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The Yellow Flowers in Heaven

Christianity Oasis has provided this E-book titled The Yellow Flowers in Heaven written by Author Kevin Rottweiler. We hope you will explore our many studies and programs at Christianity Oasis that look into all aspects of the Christian Walk and reveal truth and bring forth understanding and peace.

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The Yellow Flowers in Heaven

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book is titled The Yellow Flowers in Heaven written by Author Kevin Rottweiler. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this The Yellow Flowers in Heaven E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

There is a force out there that is attempting to overtake us all; it is Satan. There is another force that is protecting us from him; it is the Holy Spirit. It is a battle for souls. This battle is called Spiritual Warfare, and like it or not, you are right in the middle of it.

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This poetry book is dedicated to Bonnie Moore;
she went to Heaven on February 20th, 2014.

God Spoke to Me

It was only a few weeks ago;
She departed to Heaven
And I wondered what she was doing...
God spoke to me!
He said,
"She is planting yellow flowers!"
I was so excited
I called my brother
To tell him what she was doing
Up there

On a Cloud

On a cloud
Bonnie is safe
With God up there
Near the colorful stones
She is on a cloud
Now the lady angel sung
And the trumpet played
People in white robes
On a cloud

Never Raining

It is never raining in Heaven
The sun is always shining
People worship and sing
All the love that God brings
A fellowship of friends
And family united
All of them reunited
Like an old-fashioned Bible study
Nobody yawns or frowns
It is never raining in Heaven

The Chariot

Someone said there
Are chariots up there
But don't be afraid
Of horse feet
It is safe upstairs
The chariot carries the angels
To special destinations
Each purpose
Is carefully planned out
There must be chariots up there

The Fig Tree Sang

So the angels danced
And the fig tree sung
Right from its roots
Like a voice box
From fig roots
Standing tall
Reciting some Psalms
The fig tree sang

Glory Cloud Above

There is a special cloud
That sometimes shows itself
Not sure if it
Is the Holy Spirit
But it sure is special
During revivals
And intense prayer
Many people have seen it
The room is filled with God

Tabernacle of the Apostles

A special room is up there
Inside the glorious mansion
A tabernacle of the Apostles
Some of them sing
Some of them recite
Some read a good book
They all study the Bible
A special room is up there

Noah Smiled

The ramp went up to Heaven
A family of elephants
Walked together
Eating Chinese egg rolls
How wonderful
And a gerbil laughed
At the elephant grinning
Noah then smiled

Rainbow of Love

Rainbow of love
Show me your mercy
Worthy is the Lamb
Worthy is the Lamb
You are Holy
You are Holy
Rainbow of love
Show me your wonders
Rainbow of love
Reveal your glory
Show me God's story

Grand Canyon of Glass

I stood at the altar
When the sky opened up
At church
I saw the Grand Canyon of Ice
Of course
It is Heaven
I trembled
I cried
I stood at the altar
Like looking down
At the city of New York
The size of eternity
It is Heaven
A Grand Canyon of Glass

Doves Reveal Hope

Today a dove revealed hope
Carried a blade of grass
In his sharp beak
There is dry land Noah
There will be a home
Today a dove revealed hope
Birds talk to us
Angelic messengers
Listen to them sing
Doves reveal hope

Fish Dinner in Heaven

Jesus sat on the sea of glass
With one hundred fifty three fish
Men and women in white robes
Gathered in a multitude
Like from the old days
Stories of Bible days
They had a fish dinner in Heaven
Jesus and the fishermen
Handed out the bread
Then they broke bread
And the wine of communion
There was a fish dinner
In Heaven

Guitar Shop

A shaggy-haired youth
Started a Christian band
Up in Heaven
Got a few guys together
Sipped coffee from golden mugs
Guitar cords
And harmonicas
Someone played a flute
They jammed a few old hymns
And some contemporary songs
They raised hands in worship

Warm Dogs in Heaven

There they go
A groomer's tub
Full of bath water
There are warm dogs
In Heaven
Rover held a golden bone
Rin Tin Tin
Wore a white collar
Everyone was barking
Dogs on golden streets

Poets up Here

Up in Heaven
There are experienced poets
Submitting their writing
No one is fighting
Everyone gets a book published
A life of writing polished
And there are poets up here
Some write about the Psalms
Some write about King David
Some talk about water baptism
Some speak of the Holy Spirit
But there are poets up there

An Easy Life

It seems they all get jobs
Everyone in Heaven
Has a job to do
Some deliver newspapers
Some paint the gates
Some tend to the chariots
And the angels sing
"One day at a time"
"One day at a time"
An easy life
Like a vacation
Nobody goes hungry
They have eternal life
And the Bread of Life

Bible College in Heaven

Well they have a school
And if you don't know the Bible
They will teach you
There is a Bible college in Heaven
There is much time
To learn the Bible up there

Great Physician

Well here you get to meet
The Great Physician
The one that walked on water
Around the throne
People have questions
And he can help you
Nobody is sick up here
He just gives advice
And that is pretty nice
The Wonderful Counselor

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