Forsaken and Betaken

Chapter 26

by Catherine C. Straub

Forsaken and Betaken
Chapter 26

The Lord controls the mind of a king as easily as he directs the course of a stream.
— Proverbs 21:1

It seemed the story was coming to a climax with Aunt Flo's wise mind what the monster Mitchell Senior would plan for his back yard.

Emmy dreaming of her dog, Cherie, was in no shape to speak about what occurred when she stood outside the building at work waiting for her ride. She should have known; you could not trust the dark.

"Does that Mitchell have brothers? Flo whispered to Marcy. Tomorrow we have to peer over those papers. Definitely we see where my brother and wife are buried, at least, we can then put it to rest?"

Emmy exhausted – hit the pillow; out like a light. Thomas undressed and slid under the covers. Who were going to give the baby her two o'clock feeding?

He got out of bed, went to the refrigerator, and searched for an extra bottle? He found one. Now it was near one o'clock in the morning? He took it in the bedroom to set out for room temperature to feed little Mary, for once when she awoke. At six or later, Emmy had to manage?

After Emmy fed the baby the six o'clock feeding, she went to the kitchen. She spied Flo at the stove slaving away, like usual. "Good morning! How are you this new day, angel wings?"

"She hung her head. "That was a close call last night standing out doors waiting for Thomas, the Lord must have been with me.

"You have to pack your six gun with that place. When were you due today?"

"Three to eleven, we do other jobs for an hour? He is even willing to let me do some cooking? I have been practicing for the last two years?" She just wanted to go back, keep her eyes open.

"It also makes me wonder 'if our relatives are buried' behind the house. We have (in our possession) an old map with the information that explained to walk so many steps this way, and that, if not a treasure, why not bodies? I do need the cops to try the map, and see if anything could come of it for our missing relatives?"

"How do you 'feel about the whole matter' did you think they could be alive?" Emmy stared at her that was dangerous territory whether due to sorrow or reality she was unsure? She went through so many different stages ever since, she slept at Aunt Flo's that unpredicted night.

"When I was young, I knew they would come back for me. I never went as far (in my mind) about them being killed. I knew lately they were gone some way, they never deserved."

"We must find out – to give them a decent burial. Do you mind early today, if I call the cops? I have no idea how; I'm going to explain away the map in my possession." Emmy stood and put her arms around her Aunt Flo, loving the nearness, both consoling the other. Emmy only wished Aunt Flo felt more for Eugene even if he was heartless to Kieran.

If Thomas didn't work, Eugene and she were deciding their life soon. He was paroled from jail. He's now staying any place he could hole up with his many disguises. Emmy had just called what was going to transpire on this witch hunt. He intended being at that house of Mitchell's in disguise to console Emmy with her looser husband, she near regrets. She'd let him know when?

"Tell them when we were around him, the weirdo always said, he hunted for Treasures when he was young. He made a map, where he found his treasures and showed where he kept it."

"It sounds like the weirdo – a sadist? She heard Thomas, "did you sleep well?"

"I fed Mary at around two and you need more bottles on hand?" He yawned and turned for the bathroom. Emmy watched him. "He seems worn out from feeding her one time?"

"Men never have the stamina that women do, look at him?"

Thomas came in the kitchen – poured a coffee, and sat down at the table. He wondered what was up; they looked like they kept a secret. He loved it when he fed the little one. She almost looked like – she's smiling at him. He possessed an attractive female why take on sluts like his two old men. He had a female right here that attracted men with her stunning looks.

"We are seeing the cops searches Mitchell's back yard for graves as soon as we finish Breakfast? The sicko liked to brag in his sly way he had treasures in the backyard, said Flo. We might as well go to the police station; the question is should I take the map back there to the house, first?"

Thomas peered at her musing. "I'd say it's safer to find a niche close by and let them find it. Are your fingerprints on it?"

"I was careful, in case, we take it back with the key?"

"Nobody will knows, you have a key, said Thomas. We'll find a place to hide it? Emmy is the next owner, but we cannot yet tell, can we? He glanced around curiously at both? At the fatal Halloween party, we were there, and so were Joyce and Beth?"

"What was the big secret? Was it because the cops came around, sent by Mitchell to frame us? I wonder if those two heard anything, with all their secrets. I never knew the two to be close until lately, aiding church monetary events? Let us get ready to go. Gives a call to the nurse, Marcy will want to come."

The elected middle age Chief of Police sat patiently listened to the supposition tale told of the woman's relatives being buried in the back yard of (the past cop) Mitchell's house. The perverse way he spoke about treasure hunting in his younger days when he was around? He decided to humor them and went to acquire the file.

She prayed, she convinced the skeptical policeman about the tale, she's stating. She knew his diabolical mind and whom he'd harm; that crossed him or got close to finding him out. The Chief scanned the folder of the crooked cop case? "Wait just a minute, and three officers, and a digging outfit will have to be contacted and this map should be in the house? Emmy sat like second skin near Flo; her arm around her, and the cop noticed it?

"Don't worry young one, matters will work out?"

"We're ready to travel there so are you two, all set?" They nodded, as they stood to leave. Emmy felt peculiar after these years – seeing what the monster did. Thomas ignored her, didn't he realize the monstrous deed here – stop looking around like it was her possession. Could you ever count on kids coming from a divorced family, how they'd treat a wife?

Flo did not offer her key to open the door of the house, but in a minute, they were inside. They found the edge of the old map. They reclined at the table peering over it? She breathed a sigh of relief... they were not suspicious of her...

"Okay, the chief murmured, we know where to dig, now is there a phone here? Who is paying the bills here?" Flo pointed to the other room, good question? She went out the door to see if there was a mailbox, or holder attached to the house, and found none. Do not tell me, she thought angrily, if he had more illegitimate children. Did he kill all the parents of the kids, (if any) asked him for support?

"Officer, she said as he hung up the phone? That Insurance man, Ness lived here. I assume he was one of his illegitimate kids, but his parents could be alive? There is no mailbox or holder here? He has to have a post office box."

"We will check later. I have to go outside with the diggers." Flo watched them dig for a short hour with no success?

"Nobody is finding any bodies, and they are almost done for the day. If you have any ideas go tell them?" The only freckle faced, redheaded officer, said?

Flo saw the back yard – looking like a dug up area for a new house. She thought to herself – saying a prayer – where would that rascal bury them, they didn't dig? She thought for a minute, he was a Serial killer, so he could visit with his victims. That is what she heard, they like it in their bizarre way.

"Over by the fence, closest to the other fence," Flo yelled. They went to work digging. Emmy watched – hoping it's soon over... Eugene stood near by.

"Something is here, but it is not on the map, the digger told them? It looks like a large pine box?" Emmy nearly swooned, and Thomas grabbed her, temporarily, something else interested him. She glared at him, the lout! She gave her life to him.

"Don't worry, dear, they left this earth anyway, before he killed them? Eugene whispered, clad in an officer outfit neared. He embraced her holding her tight, freedom for them soon. What has his beautiful Ms. and mother gone through nearly molested at Vern's Place, the last evening? It looked like; she married a temporary neighbor kid, he knew.

"I CAN'T LOOK THERE." She hid her head in his arm. Eugene moved away with her, into the house. She stood by a window inside – his arm around her protecting her. She saw the end of a coffin.

In five minutes, they lifted the wood casket. They gawked at the bones of a couple with wedding rings on. They appeared broader built than her relatives. Flo asked them to dig next to it, along the two fences? She hoped; she was right.

All day they unearthed bodies of men and women in caskets. The police had a job on their hands about when the bodies were first buried there, and who they were. Flo mentioned her idea to the chief if possibly they could be parents of one of his kids. The chief nodded, to her suggestion; stunned a chief of police could be a monster. They did suspect him of crookedness due to running the office at that period. They finally found their relatives near the side fence adjacent to the house. Flo and Marcy stood frozen in time, holding her hand over her mouth, as they opened the casket. Moreover, amazingly, she could recognize them holding one another. Emmy approached and peeked, and wept in Eugene's shoulder with him considering her parents his. Flo eyed the man by Emmy, he seemed vaguely familiar. It must be the light, she told herself.

"My dad and mom, at last, we can bury them apart. They held each other even unto death. "I hate the idea that the physic Mitchell probably sired me; he always hinted, as a joke, when Mitchell (the murdered chief) was not around? I never knew what he was imitating."

She glanced into Eugene's eyes – he holding her searching eyes filled with tears. She pulled a hankie out of her skirt, and blotted her face.

"This horror scene was finally over. They must have died that same night, and buried with others. Or did all of them die, after he married or prior, would they ever know?" Thomas was on a call to the post office for the cops. His outside interests were more important than her. Drat why did he do this to her? She felt like going for an annulment to remarry. Anyway, she wanted Eugene long before Mitchell or Thomas.

Emmy knew – Eugene was hers to leave with or stay around in disguise. She needed him to side with about the house, in case of older illegitimate kids above her age for ownership? She wanted to get rid of this house of horrors. Eugene loved the secret freedom of holding her so much that day, he would always think of protecting her. Emmy was a tough strong girl. She had a weak spot her parents, beloved Aunt Flo and Eugene? Emmy had to leave at two thirty and Eugene would see her at work. Say her dumb nitwit husband drove her, she'd soon be his. He bet in a month, she could get divorced and remarried.

Thomas took her to the job, which he wished was switched if she had to pack a gun for protection. "Try to be careful, and don't flirt." Who was he; she idled.

She opened her door, got out, and turned. "Must you go back to that house?"

"Aunt Flo and Mom are still there at the grave site? It is a shock their murders. They think Mitchell Junior, and his wife, were also murdered statistics by him. He resumed his seat, and drove back to the haunted house. He parked in view of his mother and Flo? "Here comes Thomas back."

Hidden by the lounge...Eugene stared at Thomas, who she was cajoled to wed; he'd dropped her off at work. He looked like a youngster, as always? She needed a man. He beat them here (in a pal's car) and was ready to go in the lounge and protect her. He'd changed the officer's outfit. It looked like that Thomas used her to further his out door activities, a product from a divorced family. He'd heard of his dad Earl, who his mother divorced. At he had a true monster as a dad. He had tried his best with Kieran to leave Emmy alone during those years, and he come to hate the favorite. Now with his release, he'd never reveal himself to his mother. If she heard so what could she do? He was curious if she'd hear from any prosecuting attorney.


"Marcy – why don't you take the car and pick up cheeseburgers and a coke for us. Thomas likes them too, she questioned him? He nodded. I have to let them know the funeral home to take the bodies to. I'll have a Mass said and proper burial. I have to call my brothers about this horror? Thomas goes help your mother, and if you want French fries?" He smiled in anticipation! Marcy felt her stomach growling, as she walked with him to Flo's car?

By early in the afternoon, they could leave. Flo's brother, wife, and Emmy's parents were sent to a funeral home. Ten more sets of bodies needed places to be stored, to identify them? The Chief of Police considered this women's suggestion the bodies (alive once) might have asked Mitchell Senior for financial support.

Her brothers were shocked about all the murders... They responded that evening they would be over. Kieran (sowed his wild oats) brought his wife, members of a church group. When she reached home, the phone was ringing...

"Flo, said Chad, I just heard the horrible news on the radio. I called to give you my sympathy finding the relative's location, and tell Emmy the same. You are in my thoughts?"

"Thanks you! I will relay your sympathy to the relatives tonight. They should be over after dinner? Come over if you can get off?" Why gab too long, she had work to do. Flo stood, "I have to labor on dinner, help me and we can talk matters over since the relatives will be here at six o'clock? I think Emmy will miss them getting off so late.

Eugene entered the "Last Dance" (he termed the place) and sat in her section, as she served him, smiling broadly at him? When she had time off soon after, she took his hand and grabbed her coat. They intended a walk – together with her break.

The next day Eugene called Emmy, he'd checked into law matters and explained: she gets their kids. He'd see her later, or at work, might be better. "Yes. Come to work. I still live at the house, with Aunt Flo." "Go for it Eugene, so you and I'll be together without guilt. It should be over in a month." She was so happy on her way to see Eugene later at work. She had to convince her Aunt Flo not of Eugene's name, but his alias Cam O'Donnell. Say she recognized him; she might have to tell the results of their paternity that made two more grandchildren. What was the worst scenario?

Back to now: Flo and the rest dined on roasted chicken and the trimmings.

They finished in plenty of time before the relatives herded in the door. Kieran and his cute perky pregnant wife arrived. "I, Emmy and Thomas will never forget the atrocity of the whole matter. I'm trying to have a funeral set up in a day, but we might have to wait?"

"You usually don't get a funeral scheduled that fast Sis. You know what I mean," Jack told her meaning it, and feeling comfortable. He had helped her from the time, when they were kids.

"It seems – so fitting today to bury them separate. They were together in a pine box!" The relatives asked for a drink – as she spoke. Marcy lifted glasses down. Chad came in and shook hands with everyone.

"The police knew Mitchell was a Chief at one time.... They idled when he started his killing spree with couples. Or did he just put singles together? All of them did not have a wedding ring on? Also it seems the police think the illegitimate son killed Mitchell Senior to gain the house and sick of his dad using him. They found his diary.

Chad saw all the family other than the wives growing up at the holidays. He had enjoyed that time not aware of the reasoning for a physician family to gather with an accountant one?

Later Emmy whispered to Flo what she could not do anymore. In a month, she would be marrying Cam Donnell, alias Eugene and not much older. Of course he's not from a divorced home. The church said they would go through with it; the annulment takes up to two years. It finally dawned on Flo what happened, she said, "Go for it!" She would soothe Marcy if she had to for now, or keep it secret.

Flo had spoken to the new chief, and after days called her, who killed this Stanley brother. His brother Landry was figured, he raped Emmy; they found notes of his wrath in the apartment. The case of the drug group was still being investigated. Nobody knew of Eugene's wrath and connections, but Emmy. She felt somehow Eugene did it after all; he soothed her. He saw his Mary right in Emmy's room. From that night on when she split from her young neighbor (turned into young husband) she was calling Eugene to plan their marriage.

Flo never recognized her jailbird son and he'd never tell at their private wedding just the two of them.

Flo found the next day her labor began and it was just like years ago having her first born, as the day went on. She was joyful to give birth to a boy and girl. The next week Marcy found she birthed a boy joyful to make up for Carl.

Flo felt down when Emmy now married confessed that the children were all Eugene's and he had tests to prove it. She never knew he got paroled, but somehow forgave him his wicked deed on Kieran – the way he treated her niece. She found out when Flo confronted Eugene, and he confessed he always wanted to protect Emmy and Kieran became too much.

Weeks later, Flo yawned as ten o'clock came around; days had passed since the relatives left the house after that horrific day. They'd said; we live in the vicinity for the Funeral Mass. Flo climbed the steps wearily, pushed open her door, and sat on the bed thinking, before she lie down in bed, and fell into a deep sleep content with life.

During the night, she awoke next to her husband Chad (aware she birthed a boy and girl twin now a month old.) Jack told her their grandmother on the mother's side was one. She had just had the weirdest dream that Chad separated and he moved to an apartment. The trouble started right after the repulsive Halloween party. Chad abhorred the crime, and they used his boat without his permission away hunting.

More to the effect, Marcy's husband, Peter acting the pervert out on New Years Eve and raped his wife. Marcy had divorced him, which was a ludicrous lie.

Emmy did break off with Thomas (a known victim of divorce) and married her other son, Eugene and that made her grandmother of two more and one coming. Eugene avowed to protect her all his life.

Thomas lived at home with Marcy. He spends his life out playing pinball, sport or working. He never wanted a woman in his life. In his mind, he recalled Emmy, a young friend, and the way she wrinkled her nose bossing him around in their young years growing up. He just about hurled everything in his room when he found out the kids were Eugene's. Marcy was irked with Emmy's act too, but in time understood how she fell for him... He privately took her side with Kieran giving her a hard time growing up.

The Lord answered her prayers for her two jailbird girls; they resolved to turn to the Lord to rule their lives. Joyce became an aid at church with Aunt Gen.

Flo so happy, she experienced a nightmare about their separation. Nobody would feel; she or he separates from her childhood friend Flo or Chad. Marcy would not divorce Peter or, turned into a sadist. She fell back asleep with a smile on her face, no weird dreams tonight. Thank You Lord, Amen!

The End

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