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by Catherine C. Straub

Chapter 7


by Catherine C. Straub

Chapter 7

His words were softer than oil, yet they were drawn swords.
— Psalms 55:21

The crowd cheered — clapping their hands loudly as the Matador battled the bull ready to kill.

At the hospital tension reigned — Flo and Marcy sat near the nurse’s station, praying, making stops to ask the nurse information on Joyce’s condition? They realized they caught her, barely by a hair, by pumping her stomach, the physician stated. Flo frantic, a neighbor for a husband, was she nuts. She needed to say a rosary soon with this mess.

“Why did Thomas have to be so harsh?” Flo stared at her… Did she get caught up with the moment? Matters of fact, the kids are lousy we’re friends.”

“How would you like it, if a neighbor you weren’t attracted to… pester you?”

“Joyce was out of control — doing her own thing. I completely forgot my two girls in jail? Here we are with a crooked prescient.” How did Beth become like Janice adds Grace?”

“Okay I knows how you feel. It’s odd — and what can you do with her? The other two are still in jail?”

They watched the doctor approach? “She is out of the woods, but she will need follow up treatment? You can see her, but just listen to her and that is all.”

“Thank You! Doctor Wren. We will be careful.” They picked up their bags and slowly strolled to her room, and peeked in? Flo stood in front of her bed, because she could not hold her hand.

“Hi Mom, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to live?” She appeared pitiful, Flo thought… She should be sunning herself in Miami… instead she said prayers.

Marcy held her hand. “Any one can feel like that, at times?” She made light over a suicide try. Why was, she saying idle words, she needed prayer…

“I attempted it — and if nobody would have checked, I would be gone like I sought after?” Personally, she didn’t care at the time.

“You need professional help — ‘getting so attached,’ and not letting up when a man or woman shows no interest?”

“That is not true, ‘yesterday,’ he winked at me. Why did he do that? I know he is a danger to me now. I really have — no feelings for him.”

“We have to go — you need rest and for heavens sake, be good.” Flo grabbed Marcy’s hand. They hurried away — like the hounds were after them.

“She is not telling the truth, how long, she harbored feelings there? I don’t believe her; he never reciprocated during the years even if once, he acted kind.”

“Let’s go back to the Morrison’s house?” Flo slid into the drivers seat and moved out on the highway? She was ready for anything, but a mental ward.

“Don’t tell me that blue car is following us again? Can you see who it is?”

“No. It must be someone spying on us, where we go? That seems obvious and maybe this car was following us yesterday.” Both wondered, one suicide attempt, and what next. His dad actually never seemed upset his son was gone. Nobody came around to visit in there dire time. They pulled in and noticed three other cars parked in the driveway, and off the paved driveway.

“More commotion than before,” Marcy muttered, as they went inside the kitchen door. Flo rushed to Mitchell, and whispered about the same car? What was it? She’s on guard; he’s more interested in her close presence? What a jerk a married man!

His wife introduced their shocked saddened daughters, Nell, the eldest with red hair done in a coiffure style — her figure so picture perfect — stared curiously? Noel came next with long black curly hair, a bit chubbier than her older sister. If nothing else, she smiled brightly. Olive was lanky slim with short brown hair and a sassy grin and handshake. “We are so sorry for your loss. The two of us like to kid one another and why me, she sniffled. I’m still in shock about it!”

Olive hesitated for only a minute… stunned. “He might as well be alive the three car accident didn’t even make the front page.” She still was staggered, he was such an alive man… not killed in an accident, she wept, their only brother.

“It makes you consider — it weren’t an accident, but that car could have done what? Something was not right it sounded like his life was forfeit.”

Gilda listened to them, “I’ll kill anyone that murdered my boy.”

Emmy and the two others stayed in the background. “How is your daughter, Aunt Flo?” Both Thomas and she were concerned why she would go to such an extreme over a neighbor.

“She requires psychiatric help. Maybe she will receive aid today? Her mind is off?” Thomas felt relieved; they didn’t mention him. Why would she… other than a stupid wink? Beth sighed — wishing someone cared for her. Hank was not her kind, and her type just walked in the door (in the form of) Kieran. His eyes found hers — edging through the crowd toward her, Flo watched, oh, no!

Marcy followed her eyes… and hated what she saw. “What are parents for, I’d like to know,” she murmured to Flo. Flo sensed her meaning, to leave and forget this day. His father sat around — no mourning attitude, he sure was an odd bird?

“I would like the answer too? Let’s eat some food, we need enjoyment.”

Carl entered the kitchen, peering around the room. He viewed Beth talking to Kieran, and they moved out of sight. What was up there now, she sure knew how to act insolent? “How have you been, Carl,” Emmy portioned out different food? The more he thought; he didn’t want a neighbor. In not long, Emmy sat “If you want to get back at Kieran, I’ll help. She said ignorantly… not knowing Carl well?

He went out the door, backtracked, took the steps by two, pulled a gun out of his pocket, fit a silencer on the end, and opened the door. His cunning eyes, viewed Kieran and Beth in a promiscuous position. He fired toward his back. Quickly, he wiped the gun, placed it on the floor, and shoved it over.

Beth screamed with the blood, and his inert form falling on her. She noticed the gun lying a few inches away, picking it up — dropped it like a hot iron… and hurried down the steps to get aid.

At Beth’s urgent motioning — the women took the steps, “Now what?” They hurried upstairs. In seconds they, heard knocking on their door, and the police burst inside, taking the steps by two, and arrested Beth. A cop bagged the gun, and called an ambulance for the man on the bed? Stunned, Marcy watched the police arrest her, “reading the rights.”

Beth shrieked… “I did not do it! Please help me!”

“Kieran, ‘Hold on darling.’ Don’t die on me!” Flo begged as the ambulance men came in the room. Flo and Marcy raced after them grabbing their bags? Why did they ever come to this horror place? Gilda seemed upset loosing her son. It must hold more secrets, to make your hair stand up, she bet.

They hurried down the stairway. Thomas and Emmy walked over to the stairwell? “What happened,” they caught Flo’s arm?” They could tell Kieran appeared white or near dead and they, certainly hoped not just idle words.

“Beth was arrested for shooting Kieran. The cops have taken her away — and we are going to the hospital with Kieran. Are you coming along or not?” Thomas and Emmy were skeptical about the crime. They bet Carl backtracked and did the thing. Emmy blamed herself for her foolish talk to his kin.

“Okay. We’ll get a cab at the hospital?”

They’d said good bye and the parent chuckled, “such an active day.” Flo and Marcy sobbing hastened out the door.

“I don’t believe… she shot him — what can we do?” Marcy asserted. The women turned to each other thinking? Emmy and Thomas neared them.

“You can believe the prosecutor will dig up anything to convict her, said Flo I’ve a good idea, he will win, unless Kieran awakes, and tells what happened. How could she shoot him in the back? Somebody framed her good and solid.”

“Yes? How could she reach around far enough to shoot him?” Marcy idled.

“I’d bet, he never felt a gun, and we didn’t hear a shot, said Flo. Too much clamor in that house?”

Marcy was stunned. “Carl was never close to Beth — what a hilarious laugh?

That house must be haunted.”

“These kids are all nonsense. In a minute, I’m ‘going to the Caribbean,’ and staying there? You hear me Marcy!”

“I second it Flo. We’re just ‘not cut out’ for all their faults. We’re aware who taught horrible ideas… it wasn’t us.” Their mind revolved around the unsympathetic men, they wed. “Let’s dream of an area to pray and sit — near by, where he’s being operated on?” “Think of Mitchell’s, the second crime incident in that house today, said Flo. He sure never showed any sorrow.”

“What’s that supposed to mean another house — would be more sacred, said Marcy?” “I wish — Aunt Gen stayed around, but she said she must leave. Later send her back, if it was safe. It looks like; she escaped? Remember, she had a bad feeling about her, and high tailed it out of town.”

“Here we again are ‘on our way’ to the hospital. Why did that dork daughter try to do herself in? The next thing: she’ll take you and Thomas to court.”

“There is ‘no court case’ with Thomas. He did not owe her anything?” Marcy stuck up for her son, sick of the whole business. He had to be jealous of Kieran’s popularity with women for years, to actually shoot him.”

“I might departs this neighborhood? Who’d want to stay?” Thomas said.

Marcy heard — unaware they’re in the backseat. They were upset with four family incidents in two weeks other than Mitchell’s death.

Inside the hospital, “Let’s catch up, they are ‘nearing’ to enter the lift.”

“Let us in? I hope they can save him. Something has to work for us? Pray?”

The kids inched inside… “Here is the floor, said Flo, let’s check where he is?”

“Could you tells us… where they took Kieran Steward.” They stared at the white clad nurses — feeling low. Flo and Marcy desperately needed a vacation? No kidding! Neither woman could count on the late men for any cash support.

At the desk they heard: “He is in surgery, and should be out in ten minutes?

Take a seat. We will soon let you know the results?” They went back to the seats filled with tension, and concern for Kieran. Two men from that vicinity got back. What was Carl’s and Eugene’s Beef? Did Kieran steal their woman?

“Hey teens… go get us a drink at the cafeteria? Here’s a five, get a treat.

At the hospital a familiar handsome surgeon approached Flo. She was stunned; he’s her old acquaintance. “Your boy is ‘out of the woods’ by ‘the skin of his teeth.’ The bullet just missed his vital vertebrae.” He took Flo’s arm and walked a short distance, relaxing her. “This has been a day out of a book of fables, and you need respite. Tomorrow will be time to see him. Your daughter is resting, and she saw the mind doctor, as kids say?” He gazed at her — it had been years — the last time they saw the other. She more beautiful then he recalled, growing up.

“I will ‘talk later’ Flo.” He helped her up, and Marcy wondered; if he’d embrace her. He knew the family for years, before he became a doctor. He always had a cute smile.

“Chad, you are a wonder from heaven,” she embraced him.

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