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Christianity Oasis has provided this E-book on being Married to the Lord - Married to Jesus written by Author Danisha Ann Rivers. We hope you will explore our many studies and programs at Christianity Oasis that look into all aspects of the Christian Walk and reveal truth and bring forth understanding and peace.

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Married to the Lord

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Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book on being Married to the Lord - Married to Jesus is written by Author Danisha Ann Rivers. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this Married to Jesus E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

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Burning in my mind!

There is no way to ever thank you enough, you helped me when life was just to tough, you brought me to happiness when I was so close to death, you never stopped loving me, even after I left, people can only imagine the love that I have for you, taking my hand after what they put me through, so close to a spiritual death you took my hand, showed me love by a real true friend, nothing can ever amount to the determination I have of getting to where you are, I want to get to the "realm" you're in, I'm fighting so hard, all the knowledge I have, it was given by you, and I use it the way I'm suppose to, but again I thank you for all that you've done for me, and for what you have taught me to be, and only God can tell you how much I needed your hand, but I do thank Him everyday for such a wonderful friend.

Save the Drowning

I stand here looking at this world, what have we done? We changed what is Holy into evil. We made love into lust. Our hearts into vanity. Why? Why do we feed satan's fire? Why do we bring tears to God's eyes? Yes, I know God knows all, and this world is the way it is for a reason. This I know! Us as Christians still shouldn't buy into it. We cant serve two things. Either mammon or God! We cannot love this world and God also! This world is not holy. It is not what God is. God is pure, holy, and righteous. This world is NOT. This world is what I call, Destroyed. Not a single one of us are perfect, we all sin. We all will. By the grace of God we are still forgiven.

Jesus Christ died on the cross to cleanse us from the sins we have committed. I will forever praise His name. God the maker of heaven and earth, watched His son get whipped and nailed to that cross. Could you imagine doing the same? It would kill me. I've had my share of disappointments, times of sadness, and hurt, but that I couldn't stand. I, Married to Jesus, have given my life to Jesus Christ. If the time comes I would die for Him, for He has died for me. My life will be dedicated to Him forever more. His love will be with me for all of my days. God has chose to let me find Him. Now I, with the Power of God, will choose to do His work. For that is my calling.

Yes, I believe everything happens for a reason, but a reason of God. We need to give Him our hearts so He can lead them to where they need to be. God is the Father of us all. He has created you and me. He has given us life, so why don't we help Him save lives? Why do we turn our backs on the unsaved rather than help them? Why do we judge them? Most of us were in the same deep waters as them. Why don't we help them into our boat? Why do we just sit back and let them drown? That's why this world is the way it is. Nobody cares about anything but them self. Nobody wants to work for what there gonna get. I'm not saying YOU!. People in general.

If you were drowning and someone offers you a hand, but it's dirty, would you take that unclean hand, or let yourself drown because you're afraid you might get dirty? With prayer anything is possible. When we meet someone who isn't saved yet why don't we help them? Is it because we believe they will change us? Or are we afraid? Afraid that we might make a mistake. Well always ask God to help you in all that you do. Pray to Him. He is there. He made this world, and He will be here until the end. There are many paths in this world, but they only lead to two way different places. Which path are you gonna follow and where will it lead you to?

Through Thick and Thin

I remember all the memories that I have of you, we've had our fun in everything that we do, when you come in I know that night will be fun, from the beginning until the night is done, you're not like the others I know, your friendship is easy to show, you remind me of an friend I once knew, that's what makes you easy to talk to, I prayed to God for another friend but who, and again HE answered my prayer with YOU! So now if you ever need a friend, ask me I'll take your hand, and help guide you through you pain, and make your problems go down the drain, to help you have a laugh and a smile, even if you think is been a while, I will always be with you in spirit, forever and ever through every little bit, because two friends who have faith in God cant be broken apart, and you my friend will forever be in my heart.

Keeping the Faith

Why is it every time satan whispers in our ear, we lose our faith and begin to fear, We blame God for all that goes wrong, when really we should be singing a whole different song, we lose our faith way to easy, that aint right, for all God did for us, for us to lose sight, I cant figure out why we do this, I ask and ask, is life too hard of a task, are we too weak to stand the trials we go through, or are we too lazy to do what were suppose to do, I can say it over and over again, but yet we still commit that very sin, who are we to choose who were gonna blame, all we are doing is putting ourselves to shame, we try to act like we know what is right, not remembering were always in His sight, so when satan whispers in our ear, we are to pray and never lose our fear!

Do You Know?

In a song by Scott Stapp he says "Do you know what it feels like to be broken and used, scared and confused?" I believe many of us know that feeling. That's the feeling I got before I was saved. Within that feeling I found a person who put me together, gave me reasons to rejoice for being here, gave me a reason to be alive, and took away my confusion. Do you know who It was? I have a friend who, the first day I met her, was only looking for good places to cut herself. Wondering what to use. Now she has won Christian blog of the month once, and has met so many friends and family here at the Oasis. Do you know who that was? There was a man who drank and was a drunk fell down stairs and now he is a friend of many of you, Do you know who that was? There was this young woman who always did drugs, smoked, had sex, drank, got pregnant at 14 years old, but now has been saved and hasn't done any of that in a long long time. Do you know who she was? All of these people have been broken and used, scared and confused. Yet, they are now stronger than some Christians who have been saved their whole life. Some people don't know what it's like to go through those things. We should just help those who did go through that because it takes a lot to get out of it! Believe me. I know. Do you know? I know a Man who has so much love and compassion for His world, that He gave His only begotten son to save all of us from an eternity from hell. Do you know who that was?

Looking Through the Window

I was born into this sinful world. When I was young I was a Christian. I knew of God, I didn't know Him like I do now. I had a good family, but when I was 11 years old one of my parents decided they didn't want this life anymore because of stupid reason I didn't understand at the time. I was young and went with that family member. I got into drugs, sex, I got drunk almost every night. I was getting in to deep. I was beaten, emotionally. I was lost and confused with the lies I was told. I thought that was how I was suppose to be. I have been through things people wouldn't believe. I lost people I love. I was left with and raised a baby which wasn't mine. I went with no food for about a week, because I didn't know where my mother was. I was scared. I lived in 13 different places with 8 different people. I was kicked out of many of my homes, well houses. Lived with people I barely knew. I was passed around like the bread on the night of the Last supper. I have been kicked out of one of my houses because I had friends that weren't the color my mother wanted them to be. I have cried many tears. I have sinned a life time of sins, and I have been forgiven for them. I was young and I made many mistakes. I have blamed many people for the choices I made. I am now much older and I can only blame myself.

Yet, I thank God for all that happened for now I can help many with the problems they have. I have many memories of that time, but I believe that was going through Hell to get to Heaven. I may only be 18 years old but I feel so much older. I feel like I have already lived my life. Made my mistakes. But I know I am still here for one reason, to help people not do or go through what I went through. It's a terrible path a dead end. All you'll have to do is turn around and go through it again. Why go through it when you don't have to? Stay on the right path, it's easier, cleaner, better, and with God it is much safer. Now as you've looked in the window of my life, Don't make the same mistakes, it only leads to hell, Let God take your hand, and lead you to Heaven.

Virtuous Woman Quick Study

Who can find a virtuous woman? (Proverbs 31:10-31) What is a virtuous woman? in proverbs it says: "A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband: but she that maketh ashamed is as rottenness in his bones." In all of my life I've hung out with a lot of different kinds of people, my male friends could never find a good Christian woman. Even in the Bible not a lot of woman were virtuous, look at Solomon's wives, none of them were of God, but tried to turn his heart away from God. The woman in the Bible who were of God, I remember well, indeed! I have a lot of friends who pray for a good woman, who does right to him, not evil, yet it's so hard, for this do we blame God? NO! We know that Gods will be none, not ours. "Many are the plans in a mans heart, but it's the Lord's purpose that prevails" (Proverbs 1:21)

Gods will may be different than what we want, but hey, what do we want? Mankind craves happiness, laughter, love, joy and peace and that is what God gives. In His own ways, follow His ways. Pick any woman in this world....... SHE, can be virtuous. she must choose to be. What is virtue? Well virtue mean, moral excellence and righteousness; goodness. A good friend has taught me "virtues are as rare as wisdom.....PRICELESS!!

If you look into Proverbs you will find what a virtuous woman is but lets look into the each word, let dig deeper....... "for her price is above rubies" what is the price of rubies? Well in the wizard of Oz those ruby slippers were the thing that got her back to the love of her family and you know what? She had them all along, but she had to go through obstacles before she realized that's all she needed to get to where she wanted to go! "The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her" What is the foundation of love?.. Trust! Genesis 3:16.. Thy desire shall be to thy husband..! "So that he shall have no need to spoil" What does spoil mean in this verse? It means being robbed of the faithfulness of his betrothed. "she will do good in him not evil for all the days of her life"

What causes a person to change? Other people? It's mainly television, which satan uses to get your mind away from God. I mean look at shows nowadays, I loved me some Brady Brunch, Happy days, Waltons, Sanford and son, Mr. Ed and bewitched. What's on today..? You got your Bachelor, Jerry Springer, Sex and the City. WOW! What happened to the shows your children can watch? "She seeketh wool and flax" What is wool and flax? Well it's the stuff clothes are mostly made from. This day and age woman are working out side of the home. God gave us specific jobs, (Genesis 3:16-19) Men will work outside of the home and woman will bear children and her husband. "and work willingly with her hands" Cooking, cleaning, gardening, etc. Woman may say "I'm a liberated happy Christian but what makes God happy? Do you see how we looked at the verses of the Bible and took it a step further? We should do this to the whole Bible. I mean it's real, we better open our eyes because one of these days were gonna open them but it will be to late.

So all who read this know that the whole Bible needs to be opened and get dug much deeper because what we need to do is in there but we have to acknowledge the Bible for what it really is and not just a book. This was written by Married to Jesus and friends... God be with y'all and be blessed.

Block Pain Out and Let God In

I blocked out the memories of when you weren't you, now there coming back, so I ask my Father what should I do, This is the moment in my life, where I make my decision, I think of all the fun times, but there overseen with the pain and confusion, I wish you were different I wish you were great, but that's not how this world rotates, So now I remember when you said you're leaving me, and that was YOUR choice, that's how YOU wanted it to be, the time when you told me to leave and don't come back, you said you loved me, yet a home did I lack, This is how you wanted it to be, this is what you did to me, now this life I have chosen to be in, it was my choice, my decision with not one bit of confusion, where I can sleep, without having nightmares, you want me to call you, to return my scares, I don't want that, I want what I have, they wont leave me, they wont turn away, there here through thick and thin, everyday, a family is all I wanted, that's all I ask from you, but you made it what I hate, but I don't hate you, The beliefs I have have taught me what I wish you knew, it gave me happiness, that's all I wanted from you, but I have forgiven and will always pray for you, that pain was only to get me here, I wish I would of knew, but I'm glad you did this, there is only one thing I miss, that's the sister you made astray, which brought tears down m face, I hope she's being raised by a good soul and a caring heart indeed, because that's what God gives to people in there hour of need!!!

Jesus Christ

When you are down, who lifts you up? When you are sad, who gives you a smile? When you are having trouble, who takes away your pain? When you are praying who are you talking to? When something great happens who do you thank? When you are speaking, who do you invite to speak through you? When you are in pain, who gives you a smile? When you are reading this very blog, who's on your mind? If all the answers are the same to the questions, then keep reading.......Why is it so hard for us to admit what we believe in? Didn't you just answer all the questions with the same answers? Was God or Jesus all the answers? That's what my answers were, but I cheated because I wrote this!

We do not have to be a certain way to be a Christian, Jesus loves us anyway! We do not have to go to a building to be in a Church! If Jesus is there then That's my Church! People say that you have to be baptized with water to go to Heaven! Jesus said we are baptized with the Holy Spirit! I believe I was baptized with that and fire! Because I went through a lot to get to where I am! To answer all of these questions with the same answers mean.....We know God, now lets spread His word shall we?

Do What You Believe

Any man can say "I am a believer of God." but which man would die for Jesus? Which of us would truly stand up, when believers us Jesus are being called to be killed for their beliefs, and say "I Love Jesus"? Who will? Would you? Would your friends? Would I? We all can say "I would" but remember God knows all, He knows what you will and Wont do! For any person to tell me, that I am a sinner because I ask questions like this, needs to know the answers to the questions, or not condemn nor judge me. I ask questions like these so we will ask God for the answers, because now I'm not sure I know the answer. Our President of the United States of America himself, said that he was a Christian. Every man with a tongue can say that. How could Bush let all those people die, if he's a Christian? Well I believe I can answer that, Bush was chosen by God to do what he's doing. Like a pawn, used in a game of chess, played by God and satan. We are all like that, it's a good thing I believe! Wouldn't you love to be touched by the Hand Of God?

Be aware for some of the people you meet will not be what you believe they are, some may be wolves in sheep's clothing, and some may be wonderers in wolves clothing. Always pray for them. Jesus taught Love, we help Jesus spread His word! If you meet someone who is anti-God would you condemn them? Or would you try and help them and pray for them? All people need help. Even you and me! We shouldn't judge anybody, God is the judge of all. We are here on this earth to help others find the Light. God is the Light!

If you meet someone who says this "Why do you believe in this God, How come I don't know Him, How can you believe in something you don't see, why is this world, not what the Bible says it to be, if God knows all why did he even make sin possible, Why did God give His son knowing the world would get to this, if God knew satan would turn on Him in heaven, why did He let it happen??? What would be your answers? Do you know the answers? All I can say is I am a believer of God, and I have faith for what He has told me to do, Faith is believing without seeing. Anyone can find God, pray about it!

God has a plan, Let His plan happen. Don't question it! All the doubts we feel is satan, trying to make our hearts slowly fade away from God!! For all the questions we ask one another, I have one, Why don't we do what we believe instead of just talk it? I mean when there are other Christians around we say it like nobody's business, but in front of strangers, we act different, WHY? Why cant we do, what we believe in?

Why Do We Have Trials?

In a good friends blog he spoke of things that happened which brought him closer to God. He had to fall down stairs and get into car accidents to realize getting drunk wasn't what God wanted him to do. He's now doing much better! My prayers will always be with him. Another good friend of mine I believe she had to leave her lifestyle and family to realize she has to forgive her mother before it's too late. Then she could return home, which she did. I had to literally go through hell to get where I am now. I thank God for every second. It has made me stronger and taught me so much! *Thank you God*

We all have to go through different things to make us stronger and give us the sight to see the signs God is giving us. We have to open our eyes and pray for the Holy Ghost to help us hear Jesus. Otherwise HE will have to work in other mysterious ways. I have written many blogs but I do not take credit for any. God has spoke through me to help others. I could never do that alone. He is always with me. If life was suppose to be easy, why are we here? Why not just straight to Heaven? Trials, are ways of testing our faith. We, as Christians have to fight the evil spirits which come for us. God will help you along with your friends To overcome the trials we must pray, have faith, and invite the Holy Spirit every place we go! So come on....... He's waiting!!


When we are faced with a tough decision, we need to ask God to help us do the right things and have the strength to overcome the evil spirits which come at us. God is always there, don't forget! When we need Him all we have to do is ask. He will send His Holy Spirit to guide us through it. I have ask people many questions, but I'm still waiting for the answers. Do they know the answers? Does anybody besides God know them? I believe the answers are not of this world. God has a plan is store for all of us. We need to open our eyes and wait for the signs because they are there. We are just blinded by the darkness, so we cant see the light. It may sound corny, but it's the truth. Many people are gifted with the ability to play football, basketball, and other talents. Who do they thank for those talents? When they have problems who do they blame?

When they score a touchdown and slam the ball, who do most of them give it UP to? God! They say "First of all I want to thank God, for without Him it would've been impossible" See? Then, why is it so hard for us to do it? I cant believe all the people who blame God for their problems, How is it His fault? Tell me this? HE is here to help us and guide us to do the right thing If we except Him as our Lord and Savior! He sacrificed His own son! Would you?

I Feel It's From You

I can hear the ways you spread your voice, and I hear the thunder in every bad choice, I see the way this world has so much confusion, I see the rain in every bad decision, I can imagine what it will be like with you, I can only imagine what we will do, yet, I feel the shame for those I did not help get saved, did they come because it was YOU they craved, or did they come just to anger the crowd, did they come with satan or on a heavenly cloud, how can I ever be sure, How can I tell if they're evil or pure, should I know, or should I just help all, I am here for you Jesus, that's why I was called, I want you to pour your words over me to give me the power to speak, until then I will hold my tongue unless I feel it's from you, that's what I feel you want me to do!

What's Most Important to You?

When you wake up in the morning what's the first thing on your mind? Is it what you're gonna wear, where your makeup bag is, where your smokes are, what you're gonna do this weekend or do you pray and thank God for His grace and forgiveness? Do you pray for only you? Or do you pray for Him to help and bless all? When you hear someone has a problem do you try to help or talk to someone who is happy? What is there to gain in that?

We all call ourselves Christians, but do we know what is most important to us? Do we really know, or do we just act like we know? I know sometimes I slip up and make mistakes and even when someone has a problem I sometimes don't want to help. I choose to walk away. It's important to do what God wants not what feel like doing. Satan gives us the feeling of not wanting to help but how do we know that the person with the problem wasn't Jesus in disguise? Or Him testing us? When you meet someone who is not a Christian do you befriend them or do you condemn them? How do you know if they ever even heard about Jesus yet? Why not teach them or even help them find the light? We need to help the unsaved. Do you know why? The pharisees asked Jesus why He was talking to a sinner, He told them that He was brought into this world to save the unrighteous not the already saved. How do you save the saved? What is there to gain if you only befriend the saved? How are you helping to do Gods will?

When I first became a Christian I thought it was weird to have friends that weren't Saved, but it's my job to try and help them. To get them to Jesus. On judgment day God will know I tried. Trying is better than not doing anything at all. So when you see someone has a problem or is not saved yet, lets help them because you never know who God has chosen to be part of our journey to heaven! When you get up in the morning please pray for those who are not saved and the ones who really need help before we pray for ourselves. Please don't be selfish for God has never been. Please don't be afraid to talk to a sinner or a person who has never heard of God before because Jesus Himself did. You are never alone with the job God has given you. He is always there to guide you through it. His Holy Spirit and righteousness dwells within you. His voice is inside of you. Let Him speak through you. We are all of God. We are made of His image. Let Him use us to save others. Pray for Him to help you. Wait for the time, it will come. "Don't be impatient for the Lord to act, travel steadily along His path" (Psalms 37:34)

I decided what the most important thing to me is. GOD! He is what I talk about, He is who I pray to, He has made me what I am. We cannot get into heaven by just saying "I love my Lord." We have to show it. "not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter unto the kingdom of heaven but that doeth the will of my father which is in heaven." (Matthew 7:21) Show it!! I try to help as many lost sheep as I can. I was once a lost sheep. We all were in different ways. Let God into our hearts, He will prosper through us. His voice be heard. God's will, be done. So, what's the most important thing to you?

Wolves in Sheep Clothing

Why is it more so that a poor man will enter the kingdom of heaven before a rich man? Why do you think Jesus said that? I have many idea's why Jesus said that. One sticks out more than the rest. A wealthy man believes he doesn't need anything but his money and he's set for life. What will become of this man when he loses his wealth? Will he take his own life because he doesn't know how to live without money? Or will he find God, for that is what he needs? I wouldn't know!

Our riches are not in this world, they will be found in the kingdom of heaven. I have been given a gift by my Lord God. Which is writing. People ask me why I don't publish my poems, I could be rich. People could really love me. Why do I want to use my gift from God to be wealthy? That isn't important. Doing God's will in my life is important. I don't believe that wealth will make me happy, I believe that it may make you happy until you realize that money is all you have and others are just using you for your money.

Every female singer started out so innocent, yet this world turned so many of them into something only satan loves. Brittany spears, Christina Agulara (or however it's spelled) Remember how they started? Now look at them there half naked. But that's what this world wants to see, Half naked chicks and half naked guys. How did it get to this? In Brady Bunch they were full clothed. Wearing turtle necks and pants. If they were wearing a skirt it went down to there knees. Now woman wear skirts that are almost as short as what they wear underneath the skirt. and shirts that barely cover there underwear. This is gross. Not to mention the thing ruining your Children's lives. What they see on t.v. they will destroy there mind.

Television is, I believe, the cause of behavior today. It is a tool of the devil to rot your mind and tell you how woman should look, their size, there face, their actions. Then television tells men what kind of woman they should have or there not "cool." What is cool? It's a Figment of your imagination to make you believe people are not equal. God made every man equal. Woman are under man. God stated that Himself. (Read Genesis to make sure if you'd like!) Us woman are under men. Which means men have authority over woman. When a man and woman get Married the man is the higher power. Back to the point, Be Aware of the things you love, because a lot if them are tools of satan to get us away from God.

You are what God has made you don't ever try to be what THEY want you to be. You are YOU because that's why you are here, God is your Father He will never forsake you, Remember other people will tell you you're not cool unless you......"Do this or that!" Let me tell you something to me, you're not cool unless you're flying in the sight of Thy Lord God. Do you really think starving yourself is what God wants? That's what the unsaved spirit wants. God wants you to be you, because that's what He made you. Don't let blind people lead you places, it will only get you lost.

Faith First!

I have a question..... If you were diagnosed with cancer and had only a year to live what would you do? Honestly here! Would you do all the things you never came around to doing? Sky diving, bungee jumping, dare devil acts? I mean seriously, Have you ever thought about it? Do you finally come around to asking God to forgive you and become a good person and live that year as a child of God? What if you did that and became a Christian and on the 321st day the doctor told you the cancer went away. Then what would you do? Rejoice for God has done yet another miracle in your life? Or do you go back to what you were? Just to wait for the cancer to return so you can go back and Love Him again? This is like what people do to God nowadays. We love Him when were happy, we get mad at Him When were down.

Why do we do this to God? When were happy we thank Him. When were down, we blame Him. When were happy were singing His praise. When were down we deny His word. I cant see how this theory works. I can say it over and over I just wont get it. Either you choose God as your life or you don't. You cant have it both ways. You cant just say "I'll go to God the day before I die" because you never know when you're gonna die. We never know when the end will come. We have to quit blaming God for the bad things that happen in our lives and start thanking Him for the good things He has already done.

Lets take Bob for example, Bob prays to God for money because he doesn't want to lose his house. "Lord, Lord, please get me a job I don't want to lose my house, please?" So God gets Bob a job, as a plumber, and Bob tells him "God why did you make me have such a crappy job, I'd rather live on the streets than have this job" Well then Bob gets fired and loses his house, then Bob prays to God and says, "Father why did you let me lose my job and now my house?" What is that? Where do we get off saying that to our Lord God? All Bob had to do is thank God for getting him a job and not complain.

Be happy with what God has done for you. Don't always want more than you already have. We are the ones who are never happy with what God gives us. We always want more. We don't always thank Him for what He does, but we don't hesitate to blame Him for what goes wrong. We are so rapped up in having a life like our neighbor has we don't think before we speak to God. We need to thank Him before we decide to doubt Him. Thomas doubted Jesus, and he felt the wounds in Jesus' hands. Do you have to feel the wounds before you believe too? Faith is believing without seeing. Do you have faith in thy Lord God?

Traveling Along the Paths We Go

Why do we sometimes stray from the paths we know are Holy? If we know there wrong, why cant we walk steadily? People think that the day they become a Christian life is suppose to be easy. Well it's not like that! When you become saved satan goes after you hard. He tries to make you believe that being a Child of God is worse than the life you led before. It's called Spiritual Warfare. A war between good and evil. Satan tries to get people to turn away from God. We must fight through it, be strong for God. It's difficult, believe me. I was there and I fought through the demons satan sent at me. I cries out to God every time they came. He helped me fight them off. He sent me a guardian angel or so this I believe.

At the end of satans wrath you will be happy forever more. We might stray from the paths we know are good, but with faith and prayer He will guide us back to where we belong. The paths we walk are not clear of evil, they are filled with satan trying to turn your heart away from God. If you had to make a choice of taking two different paths, one led to a wonderful happy place but had many snakes and other animals on the way to the wonderful place and the other path had no snakes nor animals but led to a place so bad you couldn't even imagine, which path would you take? The one that is easy now but hard forever? Or hard now and happiness and joy forever? What path will you follow to get to where you're going? Because there's only two. No shortcuts no other paths. We all have to choose the paths we wish to follow. I have chosen mine. What path will you go?

His Teachings

How could you do what you did to me, knowing it would take me to places you wouldn't be, How could you of treated me that way, knowing my happiness, it would take away, How was I not smarter and I didn't realize, all the pain and the tears that rolled from my eyes, were just a way to get me to where I am now, I have a list of why's and How's , but I don't need them, not even a bit how could I help people if I've never been through it I had to of gone through all of that to lead me here, So I forgive and thank you for every tear, for you were a pawn in this game we play, and it led me to God, happiness and where I am today!

Thank God

Why do we do things that we know is wrong? Then, why do we blame God for the things that go wrong? I just don't understand people, I mean you go and make a choice without talking to God about it, then when it goes all wrong you blame God. Loose faith. Why? I was once a lost sheep, in this world of sin. Most of us were. Doing things you couldn't imagine doing now. Now we say that was a stupid way to act. WAIT!!! Who gave us those thoughts? Who gave us the knowledge to know they were wrong/stupid? God did! Who had us do the wrong/stupid things in the first place? Satan!

The lives we lead are nothing compared to where we could go. Life is a war for our souls between Good and evil, who will win? I know my answer. I hope you know yours and I pray to God that they are the same one. I have led a long and difficult life thus far, I thank God for the gifts I've been given because it may not be money, cars, or all the things this sinful world craves But it's far better than that. He has given me a great family, gifts of helping other not just when I speak but with the ink of my pen as in writing poems, but even better my God almighty has given me... Love! Love of a graceful Father, and a great friend, one who will never trade me, betray me for something or even someone. So I choose God. As I know He has had help to choose me. So I, the lost sheep am now found.

I Praise His Name

I cry out to God when life gets to hard to bare, He takes my hand and lets me know He cares, I cry out to God when I need a friend, He gives me happiness and takes my hand, I cry out to God when a friend is in pain, He shows them Love and takes away the rain, I praise my God when I have no problems to bare, He knows I love Him, and will always care, I praise my God because I have such a wonderful friend and I thank Him for His gracious hand, I thank God for taking away all their pain, and showing them the way of knowing their not insane, I share His word of Love with all that I meet, to let them know that our Lord God will not be beat, I share this for all eyes to read, God will always be there in your time of need, I know His Love, I feel it every single day, it teaches me to live life the right way, I cry out, I praise, I know, and I also share, because I want all to know that He Is there.

His Tears

Why is it so hard to admit were Christians? If you were famous wouldn't you tell every soul? If it gets us in with "the crowd" we will do it without thinking. So why when we are ask what we believe in, why do we hide? Is it because were afraid to be an outcast? Only loving Him in silence. Can't you feel His tears? Can you imagine giving your child's life to save others from an eternity in Hell? Watching him/her get whipped and nailed to that cross? Doing it to save all of us and because how bad the world was. Then now, seeing how bad it has gotten... again! Can't you feel His tears? Watching your children doing drugs, getting pregnant at 12 or 13 yrs old? That's not even a teen yet. It brings tears to my eyes and I'm just a child of God. Can't you feel His tears? It makes me fall to my knees and thank Him for what He has done. For what He has done is far greater than any of us can do in our whole lives. I hear people say "I'm only human", what does that mean? Why say that? We go around with our Christian friends saying "Jesus rox" and "I love God" but when we are confronted by a nonbeliever, what will you say? Will you say "I live by the word of God" and spread His word with all that you meet? Or will you hide from what you know is real? If you hide from it, He sees you.

Can't you feel His tears roll down His face when you deny His word? In the story of Jesus He told Peter that he would deny Him 3 times before the cock crows, Peter told Jesus that he would never do that, yet he denied Him 3 times. Do you say the same thing Peter did? Do we all know what we will do, if ever confronted? Cassie, the young woman in the columbine shooting, she knew what she would do and she did it. She died because she stood up and declared the fact of herself loving Jesus Christ. Would you do the same? Or would you stay in your seat to scared to die? IF we are ashamed of Him, He will be ashamed of us. Saying is easier than doing. Cassie showed us what a real believer is. This doesn't mean we have to die because we love Jesus. It means that we must know that we would die for Him because He has died for all of us.

I Feel Your Love

I feel your spirit every time I speak, it makes me strong when I am weak, I feel your spirit in every step that I take, I know you forgive me when I make a mistake, But seeing this world go down in flames, the people within it should be ashamed, but there not, their to blinded to see, that is not what I ever want to be, been there, done that, aint going back, because Your love, I don't wanna lack, Your Love took me away from what I was, and brought me here, where I have a cause, so I do not love the world we live in. It's filled with nothing but sex and sin, Soon I will be home, with my family and friends, in heaven singing His love, holding hands, I will not be home, until satan is set to bed, where I can finally lie down and rest my head.

Guardian Angel

Why is it so hard for you to just realize, that I feel the tears when they come from your eyes I know you're down and I feel your pain, all these problems you have, drive you insane, you feel as if you cant take it no more, you just wanna open that final door, take you own life, and call it a day, how can you do this, knowing I'm here, do you think I wouldn't shed even a tear, it would break my heart to see you go, the way you feel is bad this I know, but for me to loose such a great friend, watching you slowly let go of my hand, hearing you say you wish you were dead, and for all of that, this has to be said, you are there when I need a smile, you make me laugh when it's been a while, I know you've been through quite a bit, but it would crush my heart to hear that you quit, all that you've done, and all that you've seen, but who is to blame, who's in between, do you blame God for what has happened, do you hear His songs that He has sent, He is there, don't give up, Pray to Him indeed, because God is the only thing that you need, when you feel like cutting, imagine all the fun we've had together, and imagine us in heaven together, forever and ever. Dedicated to Helena!


I wake up each day, and Thank God for his grace, I get up off my bed, not knowing what lies ahead, I pray to God to bless all who are down, to lead them towards heaven bound, I ask him to lead me down all the right paths, and to keep me from evil and satans wrath, I ask Him to forgive me for all the sins I've done, and He makes it as if I haven't committed even one, He cleaned my slay ,took them all away, I ask Him to help those in their hour of need, to give them strength, wisdom, and the ears to hear You speak, I know you're there not one doubt, for what You've done for me, that I will always shout, You saved me from hell in every single way, So now it's time for me to start another great God day!

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