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Are You a Lost Christian?

Christianity Oasis has provided this E-book on Lost Christians titled Are You a Lost Christian? written by Author Beth Hammond. We hope you will explore our many studies and programs at Christianity Oasis that look into all aspects of the Christian Walk and reveal truth and bring forth understanding and peace.

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Lost Christians

Are You a Lost Christian?

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book on Lost Christians is titled Are You a Lost Christian? written by Author Beth Hammond. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this Are You a Lost Christian E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

There is a force out there that is attempting to overtake us all; it is Satan. There is another force that is protecting us from him; it is the Holy Spirit. It is a battle for souls. This battle is called Spiritual Warfare, and like it or not, you are right in the middle of it.

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As Christians, we all become "lost" at one time or another in our walk with the Lord. This book has scriptural references to accommodate our "wandering" or "lost" existence, plus a guide from the Bible to FIND the truth in God's Word & put it into practice in our every day lives.

Many people spend their entire existence "wandering" or "lost". This can entail many different descriptions. One example is how there are so many different denominations in Christianity...How do you know what is right? The correct answer is through prayer, Bible Study, and searching God's Will. 2 Peter 3:18

Many people follow the traditions or "man's laws" rather than keeping their heart and mind sharp to God's Laws. Colossians 2:8

This "safe haven" gives the the false sense of security that they are truly leading a "Christian" life. In this way...they are "LOST CHRISTIANS".

There are steps to take to prevent becoming "lost". Sure, it's really easy to go through life claiming to be a "Christian", but the hard part is living "Christian". You can do it-and not become a fanatic about it. Like I said-it's hard work...but the reward will be greater than anything imaginable! Luke 6:35

Some denominations will tell you to give your heart to Jesus and everything will be wonderful. Colossians 2:6

Yes, while it is true about being wonderful to accept Jesus into your heart–it doesn't instantly take away all your problems! In fact, you may experience the opposite! You see, when you are "in the world" ---the enemy (sometimes known as Satan, the Devil, etc.) already has you, so he doesn't really bother you too much. II Corinthians 2:11

But....once you give yourself to the Lord---that enemy is going to do whatever he can to try to get you back. James 4:4 - I Timothy 4:1 - II Timothy 3:13 He will use your friends, your family, your job, the internet... anything that is close to you to try to be sneaky and lie about God and God's will in your life. John 15:18-19

Different denominations have specific doctrines that govern the church. Hebrews 13:9Some even use threats against people... (sometimes subtle, sometimes not so subtle); yes, threats like demanding tithe payments or membership or certain financial obligations to assure "heavenly benefits". Matthew 6:19-21 These tactics often drive people away from Christianity. This, in effect, produces two different types of "lost Christians". The hypocrites that enforce these "doctrines" and the people that they drive further away from God. Matthew 6:23-24

In some ways, all of us-at one time or another-are guilty of becoming a "lost Christians". We become "comfortable" or "complacent" with ourselves....thinking about how "Christian" we are. But, are we really? Are we living our "Christianity" in our day-to-day lives or are we just living it on Sunday and just at Church? Hebrews 13:15 - Luke 6:24-38 We need to continually ask ourselves "Is this behavior really showing my true "Christianity"? As God's people, we each have opportunities to lead others to Christ by our example. Galatians 6:10 What does that example show if we go through life with no outward appearance of the Joy or Peace of the Lord? John 15:11

If we go through life as Christians accepting all the doctrines or rules without doing a little investigation into the reason or history of these doctrines, we are truly letting ourselves be led blindly. Matthew 7:12-15

There are distinct differences in "having Godly Faith" in the truth of God's Word and allowing ourselves to fall under "man's ideas" or "interpretations / doctrines".

These examples have proven themselves throughout history with different "cult leaders" and followers in the name of "Religion". I Timothy 5:24 Many murders have been committed and blamed on "The Lord told me to do it". In these instances---not only were the followers or "victims" LOST CHRISTIANS; but so were the leaders as well. We have to remember to follow the Lord---not man!

Many churches have fallen...simply because the congregation was following a man, instead of following God. I Timothy 2:5 If the pastor leaves for one reason or another (e.g. death, moves, etc.) some of the church members leave also---in this way---they become "lost". Where was their faith? In God or man? Matthew 6:24 Sometimes, our struggle to keep from becoming a "lost Christians" is constant. Daily–or even hourly!

In our lives, as Christians, we think too much about what others think of us. We become "wrapped up" in petty things, and some little things suddenly seem like huge things! We even seem ashamed that we are "Christian"! It's not "cool". It's "boring" or "no fun". II Timothy 1:8 - Galatians 6:3-10 If you find yourself thinking like that---you need to start praying and examining yourself quickly....because you are becoming "lost".

Another example of a "LOST CHRISTIANS" attitude is when individuals start to have a (pardon the expression) "Holier Than Thou" attitude. These individuals simply think that whatever they say or do is from God...But, they are blinded by anyone else's ministries or service to the Lord. Matthew 6:1 - II Timothy 3:2-7

They are truly not producing the fruit that they think they are. John 15:5 The message that they are sending is not one of Christ's love or forgiveness, but a "worldly" message of bitterness, hurt, and revenge---no matter what innocent lives may be affected. Matthew 6:14-15

Time has proven over and over that each of our individual lives are watched all the time by others. We don't know and may never know who is watching, learning or being affected by what we say or do. But, there is One who knows all that we say, do or even think. That is God. He knew each of us before we were born. Jeremiah 1:5 So, as we go through our time here on earth-we experience many times of being "lost". Sometimes, we are "found", or we may remain "lost" for awhile. John 15:16

Through prayer and seeking God's guidance we will arrive out of the "lost realm". As we live our Christian lives here on earth, we may find "the easy way out" seems like the best answer. But, is it really? Are we ready to accept God's guidance for us, or are we just using the term "Christian" to try to fool people? Being Christian is not easy! And, just because you say you are...doesn't mean that your life or actions or words show it. Romans 8:5-6 How often do you allow your anger to override your "Christian" love and forgiveness? John 13:34 Perhaps while driving, do you lash out at other drivers? Or going through a fast food drive thru? How about trying to get your children up and ready for church? What kind of "Christian" example are you showing to others at those times? Romans 12:21 This is one time that you are really "lost". "Lost" in your own world of despair, problems, etc. that overtake your Christianity. Do we need to go through this life being "lukewarm" Christians or "cold" Christians? The word "Christian" should tell you that you need to be "Christ-Like". That is to be "more like Christ" in all you do. John 15:9-10 Being judgmental or condemning is not "Christ-Like". Matthew 7:1 - Romans 14:10-13 When you gave your heart to Jesus-you were forgiven of all your sins. Why can't you forgive others? Luke 6:35-37 Some of us don't believe anyone can change. If you changed, others can, too. They have been forgiven of their sins just like you. Luke 6:27-28 Don't continue to judge them for their past. By "hardening" your heart against them, that is not only hurting them, but, also hurting you in your walk with the Lord. God sees all and knows all. If you truly know and love Him, He will guide your steps and show you many ways to avoid being "lost".

How many of us are waiting for the day that we will meet Jesus face-to-face? Will you? Or will you be "lost"?

In conversation with others, do you carry on about "so-and-so said this" or "did you see what such-and-such did"? It may seem innocent enough to you...but that is pure gossip! Galatians 5:25-26 Do you actually think the Lord wants you to carry on like that? Galatians 5:16 Is that a true example of Christ? Your are "lost". "Lost" in your own little thoughts of how good you are and how bad someone else is. Galatians 5:25-26 You know, as our Heavenly Father, sometimes God allows us to say or do things just to teach us a lesson. After all, He really doesn't want us to spend our entire existence here on earth being "lost". He is our Father. Ephesians 5:1 He gave us each something very -special! And, He gave us specific instructions of how He would like us to be. Ephesians 1: 17-19

If someone hurts you in one way or another, the Lord will take care of it. Let Him fight your battles. He is your protector and guide. Ephesians 2:8-9 He will lead you, if you will just follow! I know it's really hard to have patience and wait on the Lord. But, we really do need to remind ourselves that we are His and His will is best. We can only hope and pray that He will allow us to participate in our own destiny that is set forth by His plan. Ephesians 1:5 As we try to fulfill our lives with God's presence, we desperately need to try to stay on the path of righteousness without straying-or becoming "lost". Galatians 5:25

Jesus taught a parable about "lost" sheep (one was lost, ninety-nine were still there) in Matthew 19:11-14. As our shepherd, He doesn't even want to have one of His sheep to stay "lost".

When we pray, we sometimes are guilty of becoming "lost". Especially, if you "rush" through your prayers or don't have specific prayer time. God takes time for us-shouldn't we make time for Him? Also, if your prayers are repetitious, are they really pleasing to Him? Matthew 6: 5-14 If we only ask in our prayers; without praising or thanking Him-we truly are "lost". Ephesians 1:16 - Ephesians 5:20 He is our Lord and Savior! He alone is worthy of our praises! Don't spend the rest of your life being "lost"! Love the Lord, praise Him, seek Him and He will show you His love. Ephesians 4: 5-6 He will guide and strengthen you...according to His plan for your life. He created us-we belong to Him! Colossians 1:16 Let Him lead you out of the darkness-into the Light of His Grace and Mercy! If we follow Him closely, we will not be "lost" anymore!

Be ready to accept the Lord's gift to you. He gives each of us a specific gift according to His purpose. Ephesians 4:7-13 We need to not be "lost" when the Lord reveals our specific gift to us. Even if you (in your own mind) doubt if you are worthy of this gift....the Lord will let it all work out. He is in control! Philippians 2:13

The song "Amazing Grace" has very inspiring lyrics that help us through life. If you think about it, the first verse says "Amazing Grace, How Sweet The Sound, That Saved A Wretch Like Me....I Once Was Lost, But Now Am Found, Was Blind, But Now I See". If, in your darkest hour, you can remember even a few of those words....it will really help you!

We, as a nation, have also become "lost". We have "lost" the moral and Christian obligation to the Word of God. Romans 1:18-32 We have also "lost" respect. Respect for God, respect for our elders, respect for each other, and especially respect for ourselves. A startling statistic recently surfaced. 64% of our youth become "lost" when they begin college. College is extremely difficult to maintain "Christian" beliefs and ethics. It is extremely important that we help each other to stay strong in these values. We allow things to pass (laws, rules, etc.) that as Christians; we should stand up for the Word. But, we don't. We have allowed ourselves to be bullied around because the majority says these things are "legal". If we try to oppose them-we are being biased, unfair, prejudicial, etc. If you truly seek the Word of God and God's laws–you would know these things are immoral, unjust and very much against His will! We must not be "lost anymore! II Timothy 4:2-5

There are lots of people and gadgets out there to make you feel as though you are doing your very best at being a "good Christian" person. But, are you actually willing to leave your "comfort zone" and jump in with both feet to God's will in your life? If you answered yes, then-how committed are you to following through with it? If you are truly honest with yourself and with God...you know that there has to be some evidence of some sort of sacrifice on your part. One of the hardest things to sacrifice is our time. Romans 12:1 With everything that the Lord sacrificed for us, if you do not sacrifice anything for Him---You Are "Lost"!!

Maybe, there are hospital visits, elderly people that just want company...or someone to run errands for them. Maybe, a young couple with children, that need a date night, but they don't have money to do that and pay a babysitter. How about cleaning the church or mowing or planting? There are so many things that anyone who is willing to sacrifice a little selfish time could do as service to the Lord! Philippians 2:17 - Hebrews 9:26 And, you never know, this may be your ministry gift that He is opening up for you. He has a plan! He wants us to be intelligent about our choices and decisions throughout our lives here on earth. He doesn't want us to be "lost". I Corinthians 5:7

Like I said before, it is not easy! We must make a conscious effort to walk the Path of the Lord. Yes, occasionally, we will try to take shortcuts-but that actually just takes longer to reach our goal in Him. Isaiah 2:3 - Micah 4:2 - Luke 3:4

There are people that spend their entire lives here on earth with what's commonly referred to as "Foxhole Religion". That is, if there is danger, or despair, no-way-out; then, they start praying....asking for God to help them out of the situation. If He does, they may repeat this scenario over and over without really changing their lives. If He doesn't, they denounce Him and don't change their lives---always being "lost", never wanting to become found in God's everlasting love. But, because we have an all-forgiving, merciful God....He repeatedly gives us chance after chance to come to Him! We can read from the very beginning of Genesis throughout the entire Bible of many examples of God's love and forgiveness. Some examples are Adam & Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David....just to name a few. Sure, they had troubles...but the Lord continued to bless them. Some of them turned their backs on Him, but still He blessed them. Just like us---we sometimes say or do the wrong thing (either knowingly or innocently), but He gently guides us and corrects us. He forgives us and our sins. Psalms 103:12 - Jeremiah 31:34 He continually blesses each of us, even when we don't realize or acknowledge it.

How can anyone disclaim any of God's creations? They are truly "lost". All you need is the faith of a grain of a mustard seed. Luke 17:6 Just open your eyes...the work of the Lord is everywhere and in everything! From the outer reaches of the universe to the smallest cell or organism. He created it all! He is the Alpha and the Omega (the Beginning and the End). Revelation 21:6

Sure, He gave man the intellect and creativity for a lot of things. But, that's what they are-things. Man cannot exist without God. He keeps everything in balance and according to His will and plan. He will open the eyes of everyone in His own time. Every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess---when that time comes....we shall not be "lost Christians" any longer. Romans 14:11

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