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By Anonymous





By Anonymous



Adam & Eve
Cain and Abel
Noah's Ark
The Tower of Babel
Abraham and Sarah
Sodom and Gomorrah
Abraham and Isaac
A Wife for Isaac
Jacob and Esau
Jacob's Ladder
Jacob and Rachel
Rachel and Leah
Jacob Goes Home

A Coat of Many Colors
The Butler and the Baker
Pharaoh's Dream
The Ten Commandments
David and Goliath
Daniel in the Lion's Den
Jonah and the Whale
Jesus Is Born
When Jesus was Twelve
Jesus is Baptized
The Devil's Tricks
The Apostles
The Lost Sheep






God made the Earth, and God made the Heaven

How many days did it take?  Less than seven

The very first day, God said "Let there be light"

So there was a daytime, and also a night


The second day God made the sky very grand

And on the third day He made oceans and land

He made all the plants, all the flowers and trees

For food and for shade and for beauty were these


And on the fourth day God created the sun

Set it up in the sky, but He still wasn't done

The moon shining bright, He put up in the sky

And the stars in the night, He set those way up high


You may have the idea, the fifth day God's wish

Was to fill up the ocean with all kinds of fish

And then after that He made all kinds of birds

They all just appeared at the sound of His words


On day number six God made cattle and beast

And all of the creatures, from biggest to least

God said to His Spirit, "Now let us make man"

To rule all he made on the earth, was his plan


And God saw that all He created was good

He gave all a blessing, as only God could

And then up in Heaven, day seven He blessed

On that Holy Day, God decided to rest



Adam & Eve

The first two people were Adam and Eve, that lived upon the land

God put them in a lovely place, and gave them one command

"Eat the fruit of trees and such, there is a big supply

But this one tree, don't even touch, for if you do, you'll die"


The devil heard and made a plan, to hide inside a snake

Told Eve that he heard God demand, "The apple, do not take"

The snake then told her with a smile, to take fruit from the limb

"See, God knows if you take it and you eat, you'll be like Him"


She picked the apple, took a bite, and gave some to her mate

They figured out it wasn't right, but now it was too late

"What have you done, why do you hide?" God asked about their shame

"It was the serpent" Eve replied, "That snake is who I blame"


"Upon your belly will you crawl, and dust is what you'll eat"

God told the snake "Now this is all, because of your deceit

Man will rule above his wife, she'll have a child in pain

And man will work hard all his life, for anything to gain"


So this is how it all began, they fell for satan's trick

Don't listen to the devil's plan, do your arithmetic

The world is full of right and wrong, and we will have to choose

Since time began, it's still the same, if we choose wrong, we lose


Cain and Abel

This is the story of Abel and Cain

The story is true, the words will explain

The Bible says, and you can believe

They were the sons of Adam and Eve


Cain was a tiller of the ground

And he gave God some fruit he found

Then Abel gave a sheep to Him

Not just something off a limb


Now Cain put on an angry face

Because his gift took second place

He killed his brother after that

Then God asked "Where's your brother at?"


Cain answered with his voice aglow

"I do not watch him, I don't know"

The Lord asked Cain "What have you done?

A punishment is what you've won


Away from me you'll hide your face

Forever running place to place"

This punishment was hard to bear

For Cain, so he told God in prayer


When people see me run and hide

They'll try to kill me, Lord" he cried

In his voice the Lord could hear

His anger now had turned to fear


So God gave him a mark to show

While Cain was running to and fro

That anyone who touches Cain

Will suffer seven times the pain


Noah's Ark

Here's a story you may know

It happened a long time ago

When all the earth turned very bad

So bad that even God was sad


A man named Noah loved the Lord

So God gave him a great reward

He spoke to Noah "This is God"

And Noah answered with a nod


"The people on the earth do wrong

I'll put them all where they belong

They curse, they steal, they kill, they fight

It's not a very pretty sight


I do not like the way they lie

I've had enough, so they shall die

I'll bring to earth a great big rain

And it will flood 'til none remain


Now build an ark of gopher wood

Make it strong and make it good

Your family will help you build

With animals it will be filled"


They put a window in the top

They worked so hard, they didn't stop

People laughed and mocked the crew

They didn't know what Noah knew


When finally the ark was done

And clouds began to hide the sun

The animals came to the ship

They all were ready for the trip


When Noah saw them all arrive

God told him "Keep them all alive"

So two by two they climbed aboard

For they were led there by the Lord


Now just as God had closed the door

The rain began to pour and pour

The water it began to rise

There never was a flood this size


For forty days and forty nights

The water reached amazing heights

The people drowned upon the earth

Their lives were not a penny's worth


And then God sent a big old wind

You should've seen how Noah grinned

For they were all inside the boat

One hundred fifty days afloat


One day Noah sent a dove

Out of the window up above

The dove returned to Noah's hand

No place to rest her foot on land


Noah knew the land was dry

The third time that he let her fly

If she could live on earth he'd learn

There'd be no reason to return


The animals he let go free

And all of Noah's family

They left the ark where it was at

Upon a mount called Ararat


Then God said He would set a bow

Up in the sky for all to know

The rainbow is His special sign

Above the clouds you'll see it shine


The colors will remind Him how

He told old Noah of His vow

To never send again a flood

To put an end to flesh and blood


The Tower of Babel 

Nimrod was a hunter, who had a perfect aim

He said to all the people, "Let's make ourselves a name"

The people really liked him, he had a lot of tricks

He said, "Let's build a city" So they made a lot of bricks


They liked all his ideas, So he said, "Let's make a tower"

This made him feel so special, to think that he had power

Nimrod climbed upon the tower, did something very odd

Pulling back upon his bow, he shot an arrow at God


He thought he could reach Heaven and the Lord was really mad

So God destroyed the tower, Nimrod's plan was very bad

So he gave them different languages, so they couldn't make their plans

And scattered them around the earth, and back in the Lord's hands


The city was called Babel, as you could hear the sound

Of all the people babbling, with their tower on the ground

God's plan was for the people, to fill up all the earth

Not to stay together in the city of their birth



Abram was a goodly man

His life was always spic-and-span

He had a wife, he had no child

But when he thought of God, he smiled


God told Abram "Get your spouse

Leave your father, and his house

I will show you where to go

To a land you do not know


I will bless you, you will see

You, and all your family

Those who bless you, I will bless

And those who don't, will get much less"


Abram took Sarai, his wife

Left their home to build a life

Took with them his nephew Lot

And many other things they brought


People, riches, cattle too

As they went everything grew

Lot had people, flocks and tents

They all grew bigger as they went


They found the place where they would live

The place God promised He would give

But soon because of all their stuff

The room they had was not enough


People then began to fight

Abram said "This isn't right

To stay together isn't smart

It would be best to live apart


Look around us here and there

There's plenty land for us to share

Pick a place for you to stay

And I will go the other way"


God said to Abram "Look around

The land I promised, you have found

And everything that you can see

It will yours, forever be


Your family will grow and grow

So many you could never know

I'm giving you this great award

Because of your love for the Lord"


Abraham and Sarah

Now Abram and Sarai were old

But still they had no child to hold

Her hope was gone, her faith was weak

Finally she had to speak


I'll have no children, I'm afraid

So I am giving you my maid

They had a son, named Ishmael

Sarai sure didn't like him well


The voice of God, again it came

"Abraham shall be your name

I still have good plans for your life

And Sarah you shall call your wife


She will have a son for you"

There is nothing God can't do

"Isaac, will be called his name"

Straight from God, the news it came


The promises I made to you

Will pass to Isaac, it is true

He'll be born this time next year"

Then God's voice, it disappeared


He told Sarah all he heard

And she thought it was all absurd

And then three men came by one day

Two angels and the Lord were they


This time Sarah heard it all

The smile she had, it wasn't small

She laughed inside, to think someone

At her old age could have a son


The Lord He spoke to Sarah now

And told her He would keep his vow

"Why do you laugh at what you hear?

There's nothing God can't do, my dear"


The Lord told Abraham that day

"The folks in Sodom don't obey

We will go to see that place

And see if they deserve my grace"


Abraham stood in the way

He had something he had to say

His nephew Lot lived over there

He asked the Lord to hear his prayer


What if fifty there are good

Will you save them if you could?"

The Lord looked at the sweet old man

And said to Abraham "I can"


"What if forty? Twenty? Ten?

What will my good Lord do then?"

"This promise now to you I make

I won't destroy it for ten's sake"


Sodom and Gomorrah 

Now Lot was sitting at the gate

When the angels came, the hour was late

Lot said to them "Come wash your feet

We'll make you food and you can eat"


Inside his house the angels went

But soon some evil men were sent

To find out who the angels were

And hurt them too, Lot was sure


So Lot refused to let them in

He knew those men were full of sin

He went outside and shut the door

Hoping they would stay no more


All around the house they stood

Waiting there to do no good

The things they said were so unkind

The angels made them all turn blind


They said to Lot "Get out of town

The Lord is gonna burn it down

Hurry now and don't look back

While the city turns to black"


Lot took his daughters and his wife

They understood "Run for your life!"

His wife looked back and for her fault

She turned into a pillar of salt


Abraham and Isaac 

Sarah and Abraham had a boy

Isaac was their pride and joy

The Lord told Abraham one day

"Take Isaac now, do as I say


Take the child that you love

To a place I tell you of

Give him back to me to keep

Like you would a lamb or sheep"


Isaac said "It's very odd

We didn't bring a gift for God

I see the fire, I see the wood

But now a lamb would sure be good"


"Listen, son" said Abraham

"God will give himself a lamb"

He took his son without a fight

And tied up Isaac good and tight


As Abraham picked up the knife

To give the Lord young Isaac's life

A voice called out to Abraham

He answered quickly "Here I am"


The Lord said "Do not harm your son

The test I had for you is done

I know you love me, this I see

That you would give your son to me


Just then, behind old Abraham

Stuck in a bush, there was a ram

Abraham unloosed it's head

And offered it to God instead


A Wife for Isaac 

When Abraham was very old

His oldest servant, this he told

"Now Isaac isn't married yet

A wife for him, you'll go and get


From my home town the girl must be

But Isaac will stay here with me

God will send an angel too

To help with what you have to do"


So off he went with this in mind

'A wife for Isaac, I will find'

The servant prayed when he got there

"Lord, Please grant this, my master's prayer


Send a girl, and so I'll know

When she comes up to say "hello"

From the well she'll bring a drink

'The camels also thirst', she'll think"


 While to the Lord, the servant talked

Up to the well, a girl she walked

She held a pitcher with her hand

In front of him she came to stand


She gave the servant water first

His camels next, to quench their thirst

The servant knew she was the one

He'd found the girl, his job was done


Isaac knew right from the start

She'd be the one to steal his heart

Rebekah was the young girls name

And Isaac's wife she soon became


Jacob and Esau 

Isaac and Rebekah's twins

Is how this story all begins

They didn't really look the same

And very different, they became


Well Esau was born first you see

All red and hairy as could be

When Jacob came, the story's told

On Esau's heel, he had a hold


One day Esau came home ill

After hunting meat to kill

He said to Jacob, "Give me food

So I can have my strength renewed


Jacob said "I'll give to thee

But first your birthright, sell to me"

So, Esau sold his birthright to

His brother for a bowl of stew


Isaac lived for many a year

His eyesight wasn't very clear

He called to Esau, "Bring me meat

The kind I like so I can eat"


He said to Esau, with a sigh

"I want to bless you, before I die"

Rebekah heard what Isaac said

But wanted Jacob blessed instead


She made some meat and sent him in

With goat hair put upon his skin

So Isaac gave his blessing then

And Esau had just lost again


His hate for Jacob burned inside

Rebekah sent him off to hide

She sent him to her brother's house

To maybe even find a spouse


Jacob's Ladder 

That day that Jacob went away

At night he found a place to lay

He used a stone that he had found

To make a pillow on the ground


A dream he had, erased his frown

God's angels going up and and down

A ladder that to Heaven, led

With God standing above, He said


"Your father's Lord is who I am

And I'm the God of Abraham

The land where you laid down to sleep

I'll give it all to you to keep


Your family will grow until

So many, all the earth will fill

From north and south and east and west

And from you, all the earth be blessed


I will protect you far and near

And bring you back again to here

You will not be alone my son

'Till all I've told you has been done


When Jacob woke, he said with fear

"I didn't know the Lord was here

How awesom is this place so great

It must be truly, Heaven's gate"


He set his stone up on the soil

And poured upon the top some oil

He promised to the Lord above

And in his voice were hope and love


"If you will keep me in your care

With food to eat and clothes to wear

And bring me back to Isaac's door

You'll be my God for evermore"


Jacob and Rachel

Jacob travelled to Haran

To see his uncle named Laban

There was a well out in a field

And with a stone, the top was sealed


He saw three flocks all lying down

When he was near his uncle's town

He asked the shepherds there to tell

If with Laban, that all was well


"His daughter, Rachel will be here

The time she brings the flock is near"

The time for water was getting late

But for the girl they had to wait


While they talked she brought the flock

Then Jacob rolled away the rock

They gave some water to the sheep

He kissed her and began to weep


"I'm your Aunt Rebekah's son"

It seemed that Jacob's heart she won

To her father Rachel ran

And told him all about the man


Rachel and Leah 

Rachel had a pretty face

Full of beauty and of grace

Her sister Leah couldn't say

That she was blessed at all that way


With his uncle, Jacob stayed

He worked but he was never paid

"What kind of payment can I give

While here under my roof you live"


Jacob answered to the man

"I'll do for you, all that I can

For seven years I'll work for free

If you'll let Rachel marry me"


So Jacob worked his very best

 And brought to Laban his request

"I've given seven years of life

Please give me Rachel as my wife"


So Laban made a great big meal

To celebrate the marriage deal

But when the light of day grew dim

Leah was sent in to him


When Jacob woke to his surprise

He didn't see his Rachel's eyes

He saw Leah there instead

And sadness grew inside his head


Jacob said, "What did you do?

You see that I have worked for you

You said that Rachel I could wed"

And back to Jacob, Laban said


"It is the custom in our land

To give the older daughter's hand

Before we give the younger one

To marry off to anyone


For seven days with Leah stay

Then Rachel I will give away

I'll give the daughter you adore

And you will work seven years more"


His love for Rachel was so great

So Jacob said that he would wait

And after waiting seven days more

He married the girl he waited for


Jacob Goes Home

God blessed Jacob very much

With many children, flocks and such

He took his things he worked to earn

And went where God said he'd return


Now Jacob worried in his head

That Esau still would want him dead

He sent some gifts, for it was smart

To soften up his brother's heart


On their way they stopped one night

And Jacob wrestled with God 'til light

God blessed him 'cause he'd done so well

And changed his name to Israel


Jacob then got quite a scare

Four hundred men with Esau were there

Jacob thought there'd be a fight

But Esau ran and hugged him tight


They made their peace and all was mild

Soon Rachel had another child

He was Jacob's twelfth born son

Twelve Tribes of Israel had begun


A Coat of Many Colors

Joseph had eleven brothers

His Dad loved him more than the others

He made his son a coat to wear

The others thought it wasn't fair


The colors of the coat were great

The other boys were filled with hate

They didn't like it, not one bit

That Joseph was the favorite


Joseph had a dream one night

He told his brothers with delight

We each tied up a bunch of hay

My bundle stood up right away


Your bundles stood there all around

And bowed to mine down to the ground

The brothers hated Joseph more

A lot more than they did before


Then Joseph had another dream

He told his family with a gleam

Eleven stars, the moon and sun

Obeyed me, each and every one


One day when Joseph went to find

His brothers who were so unkind

They saw him walking and they said

Let's kill the little dreamer dead


We'll put him down a deep old pit

And that will be the end of it

If anybody asks, we'll say

A beast has eaten him away


His brother Reuben disagreed

With all the others' evil deed

His little brother, he tried to save

But the others sold him as a slave


They took blood from a little goat

 And sprinkled Joseph's special coat

They took it to their Dad and lied

And Israel cried and cried and cried


The Butler and the Baker 

To Egypt Joseph went and then

Those people sold him once again

The captain of king Pharaoh's guard

Bought Joseph, and he worked real hard


Joseph knew the Lord real well

The captain of the guard could tell

So knowing that the Lord was there

He put his house in Joseph's care


Things were going very good

You'd never really think they would

But someone told a horrible tale

And Joseph ended up in jail


The butler made the Pharaoh mad

The baker too was just as bad

So into jail they both were sent

And this is how their story went


The two each had a dream one night

They both awoke in quite a fright

"Tell us what they mean" they said

With both their faces full of dread


So Joseph asked "What have you seen?

And God will tell you what they mean"

The butler told him right away

To hear what Joseph had to say


To the butler Joseph said

"Don't worry now inside your head

For three days you will wait and then

Be Pharaoh's butler once again


Please tell Pharaoh, when you're there

My being here just isn't fair

I've done nothing to deserve

The punishment that people serve"


Now when the baker heard the news

The same kind he could surely use

The things that Joseph heard him tell

Would clearly not turn out so well


Joseph gave him his reply

It must have made the baker cry

"Within three days for you I see

That Pharaoh hangs you on a tree


All that Joseph said came true

The Lord told him, that's how he knew

The butler never told the king

What Joseph said, no, not one thing


Pharaoh's Dream

Two years later Pharaoh had

Some dreams he thought were very bad

He wished to know what it all meant

So for the wise of Egypt he sent


An answer true they could not bring

They could not tell him anything

And then the butler, believe it or not

Remembered what he had forgot


He told king Pharaoh all about

How Joseph could, without a doubt

Put an end to all his woe

And tell him what he'd like to know


So Pharaoh sent for Joseph fast

He didn't want the dreams to last

The king told Joseph he had heard

He could be trusted for his word


"The truth you hear is not from me

The answer is from God you see"

So Joseph heard the king explain

The dreams that caused him so much pain


"A message to you God has sent

What He will do is what it meant

For seven years it will be grand

With plenty food throughout the land


The seven after will have none

Not enough for anyone

Put somebody wise in charge

To save up food when crops are large


Then you'll see when times are tough

Egypt will have quite enough"

The king thought all of this was grand

So he let Joseph rule the land



In Egypt it was clearly seen

King Pharaoh, he was very mean

God's children were the slaves he had

And they were treated very bad


For each of us, God has a plan

And Moses was a Hebrew man

God sent to Egypt, you will see

To go and set His people free


He saw a bush on fire one day

The voice of God was there to say

"Go get my people from the king

I will help you do this thing"


So Moses went to tell Pharaoh

"The Lord says 'Let my people go'"

The kind did not want to obey

The things that he heard Moses say


So God helped Moses show the king

And bad things started happening

Whatever Moses said came true

When God's wish, Pharaoh wouldn't do


His water soon he could not drink

And God sent frogs that began to stink

The king begged "Take the frogs away

And all of you can go your way"


But then the Pharaoh changed his mind

And God thought this was not so kind

So God sent lots of bugs and flies

Because of Pharaoh's mean old lies


Moses told the king to hear

That what God wants is very clear

But Pharaoh used the same old lie

And god made all his animals die


His people all got itchy sores

And fire came down from Heaven's doors

Then locusts came and darkness too

But with the king, God wasn't through


When Pharaoh still would not agree

To let God's people all go free

Every first born in his land

Would die as it was God's command


When Pharaoh saw God's anger grow

He finally let God's people go

Then changed his mind up once again

And chased them with an army of men


Moses led them through the sea

God made a path, dry as could be

Then closed it up on Egypt's men

And they were never seen again


The Ten Commandments 

When Moses led God's people out

Of Egypt, they began to pout

No food or water there was found

So God made bread fall to the ground


God made the water very clean

And many miracles were seen

But they grew tired of travelling

And waiting for what God would bring


One time when Moses heard God call

Him to a mountain very tall

The rules to Moses, God would give

The way he wanted his people to live


The Ten Commandments, they are known

And there He carved them into stone

"I'm the only God, you see

And you should pray to only me


Respect my name in what you say

And don't forget the Holy Day

Obey your parents all the time

And do not kill, it is a crime


Don't take another's husband or wife

And do not steal or lie in life

And all that is your neighbors stuff

You shouldn't want, I'll give enough



God made Samson really strong

He gave him hair so very long

And if he cut it, he would be

Like anybody else, you see


A lion roared at him one day

He killed it with his hands they say

And later, after it had died

He saw some bees and honey inside


He told a riddle that was funny

About the lion, the bees and honey

The answer nobody could guess

It all turned into quite a mess


His wife found out the answer true

And gave it to the guessers who

Had tricked her into finding out

This made Samson mad, no doubt


He lit three hundred foxes tails

And through the corn he watched their trials

The people who had tricked his wife

Got angry and they took her life


 He killed them all, he was so mad

For killing his wife and her Dad

He went away up on a stone

To be all by himself alone


Some people tried to turn him in

But in the end, Samson would win

They took some rope and tied him tight

They didn't know of Samson's might


He broke the ropes and found a tool

It was the jawbone of a mule

And with his anger once again

 Samson killed a thousand men


People wanted to find out

What Samson's strength was all about

A woman named Delilah told

That Samson's secret could be sold


She tricked him into telling her

His strength was from his hair for sure

She took the money that they gave

And while he slept, his hair she'd shave


They poked his eyes and in his pain

They put on him a heavy chain

They put him in a jail but then

Forgot his hair would grow again


They had a feast to celebrate

What they had done with all their hate

They brought him in and laughed and joked

At the man whose eyes they poked


They leaned him on some pillars there

And Samson bowed his head in prayer

He prayed to God "Please make me strong"

He knew these people all were wrong


"My eyes they took, I cannot see

My Lord I ask, remember me

Let me die with them this day

Please give me back my strength, I pray"


So God gave Samson back his might

To pay them back for taking his sight

He pushed the pillars down inside

And all including Samson died


David and Goliath 

A man named Jesse had a son

He loved God more than anyone

Gold told the Prophet Samuel

He'll be next king of Israel


His name was David and you'll see

The apple of God's eye, was he

His older brothers served the king

While David practiced with his sling


There was a giant Philistine

His height they say, was nine foot, nine

Goliath was his name, we hear

He filled God's people up with fear


"Send a man for me to fight

Choose one with a lot of might

If any one will be so brave

And win the fight, I'll be his slave"


 David brought some corn and bread

For his three brothers to be fed

And heard the fuss Goliath made

Instead of leaving, there he stayed


When all the soldiers would have quit

David wasn't scared one bit

Goliath laughed to see the boy

Made fun of him with lots of joy


He said "I'm fighting for the Lord

I'm here to fight without a sword

He chose five stones out of the brook

And with his sling, his aim he took


He hit Goliath in the head

And watched him as he fell down dead

Goliath's army didn't stay

They turned around and ran away


Daniel in the Lion's Den 

In days when there were queens and kings

Their servants took care of their things

Presidents and princes too

Had different jobs that they would do


King Darius liked Daniel best

He was in charge of all the rest

The other servants weren't glad

That Daniel had the job he had


They couldn't find out anything

That he did wrong to tell the king

They told each other "nothing's odd

We must find something about his God


They finally figured out a way

They knew that Daniel loved to pray

They told the king and he agreed

A brand new law is what they need


"The law will be for thirty days

Whenever anybody prays

It must be only to the king

Not to God or anything


If anyone does not obey

And prays in any other way

We'll take him to the king and then

We'll throw him in the lion's den"


They snuck up quiet as a mouse

While Daniel prayed inside his house

They took him to the king and said

To the lions, he'll be fed


The king no longer liked the deal

With Daniel as the lion's meal

He said to Daniel "Do not fear

You know the Lord is always near"


All night long the king felt sick

The next day he went very quick

To check if Daniel was alright

And he was in for quite a sight


Daniel's voice was very clear

"My God has sent His angel here

The lion's didn't get one bite

The angel closed their mouths up tight"


So Daniel got out of the den

Gave glory to the Lord and then

King Darius told everyone

 Daniel's God is the only one


Jonah and the Whale 

A place called Nineveh turned bad

And this made God so very sad

The Lord told Jonah "Go and tell

Those people, they're not doing well


Jonah didn't take the trip

Instead he hid on board a ship

So God sent wind so very strong

Into the sea for Jonah's wrong


Jonah didn't even know

The wind came as he slept below

The captain woke him up to say

Get up quick, and start to pray


He told them all what he had done

Then Jonah said to everyone

Throw me now into the sea

The storm is all because of me


They tossed old Jonah overboard

And begged forgiveness of the Lord

Once Jonah was over the rail

He was swallowed by a whale


He was inside three days and nights

All wet and cold and dark, no lights

He prayed when he was in the fish

God must have heard old Jonah's wish


The whale spit Jonah out on land

And God gave Jonah His command

"Go to Nineveh today

And I will tell you what to say


Because of all their evil ways

They'll be destroyed in forty days"

So all the people there turned good

And God was happy that they would


But Jonah got all mad within

Because the Lord forgave their sin

He asked the Lord to let him die

And built a booth so he could spy


He wished to see what they would do

Would Nineveh, to God stay true?

God grew a plant to hide the sun

Jonah was glad for what He'd done


God sent a worm then, to attack

The plant was gone, the heat was back

God sent a strong east wind and then

Jonah wished to die again


The Lord said "Deep inside the fish

'Please Lord forgive me' was your wish

When people don't know good from bad

I give them all the chance you had


Jesus Is Born 

An angel of God named Gabriel

Was sent with some good news to tell

To Mary who would soon give birth

To Jesus, the Son of God, on earth


An angel spoke to Joseph too

And told him that the news was true

He talked to Joseph and he smiled

Hearing about the Holy child


They had to go to Bethlehem

A place so very far from them

But at the inn they couldn't stay

Because they had no room that day


So in a stable that same night

Our Lord was born, and a star so bright

Was twinkling high up in the sky

Some wise men knew exactly why


So following the star they went

They knew the King of Kings was sent

They brought him frankincense and myrrh

And gold, to give their new Savior


So that's how Jesus' life began

It all was part of God's great plan

To save His people from their sin

And everlasting life we win


When Jesus was Twelve

Long ago in Jesus' day

The Hebrews had a holiday

They celebrated full of glee

The day that God had set them free


Jesus, Mary and Joseph went

Praising God, their time they spent

Their friends and family went with them

To celebrate in Jerusalem


On their way home to Nazareth

They asked the people they were with

"Have you seen Jesus anywhere?

We cannot find Him here or there"


They went back to Jerusalem

For three whole days they looked for Him

They found Him in the temple where

He talked with all the teachers there


They all were so surprised because

Of how so very smart He was

Mary said to Jesus, "Son

Why did you do what you have done?"


He said "Why did you look for me

I have a job to do, you see

I stayed behind because I knew

I have my Father's work to do"


Mary kept this in her heart

His teaching there was just the start

He went back home with them to stay

And he grew smarter every day


Jesus is Baptized 

Jesus went to Jordan where

His cousin John was preaching there

He told the people how to live

So that their sins, God would forgive


Some people asked him "Who are you?"

And John said I will tell you true

Someone who's mightier than me

Will baptize people differently


I'm not good enough perhaps

To loosen Jesus' sandal straps

The Holy Spirit and fire he'll use

To baptize those who God they choose


When Jesus asked John to baptize Him too

 John said, I should be baptized by you

God's Spirit came down like a dove

And God said "This is my son who I love"


The Devil's Tricks 

Out in the wilderness was where

Jesus went to God in prayer

The devil thought that he was quick

And tried to pull a mean old trick


"If you are Jesus" satan said

"Turn these stones here into bread"

But Jesus didn't fall for that

He left the stones where they were at


"Man doesn't live on bread alone

But from God's Word, and not your own"

Then to the temple top he took

And said to Jesus "Take a look


If you are Jesus, jump from here

God will save you, do not fear"

Jesus said, "You should not test

The Lord your God, above the rest"


Up on a mountain top so high

The devil told the Lord a lie

"If you will bow and pray to me

I'll give you everything you see"


The Lord said "satan, go away

To God alone is who I pray

So satan left and angels came

The devil knew he lost the game


The Apostles 

When He was thirty, the Lord began

To tell the world of God's great plan

The twelve apostles Jesus knew

Saw miracles that He would do


Peter, James and Andrew too

Philip, John, Bartholomew

Matthew, James and also Thomas

Simon, Thaddeus and Judas


They saw Him heal the sick and blind

And all He did was very kind

They heard the Lord as He would talk

He made the crippled able to walk


He taught how people all should live

How they should pray, and to forgive

The twelve apostles heard Him teach

And all He taught, then they could preach


The Lost Sheep 

A group of sinners gathered near

Jesus wanted them to hear

Some others couldn't figure out

What Jesus would talk to sinners about


He knew that sinners need to know

The things that He was sent to show

He used a story then to tell

How being good will turn out well


If you had owned a hundred sheep

And one got lost, wouldn't you weep

And look for it until you found

It was back home all safe and sound


And would you call your friends to say

I'm happy I've found my sheep today

The sinners are the same as sheep

 God wants to have them back to keep


The story means, if no one tries

To help the sinners become wise

They just might stay forever lost

God wants them back, no matter the cost



Jesus knew that He would die

He told His friends the reason why

God sent His only Son to give

His life for us, so we may live


He is called the Lamb of God

You may think it is very odd

But God was really very nice

To give him as a sacrifice


The way it happened, you will see

Some people who did not agree

That Jesus was God's only Son

Were wrong about the Holy One


They nailed Him on a cross one day

And thought that He was gone to stay

But three days later, as He said

The Savior rose up from the dead


He told before He died about

Someone He'd send to help us out

The Holy Spirit is His name

Like God and Jesus, He's the same


He's here with us, within our heart

To help us choose things that are smart

So if in Jesus, you believe

 He will never, ever leave





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