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Christianity Oasis Ministry has provided you with this Pit Bulls on Noah’s Ark book with Pit Bulls on Noah’s Ark lesson. This Pit Bulls on Noah’s Ark study and Pit Bulls on Noah’s Ark story with Pit Bulls on Noah’s Ark lesson looks at the Pit Bulls on Noah’s Ark message and asks what does Pit Bulls on Noah’s Ark mean, what are Pit Bulls on Noah’s Ark, why is the Pit Bulls on Noah’s Ark message important, what is the Pit Bulls on Noah’s Ark message and how does the Pit Bulls on Noah’s Ark message affect you. The Pit Bulls on Noah’s Ark message is essential in the Christian walk. Understanding the Pit Bulls on Noah’s Ark message is very important and learning about the Pit Bulls on Noah’s Ark can help you to overcome the worldly whirlwinds. Let us delve into this Pit Bulls on Noah’s Ark lesson with Pit Bulls on Noah’s Ark message in this Pit Bulls on Noah’s Ark book, shall we?





Pit Bulls on Noah's Ark

By Kevin Rottweiler



The Dog Boat
Pit Bull Soup
Time Machine
Hobo Rain
The Pit Bull Dog Kiss
Ask for Help
Moses on the Deck
Prepare the Way
Powder Blue Elephants
American Bulldog Jo Jo
Bookcase Cats
Port Side Flood
Pizza Party
Before the Flood
Mud Puddle
The Tornado
Lady Bug Innocence
Adrenalin Rain
Manure on Dandelions


The Dog Boat


Yes, it was an awful storm—

150 days of rain,

As the animals felt the pain.

Frozen pellets pounded the ship,

And each creature felt like Jonah.

Now a Basset Hound made the trumpet sound,

Each animal developed Heaven’s features,

Dressed in golden robes and the smell of incense—

A floating tabernacle of love,

A story, handwritten, into the Word of God.

The dogs stared through algae-lined port holes,

Most of them seeking meat or any morsel they could find;

Some had kennel cough and respiratory conditions,

But the Labradors fed them menthol cough drops,

God promised the animals, they would all see dry land.

Some stayed busy playing checkers or Monopoly,

The chickens stayed on the lower deck.

The elephants had their own place,

Like a circus from Barnum & Bailey—

But this was God’s show now.

Some of the animals became sea sick,

But again, a chocolate Labrador offered a menthol drop—

Including a drowsy tablet, made of catnip powder.

Now, all the animals got enthusiastic,

Wondering where the ship would land,

There was so much excitement aboard the floating vessel!

Yes, it was an awful storm—

150 days of rain,

As the animals felt the pain.

The Pit Bulls and Bulldogs,

They stood on the night watch,

Knowing that God was in complete control.


Pit Bull Soup


The largest and most muscular dogs were summoned;

It was feeding time aboard the Ark.

Rufus the Rottweiler got the group together…

Bullmastiffs, Pit Bulls, English Mastiffs, American Bulldogs…

Canines with heaviness, able to pull their weight in gold.

This was no ordinary feeding,

Even elephants with large eyes, questioned the dogs.

Could they feed this many creatures?

But help was on the way!

Pit Bulls, with large square jaws, ready to work,

To feed the masses aboard the ship.

With ropes in their teeth, like a game of Tug-o-War,

They pulled gigantic pails of a beefy broth.

Grunting and heaving, pulling and out of breath,

Hissing in the cool and moldy night air.

This was no ordinary feeding,

Even alligators with hungry eyes, began to fidget in their seats.

Could a dinner of this magnitude be carried out?

And help was on the scene!

Canines with muscles, able to pull their weight in gold.

Now it was tough on the dogs,

Stepping through dung, old rags and algae piles.

But with paws to glorify a future King,

Even the dogs knew the name of Jesus!

Grouped together at night, the dogs memorized Scripture,

Often they would pretend they were Pastors,

Thus delivering a fire and brimstone sermon.

Yes, it was carried out—

The beefy broth and bread chunks were delivered,

To hungry mouths, snouts, and open jaws,

Of God’s wonderful creatures.

The Pit Bulls made a name for themselves tonight.


Time Machine


Inside the Ark

Like a time machine

The animals were so quiet

Playing cards and marbles

Nobody ever complained

One of the Bulldogs

Cried out for meat

As a donkey took the order

Three bologna sandwiches

And a cheeseburger

Jo Jo the American Bulldog

He got a cheeseburger

Some of the dogs

Split up the sandwiches

Now satisfied

With tails propelling

Even the mice became friendly

They began singing

Old Christian hymns

Just like the old days

And a Basset Hound

Made the trumpet sound

Waiting for an eternal sound

But the sea was getting deep

And the animals

Just could not sleep

Now they prayed together

To the Heavenly Father

And the green green

Grass of home was restored

In spiritual minds

The time machine

Happens in God’s time


Hobo Rain


After the storm, I met a hobo in the rain

Pretended not to see his pain

But man could he play harmonica

Proudly bounced along the wall

Music notes made him tall

Said he dreams of Broadway

And when the rain stopped

My heart almost dropped

He used to be a doctor

And the rain got the best of him

The pain made him thin

Music just kept him going

When a man is shattered

Nothing really matters

Said he knew of a prophet

Off the cement he rose

Resurrected from addiction, profanity and homelessness

No more gambling, no more drinking

Said he found another chance

Man could this cat dance

(Isaiah 40:31)

(John 6:44)


The Pit Bull Dog Kiss


Yes, the Pit Bull dog-kiss

It is Heaven’s bliss

Pink tongue of ecstasy

Unconditional love

In a broken city

Ten-thousand dog tongues

On my lips

I should have been a farmer

Or veterinarian

A friend of Noah

Now the Basset Hound

Made the trumpet sound

Dogs that love to sing

And they sing about meat

They sing about hot dogs

Wag their tails for sauerkraut

Kissing their way through life

Holding onto

Goofy grins

Beards on chins

Paw prints everywhere

Noses in pickles & brine

A cheeseburger

Can make their day


Ask for Help


Below deck,

Some of the animals kept fish,

Some had terrariums.

Most kept quiet, as the boat floated.

During the flooding,

Everyone got scared.

Even the potted dandelions cried out!

“I WILL lift up my eyes to the hills—

From whence comes my help?

My help comes from the LORD,

Who made heaven and earth.”

(Psalm 121:1-2)

Above deck,

Some of the animals were scared:

An icy rain pounded the freezing boat,

And everyone was afraid,

Even the lions trembled.

“In my distress I cried to the LORD,

And He heard me.”

(Psalm 120:1)



Salivating; big meaty dogs

Big heavy, heavy logs

Dogs with a leash pull

Some are Pit Bulls

Salivating; big meaty dogs

Dogs with muscular rear-ends

And they have love to lend

Big heavy, heavy dogs

Salivating; big meaty dogs

Some want encouragement

Others want nourishment

And a rabies certificate

Salivating; big meaty dogs

Bulldogs with goofy grins

Others seem to drip

Salivating lips that won’t quit

Salivating; big meaty dogs

They tease you with their snapper

Trying to unleash the hamburger wrapper

Down the hatch it goes

With glorious and hilarious laughter

Salivating; big meaty dogs

Big heavy, heavy logs

Dogs with a leash pull

Some are Pit Bulls


Moses on the Deck


In a dream and vision…

With a flash of lightening—

Moses appeared before Noah,

The animals were frightened.

Moses was a prominent OT figure!

A courageous man he was,

Helping the Israelites in Egypt.

He appeared to Noah in a vision,

Now to save the Ark and all aboard,

The boat became another Mount Sinai.

Just as he wrote the Pentateuch,

He guided five groups of animals to safety.

Fighting the flood on the deck,

He raised the rod in courageous submission,

And the waves parted away.

The animals were all dry.


Prepare the Way


Riding out the mountainous waves

As dogs peered through algae-lined port holes

Some yawn while others sleep

A contrast between loud and silence

The big muscular dogs

With tough-looking faces and big jaws

Enjoying a boat ride they won’t forget

Piles of wheat, barley, and other grains

Attempt to satisfy hunger pangs

150 days of water

Poured over the earth

Getting ready for a re-birth

Donkeys, goats and mice

Lions, tigers and piles of rice

Reptiles, mollusks and fish

Never questioned God’s authority

A mystery beyond all understanding

From watery grave to sweet dry land

Like a zoo baptism afloat

And they continue to ride the boat

Headed towards new sunshine


Powder Blue Elephants


The elephants on board,

Were painting with their trunks,

The interior portion of the Ark.

Never missing a spot of the interior boat.

They rubbed innocently against the paint,

Carried with them, blue shadows…

On wrinkled skin.

Then Rufus the Rottweiler declared,

“We have powder blue elephants.”

Now all the dogs and cats got amused,

Laughing together, with sunny weather.

Powder Puff the elephant, how magnificent,

A life aboard so significant.

Eating peanut butter sandwiches,

With wrinkled trunks.

Then God entered the picture,

Powder Puff began to tremble.

It looks like he got the Holy Spirit,

And the elephant fell down on the ground,

Trembling and shaking profusely.

Powder Puff confessed his sins to God,

Then he tried to stand, but fell again.

He trumpeted a song to the heavens.

The animal talked to God,

And right then he knew his carcass

Was not of his own making…

But by supernatural phenomenon.

He thanked God from his heart.

(Genesis 1:20-25) (Psalm 69:34) (Psalm 19:1)


American Bulldog Jo Jo


Jo Jo was a special creature

Jo Jo with Holy features

Gold and white on his back

Meant for kissing and a love attack

Always is faithful

Helps the elephants

Guards the deck at night

Breaks up any fights

Always is helpful

During the day, he plays cards

Keeps the bears occupied

At night, he helps with dinner

Sometimes he talks with sinners

He pulls his weight on the ship

Moving cargo, and mopping floors

Painting the wood and raising the flag

Is a gentleman at opening doors

Jo Jo is a special creature

Jo Jo with Heaven’s features


Bookcase Cats


At the end of the ship

Below deck

Are several bookcase cats

Well-behaved, intellectuals

Educated and well-trained

Siamese, some of them

They think it is funny

To spin a world globe

With their tails

Wearing spectacles

And often smoking pipes

Catnip rubbing against

Professor elbow patches

One talked about a scholarship

A poetry reading contest

Another discussed ivory towers

But only got stuck in raindrops

And meteorite showers

Now Tiger

Resting upon the shelf

Takes a break

Resting upon

A King James Version



Port Side Flood


When the sirens went off,

The Pit Bulls were already entrapped.

Wearing life jackets and flotation devices,

Paddling below, with a newborn dog paddle.

Paws, and chins above the cold water,

Fighting a Grand Canyon of waves and ice.

Exploding through a main hatch,

Came broken structural beams and fire doors,

It was a port side flood indoors!

Contained though, to only one level—

Young animals rode on elephant backs,

Mules acted as living carts, as the oxen also assisted;

The vulnerable rested on weak hooves.

The muscular dogs took control,

Running hoses and water pails like firemen;

Pumping with all their strength, like a reverse hurricane.

Now the elephants began to siphon the water,

With proud and heavy trunks,

Shadows of a watery grave, to overcome.

And every soul fought for loss or gain,

Fighting and fighting in the damp rain.

Pit Bulls and Bulldogs in action,

Grunting and pushing the pails to the windows.

Like old-fashioned firemen,

In a port side flood,

A natural disaster.


Pizza Party


Rufus the Rottweiler took the orders

As the animals salivated in anticipation

Dogs, sitting on their rear-ends

Eager to please, to offer their paws

In friendship

The magnificent fumes of pepperoni

And molten cheese awakened every

Stomach cell lining

And it filled the room

With fresh garlic

It was pizza party night

What a sight

Even the elephants giggled

Their hearts pickled

With leftover peanut butter


And a forgotten dance

Now a lizard did a soft-shoe prance

A Cocker Spaniel also danced

In front of a broken mirror

With a Syrian Brown Bear

Drunk on pizza pie

The animals could never die

Life was just too exciting

As their molars did the biting

Taking in the carbohydrates

Cheeks packed like chipmunks


Before the Flood


There was a time

When man failed

And then the boat set sail

People shuffled through the street

Tent cities and unemployment at 99%

Cold rain upon dirty shoes

Some had no socks

The ragged ladies cried out

“Go home Devil, go home”

Mushrooms were a staple food

Cut from stalks in alleys

Earthworms also supplied

The needed protein to survive

Automobiles from the early days

Stacked to the ceiling

In car graveyards

Nobody had gasoline

Whooping cough and quarantine

The resources had all dried up

The politicians and magicians

Could not save anyone

At the breadlines people found hope

Those with brains played dumb

Survival took place in the shadows

A chunk of bread was good for the soul

The Bread of Life where are you?

Stray packs of dogs mingled everywhere

Bulldogs took a smell of

Rotten tennis shoes

Obtaining of meat so difficult

So difficult

Ammonia fumes from the sidewalks

Like every crack

Could break your mother’s back

Surrounded by greedy merchants

And the harlots out for cash


Mud Puddle


An old King James Version of the Bible

Rested in a mud puddle

Nobody found it

But a preacher screams from the pages

Even the cockroaches begin to scatter

Trying to eat the paper pages

Peering innocently at the Book of Genesis

An earthworm or slug rubbed against a dull object

The Song of Solomon touched his soul

Be he is no serpent

Just doing his job

Like God does

Tiny creatures near the mud puddle

A grasshopper giggled

As it read about Adam and Eve

Then his heart skipped a beat

And the preacher screamed from the Bible

From everlasting pages

Even the bees flew faster

Dreaming of water flowing

Near Noah’s Ark




A Cocker Spaniel was playing in the snow

Aboard the boat’s deck

And squirrels with hot breath—

So exquisite and fastidious

Tiny paws paddling

In a river of powdery snow

Two Pit Bull dogs played Tug-o-War

With frozen ropes

Now some deer took a glance

Wondering how much snow would come

Will it cover up the fallen apples?

But other squirrels look for nuts

There is nowhere to go

Maybe we could all take

A train ride somewhere

And get out of these rainy shadows

A mountain of nuts for the squirrels

But nature pounded the boat

All the animals took cover

Under burlap covers

Hoping for the storm to vanish

And in a vision

A Bulldog saw a Lutheran church

With a white steeple

Like out of a story book

Stained glass windows

Propelled through time


The Tornado


Upon a green and eerie sky

The tornado shows no mercy

A rotten egg smell is everywhere

That twisting serpent is getting near

Pain comes in like railroad tracks

The crunching of metal and tin

A dog in a vacuum like Rin Tin Tin

Taken up into the sky

Off the roof of the boat

Cats stare through mysterious port holes

Dust and animal blood all over

Hail wind and ice

Like the Devil threw the dice

The third story roof just carved out

Like a chef with a spatula

The Devil found his domain

Right here in the rain

In the basement

A spiritual grandma

Prayed in tongues

From the Pentecostal church

Clutching her fly-swatter

But her flashlight has no batteries

The tornado was not cheerful

It made an awful mess

And the dogs must clean it up

But with the flu season

Vomiting and throwing up

Just hardship on the Ark


Lady Bug Innocence


Innocent lady bugs

Tiny walking creatures

God is watching

Heaven’s features

Upon the glass

Sipping a water droplet

Almost got absorbed

Its shell like an antique

But a tiny life form

Just watching the hour glass

Time is running out

Days are long under sunshine

Nights are long under the moon

Its little shell like a painting

God is watching

Innocent lady bug

Propelled by angels

Nobody could do this

But God Himself

An empty shell upon the shelf


Adrenalin Rain


The rain is piercing

And every flower is tormented

Wishing to pull away

From the adrenalin rain

It is cold and damp aboard the ship

Leaving the smell of Mother Nature upon your back

The sticky water goes through

Every layer of your clothing

Through animal fur

Two atoms of Hydrogen

And one atom of Oxygen

Never a friendly molecule

The Adrenalin rain

It attracts to those in weakness

As if Mother Nature is depressed

Pouring her contents over the earth

And every flower is withered

Displaying no color

Until the sunshine comes in

Like a black and white television set

With adrenalin rain on your back


Manure on Dandelions


Although it is Saturday

The German Shepherds

Wanted to go to church

As St. Francis of Assisi

Planned on blessing some animals

On the Ark

Nobody said life is easy

And the dogs are queasy

Begging to attend church

But a Basset Hound

Made the trumpet sound

And an old-fashioned

Bible study took its course

Animal minds stray

Their bodies sway

Goofy on their own

Hormones and chemicals

Seeking a master to help them

Or a veterinarian

The food is salty on the boat

Inside the barn

Work is required

Nobody goes home early

There is manure on the dandelions

Carried on animal hooves

Heavy oxen with muscles

Apologize for the

Pasteur pies

A living farm on the boat

Nobody said it was easy here

Grabbing at muddy feet

Dandelions are sweet




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