

They approached the castle's gate and went into the castle.


Marie was thankful for friends to love and cherish, in a few short hours she found a dear friend in Ciel-Remi. They comforted each other through the loss they faced. Marie made a decision; she would go back to Chameceaux.

Marie had known Ciel-Remi only for a short while. She heard much about him through Corrine and Jean. She was told he was a compassionate and an obedient person. No wonder Corrine loves him so.

They reached the throne room. The king was sitting there leaning over as if in great grief. Her father had white-brown hair, gray eyes. He wore a crown of one sapphire embossed in silver. "Ruined ... everything is ruined." He murmured.

Marie approached him. "I know." she said hugging the king.

"Thank you, my daughter." He cried in his grieving voice.

"Corrine's friend, Ciel-Remi is beside me, he would like to know who attacked Bourge."

The old man sat straight in the red and white leather chair. "You want to know who attacked Bourge." He announced!

Ciel-Remi stepped forward; he wiped away another tear and asked, "What happened?"

"I can tell you from what I saw, I do not know why or who would try to take over Bourge." The king began to explain. "All I remember was that I was sitting here talking to another poor soul when I heard a scream coming from outside the castle. Even though I hear them all the time, I also smelled the smoke. Someone came to tell me that the city was ablaze. I came and looked outside. I saw a man running from a silver armored man. The queen had gone to get some items from the marketplace. I had forgotten she had gone. I looked to the northwest and saw a guard lying with a sword stuck into him. I ordered everyone for battle, except it was too late. We closed the gates. They started climbing up ladders on the castle's walls. I was still looking for my wife. A man, broad- shouldered with a black mustache stared straight up at me, held her hostage. The man yelled something. I could barely hear and then stabbed her in upper chest area. 'No!' I cried as her face went numb and she closed her eyes. The queen was dead."

The king took another breath; choked up by the tears, he continued.

"People invaded the castle. Many maids and servants were killed. They opened the gates for their leader. I was lost not knowing what to do, I just sat here, crying, grieving for my wife. I ordered guards to go fight to their death but to leave me alone. I prayed to God to save me.

The leader, the one who had killed my wife stood before me. I was afraid of death, even though I knew I would be in Heaven. I was still afraid to die. I just sat there waiting to die---"

"Father." She interrupted "I would have lost you too."

"Yes, Marie." The king told her. "The man before me unsheathed his sword, he was going to strike me dead, and a light filled the castle. The glow gave presence like an invisible person behind him. It held the leader from striking me. 'What is this?' he asked as he motioned for retreat. God had saved my life, only to lose many people. The invasion came from the hillside overlooking your house. They must have killed your parents before invading the city."

"My parents did not have a chance." Ciel-Remi said.

"No one did, I did not know until it was too late." The king told him.

She hugged her father again. "God saved all of us. God did not want us to die."

"Yes, Marie, God is gracious." The king commented and then asked. "What are you going do now?"

"Father, I believe it is best for Ciel-Remi and I to return to Chameceaux." She said.

"I understand, I have sent word to King Francis in Paris. We will have to rebuild Bourge, there is nothing left here. Take care, my daughter."

"Thank you, father."

"Take care, Ciel-Remi" The king smiled. "Your obedience, saved your life, no one knew why you went to Paris. You are truly chosen of God."

"Thank you, Your Highness." Ciel-Remi commented. "We need to get back to Chameceaux before sundown."

"You are right." Marie smiled. "Goodbye Father."

"Goodbye, my daughter." The king said sadly. "God Bless you."

"God Bless you, too" They said simultaneously.

They left the throne room and headed for Chameceaux.

Chapter 3

Two years later ...

THE IMAGE of Ciel-Remi's parent's deaths didn't leave his mind. Looking into their cold faces, it never left his mind and he was still haunted of that day he returned from Paris to find them gone, dead, never to come back.

Ciel-Remi had nightmares about their deaths and Bourge, his homeland's destruction. He was still raging inside against the one who had killed his parents, Marie's mother, and almost her father. He told himself that one day he would find out who had done it.

After Ciel-Remi and Marie left Bourge they settled in Chameceaux. Marie took back her job at the inn and he stayed with Jean. He quickly found an easy job in town in a bakery.

Ciel-Remi and Corrine were able to see each other. They would go to Paris and walk around the river. He loved her very much. They would talk about their future together. God blessed them.

When Marie married Prince Henry, she helped Ciel-Remi become a troubadour. She wanted to see him as much as she did Corrine. She became a close friend.

A troubadour was a type of cadet for the military of France. A musketeer was a solider for the military of France.

Ciel-Remi had everything he had dreamed about. He had a beautiful 'loved one', soon be his fiancé. He had a job as a troubadour and two other friends to love and cherish. Most importantly he was a 'child of God'. He was greatly blessed. Satan knew it and hated it.

The 'Captain of the Musketeers' Jean-Paul Borjour was a broad-shouldered man with a thick, black mustache, his eyes were like fire and he wore a Musketeer's uniform. Jean-Paul became the supervisor over Ciel-Remi.

Ciel-Remi cared about and obeyed anyone who would have been in authority. Jean-Paul didn't like his attitude.

Jean-Paul asked around for information about him, Jean-Paul found that, 'Ciel-Remi had parents killed in Bourge.' Jean-Paul just laughed and found, 'Corrine was his 'loved one'. He decided to pay a visit to Corrine's parents.


Princess Marie was living as Princess again and not to her dismay she loved Prince Henry and as his wife she found that being the daughter-in-law to the King of France to be pleasing. King Francis was about sixty years of age and dying.

She would be Queen of France, with King Henry by her side. She saw Ciel-Remi once everyday to find out what God's plans were for the kingdom and to see her friend.

"How are you today?" Marie asked.

"Working hard, Princess."

"Jean-Paul giving you any trouble?" she asked again.

"No, Princess, He is my superior. I must obey him."

"You are an obedient servant." She laughed.

"Thank you."

Marie was curious about Corrine. Ciel-Remi hadn't asked to wed Corrine and she was willing to see God's will done. She asked. "You and Corrine are in love, why have you not asked her hand in marriage?"

"Tonight, Princess, I was going ask her."

"I will await news tomorrow." She said. "You may go home early. If you run into Jean-Paul tell that I need to speak with him."

"Yes, Princess," Ciel-Remi said, turning to leave. "I have not seen Jean-Paul all day, however."

Marie was suspicious. What is Jean-Paul up to? Why was not he in Paris?

Ciel-Remi left, she went a few halls down into the library where Prince Henry was.

He looked at her.

"Jean-Paul is not here and has not been seen by anyone today. "Do you know where he might have gone?" Marie asked.

"My darling, Jean-Paul requested a day's vacation. He was going to meet with someone in Chameceaux." Henry said.

Marie became more suspicious. "Thank you."

"Do not worry; Jean-Paul will be back tomorrow."

"I am not worried, I am just suspicious." She said.

Henry motioned her to come over to him. He wanted her to sit on his lap. "Jean-Paul was suspicious at first, but I have seen his work and felt he is trustworthy."

Marie sat on his lap, Henry started to comb through her hair with his hands and she looked in his eyes. She leaned down and kissed him. "I have some free time." She flirted.

"What are you suggesting?" Henry asked.

"Oh nothing." Marie said.

"Nothing, huh?"

"Did you know Ciel-Remi is going to ask Corrine's hand in marriage tonight?"

"No." Henry said, "They will be happy together, it is God's will and plan for them. So I will accept and support it."

"Thank you." Marie said rubbing his chest.

Henry took her hand. "You are beautiful." He motioned her to get up and Marie stood. He stood also. He picked her up and carried her out of the library to their bedroom. "I have some free time, as well." He said and closed the door.


It was near evening when Ciel-Remi arrived in Chameceaux. He was tired and exhausted. He was just going to go home and take a nap, before he saw Corrine.

Go to see Corrine before going to your home.

"Yes, lord."

Ciel-Remi walked to Corrine's house, the mansion was dark as he felt an evil presence and thought nothing of it and continued walking around to the gate to the entrance of the mansion.

Ciel-Remi saw Jean near the gate. He approached asking, "Hello, my friend, what brings you to Corrine's this night?"

"I have been ordered by Corrine's parents to watch and let no one in without their permission. My guard over there is alert of intruders or people they do not want coming around." Jean explained.

Ciel-Remi was confused, her parents knew about them together, he asked. "Corrine's parents know who I am. Why would they not want me around her?"

"Look, I heard, her parents have set up an arranged marriage to someone---" Jean paused and looked sadly at him. "---I am afraid it is not you, my friend."

"Corrine is marrying?" Ciel-Remi asked. "We have promised each other we would wed. I was going to ask her tonight." He felt sad and depressed. "This is not right. Someone is trying to break us apart. God's plans are for us to wed."

"I know, another obstacle ... I have my orders." Jean told him. "I will see what I can do."

"Thank you."

Jean approached the guard. He wore the uniform of a high-ranking official with a red sash and was a bit taller than him and a bit trimmer as well. He ordered the lower ranking guard, "Tell Lady Corrine's parents, Ciel-Remi is here to see her."

"You know our orders. No visitors for two weeks."

"I do not take orders from man. I take them from God." Jean looked at the guard angrily. "Now do as you are told!"

"Yes sir, this will be on your head." The guard said leaving.

Jean walked back to him. Ciel-Remi asked. "Did I hear everything right? Corrine is marrying in two weeks; she is not to see anyone until such time."

"Yes, the wedding is two weeks from today. She is not to see anyone until then." Jean explained.

"Who is Corrine to wed?" Ciel-Remi asked suspiciously. "Come on, they must have told you."

"She is marrying your boss, Jean-Paul Borjour."

"What? Do you not see Jean, Jean-Paul knows about my happiness ever since he came here. He has been studying me. He is not a Christian. Plus, I am Corrine's love, not his!" Ciel-Remi was irritated and didn't know what to do.

The guard came back. "Corrine's mother has told me, she is not free tonight. Please come back after the wedding." The guard explained.

"What?" Jean asked. "Ciel-Remi is Corrine's dearest and beloved friend. I will have to see them later tonight about this."

"Dear friend or not, they have ordered it."

"One moment please." Jean told him. He took Ciel-Remi to a shadowed area, where it was darker and whispered. "There may still be a way to see her. I cannot get you inside the LeChat mansion, but I can get you onto the mansion grounds."

"Thank you." Ciel-Remi whispered back.

"Just wait until we open the gate, when I see the guard change, I will distract them, while you go to the bush below her balcony." Jean whispered and then looked around. "You will have to be careful."

"What are you waiting for?" Ciel-Remi asked.

"Jean-Paul Borjour to leave." Jean said.

"Okay, I will pray and ask God's blessings."

Ciel-Remi knelt down and started praying as Jean returned to his post.


The LeChats, Corrine, and Jean-Paul Borjour were having a meal to welcome Jean-Paul's engagement. Corrine's face was downcast and depressed. God gave her Ciel-Remi and now she was going to have to marry some twenty-six year old man. She could feel Ciel-Remi's presence near by, but she couldn't do anything.

Corrine was blonde haired with green-blue eyes. She was beautiful. Tonight she wore a white dress. Her mother wore a blue dress, with a white fluff on the shoulder and her father wore brown top with beige pants. Jean-Paul wore his blue musketeer's uniform.

Someone knocked on the front door. Her mother excused herself to answer it. Corrine was hoping it was Ciel-Remi. She hoped and waited for him to be standing close to her. Jean-Paul was talking with her father, he was telling him 'what a beautiful daughter he had and lucking guy he was to wed so young'.

Her mother returned.

"Mother, who was it?" Corrine asked.

"The guard, your friend Ciel-Remi has stopped by." Madam LeChat said.

A smile came over her face. "I have sent Ciel-Remi away. You are busy and wish not to be disturbed." Madam LeChat lied.

Corrine was devastated and felt her heart break. She got angry and stood up yelling. "Like hell! I am busy!" Corrine shrieked, "I have been awaiting his arrival all night! Do not disturb me! I am going to my room!" Corrine ran up to her room crying.

Corrine ran into her room and closed the door. She ran over to her bed to lie down and cried, tears welled in her eyes. Only one thing she could do was pray. "Lord, I believe you have put Ciel-Remi into my life, I love him, I wish to wed him, not Jean-Paul. Lord, you know my heart. Ciel-Remi is my true love, let me know what to do."

Corrine waited a minute before the Lord spoke. Be Patient, my child, write a letter to your friend Marie, who is soon to be Queen of France.

Corrine calmly approached her desk, took out a parchment and the quill, dipped it into the ink and started writing a letter to Princess Marie or Queen Marie. (Depending on what happened throughout the night. She knew King Francis was dying.)

She finished it and laid it on the desk.

She heard footsteps. She grabbed the letter and hid it, in the drawer, under a book.

Corrine heard a knock and answered it. Her mother appeared and looked angry. "What do you call that? Young lady!"

"I am sorry, Mother, but God gave me to be Ciel-Remi's one and only true love. You only met Jean-Paul today." Corrine sighed. "Now I am to wed him? Someone I do not love, someone twice my age?" She ran and sat on her bed, arms folded.

"You are going to wed Jean-Paul. You will see no one else until after the wedding." Madam LeChat said a far away look on her face.

"To Ciel-Remi, not Jean-Paul Borjour!" Corrine yelled. "I love Ciel-Remi, not him! You have never forbidden something like this before today. What has happened to you?"

Madam LeChat just repeated what she had just said.

Corrine remained silent.

"He will treat you right." Madam LeChat said.

"Like marrying a stranger, I know nothing about, made any difference!" Corrine was angry and they just argued more.

Finally her mother left the room. Corrine walked up near the door to listen in on the discussion downstairs. She could barely hear what they said, but it was enough:

Madam LeChat returned to the table. "What is it dear?" Monsieur LeChat asked.

"Corrine refuses to have anything to do with this marriage." She told him.

"Well, Lord and Lady LeChat, that was a good dinner, I must be going. The night is young, we have planning to do." Jean-Paul said boldly.

"Sorry about our daughter. She gets angry time and again." She said.

Corrine couldn't believe her mother just lied, she didn't get angry.

They walked Jean-Paul to the door. "Goodnight, have a good evening. We will see you tomorrow."

Tomorrow, He is going to monitor me, Jean-Paul has done something to my parents, He knew about Ciel-Remi and I, He is not of God, He is here to destroy our lives.

Be patient, I have a messenger for that letter you wrote. Just wait.

"Thank you, Lord." She prayed.


Ciel-Remi waited in the shadows, he prayed. "Lord, give me the wisdom and love to talk with Corrine."

Jean saw Jean-Paul Borjour leave. The guard opened the gate and Jean-Paul greeted him with a warm friendly smile.

Jean sensed and felt an evil presence around him. He was shaken. His gift from God was 'sensing the evil presence'. (A gift from God known as the discernment of spirits.)

After Jean-Paul left, He approached Ciel-Remi and asked. "Did you feel that?"

Ciel-Remi just answered. "Yes, I did."

"An evil presence around Jean-Paul," Jean said. "Get ready, I am going to talk with him. The guard will suspect something soon."

Jean felt nervous. He was going to betray his friend's parents for Ciel-Remi to see her. He also approached the guard who wasn't paying attention. "Go tell Corrine's parents, 'Jean would like to talk to them'." Jean ordered.

The guard started for the door. Jean ordered again. "Before you go, open this gate!"

"Yes, sir." The guard said, he walked back, unlocked the gate, it clicked and opened. "Come in and lock it."

"Thank you, everything is in order." Jean commented. "Go tell the LeChats I wish to speak to them."

"Yes, sir" the guard walked toward the house. Jean watched him knock upon the door, it opened and he walked inside.

Jean signaled Ciel-Remi to come in and hide in the shadows near on left side of the gate. Jean warned. "Be careful, hide in the shadows while a guard is present, meet me here. You have ten minutes."

Jean watched as Ciel-Remi ran through the shadows near the left side the gate and waited.

The guard came back and told him. "They will see you, for a short time."

"Ten minutes."


Ciel-Remi waited until they went into the house to start toward Corrine's balcony, the one which overlooked her window. He stayed in the shadows and moved gracefully across the grass from one bush to another near the house.

Ciel-Remi knew the grounds very well, being with Corrine for less than two years. They would often walk around them and talk to each other to get to know each other better.

Ciel-Remi ran to another bush near the corner, it was larger than the others, which hid him so well. He ran to the other side overlooking her parent's window and balcony. He looked up at the light coming from window of her room. She is in her room. Good, this will make it easier to get her attention. He thought moving to the bush down below her window.

Ciel-Remi moved back a few steps. He was still in the shadows and quoted a line from Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'. "Is it light which thou yonder window breaks. Corrine is the sun and Ciel-Remi is the moon." He spoke through the window, quietly and mellow, so her parents couldn't hear him.


Corrine was watching her mother and father as they saw Jean-Paul outside. They watched as he joyful slipped into the dark of night.

Soon after, she heard an interruption at the door. Madam LeChat answered and the guard stood there. He asked a question she couldn't quiet understand, something about Jean was requesting to talk with them. "Maybe our friend Jean will see through my parent's confusion and trickery." She quietly said.

Corrine watched as Madam LeChat let Jean and the guard in. Jean walked inside and signaled the guard to go back to his post. Jean thanked Madam LeChat for talking with him.

Corrine, open up the drawer and take out the letter to Marie.

Corrine walked over to the desk and took out the letter.

"Yes, Lord."

She walked back to the door to see what was happening. Jean was arguing about something with Madam LeChat.

Corrine faintly heard a voice and knew it was Ciel-Remi's. He was quoting Romeo's line from Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet', one of Corrine's favorite love stories. She many time watched the play with her family when they went to England. She enjoyed it, now the play reminded her about Ciel-Remi and her and the mess she was experiencing.

Corrine joyful ran out onto the balcony and spoke back. "Ciel-Remi, Ciel-Remi, Where art thou, Ciel-Remi?"

Corrine watched as Ciel-Remi stepped out from the shadows into a light shining down from her window. "Corrine, I am here, my love. Jean is making a distraction so I could see you, are you well?"

"Yes, quite well, Jean-Paul Borjour has placed a spell on my parents and forced them to have me to wed him."

"I have not much time, The Lord, while I was praying, told me you have something for Marie."

"Yes, a letter, she must get it tomorrow." Corrine said dropping the letter so Ciel-Remi could catch it.

"Corrine, Jean-Paul Borjour is evil. The Lord has a plan to destroy his pride, I must get back, and I will see you tomorrow. Your parents cannot keep me away from you for a long time."

"Tomorrow then and everyday after," Corrine said joyfully and walked quickly to her door to watch what was happening with Jean. Jean was told to leave. She ran back and quietly said. "Ciel-Remi, quickly, Jean is leaving. You must get outside the gates or else you will be caught."

"Thank you, my love." Ciel-Remi said slipping back into the shadows. She blew him a kiss. He caught it and pressed to his lips, "I love you." He mouthed to her. She mouthed back, "I love you, as well."

Corrine went back into her room, joyfully and in love. She fell back onto her bed with her hands crossed and prayed. "Thank you, Lord."


Ciel-Remi felt his heart beating as he hurried back to the bush near the gate. The guard saw Jean leaving the house and rushed to see him. Jean ordered the guard. "Stay here until I had left the premises. I will open the gate by myself." The guard stayed.

Ciel-Remi watched as Jean approached to gate. "Ciel-Remi, You are there?" he whispered.

"Yes, I am."

"You are in a good mood."

"God has delivered me an angel. I will tell you later."

Jean opened the gate. "Come on before the guard sees you and stay in the shadows."

Ciel-Remi dashed outside the gate quickly. He watched Jean close and lock the gate. Jean waved to the guard as they left the mansion and headed home.

As they walked down the street, Ciel-Remi asked. "What happened with Corrine's parents?"

"They are possessed with a spell that Jean-Paul has put on them. They believe they are doing the right thing. They believe he is the 'right man' for her but we must find a way to break it."

"Right man!" Ciel-Remi said irritated. "Corrine does not even like him. She has written a letter to Queen Marie. I know her, Jean. She probably wrote to be free of him. She was happy to see me tonight."

"What did you do? Use your charm on her." Jean laughed.

"I used something on her. She was blushing like a lovers would." Ciel-Remi jested joining in the laughter.

"She is an angel. I hope you and she are happy together when this whole thing is resolved."

"I do not know Jean. God has our plans in his hands alone, not ours."

"What are you going to do now? Preach to me." Jean asked, still laughing.

"No, I just know God's will is above any human's will." Ciel-Remi said. "God gave me Corrine, I know that much. Come on, let us go home and rest before tomorrow's day breaks and we are working again."

"Good idea." Jean yawned, "I am getting tired and we both have a long day ahead of us."


The next morning when Ciel-Remi awoke, his clothes were gathered neatly on the dresser across from his bed.

His room was a nice place to stay. Jean's house was warm and gentle. The bed was soft and he had everything he could ever want.

Jean never lived as though he was rich. He was wealthy, but he lived as though he had enough and gave when he wanted to help the poor. Ciel-Remi knew this about his friend.

God had blessed them greatly. They both worked for the Queen Marie. Most of the time, Ciel-Remi was always working as guard for her, then a normal troubadour on the castle grounds.

Ciel-Remi bathed and got dressed in the purple tunic with black pants. He tucked the letter into a pouch to keep hidden from Jean-Paul.

Jean was standing outside the house in the fresh gentle breeze waving through his hair. Ciel-Remi approached Jean and asked, "Getting some breeze, my friend?"

"Yes, Ciel-Remi," Jean answered, "Great day today, the sun is great and blue skies are what we need these days."

"I have to stop by the castle before work." Ciel-Remi told Jean "To deliver the letter given to me by Corrine."

"Be careful, you do not want Jean-Paul to find out you have that letter." Jean warned.

"Yes, my friend, Queen Marie will see me before I am to go to work." Ciel-Remi began, "I will run into Jean-Paul, I will make sure he does not see the letter. I have a bad feeling about him."

"I felt it last night, while he left Corrine's mansion. Jean-Paul is not human or controlled by a demon, I do not know which." Jean told him.

"You do not know, my friend, we can only wait and see what happens."

"I am 'Captain of the Guard' to King Francis. I have been a friend to Princess Marie and Prince Henry for a long time, before your hometown was destroyed. Jean-Paul suddenly appeared and was proclaimed the 'Captain of the Musketeers' of France. Do you not think this is odd?"

"Yes, he must have gotten help by someone higher than him and lower than royalty." Ciel-Remi laughed joking around.

"Jean-Paul was not able to put a spell on Corrine or me. People who know the Lord are immune to his spells. Her parents have told her to wed someone she does not love. God gave you to Corrine. Jean-Paul had to have known and cast a spell on her parents who do not believe in Jesus. They would not even come to such conclusion until the day they met him."

"Corrine and I are gifts from God. I am a soulfire. I love God, obey God and will die for Jesus. She has the same soulfire, as well. She is not affected by his spell."

"Okay. Okay. My friend, calm down. Take the letter to Queen Marie." Jean put his hand on Ciel-Remi shoulder. "Marie will understand and do something about him."

"Thank you, my friend." Ciel-Remi said as he left.


Ciel-Remi arrived in Paris about mid morning. He rode into the town by the church he first visited and then reached the castle.

A guard yelled from the castle walls. "Who goes there?"

"It is Ciel-Remi. I would like audience with Queen Marie!" He yelled back.

"Thank you, I will open the gate." The guard said opening two iron thick gates. The rust of the gate squeaked.

Ciel-Remi rode into the courtyard, before coming face to face with Jean-Paul.

Jean-Paul was steady, he had a looked of fire in his eyes, his voice was deep and rough. He had his arms folded.

Ciel-Remi dismounted his steed, "Hello, Sir. Before I go to work, I must see the Queen of France."

Jean-Paul asked, "For what reason are you seeing the Queen of France?"

"I am but a lowly servant, a troubadour, but I have promised someone I would see Queen Marie." Ciel-Remi said.

Jean-Paul seemed confused and scared. His voice echoed throughout the courtyard. "Sorry! You need to go to work. I cannot allow you to see Queen Marie."

Ciel-Remi could see through Jean-Paul's trick. "Who are you to command me? I have someone higher who gives me commands and I listen to Him. I am going to see Queen Marie and the only thing you can do is try to stop me! I am going with or without your permission!" He yelled.

Ciel-Remi mounted his horse and rode into the castle entrance. Jean-Paul got angry and yelled, "Guards! Stop him!"

Ciel-Remi dismounted his horse. He tied it up and ran into main hallway.

"Lord, please give me the strength to outwit these guards." He prayed.

The hallway was big and wide. It had steps going toward the left tower and steps toward the right tower. Tapestries lined the walls, armor suits were near by. Red carpets lined the steps and floor before the entrance to the throne room.

Ciel-Remi looked around to see where he could hide from the guards. He knows something about what happened last night. He is trying to stop me from delivering the letter to Queen Marie. He thought and ran straight up the steps to the throne room.

Two guards came from the castle entrance and two another guards were blocking the entrance of the throne room.

Ciel-Remi stood and waited.

"Stop! Ciel-Remi! Orders from Jean-Paul!" The two guards yelled.

"No, you listen! I am going to see King Henry and Queen Marie!" Ciel-Remi yelled. "I have promised a friend that I would."

The guards ran toward Ciel-Remi, they forced his arms back behind him. "You are under arrest for disobeying orders from your superior."

Jean-Paul appeared in the door with a gleaming smile.

Ciel-Remi was taken, glaring into Jean-Paul's eyes and said, "You will not get away with this!"

Before he could be taken out, King Henry and Queen Marie stopped everyone.

Jean-Paul approached them and bowed before them. "Your Majesties."

"What are you doing?" King Henry asked.

"Ciel-Remi is under arrest for disobeying my orders." Jean-Paul announced.

Queen Marie approached him. She looked into his eyes and asked, "Why did you disobey orders? That is not like you."

"I promised a friend, my queen."

"Who is this friend?"

"I cannot tell you right here, just take this pouch from my left side hooked to my belt." Ciel-Remi said.

Marie took the pouch and found the letter inside it; she pulled out the letter and started to skim through it. She whispered something into King Henry's ear and then finally announced, "Guards! Release him; I must talk with him in private."

Jean-Paul rushed up to the Queen. "This is unfair, Your Majesty, He disobeyed my orders." Jean-Paul waved his hands in front them and said, "You will have Ciel-Remi arrested for disobedience."

She told Jean-Paul. "You have no authority over the Queen of France. Further more, I am a child of God. Those spells are not going to affect my husband or me."

"You are dismissed. Ciel-Remi has been given permission from Her Majesty Queen of France to see her in private. We will not arrest him for these charges. Good day." King Henry told Jean-Paul.

Jean-Paul angrily marched outside and the guards followed.

"Ciel-Remi, I would like to talk to you about the letter from Corrine. Please follow me." She told him.

They went up to the guards. She waved her hand to allow permission for Ciel-Remi to follow them inside the throne room.


King Henry went back to his throne and sat down upon it, but Marie went up the steps and remained standing.

Ciel-Remi bowed before them.

"You may rise." She addressed. "You are my friend, the formalities are not needed." Queen Marie asked. "How is your relationship with Corrine?"

"Our relationship has just begun. Jean-Paul is looking for a way to end it." Ciel-Remi explained.

"After reading the letter---"

King Henry began interrupting Marie. "Corrine does not like the way Jean-Paul has taken over her life."

"Did you see the same thing when you got this letter?" Queen Marie asked.

"Yes, Corrine loves me, not him."

"How did you get this letter?"

"Jean helped me get into the mansion grounds, after I planned to see Corrine, but her parents denied me permission to see her."

"Yes, you are doing God's will, Corrine must have been praying for comfort and God told her to write the letter, knowing you would sneak into the grounds." She explained.

"Marie, Jean has been helping me since the tragedy. Jean gave me a place to live and a place in my dreams." Ciel-Remi began. "Jean-Paul is just another storm sent by Satan to break up our relationship."

"I trust Jean, I know Corrine loves you, and I know God's plans for both of you. Please stay around the castle today. I am sending for Corrine's parents, along with Jean-Paul."

"Thank you, Marie. God Bless Your Soul. Since I have nothing to do in the castle, I will go and pray about this problem."

"I am promoting you. You will be called to be my highest guard and work for me, not Jean-Paul. You will be a witness and protect the King and Queen of France." Marie explained. "After today, Corrine and you will live in this castle. God will bless you and keep you safe from evil. If any problems happen between Jean-Paul and you, then I will banish him from Paris."

"Thank you, My Queen and my friend." Ciel-Remi bowed.

"You may go now, I will send for you when they arrive."

King Henry approached. "You are chosen from God. Thank you being loyal to our kingdom."

"Thank you. Your Majesty" Ciel-Remi hugged both of his friends, "God be with you."

Ciel-Remi left the throne room and headed toward the garden at the west wing. The king and queen looked at each other.

"God has truly blessed Ciel-Remi and Corrine, I love you for being a caring and loving person to people." King Henry said.

"Yes, God has truly blessed them, I would like to see them joyful, no one has the right to control their lives, besides our Father in Heaven. God's plans are to see them together and only someone with the power of God can help break Jean-Paul's spell."

"How do you plan to do it?"

"God will speak through me, I have no say over the words I give to people. My help comes from our Father in Heaven."

"You are right." Henry said.

"Shall we go to our room and pray for God's mercy to help in this task."

They linked their arms together and went to their room to pray for reassurance and grace from God to help with the situation.

Chapter 4

JEAN-PAUL BORJOUR stood looking out toward the courtyard. He was angry and you could tell it by his facial expressions. He wondered if Ciel-Remi found something about his deception of their love affair.

How did Ciel-Remi get a letter? And who was the letter from? Corrine or Ciel-Remi? Jean-Paul thought as the morning passed away into the high noon.

He got on his horse and rode to Chameceaux to see if Corrine's parents were still under his control.

Jean-Paul arrived about one o'clock. The sun was beating down on his head. A man dressed in a royal garment was standing outside the gate.

What is going on? What are Paris royal guards doing in Chameceaux?"

Jean-Paul didn't like what he saw as he approached the guard. "Would you tell Monsieur and Madam LeChat that Jean-Paul Borjour is here to see their daughter, Corrine?"

The guard didn't hesitate. He went to the front door of the mansion; soon the guard came back and said to him. "I am sorry, sir. They are heading to the castle in Paris. They must have no one here at this time."

Jean-Paul was denied. He almost got mad, but kept calm. "Queen Marie wants to have an audience with The LeChats. I will not allow this." He raved within. "No one mocks me, Jean-Paul Mephisto!"

Jean-Paul mounted his horse and rode to Bourge.


Corrine sat on her bed daydreaming about life with her true loved one. She knew by now, Ciel-Remi had delivered the letter to Queen Marie. She wanted a higher power to help her, and she knew only God would be able to break the spell placed upon her parents.

Corrine slipped to her door and watched as her parents sat waiting and wondering about something.

Someone knocked upon the mansion door. She saw them answer it. The guard said a few words, then left. What was that about I wonder?

After a moment a man appeared in the doorway. The man wore a royal garment. He held a scroll of some kind in his hands. Corrine watched as he announced. "Corrine and her family are invited to the castle in Paris to see Queen Marie."

I love you, Ciel-Remi, You got the letter to Queen Marie, Soon the spell will be broken and I will be Ciel-Remi's wife. She was excited.

Corrine saw her mother say something. Her mother didn't want her daughter to go with them and would have to stay here awhile and wait. The man argued back, 'the orders were the family, not just the parents'. She overheard her mother curse. The man wouldn't give into the spell.

Corrine decided to rush down the steps to her mother and father. "Mama and Papa." She started. "I know why they want to see us. I must go no matter what you say."

Her mother yelled, "You are not going to see Queen Marie! You are to stay in the mansion until two weeks from yesterday."

"Sorry, Mama! Sorry, Papa! You cannot lock me up forever. I love Ciel-Remi, not Jean-Paul. Before yesterday you loved Ciel-Remi, you have cursed our life and I will not stand for it. This reason is why I sent that letter to my friend, the Queen of France." Corrine told them angrily.

"How did you get a letter to Marie?" Madam LeChat asked.

"By the man I truly love." Corrine said. "Ciel-Remi delivered my letter by God's will to Queen Marie, now I believe she wants to know what is going on in this household and she has the right to know."

"My daughter will come to Paris with us." Madam LeChat told the royal guard.

"Good day to you, Mademoiselle Corrine. We will see you in Paris." He said leaving.

Corrine watched as he left the gate and then gasped. She saw Jean-Paul standing near the gate. No way are you going to come between us, Jean-Paul.

She stayed downstairs while Jean-Paul told the guard he wanted to see her, when the door was knocked upon, she yelled out. "I will answer it, Mama!"

Corrine opened the door silently and slowly.

The guard stood waiting, "Corrine!" He said taken by surprise. "Jean-Paul Borjour is here to see you, Mademoiselle."

"Oui, Monsieur. I can see that, tell him we are getting ready to see Queen Marie and must not be disturbed, I will talk to him later." Corrine told him.

Corrine closed the door again silently and slowly. She giggled under her breath, and then prayed. "Father God, forgive my lying I did it for the well being of my life. Please give me strength over my parents today. Thank you for everything, In the name of Jesus. Amen."

Corrine didn't want to see Jean-Paul nor even have her parents know he was around.

Her mother entered and asked, "Who was at the door, dear?"

"Mama, the Royal guard, they forgot something important." Corrine lied again. "Just look proper for Queen Marie."

"Thank you, dear."


Bourge was now a little town after the invasion of Jean-Paul's army two years before. Jean-Paul took over the castle after the king died. He died shortly after King Francis did and Marie became Queen over all of France.

Jean-Paul used the castle as a home for his followers and still, no one lived in Bourge and no one was allowed to live even close to Bourge. Bourge was now his empire the first one which he had conquered.

Jean-Paul stood on the highest wall of the tower. He now wore a black robe and shadowed his face. He was no ordinary human. He was possessed by a great demon, the Demon of all Darkness, Mephisto. He was second in charge to Satan, the highest of all fallen angels.

A man with a white robe approached him.

Jean-Paul with a deep voice spoke, "Have you any word of who Ciel-Remi truly is?"

The man in the white robe spoke, a hiss in his voice, like much of a snake. The man was named Xathis, the demon of anger. "We are still looking into the family he lived with during his time in Bourge, but we have no clue of who this young man is and why God has chosen him."

"God has delivered a message to Corrine, then Ciel-Remi delivered it to the Queen this morning. She is going to have a word with Corrine's parents. We must appear before her." Jean-Paul commanded. "Gather the others; we are not going to let Corrine get away anything. She does not want to be my bride, then she will die instead. Do I make myself clear, Xathis!"

"Yes, Sir." Xathis hissed as he left.

"We will see who has the power over life or death, God or me?" Jean-Paul laughed evilly.


Ciel-Remi was kneeling in a quiet room with in the castle, out of all of the churches in Paris; this room was a small quiet chapel for prayer, fasting, and for learning knowledge of God's true word.

Ciel-Remi had been praying and fasting for three hours. He wanted to seek God's face, humble himself, pray and turn from his wicked ways. He wanted his land back. The land had been taken when Bourge was attacked. He wanted to turn from all wickedness and see what God's word said concerning his life.

Ciel-Remi was given a Bible, not from man, but from God. Even in Hebrew, God through him studied the scriptures. 'God sent his only Son to die for us, then after rising from the dead, left us his Holy Spirit to live and dwell inside us forever'. He had read this verse from the Bible he was once given.

Ciel-Remi knew by the promise of God through Genesis and 1 Corinthians, the promise for a wife with whom he could live and love forever. Corrine matched that description of a loved one. He also read finding out more that she was God's will for his life and that Satan, Lucifer and his angel were trying to stop everything.

Ciel-Remi prayed, read more, and then prayed again. Even though He was hungry, even though he knew it wasn't time to eat not until after the prayer and fasting for the problem that he faced.

Corrine would have already been his bride, if Jean-Paul had not gotten in the way. He knew there was something evil about Jean-Paul. How did he know where I would be that night? How did he know to send his guards after me when trying to deliver Corrine's letter to Queen Marie? These questions were all he thought.

"Father God, Lord of All, I have many questions. Why have you given me this Bible? Am I learning this to show my bride and many others the truth, that Jesus died and rose to prove the Father's great love for us, and that he bled and died on our behalf, knowing we are just sinners in the world. Father God, Forgive for my doubt and questions, Why me? Why am I chosen?"

Read more, Ciel-Remi, the answers lay within My word, Read more, then pray and keep on praying.

He obeyed and opened up the Bible and started reading more of the great words from God.

Ciel-Remi prayed. "Many people were chosen, but as a man we are just your servants for such a time as this. God, you know what is to come, we live according to your plans, not our own. God, I will be your follower, your servant." Then Ciel-Remi started praying for many others. "Thank you, oh Lord, great above the earth, Thank you for Corrine, my treasure and light in you Lord, you have given me a beautiful gift. Lord God, Our Father, Thank you for my friendship with the King and Queen of this great Nation. Lord Jesus, please guide them, for they are worthy and are the authority to many people. God, the great and exalted one, great is your name and worthy to be praised. Great are you Lord the Father of many and ruler over the earth. Lord Jesus, who died on the cross for us, because we could not live a perfect life, and Jesus did. Lord, Bless everyone who of my friends and family on the earth. In the name of God the Father, the Son, Jesus Christ, and the spirit of God, the Holy Spirit. Amen."

Ciel-Remi had found peace and joy. He picked up the Bible and walked back to the center of the room. He still didn't know why or what was he saying, He only knew it was an act of worship to God and sang praise to Him.

Queen Marie entered the chapel. She stayed quietly and watched a bit of his actions in praise and worship.

Ciel-Remi saw her. She was praying for guidance and protection for her friends.

He approached Marie and hugging her asked, "Has Corrine and her family arrived yet?"

"Yes, My Brother in Christ. They have arrived. We must break this spell over Madam and Monsieur LeChat. Ciel-Remi, please be warned. Jean-Paul may try to bring harm to Corrine, he was very angry when he found out you had a letter. We need to see through his true plans for being in Paris and France."

"Thank you, My Queen." Ciel-Remi addressed.

They both left the chapel.


Corrine and her family arrived in Paris by mid-afternoon. She waited to see what would happen with her parents through Queen Marie's letter. God gave Ciel-Remi to her. She believed it within her heart. God told her to write the letter and so she did.

Now Corrine stood in the main foyer waiting for King Henry and Queen Marie to have audience with them.

A guard approached them. "The King and Queen of France have been awaiting your arrival. Please come this way."

Corrine watched as her mother and father remained silent. They looked angry about what was happening. She knew they didn't want her to come because she would be in their way. Also, because Jean-Paul's spell on them was trying to make them leave her at home at all times. She felt locked up like a prisoner of war.

Corrine wasn't their slave, but their daughter. They were about to get something, which would break the spell.

Corrine walked patiently and kindly with the guard into the throne room. This audience was private, so most of the servants and the Ladies and Men of court were gone.

Corrine saw that King Henry sat on the right throne, and Queen Marie sat on the left, standing close by her was Ciel-Remi. She turned around to see the expressions on her parent's faces.

King Henry spoke with a firm voice, "Madam, Monsieur, and Lady LeChat, Welcome to Castle of Paris, Home of the King and Queen of France."

"I suppose you are wondering why we summoned you today." Queen Marie began. "This letter is from your daughter, Lady LeChat."

"Madam and Monsieur LeChat, Why have you had your daughter confined to the mansion in Chameceaux?" King Henry asked. "Why do you keep her away from the one she truly loves? Our friend, Ciel-Remi Lebejioux."

Madam LeChat spoke first. "Your Majesties, We have come to find Jean-Paul Borjour an honorable and trustworthy man for our daughter. Ciel-Remi is still a boy, immature and not of royalty."

"Madam LeChat, Why would you say, Ciel-Remi is not of royalty? His mother and father were Lord and Lady Lebejioux. They were my parent's servants in Bourge for many years. Corrine has learned this from him."

"Yes, My Queen, I do know Ciel-Remi is son of Lord Lebejioux, one reason I have been God's servant in this matter. My parents are under a great spell telling them, 'Jean-Paul is trustworthy.' I have been praying for them and I believe Jean-Paul is not trustworthy or honorable, he is evil and deceptive." Corrine explained.

"After today, we have figured such things out. When Ciel-Remi was to deliver the letter to me, Jean-Paul had him arrested for not following his orders." Queen Marie stated. "Jean-Paul is not what he says, He has deceived us all."

"Your Majesty, Why do you say these things? My daughter is a great woman and needs a husband to guide her. Ciel-Remi is not that man; he is still a boy in many ways." Her father said.

"Ciel-Remi is a man and obeys God. He would not be here today if he did not come to Paris that very day of the invasion. He is a servant of God. He abandoned everything to come to Paris, which in turn saved his life. Ciel-Remi is young, but then so is Corrine, but they are chosen by God to love each other as man and wife."

"God, God has nothing to do with our lives, we live, we love, and we die, nothing said, nothing more." Her mother said.

"You are a fool, without Jesus, we would be living in sin and bondage, but God has freely given us the gift of Salvation. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life without Jesus, We are nothing." Marie felt hurt.

"Our daughter is subject to her parents, we are her life, we want her to be Jean-Paul's wife, and we will have her be his wife." Her mother insisted.

"God is in Control. We have no rights to say weather Jean-Paul or Ciel-Remi is chosen for your daughter." Queen Marie said. "I am going to read you the letter given by Corrine and I want you to note her feelings in this matter. Then you need to decide if you are going to be in her life or not.

"Corrine wrote this:"

My Dear Sister in Christ and Queen over this nation,

Queen Marie,

My heart was broken in two parts today.

We had a visitor come to our house today. Jean-Paul Borjour was his name. After talking to my parents, it was decided that he was to become my husband.

My great concern was I love Ciel-Remi. We have been together a little over a year now, we know each other. I know he is the son of Lord and Lady Lebejioux of Bourge and great servants to your parents before the invasion.

God the Father of us, has given me this man to me to love and cherish, why would God give me someone who I do not know for a husband? I have been waiting and longing for Ciel-Remi's proposal for marriage.

Tonight I was to have time with Ciel-Remi, but I am forced to be locked up in my room, not to see anyone beside Jean-Paul. I feel like a prisoner of some kind. When Ciel-Remi was announced outside, they did not even let me see my loved one.

As I write this letter, God has told me, a messenger will come to take it to you. Jean-Paul may try to stop this person, please help him with the letter, Marie; you are my friend and sister in Christ. Only you will be able to help me get through this great disappointment in my life.

God Bless You, May God keep you safe for many of years to come, Thank you, I Thank God for you, and may you rule this kingdom under His will.

Thank you again,

Corrine LeChat of Chameceaux.


Ciel-Remi didn't know what Corrine had written and didn't know her real feelings for him. He had a perfect time to propose last night. He approached Queen Marie and whispered. "May I?"

"Soon." She whispered back.

He didn't know why she didn't allow it now? Ciel-Remi just reassumed his position.

"God has blessed Corrine with a friend and person to know. God will bless them for the future. Madam and Monsieur LeChat, Ciel-Remi has brought to my attention that he was going ask Corrine's hand in marriage last night. Jean knew him to be true and needed to see Corrine. Jean let him into the courtyard of the mansion." Queen Marie revealed. "Not having the time last night to ask this, he delivered the letter with my help."

Ciel-Remi watched as Corrine faced them. "Mama, Papa," she proclaimed. "Jean has been a friend of Ciel-Remi and Queen Marie for many years. Jean requested to stand guard in case you did not let Ciel-Remi into the courtyard. Jean is also a child of God; God planned Ciel-Remi to get the letter to the Queen."

"Ciel-Remi has been waiting since last night to do this, Madam and Monsieur LeChat; you have to let your daughter go. They will live here as my Lord and Lady of Paris." said Queen Marie.

"No! You cannot have her!" They yelled in despair.

"Mama, Papa. You have no idea what I had to do to get here today. You have to approve of Ciel-Remi, Why? Why are you acting like you never liked him?" Corrine yelled running right into his arms. "I love Ciel-Remi, not Jean-Paul!"

Laughter could be heard from outside the room. The doors of flew open suddenly. Five men in different colored robes enter the room. "You have done well, my spell has been working."

Queen Marie stood, King Henry yelled. "Who are you?"

Jean-Paul removed the hood back on his head. "What a surprise, Oh King of France. You have known me as Jean-Paul Borjour, the guard of the musketeers."

"What right do you have barging into this throne room without permission? Queen Marie wailed.

In a deep voice, "I have a matter with Corrine, You have disobeyed child, now you must be killed." He says with hand stretched out toward Corrine.

Ciel-Remi prayed protection over Corrine, "Lord, Please protect Corrine from any danger."

At that moment, Jean-Paul's finger lit up with a fire magic of some kind and shot to where Corrine was standing. After the smoke cleared, Corrine stood scared. Jean-Paul looked shocked. "What? You should have been hit, what manner of protection is this?"

They were surprised and King Henry asked, "Who are you? No one has power to cast satanic magic."

"Ha, ha, satanic magic, why do you say these are Satanic?" Jean-Paul laughed.

"What do you want? Why did you try killing Corrine just now?" Queen Marie asked. "Why did you deceive her parents? Who are these men in the robes behind you?"

The men behind Jean-Paul were wearing different colored robes. One robe was white, another red, another pale and lastly a black robe. The men stood silently. Jean-Paul spoke, "Queen Marie, You are just full of questions. I want to rule this nation and Corrine disobeyed me. Her parents were my key to the plan to rule over Ciel-Remi and Corrine's life. These men behind me are others like me, they called Xathis, Trest, Charik and Chord."

"Do you know who you are dealing with? Do you know who has more power than I alone have?" Queen Marie asked.

"Oh, Marie, You have not known with whom you are dealing." Jean-Paul's demonic taunts came. "Would you like to know the look on your mother's face before I killed her?"

"What?" She angrily yelled. "What did you just say?"

"Do you really think the attack on Bourge was planned as an act of war, I would like to take the nation of France, before that I had to conquer the greatest city in all of France?

"How can you take a castle with all defenses up, you must kill the one that is in power, then you can conquer. I waited until the Queen went shopping, then invaded; she was one of the first, along with Ciel-Remi's parents."

Ciel-Remi had a look of madness in his eyes. He wanted so much to kill Jean-Paul where he stood, but God didn't allow it.

Ciel-Remi wait, the day will come, my protection over Corrine will be taken if you do something evil against him. Jean-Paul will have his day.

Ciel-Remi held Corrine tightly because she was still scared.

"I have no more to say." Jean-Paul said.

"So, you disguised yourself as a guard to invade Paris in a weak hour, but you had something standing in your way, Ciel-Remi and Corrine's relationship. You knew that together they would destroy your plans of taking over France. You went to her parent's mansion to place a spell over them to get her to wed you instead of him. Ciel-Remi would be crushed and you would have a foothold on Paris." Queen Marie explained, "You forgot something Jean-Paul, If God is for us, no one can be against us."

"Where is this God, You talk about?" Jean-Paul asked.

Ciel-Remi spoke, "God is everywhere, only by faith can we know God is everywhere around us."

"Who do you think protected Corrine from the power you possess?" Queen Marie asked. "So you believe since Corrine broke your plans to take France. You would kill her and then plan new ways to get France from us."

"Luck, Just Luck. God does not exist and you were just lucky it did not hit you." Jean-Paul angrily said, "I will get my revenge, one day France will be mine and no one will stand in my way!"

"As long as God exists, you will not take over France." Ciel-Remi began. "As long as we humble ourselves, pray, seek God's face, and turn from our wicked ways, God will hear us and forgive our sins and heal this land and any other land doing the same.

"We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but the Prince of Darkness and the air, The Angel of Light. We need only the armor of Righteousness, Salvation, Truth and the Gospel of Peace."

Jean-Paul reacted, "Where did you get that? Only one book reads that and no one in France beside a Catholic priest has it."

"The Bible, God's Holy Word." Ciel-Remi said and reached around to take out the Bible.

Jean-Paul was confused, "Where did you ..." A light shone from the Bible. The verse Queen Marie said was written in front of Jean-Paul.

A voice came into the room. Mephisto, Great Demon of Darkness, I the Lord Jesus Christ cast you from Paris. You may try, but my people will come before you and defeat you. I will take away Madam and Monsieur's spell. They will see their daughter's marriage to Ciel-Remi is the right thing to do. Now leave, if you come back, you will be defeated. The voice faded.

Jean-Paul and the robed men had left.

Ciel-Remi saw her parents confused and wondering 'why they were in the castle?'

Marie approached them, handing them the letter and said, "This letter will explain everything and why you are here today?"

Corrine's parents took the letter opened it and read it silently. Her parents looked up at their daughter. Madam LeChat was in tears and spoke boldly. "Your Majesty, My daughter was correct in bringing you this letter, it is not like us to keep her true love from her. Ciel-Remi has been her love since he came to Chameceaux."

"Madam LeChat, Your daughter had Ciel-Remi bring it to us, because she was being kept locked up." Marie said.

"Yes, Your Majesty, We do apologize to you and to our daughter for such behavior. We did not know what Jean-Paul wanted and we were led into his trap." Madam LeChat told the Queen.

Corrine ran up her mother, putting her arms around her, gave her a hug and smiled gently into her eyes. "Mama!" She said excitedly.

"You are chosen by God to wed the man chosen by God alone. You may choose to marry the one you love. We are not going to stop you." Madam LeChat said as a tear ran down her cheek.

Corrine wiped her mother's eye. "Thank you, Mama." She said.

"Ciel-Remi has an announcement to make."

Ciel-Remi approached Madam LeChat and hugged her, as well. "God Bless you, for you did not know what Jean-Paul had done. The night I received this letter I was going to propose marriage to Corrine." Ciel-Remi began, "The King and Queen have let us stay in castle of Paris as our living space. Monsieur and Madam LeChat, I would like to you give us your blessing."

"You are blessed by God. We have seen this since the day you walked into her life. We do give our blessing to you for her sake." Madam LeChat said.

"I give you my blessing, you are God's chosen. You will make a great husband for my daughter." Monsieur LeChat said.

"Thank you, Monsieur and Madam LeChat." Ciel-Remi said, and then took Corrine's finger. He took a ring from another pouch and placed it on her finger. The ring was a ruby ring, gold around and with a inscription inside saying 'Corrine LeChat, My Love, I Love You, for now and always, Ciel-Remi' "Lady Corrine LeChat of Chameceaux would you take my hand in marriage to be your husband, now and for all eternity?"

A joyful smile came upon Corrine's face. A tear ran down as she said. "Yes, my love, I will marry you." They both hugged each other.

Queen Marie had more announcements for them. "Corrine, you are welcome to stay in the castle, unless you have another choosing of where to live."

"Thank you, My Queen. We would like to live here, if my parents do not have a problem with it." Corrine said, looking at her parents. Madam and Monsieur LeChat were joyful and they nodded saying 'yes'.

"Ciel-Remi Lebejioux of Bourge, God has chosen you for such time as this. You may lead my musketeers, since Jean-Paul is completely banished from Paris. You alone are left for this position." King Henry addressed him.

"Thank you, Your Majesty. I would like to give the Job to my faithful friend Jean Duvicioux. He will be your 'Captain of the Musketeers' in France, "and I will still be Queen Marie's guard in the castle." He told Queen Marie.

"You are right; we will send a letter to Chameceaux. You will be my 'Captain of the Guard'. Do you object?" King Henry asked.

"No, Your Majesty, I will be the Captain of the Guard, no intruder will come into this castle. My friend will lead the outside Musketeers from invasion of any source. Thank you, Your Majesties for this great privilege to serve you and God the Father well."

"Now Ciel-Remi and Corrine, I would like to know when you are going to have this joyous wedding. You will be named Lord and Lady Lebejioux." Queen Marie said.

Ciel-Remi hesitated; He looked into the eyes of Corrine. "My Queen, Corrine and I would like to be married as soon as possible. We love each other."

"Do you, Corrine LeChat agree?" Queen Marie asked.

"Yes, Marie, I do agree with him. I have loved him since six years of age when we met in a church in Bourge. I have prayed for him for many years. God chose him to go to Paris, when Bourge was overtaken. Please let us wed at once." Corrine said.

"Then, Tomorrow, Let us come back for the wedding of Ciel-Remi Lebejioux and Corrine LeChat; Let us celebrate what the Lord has made beautiful." Queen Marie's announcement echoed throughout the room.

"Corrine will again return home tonight. Ciel-Remi will stay here while Jean is called to come tomorrow. We will have joyful wedding, a God chosen wedding." King Henry announced.

They kissed; Corrine left the throne room with her parents. Ciel-Remi stayed in the castle.

"Ciel-Remi, I would like you to be a messenger to Jean, He is your best friend, be careful of Jean-Paul. He may be banished from Paris, but not Chameceaux and Bourge."

"Yes, Your Majesty, I am aware of this. I would like to get her parents to live here, as well. They are blessed of God."

"Why do you think this is so?" King Henry said.

"Jean-Paul will strike Chameceaux as revenge. I do not want Corrine to suffer the same loss I have. Please, they could build a new mansion here." Ciel-Remi pleaded.

"You are right. We will have you deliver the messages, one to her parents and one to Jean, requesting that he take the position of becoming 'Captain of the Musketeers'."

"Thank you, Your Majesty. Please let us pray, I will deliver these messages later tonight before Jean-Paul has a plan to destroy Chameceaux."

"Yes, we shall pray for our nation and against Jean-Paul's take over." King Henry said.

They gathered together and prayed. "Father God, Which is in Heaven, Blessed and Holy is Your name. Your kingdom come, Your will be done. Forgive those who sin against us and for our sins. Lead us not into temptation. Lord Jesus, Come before your children and take us out of the hands of evil. Protect those in Paris and Chameceaux tonight. Let us have a great and joyous wedding tomorrow between Ciel-Remi, Your son and Corrine, Your daughter. Give us great wisdom and guidance through the Holy Spirit. We pray for evil strongholds to come down and for freedom in France. Lord, we ask and seek these things, In the name of Jesus, Amen."

All of them joined in unity for the prayer. Ciel-Remi felt the hand of the Father. He must be in Chameceaux tonight. He must deliver the messages, plus God had a plan for him. Jean-Paul wasn't going to wait for his revenge.


Jean-Paul Borjour (Also now known as Jean-Paul Mephisto) was standing on the highest part of the castle in Bourge. He was looking out across the barren lands and rubble lined the streets.

It had been taken over by Jean-Paul when Marie's father, the King of Bourge died. Everyone who was still left, the women and children had to leave. He had great plans for these people.

Jean-Paul had such anger that his hands trembled and his hands wrapped around the gray stone of the walls. The strength of his hands crumpled part of the wall. He raised his arms toward the western horizon.

"Look Master!" Jean-Paul yelled. "I have conquered Bourge, soon France will be ours!"

Jean-Paul felt so much pride inside for what he had accomplished. He was angry on the outsiders. He was mocked before the King and Queen. God destroyed his self-esteem.

"How dare they mock me, I am powerful and I will not take such pain." Jean-Paul slammed his fist down. "The Word of God is unknown to man in this part of the world. Where did Ciel-Remi get that Bible?"

"Mephisto, Demon of Darkness ..." A voice came from behind him. He turned around to see who was there. A man standing there wearing white garments with a light surrounding him as bright as the sun. "It does not matter where the Bible came from ..."

Jean-Paul didn't know who was speaking, but questioned. "Sir, The Bible kept me from Paris ..." He complained.

"What matters is the girl." The voice said.

"The girl?" Jean-Paul asked.

"Corrine, What matters is the death of Corrine." The man's light dimmed to a black shadow. A shadow like character with six wings, the three on the left were torn and ripped apart.

He bowed down, "Master." The shadow moved toward him, putting its hand on his shoulder. "Rise, My friend."

"Last time I saw Corrine. She was in Paris." Jean-Paul said.

"Corrine is in Chameceaux." The shadow exclaimed. "We have tonight to bring her to death's door, and then France will be under our rule."

"King Henry and Queen Marie rule France. They have God on her side and that would complicate our plans. We need to strike tonight." Jean-Paul explained.

"Yes Mephisto, You are learning well."

"Thank you, Master." He said. "I will send one of the great generals to Chameceaux to kill Corrine."

"See to it." The shadow said and disappeared out of sight. "Do not fail me, Mephisto."

Jean-Paul stood there watching the horizon. "We will attack at midnight tonight." He proclaimed.

Jean-Paul was less angry, with more cruel cunning and called out, "Xathis!"

"Yes, Master." Xathis acknowledged Jean-Paul as he approached him.

"Send one of the generals to Chameceaux." Jean-Paul ordered.

"Master, Chord is on Assignment. Trest is your second in command and I am your Military Advisor. Charik is the only one who can go."

"Then send Charik, his assignment will be to kill Corrine. If he fails then Chameceaux will suffer a great loss. He has my permission to destroy and kill everyone there."

"Yes Sir!" Xathis hissed. "Charik will be there by midnight, his assignment will be to kill Corrine, unless she resists. Then he may destroy Chameceaux."

"Exactly, you may now go." Jean-Paul dismissed Xathis.

"Yes Sir." Xathis left.

"Corrine, My dear, it was nice knowing you. For tonight you will die, Ciel-Remi will mourn and France will be ours." He laughed evilly and loudly.

Chapter 5

THE SUN SETS over the horizon of Chameceaux. The night sky was orange with beautiful rays of light. Ciel-Remi had arrived in Chameceaux shortly after Corrine and her family had returned to 'LeChat Mansion'.

The Mansion was the only one in Chameceaux and built for her parents by skilled craftsmen when they were about her age. He could remember visiting it, the first day he came into town after the raid on Bourge.

Ciel-Remi walked down the street past the tavern to a place known to him for the last two years. Jean's house was gray stoned and built to room many guests.

He knocked before entering the house. Jean answered, surprised to see Ciel-Remi and hugged him tightly. "My friend, what brings you here? Did not the Queen bid you stay in Paris under God's protection?"

"You heard." Ciel-Remi said. "I am not only the 'Guard of the Queen', but messenger from God and the royal family."

"'Guard of the Queen'. After your defeat of Jean-Paul from the post of 'Guard of the Musketeers', I thought you would have become just that." Jean seemed shocked.

"No, Jean." Ciel-Remi began. "I did not accept the position; it was given to someone else ... a loyal friend which has guarded Chameceaux for a long time. I believed he would be a great Guard for the Musketeers of France."

"You refer to me?" Jean asked.

"Yes!" Ciel-Remi took out the letter from Queen Marie and handed it to him.

Jean opened the letter and started reading silently. After he had finished, he spoke. "The Queen of France would like me to take over Jean-Paul Borjour's duties as 'Guard of the Musketeers'. They agree together and I am to leave tomorrow for Paris."

Ciel-Remi could see the joy on Jean's face as he also announced, "Tomorrow, you will not only be 'Guard of the Musketeers', but also my best man for my wedding."

"God bless you, I accept both duties." Jean said excitedly "It is late, would you like to stay here tonight?"

"Yes Jean, one more night." Ciel-Remi said. "But before that I must deliver another message to the LeChat Mansion."

"What? You cannot see your bride on your wedding night. You would break tradition and bring bad luck." Jean said.

"Oh, come on Jean, You believe that nonsense. I am not going to see Corrine, but to give a message to her parents."

"Do you want me to come along?" Jean asked.

"Better not, but meet me at the Inn's tavern. We can talk until late tonight." Ciel-Remi said.

"Okay, I will meet you in about an hour."

"Deal." Ciel-Remi said cautiously. He left Jean's house and headed to the LeChat Mansion."


After about fifteen minutes of walking around Ciel-Remi showed up at the iron gate of the Mansion, where one guard stood outside.

The guard looked into his eyes. "Master, what brings you to Corrine's home this night?"

"I cannot see my bride tonight, so I trust you to deliver this to Madam LeChat." Ciel-Remi said pulling out the second letter and handing it to the guard.

"Yes Master, I will get this letter to them right away." The guard said.

"Why did you call me, 'master'?" Ciel-Remi asked curiously.

"Sir, you are now a Lord of France. I am but a servant to you and the country of France. You are my master." The guard explained.

"Yes, I am your human master, but God is the Great Master. Please remember that. You may call me by my name." Ciel-Remi said without hesitation.

"Lord Ciel-Remi, I can only call you by the name with your title." The guard proclaimed.

"Ciel-Remi will do, besides Queen Marie does not honor her title, she would rather be called Marie, than 'Your Majesty' or 'Queen of France'. We honor her as a member of the higher class, but in God's kingdom everyone is equal. Remember this as well." he explained.

"Yes, Ciel-Remi." The guard stuttered through his words. "I will deliver this letter at once."

"Thank you, Pierre."


Later that night, Corrine was sitting on her bed in joy. All she felt like doing was thanking her Heavenly Father for such great blessings. She had been giving money to the poor and giving money to God every time in church. She knew God was the center of her life and she wasn't able to live by her own grace and will. "For who knows the thoughts of God, but only God." She quoted.

The Bible wasn't available to man, but God had showed her love since she was six years of age when she went to the church in Bourge. That day was the biggest one of her life. Many Catholic churches spoke of Jesus Christ dying, none showed her she could be saved through God, and have her sins forgiven and be made whole. After God saved her, she prayed more. God gave her a calling to speak to people about God's grace and glory, like the Apostle Paul did after converting from Judaism to Christianity.

Corrine believed Jesus Christ was the only answer, confession should be to God and not through the priests, and many people would have killed Corrine for such a belief. Corrine reflects on Joan of Arc and her death for believing and bringing peace to France. Her first inspiration was Joan of Arc. When Ciel-Remi just obeyed God that was proof of God's protection for His children.

If Ciel-Remi did not obey God, he too would have been killed.

Corrine always looked to the past to show God's love and mercy. She had just seen God working in Paris tonight after lifting the spell of deception from her parents. Jean-Paul tried to kill her, and God was there to protect her from harm.

Now she knew her life was still ahead, a husband, soon a child and God's plan for peace for France from Mephisto and his minions.

Corrine could only give adoration and thanks to God.

Before she could drift off to sleep, a knock rung out from downstairs. Corrine rushed to her door. I wonder who is that is at this time of night?

Corrine watched as her parents opened the door. Pierre approached them "Lord Ciel-Remi wanted me to give this for you, the letter is from Queen Marie."

Her parents properly thanked him. She couldn't wait and ran down the hall and down the marble steps. Her parents looked confused and asked. "What is it dear?"

"Mama, have you read the letter? What does it say?" Corrine asked excitedly like a schoolgirl on her first day of school.

Her mother opened the letter and started reading it. After awhile, she showed it to her father. Corrine was puzzled, but still waited.

"My dear, Ciel-Remi loves you so ... the Queen has asked us to live in Paris, under God's protection. Ciel-Remi fears for our safety here and who knows how long before Mephisto strikes Chameceaux and we could all be killed. Tomorrow, we are to leave for Paris. The Queen sent Ciel-Remi to deliver two messages and he is in Chameceaux." Her father explained.

"Papa ... Mama. I cannot see Ciel-Remi on my wedding night. It is tradition." Corrine said.

"Yes ... we know you cannot." Her mother said.

"Thank you, Mama and Papa, goodnight." She gave a peck on both parents' cheeks.

"Goodnight, my daughter." Her mother said.

Corrine ran back to her room and closed the door to pray for protection over Chameceaux.


About eleven o'clock, Ciel-Remi found Jean leaning next to where Marie had sat. Ciel-Remi remembered his talk with Marie before she became Queen and leaned over to Jean. "You are not thinking about being next to be married." said Ciel-Remi jokingly.

"No!" Jean quietly told him. "No, I was just talking to Anne Lionheart, a missionary from Spain, changing the subject.

Ciel-Remi leaned toward Jean, "Yes, my friend, I do know who she is." He said quietly then he stood, "Hello, Anne, How is business away from home? How is your husband doing?"

"My husband is well." Anne spoke in her Spanish accent. "I heard you were going to be married to Corrine LeChat tomorrow."

"Oui, Madam, I am." Leaning again toward Jean, "How many people in Chameceaux know about our marriage?" whispering from the side of his mouth so no one could hear except Jean.

Jean didn't take offense to the question, he just answered. "Only Anne, Stephan and me."

"Then do you suppose the guard called me, 'Master' today." Ciel-Remi proclaimed.

"Look, Corrine told me, I told Anne and Stephan here. Her parents must have told Pierre. As well, you are known as the Lord of France, after you wed Corrine. You will be the Master to any guard that guards their home."

"Thanks for the pointers, Jean." Ciel-Remi said.

"Anne, do you want something to drink?" Jean asked.

"No, Jean, Tell the tavern worker. I will cover the tab." She told Jean.

"I will, Anne, hopefully you will consider moving to Paris as well." he said.

"Whatever God has us do, we will follow." Anne said.

They stood next to the lady running the bar as she had a brown cloth and washing a mug. "What can I do for you tonight?" The lady spoke in a rich German accent.

"What drink do you have with no alcohol?" Jean asked.

"Juice and Water." She answered.

"Apple Juice, Madam." Ciel-Remi said.

"I would like the same." Jean said.

"Now where are you going to get the money for these?" The lady asked.

"God," Ciel-Remi said jokingly and laughing.

"Actually, Madam, Anne Lionheart told us she would pay for the drinks." Jean re-corrected him.

"Okay, there you go?" The lady poured two apple juices, sat the drinks in front of them and returned to the bar.

They had talked for about forty-five minutes. Jean was starting to get tired and yawned, "Maybe we should go home and get some rest."

"Yes, my friend, I agree." Ciel-Remi pulled Jean out of his seat, and held his arm over his shoulder for support.

As they were about to leave a man with a pale robe walked into the inn and went over to the lady running the tavern.

Ciel-Remi stay for a bit longer, Jean can sleep at the table.

"On second thought ... we need to stay a bit longer." Ciel-Remi said as they quietly slipped back to their place to eaves drop on the conversation.

Jean was half-asleep and mumbling through his words, "What is going on? Why cannot we leave?"

"I apologize; I have seen this pale robe on someone today, just a bit longer. You may sleep at the table if you wish. I will wake you when I am ready to leave."

Jean sat down again and laid his head on his arms and went to sleep.

Ciel-Remi watched as the man approached the counter. He could feel an evil presence there.

Soon, the pale robed man was arguing with the lady, he put down a picture. The picture was of Corrine. After a minute of arguing he thought. Why are they arguing over the picture? Why is Corrine's picture important?

Ciel-Remi remembered the four robed men behind Jean-Paul. They all had the horsemen colors from Revelation. He remembered the horseman in a pale colored robe had a Scale, like Strife.

Demon of strife is here to kill Corrine. I am sorry, my friend. I will be back for you later tonight, sleep well.

Ciel-Remi ran over to Anne. "Please take Jean to one of the beds in the Inn until I get back."

Ciel-Remi could see the confusion on Anne's face as she asked, "Where are you going?"

"Did you see a pale robed man come in? Do you remember the colors of the horsemen in the book of Revelation?"

"Yes, I did see that man come in, then go out. The priest has talked about that before?" Anne answered confused.

"Today, Jean-Paul and four other men tried to kill Corrine. I believe Corrine's in danger; he is going to the mansion to kill her." Ciel-Remi said.

"You are right, Jean is in good hands. God has called you; you must go rescue her from him---"

"---The Demon of Strife." Ciel-Remi interrupted. "Anne, after tonight I would move as well as Jean and the LeChats. Chameceaux will no longer be safe."

"Yes, after you told me I felt something, go save Corrine or else there will be no wedding." Anne said rushing him out the door.

"God Bless!" Ciel-Remi yelled back to Anne.

"What am I going to with him?" She mumbled looking at Jean sleeping at the table.


In Paris, Queen Marie stood near the window but King Henry was asleep. She was worried about her friends. She didn't want to disturb her husband. "My darling, Henry, sleep well. I must go pray for safety of our friends and this great nation."

Marie left her bedroom and went down the hall to the first room on the left, which was the study. She walked over to the desk sitting in the middle of the room.

Marie knelt down and prayed, "Father God, My friends Ciel-Remi, Jean Duvicioux, and Corrine LeChat are in Chameceaux. You have given protection in Paris. Tonight they are in your protective hands. Lord, you said, humble yourself, pray, seek your face and turn from our wicked ways. Thank you for your blessing. Lord God, We have Anne from Spain to help us, if there are others in England or surrounding areas please show me how to bring them to France. In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, Amen."

Marie waited and listened for the voice of the Holy Spirit. Marie, write a letter to the Priest in England there is a couple there who will request to help in another country.

Marie sat down, took out a piece of parchment, dipped the ink quill into the bottle of ink and started writing the letter. She requested someone who could help fight a Spiritual Battle and for peace to return to France. She explained who Jean-Paul Borjour (Mephisto) was and finished with her signature.

Marie knelt again and prayed, "Father God, forgive the sins of my people, please protect your children, Lord, In Your name, Amen."

Marie stood up and walked back to her bedroom. "What may come, is in the Lord's hands." she said and entered her bedroom quietly so as not to disturbed her sleeping husband.


Corrine's family was quietly sleeping, when suddenly the door was smashed in and broken thoroughly and the monster stood over her parents. She heard a noise and rushed into their bedroom. She watched as the monsters hand swooped down, killing her parents instantly.

She awoke not knowing 'why she had the dream?' and prayed, "Father God, This dream was terrifying and was not right, please show me 'why I had such a dream?' Thank you, In Jesus' name, Amen."

My child, This dream is a warning, get your family and leave the Mansion and go into Chameceaux itself, keep in darkest parts of the roadway, I will light your path. You life is in danger. You must leave now!"

Corrine didn't waste any time, getting out of bed she rushed to put on a dress and ran to her parent's room. They were asleep and she had to wake them by shaking their shoulders, "Mama ... Papa ... Quick we must hurry!"

"What is it dear?" Her mother mumbled half asleep.

"Mama, Mephisto has sent someone to kill me."

"Nice ... Dear." Her father mumbled not fully awake yet. "How can you be so sure?"

"Mama ... Papa, God has warned me in a dream. We must leave the mansion and go to Chameceaux. We have to get out of here or else---"

"---Sure dear, we will join you soon enough." Her mother mumbled, wanting to fall back to sleep.

"If the monster doesn't find me here, he will surely kill you. Only God could have warned me. Ciel-Remi fears your safety, so do I. Please, Mama and Papa we must get out of here now!" She shook them harder on their shoulders.

"You may be right, I am warning you, you better not be pulling something." Her mother told her.

"Then I am not a child of God." Corrine said, watching out the window, as her parents got dressed behind a screen made of tapestry material.

God gave Corrine the dream at midnight. It had been ten minutes getting her parents awake.

Anymore time wasted and we could be dead.

They rushed downstairs and out the door to the gate as Pierre saw them coming. "What--" he asked.

"--Sorry, No time to explain, we must go to Chameceaux at once, unless you want to die this night."

Pierre looked at Corrine's mother and father. He knows that she doesn't lose her mind on purpose. God must have shown her something and he decided to follow them outside the gate.

"Mama ... Papa ... Pierre, We must follow the darken path ... No questions. God is our light there."

The wind was chilly and blew a small breeze, which rattled the tree leaves. Corrine led them down the hill through the darkened path, She prayed silently, "Father God, You know the way, lead us there."

Corrine and everyone else followed close behind as they came close to Chameceaux.

Corrine, Stop!

She stopped suddenly, along with her family wondering why, "What now?" Pierre asked.

She whispered, "The Lord." Corrine watched as the leaves of the trees rattled. The night sky was black, the moon lit a bit of the surrounding forest and she watched and waited.

The pale man came by (only Corrine could make it out) he had come up the hill from Chameceaux's direction. The figure was tall and barely visible. They didn't move a bit and watched him run fast up the hill toward the Mansion.

Finally, the man was gone and out of her pathway.

Wait for Ciel-Remi.

She waited.

"The creature is gone, Should we finish our journey to Chameceaux?" asked a frightened Pierre.

"No, Pierre, We are waiting now for a friend." Corrine answered.

She knew Pierre knew more about God's command than her parents did. They were shocked. She knew about the man that they had just seen pass by. They waited silently.

Corrine saw Ciel-Remi.

Step into the light so he can see you and await my instructions.

She didn't hesitate and ran into the light, they just followed her. Ciel-Remi saw her and asked. "How did you know?"

"The Lord showed me by a dream, and then answered my prayer. God is guiding us to Chameceaux." Corrine explained.

Ciel-Remi hugged her. "Go to Chameceaux's Inn, Anne Lionheart from Spain will help you. Charik, the general of Jean-Paul has been sent will destroy Chameceaux if he does not find anyone there. I must fight this monster to his death."

"I did not come out here to have my loved one killed in battle, please promise me you will return." She fretted, hugging him.

Corrine watched Ciel-Remi run toward the mansion and yelled back, "I love you. I will return."

He had better.

They went the rest of the way to Chameceaux.

They arrived in the town and had to walk a few blocks before reaching the Inn. Corrine told her mother. "I will talk to Anne, take Pierre and Papa to the tavern. Thank you, Mama" She hugged her mother.

Corrine approached Anne who was not surprised to see her asked. "What brings you down to the Inn?"

"Hello Anne, Ciel-Remi told me to come here for tonight."

"Your life is in danger. How did you know to flee and come here?" Anne asked.

"Who else, God." Corrine said, "As a child of God, I must obey when told or warned about great danger or things to come."

"Did your parents think you were insane when you told them?" Anne asked.

"Yes, A little bit, now they know I was not joking. Ciel-Remi is going to continue to the Mansion to confront the person."

"Well someone has to confront it or else Chameceaux could be attacked, especially after you ran away from the threat." Anne proclaimed.

"Do you have a room for my parents tonight?" Corrine asked.

"Of course, Stephan and I were going to Paris tomorrow, I have a bad feeling Jean-Paul is not going to like the news and will destroy this town." Anne explained.

"You may be right." She said.

"Ciel-Remi has God's word not known to mankind yet. God has chosen him since the beginning of time to defeat the enemy's strongholds; we need a Spiritual Warrior to defeat the monster."

"Ciel-Remi has the heart of a saint and a soul on fire for the Lord, He will defeat the blackish robed man."

"Corrine, the man had a pale robe on, not black."

"What can I say, it was dark, one of the four at the castle today."

"One of the four, like the horsemen in Revelation."

"Jean-Paul came in with a black robe, which means he is not human, but something worse." Corrine stated. "I believe we are fighting demons, generals of Satan's army. They do not fear God's wrath and come to kill, steal and destroy. They are thieves in the mist of darkness. They are trying to take over France for their pleasure. The only way they can come back into the natural realm is by possessing a human body. I believe they are some of the people from Bourge's attack."

"You are telling me, Jean-Paul was the murderer of the Queen of Bourge, and set fire to the town, killing Ciel-Remi's parents?"

"Yes, Anne, Jean-Paul made it clear to Marie. She is a strong person and Ciel-Remi has God's word to banish Jean-Paul from Paris. And one day, God will banish Jean-Paul from France altogether."

"And France will have peace again, as Joan of Arc told everyone before her death." Anne told her.

"Until Jesus comes back, no one will ever have peace. We will be free from the reign of these tyrant's desires. No one knows when Jesus will return, so we need to pray and obey to reach the reward of Heaven or choose a different path and suffer in Hell." Corrine preached.

"Have you been studying this Bible of Ciel-Remi's? How do you know such things?"

"God, the catholic Bible, and knowing Jesus." She simply answered.

"You may be right. I have the rooms ready. You may go take your parents to their room. I am sure that you will want to stay wake until Ciel-Remi returns."

"I plan to stay awake and pray for him." Corrine told Anne.

She went into the tavern where her parents had fallen to sleep. Corrine shook her parents' shoulders. "Mama ... Papa, Anne has a place for you to sleep."

Pierre helped her take her parents to bed, she helped her mother, and Pierre helped her father. She then said, "Thank you, Mon Ami."

As Corrine walked by Anne, she smiled. "Thank you, Anne, for all your help."

"Not a problem, what are friends for?" Anne said as she helped her mother up the steps into the room.

She was shown by Anne to another room. She knelt down and prayed until Ciel-Remi returned.


Ciel-Remi after running into his 'bride to be' ran a bit further toward the LeChat Mansion. The road got wider as he neared the fence surrounding the Mansion.

He reached the gate. The gate had been bent around by the hands of powerful person, strong enough to bend steel metal bars.

Ciel-Remi looked around the Mansion's outside. The guardhouse was completely destroyed. He walked and looked around for some time. He was in dismay at what this robed man could do. He prayed. "Lord, give me wisdom about fallen angels in Your Word."

Ciel-Remi was given wisdom and knowledge of fallen angels, and how they possess people. He learned demons were angels who also like Satan rebelled and fell down to earth. When they possess a human; they can have mental behavior, super strength, and slurred speech.

"Thank you, Lord." Ciel-Remi prayed.

He approached the Mansion; the window had been shattered onto the sidewalk. The two doors lay on the ground. The hedges were broken and split into two pieces. He looked at the pillar standing there. Why did he destroy the columns? They support this place.

Ciel-Remi went inside, "Man, This robed man does not care about important things, just the death of someone who is not even here." He said quietly.

Inside, the Mansion was worse than outside; the railing was split off, the chandeliers were lying on the floor broken and every vase and valuable item was laying on the ground in pieces. Every candle was lying on the floor, one was burnt out and the others were lit as they started a fire.

The first fire was small. Ciel-Remi just went over to the candle, putting it out before a fire spread. It was now dark. He had sensed that God would be a light to find the pale robed man.

Ciel-Remi stepped through some broken glass. He went to the left side stairs. He was thankful the moon was full and lit up the room. The stairs were broken in half and splinters came out of the floor. He went upstairs. Corrine's room was the farthest away.

"Thank you Lord, They were able to get out, if not, or they would be dead." He prayed quietly.

Ciel-Remi followed the railing, hoping it didn't give way and fall down and breaking his neck. He knew God was protecting him. He walked past her parent's room and looked in. It was darker; the blue light of the moon wasn't able to reach into this place even though it shone brightly outside.

He moved closer to her bedroom. Suddenly a booming voice came from the room. The speech was slurred and he didn't understand it.

"Wher ist shur? Wher ist shur?" The robed man yelled. Ciel-Remi could hear him knocking over of heavy objects. It almost gave him a fright, God revealed what the man was saying. "Where is she? Where is she?" He froze and stood still. The Man yelled again, "Where is Corrine? My master wants her dead! Where is she?"

Ciel-Remi bent down on his knees and prayed. "Lord, You brought me this far. What do you want me to do? Lord, use my lips and my voice, for you alone can protect my mind."

He felt boldness and wisdom. He walked a bit further towards her room. He could sense the man's anger. In the doorway, he asked. "You must be one of Jean-Paul's men?"

The robed man glared at him, the red eyes were the first thing he saw. The eyes glowed; they could give someone the chills. He stood still.

"Who is there? Are you Corrine?"

"No, I am Corrine's love, Ciel-Remi." He said.

The man spoke again with a booming voice. "Where is Corrine?"

"God got her out of here before you had a chance to kill her." He said leaning back out of Charik's way as it came charging toward him. "God revealed your plan to her in dream and they all went to Chameceaux."

"What?" The man was angry; he picked up something from in her room. He threw it out the door toward Ciel-Remi, the object barely missed him. He remained still.

The man laughed. "Well, since I cannot kill Corrine this night, I will enjoy killing her first love."

"Oh, I am her loved one, Jesus is her first love." Ciel-Remi said mockingly.

"Fool! You believe Jesus is your Savior."

"Yes, I am a child of God, and Jesus Christ is my Savior."

"You are more foolish, because you believe in a false God."

"Who may I call you? Robed mage, Strife or the fighting king?" Ciel-Remi jested.

"You may call us ... Charik, We are strife."

"Who is 'we'?" he mocked again.

"We are a two headed demon living in this poor lost soul. You have not seen the best of us."

"Thank you for your answer. Now if you hurry you can catch up with her!" he started to say.

"We wish to kill you first, and then we will head into Chameceaux and destroy everyone there. Those who oppose Mephisto must die!" the man laughed wickedly.

"Well, I will not let you kill anyone. God sent me as a messenger telling you to retreat from France. You will not ever take France from God's people." Ciel-Remi said boldly.

"You are a fool! You talk too much! Let us show you our true power!" the man ran passed Ciel-Remi.

"The darkness becomes you, Charik." he laughed.

"Shut up fool, we cannot show our true power and form in this Mansion." Charik howled.

"Why cannot you? You have destroyed most of this place. Why did not you take down it in the fight between God and Satan?" Ciel-Remi mocked loudly.

"We do not need our true form to kill. We will bury you in this rubble." Charik said, and he charged Ciel-Remi. Suddenly the Bible lit up, the light which came from it shone on the shadowed Charik and he hid his face. Suddenly the ring started to glow as well; the light lit the whole room.

Ciel-Remi, You are a chosen child of God, Bow down on your knees and Pray. Ciel-Remi did as the Lord commanded. Deep in your soul lays a fire burning for your God and your King. You love Corrine, You will find that soul fire, but first you must equip yourself in the Full Armor of God; Righteousness, Salvation, Truth, Gospel of Peace and Your Faith as a Shield. Then you can use the Weapon of my word, the word of God, The Name of Jesus, The Testimony of the Blood, Praise and Worship and Prayer and Fasting; Also the Word of God is a two-edged blade. We wrestle not against man, but Satan and his fallen angels, Take these to defeat his minions."

"Thank you Lord." He prayed. "I believe in your son Jesus Christ, Please give me your Full Armor of Righteousness, Salvation, Truth and Peace, and Faith be my Shield. These I live by to be more Christ-Like, in my walk, in my talk and in fighting a Spiritual Battle, to your name be the Glory, forever and ever Amen." He bent to his knees, the Spirit of Ciel-Remi rose within him. The Spirit was in the Armor of God and readied with a shield at hand. He stood up slowly and connected with the Holy Spirit. "Thank you, Lord."

Nothing had been out of the ordinary. Ciel-Remi dressed in his clothes. He felt more peace, God let go the hold on Charik. The light was gone and He stood ready to punch Ciel-Remi. "What the Lord gives, The Lord takes away." The demon howled before punching him in the stomach.

In fast action, he blocked. "We are in the physical realm ... I can feel pain and I am still a child of God."

The man lunged for Ciel-Remi. He just blocked the blows. "Why do you not fight me back?" Charik asked.

"There is no need to fight humans." Ciel-Remi said.

The man lifted his hand toward him. "Feel, my power!" Ciel-Remi felt weightless as his feet flew into the demon's chest. Charik crashed into the wall. "What? Charik, you cannot fight me physically, now you will have to use Satan's power to defeat me." He kept mocking.

"Shut up Fool! Tonight you die!" Charik yelled, he lifted his hand toward the only vase still standing. The vase was lifted off the ground and hurled at Ciel-Remi. He got hit; the fast reaction threw him over the railing. He landed face down and didn't appear to be moving.


Anne believed in God since she visited a Catholic Church in Spain. Anne Lionheart was called, Anne Vasquez of Spain. Her parents served under Spain's royalty for a long time. She met Stephan the Lionheart who was from England. He came to Spain during a War between Spain and England. Even though England was opposing Spain, Anne fell in love with him. After the war was over they came to France as missionaries.

Anne prayed for Ciel-Remi's safety. "God, Father in Heaven, Holy is your name, Your kingdom come. Your will be done, on Earth as in Heaven. Give us forth your Word, written by men of Faith. Lead us not into Temptation; forgive our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. To You be the Glory and Power, Forever and Ever. Lord, Jesus Christ please help Ciel-Remi be victorious and willing to live. Protect him and help him fight, In the name of the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen."

Anne didn't know what to do with her night. Corrine was not going to sleep until she found Ciel-Remi alive and well. "Ciel-Remi must come back from this fight alive or else France, Chameceaux and Paris will be destroyed."

Anne could only pray for her friend, "Lord, Protect Corrine and comfort her until Ciel-Remi is proven to be alive and well."

A man walked into the Inn, he had on a brown satin shirt with tight brown pants. He had a medium build and stood about five feet, seven inches tall and had blue eyes and dark brown hair.

The man approached Anne, firmly giving her a kiss. He asked in British-Scottish accent. "What time are ye coming home?"

"Sorry, Stephan, Corrine and her family are staying at the inn tonight and Ciel-Remi is not back from LeChat Mansion."

"Why is Ciel-Remi at the Mansion and Corrine here tonight?" Stephan asked.

"God spoke to her to come here, to avoid certain death. Ciel-Remi went up to the Mansion to defeat the enemy. God has chosen him to defeat Jean-Paul's men. Now all we can do is pray."

"Wait ... Who is Jean-Paul? Why is he trying to kill Corrine?" He asked his mind full of questions.

"Jean-Paul Borjour, He is actually titled Jean-Paul Mephisto and he is the one responsible for the attack on Bourge and now it is his home. France is in great danger. Lord Ciel-Remi and Lady Corrine were given titles by the Queen. If Ciel-Remi or Corrine were to be killed, Jean-Paul would have free reign over France. This tyrant would kill believers and raise hell in France and other countries." Anne tried to explain.

She could see the look in Stephan's eyes. She could see his confusion and knowing he would ask another question. She put her finger to his mouth. "No more questions. After this night is over, I will have him tell you all the details." She said, only if he returns.

Chapter 6

DARKNESS NOW, the moon's light was taken away. The LeChat Mansion was completely dark as Charik's human body stood on top of the stairs peering down at Ciel-Remi's still body. A smile of glee came upon Charik's face as he gloated at the death of Ciel-Remi.

He walked down the stairs to floor level to see if it were true. Did he kill the great Ciel-Remi? As Charik walked nearer, he started gloating again. "Finally, Master Mephisto! You may have France, and then Satan will one day have this world!" He laughed.

The pride took over. Charik's pride caused him to love only himself. He didn't believe in being knocked out or anything else. He came near the supposed dead body of Ciel-Remi. He spat on the face and mocked him. "Ha, Fool! Where was your God? Where was your Master to save you? Now you are dead and Corrine will be as well."

Charik walked to the doorway, the door lay outside. "Goodbye, Ciel-Remi. My master will be happy to know you are dead and your 'bride to be' will die along with your Christian friends."


Ciel-Remi was ready to hear the demon say something that would only enrage him to point of no return. He had a plan, not minding the drooling saliva from the human's mouth. Stay down, Stay down, pretend you are dead until the human is outside going toward Corrine.

Charik walked back over to Ciel-Remi and moved his body to see his cold face. He just let nothing phase the demon. Finally, the man walked outside onto the porch. The ring started glowing again. The bright light lit the Mansion. The man turned around. Ciel-Remi stood up and started approaching Charik. "Tonight, Charik, God has delivered Corrine out of your hands. Why would the God who saved Corrine's life, not save the life of her love?" He ran toward the human and hit him with one of his shoulders. He flew back onto the pavement.

Ciel-Remi let God guide and show him what to do next.

My Child, Do not let anger; do not let strife, overcome you. Fight this temptation. For you are called a child of God.

Ciel-Remi backed up slowly and then bent to his knees to pray again. He waited.

Charik was mad. "How can this be? Nonetheless, human witness my true form! my true power!" The human body fell to the ground dead and blood spilled onto the pavement. He watched as the demon, the spirit came out of the body. The demon had two heads, one on top of his shoulders and another one where his head went. They mocked and cursed him.

My dream, two years ago, this is the Spiritual battle in my dreams.

Yes, Ciel-Remi, I gave you that dream to prepare you for the fight against these demons. You cannot defeat Charik in the physical realm; the body he possessed was killed. You will have to fight him in the spiritual realm, the realm I showed you earlier in the Mansion."

Lord, you gave me the Armor; Do I still have it on in the spiritual realm?

Yes, my child, you still have it on, it is what made you strong against Strife's influences on you.

So mainly I am to pray like I normally do, then I will start a spiritual fight in the spiritual realm?

Yes, my child, Pray ... I will give you My Words to say to Strife, the Bible you have will be a two-edge sword, after you weakened them you may strike them back to where they came from.

Ciel-Remi, Charik cannot destroy your physical body, it is in resting while in prayer. Anything you do will be in the spiritual realm. The Holy Spirit spoke to Ciel-Remi's spirit.

"Thank you, Lord." Ciel-Remi started praying to save France. He started speaking in another language. (He was speaking in tongues.) His spirit arose to fight Charik. Still in God's Armor, It stood waiting for Charik to strike.

"We are no longer human! We are Charik! The demon of strife, before tonight you will have fought, argued, and we will have left here to destroy Chameceaux. You will be lying in pool of spiritual blood." He mocked and gloated. "Then you will hate your 'so called wife to be' and your Christian friends."

"Who are you to judge mankind? Who are you to know what will happen? Who are you to say I will die tonight? Does not God know all things, even things no man can know? Then why do you say things only God's knows? Only God knows what tomorrow will hold. God also does not promise tomorrow to anyone, but God is in control of our lives." Ciel-Remi told Charik. "About my love for Corrine, Why would I hate Corrine, God is Love and without Love, without God, there is no Love, only hatred."

"It is written." He started quoting. "I am convinced nothing can separate us from God's Love; not death, nor life, nor angels, nor demons, our fears for today, our worries for tomorrow and even all powers of hell can not keep us from God's Love. Whether height of the sky and depth of the ocean, nothing in all creation can or will ever keep us from God's Love."

Ciel-Remi knew Charik wasn't the demon of hatred, but he had to counter the lies thrown his way. Of course his faith, the shield, protected those lies from his Spirit.

Charik was angry. "Enough! You are an annoying pest, you talk in gibberish and God's talk is boring us." He ran up to Ciel-Remi's spirit form. He grabbed it by the throat and threw it back to where Ciel-Remi's physical body was kneeling before God.

Ciel-Remi's spirit stood in defense; he knew Charik wouldn't give him any chance to fight in spiritual realm again. He stood with his arms guarding his heart, Charik rushed toward him. Charik sent him flying onto the ground. His arm was bleeding from an open gash. Charik wasn't impressed. Ciel-Remi still wouldn't fight him.

"Why do you look surprised? Did you not think I could still fight you in both the spiritual and the physical realm? No matter you still refuse to fight me. Why? Are you afraid to lose? Are you too weak to fight? We were Charik! A war demon and sometimes we must fight to protect our territory from the likes of mankind who are not willing to give up their physical bodies." He mocked and laughed.

Ciel-Remi had blood running down his left lip, he still in pain and rubbing his painful arm and spoke. "Are you a spirit? Who has made you? God the Father, He made Lucifer, your archangel and God is Father to all people. We merely are clay of the potter; we are merely vessels of God. You alone must know God is still Holy and Righteous. God has given us a certain piece of land. You have taken away everything we started out with. God is willing to give back the land, if and only if we humble ourselves to pray to seek His face and turn from the wicked ways we have been striving over for centuries. God promised this to his children, if we do these things he would forgive us and heal and restore the land. We do not fight for strength and survival. We fight because we are God's chosen people. God is the only one who can do things no man can do. We live in fear of God's wrath. There is only one way to defeat a spirit, it is to summit before God the Father, His son, Jesus Christ and give allowance to the Holy Spirit. We fight not for freedom, but we fight to defeat God's enemies. We will not flee from you; we will resist you.

"Why do we quarrel? We quarrel for selfish desires, not God's will, we kill and destroy life for what we desire, but if we humble ourselves before God. We can then resist the Devil or his minions and they must flee. Our land was here before Jean-Paul tried to ruin it for his glory and his selfish pride."

Charik was angry. Ciel-Remi fell to the ground again, arms folded, even though one arm was still bleeding. He looked beyond him and saw Charik's hand raised toward his. "Fool! If you are not going to flee, then you will only have to resist." Charik mocked back at him again.

Ciel-Remi felt a wind gust toward him. He resisted it for a long time. He asked Charik. "Why do you want to fight me? Because I stood in the way of Jean-Paul Mephisto's plan or else do you want to see my weakness. God alone is worthy to be strong and full of wisdom. I only have the Mind and Heart of Christ Jesus. Why do you want to fight with me?"

Charik kept the thin air attack on him. "Freedom, complete freedom!" Charik began to lie. "You mortals think the best of you and you believe God is your strength. Why do you die for someone who does not even exist? Why do you die for someone and lose your life for someone else? You will lose your life in time by doing what you want to do. You mortal bodies are ready to fight a battle to defend your land. You say God has given it to you. You mortals are fools, there is no God and your future is what you make of it."

"You are wrong!" Ciel-Remi was forced to shout through the wind. "Charik, to die for Jesus Christ is to gain eternal life. God sent his only Son to die for us. You cannot understand, because like your master and lord Satan, you have no knowledge of this word. Why do you fight only to gain the land for which God's promised to destroy and kill people's lives for your glory and your pride? Charik, you belong in spiritual realm to never make war in this world again."

Charik laughed and roared. "You are weak! You do not fight back and you only stand helplessly blocking my blows. If your God is a possible God, then why does not he help you to defeat me? Why do you stand there waiting? You are a fool! My master, Mephisto will rule this land and kill your truly beloved, Corrine. Then Mephisto will kill King Henry and Queen Marie and rule this land. You cannot fight me, only with words from a dead book, Ha! You are nothing to me." He brought his hand forward throwing Ciel-Remi a distance away. He landed on the pavement. His knee was cut and bleeding. He couldn't do anything but pray to God silently. "Lord God, Strengthen me and give me power to defeat this demon, tonight before you I stand ready and able to do what must done. I do believe I must fight to defeat Charik. I believe I must give you the glory and only you will force the enemy back. God I humble myself before you. His attacks are strong and he will not allow me to pray to do Spiritual Battle. How do I take down Charik in the physical realm? Please Lord, Help me defeat and resist this enemy, thank you for everything. Yours be the glory forever and ever, Amen."

Ciel-Remi felt a wave of the Holy Spirit; He stood and faced Charik who was not ready to give up. A light surrounded him; you are my child, Remember what I told you at the Mansion. You have a fire that burns in your soul. The fire is Jesus Christ. This fire will never burn out. Many have lost the fire. You are the first of these to have a heart for Me, you have obeyed My commandments, You have studied My Word, I have chosen you, like many others, to have an anointing that will last for generations. Many in the Bible faced battles, physical and spiritual. You are like Abraham when I gave him his Son Isaac, then Jacob who was given the birthright; Joseph who had a rough life, he still lived and everyday believed my words. You are like Moses, you have some mortal limits, and you are still willing to fight the battle, no matter what the outcome may be. You are like Joshua who defeated his enemies and led the people into My Promise Land. You are like King David; your heart is for Me. David may have sinned, except his heart was after Mine. You are like Peter, John and James; they stayed with My Son for those three years at Ministry. Then the Holy Spirit anointed them and they wrote the last books of My Word. You are like Paul, you did not know me, but when I came to you, you too were ready to be changed. Paul was the first Spiritual Warrior. You are like Joan of Arc, many had believed she heard voices, she was able to defeat and start conquering the enemies of France from England, and she helped to get France back from England so England would have peace with France again. Ciel-Remi a new threat has come to France, you have obeyed me and gave me a home in your heart, in return I have given My Word, I will heal this Land, Anyone who dares threaten any land from this day forward with suffer. Ciel-Remi you are called to be my Soulfire, A man who does not give way to temptation, but fights it, in both realms and you will be the first and then when it is your time to die in this physical realm, you will be rewarded in the spiritual realm. Your time on earth is short, but you are ready to defeat and stand against the weak enemy, I, the Lord, Your God, have given you Love and Wisdom and Strength to defeat your enemies. Now stand strong as a Soulfire, and let Me give you the strength, Unlike Joan of Arc, you will only be remembered by me and me alone.

Ciel-Remi understood everything the Lord had said. He was ready for battle against Charik. It was time to fight for God and defeat those who are His enemies and embrace God's beloved. It was time to let down his defense and start using his offensive power against Charik. He knew God would help him with the words, with his mind, with his soul and with his heart. He wasn't afraid and stood between Charik and his physical body. He was bold and strong stood waiting for Charik's first attack.

The first thing that happened was that his ring lit up; his scars and cuts were healed instantly. He praised God and thanked God for the healing. Secondly his clothes were mended and no longer torn, like in the fashion of a musketeer on the battlefield. Thirdly, he had a sword hanging down past his waistline, with which to fight, fourth, the black boots securely fasten, and fifth a mask covered his eyes. God gave him a new set of armor to shield him from Charik's attacks.

Besides the sword, a shield should was fastened to his arm. Ciel-Remi waited to see Charik's reaction to the uniform. He prayed before walking toward Charik again. "Lord, Thank you, I am ready and able. Do what you will in my soul to defeat the enemy. Your name, the name above all names, Jesus Christ, Amen."

Ciel-Remi approached Charik, one hand stretched outward and the other crossed holding the sword's handle, ready to pull it out, if necessary.

The light faded and Charik could see again after it had blinded his eyes. He saw Ciel-Remi's new uniform, but he didn't understand what it said on the belt frame, which was written in Hebrew, it read: My Child, A Royal Priesthood, Holy Nation and Different, The Royal Guard and First Soulfire for Christ.

Ciel-Remi was thankful that Charik couldn't read the belt frame; He would laugh and mock it if he had known what it said. Ciel-Remi was still ready and stood waiting for him.

Charik laughed and still mocked. "Ha, you still think you can defeat me through what you are wearing, new clothes do not make you perfect, and freedom to fight is perfection."

"You are right in what you have said. These clothes do not make me perfect; neither does fighting you. No one is perfect except Jesus Christ. We have fallen short of God. We all sin in our own ways. I do not claim to be perfect. I claim to have a mind and heart after Jesus Christ. Through Him, I am made perfect."

Charik stared into Ciel-Remi's eyes. "You do not fight me first. I must start this boring fight, then so be it. You will die!" Charik said and began to charge toward him.

Ciel-Remi jumped up and rolled away from the side of Charik, one hand still on his sword ready to strike, if Charik were to try anything except argue with him. He waited; Charik glared at him then approached him. Charik's fingers had razor sharp blades that may have been able to pierce his armor.

Ciel-Remi held up the should to block any damage. Charik slammed his fingers into the should. He yelled out in pain and was angry. He didn't like the way Ciel-Remi was playing around with him, having him charge and slam his fingers into a metal object that broke his fingers. He glared and asked. "Why do you block? How can anyone be able to fight back? You are waiting for me strike again and again. If we are going fight, we need you to fight us, as well."

"What? Fight a monster to defeat him. I am not stupid. God is instructing me where to go, you are a foolish monster trying to kill me. I am only holding my ground." Ciel-Remi said with a firm grip on his sword handle.

Charik was pierced. God was playing games with him, not Ciel-Remi. He yelled toward the sky and Ciel-Remi couldn't help but laugh. "You think you are smart enough to help this boy defeat me. Yet you have him hold his ground and block every move we make." He was angry. "We will fight him until he gives way and starts to fight back."

Ciel-Remi started laughing. "Who are you talking to Charik? I thought you did not believe there was a God."

"Shut up! Fool! We did not say there was not a God, We say the one you worship, Your Lord and Savior is not God, but was man who died like you and was not perfect." Charik lied foolishly.

Ciel-Remi remembered the verse in James about demons believing in God, but not in Jesus made them a fool. "Your choice." he said, "Jesus Christ is real and living inside me. Why is it every time I bring Jesus' name up do you fear the worst? It is because your days are numbered. You serve a god; the father of lies and believes he is god. Satan is not the one and only true God, Satan is a fallen angel just like you. His pride and selfishness kept you from the throne of God."

"Your words are nothing. You are nothing and you have wasted my time. I am here, not to play games from this so-called word of God. I am here to kill someone who is standing between my master having France, and your beloved fiancé, Corrine LeChat. You either stop your mind games or I will run to the city and kill your beloved Corrine." Charik said.

"Okay, you may have it your way and run there." Ciel-Remi paused. "Oh I forgot. I am standing in your way. You will have to take me and my God down before you can go there."

"There are ways around you, Fool!" Charik yelled. "We are tired of you and your mouth. We are going to finish our mission and kill Corrine." He started charging, Instead of dodging his charge, Ciel-Remi jumped over him.

As Charik ran past, Ciel-Remi turned in mid-air, pulled out his sword and slashed the demons back. Blood spilled out as he reeled in pain. He stopped, falling clumsily to ground. He held his hand on the back where the blood was pouring. "Fool! You are not going to let me accomplish my task tonight." He said breathless.

"Come on, I barely nicked you, the bleeding will stop shortly." Ciel-Remi said. "I will not allow the death of another city again, like my parents and Queen Marie's mother's. The only thing Jean-Paul is going to get back is the fact that you were defeated by a child of God."

Charik's wound did heal.

Ciel-Remi ran back to where he was between the city and Charik and blocked the city from Charik's grasp. He knelt down on the ground and prayed silently. His voice rang out, "Let's finish this."

Charik was angry, mad and completely disgruntled. He was already cut; no way did he dare charge Ciel-Remi for possession of Chameceaux again. He would probably be killed in the physical realm. He got angry. "You win! We give up, you may send us back."

"You could come back and ruin this land again. No, I do not think it best to leave you here in this place now; you must go back to where to the realm from which you came, the Spiritual Realm." Ciel-Remi said.

"We are in the spiritual realm." Charik said dumbfounded.

"Yes, we are in the spiritual realm, but you still can be in the physical realm."

"You can only cast me out of the physical realm. I can come back and do my deed later. In the spiritual realm, you can do much better than that and send me to my resting place." Charik said.

"God of the Universe has given you a choice. Stop your attack in the physical realm or be defeated in spiritual realm. It is your choice." Ciel-Remi said in spirit form.

Charik was angry, but was suffering. His master, Mephisto would have killed him if he returned and failed his mission. His choice was clear, battle in spiritual realm until killed or else be cast out of physical realm and face Mephisto's wrath. He yelled out, "Never! Why would we ever let you have our glory, Satan is ruler, not God. We have our way and die trying, but we will never give God our glory."

Ciel-Remi hoped Charik would have changed his mind, but demons are stubborn and full of hatred for people and God. He wasn't surprised to hear he would have to battle in the Spiritual Realm. Charik was good at lying and may try to get him back to the physical realm where he could defeat Ciel-Remi without the words.

He went back in the spirit and back into the Full Armor of God. He was ready to do battle. He started to speak in tongues and Charik coiled back. "What is that awful language, Stop it!" he yelled painfully.

Ciel-Remi couldn't answer. He was still wondering that himself. God had another language for spiritual warfare. He knew about the fruits, the offensive and defensive part of spiritual warfare, but he was new to the language spoken.

Ciel-Remi felt another wave of the Holy Spirit and spoke it, He watched as Charik covered his ears to avoid the noise.

He wasn't a great singer. God gave him some Praise and Worship. He didn't feel these were right. He needed to finish the fight. It had been two hours and everyone was probably worried.


Two hours had passed. Corrine was starting to get worried and tired. She wasn't going to fall asleep until she knew Ciel-Remi was back and safe. She kept praying and letting God take care of him while in the battle. She was still worried that she was never going to see her loved one again.

A knock came upon the door of her room in the Inn. She felt her heart leap thinking he was back and so she opened the door. Anne stood and asked, "Corrine, May I come in?"

"Yes, Anne."


Anne didn't know why Ciel-Remi wasn't back yet, the battle seemed to take forever, and she knew Charik could have won. There was no sound of intrusion and of the buildings being burned. She watched as Corrine went back to her bed and asked. "What is on your mind?"

Anne was nervous and didn't want to let Corrine know what she was planning but, she decided to tell her anyway. "He is not back yet? It has been two hours and I am starting to worry."

"Yes, I am too, is not God faithful to deliver him from the evil one."

"Yes, God is able to do above that we ask or think."

"Then God has his future in His hand. Why are we worried? We need to wait."

"Only another half an hour and then I am going out."

Corrine reached for Anne's shoulder and said. "Another half-hour more and I will join you, why do you not stay here? Everyone else is sleeping, please stay."

"You are right, I will stay and pray."

"Thank you."


Ciel-Remi's spirit stood firmly grounded in Jesus. He stopped speaking in tongues to let Charik breathe. Charik was very angry and rushed for his spirit, instead of throwing it back into his physical body. He started punching his spirit. Ciel-Remi blocked his punches. He dropped back and quoted a verse. "It is written: You have heard that the Law of Moses says, 'Love your neighbor' and hate your enemy. But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you! In that way, you will be acting as true children of your Father in heaven. For he only gives you sunlight to both the evil and the good, and he sends rain on the just and on the unjust, too. If you love only those who love you, what good is that? Even corrupt tax collectors do that much. If you are kind only to your friends, how are you different from anyone else? Even pagans do that. But you are to be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect."

Ciel-Remi watched as Charik got angry and yelled out. "You do not fight me, because you were told to love an enemy. Even those enemies who are not human, we are spirits. You should still hate us. We have much cause for being hated, but you resist and force me to fight you and still block. You are a fool! If you fought back you would have been able to take revenge on your city which we burned to the ground."

"My homeland is but a memory. I have no place there until God is ready to put me there. It is a memory, Corrine was there, I listened and obeyed the will of God and I was able to escape death, so that I am now alive to fight you today."

"You want revenge on Mephisto and us! You want to kill us!" Charik yelled.

"God is not willing anyone perish, even though we are not righteous and not holy, God still looks at someone the same way he had when you were defeated and sent from Heaven. Jesus has already defeated Satan when he died on the cross, then rose again. You strive for your cause. I fight a spiritual battle of temptation everyday. You are no longer welcome on earth. God gave you a choice and your pride only has gotten in the way. God was willing to spare you from the Sword of Spirit, the Word of God and Name above any name, Jesus Christ. The Lord and Savior of this World, be praised, forever and ever. I banish you from this place. You will not be able to harm another soul as long as I am alive. God will have his judgment with you in the end, for now you must leave this place and return to place from which you came. In the name of Jesus Christ! God the Father and Holy Spirit! I cast you out and send you back!" Ciel-Remi's Bible became a Sword of Light, made from the Spirit. Charik was afraid as his Spirit struck the smaller head and a light glowed instead blood gushing. He came around to cut off the other head and the light glowed brightly as Charik's body fell to the ground, light rose and he disappeared. Ciel-Remi's spirit went back inside his of physical body and he stood Thanking, Praising, and Glorifying God for the battle was won.

Ciel-Remi began heading back to town with joy and thankfulness in his heart.


Half an hour passed. Anne felt a shake on her shoulder. She barely opened her eyes and mumbled. "Is Ciel-Remi back yet?"

"No, He has been battling for two and half hours. I am just as tired. I cannot go to sleep until he is out of danger, therefore we are all out of danger." Corrine said half-awake.

Anne yawned. "Okay. Do you want to come with me? I am going to the LeChat Mansion."

"Are you sure?" Corrine began. "You look tired and barely can walk."

"Yes I am tired, but I am still worried and can still walk there."

"I will go because I would like to see what that monster did to my home."

Anne stumble along as Corrine helped her leave the room. As they went down the steps, Ciel-Remi walked in, he smiled at Corrine. Anne watched as they hugged and kissed each other.

"What?" he asked, "Did you believe I was dead? I will die when it is God's time for me to die."

Corrine cried tears of joy, she was happy to see that he was alive.

"What took you so long? We were about to go out there." She asked.

Corrine had her head on his shoulder. He took his index finger and lifted her chin to look into her eyes. "Your home is destroyed."

"Yes, my family and I would have been killed had we stayed. We will go there tomorrow before heading to Paris."

"Ciel-Remi!" Anne became impatient. "What took you so long?"

"Okay, let us go into the tavern and I will tell you." Ciel-Remi said walking to a table. They followed him.

They sat down at the closest table to the Inn's entrance. Anne asked. "What happened tonight? Why did it take you so long?"

"Be patient. I will tell you the story." Ciel-Remi told a half-awake Anne.

They held each other as Ciel-Remi took another half an hour telling the story. Anne sat there and listened. She was still tired and fell back to sleep, while listening to the story.


Corrine was more comfortable since she found out about Charik's invasion, She lay in Ciel-Remi arms and she could tell Anne was sleeping. She listened to the story of the spiritual battle. She was thankful God gave him knowledge to defeat Mephisto's minions. She felt her eyes closing as he told her how the Lord showed him the Soulfire.

Corrine barely awake asked, "Where did you get the new uniform? What does your belt say?"

"I could only believe it was God who gave me this uniform. It is like the outward armor of God. It was given during the time my scars where healed." he told her. She looked at Anne. She was sleeping on the table, instead shaking her shoulder again. Corrine just let her sleep. She will ask again tomorrow.

Corrine looked at Ciel-Remi. He yawned before saying, "The belt is in Hebrew, It says: A child of God, A royal priesthood, Holy Nation and Different, A Royal Guard and First Soulfire for Christ."

Corrine commented. "You are my Soulfire." She was half-awake. "I am tired, why do not you finish this tomorrow?"

"Yes, my love tomorrow is our wedding. We should not be seeing each other." He reminded her.

"Why would we not? When it comes to saving my life, I would rather see my loved one and 'husband to be'. I was afraid I would not see you again."

"My time is not yet up. God only knows the day of our death. We only need to believe God's plan and live inside his blessing.

"God has blessed us, you are not dead. I am about to become your wife and mother of our children. I am not marrying Jean-Paul Borjour. I am a child of God. I love Jesus Christ with everything I am. God has blessed my family from death and they will be near to me until they die. I have friends like Jean, Anne, Stephan, King Henry and Queen Marie. We are truly blessed."

"Which means one thing, Corrine? Satan does not plan to give up. With Chameceaux free to destroy, Jean-Paul will overcome this city. We need to be out of Chameceaux by noon tomorrow."

"Yes, Anne and Stephan are coming to Paris with us. We will have to talk to King Henry and Queen Marie for a place for them to stay."

"As well, I cannot alone defeat Jean-Paul. We need help to defeat the last four demons left trying to rule France. Jean-Paul Mephisto will be the hardest. He will try to kill King Henry and Queen Marie."

"God has given protection to Paris. We need only wait and see what God's plans are for us."

"God is Great and greatly to be Praised."



Ciel-Remi could see Corrine was ready for bed because she kept yawning. She reached over to Anne and began shaking her shoulder. Anne looked up, her eyes half closed. Corrine said, "Anne, you need to take Ciel-Remi to his room. If you run out of rooms, you may sleep in mine."

Anne yawning asked, "Did you finish your story?"

"No, I could not, we are too tired."

"Okay." Anne yawned, getting up from the table, she said. "Follow me!" She turned to Corrine. "You can make your way back to your room and yes I have a room."

"Thank you." Corrine said. "Goodnight."


"I will explain everything tomorrow." Ciel-Remi said as they approached the steps.

Anne led him down the hall to the fifth room. "Thank you, get some sleep tonight."

She yawned, saying, "Goodnight."

Ciel-Remi walked into the furnished inn room, exactly like his room, the one he had the day he came to Chameceaux. He thanked God. He fell onto the bed and hadn't felt this peaceful and relaxed for two years. His eyes closed.


The sun rose at dawn in Bourge. Jean-Paul stood and awaited news of the city's destruction. He couldn't wait to find out the beautiful betrayer was dead and France would soon be theirs for the taking. He stroked his mustache. "Soon, Queen Marie, France will be mine!"

Jean-Paul waited. He impatiently sent for Xathis. He approached Jean-Paul slowly. "My master." He hissed. "Why are you so happy?"

"France will be ours! Queen Marie will be dead. France will be Satan's, yes, and our day for ruling has come!" Jean-Paul pridefully proclaimed.

"How can you be so sure?"

"Do you question my judgment?"

"No Sir, Please ... I am loyal to you. We cannot assume anything until we see proof or hear from the spirit realm."

"Yes, yes ... we would have heard from either place. Where could Charik be? No matter, France will be ours!"

A man wearing a red robe came outside. Trest is sharply strong, muscular, with two small horns, reddish-brown skin and red glowing eyes. He stands about six feet, six inches tall. The fallen angel was considered strong and most of humans are afraid of him. He's called the demon of fear. At Halloween most humans think of him, calling him the devil.

Trest approached.

"Ah ... Trest, What brings you here?" Jean-Paul asked.

"Charik has been killed." Trest quickly said.

"What?" Jean-Paul yelled. "How? Who killed him?"


"God?" he asked "How could have God killed Charik? Did he descend from Heaven and strike him dead?" he jokingly asked.

"My master, Through God's word, he was killed. Right now, he rests in the abyss."

"Trest, Come on, Charik killed by God and his Word, only a human can use God and his word together." Jean-Paul said.

"Did you expect Ciel-Remi in Chameceaux or Paris tonight?"

"Paris, Why, where was he?"


"For what cause was Ciel-Remi in Chameceaux during the raid?"

"A messenger for Queen Marie."

"Ciel-Remi defeated Charik by submitting the 'Word of God' to God, and then Ciel-Remi fought to Charik's death."

"He should have killed Corrine before Ciel-Remi showed up."

"No one was at the Mansion, Corrine was gone."

"How?" Jean-Paul pressed his fingers together. "She was supposed to be staying in the Mansion tonight, a great opportunity to kill her. He was not able to destroy Chameceaux?"

A deep voice appeared behind Jean-Paul. "Our opportunity was ruined due to God." He turned and knelt before Satan, everyone there knelt also. "My Lord, Satan."

"Corrine was warned in a dream about his coming. Ciel-Remi was sitting next to him with his friend when God reminded Ciel-Remi about him. God is to be blamed for everything, I cannot be everywhere, and God can."

"Who are we messing with? Who is Ciel-Remi?" Jean-Paul asked.

"A mere mortal, you have no worries, in time Ciel-Remi will die and we will rejoice in that day. For now destroy Chameceaux and kill everyone in the town. This will be the price paid for disobeying and destroying my plans. They will be held responsible for everyone's death."

"When do we strike?" Xathis hissed.

"Xathis, do you feel free to complete this mission?"

"Yes, My Lord, Thank you."

"Today, about ten o'clock destroy Chameceaux, Ciel-Remi, Corrine and their friends still there, kill them. Do not fail me."

"Yes, My Lord." he hissed again. "I will not fail to destroy the little town."

"Mephisto, Stay in Bourge, Queen Marie will be protected for a time. God's protection cannot last. Two cities lost will be the start of King Henry and Queen Marie's death. As well, find others to help out."

"Yes, My master." Jean-Paul said.

"Thank you, My Lord" Xathis said.

"My Lord, I will oversee the land." Trest said.

"Yes, Trest protect Mephisto from attack." Satan ordered and then disappeared.

"These humans think they can stop our plans forever, one day, Ciel-Remi will fall. France will be ours." Jean-Paul laughed. "Trest, Find an ally demon, we need a female, probably the leader of the Mistresses of Lust."


"Yes, Chaos, She will do nicely." Mephisto laughed. "Bow down before Satan! Oh world! Bow down before my Lord and my Master! He will rule the world and bring great Peace! Long live Satan! Long live our king!" He held a cup to the orange sky.

Chapter 7

CIEL-REMI watched the late morning sky. The city was a great site and he looked at the city streets. He saw the blue skies and the lush green trees and bushes outside on the horizon.

A flaming arrow went toward the first house on the right. Ciel-Remi jumped back, Fire engulfed the house, and people cried out. He was confused, looking around. Where are they? Soon many more arrows came toward another building.

Ciel-Remi heard a cry from a woman, then silence. Corrine, where are you?

He ran toward the Inn, an arrow came through the door. He looked inside. Anne lay there dead, an arrow sticking out from her chest. Ciel-Remi's eyes widened, "Corrine!" he yelled out.

Ciel-Remi went inside the Inn. The steps were broken, the thick wood stuck up through the floor. He climbed up to the second floor, it was worse. He stood up, a beam came crashing down and he jumped back. He ducked underneath the wooden beam. He came to the door of Corrine's room.

Ciel-Remi tried the door, it was locked. "Dang." He said. He knocked, "Corrine! Are you in here?"

A weak voice came from inside the room. "I ... am ..."

Ciel-Remi with all his strength tried to break down the door. "I am not going to lose you, Corrine!" With all his strength he pounded on the door. "God will save you."

Ciel-Remi heavily knocked against the wooden door. The weight of his body crashed and he was lying on the door. He looked across the room. Corrine was lying on the floor, one of the beams crushing on her body. "Ciel ... Remi ... Help me."

Ciel-Remi got up and ran over to her, "Corrine, Hold on ... I will not lose you, we have a life to live."

He pulled with all his might against the wooden beam which was trapping her underneath it, "Ciel ... Remi ... live ..." She breathed her last breath. "No!" He got mad, "Corrine, Wake up."

"First Anne, now Corrine, Lord, Please help me."

Ciel-Remi ran back to the door, a beam fell down blocking his passage. He ran over to her body, he rubbed her face, "I love you." He looked up as a beam caught fire. "Lord, Thank you for glory, I am ready to come home." The beam came tumbling down upon him, while his hand was still in the air, the weight of beam tumbled down crushing his head. "No!"

Ciel-Remi woke up in heat, he was alive, and it was only eight o'clock in morning. He broke a sweat and prayed. "Lord God, This dream was a nightmare, what does it mean?"

This dream is a vision of later today. Jean-Paul has sent one of his minions to destroy Chameceaux. You are a light in a darkened world. Get most of these people out Chameceaux; if they do not believe you, they will lose their lives.

"Yes, Lord, I am your servant."

Corrine woke up late the next day. She got dressed, and began combing her hair. She promised to meet Ciel-Remi outside. She walked over to the Inn's window looking at the blue skies. She heard the sound as though a bomb was coming down. "What is happening?" She asked.

Corrine needed to get out of the Inn, but she felt safer locking the door. With one click, the door locked. She went back to her chair. Soon something came through the window; a flaming arrow hit the bed. She had water lying on the dresser. It wasn't enough to put out the fire. Beams started falling; one of the wooden beams fell down on the bed splitting it in half. She jumped; she ran back to the window looking down and decided it was too far to jump out the window.

Corrine decided the only way was though the door. She ran toward the door and another beam split and tumbled down on her. She screamed. She lay on her stomach, the beam deep inside her. Blood started pouring from her chest. "Lord, I am coming home." She was barely breathing.

Corrine heard a knock come from the door, Dang, I locked it, and maybe someone is here to save me. She was losing more breath; a voice yelled out through the door, "Corrine, Are you in here?"

"Am ... I ..." she said laying face down.

She barely heard the door being knocked on and banged in and finally the door gave way and the hinges broke and Ciel-Remi fell inside, lying right in front of her. She only wanted to laugh, but couldn't feel her throat. She watched him get up and lift the beam.

"I am not going to lose you ..." He said pushing at the beam with all the strength within him, Corrine felt dizzy, her eyes started to close, "Ciel ... Remi ... live ..." her eyes shut; she breathed and heard him say, "No!" She blacked out.

Corrine awoke from the devastating dream. She looked at her hands, only a Dream.

She got up and looked outside the window at the orange sky of the sunrise. She knew it was still early. What was this dream about?

Corrine undressed, freshened up, the re-dressed in a blue dress. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail and started brushing it while looking into the mirror. She thought more about the dream. The sky looked as though it was later. She only sat in her chair. Today is my wedding day, but after a dream like that I would have anything to see my 'groom to be'.

The door was knocked upon and Ciel-Remi yelled. "Corrine! Wake up, we must hurry!"

She ran and opened the door; she didn't understand what he was saying. He wanted to be inside his arms. He barely said, "We are---"

Corrine jumped in his arms, kissing him.

Ciel-Remi was puzzled. "What is this all about?"

"You are alive, my love, I am alive." Corrine smiled and held onto him.

Ciel-Remi stroked his hand through her blonde hair and asked. "Corrine, did you have dream about death?"

"Yes, why do you ask?"

"I had a dream as well. God's vision for later today, we need to get as many people out of the city or else they will die."

"What are you talking about?"

"God is warning us to get out of here before another one of Jean-Paul's men destroy it. God has chosen me to tell them to leave or die."

She couldn't understand. "Why would Jean-Paul want to destroy our town?"

"Killing Charik angered Mephisto."

Corrine heard footsteps coming up the stairs. She was terrified at first until they saw that it was Anne. Her face was pale and she seems scared. "Anne, you look pale. What happened?"

"The feeling of an arrow would make you pale."

"You, too?"

"A dream; I stood inside greeting customers when I saw flaming arrow go through a woman's chest. I tried to help, except it was too late. I saw Ciel-Remi outside and another flaming arrow came in, it struck my chest in the right place and I blacked out, only awakened knowing it was a dream."

"That sounds correct."

"What does it mean?"

"Chameceaux is going to be destroyed in the late morning. God has given everyone here a night vision of what would happen if we stayed here. By say ten o'clock today we need to get out of he or we will be killed."

"By whom, and why?" asked Corrine.

"Jean-Paul, my killing Charik last night made him angry enough to want us dead. Jean-Paul's rage is for revenge."

"I will stay with Anne. You must go talk with Jean and get him to gather as many people as possible." Corrine said.

"Good idea, my love."

Corrine comforted Anne as he left down the stairs.


Ciel-Remi ran down the steps and outside. He ran about two blocks then turned left and ran past two houses before reaching Jean's door. He was almost out of breath when he knocked.

Ciel-Remi stood waiting for someone to answer. No one was home. He slowly opened the door. "Jean, Are you here? Are you awake?" he yelled. No one was inside the house, no clothes were lying anywhere, the bed was made. He knew Jean wasn't this clean.

Ciel-Remi turned around; he closed the door and headed back to the Inn. "Why was not he here today?" he said to himself.

Ciel-Remi kept walking past the bakery, which smelled good. Did Jean already go to Paris?

"Ciel-Remi, my friend, what brings you out this early?" Jean asked riding up behind him.

He turned and saw Jean carrying a bag and riding his white horse. He was puzzled. "Going somewhere?"

Jean laughed. "Yes, Paris." He said. "Captain of the Musketeers."

"Oh yes, you are replacing Jean-Paul in Paris."

"Yes, But you are no lower in rank." Jean said.

"I have a favor to ask."


"Could you help me gather as many people together in city square of Chameceaux? They must flee or die."

"You mean, May I."

"Yes, something like that."

"What is this flee or die?"

"God gave Corrine, Anne and me the same dream. In about a few hours the city will be invaded. Everything and Everyone will be destroyed. I must save many people as possible."

"Yes, I will." Jean said. "Anything else?"

"After we gather these people ride ahead to Paris and tell King Henry and Queen Marie to expect more than just us. Will you do this?"


"Thank you. I must head back to where Corrine and Anne are waiting."

"You are welcome, my friend and brother in Christ." Jean said, and then pulled the reigns of the horse, 'He' He rode off.

Ciel-Remi was still near the bakery so he decided to stop by. The baker wore an apron with a white hat and saw Ciel-Remi. "Hello, Monsieur."

He looked at the baker's fine breads. All golden-brown and the flames were hot. "This food smells good; I have no money with me. The Lord has told me to tell you to leave your town or you will die."

"What did you say?" the baker said.

"You heard right. Jean-Paul Borjour Mephisto will destroy your town and everyone left here, come to Paris, I believe we can get you a job in a bakery there."

The baker was a stubborn man. "No! I cannot leave my beautiful bakery behind. I must stay."

"It is your choice. I have warned you."

Ciel-Remi walked outside and prayed. "Lord, this is going to be more difficult than I imaged."

Ciel-Remi, Trust in Me, many people will open their hearts to the idea of death and come with you to Paris. Look back into Bakery.

He glanced back, the baker was busy packing bags of his bread; he extinguished the fire.

Keep with your promise in Paris. This is still a good baker.

"Yes, Lord. Thank you, Lord."

He headed back to the Inn.


Corrine and Anne went down to the tavern. The wooden chairs were up on top of wooden tables. She took down a chair, Anne followed. They sat there waiting for Ciel-Remi.

"Gutien Morgan, Anne and Corrine."

"Good morning, Madams."

"What's it goin' to be today?"

"Two fruit juices, please."

The German woman, short and a bit over weight took a pen and paper. She wrote down something. "Thank you, anything else?"

"No!" Corrine said. "But we need to warn you. Later today Chameceaux will be attacked."

"Is it something like Bourge?" Anne asked her.

"They are meaning for a surprise attack." Corrine said.

"What do we do?" The German woman asked.

"We stay calm ... another juice." Ciel-Remi said coming in.

Corrine turned around to see he approaching the table and pull down another wooden chair. She kissed him. "Good thing we have your help to bring these people out without a panic."

"Yes, Corrine." Ciel-Remi began. "But many of these people will lose most of their jobs. I will talk to Queen Marie about a bakery and a new tavern. What will the other people do? We have many places already, which have flower shops and different stores."

"They will manage, Look how I started?" The woman told them handing the three juices. "I am from Germany; I am here to do business, not to look for ways to live."

"Yes, Madam." he sighed. "About nine o'clock I will address many to flee. We need to pray for boldness."

"You will be bold and brave, my love." Corrine encouraged.

"Yes, my love."

Corrine felt reassured he would help these people. She thought about the people of Israel who wanted to go back to Egypt once they were led into the wilderness. Many will rebel against him.

Corrine heard the people yelling and whining. She looked around.

"We better get packing for Paris. Enjoy your drinks." The woman said.

"Thank you, Madam." Corrine said.

"Ciel-Remi," Jean walked into the Inn. "They are together, some are angry and some are confused."

Ciel-Remi stood up, patting his friend's shoulder. "Thank you, Jean."

"I will be leaving for Paris to tell the King and Queen, Hopefully you will save a lot or else France will mourn. We will have something else about which to be angry at Jean-Paul."

Corrine hugged Jean. "Thank you, my friend and brother in Christ. Safe journeys to you."

"To you, Lady Corrine, as well."

Anne hugged Jean next. "Tell Stephan, 'hello'. He left earlier for Paris."

"I will, Anne, thank you."

Ciel-Remi gave Jean a big hug. "We will see you in Paris."

"Yes, my friend." Jean said.

He hurried out the door.

"Ciel-Remi, we need to address everyone." Corrine told him.

"Yes, My love."


Ciel-Remi knew he wasn't ready to address this crowd, but time was most important. "Corrine, after I have addressed these people. I would like you and Anne to be in front. You will lead them to Paris. I am going to stay behind just in case the enemy attacks us."

"Yes." Corrine lovingly said, kissing him.

Ciel-Remi walked out the door of the Inn. The complaining and angry people lined the streets. He prayed. "Lord, give me strength."

Ciel-Remi walked pushing his way through the crowd. People were dazed and confused; many wanted to know why they were awakened. He only braved the crowd.

You are like Moses, Be strong and be bold, for I will make the way.

"Thank you, Lord." Ciel-Remi prayed as he reached the town square. Everyone was talking, gossiping and complaining.

Ciel-Remi yelled over the crowd. "Today Chameceaux will be destroyed! Like my home town!"

He got everyone's attention; they became quiet to listen.

"How do you know?" A woman cried out.

"The Lord has revealed it to us in a dream. The city will be destroyed by an adversary to France." Ciel-Remi said.

"My life is in Chameceaux! I will not leave because you tell me something I do not see!" Another man yelled.

"So be it. I have warned you." He told the man.

"I know many of you will lose your jobs! Would you rather live to work or stay here a die at the hands of our enemies? My love lived in Chameceaux is ready to leave for Paris. If you are willing not to die, let us go to Paris. Where Queen Marie will get you work and you will live to work and raise your families."

"No! I love Chameceaux; I would rather live here today." Another man yelled out.

"I have warned you. You stay, you die and come with us and you will live. Who among you is ready to lose their lives for the sake of pride? And who are ready to live for God and France?

Ciel-Remi pulled out his Bible and quoted. "It is written, Then Jesus, the Savior of this world and God to all said to his disciples. If any of you wants to be my follower, you must put aside your selfish ambition, shoulder your cross, and follow me, if you try to keep your life for yourself, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for me, you will find true life. And how do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul in the process? Is anything worth more than your soul? For I, the Son of Man, will come in the glory of my Father with his angels and will judge all people according to their deeds. And I assure you that some of you standing here right now will not die before you see me, the Son of Man, coming in his Kingdom."

"God has given you a choice; live today or die today. If you choose to live, come to Paris with us, we are leaving now. Those who feel sure I am lying and I am not telling the truth. You will soon see the warning, except it will be too late."

Many people still complained and many people still gossiped and many still were confused. Many people just stood listening to the words of Ciel-Remi.

Ciel-Remi broke his sweat as Corrine came to the front. She told the people bravely. "My love, is telling you the truth. This city will be destroyed this day. Last night a force greater and stronger than a human man destroyed my house. God knew it and showed me a way out. Our enemies are angry and they will kill anyone here. Anne and I are heading to Paris, come or die! You have a choice!"

Many people cheered. Many went back to their daily lives and other people went back for a minute to pack their belongings. Other people stood waiting for them. Ciel-Remi wept bitterly for the lost souls who had disbelief in God's plan.

Corrine headed everyone. Anne stood in the middle and Ciel-Remi waited for everyone else. He knew the time was now or never. He rode on his brown horse.

Many started to yell out. "Look!" said a man.

"Yes, I see them." said other women.

"One thousand!" another man said, exaggerating.

"An Army." said a lady.

"Just in time too." Thanked another man.

The people kept going as Ciel-Remi saw the armies advancing. Corrine and Anne were safe at least. He saw a man wearing a white garment on the white horse rode from the south. He prayed. "Thank you, Lord for those people who listened and believed. For those who refused and disbelieved, I shutter to know what will happen to them."

Ciel-Remi looked as the armies of the enemy headed toward the city; they held light bows, flaming arrows started going toward the town. He looked in awe and wonder of the day God saved his life. He heard screams from people who disbelieved and refused to leave with them.

Do not look back. Keep your eyes on Paris and France and most importantly, Me.

Ciel-Remi didn't look back. He still heard the town's fire crackling and more screams. He remembered what God did to the cities, Sodom and Gomorrah. He remembered what happened to Lot's wife; that she turned into salt. He only kept his eyes forward.

Everyone who had cleared the city soon stood at the gates of Paris. Many didn't know what they were going to do for work. They trusted in hope and a future. Many people lost loved ones, many people moved into Paris with great expectation. The baker was promised a bakery. The tavern worker found a place to call home. Queen Marie supplied people greatly with food for those who couldn't find anything. Ciel-Remi looked at the people who believed and mourned for the people who didn't.

He prayed. "Lord, your plan has been accomplished; these people are happy and living again."

Ciel-Remi and Corrine postponed their wedding day, because they weren't ready to marry. He decided to date her again before they married.

God was good to Paris. Ciel-Remi knew Jean-Paul would be angry. Repay good deeds for the evil deeds. He thought lying on his bed.


A few days later, Corrine was brushing her hair when Queen Marie came to the door and knocked. Corrine answered the door and seeing Queen Marie hugged her and let her into the room.

"Hello, my friend."

"Hello, My Queen." Corrine asked. "What brings you here?"

"Please, tonight I am Marie, tomorrow is your wedding to Ciel-Remi and I am your Matron of Honor, Am I not?"

"Yes, Marie, You are my matron of Honor."

"Are you excited?"

"Yes." Corrine said joyfully, "This time we have no one to come between us."

"Yes, Jean-Paul cannot enter Paris to destroy the wedding, you will be happy together for God has brought you two together from the beginning. God's plans are always greater than what we think or do."

They both giggled.

"Are you nervous?"

"What do you think?"

"I am asking you, Corrine, Are you nervous?"

"Yes, I am nervous."

Corrine only knew Queen Marie had the best for her friend in mind and Lady of the House. Ciel-Remi was Queen Marie's guardian. He would take care of Queen Marie until he died. She only knew that was down the road. She let Marie brush her hair as they talked between themselves about their men.


Ciel-Remi rose early the next morning, got dressed, and ready to wed his beautiful love and fiancé. He was fixing his bow tie when his door was knocked on. "Come in!" He yelled out.

The door opened, slowly. "Ciel-Remi, Are you ready yet?"

He turned, "Come in, Jean."

Jean stepped into the room. "I have everything you need."


"God Bless you today Ciel-Remi, for the two of you will no longer be Ciel-Remi and Corrine, now Lord Ciel-Remi and Lady Corrine."

"Yes, Jean." Ciel-Remi said forcefully trying to tie the bow.

"God gave you the garments and clothes, do not strain yourself over a bow tie."

"Yeah, I guess you are right."

Ciel-Remi was nervous in everyway possible, today was his wedding day to and he wanted to look his best. Clothes in this time were not that flashy, they wore a pair of purple pants with a black tunic, dressed in a white fluff bow tie and purple jacket. No one wore hats or caps, just wigs if needed. He looked into the rusted mirror.

"The ring?" Jean handed Ciel-Remi a box, about four inches long by four inches wide. He opened the box, the ring was gleaming and the diamond was beautiful in the shining gold ring. Inside the ring was an inscription: To my love, Corrine, now and forever, Ciel-Remi.

Ciel-Remi had a tear rolling down his cheek. He took off his soulfire ring and looked at the rusted silver ring. He switched and put it on his right ring finger. He had up to this time worn it upon his left ring finger. "Christ is seated at the right hand of God." He said quietly.

Ciel-Remi hugged Jean, "Thank you, my friend."

"You are welcome."

"You know, one day, you will experience this as well."

"Yes, the day will come in God's time."

"Exactly." he sighed. "Shall we go?"

"Yes, my friend and my lord."

They both left the room; his hands were sweating making him nervous.


Marie and Anne helped brush Corrine's beautiful blonde hair early that morning. She wore a medieval white wedding dress, with a white veil, which covered her head.

"Are you ready, my Lady?"

"As ready as I am going to be." she said nervously.

"Here is the ring for Ciel-Remi." Anne said handing a box the same length and width as his. Corrine opened it, the golden ring shone brightly; she took her index finger and thumb. She pulled it out gently. She examined the inside, an inscription read: To my love, Ciel-Remi, now and forever, Corrine.

Corrine was happy with the inscription. She placed the ring back inside the box closing it, she it handed back to Anne. "Thank you."

"You are welcome, my friend."

She was satisfied.

They let down the veil and she looked into her mirror. Corrine was impressed and thanked God for everything. Marie and Anne wore pink dresses with white fluffy cuffs. Marie wore her tiara crown.

Corrine felt last minute nerves. She knew she was ready to marry this man; this one she called' loved one' for many years. She left her room, heading for the chapel.


The wedding was wonderfully gorgeous and beautiful. They both made a vow to love and cherish each other until the day they died. They exchanged rings with each other. Afterwards in the reception hall, Jean had some words to say about his best friend. Queen Marie spoke some words about Corrine. They were now Lord and Lady of France. God's peace and protection ran throughout France, except Ciel-Remi's adventure wasn't finished, the adventure had just begun.

Chapter 8


CIEL-REMI looked outside the eastern tower window. After everyone had begun moving to Paris, the new LeChat Mansion was sacrificed for people to live in. Corrine loved the view of the city and country side from the tower where Ciel-Remi and she now lived. He only watched out as the children played.

Ciel-Remi started to remember what happened after the wedding. Ciel-Remi and Corrine stayed in the castle in one of the many turret rooms. They were asked by Queen Marie to protect a couple from England, who had come to Northern France. They met their new friends, Diana and Richard LeCoeur.

Queen Marie invited everyone to a dinner; it celebrated the arrival of Lord Richard and Lady Diana to France. Jean brought a girl who he had been seeing in Chameceaux as friends. They got to know each other there, they decided to marry.

A few days later, Julie disappeared from Paris and its surroundings. She was kidnapped to lure Ciel-Remi to Bourge. Corrine and Diana became pregnant and he and Richard had to stay around. Julie returned home a week later and proclaimed 'God set her free!' Jean only thanked God.

Ciel-Remi and Corrine had a baby girl; she had blonde hair like her mother and hazel eyes like her father. God called upon him to name the child 'Victoria', which meant 'Victory'.

Richard and Diana had a baby as well; they named her after the Queen. Marie was beautiful, she had blonde hair, deep green eyes, and she became Victoria's best friend.

Stephan and Anne Lionheart returned to Spain to serve under King Phillip the third. They had a baby girl; she had black-brown hair and, brown eyes. They named her Samantha Lionheart.

Jean and Julie were married; they loved each other very much. They had a baby boy; he had brown hair, with green eyes. They named him Pierre Douvicioux. In memory of their friend and guard of LeChat Mansion who was killed two days before his birth.

King Henry and Queen Marie had also a child; he had brown-blonde hair, blue eyes and they named him, Louie XIII.

Ciel-Remi thanked God for His many blessings on the men and women of Paris. He still loved God in everything. He and his wife grew in the Lord's blessings and learned more about His great love for everyone on earth.

Ciel-Remi looked toward the horizon. He had missed his hometown of Bourge and missed Chameceaux, these were cities and towns of his past and the Lord reassured him of the safety and protection of Paris.

Ciel-Remi remembered one night. Victoria was only one year old at the time. He held the quiet sleeping baby on his lap, cuddled her, rocking back and forth in the chair. He felt his eyes closing and fell asleep. God came to him in a dream and spoke to his spirit. One day you will return to Bourge and confront Jean-Paul, those days are near, be prepared, do not worry about your family in those days I will provide.

He remembered those words well. Corrine approached him from behind. She laid her hand on his shoulder. "Is something bothering you?"

Ciel-Remi took Corrine's hands and said. "Yes, One day, God will send me away from here. I do not know the day or the hour. I must obey the Lord's commands."

"Yes, you are still worried."

"I do not know for how long. Victoria does not yet to know the Lord's love for her life. Corrine, please promise me that you will watch over her while I am gone."

"Yes, My love." Corrine said. "Until that day comes, do not worry about the Lord reaching Victoria's heart. The Lord knows the day for such deeds. We should wait and be the parents she needs."

"Thank you." Ciel-Remi kissed her lovingly.

He held Corrine close as they watched little Victoria and Marie playing. They laughed joyfully and he praised the Lord for His many blessings.


Slipping off her shoes, Victoria was anxious and ready for bed. She kissed both of her parents saying, "Goodnight, Mama and Papa."

God gave Victoria many sorts of dreams throughout the night:

Victoria stood with tears in her eyes. She stepped onto the ground through the wet and water soaked caves and slime rocked walls. She looked down at her hands, blood dripping, as water dripped. "Father!" She yelled, still crying. "Father, No!!"

Victoria had an angry look. She bent down in the soiled mud, rain pouring from the sky. She looked into Ciel-Remi's eyes still opened and barely breathing. "My daughter." He choked, "I love you ..." His head bent back, she held her father's dead body crying, tears ran down her cheeks.

Victoria woke up suddenly. She ran across into their room, Ciel-Remi was still there asleep. She felt relief when she saw her father still alive. She went back to her bed and went back to sleep again and God gave her still another dream:

The night sky was totally dark as Victoria and Victoria was grown in to a beautiful young lady and she looked up at a castle. She turned to Samantha and Marie who looked about fifteen years of age. Marie wore a yellow outfit with gray armor. Samantha wore a black outfit with black armor. She stood ready for battle and looked down at her hands. She wore a black outfit with purple armor.

Victoria stood with a sword, she asked. "Are you ready?"

"Ready, I will go around to the left, Samantha will go around to the right, and you will enter the castle from the doorway." Marie said.

"Correct." said an uneasy Victoria.

"Be careful, Victoria, May God be with you." Samantha said.

"May God be with you all!" She said hugging them. "Right!"

Victoria watched as Samantha ran to the right and Marie ran to the left. She sighed, "I must do this, for France and for you Father. God have the Victory."

God made her mind go forward for a minute and continued:

Victoria stood in the castle, gray stoned walls lined the dark hallways and only one light was coming from a window down the hall.

"Intruder!" A man yelled. He held a sword in one hand, and held a gold covered spear in the other. She looked into his eyes and they were red.

Quickly, Victoria grabbed her sword as the man came down the hall; he approached her and swung down. Her sword clashed with the others, sparks flew. She quickly pulled back the sword. The man dropped his spear; he prepared himself to strike a better blow. She came up behind him, stabbing him. She pulled out a blood soaked sword from his body.

Victoria ran up to the window, the opened window viewed the right side of the castle tower and she saw Marie climbing up a rope. She headed up the gray stone steps until she came into another large room. She looked up and stared, a man dressed in armor like a dragon sat in the chair. The man didn't notice her yet. She waited.

Soon Marie and Samantha arrived. "Any trouble?" she asked.

"Nothing we are not already used to."


"Mephisto!" Victoria said under her breath. "You killed my father! It is now your time to die!"

They charged inside. Then amazingly she woke up again.

Victoria looked around and saw that everything was normal and so she just went back to sleep. God gave her one last dream:

Victoria sat at an oak desk. She looked around the room. The desks were lined up in a row and the people wore blue police uniforms. She was at peace about her life; she was busy working on paperwork. A man about six feet tall approached her desk ... She looked up. He wore a red shirt and black pants. He dropped a folder on the desk. She knew the man.

"Vic, you work too much."

"And you Erick Barely work at all." She joked.

"So where do you want to go tonight?"

"Why?" Victoria asked. "Are you asking me out?"

"Well, Maybe." he said.

"I Accept."

"Ok, eight o'clock."

"Great." She felt loved.

Victoria soon heard another voice. "Awake Victoria, Awake my daughter." She didn't know where the voice came from. Again she heard the voice and felt a shake on her shoulder and the man in dream simply walked away.

Victoria opened her eyes, her parents looked at her and she sat up. She rubbed her little eyes asking, "Mama, Papa, Why did you wake me from a beautiful dream?"


Ciel-Remi had almost the same dreams as she. His dreams were about Mephisto's defeat and Paris' betrayal by the new queen. God didn't reveal to him anything about his death, he needed to live his life for God and not fear of the future.

After the dreams, Ciel-Remi was given a word from the Lord. Ciel-Remi, My faithful son; you have wrestled with Paris' capture for a long time. Your enemies are not going to give up. I am sending you to Bourge to talk with Mephisto, tell him to stop his attack on Paris for My word is true and My power is greater. I will be your voice in midst of darkness.

Ciel-Remi wrestled to understand. "Why now?" He cried out, "Victoria is a little child. I must be here for my daughter. Why take me into Mephisto's den, you know once he has me, He will imprison me or kill me and once I am dead, he will have more power over France."

Mephisto has no power over Me; I am above your enemies, Satan and him. I have crushed Satan's accusations under my feet when I sent My only Son to die on the cross for your sins. He has no power over my children. I will protect you from Mephisto, but your enemies must be told to leave Paris alone.

"Am I to die? Will I see Corrine and Victoria again?" he asked.

You only can decide your future, I, the Lord know what you will decide. I have given you freedom to disobey me or obey me. These days will be hard, but they will lift up your spirit and draw you closer to me.

"Lord, Am I going alone?"

Ciel-Remi, I will always be with you.

"You are always with me. Who else is going?" he asked.

Your Friends.

"My friends, Lord."

Your friend and Queen will instruct you ... and you will know.

"My life is in your hands. Guide and lead me where you need me to go."

My child, you know I will.

Tell your wife and daughter you will be gone for a while.

"Thank you, Lord."

Ciel-Remi awoke; he looked at Corrine sleeping peacefully like a beautiful angel, "Lord God, She is so peaceful."

He got up and walked over to Victoria, she was sleeping too. He noticed that she was smiling. "Lord, she is a doll. To leave them both will hurt."

Ciel-Remi approached the window and he looked at Paris, the city of Peace. "One day, Lord. Paris will fall into the enemy's hands."

Corrine approached him from behind him; she wrapped her arms around him and asked. "My dear, what is wrong?"

"The day I told you about has come."

"Yes, Peace in Paris is close to the end."

"The Lord spoke to me, He asked me to go back to Bourge to plead with Mephisto to leave Paris alone."

"Do you believe he will comply with God's word?"

"No, I believe Mephisto would enjoy this, the journey is one I do not know if I will return from."

"You will return or I would not let you go."

Ciel-Remi kissed her. "I must go."

"Yes, I cannot stop you, Can I?"

"No, You cannot." he took her hands. "God's plans are not disaster, but a hope and a future. I must obey God's will."

"If you do not ever come back, you will always be in my heart."

"My love, I am not just leaving you. I am leaving our daughter as well."

"Victoria will understand, she is strong like me."

Corrine put her finger to his mouth before he could say another word and said. "Not another word, Look Victoria has a smile upon her face. She is dreaming peacefully."

Ciel-Remi held her, they watched their daughter sleep. "She will understand." They kissed.


"Why do you say such words? Was the dream a lovely one?" Ciel-Remi asked.

Victoria still rubbing her eyes and didn't know why she had those dreams, the last one was very lovely and she wanted to sleep longer but she just looked at her parents. They didn't seem to understand.

Her parents didn't seem happy. What is going on? She thought.

"Darling, Your Father has something to tell you. We could not wait any longer." Corrine told her.

Victoria felt depressed. He bent down. "My daughter, Queen Marie and the Lord asked me to go on a trip. I do not know how long or if I will return. Victoria, I need to you to take care of your mother."

Victoria felt depressed and confused and asked. "Why are you leaving us?"

"Your father has been dealing with a man, a mean man. Your father must confront this man."

"Does this man want to kill you?" Victoria said confusingly as the dreams began to come together.

"Darling, This man hates me. I do not know what God will have me say. I must obey God although it may kill me."

"No papa, you will live." she said.

Ciel-Remi knelt down and took the soulfire ring off placing it in her little hand. "My darling, take this ring. Think of me every day of your life until I see you again. This ring will remind you of me always."

Victoria had tears in her eyes. "Thank you, Papa." She cried, "I will."

Ciel-Remi and Corrine approached the door.


Corrine felt heart broken. Ciel-Remi was leaving and she didn't know for how long? Would she ever see him again? She didn't know how Victoria felt and knew she would have to live without him. "I will miss you, my love."

Ciel-Remi kissed her and then said. "I will miss you as well, God's promises are 'yes and amen', Only God could save me from Mephisto."

"The ring! Do you not need the ring?" Corrine asked.

"I have learned the power is not from our possessions, the power of God is found in the Spirit of God and our hearts. Victoria needs to learn this same lesson before she will know the true power of God."

"I could not bare it if you did not return to me."

Ciel-Remi will come back.

"Please, raise her, the way God has planned."

"Yes, My love."

They kissed again. They opened the door. Corrine had tears running down her cheeks. She gave him a big hug and said. "I love you."

"I love you, too." Ciel-Remi kissed her goodbye. "We will see each other again, I promise."

Corrine watched him walk out. "God knows you will return." She whispered.

"Mama! Papa will return home. God will save him." Victoria said excitedly to cheer her up.

"I know, honey." Corrine sighed. "I know," weeping the tears from her eyes.


In the throne room of King Henry and Queen Marie, Ciel-Remi, Richard, Jean stood before their thrones.

They stood. Everyone bowed before them. "God has chosen you to stand before Mephisto and his Queen Chaos. They must be told France will not surrender to them easily." King Henry announced.

"Today you embark on a journey to Bourge. The nation of France will be in your hands, Ciel-Remi, My friend and Guardian. You are still a guard for the royal family. You will be a guard to watch over King Henry, and God has chosen you to speak on behalf of King Henry."

Richard LeCoeur and Jean Douvicioux, you will be guardians for Ciel-Remi in case Mephisto does not accept our plea. God bless all, please come back to us." Marie explained.

Queen Marie didn't know, what would happen? She knew God's word is truth and He would be able work in Bourge.

"My wife and I have been discussing your journey. You have until ten o'clock today to say goodbye to your wives and children." King Henry explained.

Queen Marie knew it took a day to get to Bourge, because Chameceaux was destroyed, there was nowhere to rest, except there.

Queen Marie remembered when she came to Paris for the first time and God blessed Ciel-Remi. She loved her days in Bourge before she moved. So much had changed, Bourge was now a ruined city and the enemy held the city. She knew her husband was at risk of death by going with everyone. She didn't want to lose him. She only prayed for his safety. She knew God's plans meant something would happen in His ways.

Queen Marie sat down next to him. "God bless you! You are dismissed!"

Richard and Jean left. Ciel-Remi approached her. "You have been my friend since Bourge's destruction." he commented as he stood and hugged her. "My hope and faith is to return to my wife and daughter and the best Queen of France."

She hugged him back. "Thank you" She cried tears of joy. "We have come along way since we first met in Paris all those years ago."

"Yes, My Queen," Ciel-Remi said. "God has blessed and saved us many times in the past and He will bless and save us again. My time is short on earth, I have much more to do, God's plans are for me to find out what I am willing to do, test me in areas to help my daughter learn His plans for saving France."

Queen Marie knew him; when he talked about the future, he was talking about anytime. She inquired. "Do you know what God's plans are? Are you not going to be here to save this nation?"

"I do not know what God's plans are, we are on this earth until our work and God's purpose is finished." Ciel-Remi said. "All I know, Victoria's name means 'Victory', God is preparing her for 'Victory in Jesus Christ'."

"You have much to teach her." She told him.

"Yes." Ciel-Remi sighed. "I believe and have faith in God that I can do all things. My mission now is to confront Mephisto, one last time. And God will be preparing my daughter to defeat him and bring peace to France. God's peace is true peace, especially after Mephisto is defeated. I do not believe we are going to be at peace, someone else will try to take the throne and destroy France. Only in God's time will we ever know what to believe." he preached.

"Yes." Queen Marie said. "Ciel-Remi, God is great and will help understand our mistakes and no one is perfect, only Christ and the Father."

"God tests us all the time. He will see if we are obedient to His word and go where he says to go."

"You are right." Queen Marie said wondering why he didn't leave to say 'goodbye?' She asked. "Are you going to going to say goodbye to your family?"

"God gave Victoria a dream." Ciel-Remi began changing the subject. "She woke up with a smile on her face and told me she dreamed of a beautiful place."

"Do you know what they were about?"

"No!" He sighed. "She did not explain. Victoria knew I will be coming home, but when and what time of year, she does not know. She is young; you remember when I left home to come to Paris. I did not know why until the time came. I believe God has shown her a dream of the future and she does not know anything about what to do."

"God gave a dream to Victoria, like he spoke through His voice to you. He will reveal everything in His time. Now you must go with my husband and confront Mephisto and Chaos."

"Thank you." King Henry said. "For your service to me."

"Your Majesty." Ciel-Remi proclaimed. "I will serve you until my life has ended."

"Please, go spend more time with your family. We will see you at the city gates."

"Thank you, Your Majesties." Ciel-Remi bowed.

Queen Marie approached King Henry. "Mephisto will imprison you, please be careful."

"Yes, my love, I will miss you."

"Yes." she sighed. "I will miss you as well."

A tear ran down each of her cheeks. King Henry took his finger and wiped off the tears. "Honey, Do not cry. I love you. You will see me again, only God knows whether I will come back or not, if not, you will see me Heaven with the Lord."

"I love you." She cried. "I do not want to lose you."

"You will have to be strong, for God and for France. If I were to perish, you must raise Louis to be next King of France."

"Yes." She kissed him. "Until I die, I will be the ruler of France and until Louis marries the next princess."

"Yes." He explained. "God has blessed us; make Louis understand God and Jesus Christ ... Make sure he marries for Love instead of an arranged marriage like others and to a princess from another country. You have been a great Princess and Queen to France; you have been a great wife and lover. God has blessed you. He will keep blessing you. I will always be in your heart and you will always be in mine."

They held each other for a while. She cried in his arms.


Ten o'clock came; all too quickly, Ciel-Remi and Corrine, Richard and Diana, Jean and Julie stood near the city gates. King Henry and Queen Marie stood in front of all the people of Paris. She addressed the crowd.

"Today our husbands and fathers will be going on a mission to bring God's message to our enemies.

"King Henry, My beloved husband and your King will address Jean-Paul Mephisto and the female who they call 'Chaos'. Ciel-Remi Lebejioux will speak for us and for France as guardian and messenger of God.

"Richard LeCoeur and Jean Douvicioux are going also as guardians to King Henry and Ciel-Remi, just in case Mephisto brings out a revolt on everyone there. This mission will not be an easy one. We do not know what Jean-Paul will do with them. God has promised to bring everyone back safely.

"God Bless everyone. May the Lord be with you all as well, now and always to ends of the earth."


Victoria watched her father from a far. When Queen Marie told them about Jean-Paul Mephisto, She thought of the dreams she'd had. "Papa?" She whispered to herself. "God will bring you back to us." She said and knelt down to pray. "Lord, God, Keep Papa safe from the monster and keep our beloved King safe as well. God, please do not leave Papa's side, in your name, Amen."

Victoria knew God from what her father and mother told her about his wonderful love for them. She prayed Jesus Christ into her life just one week before God gave her the dreams and her Father was called to talk with Mephisto.

Victoria loved God very much; a tear ran down from her eye, a hand was placed on her shoulder almost startling her.

Marie stood behind her. "What were you doing?" she asked.

"Saying goodbye to Papa." she replied. They have prayed for safe journey. They opened the gate and are about to leave." Victoria told her.

"Oh okay." Marie shrugged her shoulders, "Do you believe they will return?"

"Yes, Marie." Victoria said sounding confident.

Well, I hope they come back.

"What makes you so sure?" Marie asked.

"God showed me."

"God showed you? What did he show you?"

Victoria put her finger to Marie's mouth, "Shh!" she whispered. "I will tell you after they are gone. For now, I am watching them leave."

Bye! Papa.

You will see him again.

"Yes, Lord." She quietly said she had not heard the Lord speak before this time, but she instinctively knew that what she heard was God's voice.

After everyone had left Victoria turned to Marie. She was sitting there quietly.

"Marie, God gave me many dreams, I am older when Papa is killed and I will fight this Jean-Paul Mephisto myself."

"You fought a tyrant, while you were dreaming." Marie laughed.

"Actually, you are going to help, too."

"Now I know you were dreaming." she said still laughing.

"You wait and see."


Everyone that was to go on this mission left the city, and Corrine watched as her husband left town with the others. "How long Lord must my daughter and I wait for my husband to return?" She asked, a tear running down her from her eyes and onto her cheeks.

My child and beloved, Ciel-Remi will return in my time, in a month or perhaps years, I will protect them from harm ... I need to get a message to your friend, Queen Marie. Tell her this ...

God gave Corrine a message. Queen Marie was headed back toward the castle. She called out. "Wait, My Queen, God has a message for you."

The carriage carrying Queen Marie was halted and Corrine ran up beside her. "My queen." She bowed.

"You have a message from God?" Queen Marie asked.

"Yes, Marie." She said almost out of breath. "May I ride back to the castle with you, I will give this message from our Lord and Savior while we go."

"Yes" She sighed. "You may."

Corrine entered the carriage.


Ciel-Remi already felt alone. Being away from them brought despair. God never left his side.

What is wrong? My child, Even though you have left your wife and child, I will never leave or forsake you, you will never be alone as long I am near.

"Yes, Lord."

After a day's walk from Paris to Bourge, Ciel-Remi was tired. About midday, he came across the ruins of Chameceaux. The memories came flooding back to him about how he lived there for a short time before Jean-Paul ordered the destruction and ended up in Paris.

A long time passed since Ciel-Remi had seen the place he called home. He addressed, "Your Majesty?"

"You may call me 'Henry'."

"Henry." he sighed and asked. "Before we get into this lonely and dark castle to confront our enemies, may I visit my home and see the graves of my parents?"

"Yes, Lord Ciel-Remi." King Henry commented. "The sun is about to set anyway and we need a place to stay. Why do we not stay the night in your old house and in the morning we will have to confront Mephisto?"

"Thank you, Henry."

Once they entered the city of Bourge, Ciel-Remi looked around at the houses were completely broken down, rubble lined the streets. Burnt marks were on main road into the city, the walls were completely broken down as well. "My Lord, What happened here?" King Henry asked everyone.

"Exactly!" Ciel-Remi sighed. "This is only half of what happened here." he commented.

Jean rode up next to Ciel-Remi. "Do you remember this same evil presence we experienced a few years ago?"

"Yeah, my friend, the evil presence we felt in Chameceaux, near the LeChat mansion on the night Corrine's parents were deceived by Jean-Paul."

"Yes, Jean-Paul definitely has lived in this ruined city."

King Henry felt something was wrong. "No wonder Julie was frightened after coming home, if they had brought her here."

"No, your Majesty. Julie had told everyone 'I was taken to a cave in the south region near Bourge.'" Jean said.

"I dinna know if goin' to Bourge is wise, should we wind up in prison, lads, the cave would be our way of escape." Richard said.

They rode up the hillside overlooking Bourge leaving the city. Everyone was amazed they didn't harm Ciel-Remi's house, beside rubble from the fight; the house still had a foundation and the stone brick and cobblestone area around the house were still there.

"My word, Did your family, being of royalty, live in this house?"

"Yes, Henry." Ciel-Remi explained. "My father, even though a Lord of Bourge was dedicated to be a shepherd and raised sheep. They were killed in the attack twelve years ago."

The orange sky of the sunset was settling over the ruined city. Ciel-Remi said. "I would like to pay a visit of my parents' graves, please make yourselves at home."

"Thank you."

Jean approached him; he put his hand on his shoulder asking? "My friend, Would you like company?"

"Yes." Ciel-Remi said. "You may come."

"Thank you."

Ciel-Remi and Jean left to go to the hill where he had buried his mother and father.


The carriages in France were like the cars of modern day, except without an engine. The black horses guided the carriages. The carriages were small and only four people fit in a small space, the leather exterior was black, while the interior was white. Marie sat on the left side; Corrine sat on the right side.

Why did not the Lord give Queen Marie the message through her spirit?

"Lady Corrine, What is your message from God?" Queen Marie asked curiously.

"Do you grieve for your husband?" Corrine asked.

"Yes, a little bit."

"God told me to tell you this: 'My Child, Please do not yet grieve the death of your husband. The day of grieving will come, but now you must be strong for France. You are a Queen of France. Do as King Henry told you, raise Louis in My way and the way of France."

Corrine wondered if God was going to deliver King Henry from evil and come back to Queen Marie. She knew in her spirit that Ciel-Remi would return home.

"Thank you, Lady Corrine." Queen Marie told her. "Only God will deliver everyone He has sent. Like you I do miss my husband greatly. I must be strong for France. Let us pray for our husbands and a safe return."

"Yes." Corrine agreed.

"Lord, in Heaven and Earth, please protect and keep our husbands safe as they are outside the protection of Paris. Lord, help me to serve as Queen of France. Thank you for your love and faith. God, Thank you for your Grace, for your Son, Jesus Christ. Did not he die, so that we would not be lost? In the name of Jesus Christ, your will be the glory forever and ever, Amen."


The carriage rode into the gate; a woman with a yellow dress gave Queen Marie a hand out of the carriage. Prince Louis approached Queen Marie. "Mother, Please I would like you see someone."

She waved at Queen Marie as she followed her son.

Corrine sighed and returned back to their living area.


Victoria saw her mother get into the carriage and head back. Marie stood and said. "Victoria! Please come on! Our mothers will be back soon and we will be in trouble."

"Just a moment, do not worry." Victoria said. She caught something in her eyesight; something was glowing near the city gates.

"Come on! Victoria." Marie proclaimed excitedly.

Victoria quietly ran out toward the light. Marie stayed behind.

Victoria looked back at Marie and she asked. "Are you afraid?"

"No! Victoria, We will be in trouble soon, if we do not get back."

Keep going Victoria, for only you can see the light.

"Yes, Lord."

The light shone brighter as she drew closer. Marie was soon out of sight of Victoria. She looked down at the ring given by Ciel-Remi. It was glowing, what was this light that surrounded her?

A man, a beggar was standing near the road. He wasn't there before.

"You are Victoria Lebejioux, daughter of Ciel-Remi and Corrine Lebejioux."

"Yes, sir." she didn't understand.

"My lady," The man asked. "Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?"

"What I have learned from my father. Did God give me those dreams? What do they mean?" Victoria asked curiously. She believed this could only be an angel sent to give her a message.

"Yes, My child." The man explained. "I am the one who gave Ciel-Remi the Bible and the ring. God did give you those dreams; they are future visions given to the young."

"What do they mean?"

"Simply, you are going to save and defeat Jean-Paul Mephisto. Your father will come back in two years, when you are age thirteen, you will know God's plan and Ciel-Remi will be no longer needed in France."

"Which means?"

"When the time comes you will know." The Angel told her. "These messages are from God."

"The dream of a far off place, what was it about?"

"This dream is not final until you have learned what is going to happen with France after the tyrant is defeated. The Lord wishes that you to not know so much before His time. Take these and run back to your mother."

Victoria obeyed. She reached her hand in the cup and pulled out about hundred silver coins. "Wow!"

"This is the amount I gave your father and he has been blessed by the Lord. I give you them to bless and support your mother while your father is gone. Please be an obedient daughter and coins more will come."

Put ten percent back in.

Victoria took ten coins and put them back in the cup.

"Thank you. You have given ten percent, your tithe back to God. Please anything you earn, give me your tithe. I am always sitting near gates of city. You will be blessed greatly. Thank you. You may go home."

"Thank you, sir." Victoria was excited ran back to Marie. She looked back and no one was there, except the light. "Thank you, Lord." She prayed.

"Where have you been?" Marie asked. "Our mothers are probably worried."

Victoria showed her the ninety coins. "God has blessed us."

"Where did you get those?"

"Have you had an encounter with an angel?"

Marie shrugged her shoulders. "No."

"An angel sent by God just blessed us with enough to last two years."

"Two years?"

"Yes, as long as our fathers are gone."

Victoria knew Marie was already confused. They went back to the castle and ran home.

Chapter 9

CIEL-REMI AND JEAN stood near the graves of his parents. Jean just lay down on his back and Ciel-Remi looked at the gravesite with tears running down his cheeks. "Mama, Papa, Look what has happened. Papa, you wished me to watch sheep, my dreams have come to pass, God is great."

"I have a beautiful wife and a beautiful daughter. God has blessed us greatly. Mama, I have missed you. I loved your cooking and the way you loved to read to me. I wish you could see your granddaughter. Mama, why did you not tell me Marie was a princess? My wife, Corrine is like sunshine and I have loved ever since we saw each other in Bourge twenty years ago."

"Papa, You would not believe what I had to do to get her to become my wife. Right now, I am about to visit someone who has brought me grief and pain. France will be free. I do not know what happened to you when you died, so I do not know if I will see you again when I die."

Ciel-Remi bent down and prayed, while crying. "Father God, Only you know where my parents have gone. God please, if they served you without me knowing it, keep them safe in your presence."

Ciel-Remi felt a hand on his shoulder. "We better go." Jean said quietly and caring about all Ciel-Remi felt.

"Yes, my friend." Ciel-Remi said. "Tomorrow is a big day. I will not be able to sleep this night. God will have me pray, so I will pray."

They headed back. "Do you feel comfortable staying in the house?" Jean asked.

"Yes." Ciel-Remi said. "God has been protecting my household for this day. He will protect us tonight, as well. God's presence is shining out still in this evil presence."

"We must face this presence tomorrow."

"Exactly, my friend, exactly."


Corrine sat writing something, when Victoria came in all excitedly. "Mama! God has blessed us."

"Where have you been?" she snapped.

"Sorry, Mama, I watched Papa and you while he left. Then I had an encounter with an angel."

"I am glad you are safe." Corrine said, "What is this blessing?"

"Look, Mama." Victoria held out ninety coins.

Corrine couldn't believe it; those coins would be enough for years. "Where did you get those?"

"The angel from God, he was like a beggar near the city gates. He was there after you left. I gave back ten of the coins. He says we should give back any earnings to him. He will bless us more."

"Victoria! Gabriel the Archangel?" Corrine asked. "Ciel-Remi told me about an encounter with Archangel Gabriel outside the church in Paris when he first left Bourge to come here."

"Mama, He explained my dreams last night. They were visions of the future. Mama, do you believe I am to save France?"

"God gave you the name Victoria Lebejioux, which means 'Victory'. Yes, your father and I believe you are supposed to defeat our enemies and save France."

"Mama, I am still young, we are given these to help for two years."

"Why? Two years."

Ciel-Remi will be in Bourge for Two years.

Two years, Imprisoned by Mephisto, Why such time?

"Mama, God is testing Papa, if he is willing to obey. Two years to be with God and King Henry will find the answer to France's freedom."

"Lord, Based on what?"

My glory, Corrine, One day the protection will be destroyed by an act of sin through a royal personage.

"Thank you, Lord."

"Mama, God is Lord, Do not under estimate his power. Mephisto believes he is powerful and mighty through his power given by Satan. God will show Papa that God is the only Lord. Satan cannot do much to help Mephisto besides let God work."

"Thank you, Lord." Corrine said.

After two years, Mephisto does not give up his reign of France; I will open the cell doors with My power and free everyone.

Lord, what happens if Mephisto submits to your authority.

Do you believe Mephisto will submit, I have given you knowledge to escape Chameceaux, I am Lord, Satan will believe he is god until the end of time. So will Mephisto, Satan's second fallen angel since the beginning of time.

Lord, the false Prophet, In Daniel and Revelation.

Yes, Corrine.

Thank you, Lord.

Corrine felt a hug in the Spirit, Victoria hugged her. "Mama, God will free my father."

She bent down, "Yes, honey, your father will return."

Victoria handed Corrine every one of the coins except one. "I will be back, Mama."

"Yes, my darling." Corrine watched she ran out of the door.


Victoria felt that she was to give one coin back to the man near the city walls. She ran down the steps as fast as her little legs could carry her. She crossed the entrance hallway and out to the courtyard. She ran to the wall and the guard was gone.

"Where are you going Victoria?" The beggar sat near the wall. "To see me."

"Yes, sir."

"Do you have something more to give to God?" he asked.

"Yes, sir."

He held out the cup, she dropped in the silver coin. "Thank you, now pull out the eleven coins you gave."

Victoria put her hand into the cup and pulled out ten golden coins. She couldn't believe what were in her hands. "Thank you, sir, Thank you, Lord."

"You are welcome." He said. "Victoria do you have a question for me?"

"No sir." Victoria took a golden coin and put it back in the cup. "Come see me after you have earned more and you will receive more of this offering. Thank you."

"I must be going. I have friends to see." Victoria turned and ran off. "Goodbye, sir."

No answer was given and she knew as much.

God blessed her again, Gold coins were double the size of the silver ones and they were given to her for God's purpose.

Diana, Julie and Queen Marie are going to need these coins, please deliver them to everyone. Since you were headed outside, start with Julie.

"Yes, Lord."


Ciel-Remi prayed all night, the time was five o'clock in the morning. He knew the night sky was still dark and he just sat on the floor. A creak in the boards would wake him. He sat thinking about his family and how the Lord would bless them while he was gone.

Ciel-Remi still had his clothes on, he was barely asleep when he heard a noise come from outside. He looked around and the other men were fast asleep, the crunch of grass was soft, but could still be heard.

Does Mephisto know we are in Bourge? Is he coming to get us?

He was full of fear and doubt. Will I see my wife and child again?

Fear not, my child, just go see who it is.

Ciel-Remi stood and quietly unsheathed his sword. He started walking toward the wooden door near the fireplace. He slowly slipped his hand toward the knob and heard the crunch of grass, much louder now.

Who else would know we were here?

He opened the door, the bluish night sky and dirt on the ground. Ciel-Remi reached back and quietly closed the door as he stepped outside. His blade was pointed forward as he heard the grass crunch louder and louder. He turned the corner, nothing.

Ciel-Remi kept going, yet nothing came his way.

Mephisto does not make this much time pass before he reveals himself to us? Ciel-Remi turned the next corner, nothing yet. The darken sky didn't help him or his fears.

Ciel-Remi wanted to yell out, but he found no voice and believed he would awaken everyone else. He just continued to walk, blade pointed forward, soon another blade clashed and sparks flew.

He looked at another man with a Musketeer type uniform on which stood in front of him. The hair was black and brown goatee spoke a deep Spanish accent. "God has blessed you, my brother, you should not be pointing a sword at nothing."

Ciel-Remi recognized his voice and accent. "Stephan Lionheart!"

"Do you have room for one more?"

Ciel-Remi's fears melted away, joy came to his face and they both hugged each other. He was a bit confused. "How did you know we were here?"

"My friend, Queen Marie is a blessing in disguise and the Lord is a Great God."

"What are you getting at?" Ciel-Remi asked curiously.

"God called us to go back home to France and over the border a messenger came and told us, 'you were headed for Bourge'. Anne and Samantha headed to Paris."

"How did you know we where not captured?"

"It is only a day's journey from Paris to Bourge. My guess was that you stayed at your parent's place and were going to approach Jean-Paul Borjour tomorrow."

"You mean, Mephisto."

"Jean-Paul Borjour is the name of the man Mephisto is imprisoning. Renee is the name of a woman Chaos has imprisoned. Be careful to let Renee into the city gates." He sighed. "Enough chatting, my friend, how is your family holding up. Did they take the news lightly?"

"Stephan, My daughter is remarkable. She knew about the trip before hand, plus she did not beg and whine like little girls do when their fathers leave. Corrine did not take it so easily. I have prayed to God to bless them while I am gone."

"How long do you suppose God will have us here?" Stephan asked.

"My friend, as long as God needs us."

"Enough chatting, Let us go see everyone."

"They will be happy to see you."

"It has been years."

"Too many years have passed. I have missed you."

"I have missed you, as well."

"Where did you learn the sword so well?"

"Phillip, the King of Spain."

"Are you Guardian to Phillip as I am to Queen Marie?" Ciel-Remi asked.

"You might say that."

"Let us go now. I will tell you everything in due time."


"Hurry!" said an anxious Louis.

"Okay, My son." Queen Marie said walking as fast as she could.

She didn't know who or anything of why Louis was so excited. She only earlier sent the letter to Spain requesting Anne and Stephan to come back to France. She really couldn't keep up with Louis's little legs.

Queen Marie reached the entry to the throne room; a female with Spanish clothes stood waiting there. Next to her was a little girl, six years of age. She recognized the charming smile. "Anne Lionheart, Welcome home."

"Thank you, My Queen." Anne said. "Good to see you again."

"Will you be staying in France long?"

"Yes, as long as Stephan is in Bourge."

"Why did you come here? Do you not know where Corrine and Diana live?"

"Yes, Marie, I wanted to surprise you."

Queen Marie laughed.

"Let me send an invitation to have them join us."

"No need, I will see Corrine of my own accord."

"Very well."

"Have you talked to Henry about Spanish rule in France?"

"Why do you ask?"

"King Phillip is wondering. You have signed a treaty with Spain, one reason we were able to return, the King is wondering when your son is of age."

"Anne, My husband believes Spain should marry in Spain and France should marry in France."

"Would you do differently?"

"If Louis loved a Spanish woman, I wouldn't force my son to marry Spanish or France or English. True love is what God desires, even though the royalty of the blood is to stay, Lord and Lady may marry within."

"True love, huh?" Anne said. "Let us wait and see what happens."

"Yes, we shall."

Anne motioned for the girl to come in front of her. "Have I introduced you to our daughter, Samantha Lionheart of Austria?"

"No, you have not." Queen Marie said. "Welcome to France, My lady."

"Thank you, Your Majesty."

Anne forgot about Marie's introduction. The Queen waved her hand. "It is quite alright. Samantha may call me by my formal title; everyone else knows I do not like formality with friends and families."

"Yes, My Queen." Anne correctly said.

Samantha and Louis were skipping around. "Children?"

Queen Marie bent down and told Louis. "Son, please take Samantha to meet Victoria or Marie."

"Yes, Mother."

Queen Marie watched as they skipped toward the entrance hallway. "Be careful!" She warned.

"We will." They called back.

"I am dying to see Corrine and Diana it has been such a long time."

"It sure has."

They headed toward the entrance hallways, as well.

Victoria waited patiently for the castle gates to open; the rusty iron bar took awhile. She was excited to have nine golden coins to give to her friends.

Victoria ran down past the marketplace to Julie's house near the city walls; the house was gray bricked with shingles on the roof. Two windows were next the wooden framed door. She knocked only loudly enough to get someone's attention.

A boy about four feet, two inches tall, wearing brown shirt and brown overalls answered the door. The boy looked at her strangely said. "Victoria, what brings you here?"

"May I see you mother, Jean-Pierre?" Victoria asked.

"Yes, Victoria." Jean-Pierre went back inside the doorway; Victoria heard him yell out something to his mother who was in another room."

Julie came to the door; she wore an ordinary yellow dress. "What brings you here?" She asked.

"Madam Julie. May I come inside? I will explain everything."

"Sure, hon."

Victoria stepped in the house; it was sixty-meters wide by forty meters in length. This place had a wooden table with a candle and fireplace for warmth and a bed in the opposite side of house.

"Julie." she said, opening her hands to present the three golden coins. "God would like you to have these."

Julie was surprised and asked. "Where did you get so much money, dear?"

"God provided them to me for a good deed I had done."

"These coins are enough for a year's wages."

"Yes, I will be back to give you some more."

"Why would you give me more?"

"Our fathers are in Bourge for long time. Since we do not work for money, God is providing money for the mothers while they are gone."

"How long?"

"Two years."

"Two years?"

"Yes, Madam Julie." Victoria put her hands behind her back and rocked back and forth on her heels. "God is testing them for two years to see who they really serve, their wives, their work, or God."

"Thank you." She said in gratitude.

Jean-Pierre approached Victoria. "I got this for you." he smiled, pulling out from behind his back a flower which he handed to her.

"Thank you, Jean-Pierre." Victoria smelled the flower. "You are wonderful." She kissed him on the cheek. He blushed.

"Victoria, you better go back to the castle before the sun goes down."

"Oui, Madam."

Julie showed her to the door; she took the flower and put it in her hair. She had joy and whistled all the way back home.

Victoria, The next three go to Marie's mother and then you can go to the Queen of France.

"Thank you, Lord." She whistled a little tune which was in her head.


Corrine was preparing something for herself and Victoria when Louis and Samantha came to the door and knocked.

She opened the door and was surprised to see a young female with Louis. "Hello, My Lady." he asked. "Is Victoria in?"

"I am sorry, Louis." Corrine told them. "Victoria went out for a while."

"Thank you, my lady." The young Spanish looking female said to her.

"Louis." Corrine asked curiously. "Who may I ask is this young lady?"

"Oh I am sorry, Lady Corrine." She said. "My name is Samantha of Austria."

"Anne's daughter?" Corrine asked shocked.

"Yes, my lady, my mother's name is Anne."

Corrine hadn't seen Anne since they went back to Spain. "Is your mother here?" she asked.

"Yes." Louis said. "She is with, Mother. They are discussing something important."

"May I go see her?" Corrine asked.

"No, please be patient." Louis said. "She will be here shortly."

"Okay, I will be patient." she said. "Victoria is running around this castle somewhere, if she is not with Marie, then you will find her soon."

"Thank you, Lady Corrine."

They left and went down to Marie's place. Corrine went back to work around her home again.


Victoria reached the castle gates again as the guard opened the gate, he asked. "You are going in and out lately?"

"Yes, sir." She explained. "I needed to give something to Madam Julie."

"Where are you headed now?"

"Marie's house."

"Good luck."

"No luck, sir." Victoria paused. "Blessing."

"Okay, God Bless."

"Thank you, sir."

Victoria ran through the courtyard to the entrance hallway. She was so excited that she almost bumped into Anne. "Whoa, Victoria, What is the hurry?" Queen Marie asked.

"Your Maj--" Victoria almost forgot formalities with her. "Queen Marie." She bowed. "Sorry, I am coming back from Julie's. I need to give Marie's mother something and then I will see you."

Victoria, give the lady next to Queen Marie three coins.

Lord, do you not want these to go to Marie's mother? Victoria prayed silently.

How many do you have left?


They will go to Marie's mother. These three go to Anne, the lady next to Queen Marie.

Yes Lord.

"Victoria!" Queen Marie was saying.

She tugged on Anne's beautiful Spanish dress. "Are you Anne Lionheart?"

"Yes, Hon, I am Anne."

"These are yours." Victoria sighed and held out three golden coins.

"My goodness child, where did you get so much?" Queen Marie asked.

"The Lord, My Queen." Victoria said.

"These coins are a year's wages." Anne commented.

"Yes, Anne." Victoria explained. "It is enough to live on for as long as your husband is away."

"Victoria, My child, God has blessed you, what do you have for your mother?" Queen Marie asked.

"Ninety silver coins." Victoria answered.

"Ninety? About as much as six golden coins are worth." Anne said.


"We were about to go see Lady Corrine." Queen Marie commented.

"My mother?"

"Yes dear." Anne said. "Would you like to come along?"

"Yes, Madam."

Victoria needed to see Marie's mother and her place was above hers, Corrine told her about Anne Lionheart. She was curious as to why Anne had seen Queen Marie before Corrine.

Victoria approached Queen Marie. "My Queen, Why did Anne see you first?"

As they walked, she explained everything. Victoria then understood. Soon, they came to Marie's place. She knocked as she held the coins in her little hands.

Diana opened the door and asked in British-Scottish accent. "Victoria, Are ya here to see Marie?"

"No, Diana." Victoria sighed, "I came to see you."

Victoria looked up at Queen Marie. "Thank you for explaining everything. Tell Mama, 'I will be back soon'." She walked over to Anne. "It is nice to have met you." She bowed.

"Victoria!" A voice came from above. Louis and Samantha ran down the stairs. "Your mother told us you were out."

Louie saw his mother saying, "Mother."

"Your Majesty." Samantha said as she bowed.

Victoria understood everything,

Diana didn't know and became confused.

"Hello." Anne spoke up.

"What did she mean, Majesty?" Diana asked confused.

"She has permission. I would like to invite all the ladies to dinner tomorrow night. For now, Victoria has something for you." Queen Marie told her.

Victoria was nervous. "Here, Lady Diana." She gave the three coins to her. "Since Marie's father is in Bourge. God has provided these golden coins for you."

"Thank ya, Victoria." Diana thanked her taking the coins and put them into a little pouch."

"God Bless." Victoria said. "I am sorry. Marie was late because of my encounter with an angel. Please do not be angry with her."

Diana bent down. "No Victoria, I am not angry at Marie for not being here, she explained everything."

"Where is she?" Samantha asked.

"She is here." Diana said.


Marie LeCoeur was Victoria's dear and truest friend. She was in the house crying when Victoria came to the door. She didn't know why? She wasn't ready to play or do anything. She heard the voice outside. Was that Samantha?

Marie couldn't help but listen. She was somewhat mad at Victoria until she gave the coins to her mother and she understood.

Marie approached the door. "Sorry, Victoria, after I got home, I did not know what Mother would do. I explained everything."

"Did you believe I would keep the coins for my own family?" Victoria asked.

"Yes, I thought you were going to be greedy. That many coins are enough for so many families."

"God has blessed everyone here. Even our mothers, God gave me those coins and I would not keep such coins for my family."

Marie wiped her eyes and smiled. "Victoria, how much did you give my mother?"

"It will be enough for the next year."

Marie was confused. Why so much? She thought.

"I told you after the angel encounter; it would be two years before our fathers' return. God has blessed us with something to pay for food and supplies while our fathers are gone."

"Two years without Papa."

"Yes, Marie, two years, God is a great God for providing."

"Then," Marie sighed and smiled. "I am sorry for my behavior."

"You are forgiven, what are friends for?"

Marie knew Samantha, she said. "Your Ladyship."

"Hello, Marie." Samantha said. "Finally we meet."


Marie was happy to see everyone was together. "Mama, May I go."

"Yes dear, be home before sun down." Diana ordered.

"Yes, Mother." she agreed.

Marie went with them. They went down the steps. She noticed the flower in Victoria's hair and asked curiously. "Where did you ever get such a beautiful flower?"


Corrine thought about Anne, how they met in Chameceaux before Ciel-Remi lived there. Anne was a Lady of Spain; her husband came to France as a calling from God. Stephan came from England and they met on the street while going shopping in the market. Anne and Corrine ran into each other one month before; while she took the evening stroll down into town. They became best of friends.

After Anne married Stephan they returned to Spain to live within the royalty of the castle. Anne heard from Prince Phillip, he told Anne about Bourge's destruction. They decided to go back to France and live there again. They decided to go back to Spain after the marriage of King Phillip.

What is Anne doing back in France? Does King Phillip have something to do with it?

Someone knocked upon the door as Corrine wiped off her hands on her apron. She opened the door and Queen Marie and Anne stood waiting there. "Hello, My friend." Anne said charmed to see her friend again.

"Hello, Anne." Corrine hugged her. "It has been awhile."

"Yes, Corrine, it sure has."

Queen Marie interrupted. "You have a lot to catch up on." She smelled something in the residence and asked. "What smells so good?"

"I am making something to eat." Corrine told her.

"Would you like to bring some food with you to dinner tomorrow night, I have invited Lady Diana and Lady Anne; I would like you to come, as well."

"I would love to." Corrine said.

"Bring Victoria, as well." Queen Marie said.

"Yes, thank you."

"Are you going to invite Jean's wife, Julie?" Anne asked. "Has she not seen Chaos?"

"What?" Corrine asked.

"Chaos took Julie for the week to get back at Ciel-Remi, but they were delayed."

"The Queen in Bourge is Chaos?" Queen Marie asked.

"Yes, Marie." Anne explained. "Julie's disappearance was Chaos' plan, she got angry and kidnapped Anne of Austria, after Stephan and I heard about Julie's encounter with Chaos, We figured everything out. Chaos took control of Anne of Austria and she is trying to bring Paris to ruins. In other words, Chaos is trying to rule France with the help of King Phillip's daughter, Anne of Austria."

Queen Marie put her hand to her mouth. "No! No wonder King Phillip is inquiring about Spanish rule."

"Yes." Anne continued. "Queen Marie, you need to make a treaty with Spanish-French rule, Anne will be Queen of France and God's protection will be taken away."

"No matter what happens, the only way to keep this treaty is for Louis to marry in a Spanish female."

"My daughter is Spanish." Anne said.

"This will be Louis' decision, like any mother, I must just raise my son to be a King of France." Queen Marie explained. "Well, I must get back to the castle, I still have more people to see."

"Thank you, Your Majesty." Anne said.

"My Queen." Corrine bowed letting Anne inside.

They sat on the two wooden chairs near the door. Corrine asked. "Did your daughter find Victoria?"

"Yes, my lady." Anne said. "Victoria found us as we came up from the throne room."

"What was she doing?"

"Giving coins to Julie, Three golden coins"

"Golden?" She said shocked, "She gave me ninety silver coins. How did she get golden coins?"

"I do not know." Anne said. "She said 'they came from God'."

"No wonder she took off with one silver coin. God knew Victoria would give offering and she would get more coins for everyone around who needed provided for."

Corrine smiled.

"You have trained your daughter in the ways of God. I am proud of you." Anne said, and then asked, "Why did she give those coins?"

"Thank you." Corrine said. "Victoria gave the coins as an offering. One Silver offering made ten golden coins."

"Three coins for every wife without a husband to provide."


"Then we should pray and thank the Lord for the great blessing he has bestowed on us this day."

"Yes." She said, "You are right."

They prayed and thanked God for the blessing of the coins and safety over Ciel-Remi, Stephan and everyone else.

Be faithful, I will reward you greatly.

"Thank you, Lord." They both said simultaneously.


Ciel-Remi and Stephan walked into the house. Jean, Richard, and King Henry were sleeping.

He quietly whispered. "Should I wake them or do you want to wait an hour?"

Ciel-Remi watched him yawn, he whispered in reply. "Let us get some sleep before our encounter with Jean-Paul."

Ciel-Remi's eyes were heavy. He had prayed all night for protection and he lay down on his quilted blanket on the ground. "Yes, My friend." he yawned. "We shall."

His eyes closed.


Victoria, Marie, Samantha and Prince Louis were playing together. Victoria simply answered Marie's question. "Jean-Pierre gave me the flower."

She didn't blush, nor was she embarrassed either. Everyone around her had something to say.

"Is Jean-Pierre, your loved one?" Samantha asked.

"No, God is."

That stopped everyone. Victoria simply told them. "I am too young to marry right now, I am married to God and love him dearly. God has blessed everyone here. He will not leave us or forsake us.

"Amen." Prince Louis said.

"You are royalty, Prince of France." Victoria began. "One day you will have a heavy barren to choose people you like and dislike. You will have to choose a wife to serve as your Queen."

"Louis bowed down to Samantha and took her hand. "You, my lady are my Queen." Victoria laughed and Samantha blushed.

"Oh, Louis." Her cheeks were pink, as she looked away saying. "Stop, I am not old enough to be Queen, I can be your Princess." She only played along.

Victoria again laughed and bowed. "Okay, Prince Louis and Princess Samantha."

This made Marie laugh, Louis and Samantha just couldn't help except joined into the laughter. Everyone was laughing about the acting they did, (little did they know Samantha was Princess Anne of Austria, The next Queen of France.)

"You know." Victoria said. "You would make a perfect Romeo and Juliet."

"What about you a Jean-Pierre?" Samantha jested.

Victoria kept silent.

"What is the matter, do you not like Jean-Pierre?" Prince Louis teased.

"No matter, I like him or not, God will decide whom I am to marry, I just need to keep my eyes on God's plan."

Victoria felt embarrassed in her heart. She didn't show sign of it. She was strong and wasn't going to let others get in the way of God's plan.

"What shall we do?" Marie suggested. "It is about sunset and our mothers want us home."

Prince Louis yawned. "I am a bit sleepy. I best be going?"

"Where are you staying? Samantha." Victoria asked.

"In the castle with Prince Louis, My mother and I are guests of the court. Since King Henry is gone. My mother and I are staying with Queen Marie." Samantha explained. "Well, I better be going, as well. God bless."

"God bless you too." Victoria yelled.

"Do you think they could be married?" Marie asked.

"Yes." Victoria sighed, "I do."


"Only, if the enemy does not try to force it away; like Jean-Paul did with Mama and Papa all those years ago."

"Yes, I overheard Anne tell the Queen. 'Anne of Austria is to be Queen of France, but also was taken by Chaos, the Queen of Bourge'."

"Only God knows our future. Right now, we will find out what happened to our fathers."

"Yes." Marie sighed sadly. "Shall we pray for our fathers to come home safely?"

"Yes. We shall pray before going home."

They sat on the marble steps and prayed for their fathers to return home safely and no one to be harmed. They prayed for their mothers to be able to live without their husbands for such a long time and God testing them accordingly. Victoria prayed wisdom on her father as he went before Jean-Paul. They both said simultaneously "Amen."

"It is late, I must be going." Victoria said standing up. "We will be able to talk again tomorrow."

"Good night." Marie told her. "God bless you."

"God bless you, as well, my friend." Victoria said joyful ran up the steps.

Marie followed.

Victoria suddenly stopped. She looked to the orange sunset. Father, wherever you are, God be with you.

She continued up the steps until Marie went inside her residence. She continued more steps to her residence. She needed to get some sleep and entered. After they sat down and ate. Corrine saw her eyes were heavy. Corrine tucked her daughter into bed. "Good night, Mama." Victoria said before falling fast to sleep.

"Goodnight, Hon."

Chapter 10

CIEL-REMI AWOKE at eight o'clock the next day. He rubbed his eyes and stood up. King Henry and Stephan were talking amongst themselves. He didn't understand, why they didn't wake him sooner? How it could be so late into the day and still be dark outside?

Ciel-Remi went outside, the grass was darken green, the house bricks were grayish-black and the city was black as night. He looked at the darken sky; there was no stars and no moon.

Ciel-Remi prayed. "Lord, last evening, the sun lit our way, why have we no sun or light in Bourge?"

Ciel-Remi, Jean-Paul has cast a spell on all of France, he turned it into darkness, no light, just darkness.

"What about Paris?" Ciel-Remi asked curtained.

My protection and my light are overshadowing Paris ... Jean-Paul cannot cast a spell on Paris, Ciel-Remi quickly you must go to castle and confront Mephisto to turn France back to sunshine and give up the foolish takeover.

"Yes, Lord." Ciel-Remi acknowledged.

The dark sky even had the others worried. Ciel-Remi stepped back inside the house. Stephan approached. "Ciel-Remi, What is it?"

"It is nothing, my friend."

"We let you sleep a bit longer." Stephan said. "Except, it seems still early, what is this darkness?"

"It is a spell, Stephan."

King Henry approached Ciel-Remi. "You are awake, Sir Ciel-Remi."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

"Stephan being here was sure a surprise." King Henry said. "Richard and Jean awoke to find him here and you were asleep. Stephan woke and explained everything."

"Thank you, my friend."

"Did you have a peaceful night, Ciel-Remi?"

"Yes, Henry."

"Good." King Henry said. "Richard and Jean have left here, we will join them at the castle gates."

"Thank you."

King Henry laid his hand on Ciel-Remi's shoulder. "What is with the darkness?" he asked politely.

"A spell cast over France." Ciel-Remi answered.

"Is it by Jean-Paul Mephisto?"

"Yes, Sir."

"What about Paris."

"It is protected like always."

"Good ... this would scare some of the children."

"Yes, Henry." Ciel-Remi sighed. "Yes, it would."

King Henry, Stephan and Ciel-Remi headed down the hill toward the castle, trying their best to see through the darkened grass down the hill. Suddenly everyone stopped; Ciel-Remi could see Jean and Richard hiding amongst the brick houses.

"Why did we stop, Your Majesty?"

"Listen, Ciel-Remi."

Ciel-Remi looked; Jean-Paul was on a bridge of the castle. Ciel-Remi loathed the man. Jean-Paul started speaking, "The King and Queen have not responded to our demands, so I have placed a spell on all of France to make the King and Queen know ... we will not wait no longer."

"My Queen ..." Jean-Paul explained, a beautiful woman stepped into the light that did shine upon them, her beauty was fine and men would love to have her.

Only one thing, she does not fear the Lord.

"... Anne of Austria." Jean-Paul continued. "She will be next Queen of France and will bring peace to France. No more wars, no more murders or killings of any kind, she will be beautiful before her husband, King Louis, the thirteenth. As long as I live, this great country is in darkness and only one light will shine amongst us ... The Angel of Light, Lucifer."

Ciel-Remi could only hear clapping of people, except no one stood on the cobblestone streets. Who made such a noise? From where did the yelling come? If only he understood God's plans, then he would know.

"One day, France and this great world will be ours, Lucifer's and mine!"

Yeah right, Jean-Paul, one day you will be defeated, God will be glorious and reign supreme. Every knee will bow to God even you, Mephisto Demon of Darkness and even Lucifer will be brought to the fall again.

"Now Rejoice, you people of France, Rejoice and be glad, For Peace is upon you. You will not have to fight battles; you will be a free nation willing to be independent of yourselves."

Where does he get so much information about the end times?

Ciel-Remi where do you get the information?

The Bible.

Yes, Ciel-Remi, He knows the Hebrew, but he twists it around.

When Satan tempted your Son, Jesus Christ in wilderness.

Yes, Ciel-Remi. Keep listening.

Yes, Lord. Thank you, Lord.

"One day, my master will be 'god', Lucifer will be 'god' and anyone who opposes him will be killed and brought down. One day, France will be in Peace. Darkness comes, the only thing that can uphold darkness is Light, May France be in darkness for a long time to come."

The cheering and noise started up again. Ciel-Remi closed his eyes and started praying in tongues. He saw much more. The realm was lighted with a light that shone brightly. Many creatures lined the streets, like people who stood before their King and Queen. As Jean-Paul continued, the yelling grew louder; Ciel-Remi couldn't believe what he was hearing and seeing. Only God could show him such interesting things.

Ciel-Remi fell to his knees hard, kept praying in another language no one except God could understand. "I understand now, Lord, I understand now, my daughter and I are first of the Spiritual Warriors to fight these creatures." Ciel-Remi kept praying.

Ciel-Remi watched his friends, who were near the demons; they couldn't see these creatures. He decided to look up and instead of seeing a man in Armor leading others; he saw a shadow figure with white dragon armor, black fingernails and red glowing eyes.

Next to him was a woman about Anne's height, she wasn't pretty, she wore a white dress and red eyes, and her hair was that of snakes, purple or black snakes. Ciel-Remi knew her to be like Medusa, a goddess of Greece who turned people into stone.

Standing on the right and the left were two other women, one looked gorgeous with a pink top, Ciel-Remi almost couldn't watch, or lust would come in his heart, her clothes on places which God had made for marriage only, but the clothes were see through. The other woman stood in the shadows and he could understand why, because she wore nothing.

Ciel-Remi turned his head; standing to the right of Mephisto was a snake looking creature with green arms and battle armor. Next to him a stronger man with red skin and gray suited armor. He couldn't see anyone else. Ciel-Remi right then remembered fighting the one who had two heads and defeating it. Ciel-Remi wondered if he was going to have fought these other demons, as well.

Jean put his hand on Ciel-Remi's shoulder. "My friend, at what is you looking? From where is the noise coming?"

"The spiritual realm, my friend." Ciel-Remi said "No wonder last night we could feel an evil presence around Bourge, demons in the Spiritual Realm are lining the streets and venturing around."

"Do you believe Jean-Paul was alone when we encountered the evil presence at LeChat Mansion?" Jean asked.

"No, I believe Jean-Paul cannot cast a spell on anyone, he had demons to help find the right people."


"Jean, there are more creatures than we thought; God showed me two ladies next to the Queen and two demons next to Jean-Paul."

"You understand now, what I said about the imprisonment of Jean-Paul Borjour." Stephan told Ciel-Remi from behind him.

King Henry and Richard stood near Ciel-Remi. Ciel-Remi was a bit confused. "Why are we here?"

"To talk to Jean-Paul and Chaos about France's rule." King Henry said.

"Yes ..." Ciel-Remi sighed. "If we go in there, we will not be going home for awhile."

"Ya, Me friend." Richard said, "I dunno know what Jean-Paul will do but we should at least try."

"Ciel-Remi." King Henry said. "God knows why he sent us. God knows how long we will be here. God knows who is going home to their wives. But I do not doubt God's plan is not correct. We are going into the castle to talk with Jean-Paul Borjour."

"God has chosen you, Ciel-Remi, you are my voice for France, like Moses had Aaron, You will be my voice. Are you ready?"

"Yes ..." Ciel-Remi looked down and silently prayed. "Lord, Please keep my family and everyone else's safe and provided for. You chose me to complete this task, I will do only your works, oh Lord my God. In the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, Amen."

Ciel-Remi boldly stood up, "Your Majesty, I am ready."

"Jean-Paul ended his speech to the 'so-called' people of France a bit ago---"

"---What? The speech to the minions of hell saying one day France will be at peace." Ciel-Remi started laughing. "You know, Jean and Richard, you were standing right next to them."

"Yes, Ciel-Remi. We could feel the evil presence." Jean said.

King Henry continued. "We need to ask the Guard to let us see Jean-Paul and Chaos." He turned to Stephan. "We are glad you are here. If Anne, King Phillip's daughter is here, Stephan would be best to see through her motives."

"Yes, Your Majesty." Stephan said.

Ciel-Remi told King Henry, "Lead the way, God will direct us to Jean-Paul, and then I will be God's voice to him."

Everyone headed down the hill toward to the castle's guard.


Stephan Lionheart was born in England. Anne being the Countessa to King Phillip, they only could stay to rule in Spain. They served God for much of their lives. Stephan and Anne married into royalty through King Phillip.

Stephan knew Chaos had Samantha in her grasp to help get royalty together and reign France. Stephan had to see his daughter again.

Stephan wondered why Samantha would run away from Spain to join with a man of evil intent. Or was she taken through the will of Chaos? Stephan kept his strength up as they started toward the guard.

The guard stood like a statue near the gate. The guard looked like a man who could have survived the destruction many years ago. Stephan didn't know whether or not he was dead. He only stood there alive as a body as a demon guard or was he a human guard. Stephan followed close to King Henry and Ciel-Remi.

"King Henry of Paris France to see the Great and powerful Jean-Paul Borjour Mephisto." King Henry announced.

He looked a bit up and yelled. "Open the gate!" The guard warned him. "Your Majesty, Please do be careful."

The rusty gates opened, they were as thick as rusted bars and they went up slowly. King Henry laid a hand on the guard's shoulder. "Thank you, you will be rewarded."

"Yes, Your Majesty." The guard said, going back to his pose.

As they entered, Stephan approached King Henry. "He did not seem evil or corrupt, Your Majesty."

"Yes, Stephan." King Henry explained. "That is the reason I approached him."

They went forward into the courtyard, everything looked different, and the walls were grayish-white and black as night. King Henry saw another guard near the door to the castle, Stephan stayed back as they approached.

Stephan had a gut feeling about this guard. King Henry just repeated what he had said before. "King Henry of Paris France to see the Great and powerful Jean-Paul Mephisto." Stephan understood, the king knew the man at the gate wasn't on Mephisto's side and took him to Jean-Paul Borjour. The King knew this time to whom he needed to talk.

"The guard looked up at them. He said. "You wait here, I will let Jean-Paul know you are here."

"Thank you."

An evil grin came over his face as he left and went into the castle.

"Why did you not go with him?" Ciel-Remi asked.

"Ciel-Remi, We must stay calm and not alert someone else of our presence."

"Oh ..." Ciel-Remi scratched his head in confusion.

Stephan looked up as he waited. Chaos was on the balcony or walls of the castle; she was looking around for intruders.

I know you have Samantha; soon we will reunite.

Suddenly Chaos disappeared. Stephen didn't like Chaos having his daughter.

"God keep her safe." he prayed.


Jean-Paul Borjour sat on his throne stroking his beard. Chaos came into the castle. "My love, I have felt the presence of Samantha's father in the castle."

"What do you mean? He is in Austria, Is he not?" Jean-Paul asked.

"Samantha's Mother, Anne Lionheart has friends in Paris." Chaos told him.

"My darling, do not worry, I have everything under control."

"I am going to check everything out."

"Yes, My dear." He said stroking his mustache.

Someone knocked upon the door. "Come in!" He yelled.

A guard entered, "My lord, King Henry and his friends are here to see you."


"Ciel-Remi Lebejioux, Jean Douvicioux, Richard LeCoeur---" Jean-Paul picked up the cup. He gave an evil grin. He took a sip as the guard had finished saying. "---And Stephan Lionheart."

Jean-Paul almost choked. He spit out his drink all over the guard's uniform. "Did you say Stephan Lionheart?" Jean-Paul asked.

"Yes, Sir." The guard said.

So, Samantha's father is here in my castle.

"What should I do?" The guard asked interrupting his thoughts.

"Send them up; King Henry must have an explanation for coming from Paris."

"What about Stephan?"

"Stephan will come as well, soon his friends will find out." Jean-Paul laughed.

They guard laughed also leaving the room. "Jean-Paul pointed the glass toward Heaven. "God you are sending people to tell me to stop my reign over Paris. Oh I have France, but Paris, I would like to have Paris and one day I will have Paris!"


Chaos had control of Samantha since she found out that Anne was heir to the throne. Chaos wanted France, not Spanish rule. Chaos told the child during a dream, she would be Queen of France only after she gave away something in return.

The lonely lady was amazed and Chaos had taken her from home, shortly after awhile in Bourge, Samantha was starting to doubt what the woman said was true. "My father, Stephan Lionheart is in the castle and oh how I long to be reunited. Father, please get me out of here," She was anxious to see her mother and father again. She was raised in royalty. Chaos told Samantha 'she could claim the throne from Anne of Austria'. Samantha started to have pride in her heart. She came to Bourge where Chaos tricked her.

"One day, I will take what is rightfully mine. My mother and father will see the person they have raised and weep at joy for what I have given for this God forsaken land."

Samantha was about six years old when Chaos tricked her in to coming to Bourge, she felt twice that age. "I have to confront him, before Chaos stops me from being with my father."

Chaos laughed, "Good Girl, Run to daddy! You will find out soon enough."


Ciel-Remi waited for the guard, he approached King Henry and announced, "My master will see you now."

King Henry thanked him and started up the steps. Ciel-Remi closed his eyes as they walked passed the guard. Ciel-Remi could see a human with red eyes staring back at him. He opened his eyes and moved forward through the castle's interior. He couldn't believe how much black and white was throughout the castle.

Ciel-Remi walked up the steps toward the throne room, Chaos stood near the doorway waiting, her arms folded leaning against the wall. She grinned at Stephan approaching close behind Richard. Stephan saw Chaos, her angry look toward him. "Hello, Stephan."

Ciel-Remi felt a betrayal in her voice. Stephan eyes were hurting. "What is the meaning of such anger?" He asked.

"Have you come to claim your daughter, Samantha Lionheart from Jean-Paul and me?

Ciel-Remi was confused.

Samantha Lionheart is the daughter about which Chaos is speaking, ask Stephan. King Phillip's daughter Anne is in Paris.

"Can this be true? Stephan, your daughter is in Bourge?"

"Go ahead, Stephan, tell them the truth." Chaos said.

Ciel-Remi looked at Stephan, everyone else wanted to know what was going on. He watched Stephan fall to the ground. He started crying, "She has my daughter."

Ciel-Remi walked over to his friend, "You have spoken the truth. Samantha is here, not in Paris."

"Yes." Stephan wiped his eyes, "Samantha disappeared about two years ago. We suspected Jean-Paul and Chaos were behind it. After we learned about Julie's encounter with Chaos, then we knew for sure."

"After Samantha disappeared, King Phillip asked us to take Anne to France (so no one knew about her). The girl in Paris is Anne of Austria, Samantha is in Bourge."

"Anne is trying to claim the throne! No! Samantha will be the Queen of France." said an angry Chaos.

"What makes you believe I will let her marry my son, Louis the thirteenth?" Henry angrily asked.

"Oh! King Henry." Chaos walked up seductively, "You will not be around to say whether or not Spanish rule comes. I will deceive your wife into giving into Spanish rule, then force her into exile."

Ciel-Remi didn't believe anything besides what he was given to believe; Samantha was in Bourge.

"Do you believe you can claim the throne through deception?" Ciel-Remi started to ask. "God gave women to love and cherish a man, also to be a helper. Only God can do these things. Chaos you are playing to be a god yourself. To take the love from another is deception."

"What do you know about deception?" Chaos asked.

"Corrine and I have loved each other for a long time. But someone else decided to deceive us. God could not allow a marriage that was not Christ's to take place. This is the reason Jean-Paul was banished from Paris and God put protection to rule over the city today."

Ciel-Remi watched Chaos move around. "You are trying to take Samantha back, to win her soul back to God. I have it now; no one will take it away." Chaos told him.

"You only think you have Samantha. I know Chaos! She does not believe everything you have told her!" Stephan yelled angrily.

"No, Stephan! She can get me the one thing, which you could not give. She will help me get the throne of France."

"God gave us free will to choose what to do with our lives. Grace is satisfying for me." Ciel-Remi said. "Chaos! Your time will come; Samantha will be able to have a free will once more."

"Chaos, She has a way to fight you. You have even lied to her. I love my daughter. And if any one of the Prince's loved her, I would gladly give her over in marriage." Stephan proclaimed.

"Louis the thirteenth, Prince of France." Chaos said stubbornly.

"You are deceived, If Louis does not find Samantha compatible to marry, and then Anne will have the throne." Stephan announced.

"No ... Stephan! Jean-Paul has helped her see herself as Queen, now she will have the throne of France." Chaos pointed her finger at King Henry. "With or without your law in France, King Henry."

Ciel-Remi approached Stephan, "My friend." He said. "Chaos is a demon, she will not listen to our words, and if she has Samantha, we will find her."

"By then ..." he sighed, "... It may be too late."

Ciel-Remi laid his hand on Stephan's shoulder, "With God it is never too late."

"Maybe you are right, let us go see Jean-Paul. Maybe we can help out later." Stephan said.

Chaos only ran toward the throne room as they entered the hallway.

"Stephan of Spain," King Henry began saying. "God will free your daughter in time, we have a mission for God, family debates are only going to get us killed."

"Yes." Stephan said sadly. "Your Majesty."

They entered a room with everything around them, with much black and white around them. They couldn't tell what the items were.

The door to the big throne room stood in front of them. "Are we ready?" asked King Henry.

"Yes." Everyone said simultaneously.

Ciel-Remi prayed, "Lord, Please give me words to speak to my adversary, Jean-Paul Borjour."

"Are you ready, Ciel-Remi?" King Henry asked.

"Yes, My King."

King Henry helped open the door to dark and lonely looking throne room. Ciel-Remi had a bad feeling. They were not going to see their families for a long time, and he was always correct.


Jean-Paul Borjour waited anxiously to see Ciel-Remi and Stephan Lionheart. Jean-Paul hated Ciel-Remi and his God, because of him; Jean-Paul had been away from his job in Paris and lost everything. Jean-Paul wasn't about to let Ciel-Remi get away without hurting him.

Jean-Paul waited as Samantha ran into the room. She was stirred by something. "My dear, what is it?"

"My father is here."

"Stephan Lionheart? You belong here. We will send you home to Anne and Samantha, well if they call her 'Samantha'."

"Yes, Step-father."

"What are you going to do with Ciel-Remi, King Henry and their friends?"

"Oh, do not worry. My dear, I have plans for them. I have waited so many years for Ciel-Remi to pay his dues."

"Like what?"

"Imprisonment or death? Oh, I have waited to destroy the one thing that came between my taking over France. Now I have it right at my fingertips."

Jean-Paul laughed.

The door opened slowly and with a creaking sound, Jean-Paul's attention was toward the door. Even though the place was dark, he saw figures coming toward him.

Jean-Paul stood up and held out his hands. "Ah! King Henry what brings you all this way?" he asked.

"We have message from Queen Marie and God."

"What does God want with me now?" Jean-Paul asked.

"My friend and guardian will be the one to speak for France and God."

"Oh, Ciel-Remi ... The traitor."

Jean-Paul approached Ciel-Remi. "You know, I had everything, I could ever want until the day, you and Corrine destroyed it. I have my prize, a six-year-old daughter of Stephan's. One day, I will have what belongs to me in the first place, Paris."

"One day? You are in dream world, Mephisto. France will never belong to you ... Samantha, maybe ... but not you." Ciel-Remi said angrily.

"Samantha Lionheart or Anne of Austria."

"Leave my daughter and King Phillip's daughter, out of this." Stephan told Jean-Paul.

"God will give Samantha Lionheart the throne, if God has chosen Samantha to have it. Or else the throne belongs to Anne of Austria, the daughter of King Phillip and rightful princess of Spain."

Jean-Paul knew Chaos wouldn't give up Samantha right away, "The throne will Samantha's, no matter what." Jean-Paul taunted. "Now, I am busy man. What is this message?"

"God the Father says. Queen Marie agrees with God." Ciel-Remi explained, Jean-Paul sat back and listened. "Let go your siege on Paris France. I have protected Paris and banished you from there to bring peace. I am God, stop your foolish conquest to be god and let them, who are in Me, remain free in Me. Your deception and lies will not get you anywhere. You believe you can be god and Father of this nation. Jean-Paul Borjour fight Mephisto. Mephisto your time will come, the day of victory will be at hand. Says the Lord."

Ciel-Remi took a breath. "You have harmed many already, it is time to let go of your pride and anger for the past and believe in Me, your God, your Father and Lord Jesus Christ. Jean-Paul Borjour, you have done wrong in My eyes. I have already forgiven you. Let go of your pride, let go of the demon imprisonment. The only way is to defeat the battle inside you. Defeat Mephisto, break free from this broken vessel and give your life to Me, who has already forgiven you."

"I know all, I can do all possible things. I know your heart, hard and bitter toward people. I know your heart is so hard, enough not to listen to Me."

Ciel-Remi took another breath. Jean-Paul wasn't amazed. Who does this God think he is, trying to forgive me?

"Oh, Jean-Paul defeat Mephisto or die in sins of corruption and your fleshy sins. Samantha, bring down your pride. I will promise you much. Your sins are much and I have forgiven you, your father, and everyone else in the family. Please your heart is not ready for this corruption, Chaos has tricked you. It is time to return home, I promise you good and wonderful things. Stay here and be destroyed."

Jean-Paul hated every word Ciel-Remi was saying, Jean-Paul could only listen, but nothing pierced him. He looked at Samantha, She wept bitterly. "Now, Now, They are lying, God promises good things. Does he promise you the 'throne of France'?"

Samantha looked up, tears ran down her face, Jean-Paul wiped them away, He pointed his finger, and he circled around it into a glowing bubble showing the streets of Paris. In the bubble, it showed; Victoria walking with Anne, they were talking about something. Samantha watched Anne's movement and grace. She became overwhelmed to see Anne.

"Do you know what Victoria is asking, my dear?" Jean-Paul asked.

"No, Tell me."

Jean-Paul deceived Samantha. The bubble came to life with their voices.


Victoria walked down the street with Anne of Austria, Victoria asked. "Where is Samantha, Anne?"

"What do you mean, Victoria?" She asked.

"God showed me in a dream, you are Anne of Austria."

"Sorry, Victoria, I did not want people to know." Anne said. "Yes, I am Anne of Austria."

"Do you like Louis?"

"My feelings for Louis are just a kid's friendship. We are not old enough."

"French marry French, Spanish marry Spanish."

"Yes," Anne sighed. "Samantha deserves the throne anyways"


"I belong to Spain, Samantha is more French than Spanish."

"Where is Samantha?"

"We do not know. She ran away from home."

"When did this happen?"

"After my father decided I was to be Queen."

"Is she jealous?"

"Yes, Victoria."

"Thank you, Anne. I will not let anyone know who you really are."

"My mother and Queen Marie are the only ones who know."

"Does Louis know?" Victoria asked.

"No." Anne told Victoria. "Louis must not know who is Samantha and who is Anne until we are older."

Victoria and Anne walked further down the road. "Where do you believe Samantha could have gone?" She asked again.

"My father and I did not know until Stephan and Anne Lionheart asked to take care of me. I do not know where Samantha went."

"After what you told me, Chaos was alive before Samantha was born, She helped kidnap Jean-Pierre's mother, Julie."

"Samantha must come home or give up her selfish ways."

"I agree."

Victoria and Anne hugged each other.


Jean-Paul deceived Samantha in a different way; he made Samantha believe Anne deserved the throne. She would be totally left out. He made her believe everything was a lie.

Jean-Paul mostly succeeded. Samantha turned to him saying. "My catholic background tells me God is not liar. Anne believes herself to be Queen. Chaos! You have lied. You have told me I have claimed the throne. You are a liar. I have a life to live. My father and his friends are right."

A woman entered the throne room. She was full of grace and beauty. Renee, Chaos imprisoned was born in Spain. Jean-Paul and Renee fell in love and married. Chaos on request of Mephisto imprisoned Jean-Paul's wife. Renee had one daughter, but none of them were royalty, she took Samantha instead. She was a sorceress with the power of Chaos.

Jean-Paul stood and gave her a kiss. "Samantha was like our child, you did not believe in her faith, so she came to us."

Jean-Paul couldn't believe he had an advantage. "Darling Samantha, Which would you have as your mother, Anne Lionheart or this woman? She has told the truth. She only wants you to have what you should have. Your parents led you to want what they wanted you to have. Please, be a daughter of mine."

Samantha's tears ran down, "I am sorry, Jean-Paul. I now know what my parents where doing to help raise me to be a Lady of God, only I chose the opposite." She ran up to Stephan and hugged him. "I am sorry father, I have been wrong." Stephan held her.

Jean-Paul became angry. "Ciel-Remi! Every time you enter my presence something happens to ruin my life, Renee and I had a daughter to love and cherish and again we have nothing to help with the plan. Ciel-Remi, why do you bring us so much hurt? For your crimes, I therefore sentence you to death."

"Guard, take our prisoner away." Jean-Paul raised his hand, waving it back and forth. "King Henry, You may return to Paris, along with your friends, Richard, Jean, and Stephan and little Samantha Lionheart."

"No!" King Henry proclaimed. "I came here with Ciel-Remi, I will return with Ciel-Remi as well."

"You would give your life for Ciel-Remi or any of these mortals." Jean-Paul said.

"Yes, I would."

"Guards! Arrest the King, as well."

Everyone else stepped in front of them, saying, "You have to take us, as well." They proclaimed simultaneously.

Jean-Paul laughed. "Guards! Arrest Richard and Jean. Stephan and Samantha are free to go back to Paris."

When the guard grabbed Ciel-Remi, he struggled. The bible fell out of his bag onto the ground, it opened and bright light shone around him. Jean-Paul pulled his hand back. "No!"

No Greater Love has any one than this, to lay down their lives for their friends. Ciel-Remi you have passed the first of many tests I have to give you. You have chosen wisely. King Henry, Richard and Jean are to be protected from any harm. Ciel-Remi will be divinely protected from death. Stephan and Samantha, Please return to Paris and tell Anne and Anne of Austria what you have done this day ... My Glory shines above all else. Jean-Paul, Your day of judgment is coming, be warned. I am God; no one else can be like Me. I am the Alpha and Omega, Beginning and the End. I will never leave you nor forsake you. I will always be here until the end of days. This says I, the Lord your God.

The light dimmed. The Bible lay on ground. Jean-Paul walked over and picked it up. The guards apprehended Ciel-Remi, King Henry and the others. Stephan and Samantha were gone. He looked Ciel-Remi in the eye. "Your God has saved you this time, one day, you will die at my hands."

Ciel-Remi's hands were tied behind his back and he struggled, "Glory to God in the highest for I will welcome the day of my death."

"Take this babble, Christ wannabe away." Jean-Paul ordered, waving his hand in the left side direction. He looked at the other guards (who didn't have a person) "Kill the father and daughter."

The guards ran away. Ciel-Remi yelled. "You will not get away with anything! Samantha and Stephan will return to Paris!"

Renee approached Jean-Paul, "If Samantha and Stephan get to Paris, they will tell everyone who Anne is. Our plans will be no good."

"Do not worry, my love." Jean-Paul said confidently. "The Queen of France, You will be."

"Thank you, my love."

"They may try to escape, if anyone escapes, you may kill them."



The light barely faded, Stephan and Samantha ran down the steps. "Come on, Papa, I know the way."

"Before they know we are missing." Stephan said.

They reached the bottom of the steps, a guard stood there. Stephan looked up the steps and feared the worst. "We have no other way, Papa, we have kill or be killed." Samantha said.

"You are right." Stephan agreed unsheathing his sword. He thought he heard other footsteps coming down the steps. "Knowing Jean-Paul, he does not want us to go back to Paris."

Samantha knelt and prayed. "Lord, deliver us. I know I have not been a good girl, I ask forgiveness for everything. Please save us from death."

Stephan just agreed with her, Samantha told him. "We have to go to bottom of the steps where we saw that guard."


They both ran down the steps, "Funny, he does not seem to be ready for a fight." Stephan said.

"Father, He is our deliverer." Samantha understood.

They reached the guard who stood there looking up at them. "Come, we must get out of here." He said. "I will lead the way, put away your sword."

Stephan didn't know what he was getting into. The guard seemed friendly. Was he the guard who helped open the gate? Why would he help us escape?

Stephan held onto Samantha's little hand as they crossed the dark courtyard. A few guards in front told the strangers to stop, except he killed everyone in front. Behind them they heard more footsteps, Samantha was not afraid and neither was Stephan.

It almost seemed like an angel led their way to gates. Stephan looked at the bodies of people around Samantha. He turned around knelt down toward her. "My daughter, this is a war. You know, I must come back when it is time to help the King and our friends."

"Yes, Papa." She agreed.

"We are almost there." The guard said.

Stephan stood back up, he saw people in back of him. They ran toward him. He told the guard. "Help my daughter outside the gates; I will be there, shortly."

"Yes, Sir."

Stephan unsheathed his sword, he watched Samantha and the guard run toward the gate, they were down further. Guards came from behind, they needed backup. He didn't know who this guard was, he was glad the guard was on their side.

Stephan looked as the gate started rising. "Good work." He watched, but felt there was no need for the sword. He once again sheathed the sword and ran forward. He did look back and saw another man fighting the guards. Stephan kept his eyes forward, not fearing anything. He got to the gate where Samantha and the guard stood. He looked back again, bodies scattered the ground and the man was gone.

"We must go, sir." The guard said walking through the gates.

"Yes." Stephan agreed, "We must."

"I can go as far as to the place where Bourge ends, there you are on your own." The guard said.

"Thank you, sir."

More guards ran toward the gates after they started to close. Stephan didn't fear, Samantha walked beside him, she excitedly said. "Papa, God has saved us."

"Yes, my daughter." Stephan sighed. "Yes, He has."

The gate closed, the guards were angry and furious, and they called to the guards to get the gates open. It was too late, they were trapped and while Stephan and Samantha was safe.

The guard walked with them to the city's end, the gates of city were destroyed, and Stephan only thanked the guard. "Well Samantha," He sighed. "Are you ready to face Anne of Austria and your mother?" Stephan asked.

"Yes, Papa."

Stephan looked back to wave at the guard, but he was longer there, Stephan believed God sent his protection as God told them he would. They started on their journey back to Paris.

Chapter 11

CIEL-REMI didn't know why he was in the musky cell of a dungeon in the Bourge castle? He knew Jean-Paul would do such things. How long before he would see Victoria and Corrine again was anyone's guess? He only sat there and prayed. "Lord God, Thank you for your blessings. Bless my daughter and my wife with enough to last. Give me strength to endure the next days, months or even years, Thank you father. Lord, protect Stephan and Samantha on their way back to Paris. Yours, be the glory, forever and ever, Amen."

Ciel-Remi watched as his friends, King Henry was angry. He knew something would happen. Ciel-Remi asked. "Your Majesty, Henry, How are you holding up?"

King Henry looked up. "Beside the fact I am being treated like a prisoner for no fault of my own, I am doing great."

Ciel-Remi didn't believe their capture was his fault and they were there beside him. After all, Jean-Paul did release them.

Or else, have them killed, like Stephan and Samantha.

Ciel-Remi's mind wandered. Will I see my family again? When will it be days, months, or years?

Ciel-Remi, No matter what time you see your family, I will never leave you or forsake you, please believe, you will never be alone. Ciel-Remi your daughter has been given enough money for all families enough even for Stephan's family to live on for a long time.

"Thank you, Lord."

Stephan and Samantha are safely returning to Paris, Keep praying and listen to My words.

Ciel-Remi was reminded that he dropped the bible, "Lord, without the Bible, how will I know your words?"

You have listened and obeyed my commands through your spirit, the Bible is only the book given to learn my promises and you have learned much, please take the Bible into account, but my words are written on your heart and in your spirit.

"Thank you, Lord." Ciel-Remi prayed silently, Ciel-Remi leaned back against the wall, he wasn't going anywhere for a long time.


Jean-Paul's anger became worse as he learned about Stephan and Samantha's escape to Paris. Jean-Paul watched the body count outside the window.

A guard stumbled into the throne room, blood dripped from his chest. "My Lord, Stephan and Samantha have escaped."

"Who did this? Stephan or the guard!"

"We ran after them ..." the guard coughed. "As you ordered ... a man came from nowhere, he started striking us down." The guards fell dead onto the ground in a pool of blood.

Jean-Paul stared into space. "A man ... you say." Jean-Paul thought. No! Michael's angels. "Damn you, God." Jean-Paul cursed throwing things. Jean-Paul didn't even notice the guards' death. "Guard! Take this body outside and throw it into the moat."

"Yes, My master." A guard obeyed.

Renee approached Jean-Paul to comfort him. "My love, should I go after them."

"No!" Jean-Paul ordered. "I need you beside me."

Jean-Paul noticed out the corner of his eyes, the Bible, which had fallen to the ground. Jean-Paul walked over and picked it up. "The Bible, God's lie to the world. Time to visit my adversary, in the cage which I hope he likes." They laughed.


Two days passed since the men left, Queen Marie prepared a feast for the women and children. They prayed for everyone in Bourge. Anne sat next to Anne of Austria (by now everyone knows this.) Corrine and Victoria near the queen's left hand side. On the right side were Julie and Jean-Pierre, (who stared at Victoria mostly all night) and Diana and Marie.

Queen Marie was announcing something, when the door to dining room slowly opened. Queen Marie ordered. "Guards! Check it out!"

"Yes, your Majesty."

Anne didn't except anyone else in Paris this late in the evening hour. The guards opened the door. "No one's there, Your Majesty."

"Leave the door open, they will show soon." Queen Marie ordered.

Everyone went back to fellowshipping and conversations with each other. "Am I crashing a delicious feast?" Stephan asked, standing in the doorway. Anne couldn't believe it 'Stephan came home'. Anne stood and ran toward Stephan. She leaped into his arms, kissing and hugging him. "You are home."

"Yes, my love." Stephan said, sadly.

"What is wrong? Where are the others?" Anne asked.

"They were captured by Jean-Paul."

Everyone gasped.

Anne of Austria stood as well, she ran toward Stephan hugging him. He leaned down asking, "Well, Hello. Have you been a good girl?"

"Ah-huh?" She smiled.

"I have a surprise for you."


"Just wait one moment."


Anne didn't know what the surprise was. Why did Stephan come home without the others? Why did God allow him to escape Jean-Paul's grasp? Did he find their daughter?

Anne waited patiently, "Before I tell, why I am back." He paused. "We have told you Samantha here is our daughter." He sighed. "We cannot keep this any longer a secret. Before you tonight, this Samantha is Anne of Austria."

Everyone started murmuring amongst themselves.

Louis didn't seem upset being still a boy. Louis was just as shocked as everyone else.

"I'm sorry." Stephan apologized. "We had to keep the secret of who the real Samantha was."

Anne spoke up. "Our Samantha, we believe ran away from home a year ago, she was jealous with Anne of Austria."

"King Phillip wanted us to keep a safe watch on Anne of Austria while Samantha was gone. We named her Samantha Anne Lionheart and have known her as a daughter." Stephan explained. "Anne of Austria has been like a daughter to us."

"While I was in Bourge today, I found our daughter, Samantha; she was influenced by Renee and Jean-Paul to hate Anne of Austria. With a quick decision, she decided to come home."

Stephan looked back toward the doorway, "Honey, You may come in now."

A beautiful girl with brownish-black hair and brown eyes stood before everyone. Anne was crying. Samantha ran toward her. "Mama." She joyfully smiled.

Samantha hugged Anne, "I am sorry, Mama." She saw Anne of Austria, and only bowed, "Your Highness."

Princess Anne hugged her, "Samantha, Why would you think I would take anything away from you, my life is devoted to loving you."

Samantha held her hands with Princess Anne's. "I wish you the best, on the throne; you will make a great Queen."

"Samantha, we are still young, like Ciel-Remi with Queen Marie was. I would wish you to be part of my life. Only God knows what will happen with us. Our future is not written yet. Besides we are children to our mothers and fathers. Even though my father is royal, so is your mother, do not forget this. Anyone could claim the throne, no matter who does claim it; they will serve each other in the Lord."

"You are smart, Anne, I am sorry I doubted it. Our Roman Catholic background will come in handy one day." Samantha said, and then laughed.

They both laughed. Anne Lionheart smiled as she held her husband tightly.


Stephan couldn't concentrate on the girl's reunion with the rest of his family, he thought about Ciel-Remi's face when Jean-Paul had them arrested. Stephan could only imagine what Jean-Paul would do to his friends.

Queen Marie had an announcement to make. "Stephan and Samantha, Welcome home, this truly is a day to celebrate. For the next two years, please seek God in everything you do, while working in fields, guarding the Queen of France and our future Queen of Spain. Also pray for your husbands as though they stand beside you. They will feel the comfort in God knowing you have prayed for them.

God has promised no harm to anyone for two years, and then God will open the doors and let the captives go free. God's promises are 'yes and amen' so keep this in mind. Victoria Lebejioux will take her father's place at my side as guardian to the Queen of France. Victoria gave everyone some golden coins as well. God knows when to supply the rest for us.

Stephan couldn't understand one thing; how long was Jean-Paul going to keep King Henry and Ciel-Remi? Two years away from home and only golden coins to live on?

Stephan leaned toward Anne Lionheart asked, "Why two years?"

"Ask Victoria Lebejioux, she knows more than I do." She whispered.

"My Queen!" He asked. "May I ask Victoria a question?"

"Why certainly, Stephan." Queen Marie answered.

Stephan didn't know how to ask the question, he just said. "Victoria, how do you know how many years your father will be in Bourge?"

"A friendly angel told me, when I gave the first coins."

"I told her, Sir Stephan." Only he could hear the voice.

Stephan looked and behold, a guard stood in front of him, and he asked amazed. "Are you the angel that helped rescue us from Jean-Paul's men?"

"I am one of them." The guard proclaimed.

"Why two years in prison?" he asked.

Another guard appeared near them. "God is preparing Victoria and Ciel-Remi's heart for things to come."

When Stephan saw this guard, he knew it was the guard who led them outside the city.

Stephan didn't know; why they were there? He expected them to answer the question given. He knew angels were messengers of God.

"Do not be afraid. We are here to prepare the Spiritual Warriors in Christ for a spiritual battle, which lies ahead. Do you believe God would allow such a thing, if not for his Glory? Why be afraid? Just pray to God always the day will come soon and we will need to prepare you."

Stephan's fears melted away. He knelt on ground praying silently. After he was finished, the guards disappeared and he rejoined Anne.

"God will free them; do not give up the faith." Anne whispered.

"Thank you." He whispered back to her.

Stephan wondered, did anyone else see the angels?


Victoria was in awe as she saw the archangel Michael and Gabriel together. She knew they were talking to Stephan. She felt her heart beating loudly.

Victoria asked Queen Marie, "May Samantha, Anne of Austria and me be excused."

"Yes, my darlings, Hurry back."

Victoria felt the move of the Lord, she needed to talk to Samantha and Anne together, hopefully they would see those guards; in Victoria's eyes they were angels from the Lord.

Victoria went outside the dining area, Samantha left next and Anne came last. They started walking to the entrance hallway, further away from the dining area.

"What is the meaning of this?" Samantha asked almost angry with Victoria.

Anne put her hand on Samantha's shoulder, "Calm down, Samantha, Victoria needed to talk to us alone."

"Oh, Sorry Victoria."

"I forgive you." She started. "I am glad your father told us who you really are. Samantha, Anne, God has a message for you both. Are you ready to hear this message?"

"Yes." They both said simultaneously.

"God says Samantha let go of your anger and your jealousy for Anne of Austria. You have been best friends for a long time. Please serve your Princess as a Lady does. Anne of Austria, You are Princess of Spain or France depending on what Queen Marie decides. In the years to come, Samantha will comfort Anne. Anne will comfort Samantha. Be warned, Samantha or Anne, one of you will not act the same as the other. In those days, one of you will write a letter to prove a big loss of throne. Victoria Lebejioux, One day you will lose your father to battle. Please serve the Queen as your father once did. A warning to you Victoria, the Queen of France in those days will betray you. You will be banished and have to flee from Paris. Everything will be revealed in those days. Thus says the Lord your God and Father to all."

Victoria already knew her father was going to die, by the dreams given to her. Why would the Queen betray her? What motive would these sisters have to betray their friends?

"Thank you, Lord, for your words of wisdom." Victoria prayed silently.

Victoria turned to Samantha and Anne, "The Lord has spoken. You may return. I will be there shortly."

Victoria brushed her golden-blonde hair back as the breeze blew through it. Victoria couldn't understand why a friend would betray another? She stood and prayed, "Lord, Father and King. You have seen the future, let me understand this future."

Victoria felt a wind blow behind her, she turned, the beggar dressed in rags sat near her. She was joyful. "Victoria, God knows the future to warn of things to come, we must live our lives for today and today only, your father is still in Bourge, and you are still young and need to be taught much more before the days God told you about."

"Thank you, Gabriel." Victoria still was puzzled at his appearance. "Were you the guard in the dining area tonight?"

"I was." he said. "Stephan needed the answer to his problem, I gave it. The Lord sent us to Bourge to fight the guards trying to kill Stephan and help them escape."

"My father?" Victoria asked.

"God knew Ciel-Remi would be captured. Jean-Paul has him imprisoned. He and Stephan helped save Samantha from Chaos' influence. Jean-Paul's anger led to your father's imprisonment. Even though he wanted to free King Henry and the others, they stayed. God's first test for your father is completed; Ciel-Remi has many other tests to endure."

"Thank you, again." Victoria said.

"Yes, my darling, please take the golden coin you gave me for an offering."

Victoria reached into the cup and took ten more coins out. Victoria thought hard and placed one back into the cup.

The man smiled brightly. "My child, give those remaining coins to everyone who needs them."

"Even, the Lionhearts."


Victoria smiled brightly, "Thank you, sir."

"Don't let anyone else know about my presence on earth, I am a messenger for God, God is the one who provided, do not forget it."

"No, Sir." Victoria said, "I will not."

"Since you have what I was sent here for, I must leave for awhile. Do not worry, I will be return, God always has a message to send his children."

"Thank you, goodbye, I am going to miss you."

Victoria ran back to the dining area with a joyful smile, "Thank you, Lord for the blessings." Victoria prayed silently.

My child, you are an obedient servant.

"Yes, Lord."

Victoria ran into the dining area. Everyone chatted amongst themselves. Victoria ran to Diana, Julie, and Anne. "God has blessed me with more coins, I would like you to have what you need for the last years everyone is away."

"God bless you, child." Queen Marie said.

"Queen Marie, I am now your guardian and servant, while my father is gone, I will serve you as he has."

Queen Marie rose her cup and everyone else did as well. "To my friends and families! To God, who keeps providing to shows us his glory and unfailing love! To Victoria, she has been a smart child! And to everyone in Bourge! May God protect and keep them safe! God Bless everyone!"

Everyone drank. Everyone was joyful and smiled.

Victoria loved God all the more.


The dusty, musky smell of the cell was enough to handle, the gray stone brick with cobwebs hanging above Ciel-Remi's head. Ciel-Remi felt in his spirit no fear or trembling. Ciel-Remi's back was cool because of the dampness of the wall and he meditated on the Lord, praying silently.

Beside Ciel-Remi, King Henry sat there cold. Richard and Jean sat on the other side. They both sat cold and freezing, they also prayed silently.

"Why did you do this?" Ciel-Remi asked.

"What?" King Henry answered.

"Let yourselves be imprisoned by Jean-Paul. Clearly, you could see Jean-Paul wanted only me?"

Richard spoke up. "Lad, what would ye have done for us if ye were in such trouble, would ye not follow beyond the call of duties?"

"Well," Ciel-Remi sat back stroking his goatee. "Oui, Mon Ami."

"And ..." Jean said. "This is not the first time, either. If I did not help you out in Chameceaux, Corrine would be Jean-Paul's wife."

"You have a point."

"We could not just abandon you, go home to our wives and let you rot out in a smelly jail cell, now could we?" Jean asked.

"No ... I guess not."

"Then," King Henry said, "we shall stay here, protect you as you have protected my Queen for those years and help each other escape when God says it is time."

"Thank you ..." Ciel-Remi said, hugging King Henry, then Richard and afterward Jean.

"Yer welcome, lad." Richard said.

"Why is Stephan not with us?" Jean asked.

"God spared Stephan for His plans later, God spared Samantha, poor child to live in such a place, and then toss her into prison with us, and this would look horrible in the Lord's eyes. God freed his child and Stephan could go back and talk with Anne, telling them what had happened." Ciel-Remi explained.

"Yes, Ciel-Remi is right."

"Praise the Lord!" Everyone shouted.

Ciel-Remi sat back, bored and he whistled. Ciel-Remi prayed and he thought more about Samantha and Anne of Austria, His mind wandered to Corrine and Victoria. He prayed. "God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Please keep my wife and child safe for my return, so I can look at my beautiful daughter and my wife and kiss them both. Lord, keep watch over Samantha Lionheart and Princess Anne. Lord, watch over Stephan and Anne. Lord, provide for the women without husbands, I do not know how long we will be here, except you know my every breath. Thank you, Lord. In Jesus Name, your kingdom is forever and ever more, Amen."

Ciel-Remi lay down to sleep because it was dark and late. Ciel-Remi drifted off as his eyes closed.


Someone pounded on the cell door. Ciel-Remi was fast asleep. Jean-Paul wasn't disappointed to see his rival on the ground sleeping. He pounded once more to get his attention.

Jean-Paul didn't care what hour of the night it was. He wanted to see the look on Ciel-Remi's face. Jean-Paul looked inside. Ciel-Remi eyes were barely open.

"What is it?" Ciel-Remi muttered.

A hand tapped Jean-Paul's shoulder, He looked over at Renee standing a few inches away, and she wore almost nothing. She rubbed her hand back and forth on his chest. "Hurry, my love."

The lustful eyes where enough to distract Jean-Paul from what he was doing. He told Renee. "I will make this quick."

Jean-Paul looked into the cell again. Ciel-Remi must have believed the pounding stopped and drifted off again.

"My love, cannot this wait until morning?" Renee asked.

"I will let him sleep, except early in the morning when he is seeking his God. I will return."

Jean-Paul and Renee left the cell area.

Early in the morning, Ciel-Remi barely opened his eyes, he dreamed a peaceful dream, even though he was in a cell, it was dirty disgraceful. He yawned as he watched his friends still sleeping.

Ciel-Remi wondered if the noise was in his dream, he had sat against the wall. He leaned back and started to pray to God about the day to come.

Ciel-Remi, Seek you First my Kingdom. Do not worry for what tomorrow brings but live for today. Ciel-Remi everyone in Paris is provided for, obey my commands and seek me and let no distraction keep you from coming to me.

Ciel-Remi obeyed and prayed in tongues.

Outside the knock came again. Ciel-Remi looked at the wooden door with bars to see through. He asked. "Who is it?"

"Ah, Ciel-Remi," Jean-Paul spoke and muffled through the door. "Did you sleep well?"

Do not let distractions overcome seek Me first.

"Yes, My Lord." Ciel-Remi said hoping Jean-Paul would believe he was talking about him.

"As if it mattered." Jean-Paul's voice came from outside the cell.

Ciel-Remi was taken a back by the comment. "I am busy. What do you want?"

"Busy ..." Jean-Paul started to laugh. "Have you forgotten what you had dropped?"

"No ..." Ciel-Remi remembered the Bible, but knew he didn't need it. He prayed silently. "Lord, I have learned much from your word, but there is much I still need to know."

Ciel-Remi, You know me, the Bible will be used again someday, for now I can teach from the Word, without the Bible.

"Thank you, Lord."

Ciel-Remi turned his face toward the door, yelled out quietly. "Oh!" He paused. "The Bible, I will not need it for a long time. Do what you must and be gone."

Ciel-Remi got on Jean-Paul's nerves. "Ciel-Remi!" Jean-Paul started. "You will never see this book again. Be warned! You are a prisoner here. You are not my guest. I give you the orders, you do not give me the orders, got it."

Ciel-Remi knew who really gave the orders. It was neither him nor Jean-Paul, but God, the creator of them both. He said. "Not you or I have the right to give orders, what God has created, He will take away. God gave order to all living and non-living things on this earth."

"As long as you are here, I will be your boss, got it."

"Yes, sir."

Ciel-Remi prayed silently. "Lord, you are all I need; I have devoted my life to you and you alone."

Ciel-Remi heard Jean-Paul's footsteps going away. He went back meditating on God. God gave him much knowledge.


Jean-Paul was angry, "Who does he believe he is? Ciel-Remi does not command me nor does God. I can do all things myself. As long as Ciel-Remi is my prisoner, He obeys me, not God.

Jean-Paul hated what he was carrying, The Word of God, "Renee!" He yelled.

Renee appeared before him.

"My love, please take this Bible to the cave and get rid of it, for it has only brought me trouble."

"Yes, My love." Renee said, taking the Bible. Ciel-Remi will stay here for a long time to come, then when God takes that protection from Ciel-Remi, Bam ... I am going to kill him and anyone else who opposes me. Jean-Paul Mephisto.

"Do not get carried away, Mephisto." A voice came through. Jean-Paul looked behind him. "Ciel-Remi works by God's glory."

Jean-Paul bent down and bowed to Satan, who stood before him. "My Lord, Satan."

"You will have Ciel-Remi here as long as God is willing for him to pray and seek God. God is testing him and you are only allowed to help God in the tests."

"My lord ..." Jean-Paul started. "Help God, help God do what?"

"Defeat Ciel-Remi."

A smirk came to Jean-Paul's face, "Kill Ciel-Remi, and break the protection of Paris and own France."

"Exactly." Satan lied.

They both laughed.


Ciel-Remi received knowledge from God; God gave him what the Bible said and gave him some words without even having the great book. He knew God needed him here to understand a few things before they were going to leave.

Ciel-Remi figured it could be years to learn so much. He read where Paul was in jail and only wrote to people around the world telling them about what they were doing and what God wanted. He didn't see Jean-Paul as a distraction. He was there for God's plan for Victoria. While He studied more about God, Victoria learned to rely on God for clothes, food and drink.

Ciel-Remi understood for the first time, Samantha Lionheart was the first of many great tests God was to give him and his friends, while God gave Victoria her mission in life at an early age. He knew God's plan was for His glory, not hers; Ciel-Remi humbled himself day by day and didn't worry about what was happening in Paris.

Once in long while, Jean-Paul mocked and brought down the great Soulfire and guardian of King Henry. Ciel-Remi didn't get mad or yell out. He only sat back and let God handle Jean-Paul. Like Michael had let God handle Satan.

Ciel-Remi and his friends got to know more about God's plan for France and rest of the world. He even became a great prophet, telling them about things that weren't going to happen for a while. He knew what God could know the future. God's plan, God's will and God's grace was all he needed to survive the next two years.

Every once in a while; Ciel-Remi would receive letters from Paris, because Stephan risked his life to bring them to him, with help from others. He couldn't write back, but was glad to hear from everyone. He read about how Stephan revealed Samantha and Anne of Austria. Victoria got two years of coins to save money and buy food. How God was working in their lives. They missed all of them. He knew one day he would return home.

Jean-Paul didn't even give orders regarding Ciel-Remi. He was content with him just being there. Jean-Paul only mocked him.

Ciel-Remi figured Renee had Jean-Paul busy night and day, that they had no time to visit him, he did not mind that. He figured that the distractions he was causing weren't happening as much as they could have been.

You have survived every test I have given thus far. Ciel-Remi this next test will prove your loyalty to Corrine and Victoria.

Ciel-Remi didn't know what the Lord had told him until one day; a beautiful female about thirteen years of age came alone to the cell. She unlocked the cell door. "You believe I am here to rescue you. I believe every man needs to be free from their cage every once in long while."

Ciel-Remi waited. He knew Chaos was the first of the three different ladies who would try to seduce and temp him into sexual lustful activity. He started to understand. God was testing his strength against lust. He set his mind toward Corrine and Victoria, and God's great love.

The female led him upstairs toward the Queen's quarters. The black and white wasn't changed. He wondered where Jean-Paul was, he asked. "Where is Jean-Paul?"

The female lied. "Jean-Paul has gone on journey with Satan. He has asked me to amuse our guests."

Ciel-Remi did not doubt for a minute, she was lying. "To Jean-Paul, we are prisoners, not guests. We are not here of our free will, only his."

She put her hand over his mouth. "That is where you are wrong. Jean-Paul does see you as guests." She paused. "Not the best accommodations. But nonetheless guests."

Ciel-Remi knew Jean-Paul didn't like him, why would he believe us to be guests and then throw us into a prison? No! She was lying and I must still believe this is God's next test.

Ciel-Remi entered the bedroom that once belonged to Marie's mother, the Queen of Bourge; he saw everything was as it was before, no marks on the bed, the gray walls, nicely hung a picture of a beautiful woman. He believed the picture to be Queen Marie's mother before the tragedy. "So you made yourself at home." he commented.

"Ha ..." She laughed. "This old place, Jean-Paul means for me to be Queen of France, so I am enjoying a Queen's quarters."

"Why do you like Jean-Paul?" He asked.

"Your wife missed something when she did not marry him; Jean-Paul is rich and well loved." The female lied.

"My wife loved me long before Jean-Paul took over the LeChat estate."

"You were so much a boy still growing up; you could not marry a lady who was about the same age." She approached Ciel-Remi. She started rubbing him on his chest with her hands. "Now, Ciel-Remi, You are my man."

"My lady, I believe my heart belongs to God and Corrine, and then my child Victoria."

Ciel-Remi started becoming tense as she started moving her hands down toward the place that belonged only to Corrine. He told her. "My lady, if you have brought me here to have an affair with you and betray Corrine; you are gravely mistaken."

"Oh, Ciel-Remi, You like this do you not? It has been almost a year away from Corrine, you must need someone."

"No!!!" Ciel-Remi violently pushed her back. "As long as I have God in my life, I am content until I can see my wife again."

She became angry. "I bring you freedom from your cell! And you will not give me pleasure! Why?"

"You do not know me." Ciel-Remi said. "God has warned us to stay away from lustful desire and immoral sins, because we all sin, but a sin that involves sexual behavior will hurt the body, the temple of God."

"Oh, Ciel-Remi," She tempted him. "What temple of God. The body is made to do these things."

"Only with someone you have vowed your life to. Only to the one God gave me, Only to Corrine."

"Corrine!" She wanted to scream. "Arghh ..." She threw a pillow at him. "Get out! Get out! Go back to your beloved Corrine! Leave me alone. Get out!!!"

Ciel-Remi tried everything to reason with her. "Mademoiselle, you are beautiful, but you have much to learn. I take my leave now."

Ciel-Remi knew he was not free to go home. He asked. "Mademoiselle, would you take me back to my cell."

Tears ran down her cheeks, she looked up and asked, "Foolish man, I have freed you to go home to your beloved, you want to stay in the cell. Why?"

"Mademoiselle, I am not finished here. You have freed me, but what about my friends, will you try to seduce them one by one until you find someone to really love you. No! Please take me back. My time is not up; I have many things to learn."

She took the keys, "Then so be it." She led him back to the place he would call home for a long time; he knew she wouldn't try this on his friends. After she locked the door, he sat down, his mind on Corrine and Victoria. One day, my love, I will come back to you.

Ciel-Remi heard her run off crying and weeping bitterly.

Ciel-Remi slept peacefully that night, knowing God's next test was accomplished. He had many more to come.

Chapter 12

A DEPRESSION and anger came over the female's face. She got back upstairs, she sat on the bed in her pink nightgown crying and tears ran down her beautiful face. The female wasn't Chaos but another young female living inside the castle. She was as beautiful as an angel. She had golden brown hair and deep brown eyes.

This female was about thirteen year old of age. She was barely a woman and she sat gracefully there, "When!" She cried out in pain, she slammed her fist down on the bed cushion. "When will I find someone who will love me?"

"You can have anyone, anytime you are ready," a soft voice came from inside the room. "Some things you must kill for, however."

The female was scared and dazed at hearing the voice. "Why do I have to kill someone? Who would I kill to have love?" She asked.

"Have not you heard the phase 'all is fair in love and war', we are in war 'little one', we must fight to have what is ours. If someone already has it, you have to kill to get it back."

'Little one' was a phase only Renee would use. The female recognized the voice and said, "Step-mother?"

Renee appeared before the young female, she sat next to her on the bed. She started brushing her hair, being motherly like. The female asked. "Why take a life for love? We are better to love in our own way but not in death."

"My darling, Alicia." Renee lied. "Are you going to let a married man come between you and what you want? A married man can have sex anytime he chooses, with anyone he chooses."

"Why was not his heart aware of my beautiful body and charms?"

"Charm and beautiful bodies attract a man. A married man is tied by vows with his wife. To have those vows broken, someone must die. He will only then accept you as his new wife." Renee lied tempting her.

"Step-mother, I am too young to be destroying another man's life through lustful desires?" Alicia asked. "I would like a relationship, not just sexual pleasure with a man."

"There is no need for romance or relationship, Women are born to have sex with a male figure, their age does not matter, nor does their good looks, only their sexual drive." Renee lied again. "The only thing a male is good for is sex and a lot of it."

"You are liar! I believe there are other purposes for a male, than just to fulfill his sexual drive. He can be funny, kind, loving and will bring me joy.

"Why do not you have these things yet?"

Alicia shrugged her shoulder, "I do not know, Stepmother. I am still young."

"No one is young, they are only want what some people wait to have or they are in committed marriages." Renee lied. "No, Alicia, any guy will be able to have you now. If only you are able to expect the possibilities of committing an act to get them."

"I am sorry! Stepmother, I am not willing to kill anyone to have love! Please leave!" Alicia yelled.

Renee accepted everything and disappeared. What does father see in you anyway, Stepmother.

Alicia was the daughter of Renee and Jean-Paul Borjour. She didn't call her 'mother' for the reason of Renee's imprisonment. Alicia lived inside the castle since Samantha was taken from home. Alicia was troubled and hurting. She was looking something she hasn't found yet.

Alicia lay down on the bed. She put her hands over her head. She thought about a wonderful place away from this world. She pictured beautiful seashore like the one in Spain and of a loving husband by her side. Alicia was also Roman Catholic. She knew about God, but she didn't believe in Jesus. Alicia dreamed about getting away from the musky castle and finding a place, not dark, but light and where people loved her for being who she was and not what they wanted her to be. She wanted to find a paradise only people could fantasize about.

Alicia became angry. I could have any guy in that cell, and I pick a married Christian man to sleep with. Maybe Stepmother is correct, married men are bound by love and they cannot have affairs. If I kill his wife, then I will have him to myself forever. Alicia fell asleep into a fantasy dream with Ciel-Remi and herself.


A day or two back in the musky and dirty cell. Ciel-Remi sat and thought much about Victoria's and Corrine's beautiful faces. He loved them so much he couldn't wait to see them again. His next test would come soon and he would have to bring God's love through this test.

Ciel-Remi was distracted by a knock on the cell door. He believed it was Jean-Paul there to taunt and mock him again. He just sat there meditating on the Lord.

Ciel-Remi, check who is there.

"Yes, Lord." He said getting up. Everyone else around him was sleeping and he stunk like a dirty sock in the cloth basket. Ciel-Remi quietly asked. "Who is there?"

"Stephan Lionheart."

Ciel-Remi was shocked. How did he get down here without being noticed?

"How is everyone?" Stephan asked.

Ciel-Remi quickly answered. "We are doing alright. Some testing in faith, but God is always here. How are Victoria and Corrine getting along?"

"They are the same as the last letter given."

"Yes." Ciel-Remi asked. "How did Victoria get those coins?"

"An Angel."

"What Angel?"


"Ah." He rubbed his head.

"Read this new letter. I have brought parchment and a pen to write them back if you so choose."

Ciel-Remi moved back as the folded parchment came through the door. He picked it up. The next parchment wasn't folded. A quill and ink were given through the bars.

"Thank you, my friend."

"God Bless You. I will return tomorrow for the letters."

"Where are you staying?" Ciel-Remi asked.

"Chameceaux ruins."

"Okay, I will talk with King Henry, Jean and Richard, we will write a letter to our wives and children."

"Good Idea." Stephan stood quietly for a moment.

"What is it?"

"I need to go now, someone is coming."

Ciel-Remi heard him sneak away. He prayed. "Lord and God, thank you for helping us to communicate back to Paris. Be with Stephan as he gets back out of the castle. Protect him from harm. In your name, Amen."

Ciel-Remi quietly took the parchment and quill. He sat down and all night wrote a letter to Corrine and Victoria about what he had endured. He asked them to pray for safety and protection for him and his friends. He felt tired and his eyes were heavy, he put down the parchment on the ground next to him and went to sleep.


Alicia awoke to the birds chirping and Jean-Paul yelling out, as always. "You stupid bird, stop that noise." Alicia hated the darkness around Bourge and all of France. She thought it was too gloomy and that is how she felt inside, gloomy and depressed. Alicia wanted so much to talk with Ciel-Remi. This may clear her head from wanting to kill Corrine for Ciel-Remi. She stayed content in the Queen's Quarters.

Alicia loved to play in the forest of lust. She would look at the bible, she thought of taking a stroll down to her secret passage into the caverns of lust. Alicia got dressed into a blue dress with golden bow to match her hair.

Alicia ran down the corridor steps fast to get to caverns. She saw her picture hanging on the wall. She was about to touch the painting when she heard a voice come from downstairs. "Thank you, my friend; I will be back in a month to deliver the next letter."

What letters?

Alicia pulled the picture away from the wall, the button, which read: 'Cavern of Lust'. She was going push it when Stephan almost bumped into her. "Slow down, Monsieur Stephan." She told him.

"Sorry! Mademoiselle, didn–" Stephan was interrupted by the glowing face of an old friend. "Alicia Borjour, How did you ... Why are you here?"

"Why else, my father and your daughter." She told him. "I followed your daughter to Bourge and ended up in the castle of my father." Alicia stared at him. "What are you doing here? I thought Father sent you home after you rescued Samantha."

"Well, I see you have not changed, I was delivering letters to Ciel-Remi and the others."

"You know I should get Father to imprison you, as well. I believe you need to go home to your family ..." She paused. "Now go!"

"What are you saying?"

Alicia heard footsteps. She quickly opened the door to the caverns. Alicia quickly put her hand over Stephan's mouth. "Do not speak until we are inside the caverns."

Alicia led Stephan into the caverns. They waited for the door to close. Alicia spoke. "Come on! Stephan." Alicia led him down a long wide tunnel. "I am a lady; I am not like Step-mother or my Father."

"What do you mean?"

"Just this, you would have been caught and imprisoned. Someone was coming to go down and guard your friends."

"How do you know about Ciel-Remi?"

"Well ..." She paused again putting her finger to her mouth. "... Step-mother told me I could have any man in prison. I chose Ciel-Remi, not knowing about his wife and tried to seduce him."

"A test from God."

"A what?" Alicia said.

"Never mind." Stephan said. "Why are you helping me?"

"I am tired of Bourge, I would like to go to Paris with you."

"Why?" Stephan asked suspiciously.

Alicia led Stephan into a forked tunnel, "Because down that way is the Bible where I was headed and the other way is the cavern's entrance. Introduce me to your friends. I will help everyone escape when it is time. Do we have a deal?" Alicia shoved her hand toward his to shake it.

"How can I trust you, Alicia?" Stephan asked.

"You cannot trust anyone, except I know these caverns better than my stepmother."

"Okay, Alicia, I will let you come to Paris with me, but if you try something, you will not be answering to me, but the Queen of France and to God." Stephan said giving her a handshake. She only grinned. Ciel-Remi will be mine.

Alicia led him through the tunnel outside the cavern's entrance.

"One more thing." Stephen said.


"Why do you call Renee 'Stepmother'?" Stephan asked. "She is clearly your mother."

"You do not know, Stephan, Renee's imprisonment."


"Yeah, Let us go."

They left together to Paris.


Ciel-Remi awoke early to finish his letter to Corrine and Victoria. He finished the letter asking Corrine to keep taking good care of their daughter and serving God in everything she did. He signed his name. He folded the parchment and slipped underneath himself. The blank parchments were sitting there.

King Henry awoke and saw the parchment sitting on the ground, He asked. "Ciel-Remi, where did those come from?"

"Stephan delivered them last night." Ciel-Remi picked up the letter. "Read this before you write back to your families, there is section from everyone in Paris inside this letter. Stephan left a quill and parchment to write your family a letter." He told everyone there with him.

Everyone was awake suddenly; they read the letter and then wrote back to their wives and children. Afterward Ciel-Remi took their folded parchment and added them to his pile in back of him, then waited until Stephan came back to get them.

A quiet knocking was heard from outside the cell door; Ciel-Remi called quietly out, "Who is it?"

"Stephan, do you have the letters?"

"Yes, my friend." Ciel-Remi said gathering the letters. He got up and walked quietly over to the door. "Stephan, please get out of here as soon as possible. You might be captured."

"Thank you, my friends; I will be back in a month to deliver the next letters."

Ciel-Remi only heard the echo throughout the hallway.

He walked back. He sat down, "Lord, give Stephan a safe trip home." He prayed and meditated.

Stephan Lionheart, Be safe, my friend.


Alicia rode toward the city of Paris on a brown horse, the country side was beautiful, green grass lined the horizon and trees were everywhere around them. They rode as far as Chameceaux.

Stephan dismounted his horse.

"Why are we stopping?"

"Well, Alicia, I could not stay in Bourge overnight, so I stayed here last night. I have to collect a few things."

"Okay." She dismounted the horse. She walked through ruined town. "What happened here?" She asked.

"You do not know."


"Mephisto's minions, these are stories for a later date."

Alicia looked in awe and wonder, the ruined bricks of the town. She wondered who had power so strong to destroy things this easily. They walked back to the horses, before mounting them. She looked at the torn down mansion.

Did Father have something to do with this?

They rode through another forest before they reached the city gates. When they approached, a guard asked, "Who is the young lady?"

Stephan yelled up, "She is Alicia Borjour! Jean-Paul's daughter!"

The guard looked into her brown eyes. "What is your business here?"

Alicia felt pressed, she said, "To visit a friend at the castle."

The guard still wasn't sure, he asked. "Who is your friend?"

"Samantha Lionheart!"

"Please let us in, we have come from Bourge and need much rest."

"Alright, Stephan and Alicia, I warn you do nothing to break the protection of God."

The gate opened. God? What does God have to do with protection of Paris? Why is Father determined to destroy this wonderful city? What am I doing here?

Alicia walked closely to Stephan. A residential house door opened, she bumped into a boy. "Pardon me, Mademoiselle." The young boy said. "I did not see you coming."

Stephan looked into the boy's face, "Jean-Pierre this is Alicia Borjour, Alicia this Jean-Pierre Douvicioux."

Alicia was startled, "Why is your name Jean-Pierre?"

"My parents named me." Jean-Pierre told her. "You are the daughter of the Tyrant of France!"

She was angry. Her father was not a tyrant. He was kind and gentle man. No one dare talk about her father in such a manner. "My father is not a tyrant, Jean-Pierre!" She yelled out.

"Calm down."

"Why did he say such things?"

"It does not matter, Let us go and say 'hello' to everyone else in the castle."

"Let us."

Alicia walked; arms folded, an evil look upon her face. She felt the tug on her dress. She turned around. Jean-Pierre was standing with a frown. "Alicia, I am sorry."

Alicia bent down, she told him, "Just be careful what you say around people okay, hon."

Stephan was looking at Alicia. She stood and he commented. "You are good with children."

"Yes, Sir."

"Alicia, I am here to warn you, do not do anything stupid that you will regret it for the rest of your life, you are good lady, I have known you for a long time, You have not had a selfish desire until you came to Bourge."

"No, Sir." Alicia lied. "I have not."

"Do you feel a light in Paris?"


"Everywhere is darkness. Paris is lit. The sunlight shines down on the people here. Do you know why that light shines so brightly here and not back in Bourge or elsewhere in France?"

"No, Sir."

"God's protection is over the city and overshadowed the dark spell away from this city, your father is not the monster, except he has cast a spell on France to be in total darkness, God's light shines on Paris because we love him so much."

"Being Roman Catholic, I know about God and Jesus, but I do not believe everything about him."

They both reached the gates. The guard yelled. "No strangers in the castle!"

"It is alright, Alicia is with me, and she is here to see Samantha and Anne. Please let us inside."

Alicia was excited to be in the castle, she awaited her confrontation with Corrine Lebejioux, Corrine's death, and Ciel-Remi is mine!

The gate opened slowly, the courtyard was huge, Dang, what a large castle courtyard.

Alicia was distracted by her thoughts of Ciel-Remi. She barely heard Samantha approached her. "Alicia, what brings you to Paris?"

"Do you know where Corrine lives? I have a message from Ciel-Remi."

Stephan stopped her, "You are going up to Corrine's place, take this. It is the letter from Ciel-Remi." Stephan explained handing her the letter. "I must go see Queen Marie about the others."

Alicia was freed of Stephan's side. She could go get this deed done and stand before the Queen of France. She still didn't know where Corrine lived. "Alicia, Would you like me to accompany you to the Lebejioux residence?" Samantha asked.

At first, Alicia didn't want a friend involved. She let her anyway, or else she would be lost trying to find it. "Alright, Samantha."

They started toward the eastern towers. She only set her mind on doing something to Corrine and getting out. She knew she would be able to get out. She was going to die afterward. Her life was a mess. Renee told her if she got rid of Corrine, she would have Ciel-Remi forever. She believed every a word of it. She felt a struggle going on inside her. She ignored these thoughts and they went up the steps.

They were close. Victoria was going down to Marie's place. She bumped into Samantha. Samantha fell backward. Alicia stood her ground. "Samantha, who is your new friend?" Victoria asked.

"Victoria Lebejioux, This is Alicia Borjour." Samantha said. Victoria shook her hand. "Glad to meet you, Mademoiselle Borjour."

Ciel-Remi has a daughter? Ciel-Remi is a father? I cannot kill a mother for the sake of love, Oh God what have I done?


Victoria stood there confused, looking at Alicia covering her face with her hands. Alicia dropped to the ground crying. "No." She only said.

Comfort Alicia, The truth will reveal itself.

Victoria bent down to her, "What is wrong?"

"You two will not understand." Alicia said getting up and running down the steps back toward the courtyard. "I have to go out of here."

Victoria was still confused. She only felt the spirit say, Go after her.

"Yes, Lord." Victoria started running after Alicia, Victoria looked back, and Samantha just shrugged and followed behind a few steps.

At the bottom of the steps, Victoria caught up with Alicia, except she just tried running faster. Victoria was faster, "Alicia, Wait!" She said as she caught her by the shoulder.

Alicia violently shoved her hand off her shoulder and started walking fast toward the gate.

Alicia is hurt, help her, she did not come here for friends and family, she came out of pride and jealousy.

"Thank you, Lord."

Alicia kept walking. Alicia's face was full of anger and sadness.

"Alicia! Wait!" Victoria started, "Why would I not understand?" She tried to catch up with her.

Alicia suddenly turned around saying. "You do not understand, Victoria, I did not come here out of friendship, but out of jealous love. I came here to kill Corrine."

Victoria's heart sank. She didn't understand. Why would Alicia kill Mama? What purpose is there to kill my mother? She felt sympathy for Alicia.

I have softened her heart, Victoria. Do what must be done.

"Just like I said, my pride and joy was to kill your mother for your father. I would understand if no one wants to see my face again." Alicia told them.

"Alicia." Victoria said, tears in her eyes. "God knew your heart before you came here. God would not have let you kill my mother."

"What? God knows?"

"God knows all things. God wants to be your Father."

"I have a father."

"Yes, on earth---" Victoria stopped.

"What are you saying?" Alicia double backed.

Victoria approached Alicia, "Please if you will allow me, I would like us to go to garden and talk about your actions."

"After all I have done or said to you, you still want to be a friend to me." Alicia wiped her eyes.

"Yes, Alicia." Samantha said coming from behind her. "God wants to be a friend to you, as well."

"Follow me and Samantha to the garden." Victoria told her.

"Yes, thank you." Alicia wiped her eyes and hugged her.

Victoria had a joy and love inside for Alicia, but she needed to know God's plan for her life and what she been told was a lie from the devil. Victoria wanted to get her to a place where they could sit down and talk about everything God told Victoria to do. Even though she was a bit angry, she let the anger pass that very moment.

They reached the gardens. They sat down at a table looking off into the distance.

"Are you ready to talk?" Victoria asked Alicia.

"I guess so."


Once Alicia and the others were in the garden, Alicia's thoughts were troubling her.

Alicia couldn't believe that Victoria would befriend her, even though she had come to Paris to kill Corrine. She saw a reflection of Ciel-Remi inside of Victoria.

What do I see inside her? She is pure and clean. She glows as though her father was inside her yet still in Bourge.

Alicia just sat contently.

"Alicia, I know you, you do not kill someone." Samantha asked. "What is the purpose you would want to kill Corrine?"

"Okay." She sighed. "I do apologize."

"For what reason?"

"My stepmother told me I could have any prisoner." Alicia began. "I chose Ciel-Remi as to be a partner. So I went down and brought him to my room. He is handsome and glowed with light of purity; he would give me pleasure and forever be mine."

"Ciel-Remi did not take to my seduction and empowered by my stepmother, I knew how to do it good, but he was not overtaken into the pleasure. My stepmother failed to tell me everyone was married. He started let on a little bit, then resistant of my charm and beautiful body."

"Ciel-Remi needed pleasure after being so far away, except his love for this God and his wife, He did not want the love I could offer. He shoved me away from him. He made me mad I could only feel emotionally for him, I told him 'he could leave and go back to home'. He was freed, but still chose to stay in the castle."

"I talked with Stepmother and she suggested killing his wife for him. At first I got angry and told her 'I could not kill anyone for love'."

"The next morning, I ran into Stephan getting some letters from the prisoners. I did not want father to catch him, so I helped him escape, so I could get into Paris, kill Corrine and die without cause."

"When He told Samantha to go with me to Corrine's residence, I took the letter and planed on delivering the letter to Corrine, then distract Samantha long enough to strangle Corrine to death ..." Alicia started to cry again. "Samantha introduced you and I fell apart. I would never kill a person, let alone a mother." She cried.

Victoria rubbed her back. "Alicia, Samantha is right, you would not kill anyone. I do not believe if you came to my residence you would not kill her. You would have been hurt and ashamed for the rest of your life."

"How do you know?" Alicia asked.

"First, you are not a murderer. Second, God would have not let you. And lastly you are looking for something you can not yet have."

Alicia started crying, she felt hurt and pain. She didn't how Victoria knew such things. She is right. I would not kill anyone.

"You have been lied to. Your stepmother and your father are telling you. 'You always get what you want by taking upon yourself to get such things'." Victoria started to explain. "God is willing no one perish, except all come to eternal life. You are looking for love in all the wrong places. Love is not hatred or jealousy; Love is not murder or pleasure. Love is God, God is Love."

Alicia didn't understand. She only listened.

"It is written: 'Love is patient and kind, Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. Love does not demand its own way. Love is not irritable, and it keeps no record of when it has been wronged. It is never glad about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.' The True Love you are seeking is God who has all these things."

Alicia felt a soft and tender love inside Victoria, the same as Ciel-Remi. She asked. "Victoria, does your father have this love in his life?"

"Yes, Alicia." Victoria said.

"I have felt the love of God in you and your father; I was drawn into something else by love."

"Even though God is love, Alicia, God is as well, holy. God will judge those who do wrong things and break the word of God and reject his Holy Spirit."

"Sin." Alicia said.

"Yes, Alicia." Victoria said.

"We all sin." Alicia told Victoria.

"Yes." Samantha said. "You remember the Catholic teaching, do you not?"

"Yes, Samantha." She agreed.

"God already has your heart. You only need to repent and confess those sins to God."

"What? No priest."

"No, Alicia, My father says you should confess your sins to God, not to man. Who do you serve, God or man? These are things my father has learned."

"Do you still believe Jesus Christ died for us?" Samantha asked.


"Then all you need is ask forgiveness for your sins, turn away from those sins and thoughts, believe Jesus Christ died and rose again for us. And you will be saved in God."

"What about my way?"

"God says, 'My ways are not your ways and My thoughts are not your thoughts'. No one is righteous, not one, but through the grace of God, even we are made perfect. We can live in God's kingdom through the Grace of God."

"Thank you, Victoria; can you give me a minute alone?"


Alicia felt her heart break, and she needed to talk with God. She had been deceived for so long, she forgot what the Catholic's even believed. She knelt down on the ground, She still crying, prayed. "Father God, Holy be your name, you kingdom come, you will be done. Lord, forgive me of my foolish sins and my thought of violence and lust. Lord, Forgive my father and stepmother. Lord, I believe you died on the cross for us. A believe through a Virgin birth and Holy Spirit you are God. Please help me understand your word and your love, to you be the glory forever and ever, Amen."

Alicia felt a new love inside her; she felt her spirit rise and joy come. She did not think about Corrine or Ciel-Remi. She wanted so much to help Stephan and everyone in Paris, but she was still not willing to stay in the castle until later. Alicia thought of True Love. Alicia walked over to Victoria.

"Victoria, please deliver this to your mother."

"What are you going to do?"

"Help, your father."

"Good Idea."

"Thank you, Victoria and Samantha."

"Are you ready to stand before your father?"

"No." Alicia said refreshed. "I must stay in Paris until I am ready to face Father again."

Victoria hugged her new Sister in Christ. "Welcome to the family of God."

Alicia hugged Samantha, They both cried tears of joy. "Alicia, I knew you had never lost the teaching, you just like me ran away from God."

"Yes, Samantha."

Alicia handed Victoria the letter. "What are you going do now?"

"I would like to see Queen Marie, and Samantha's mother."

"Alicia, May I go with you?" Samantha asked.

"Yes, Samantha." Alicia said. "Victoria, you should get the letter home to Corrine. One day I will meet your mother, but right now I must stay away."

"Yes, I understand." Victoria said running into the castle.

Alicia and Samantha went to see Queen Marie and Anne Lionheart. They told everything to Queen Marie, She pardoned Alicia and gave her a place to stay in the castle. She refused. She would like to live in the city while helping Stephan deliver the letters. Alicia knew Queen Marie saw the difference, so did Anne and Stephan.

"Thank you for saving my husband from Mephisto's capture."

"My heart with not in the right place, Only God knew I needed to come to Paris and away from Bourge for a time."

"What are you going to do about your Father, My dear?" Queen Marie asked.

"There is nothing I can do this day, Only God will know."

"Yes, He sure will."

Everyone laughed. Alicia loved to laugh instead of cry. She truly found what she searched for all these years, The Love of God.

Chapter 13

A FEW MONTHS had passed. Ciel-Remi sat on the floor. He prayed and meditated. God gave everything to him during these days, and he experienced more tests. He had a test of lust, pride, greed and fear. God knew his heart was looking forward to seeing Corrine and Victoria. He didn't hear back from them since he sent back the letter to Paris.

Ciel-Remi watched his friends as they slept on the floor. It was about eight o'clock in morning. King Henry awoke suddenly yelling. "No!"

"What is wrong, My King?"

"It was only a dream." King Henry told him.

"What was the dream?" He asked.

"This kingdom is in trouble." King Henry explained. "Queen Marie will marry a Spanish Queen to Louis. She will be banished from France. She will sign that treaty between Spain and France which will begin the fall of God's protection over the city."

"A vision from God, King Henry." Ciel-Remi explained. "You may or may not stop these dreams. Only God knows why He gave you the dream. I do not know. All I do know is that you must be ready."

"Ready, for what?"

"A token was given to you by the Lord. In time, Your Majesty will know the reason you were given these dreams."

"You are right; I should just pray and let God do His work."


A knock came on the door startling King Henry. Ciel-Remi walked to the door. He knew Jean-Paul or Renee would just open the door. "Stephan Lionheart."

"Yes, my friend, with a sister in Christ."

"Hello." said a female voice; Ciel-Remi did recognize it.

"Your wives and daughters are all right. Please take these. They are the new letters from them. You kept the quill. Here is more parchment for new letters tomorrow."

"Stephan, my friend." King Henry spoke up.

"Your Majesty." Stephan said through the door. "Are you alright?"

"Yes, my lord."

"Ciel-Remi, two more tests, and then your final test will come. God promises are 'yes and amen'." The female voice said.

"Oh." He said.

"May I ask your name?"

"You will find out in time."

"Thank you for your service, my sister." King Henry said.

"Not a problem, only serving the Lord's will." She said.

"Ciel-Remi, King Henry, We will be back to collect the letters soon."

"Safe travels to you, Stephen."

"You too, Ciel-Remi, God Bless."

Ciel-Remi took the new parchment, sat back down and started reading the new letters. He read his with love and compassion. He read how everything at home was great and they couldn't wait to see him. Corrine said about Victoria being able to witness to a female who came from Bourge. He didn't know of any female in Bourge, maybe they were talking about the female, who was helping Stephan. He knew he would find out in God's time who she was.

Ciel-Remi looked over at King Henry. He read his letter. His facial expression was total focused on the letter. Ciel-Remi saw a tear in his eye. He decided not to write back right away. He finished, then put the letter behind him and meditated on God.

Ciel-Remi just prayed for as much time as he could. He watched everyone else read their letters; Jean and Richard were totally focused. They couldn't wait to write back to their wives. Ciel-Remi took his parchment and folded the letter. He asked. "Your majesty, my king, please take and hide these parchments. Jean-Paul cannot find out about them or else he will grow suspicious."

"Yes, Ciel-Remi." King Henry said taking the parchments hiding them in a loosen brick in the wall of the prison. Ciel-Remi liked the hiding place. "Do you think Mephisto is going to be here today?"

"Yes, Henry." He said. "Another test, this one is about bondage and sin, Jean-Paul should be here soon."

"God has given you so much information. How do you know so much and worry so little?" Jean asked.

"Faith, Jean, Faith." Ciel-Remi told them. "Faith is evidence of things hoped for, not seen. I have seen the imprisonment coming for a long time. I did not know why God would have done so. Faith takes the fears of man and focuses it on the 'Fear of God' the reverence of God. The fears of man are taken away. I can focus on my work at hand. I serve God and Him alone."

"Why do you do what Mephisto asks of you?"

"Slaves are to obey their masters, as long as we are slaves to God, we need to submit to our masters. Masters are supposed to respect their slaves."

"Like Mephisto respects us." Jean laughed.

"Yes, Jean, Mephisto doesn't respect us, because this was given to a Church, the body of Christ. The masters are the Church authorities. We are salves to God. Jean-Paul is like a master, so I serve him as though I am serving God."

"Good idea, Ciel-Remi."

Everyone went back to writing their letters. After they finished them, they gave them to King Henry and he asked curiously, "How long have you had that hidden brick area, My King?"

"For awhile, Ciel-Remi, I saw it when we first arrived."

"Oh." He said.

He sat back. He prayed and meditated on God's word before Mephisto came.

One of two tests complete, you are ready for test two.

Test one complete, how?

Servant hood test, you are faithful to me as a slave to his Master. Please ready yourself for the test 'our sins and bondages'.

"Thank you, Lord."

Ciel-Remi sat and waited.


After delivering the letter and parchment to Ciel-Remi and his friend, Alicia decided as they came into caverns, she would do what she was willing to do before, meeting Stephan in the hallway.

Alicia wanted still to see the 'Great Bible' her father took it away from Ciel-Remi, She had a better understanding of God and she knew her time was right.

As they reached the fork tunnels, she spoke, "Lord Stephan, I will join you in Chameceaux ruins in a few hours. There is something I must do before then."

"Alicia. Stay out of trouble, Stay away from your stepmother and most definitely your father."

"Yes." Alicia said. "You know your way back out."

"Yes." Stephan said. "I meet you in a few hours. God Bless."

"God Bless You too, pray for safety."

Alicia watched as he went down the left tunnel. She just remembered the lustful women. She yelled, "Stephan! Whatever you do, don't turn around before getting outside!"


"Lustful women!"


"They are guardian of the caverns. They are beautiful until you stare into their eyes, then they will kill you!"

"Thank you!" Stephan yelled. "Are you sure, you should not see me outside, then come back."

No, Stephan will be okay!

"No! Just get going!" She yelled.


Alicia walked slowly down the corridor of the left tunnel. She didn't know where the voice came from. She only obeyed. She went into a room full of color and wonder. The room was huge. She had been in this room before.

Alicia felt something odd that she never had before. She walked slowly across the room. The odd feeling was an evil presence.

"Alicia Borjour." Came a familiar voice. Alicia just froze. She knew it was her stepmother. "What are you doing here?"

"Like you would like to know, mother." Alicia explained, "You have lied to me."

"Now you call me, 'mother'."

"Chaos, My mother is Renee, your imprisoned soul."

"Damn you, child, where are you going?

"To see the Bible."

"What Bible?"

"The Great Bible."

"My darling, do you believe you can play a fool around me?"

"Yes." She laughed.

"You are not the same Alicia I know."

"That is because, Chaos, you never knew me." Alicia said. "I am not going to take the great bible, it must be earned."

"Did you kill Corrine?"

"I told you, I do not kill anyone."

"Come on, you had a revengeful heart when you left. What made you change your mind?"

"The fact that you're lying could have destroyed my life."

"You are a believer?"

"What makes you so sure?" She asked.

"The glow on your face." Renee said. "You smile more than frown. You are joyful and happy. When you left here, you were depressed and miserable."

"In time, you will really know 'why I came back here.' I am not subjected to you anymore."


"Yeah, I am subjected to one master, who is God. You could try to kill me. My father would not allow it."

"Maybe you father should know."

"You are liar. You would tell lies to let your pride get in the way. I came here to look at the Great Bible. Will you leave for now?"

"Be warned! Alicia, One day you will be found out and killed."

"One day is a pretty long time."

Alicia didn't care what her mother said. She was determined to find the Great Bible. It was for God's plan. Renee could keep haunting her, but she would only give into God's plan.

Renee got tired of arguing and disappeared. Alicia went inside the next room. The walls were completely glass filled rocks; the ledge was narrow and circled around with a light glowing from above her. She just followed the pathway.

Alicia kept walking on the curved, narrow ledge. She was careful not to fall into the den of lustful women. She kept her eyes straight on the glowing entrance.

She soon arrived near the entrance of a beautiful lit forest. Alicia stepped inside the forest. Trees surrounded the countryside. She couldn't believe how beautiful it was.

Alicia walked through the forest. Trees waved as they saw the young lady approach. She felt eyes were watching her from afar.

"Who do you serve God or man?" Asked another voice, she was startled.

Alicia was nervous, she mumbled. "God."

"What are doing here?" another voice asked.

"To look at the Great Bible, it is God's plans."

"Yes, my lady, Thank you. You may enter. You must not take the Bible from its pedestal until the appointed time."

Alicia went down a path toward a well-lit room. The Bible stood upon silver based pedestal. The lights of many colors surround it. She approached next to the Bible. The lights disappeared and a single light glowed upon the Bible. She felt a warm presence.

Alicia, this is my word. My word and promise to thee. You are what I say you are. You can have what it says you can have. You can do what it says you can do. You are Christian full of faith a power. You are conqueror. You are healed. You rule over the devil. Everyday you should say 'no devil' and 'yes' to Me.

Alicia bent down on her knees and prayed. "Lord, you know your plan; you have brought me this way. Please show me, why and how I can serve you?"

The Bible opened, the light shone brightly.

Alicia Borjour, My daughter, please understand this. One day, Ciel-Remi, Victoria, Marie and you will come back to this place. The only one will take this Bible. That chosen person has the name meaning 'Victory'. Victoria Lebejioux is that person. She is still too young to learn how to complete this task. I brought you here to give you a warning about the forest and the Treants. Only through True Love can someone stand where you are standing and take the Bible.

Your mission this day is to see everyone safely back home. I will give you the day to deliver a note telling who you are to Ciel-Remi and his friends. I have one more test for Ciel-Remi. One that will show the World, God cannot live in their hearts with chain of bondage, My daughter, you have been faithful to Me. Thank you, And keep serving Me. Keep doing your work and one day I will reward you and your family greatly.

Alicia arose. She felt a warm breeze in the room, and then suddenly she was back in the colored room. She stood there for about a minute. She couldn't believe the experience she was feeling.

Alicia felt it was time to start walking back out the caverns. She met Stephan inside Chameceaux as she promised.


Jean-Paul sat on his chair. Renee approached him. "What is my dear?"

"Someone else has betrayed us." She announced.


"Someone close."


"A relative."

Jean-Paul threw his cup. "Who is it? Renee!"

"Alicia, my lord."

Jean-Paul laughed believed she was joking. "My daughter would not betray us."

"No, I guess, I was incorrect." She lied. "Alicia was headed to the 'Great Bible'."

"She normally does, my dear."

"She seemed eager and anxious to check it this time."

"Alicia would not betray her father."

"Mephisto and Chaos, yes, her father and her mother, no."


"Alicia has betrayed Lord Satan, She has become a Christian."

"What?" Jean-Paul yelled. "Well, Alicia does have a choice. I will not believe it until I have the proof, got it!"

"Yes, My Lord and my love."

Jean-Paul sat back down. Xathis picked up the cup and handed it to him.

"Thank you."

Xathis trembled, "God has done everything to help Ciel-Remi escape. Do you believe waiting to kill him is too long? Why do not you fight him? Whoever wins will live. Whoever loses dies from a painful blow to the chest."

"Ah! Xathis." Jean-Paul asked, "Great idea, Xathis. Have you forgotten Ciel-Remi is protected by God?"

"No, Sir!" Xathis hissed. "Ciel-Remi is flesh and blood. No matter what protection he has."

"Renee, Xathis and Trest, follow me. We are to going to have a fight. Except, Ciel-Remi will not be able to harm me, nor I him."

"What do you mean, sir?" Trest asked?

"What does that sound like Trest? I am going to fight Ciel-Remi with chains on him. Chains will slow down his attacks. I will not kill him for I cannot. I want to see my foe die slowly myself."

Jean-Paul laughed evilly, so did everyone else. They followed him down where Ciel-Remi was being held.


Ciel-Remi sat praying and meditated on God's word. He didn't feel pain, his eyes clearly on the prize of Jesus Christ. He shuffled around a bit. He eyes were blurry and he couldn't see the dust.

Ciel-Remi looked and waited for Jean-Paul. God had already given him what he needed to learn. Soon he heard the rusting of the door as though keys were unlocking it. "Ciel-Remi, this is your lucky day, you get to fight me." Jean-Paul mocked.

"No, Mephisto, Blessings." He said.

"Get him!" Jean-Paul ordered.

Xathis and Trest came over to Ciel-Remi. They roughly grabbed him shoving their fingernails into his skin causing him to bleed. He resisted the pain as they escorted him out. King Henry bowed his head. The others rested there.

They violently shoved him out into the hallway. He felt blood pouring down his shoulder. They shoved him to the next cell. He held his head down as they threw him against the wall. He first thought was to pick up a sword. Kill Xathis, then turn around and run through the big Trest. Except he knew God would immediately take away the protection and he would be killed.

They shoved Ciel-Remi's hand against the wall. They opened the shackles and place his hands inside them. They were twenty chain links long (enough to strike a sword down). He wasn't amazed asked. "What kind of joke are you playing, Mephisto?"

Jean-Paul laughed, "Welcome to my torture chamber. Are you comfortable yet?"

"No, why should I be?"

"Good!" Jean-Paul said, approached to him. He put his head down to pray. Jean-Paul violently took his head and He became angry, do not interrupt my prayers, Mephisto.

Ciel-Remi's face suggested that Mephisto had ticked him off. "Jean-Paul, you want to fight me! While I am chained."

Jean-Paul thought for a moment than spoke right into his face. "Well, Yeah, See torture is not pretty, it is hard and painful. You are still a human, you will bleed."

He would have gagged at Jean-Paul's bad breath, except He consternated on God's voice. Jean-Paul looked into his eyes, "Are you listening to me? Do you want to fight me?"

"Without chains." He said his head lowered.

"So freely."

"Yes." Ciel-Remi agreed.

"We do not want to fight with those chains? Do we now?"

"What chance do I have with chains keeping me in bondage?"

"Exactly." Jean-Paul sneered. "A big disadvantage, do you not think?"

Everyone loved watching his face get angrier. They loved the way Jean-Paul taunted and mocked him. "Why has not your God freed his people?"

"God's thoughts are not our thoughts and God ways are not our ways. God has purpose and plan for everything. God's timing is God's alone. God will wait for his people."

He felt a yank. He felt the thick blood pour down his arms again. "You do bleed? If I were to kill you now, what would happen?"

"I do not know. God will either spare me the pain or take me from this place. Perhaps He will do something to come between that sword. But whatever it is, God's plans are not to harm us."

The second cell was left over for sword and weapons of his prisoners. Four swords lined in a row on the floor.

Jean-Paul picked up Ciel-Remi's sword. "You have three strikes to kill me. Or else–"

"Or else what?" Ciel-Remi asked.

"Or else I will kill you."

"Fair enough."

Ciel-Remi opened his blood ridden, dirty and filthy hand. Jean-Paul placed the sword into his hand grasping it and stood waiting to strike. He refused to kill Jean-Paul Borjour. "Mephisto I will not kill Jean-Paul Borjour." He told Jean-Paul Mephisto.

"Then you are ready to die."


"So be it." Jean-Paul picked up another sword.

Ciel-Remi, It is not your time. Do as Mephisto asks, Strike him with the sword with those chains on. On the third strike, you will understand the test before you.

"Thank you, Lord." He said under his breath. He spoke up before Jean-Paul could kill him. "Okay, Mephisto, we will do it your way, I will strike you with these lousy chains on."

Jean-Paul laughed. "You are quiet amazing."

"Before you do, tell your goons to stand aside if they don't want to die this day."

Jean-Paul waved his hand, "Xathis and Trest release your grasp and stand aside from any danger."

They both stepped aside to the doorway. Ciel-Remi knew it wasn't going to work. He started to thrust himself toward Jean-Paul, but the chains didn't help, Jean-Paul moved and then laughed. "You will have to be more creative."

Ciel-Remi couldn't understand. Jean-Paul was free to move around while he was chained in bondage and the fight was only going to change the outcome of battle. He thought of a way to strike Mephisto. He raised the sword ready to fight. He said. "Jean-Paul! This is not fair. You are free to move around the room and to dodge my strike."

"Yes." Jean-Paul sipped his drink.

Ciel-Remi waited for Jean-Paul to move closer. Jean-Paul moved forward and He used all his strength and swung down. Jean-Paul moved back to avoid the strike. Ciel-Remi was frustrated. My next strike needs to harm or kill Jean-Paul.

Do you understand, Ciel-Remi?

No, Lord.

You will not die either way.

Thank you, Lord.

Ciel-Remi got creative, Chains and a Sword, The Bible; God's Sword of the Spirit can bring people to Christ. Why do we mistakenly use the bible? Why do we use the bible as a weapon or rulebook? We are in bondage and chained to our past sins. Every year we look back is another link on our chains. Except when we use to the Bible we twist God's understanding and words. The Test is this: 'Sin is a barrier making it impossible to teach from the Bible'.

Ciel-Remi thought he heard a 'click' near by. Jean-Paul impatiently awaited his next strike. He looked around no one stood in Jean-Paul's view. He heard another 'click'. He told Jean-Paul. "You have chained me. I cannot possibly win. As much, as I cannot use the Bible when I am under the plenty of sin. Jean-Paul! Stop this game you call torture and take me back or else you will regret it."

Jean-Paul was amazed. "One more strike."

Ciel-Remi needed to hit or he died. He looked at his chains. They had been broken. He pretended to be still in them and swung down again. Jean-Paul moved to block his strike. Jean-Paul laughed. "Ciel-Remi, you are worthy opponent. You have had your strikes, now say goodbye."

Jean-Paul rushed toward him. He still held the sword and it clashed into each other, with both of his arms freed. He felt pressure; he looked Jean-Paul in the face. "You gave me three chances to strike you with those lousy chains on. What you did not know is that I can defend you myself from your strike without wearing chains."

Jean-Paul was shocked. He pressed harder against the sword. "How did you escape?"

"Easily with God." Ciel-Remi said. "God's test is finished. Many people use the Bible as an offense to keep them away from danger and trouble. Except they forget to use the Bible as a defense against the strongholds. When a weapon is used as a stronghold or defense, the enemy is stopped and forced back. The Bible can be used the same way, a stronghold against the devil. God gave us love to love others. Spiritual forces keep us away from loving anyone, because of the lies and men commit adultery and even murder. God is not willing that anyone perish. So God gave Jesus Christ as our only defense in battle and keep us from harm. Only with Jesus Christ, can we be saved from the enemies lies and defend ourselves from our past sins."

Jean-Paul was stunned, "Damn, you fool! You think you have already won this battle, think again."

"Release me to go back. God has already broken these chains and set the captive free. What else would God do? Now that I know what God had shown me. I am free to kill or to be taken back."

Jean-Paul took back his weapon. He handed his weapon to Jean-Paul. "Jean-Paul, I will not fight you, not now, not ever. The day will come when you will know true freedom."

Jean-Paul got angry. "Xathis and Trest! Escort our prisoner back, Lock the door tight and meet me in the throne room." Jean-Paul ordered as he handed the keys to Xathis.

"Yes, Sir." Xathis hissed. Xathis grabbed his arm tightly. Trest grabbed the other arm forcefully. They shoved him outside into the hallway. They walked back to his prison where they threw him. He wiped off his scratches. He sat down. He prayed. "Thank you, Lord, for saving me."

Ciel-Remi wondered if Jean-Paul would ever get the message before Mephisto destroyed him for good. Ciel-Remi started praying and meditating again before writing his family back telling what had happened.


Jean-Paul hated Ciel-Remi's God, "How can he?" Jean-Paul wanted to throw his drink again. "Every time I have Ciel-Remi cornered. His God loosen his chains, gives him a warning, or just lets him win a battle."

Xathis and Trest strolled into the throne room. Xathis returned the keys to him. "What happened? Did you secure those locks?"

"Yes, My Lord." Xathis hissed.

"This is not the first time, Mephisto. God has many times done something impossible." Trest spoke deeply.

"Does not matter anyway." Jean-Paul explained. "A few years left and France will be mine, no one opposes the great 'Mephisto'." Mephisto laughed evilly.


Alicia and Stephan waited until daybreak the next morning in Ciel-Remi's old wooden cottage to get to the cave quicker. And Ciel-Remi would not mind anyway. Alicia thought.

Alicia sat on the wooden floor looking at stars in the sky. She got up and walked outside. She looked at the countryside. The darken sky was enough to sit under the breeze. Jean-Paul made it hard to figure out night from day. She looked around and then she closed her eyes. She saw an army of twenty thousand men. She wondered 'why she did not see these angels like beings standing in a row before?'

Alicia almost got startled when a demonic presence looked her way and went back again. Alicia went down toward the city entrance near the old rubble houses. Father did all this for greed. He killed many because of pride and become Captain of the Musketeers in Paris. Now he is trying to destroy Paris that beautiful city. Father, why are you doing this?

Alicia wanted to bury her face and cried for her Father's salvation and that he would be filled with the spirit, the same way she had. She felt the spirit empower her to help these prisoners. She came back into the house. She was surprised his old home stood.

Alicia yawned. Her eyes were heavy as she lay down. The last thing she remembered was the wooden floor there.


The next day as Ciel-Remi sat in the cell. He had sat all night writing back to Corrine and Victoria. He decided they would be close to ten o'clock when they snuck back in for the letters. Ciel-Remi prayed and meditated until he fell to sleep, but now he needed to rise with the sun, well, if there were any.

Ciel-Remi heard a knock. "I heard you faced your last test."

"Alicia, right?"

"Yes." She said. "You are Ciel-Remi?"

"Yes, Mademoiselle."

"You know who I am and why I am helping Stephan deliver those letters."

"Yes, you are Alicia Borjour. Jean-Paul Borjour is your father." Ciel-Remi said.


"Listen, Twenty thousand demonic forces are lining the streets of Bourge the evil presence has grown since before I first came here."

"What do you think it means?"

"Mephisto is planning something big."

"Yes." He sighed. "Not for awhile, yet."


"No, Not Good." He said.

"You are probably right; we will have to defend ourselves against those forces one day."


"Do you have your letters? I did not want to wait until later knowing this castle and when Jean-Paul awakens."

"Yes, Mademoiselle." Ciel-Remi said reaching for the brick quietly, so as not to disturb King Henry. He loosened the brick and quietly reached in for the letters. King Henry stirred a little but didn't awaken. He grabbed the letters, shuffled them with his. Ciel-Remi quietly replaced the brick.

Ciel-Remi stood up and quietly went over to the door. "There you go. Welcome to the Family."

"Thank you, Ciel-Remi." Alicia said taking the letters.

Ciel-Remi heard her run back up the steps. He went back sat down on floor. Ciel-Remi prayed and meditated on God until once again he fell back to sleep. Lord, Keep watch over them.


Alicia ran into the house, Stephan was standing there looking pretty angry. "Where have you been?"

"Talking to Ciel-Remi."

Stephan quietly shut the door.

"Did you get the letters?" Stephan asked.


"Why so soon?"

"Mephisto awakens at eight o'clock. Stepmother knows about my change. My father does not. I would like to tell him in time."

Alicia felt the pressure come off her shoulder. "You care for me as a daughter. Do you not?"

"Well ... Alicia." Stephan started.

"You do not have to say a thing. I am family to everyone."

"Yes ... Exactly. Let us go home. I am sure the wives would like to hear from their husbands."

Stephan opened the door.

They rode away from Bourge. She asked, "Did you know there are twenty-thousand minions lined outside the gate?"

"No! What is Mephisto planning?"

"I do not know, Stephan, I do not want to be around to find out."

Alicia, you will be around.

"Yes, Lord."

They rode back to Paris.

Chapter 14

ALMOST TWO YEARS had passed since Ciel-Remi had left Paris to come back to Bourge. Two years to understand God more and learn from God to be tested in many different temptations.

Ciel-Remi sat near the wall. He prayed and meditated on God and His son Jesus Christ. He prayed for Corrine and Victoria. He prayed for a safe journey home when God's plans were finished here. He prayed for the people in Bourge.

Ciel-Remi heard the creak of the door. The door seemed to being unlocked. He stood still. The wooden door shed wood onto the ground. The door opened slowly. He could only image why it was opening. Ciel-Remi felt his heart-beating miles per hour, but felt no fear.

The cell door opened. A woman about five feet three inches appeared before them. Ciel-Remi believed it could have been Renee, except her beauty was graceful and charming. Her brown eyes glowed and with her blond-brown hair, she wore a dress of dark blue with white fluff on it.

"Which one of you gentleman is Ciel-Remi Lebejioux?"

"I am Ciel-Remi."

"Thank you, Lord." She said, "My name is Alicia Borjour of Spain."

"Borjour?" King Henry asked.

"My father is Jean-Paul Borjour." Alicia told him. "My father is possessed by a demon named Mephisto."

Ciel-Remi rose to his feet, "How did you know?"

"Ciel-Remi, May I talk to only you in the hall. Remember, I am not here to help you escape, even though I tried that once."


Ciel-Remi stepped outside the cell into the hallway. The light from the torches was dim in the dungeon area. The gray stone looked tan-brown radiating off the walls. He saw a few barrels around the hall. The steps upward from the cell area were visible.

"Ciel-Remi, I have something for you." Alicia said, handing a leather-bound scroll to him. "This explains everything." She then whispered in his ear. "I do not want father to know I am siding with his enemy."

"Alicia, what are your motives?"

"God's plans, not mine."

"Yes, Alicia."

"Just read my letter."

Ciel-Remi started unrolling the scroll. Alicia interrupted. "Please read it inside. Father will find me to be of suspicious character."

"Thank you, Alicia." Ciel-Remi felt warmth come from her. She was compassionate.

Alicia led him back to the prison. "You are Welcome." She said. "I better go before father or stepmother finds me wandering around here. I will see you tomorrow night after midnight." She kissed him on cheek, friendly like."

Ciel-Remi went back in and sat down, He was glad to finally meet Alicia, He prayed. "Lord God my Father, Lord of heaven and earth, Lord, thank for Alicia. Lord, please let me know more about her."

Ciel-Remi, Alicia, My child, she is the daughter of Jean-Paul. After you came in connect with her the first time. She argued with Chaos and fled to Paris. She gave her life to Me, after she met with your daughter and Samantha. Read the note, what she said is true.

"Thank you, Lord."

Ciel-Remi sat back, King Henry asked. "Who was the female? Did not she just say she was Alicia Borjour?"

"Lad, what does yer note say?"

"Is she ally or enemy?" Jean asked.

"She is a Christian." Ciel-Remi explained. "Alicia Borjour gave her life to God and has been helping deliver the letters."

"How do you know?"

"The Lord and my families' letters."

Ciel-Remi quietly opened the letter. A map fell out, the letter read:

Dear Ciel-Remi Lebejioux,

My new friend and brother in Christ, I am truly sorry about my behavior toward you last year. After my encounter, my mother told me. 'The only way to have you was to kill you wife, Corrine'. God was leading me out of Bourge to Paris, just like you did before father destroyed this wonderful place. I met your daughter, Victoria. After I found out you had a daughter and every word of my Stepmother was a lie, Victoria told me about Christ's saving Grace and one day, her father will be freed to come home again. She and Samantha talked with me about God and I gave my life over to Him that day. I devoted my life to helping Stephan deliver and receive your letters. God asked me to write a letter to help you escape. Samantha Lionheart has changed also, I am glad to see Samantha with her parents again. Anne and Samantha are getting along well. The map along with this letter is an escape route through the caverns to the south of Bourge. I have sneaked out this way many times. God's plans for you are finished. The last test is the survival to get back home. Stephan and I have journeyed back to deliver this letter and expect you at the cave's entrance. Thank you for showing me the way. God Bless You

Alicia Borjour of Spain

"God Bless you too." Ciel-Remi said silently.

Ciel-Remi told everyone, "God will free us tomorrow night. We must be ready to fight or we will die. We need to make everything seem as normal as possible. Alicia and Stephan will meet us at the cave's entrance."

"I dunno, lad, this sounds dangerous."

King Henry pridefully said. "What if this is a trap? Can we trust this daughter of Jean-Paul?"

"Do not worry, Your Majesty, God's promises are 'yes and amen'. This letter is from a sister in Christ, she will not fail us. God has never yet to leave us nor forsake us. The only thing we need to worry about is keeping Jean-Paul Mephisto in the dark until after we are out of the cave."

"Which means?"

"We may need to kill every guard."

"Remember, Ciel-Remi, most of these guards are not evil."

"Yes." Ciel-Remi said. "This guard could be Michael or Gabriel. Let us not trust anyone except those who seem to help us not defeat us. The demon guards, will, however, try to get away to tell Jean-Paul."

Ciel-Remi felt sure, God was going to free them. They would get home safely, unless they found things going wrong. He focused on God. He prayed and meditated.

Jean-Paul and Renee visited the cell a few times to mock him and the other prisoners. He hid the letter in the brick area.

Jean-Paul mocked. "Uncomfortable yet?"

"Sure, my comfort is in God."

"Oh yes, Your God. Two years and nothing but sitting there praying, God does not seem to answer your prayers. God just takes them, and then lets you rot to death." Jean-Paul lied.

"What about Alicia?"


"Your daughter."

"My daughter?" Jean-Paul thought, and then answered. "Oh yeah, troublesome child, light of her mother's eye."

"Who is Alicia?" said Ciel-Remi testing him.

"Only child Jean-Paul had, Renee is a sweet mortal who values her life. After Samantha was taken, Alicia came here to bring Samantha home. By my request, it is not right to sleep with someone else's than this poor soul's wife. Chaos imprisoned Renee. Alicia and Renee have been friends for a while until an argument about a year ago. Alicia left and I have not seen my daughter since."

"Not yours ... Mephisto." Ciel-Remi said, "Jean-Paul Borjour's, your captive, you are a worthless demon wanting to become the ruler of the world. Even Satan knows you will not accomplish this."

"You know something! Do not you?" Jean-Paul asked.

"Yes, Alicia is God's, no longer Satan's."

Ciel-Remi moved away. Jean-Paul got angry. "You are a liar! My daughter is still Satan's mortal. She will be like Renee here."

Ciel-Remi saw Alicia come up behind Jean-Paul. "Father, Ciel-Remi has been speaking the truth. Why do not you believe God is real?" She put her hand to her temple and paused. "Oh yes, you cannot a demon is possessing your every movement."

She winked at him, she whispered. "Tonight, then." Then she ran off toward the steps.

Jean-Paul yelled out. "Guards! Stop her!"

"Lord, please have her get back safely."

Jean-Paul got angry. "How did you? She was a great child. How did you warp my child's mind?"

"Yes, Jean, I have known for a long time, except it was her choice, not mine. She chose everything on her own." He confessed.

"Ciel-Remi, You are confined here for another year."

God will open the door tonight; I will not be here another year.

"How do you know? And what right do you have?" Ciel-Remi asked, confusing him, "I told you, Jean-Paul, I am here as long as God allows me."

"Your God has done nothing for the last two years. Why would he do something now?" Jean-Paul mocked and lied.

"We can only wait and see." Ciel-Remi said.

"Good day, my nemesis and mortal enemy. One day, I will be able to kill you. Until that day comes, I will wait." he paused. "Or kill one of your friends." Again he paused. "Maybe your King." Mephisto laughed and walked away.

Ciel-Remi felt an angry desire to kill Jean-Paul. Ciel-Remi only sat there. "Lord, Thank you for your plan not being mine. My plan would be to take revenge to kill him now, than later."

Ciel-Remi, Do not worry, seek me first, I have my plan for Mephisto. One day Jean-Paul will be freed and leave Bourge. Mephisto will reign terror for years to come.

"Yes Lord, I will let you take care of Mephisto. Lord, bless his child and help her get back out of Bourge safely."

Ciel-Remi, Do not worry, she is safe.

"Thank you, Lord."

Ciel-Remi sat and waited until midnight for God's plan to finally be revealed. God had freed him and got him home safely in past. He knew God was stronger than he was and he could only pray and seek God's face.

Ciel-Remi gave one more thought about Corrine and Victoria.

Soon, Corrine and Victoria, I will come home.


Outside the cave, south of Bourge, near Ciel-Remi's old house, Stephan waited patiently for Alicia to return. He prayed safety for Alicia to return after delivering her letter.

Stephan riding upon his black horse with a black mane was praying only that they all get out alive and well.

Her's was a white horse with a brown mane, he prayed mane. He prayed, "Lord God, She is a new sister, deliver her from the evil one."

A shadow ran fast out of cave's entrance, Stephan didn't recognize it at first. He unsheathed his sword in defense. He watched as the shadow was getting closer.

When it got closer, Stephan finally recognized who she was, and sheathed the sword. Alicia was alone on top of the hill. She finally caught up with him. He asked. "What happened? Are you alone?"

Alicia was barely out of breath. She slowed down, and then spoke. "Stephan ... I think ... I lost them."

Alicia climbed up onto her horse. He said. "Good, I would not want those guards following you, so much to hide.

"Me neither." Alicia told him, "Now we just wait for midnight to roll around. Ciel-Remi has the map I gave to him.

"What took you so long?" He asked curiously.

"My father." She explained. "Even though I went in yesterday to deliver the letter, my father caught me. I was able to fool him and slept in my old bed in the Queen's chambers. I followed my father down to the cell where he mocked Ciel-Remi. My father's demon now knows about my betrayal and will try to have a friend killed."

"Good, I am glad you are out there. I left earlier after saying 'Goodbye' to Anne and Samantha. Princess Anne returned home to her father a few days ago."

"Long live, Princess Anne." Alicia proclaimed changing the subject. "King Henry will be coming home tomorrow, unless something was to happen while they escaped."

"God controls our lives. We need to just believe God will get them out safely."

They held hands and prayed for God's plans to be brought forth tonight.


King Henry desired to see his wife and child one more time, before God took him away to Heaven. He sat wondering what would come of his kingdom, if Renee would trick Marie into giving her the throne. He knew Marie would not do anything to allow the enemy into Paris.

King Henry's mind wandered, as they lay down before midnight to make everything seem as though it was normal. He was tested through his experiences and if he were to survive, he would be a changed man to help his people.

The damp floor of cell was enough, Ciel-Remi's clothes were looking brand new, but they all knew they had stunk rather badly. The other's clothes began to look a little raggedy, holes torn outside and shoes that flip-flopped around. He would love to take a bathe again.

King Henry said, "Ciel-Remi, Thank you for serving me."

"Yes, My King." Ciel-Remi just replied.

He felt like breaking down and crying. Two years in prison and the only question. Why am I, the King of France going through the pain and suffering? He didn't feel fear. He felt too anxious to get back to Marie and Louis.

"Father God, You are God, Lord, my time on earth is short, please give me understanding and wisdom for my kingdom. Lord, Thank you for everything, Amen." He prayed.

He felt relaxed, his eyes closed as he soon fell into a restful slumber.


Ciel-Remi sat there praying and meditating. Many times he could have gone home to Heaven. He knew God was finished with testing him and he would be able to escape to return home.

He held the paper. He studied the map, after everyone else had fallen asleep. He knew he needed to stay awake.

A light shone brightly down into the dungeon. He memorized the map. "Okay, we leave here. Quietly going up the steps, before turning the corner and a picture having Alicia's face will be hanging there. A button behind the picture opens into a secret passage, down into a dark tunnel. After we cross a small stream, we will be in the southern caverns."

We need to be careful here. The guards are supposed to be around here.

"We go down the long hallway, turn right, then turn left and then we are going to be in a flat tunnel with slime walls. We should see a light leading out. Stephan and Alicia will be waiting for us."

Ciel-Remi felt tired, Come on, Ciel-Remi you cannot fall asleep.

He prayed. "Lord, Please lead us, you already know the way."

The walls started to appear to be moving. He wondered if he were just tired. Stone pebbles began dropping down from the ceiling. He looked at the door. Wooden splinters were falling away. He stood and quickly ran over to King Henry. He rubbed his shoulder. "Wake up! Your Majesty!"

Ciel-Remi started waking up Richard, then Jean. "Do you hear that? It sounds like an earthquake."

"Yes, My lord." King Henry barely awake said.

"We are free! This is God's hand is loosening the door without alerting anyone. Come on! Awaken!"

Soon He heard a bang. King Henry and the others were awake. The ceiling started collapsing onto their heads. "What was that?" cried King Henry. "A gun?"

At once the door opened, no key, nothing. Dust and debris dropped down. When dust settled, Ciel-Remi saw a guard. The guard had on gold armor and white brilliant clothes. The guard looked larger than Ciel-Remi. He saw the guard motion them his direction. Everyone picked up what belonged to them and they ran out of the cell into the hall.

Everyone was safely out when a large beam from the ceiling came tumbled down where they had sat. They were thankful nothing happened before they were safely out of the cell or no one would have survived.

The guard motioned them into the hall, not the steps. They approached the second prison. The chains on the wall were broken and lying on the ground next to them were their swords. The "guard's" sword was gold edged and sharp. King Henry grabbed his sword with his insignia on it.

Richard and Jean knew right away which ones were theirs. "Come quickly!" yelled the guard.

"Are you friend or foe?" King Henry asked.

"Neither." The guard told him.

Ciel-Remi knew he had been there to help rescue them. The guard motioned them towards the steps. When they all reached the top step, he ordered. "Follow me, or die."

Ciel-Remi knew how everyone else felt. He would rather see his wife and child, than not follow and be killed. He followed closely behind. He started to believe this was neither friend nor foe, only sent by the Lord, A guardian angel.

"Thank you, Lord."

He looked back at King Henry. He just followed. "My lord, Do you know where we are going?"

"Alicia's picture at the far side." No sooner did Ciel-Remi tell him this, than a guard saw them in the shadows. He tried to hide. The guard didn't move or even try to wake Jean-Paul.

Ciel-Remi felt nervous as they reached another turn inside the hall. Hopefully we will find this picture soon or else the guard will be on the alert letting Jean-Paul know we have escaped.

The guard pointed up at the wall. Ciel-Remi turned and looked at the picture of a little girl with white dress, sitting on top of Jean-Paul's lap.

Ciel-Remi quietly picked up the picture and a button was behind it. The label above read: Alicia's secret place.

Ciel-Remi pushed the button. He moved back as the rumbling noise started as the wall moved to the right side. He hoped no one had heard: he looked back to where the guard was before, no one stood there. "Oh ... the guard found out."

The guardian angel didn't care. He motioned them into the wall. He put the picture back and slipped through as the door closed. He and the others were safe for the moment.


Jean-Paul stood up all night. He wondered why Alicia would go to someone who didn't keep His promises. He was furious, his daughter, his real pride and joy. She was now one of the Christ followers. He held his cup, a glass goblet, within was a purple drink.

Jean couldn't understand these prisoner's motives. Why would they stay for years under the protection of God? And not worry much when Mephisto would decide to kill them.

It was after midnight and Jean-Paul was still awake with worry. Renee was asleep, Chaos approached him, "Jean-Paul, why worry?" She asked.

"Ever since Corrine did not accept me and I was banished from Paris to Bourge. I have waited long years to await the death of Ciel-Remi and see Corrine's miserable face."

"You are so close?"

"Only God can mess this up."

"God can do nothing."

"Yes, Chaos!" Jean-Paul lied, "Then why do I feel something strange has happened?"

"Do you want to see Ciel-Remi?"

"Yes ... soon I will see him die."

They both laughed as they left.


Ciel-Remi found himself in a long tunnel. Water flowed down the walls. He knew Jean-Paul would find out shortly that they had escaped. He wondered why Alicia came back and told Jean-Paul the truth. He hoped only Alicia knew about the secret passage. He was thankful for God's guardian angel. He could only keep everyone calm while being in such a dark place.

He started to fear the worst. Being there was no worse than death. He always feared not returning to Paris and never seeing his wife and child. He gave these problems to God.

Ciel-Remi started thinking about Victoria. She would be eight years of age. He always thanked God everyday for Victoria's life. Even if Ciel-Remi died, he knew she would be raised to serve God always.

The water sank through his boots, as they started walking in a small stream. He couldn't believe they were already at the stream.

Ciel-Remi started unsheathing his sword. Ciel-Remi saw the guardian angel motion his hand back. He sheathed the sword and continued walking.


Jean-Paul and Chaos were near the hallway where the picture of Alicia hung. He felt something was wrong around the gloomy hall. He felt Chaos' hand on his shoulder. "What is wrong?" She asked.

"Nothing, I just thought I felt a presence near by." Jean-Paul said, "Let us continue down to the dungeon." His hand was on his sword.

Halfway down the steps to the dungeon. He heard a crunch underneath is feet. Pebbles started lining the hall. He continued.

Every few steps the pebbles were more as though the ceilings were fallen apart. Jean-Paul wondered, "What happened?" He started walking a bit faster.

He was shocked. The door had been ripped off its hinges. He ran into the cell area, he coughed, as they stood in the empty prison. They saw that a wooden beam had fallen from the roof; cobwebs were still on the beam. He tried to see if Ciel-Remi was crushed underneath the beam. A piece of purple cloth was caught on the wood.

He believed Ciel-Remi could be dead or escaped. He turned back toward Chaos, "No one is here. Ciel-Remi is dead."

"Are you sure?"

"No, not exactly ... but we have no time tonight to investigate."

"Jean-Paul, you may want to see this."

Jean-Paul walked over and behind one of the barrels. A guard lay there. He was slain badly with a sword. He looked into the cell where he had put the weapons. He found it empty. Every weapon had disappeared. The walls were bare except a cobweb hanging down on the wall.

Jean-Paul was furious. "They have escaped! Ciel-Remi as well."

"How do you know?"

"He has his weapon."

Xathis appeared before him, "An angel, Sir."

"What happened?"

"What do you think?"


"Exactly." Xathis hissed. "A guardian angel killed the guard. God opened the door with an earthquake."

"Damn, Mortals!" Jean-Paul yelled putting on a cloak. "Where did they go?"

"We still do not know."

"Xathis, where do you think they could have gone?"

"There are only two ways out of the castle."

"Which are---"

"The entrance and the secret passage."

"Secret passage?"

"Yes, sir."

"Where is this secret passage?"

"Only your daughter knew."

Jean-Paul suddenly stopped. "My daughter?" he rubbed his mustache saying, "Yes, she gave them a map."

He walked back to the picture. "Xathis, Alicia only knew this secret. I felt a presence earlier around this picture."

"The secret passage leads to the 'caverns of lust'. Where you had Renee hid the Bible."

He grabbed Xathis by the neck. "If Ciel-Remi gets that Bible back, we are lost."

"The Bible is further in the caverns. I believe Alicia is helping them escape, which means, they are going out the cavern's entrance."

"Xathis, Post guards outside the cavern's entrance. When they come out, we will kill everyone!"

"Yes, sir." Xathis hissed.

"Ciel-Remi, tonight you will die." He laughed. "Chaos! You know the caverns better than anyone. Please go find them, killing anyone who opposes you." He ordered.

"Yes! My Lord." Chaos said disappearing.

He hated Ciel-Remi all the more. "Soon! Ciel-Remi! Soon!"


They entered the 'caverns of lust'. Ciel-Remi felt a strange feeling come from the caverns. It was something he struggled with about a year ago. He couldn't understand the room. It stood eight feet tall with rocks overhead.

Ciel-Remi watched from the south as they headed north. King Henry asked him. "Do you see something?"

"No! My King."

"Keep on your guard, Alicia brought us through this strange cave."

"Your Majesty, I am here to protect and serve you."

"Thank you, my lord."

Ciel-Remi pointed to the north. "The guardian angel must know the way. I have a map. We go north, then west, then north again, and then east through a bigger part of the cave with slime laced walls. The entrance should be there."

"Thank you, my lord." King Henry said.

"There goes our angel friend." Jean said.

Ciel-Remi watched the angel go to the north. They ran to catch up with the angel.

Ciel-Remi was tired. He felt a presence come behind him. He unsheathed his sword. "Everyone ... I feel something behind us!" Ciel-Remi yelled out.

"No worries, Ciel-Remi. Put away your sword away, for the Lord guides your way tonight." The guardian angel told him.

Ciel-Remi felt a finger touch his shoulder. He almost got afraid. He didn't know what to do. He prayed. "Lord, you have not given me a spirit fear but of love and of a sound mind. You have given us the Fear of the Lord."

Keep your eyes forward. Do not look behind you or else you may fall.

"Yes, Lord."

Ciel-Remi felt another hand touch him. He asked Jean. "Did you feel something strange?"

"No, my lord, Why?"

"Nothing, my friend."

They followed the angel through a western turn. The angel looked toward the direction of Ciel-Remi. The angel took out a dagger. It was sharp with a golden handle.

He didn't know what to do. His eyes were looking at the dagger.

The angel threw the dagger, it wisped right passed his ear and he heard a thud noise on the ground, as though a body just hit the ground. He kept his eyes on the angel. The angel motioned Ciel-Remi to look behind him.

Ciel-Remi slowly looked down toward a dead corpse. He was surprised and jumped. He wondered what was following them. He asked the angel. "What was it?"

"Thank you for your obedience. It was a 'lustful woman'. They are demons who appear as beautiful women, then as a siren. They turn their looks but kill anyone who stares into their eyes."

"Thank you, Lord." He was now thankful and grateful. He asked. "Are we going to have more of them?"

The angel stood silent.


Stephan and Alicia waited outside the caverns, but not to be seen by anyone. Stephan heard footsteps coming from the castle. He asked, while pointing toward the castle. "Alicia, do you hear that?"

"Yes, Stephan." Alicia said, looking toward the cavern. "We need to keep our eyes on the caverns."

"Alicia, it is coming from the castle's entrance." Stephan said.

Alicia looked at him, then toward the castle. "My father knows. They are going to attack from the cavern's entrance."

"What are we going to do?" He panicked.

"We are away from the entrance. God's plan is greater than any human plan. We need to just wait."

They watched as the guard came down the hill toward the cavern's entrance. Xathis ordered. "My army! Jean-Paul has ordered us to capture the escaped prisoners!"

Stephan felt his stomach twirl. God promised deliverance for everyone. Now they are in trouble. Jean-Paul will do anything to kill Ciel-Remi.

He could only wait for the outcome.


"Ladies of Lust are near." The guardian angel told everyone as they stepped into a tunnel with slimy-moss walls, water dripped from the ceiling. The ground was made of moss as well. Ciel-Remi stepped onto the moss. The ground felt like it would give way, his boots were instantly stuck.

"Which means Chaos knows about our disappearance." Ciel-Remi said. Great, first zombie women with petrify with their eyes and now Chaos has been sent to kill us. "What more could happen?"

"Xathis' army is at the entrance." The angel said.

Ciel-Remi didn't want hear about an army. He walked upon the mossy ground. He saw a light coming from ahead.

King Henry froze in his tracks. "If Chaos knows, Jean-Paul knows, as well."


"Should we get ready for battle?" Jean asked.

"No! Jean."

"Depend on God to get us through." Richard said.

"Yes, Richard." He said.

They walked a bit further ahead. Laughter echoed off the walls. Ciel-Remi stood silently. The laughter became louder as it drew closer. He only stood his ground. He reached to ready his sword.

The light was still small and much further ahead. The laughter shook the place where they stood. He held onto his sword.

Before they could walk forward, three beautiful ladies stood there. "Going somewhere?" The middle one asked.

The first woman just stood there. She was clothed in some promiscuous and skimpy clothes. She stood there, nothing else. The other female stood in the shadows. She only revealed her skin. In the middle stood a beautiful woman with a golden dress, bright red hair with jewels everywhere.

"We are the Ladies, Mistresses or Sisters of lust, Seduction (in other word pornography), Chaos and Lust. We are here to stop you!" Chaos said. "Jean-Paul knows of your escape."

Ciel-Remi tensed up. He held a firm hand on his weapon. He looked at the angel. "They cannot see or hear me, for God has nothing to do with these ladies."

Lustful thoughts almost immediately engulfed his mind, Chaos held out her hand. "Forget and let go ..." Chaos told him, He looked and saw Corrine standing there. "Ciel-Remi, You have missed me, please come to me."

He felt dizzy, "Corrine!" he said questioning.

"Yes, my love, you have missed me."

"Corrine, I have missed you, I will be home soon."

Ciel-Remi, Fear not ... for this is not Corrine. She is tricking you. Fight her Ciel-Remi. You are a Spiritual Warrior, a Soulfire. Who do you love? Your God or Corrine? Fight Chaos' spell.

Ciel-Remi suddenly snapped and everything became clear again. He watched as Richard saw Diana and Jean saw Julie. "Lord God, Bring them out of these spells."

He bowed to his knees. "Take me Corrine, I am ours." He faked out Chaos for every lustful desire fell away. He threw himself at Chaos' feet. "One day, Corrine, This world will end and you with it, you are judged by God." He prayed. "Lord, give me the Armor of God, Righteousness, Salvation, Truth, Peace, Faith and The Sword of Spirit."

Chaos jumped, she looked around. Richard and Jean were doing the same thing. God had broken the spell of lust within these men's hearts. "Foolish, Mortals! You have tricked me! You have broken our spell and are ready to battle us! Be warned, Jean-Paul knows where you are, please be free to fight the army which awaits you."

Ciel-Remi watched as Chaos, Lust and Seduction disappeared in back of them. "Ladies of Lust, We are finished."

Everyone rejoiced. Ciel-Remi cried. "Corrine, My love, I will come home soon." Jean and Richard both hugged Ciel-Remi.

"This only shows you are human. You had the same lustful desires."

"Yes, my friend." Jean agreed.

King Henry waited, "Ciel-Remi, you are strong in God."

"Thank you, Your Majesty."

"Ciel-Remi, you have passed another test. This one was an obedience test, not a lustful test. Those sisters may have tried to bring sin into a man's life, but anyone who is obedient to God will find favor." The angel told him.

He didn't have fear of the battle to come, but he still held his sword. "Shall we go, because soon we will be reunited with Alicia and Stephan? And the sooner we are reunited with our wives and children."

"Yes, Ciel-Remi." Jean said. "God bless you and keep you safe for your brave action this day."

The angel led the way toward the light. "I am coming home, my love." Ciel-Remi said under his breath.

Chapter 15

ALICIA waited patiently and took in the sight of every troop coming to the entrance. Alicia didn't know Ciel-Remi or King Henry. She was glad she was on God's side, not on her demonic father's side. Alicia loved her father. Mephisto, she loathed.

Alicia grew up in Spain. She was the oldest friend to Princess Anne and Lady Samantha. Alicia loved these two like sisters.

She hated seeing Princess Anne and Samantha fight. One day she watched as Samantha left with her mother. Alicia didn't know why her mother decided to journey to France with Samantha. Alicia followed them. She watched Samantha take to Renee easily. She followed them into the castle in Bourge. She had visited Paris once before in her life. Renee brought her there at age six.

Alicia believed in God, but didn't know God. She felt a void and started searching and seeking answers. Jean-Paul gave her a home in the queen's chambers. She was still lonely, enough though Samantha and Alicia would play together.

Alicia became jealous when they saved Samantha. She was somewhat happy to see Samantha leave. Samantha could be with her parents again. She thought. Because she was lonely, Renee tricked her into having a man to love (even though she didn't know what love really was.) Renee told her. "You may have one prisoner."

Looking back Alicia felt stupid for doing such things. She was now a Child of God and knew what she must do. She was going to help Ciel-Remi get back to his wife. Even that night she felt led to let Ciel-Remi go home, she believed; under my parent's back I will bring Ciel-Remi, the one my father hates, up to my bedroom and free him after I am finished with him.

The past was a great blur behind her. She was looking forward at a great future in God. She only remembered those days to see what God took her from and she now understands why Ciel-Remi didn't leave until now. God was testing him in every area of his selfish life to get rid of sins of his past.

Alicia became good friends with Victoria, Marie and Samantha. Except she wouldn't see Corrine until she felt she was ready.

She knew she was called to help Stephan deliver the letters, then the one letter to Ciel-Remi from Victoria told him about her. After Ciel-Remi found out she had to introduce herself to him.

She wrote a letter of apology and stuck it in a place no one would find it until the day she was ready to deliver it.

She was given a dream:

Alicia was walking down the road of Paris. It was a beautiful day. She was looking at the letter she had written. At a moment's notice, the letter blew away into the clouds. She ran after the letter and ended up in the castle in Bourge. Jean-Paul was angry and Renee was crying. She didn't understand, she found out Renee had been stabbed, and Jean-Paul held a knife. She turned around; Ciel-Remi was lying on the ground dead. She ran to him, lying next to him was King Henry with a bullet hole in his chest. She was panicking. She gave an angry look at Jean-Paul. He dropped the knife and fell to the ground with stab markings. She tried to reach the door, except Mephisto, Chaos, Xathis and Trest were standing in her way. They laughed. "Alicia, it is your turn!"

Alicia couldn't understand where Victoria or Marie was. She cried out. "You will not get away with this! God will bring judgment upon your souls one day!"

She dropped to the ground crying and weeping tears. Victoria and Marie stood beside her telling her. "You are God's child. He will work for good to those who love him and are called by His name."

She awoke to find Victoria and Marie standing there. Victoria gave the interpretation of the dream. Victoria told her. "You will go back into the castle in Bourge and deliver your letter to Ciel-Remi. This dream is from God of the future. The rest will unfold in time." Alicia felt relieved and obeyed God's plans.

The day told by Victoria came. She did as God commanded, even though she got caught. She acted as though she was normal. She slept peacefully in the bed. She escaped the castle.

Alicia knew God was real and Mephisto's words were lies. Alicia longed to see Mephisto killed and Jean-Paul Borjour brought to salvation.

She sat on her horse and waited for them to come out. She wondered what next miracle God would do for her new found friends and family.

Five horses were lined against the trees. One of them being Stephan's horse, the rest were for the four men. Their ride back to Paris would leave many different open chances to kill Ciel-Remi or King Henry. She hoped neither would happen.

Alicia saw the entrance well. None of Xathis' army could see her outside the trees of the forest near the cave. She watched Stephan as he paced. "Would you stop, Stephan? Someone may see you." She whispered.

"I am sorry, Alicia, I am nervous."

Suddenly, she looked back toward the cave. She saw figures in the light. A man with armor could be seen, then four different shadows. "Lord Stephan, They are here."

The army readied themselves as she untied the horses. "Time to go."

Stephan unsheathed his sword and ran toward them.

"Will he ever learn?" She said.

Alicia watched as the men emerged. None of them unsheathed their swords. Ciel-Remi, What are you doing?

Alicia could only see a bit of the fight. The man in golden armor stood barring the way as the guard emerged. "Who ever he is." She said. "He is dead!"

She rode in quietly toward the army to see 'why the men didn't fight the guards?' they looked happy and full of joy. She saw Ciel-Remi's face shine forth. She watched as a sword came down toward Ciel-Remi. Her first instinct was to yell out, except she would be seen or found out.

Alicia reached the battlefield. The guardian army laid dead, blood pouring on the ground next to the demonic army. The man in golden armor looked at Alicia. "Mademoiselle, you are in charge of getting these men back to Paris."

"Thank you, sir."


Ciel-Remi had no fear as they approached the entrance. He held onto his sword firmly. He only believed God would help them overcome the enemy.

The angel stopped and told everyone, "Do you have faith God can safely get you through the twenty-two guard army, then sheath your weapons and walk out as though you have nothing to fear. God will reward you greatly."

Ciel-Remi feared God. He trusted God and he loosened his grip. Everyone else stood there awaiting the angel's orders. "God's plans are finished. You have passed the last and final test."

Ciel-Remi was joyful and walked out. He saw in the distance a hand wave. The twenty-two armed guards started toward them as they came outside. Ciel-Remi didn't look as a sword came down.

Suddenly, a blindly light flashed. He covered his eyes, the light brightly lit up the area. He could only hear the waling of the army.

The light faded, the bodies of twenty-two guards lay at his feet. The blood poured onto his boots. He only welled up with living joy in his heart. He shouted out loud. "Praise the Lord! We are saved!"

Everyone shouted joyfully and praised God.

He saw Alicia ride up to the angel. He said something to her. She smiled. The guardian angel said. "King Henry, Ciel-Remi, Richard and Jean, I have brought you as far as God has commanded. Your journey home will be in your hands."

Alicia jumped off her horse and ran up to hug him. "Corrine, Will be happy to see you."

"Yes, I look forward to seeing them."

"Are you mad at me?"

"No ... Why?"

"It is just ..." She barely could get the word out, before she started crying. "Will you forgive me for trying to take want I could not."

"You are new creation, no matter what you have done. God has already forgiven you, so I have already forgiven you."

"Thank you ... friend." Alicia said putting out her arms to hug him.

"Alicia." Ciel-Remi cried. "My Sister and my newest friend." He hugged her. She gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"I do not know, friendly Sister kiss, I guess."

Ciel-Remi laughed, "Welcome to family of Christ." He continued to laugh. Alicia joined into the joyful laughter.


Stephan started forward to help them fight. He immediately stopped, his horse drawn by a light so bright. Stephan decided he would catch up to them in the forest.

Stephan watched Alicia and Ciel-Remi, while everyone just talked amongst themselves. He liked Alicia even before she was saved. She didn't seem too out of place. Stephan couldn't believe her plans in Paris. Mephisto must have angered her greatly to want to kill Corrine.

Did he trust Alicia? Well, as much as Samantha after she decided to come back home to Paris. He knew Alicia was alive within. He still had his doubts about her. After all, she was Jean-Paul's daughter.

He saw Ciel-Remi hop onto the black horse. King Henry rode Alicia's white horse. Royalty goes first and Alicia, Richard, and Jean rode brown horses.

Stephan watched as they came up the hill into the forest where they had hidden.

"Stephan, Are you here?"

"Right here, Alicia." Stephan came from behind a big tree into a wide-open space. "After all, you are chicken." She jested.

"No, Mademoiselle, God's light forced me back. You were already headed to them."

He looked at Ciel-Remi, He was amazed after all the time, his uniform was still clean as they had left it two years ago, the boot were soaked in blood and mud were only dirty things on him.

"Promised by God, you would not understand." Ciel-Remi said joyfully.

"God promises came to pass, fulfillment inside and you are going to home to Corrine and Victoria." Stephan said.

"How are they?" Ciel-Remi asked.

"Doing well, they have been great blessings for two years."

"I heard."

"Sorry to break up the little reunion." Alicia started. "We are still not out of danger. Jean-Paul will hear shortly about the army and send more after us. Let us get going. Everyone can have their reunions later."

"Good point."

She joined everyone and they rode back to Paris.


Jean-Paul stood outside on walls of Bourge. Jean-Paul held his cup into the air, "Today, Soulfire, Today, I will show you who is boss!"

"Do you think this plan will work, my master?" Xathis hissed.

"No doubt, Xathis." Jean-Paul said prideful and proud.

Jean-Paul watched. A blinding light was raised into the air. He covered his eyes with his arm. "What was that light?"

"Sir, it came from where my army stood waiting."

"Go check it out!" Jean-Paul ordered.

"Yes, Sir." Xathis hissed.

"Damn you, Ciel-Remi." Jean-Paul started. "Damn you, King Henry, and Damn your God!"

Jean-Paul was angry. Nothing is working to bring Ciel-Remi down. "Do I have to do everything myself?" Jean-Paul asked, and then ordered. "Ready my horse!"

Jean-Paul walked into the King's chamber to wooden desk. He opened the drawer pulling out a gun. The gun was a musket with two barrels, with fresh gun power.

"Why kill Ciel-Remi now? When I can do it around his loved one, No! King Henry, The city would fall apart if he were dead." Jean-Paul told himself walking down the steps. "Right outside of Paris, Death to a long lived King." He laughed.

He found his horse readied and prepped. The horse was black with a white mane and tail. He hopped onto the horse and rode toward Paris. His laughter came throughout the valley of Bourge.


Ciel-Remi rode next to King Henry, Alicia rode next to him, and Richard rode next to Jean.

"Alicia, too bad you are older than Jean-Pierre."

"Why? Jean." Alicia asked.

"Because you deserve a gentleman."

"Thank you, Jean." Alicia started. "Except, my jealousy vanished from my wanting a gentleman. Jean-Pierre is actually Victoria's age. Is she not?"

"Yes." Ciel-Remi answered.

"She could be with Jean-Pierre?"

"Alicia, lass." Richard said. "Victoria and Marie are both the same age. They are still too young for love. They are still children lookin' for life in games and playing with each other."

"God's plans for Victoria are not certain. Jean-Pierre deserves to be happy, but to get hope before God reveals anything is more 'assumption'. God told us not assume or be anxious." Ciel-Remi quoted.

"Ciel-Remi." Alicia asked. "How do you know so much of God's word?"

"God's word, The Bible. Jean-Paul took it away and put it somewhere to treasure. While I sat there on the dirty floor of the prison, I prayed and God gave me the message of God's word through his quiet, still voice."

"Oh." Alicia asked, "Could you teach me a little more about the word of God?"

"Yes, Alicia, If you are willing to learn."

"I am, Mr. Lebejioux." Alicia jested.

"Then we will start now on our way back to Paris."


Alicia was overcome by how much knowledge of the Bible, Ciel-Remi had. As they rode, Ciel-Remi told her about mortal sins, God's mercy and why Christ died for them. Ciel-Remi told her. "God has plans for our lives from the beginning of time. We have free will to serve God's plan or go do what we think is best."

Alicia almost made a mistake of doing things her way. She found joy, peace and love through God, but, only after she thought of harming another did she find God's grace and forgiveness.

They came to ruins of Chameceaux and she told Ciel-Remi. "God saved you from death many times. Has he not?"

"Yes." He said.

"My father destroyed your life in Chameceaux."

They rode toward where the Mansion stood once. Ciel-Remi looked at the old mansion. "If Corrine and Jean-Paul married would have been a mistake."

"Jean-Paul married to Corrine? Why? Did he not love my mother?"

"I do not know." Ciel-Remi started to tell her the story of Corrine's deception by Jean-Paul and how he had to sneak onto the mansion grounds to get a letter from Corrine to Queen Marie, and that was when Charik destroyed the mansion looking for Corrine and about his final battle with Charik. Alicia couldn't believe her father would do something like this. She found no love in Jean-Paul. She asked him. "Do you believe my father can be saved from the demonic imprisonment?"

"Yes, Alicia." Ciel-Remi said. "We are free from Jean-Paul's imprisonment. Are we not?"


"Then God can free a person's soul in His time. We are called to witness to the world, to save everyone who needs the Lord, except without God's love inside our hearts; we would be like these other people in the world."

"Good." She smiled. She did want her father brought to salvation one day.

She loved her father very much, but his acting as though love doesn't mean a thing, only his selfish will, made it hard to reach him.

"Keep praying for Jean-Paul. I have been doing so in the prison for two years. One day God will free your father's imprisonment."

"Thank you, Ciel-Remi."

"You are welcome."


Ciel-Remi felt close to Alicia, something he couldn't feel toward Jean-Paul Borjour. He hoped in God's time for Jean-Paul to know the love of God. He longed to be with God, but knew his time wasn't up.

Ciel-Remi had been talking about Bible things the whole entire time, even besides the time when they rode to the LeChat Mansion. He remembered Corrine's beautiful face and longed to be home. God showed him that God could do all things through those who love and have faith in the possible.

Ciel-Remi obeyed God's will and God's plan during those days in prison, but everyone in his little company had a bit of anger in them. He was only human and could only do as much as the Lord allowed.

Ciel-Remi continued talking to Alicia about God's word and the understanding of the word of God. He told Alicia about the Bible stories in the Bible, which showed God's plan for their lives.

He told her. "God's word tells about God's law and rules for our lives. God's laws are a warning to his children to stay away from fleshy things and walk in the fruit of the Spirit, even though we all have sinned, God through Jesus Christ gave us a hope for tomorrow."

He knew she was excited about the Bible. He also listened to the voice of God while talking to her. He knew they were still in danger until they had reached the city gates.

He yelled out at everyone. "Be on your guard! We are not out of danger just yet!"

"A natural born leader." Alicia said, and then laughed.

They rode through a forest; trees overshadowed the light's view. They all watched around them as they rode because Jean-Paul could have sent more men to kill them.

Even though they had God's protection, Ciel-Remi knew as much as a human man could know. He only looked out for something strange to happen; a disguise or shot from far away. Jean-Paul wanted someone dead; he would have it done perhaps today.

"Ciel-Remi," Alicia asked. "Do you believe we all will get back safely?"

"Alicia, my dear." He began. "Only God knows what is going to happen. I cannot tell you either way. I would be lying if I told you 'we would all get back safely'. Just keep a watch as we clear the forest. Someone could easily have a surprise attack from within the trees."

"Paris is outside the forest, right?"


Ciel-Remi knew if they cleared the forest. They would be near to city gates. Would they be safe after they were through? The question was on his mind.

The light peaked through the trees overhead. Ciel-Remi had bad feeling. He almost felt an evil presence. "Do you see anything, Alicia?"


"I do not see anything."

"Me neither." Jean said.

"This forest is too dark, lad."

"Jean, do you feel an evil presence?"

"Yes." Jean answered.

"Ciel-Remi do you suggest someone or something is in this forest?" King Henry asked.

"I am only trying to protect you, Sir."

"Thank you for the thought."

The light ahead suggested they were near the end of forest. Ciel-Remi felt something strange, but no one could be seen. He told Alicia. "Darling, please fall back with Richard and Jean. This way I can protect King Henry just in case there is trouble and, I would not want you to get hurt."

"Thanks a lot." She jested pulling back.

"Thank you."

Ciel-Remi and King Henry rode little ways forward.

"Ciel-Remi, You are a great friend to protect me. If I do not make it---"

Ciel-Remi interrupted. "---My king, do not say such words."

"Please promise me you will take care of Queen Marie as you always have."

"Your Majesty, Queen Marie asked me to protect and serve you like she asked me to do for her, while we are away from the castle. I am doing my job."

"And I thank you, just promise you will tell Queen Marie."

"I promise, if anything happens, I will tell her."

"Thank you; you have been a loyal servant."

"Not a problem."



Jean-Paul had arrived earlier than the others and waited in the forest. His heart was hardened and the darkness of the forest reflected it as well. Jean-Paul was a man of stature, but no one double-crossed Mephisto.

No one could stop Jean-Paul, not Ciel-Remi, not Satan or Chaos. And defiantly he would not hear God's voice. God allowed him to do this hateful thing. He waited for King Henry to clear the forest.

Jean-Paul watched and listened to birds chirping above him. Jean-Paul hated birds and living animals. He watched Ciel-Remi and King Henry with his daughter Alicia beside them. He hated his daughter. "Traitor!"

He stood low in the bushes near a large tree. His finger was on the gun's trigger. He waited while plotting this hateful crime and as he waited he swore at them all. Ciel-Remi looked over toward his direction. He made sure Ciel-Remi didn't see him. He saw Alicia fall back in with Richard and Jean.

What is she doing? Does he know something? No matter what, he just opened a window to King Henry's death. Thank you, Ciel-Remi.

Jean-Paul moved as they rode down the forest path. He got to the last tree of the forest. "I will wait until after they get off their horses to shoot King Henry in the back." Jean-Paul said to himself and then laughed.


Alicia rode near Richard and Jean. She knew something was happening but what she could not yet discern. She only obeyed. She still kept watch over the forest. She saw the last tree of the forest, the moonlight shone down on them brightly.

Alicia could almost feel something was wrong, she only prayed. "Lord, give me no fear of what may be."

Alicia, Fear not, I am with you.

"God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind." She quoted.

She, Richard and Jean reached the end of the forest. They looked yonder to the city walls. Alicia still looked around the forest as if trying to speculate and what could be wrong.

"What is it? Alicia, do you see something?"

"No, Ciel-Remi."

"Keep watch."

"Okay, my lord."

Alicia watched as Ciel-Remi and King Henry approached the city gates. She looked back at the forest as she got off her horse.

Alicia barely heard. "Raise the gate for King Henry, Ciel-Remi and others have returned." It was because she was closer to the forest and the city gates.

Alicia saw a shadow in the forest, a man, who appeared to be short in stature but was probably crouching down and with a mustache which she instantly recognized. She saw a gun shadowed figure in the man's hand. "Father!" She ran toward the forest yelling. "No!"


A blink of the eyes, Ciel-Remi heard Alicia call out. "Father!" He had only turned around to see her running back toward the forest. "No!"

He looked at the direction she was running, 'Bang!' A loud noise like gunpowder rang in his ears. He looked in the direction Alicia had run. He saw a figure in the shadows and the point of range of the gun was King Henry.

"Ciel-Remi!" yelled Richard.

Ciel-Remi turned to see King Henry fall to the ground with blood pouring form a hole in his chest. Ciel-Remi felt like a fool, watching Alicia. He didn't know what had happened entirely but one thing was certain. "King Henry was shot."

He bent down a held King Henry's bloody hand, "I heard Alicia, Your Majesty. I did not see what had happened." Ciel-Remi told him, his throat clogged with pain. King Henry lay in his own blood.

"Ciel ... Remi." King Henry dying began. "Surprise ... Attack."

"Do not speak, Your Majesty."

"You did ... not know ..." King Henry's mouth was filled with blood that ran down his face. "Tell ... Marie ... I love." He choked on more blood. "Her ... And ... our son."

"I will." Ciel-Remi cried. "I have promised."

"Thank ..." He choked again his eyes were fading. "You ..." with those words, Ciel-Remi watched his friend die, King Henry's eyes focused on the sky, his other hand dropped to the ground.

Ciel-Remi almost got angry with God, he cried out as tears ran down his face, "Why, Lord, Did you not warn me?"

Ciel-Remi, You will understand soon.

He looked up at the guard. "Go get Queen Marie!" He yelled. "King Henry has been killed!"

Ciel-Remi felt badly and, felt responsible, "Lord, I was to guard him. Now I will be blamed for his death. Queen Marie trusted me. Now I feel like I have betrayed her trust."

There are things no man can prevent, only watch and understand ... did I like to see my son die for your sins? Did I not deny everything for your sake, my child?

"Yes, Lord."

Grieve for your friend for one day you will join him.

"Thank you, Lord." Ciel-Remi prayed silently, Ciel-Remi wiped his eyes for he promised to tell the Queen Marie all about what had transpired this day.


Alicia ran toward Jean-Paul, when the gun blast went off. She looked at Jean-Paul, but didn't know where the gun was aimed. She looked back toward everyone. King Henry lay on the ground. She covered her mouth with her hand. "No." She cried while tears ran down her face. "King Henry!"

Alicia felt her throat constrict. She looked back to where Jean-Paul had been. He had disappeared. She got angry, "Lord, forgive me."

She ran into the forest. She wanted to find him so badly. She was hurt inside. She didn't know King Henry for very long, but he had become like a father to her. She tried her hardest to save him.

The thickness of the trees, the bushes, and the shrubs all around at first made it hard to see where the assassin had gone. She could either face her father or go back and tell everyone that it had been him who had done this awful deed.

The further and further she went into the shrubs, she was afraid. She only wanted to know the truth. She yelled out. "Father! Where are you?"

The green leaves brushed across her face. "Father! Where are you?" She yelled again, silence only came from within the forest.

Alicia hated the real murderer, Mephisto, the demon imprisoned inside Jean-Paul. The one who had always deceived her father, and so she yelled out, "Mephisto, You really think you got away with this, do you not!"

She covered her mouth again. She remembered the dream. Mephisto was the first demon in the dream guarding the door to the castle when King Henry was shot.

A booming echo came from the forest, "Alicia, daughter of Jean-Paul Borjour and traitor!"

Alicia's heart started to beat faster.

"Why have you come here?"

"For my father, Mephisto."

"Oh your father? King Henry died a noble death."

"King Henry." She started to cry again. "Was like a father to me."

"Oh, I thought Ciel-Remi became more like a father to you."

"Both of them were like that as far as I am concerned."

"Foolish girl ... Do you believe you can find me?"

"I know God will save my father."

Alicia started stumbling backward, the thickness of branches were poking into her back. "My father's Salvation!" She yelled.

Mephisto laughed, "Salvation ... you believe God will free your father."


Mephisto laughed louder. "Fools ... God does not care anything about you. God allowed King Henry's death."

Alicia was taken a back. Jean-Paul grabbed her covering her mouth from yelling. She had a few moves of her own. She put her elbow back into the only part of Jean-Paul armor that could hurt him.

Jean-Paul reeled in pain. "Foolish, daughter." Jean-Paul said covering his hand over his ribs. She wanted to help her father, but felt to she should stay away. "Father, you killed King Henry?"

Alicia didn't want to believe Jean-Paul was guilty of any of this but then she started to understand everything. What Ciel-Remi had told her about Corrine and him? She understood. Ciel-Remi and King Henry didn't die in the caverns, or outside the entrance. Jean-Paul didn't want one of them to live, so he did everything himself.

Well, not by himself exactly, my father had help from Mephisto.

Alicia felt hurt. Her father would betray her mother for Corrine. She started getting angry. "So you left mother, because you found another beautiful lady, you had heard about Corrine LeChat. Mephisto deceived you into believing if you wrecked Bourge, you could marry Corrine and live in the castle. You would be King and Queen of Bourge."

"Deceived?" Jean-Paul laughed. "No, Alicia, I left of my free will, I did not know about Corrine until I came to Bourge."

"Why did you kill Ciel-Remi's parents and Queen Marie's mother? Why did you conquer Bourge?"

"I was tired of Spain, boring women, no fun there. France is a great place to live. Bourge was a big city and I would overthrow it to live there. Except, the one person I hated most did not die there.

"Ciel-Remi may have been younger than I, except he was given a dream and big dream to save the nation. I applied myself to be a Paris' guard. I soon became the proud Captain of all of the Musketeers, they called me."

"Then Ciel-Remi came from Chameceaux to Paris seeking to be a troubadour and I watched as Ciel-Remi and Princess Marie became friends. After she became Queen, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I looked for a way of destroying his dreams to marry Corrine and be a Musketeer.

"I began to searching for ways to destroy him. I found out about Corrine and Corrine's parents. I found out about Queen Marie and King Henry, but no one could help me figure out the key to destroying his dreams. So I asked a witch. She introduced me to Mephisto, his power to make and break spells and conquer France.

"In Bourge, the king died and I reigned over the castle in his place. I used my powers to summon a grand army to follow me. The first thing was that I placed a spell on Corrine's parents. Corrine was immune to my spells for some unknown reason.

"Corrine's parents thought I would be best for Corrine, but Ciel-Remi had a friend in the town 'the Captain of the Guard' who I placed outside. Somehow after I left he let Ciel-Remi into the Mansion, and he had gotten a letter from Corrine to the queen.

"The next morning, I caught him going into the castle. I stopped him from seeing Queen Marie, but he got away. I did stop him eventually, but the damage was already done. He had already handed Corrine's note to Queen Marie. She asked to speak to Corrine's parents and that broke my spell but how that happened I still do not know.

"My anger became rage and I decided to crash their little party. Ciel-Remi and Corrine were together, the dream was starting to become real." Jean-Paul laughed. "Everything was then revealed, they help destroy the spell I placed over Corrine's parents. God through Ciel-Remi's Bible banished my minions and me out of Paris then God placed protection on the city.

"She was going to be in Chameceaux one more day, so I sent one of my best assassins to kill Corrine, but Ciel-Remi defeated him. I sent others to destroy Chameceaux. Ciel-Remi, Corrine, and their friends escaped somehow. I have been living in Bourge waiting and waiting for the day to kill Ciel-Remi, because I hate him."

Alicia stare at Jean-Paul, "Father, Do you still love 'mother'?"

"Foolish mortal, Jean-Paul does love Renee. I needed another mortal to fulfill my plan so I asked Chaos to imprison your mother. We didn't know that Jean-Paul and Renee had a daughter and decided to kidnap Samantha." Mephisto spoke.

"Thank you, Father." Alicia said, "Now I know what must be done."

Alicia started back to the forest clearing. "Where do you think you are going?"

"Back to Paris."

Jean-Paul laughed. She started walking. She heard the gun pointed toward her. "Foolish girl, do you think I would let you live after you know who killed Paris' King?"

"No, father." Alicia commented. "Only God controls lives ... Free will and not captives."

Alicia walked another step. "Ciel-Remi is not to blame for your downfall."

"One step further, foolish daughter. I will kill you where you stand."

"And I know God will not allow that to happen. Why would a father shoot his only pride and joy?" Alicia asked.

Alicia didn't know what God's plans were, for her to die or not. Jean-Paul held the gun up "One bullet is left in this gun. It is for you."

"If I die, father, who will save you?" Alicia asked. "Satan?"

Alicia didn't turn around. She was treading on dangerous ground and so Alicia prayed, "God, Heaven awaits."

Alicia heard Jean-Paul tremble. The gun fell to the ground. Her first move was to run as fast as her legs would carry her. She knew the gun would be easy to pick up, even though the thickness of the forest would help her escape. She ran with all her might through the green shrubs. She knew her father couldn't shoot his daughter.

Soon she came to the clearing of the forest. She didn't look back and she yelled out at the guard. "Open the gate!"

Alicia looked back, nothing in the forest. She thought, one day, Father, God will hold your heart so much you will be saved from Mephisto's deception. God spared me for that day. Alicia looked toward the sky. "Thank you, Lord. I ask forgiveness for my foolishness."

The gate fully opened, she ran into Paris.


Tears welled up is Ciel-Remi's eyes, as they picked up the body of King Henry. They put it sideways on the white horse.

The gates were opened. Ciel-Remi walked beside everyone else, Richard, Jean, and Stephan had tears running down their cheeks as well.

Ciel-Remi felt anger in his heart toward Jean-Paul, first his parents and Queen Marie's mother. Now Jean-Paul or someone who wanted King Henry dead has shot him. All Ciel-Remi knew was that Jean-Paul wanted him dead.

Why did not he shoot me instead? Why King Henry?

Ciel-Remi walked straight forward. He only mourned for his friend and King of France. He saw Queen Marie coming from a far. "Lord, what am I going to say?" He prayed.

Do not shame yourself, Ciel-Remi. You are only mortal, I am God, and I have plans for the Kingdom of France. Do not worry about what happened today, for this will bring a new tomorrow.

"Thank you, Lord." He prayed while wiping his eyes.

They helped take Henry's body off the horse. They laid it down on ground for all to see that their King was truly dead.

Queen Marie approached the crowd of people who surrounded the scene. He looked up. "I am sorry, My Queen. Our King is gone." Ciel-Remi stated. "Shot to death from afar."

She began to weep over her husband. "We knew this day would come. I did not expect it so soon." She told everyone. "The King of France! King Henry IV is dead. Please celebrate the funeral of our beloved King. Celebrate and rejoice for this day King Henry is standing before our God."

Ciel-Remi placed a hand on her shoulder. "It was surprise attack, My Queen."

"I understand, do you know who could have done it?"

"Yes, My Queen, my guess is Jean-Paul Mephisto."

"My goodness, why did not he kill you?"

"I do not know, Marie."

"You have come back with Richard, Jean, and Stephan. Where is Alicia?"

"Alicia saw him and ran back into the forest."

"Why would she try to go after Jean-Paul?"

"I do not know, Marie, She is a foolish child."

"Or brave."

"Yes, My Queen, She is brave also."

"Well enough chatting. I must ready King Henry for his funeral." Queen Marie said, "You are probably waiting to see Victoria and Corrine."

"Yes, My Queen." Ciel-Remi said. "I am."

Before Ciel-Remi could leave, Prince Louis ran up to his father's body. "Papa! Wake up, Papa!"

Queen Marie laid a hand on Prince Louis's shoulder, "I am sorry, Louis, your Father, King Henry is in Heaven."

"No!" He cried out, "No! He cannot be gone. Papa! Papa!"

"Louis, My Son, and one day you will see him again."

"Today! Mama, Today! I want to see him today!"

Louis cried is his mother's arms. Ciel-Remi tried to encourage her son, but his anger was too much even for him to handle, so Ciel-Remi told him. "Your mother is right, Prince Louis. You will see your father again."

Prince Louis looked at Ciel-Remi with anger in his eyes. "Where were you? Why did you not protect him?"

Ciel-Remi felt a little guilty just then. "There is only so much a mortal can do."

"Where was God?"

"Everywhere." Ciel-Remi told him.

"Why did not he protect my father?"

"Louis, my son." Queen Marie began. "God is a good God. God's timing is not ours. Please understand that Ciel-Remi would have saved your father from the mad man if he could have, but he only found out when it was too late."

"No! Mama." Prince Louis pointed up at him. "You were responsible for my Father's safety while he was away, you are a murderer!" He yelled and ran off.

"Louis!" She yelled out.

"No! Marie, do not go after him. In time he will understand."

"What is wrong now?" She asked.

"Louis was right." Ciel-Remi said. "I was responsible for King Henry's safety."

"Ciel-Remi!" Marie said through her tears. "You are not guilty; do not be ashamed of his death. God knew when it was time for him to leave earth and be in Heaven. You said, there is only so much a mortal can do. Louis will understand in time what God's plans for France were and why Henry was killed."

"Thank you, My Queen." He hugged her like a sister.

"Now, go see your child and wife, before I have to have them brought to the throne room."

"Yes, Ma'am." Ciel-Remi said. They both laughed through their grief. He ran up the steps. He looked back at her. She just waved. "Thank you, Lord for a Queen who understands." He silently prayed.

Everything will work out in my time, Ciel-Remi; for I know the plan I have for you, to be good, not disaster, to bring a future and a hope.

Ciel-Remi felt joy inside, because God knew what he was doing, even though he didn't. He prayed. "Lord, Bless Queen Marie, Bless Corrine and Victoria, Bless Stephan and Anne Lionheart and their daughter Samantha, Bless Richard and Diana and their daughter Marie. Bless Julie and Jean and their son Jean-Pierre. Bless Alicia, where ever she may be and Bless Jean-Paul Borjour, I know one day Jean-Paul will be saved from Mephisto's grip and come to the knowledge of your son Jesus Christ. Long live the King of Kings and Lord of Lords forever more. Amen."

Ciel-Remi still worried about Alicia, when she ran after Jean-Paul, she could have gotten herself killed or God could have spared her life for such a day to help her father in the future. He only believed that God would strengthen France for the next years to come.

Chapter 16

VICTORIA AND CORRINE were talking amongst themselves. Victoria told Corrine about what she heard from locals about Ciel-Remi's escape, "I bet Jean-Paul is angry right now." She said.

Victoria was sure glad she ran into Alicia right outside her home. If not, she could have lost a mother and a father. She would have been on her own but God has his own plan. Victoria wasn't worried. She saw Alicia as a sister in Christ.

"Have you heard when your father is coming home?" Asked Corrine,

"Sometime today."

She heard loudly through the window. "All of Paris! Today King Henry is in Heaven! Everyone else has returned! Please, join us in mourning your King!"

She looked at Corrine. "Papa's home." They got up and danced together. She couldn't wait. Corrine had tears of joy rolling down her face.

"Mama, Shall we wait for Papa? Or Go into Paris to find him?"

"Let us wait."

She understood. She was excited and full of joy. Today her father would be home. "God is good, Mama. He did keep his promise for these two years."

Victoria couldn't understand. Why did not Henry come back alive? Where is Alicia? She thought while waiting. They sat back down. "Victoria, Hon. Would you please open the door? The room is hot." Corrine asked.

Victoria stood and ran to the door. She opened it slowly. Ciel-Remi stood before her. She looked back at Corrine and winked.

She turned to Ciel-Remi. "Papa, Welcome home!" She said hugging him. "Thank you, Vic. Did you miss me?"

She gave him a quizzical look. "Yes! Did you miss me?"

"Yes, Victoria, I missed everyone."

Corrine stood and ran over to him, she kissed him.

"Yuck." Victoria said.

They looked at each other and laughed. They held each other. "Ciel-Remi, One day I will lose you. Promise to love me until that day." Corrine told him.

"I love you, now and forever. I do not need to promise to love you. I love you right now and until the day I die."

"Thank you." They kissed again.

"Papa." Victoria asked. "What happened to King Henry? Where is my new friend?"

"Oh ..." Ciel-Remi said sadly. "King Henry was shot near the forest near Paris. Alicia saw who did it, and then ran after him."

Victoria feared Alicia could be in heaven if she had not escaped. Victoria looked at him asked again. "Do you believe Alicia is in Heaven, Papa?"

"I do not know. We have to wait and see."

Someone knocked upon the door. Ciel-Remi answered it. They only watched. A man draped in sackcloth stood there. Corrine was shocked. "Thank you for the coins, sir."

"Ciel-Remi and Victoria, You are children of the Most High God. About two years ago, Victoria gave me back another gold coin after getting more coins. Ciel-Remi, since you are the man of this household, please remove your golden coin out from my cup."

She was anxious. She pulled on his shirt. "Papa, do not forget the tithe and offering."

"No, Victoria, I will not." Ciel-Remi said reaching his hand inside the cup.

"How many families are friends of yours?" The man asked.

"About five or six."

Ciel-Remi took about ten golden coins out of the cup. "Another ten fold, like the first time I saw you."

"Yes, Ciel-Remi." The man said. "Choose wisely who to give these to. There is one who is a friend who has no family here."

He took a golden coin and dropped it into the cup and asked. "Alicia is alive?"

"Thank you, you have given back to the Lord. Now spread your good seed across Paris, one coin per family."

"Thank you, sir." Ciel-Remi said.

"Victoria." The man's eyes turned toward her. "Since your father is back. Please deliver your tithes and offerings to the church. My mission is over; take care of each other until the day we meet again."

"Thank you, lord." They said simultaneously.

Ciel-Remi was about to shut the door, when a voice could be heard from down the steps. "Wait!" came Alicia's voice. "Ciel-Remi, I need to talk to you!"

Alicia came up the steps, breathing heavily.

"What is it, Alicia?" Ciel-Remi asked. "I see you have survived."

"Yes." Alicia began. "I know who killed King Henry."


Alicia walked through the opened gates. The guard saw her and asked. "Good day, Mademoiselle."

"Good day, Monsieur." She replied.

"Are there anymore coming into Paris?" He asked.

"No! Monsieur, you may lower the gate." Alicia told him breathlessly. She started to walk away.

"Thank you, Mademoiselle."

Alicia heard the Iron Gate shut behind her. She walked through the village area. People walked around shopping for bread. Alicia approached the bakery. Too bad I have not the money for some food.

Alicia walked pass the church of Notre Dame, the Gothic cathedral. She looked at brilliant architecture of this great church. The two towers with a big gold bell and a silver bell and a round stained glass window.

She walked further ahead past the residential area of Paris. Julie and Jean's house was second one on the right side. She knocked on the door. Jean-Pierre answered.

"Are your parents' home?"

"No! Alicia." Jean-Pierre answered. "They are paying their respects to Queen Marie about King Henry's death."

"Thank you, Jean-Pierre."

"How old are you?"

"Thirteen, Why?"

"Just wondering, do you know Victoria?"

"Yes, Jean-Pierre." She said. "I am headed to her place in the castle. I just wanted to say 'hello' to them."

"Tell Victoria 'hello' for me."

"Do you like Victoria?"

"Very much."

He patted him on the head. "Then I will, goodbye, Jean-Pierre."

"Good day, Alicia."

Alicia heard the door shut. "Jean-Pierre Douvicioux loves Victoria Lebejioux. What a big surprise."

She continued through town. She came to the fork in the road where another church stood. She approached the castle. One of the guards saw her coming and asked. "Mademoiselle Alicia?"

"I am going to see Victoria's father. May I pass?"

The guard knew she had become a friend to Queen Marie. "Yes you may, Alicia. After you are finished, go console Queen Marie."

"Yes, sir."

The iron gates of castle began to rise. She heard the creak of the rusty iron bars. "Thank you, Sir."

"You are most welcome." The guard told her.

She walked through the gateway. She only heard the gate close. "Hello Victoria, Jean says 'hello' and I am here to see Ciel-Remi." She said talking to herself. She ran through the courtyard to the castle's entrance hallway. She crossed to the eastern towers, after walking about fifty-five steps passed Marie's living area. She saw a man dressed in sackcloth talking with them. Then before they closed the door, the man suddenly disappeared.

She didn't know who the stranger was. She needed to talk to Ciel-Remi about Jean-Paul Borjour. "Wait!" She cried almost out of breath. "Ciel-Remi, I must talk to you." She quickly approached the door. He looked out.

She took a deep breath. "What is it, Alicia?" He asked. She only reached the last step. "I see you have survived."

"Yes." She said, taking another breath. "And I know who killed King Henry."

"Come in and we will talk about these matters." He invited her into their living area. Corrine and Victoria only looked at her. He asked. "So you went after the murderer?"

"Yes, I did." She said while He was closing the door. "My father, Jean-Paul Borjour committed the awful crime."

"My dear." Ciel-Remi asked. "Have you announced it to Queen Marie? How did you survive the rage of your father?"

"No. I did not want to bring it to the Queen until later. I do not know how I survived Jean-Paul. I guess my father fought Mephisto's imprisonment and in love, he dropped the gun which he had aimed directly at me."

"Jean-Paul Mephisto has become a royal enemy to France. As for Jean-Paul Borjour, God will deal with his heart in time. For now I have a daughter to raise for the sake of France and I have a wife to love. Whenever you are ready to confront Queen Marie go ahead. Just pray for your father's heart, for only God can soften it. One day, God will show himself to him."

"Yes, I believe God will bring salvation to him."

"Thank you for this information. Take this coin." Ciel-Remi handed her a golden coin.

"What is this for?"

"God's blessing to you."

"Thank you." She accepted the coin and then prayed. "Thank you, Lord for blessings."

"Remember, as you use this to give a tenth of it to the church. God will provide more to you in time." He reminded her. She could look at him with great love and compassion.

"Where do I stay while in France? I guess I must ask the Queen."

"Where are you staying now?"

"A little house in Paris, except, that was during the time I was helping you in prison. Now, I wish to stay in the castle."

"Yes, do you need place to stay? I am offering a room in this living area."

"Thank you, do they approve? While I talk with Queen Marie, you can talk it over with them." She was about to open the door, turned and looked at Victoria. "Oh, before I forget, I stopped by the Douvicioux's place, Jean-Pierre says 'hello' to Victoria."

Victoria hid her face, "My, does Jean-Pierre like me or something?"

"I do not know, probably child's love."

"Thank you, Alicia." Victoria said.

She opened the door, "Talk with your family before inviting me to live here."

Alicia left and ran down the steps; she looked back as they waved.

Thank you, Lord for a great family.


They went back in. "Are we really going to have her stay with us, Papa?" Victoria asked.

Ciel-Remi closed the door behind them. "Do we have enough room?"

"Yes Papa! We do!" Victoria said excited.

"Are you sure? We barely have gotten to know her." Corrine argued.

"Corrine, Alicia helped me escape from prison. She has been like another daughter and I know her past and why she came here before Victoria helped her know God. I believe she is a great blessing to the Lebejioux's. Queen Marie finds her a place to live, and then we will let the matter drop." Ciel-Remi explained.

"You are right; we will wait until she returns." Corrine just agreed with him.

"Yah! When do we eat?" asked an excited Victoria.

"Good, I am dying for food." He said, glad to be home.

"What? The food in prison was not good enough." Corrine jested.

All of them laughed as they sat down to dinner. Ciel-Remi prayed for the food and his great family, then they ate something for dinner, which he had longed for while imprisoned by Jean-Paul.


Alicia ran back down the tower steps until she reached the entrance hallway. She found the guards next to door to throne room. She asked. "May I see Queen Marie? I have news to bring before her."

"The Queen is mourning her husband's death, I will check for you." The guard said, leaving for the throne room. She waited, while waiting she looked around the gray-bricked castle. Her hands put behind her back as she waited. She looked at the purple tapestry that hung on every tower, one a lion and the other a lamb. She understood. "God gave this as protection for the city of Paris, the Loin and the Lamb. If anyone were to destroy these tapestries, God's protection would fall and this would give my father reign over the castle and Paris."

The guard came back saying. "Alicia, Queen Marie would like to see you. You may enter."

"Thank you, sir."

Alicia walked into the throne room. The crystal lanterns hung from the ceiling to give some light. "Alicia Borjour, My child, you have come back." Queen Marie announced.

She was dazed at the brightness of the room. "Yes, Your Majesty."

"Come now, child, tell me what you have found out." Queen Marie said.

Alicia approached her and asked. "Where is Louis?"

"He is off grieving for his father." She said. "Poor child, he is angry at the wrong people. He blamed Ciel-Remi for King Henry's death, but you know who killed him. Do you not?"

"Yes, Your Majesty."

"Then tell me. Who it was that killed my beloved husband and King to all of France."

"Your Majesty, I know you are mourning the death of Henry. It took us all by surprise. I even tried to stop him from committing the murder." Alicia head sank, "But I was too late. Jean-Paul Borjour shot your husband to get revenge on Ciel-Remi."

"Why did he not kill Ciel-Remi?" The Queen asked.

"He could not, Your Majesty. God's protection was still over him."

"Do you think this course of action should go unpunished?"

"No. Your Majesty."

She could tell Marie got irritated at the formality. "My child, please call me by my name, or My Queen, but no more formalities."

"Yes, Marie."

"What are we going to do about your father?"

"We are going to wait on God."

"Yes ... God's timing comes before ours." Queen Marie said.

"Since there is no way to take on Jean-Paul without a fight, we must wait on the Lord, and then we will find a way to bring down Jean-Paul's defenses."

"Yes, Alicia." Queen Marie said. "You have learned much of God's word."

"Thank you, My Queen." Alicia said, feeling awkward said of saying 'My Queen' Instead of 'Your Majesty.' She didn't know how to ask for a place to live within the walls of the castle. She just asked. "My Queen."

"Yes, Alicia. You may speak."

"Marie, during the period of Ciel-Remi's capture and I came to Paris. I have been living in Paris in a little cottage, now that everyone is at home, I wish to stay some where in the castle. Ciel-Remi gave me a golden coin and offered his place."

"Dearest child, do you believe Ciel-Remi would love your presence?"

"Yes Marie, What about Victoria and Corrine."

"Even though, they have welcomed you to stay with them. I believe you have found a friend and place to live. God has blessed you and them with a gift. Do not take it for granted. Go back to them, and then will they know your true love for them."

"Thank you, My Queen." She bowed.

"You join us for celebration and the death of our King."

"Yes, Marie." She said as she rose to her feet. "That would be an honor."

Alicia felt relieved. Maybe God was preparing her for a great future and a great hope for her father. She started to leave.

"My child, God Bless You."

"Yes, My Queen, God Bless you too."

Alicia left and headed back to the Lebejioux's living area.


They were finished eating, when the door was knocked upon. Victoria joyfully answered the door. Alicia stood there and almost about to cry. Victoria said. "Please, Alicia, come in."

"Did you talk with Queen Marie?" Ciel-Remi asked, getting up from the table and coming over to where Alicia was asked by Victoria to sit.

"Yes, My lord."

"What did she suggest?"

"We are going waiting on God for answers about my father."

"Yes, and?"

"Did you talk with Corrine and Victoria?"

"Yes, I have?"

"Queen Marie suggested I stay here with you."

"We have talked it over, Corrine is bit worried about something. Victoria is joyful to have you here and I am just being led by God."

"Why is Corrine worried?"

"Ciel-Remi and Victoria really know you; I have only met you once before you went with them to help them escape. I do not know you, so I am worried I do not trust you, as well." Corrine explained.

"I know why you do not trust me, before when I was seeking you out the reason was for something against God's. My pride and lust for your husband made me angry enough to want you dead. Except by the Grace of God, I have been forgiven and everything in my past is behind me. Please Corrine; give me a week to prove I can be trusted."

"Okay, Mademoiselle Borjour, I will give you a week. Do not let my worried spirit come between you and me. I am only human and we all sin and fall short of the glory of God. We are now sons and daughters of only Him and only through Him can we know each other."

"Amen." Alicia agreed with Corrine.

Ciel-Remi was full of joy in his spirit. For he would raise a daughter to conquer in victory and have a friend, Alicia, to see into maturity a young woman, fall in love and marry. He would one day leave this world, but before then he would just love God with every part of his being.

The next week was stressful on him and Alicia because they had to attend the royal dinner and funeral of King Henry, which had them in mourning. Alicia proved her loyalty and friendship to Corrine. Victoria and Alicia became like sisters. Queen Marie announced that Louis was to marry the Spanish Princess. Ciel-Remi knew Anne of Austria would be the next Queen of France, except Louis didn't want her as a wife. Samantha and Marie became closer as friends, became strong friends with Victoria and Alicia. Louis became a rebellious son to Queen Marie.

For the next five years. France would go through a phase of neglect and immoral sin. God grieved such events. God could only begin to see the protection of Paris start to fall away. For the next five years it was Ciel-Remi's joy to teach Victoria how to be a Soulfire, A Lady Soulfire.

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