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How to Not Fear Satans
A Guide Book For The Coward

by Maria Angelia Sherley Chandra


Preface – The Assignment
Chapter I: Fighting against satans

I.a. About satan

I.b. A discernment

I.c. My testimonies

I.c.1. Disturbed by satans

I.c.2. From a coward to a chopper

Chapter II: How to not to be afraid of satans
Closing Remark


Reproduction of content of this book is allowed


I dedicate this book to my only God, the owner of Heaven, earth and hell, the Lord Jesus Christ, who gives me the courage to write this book and whom I always love all my life.

Preface – The Assignment

Today is 15th of March 2013, the day when I thought I am supposed to die.But, I am moved by pity to write this book for you.

Chapter I: Fighting against satans

I.a. About satan

Are you afraid of satan?

If the answer is yes, you are not alone.Many people are so afraid of satan that they do not dare to walk alone in the dark, do not dare to stay at home alone, do not dare to sleep alone, even do not dare to walk across the cemetery alone at night.

Before we talk further about satan, it would be better if we equalize our perception about the satan first.

What is satan?Have you seen satan ever in your life?

Satans which I refer in this book are evil spirits adjutants of Lucifer, the king of satans, both visible and invisible.

The visible satans could be seen with our bare eyes because they exist in the form of ordinary human beings.But, as they partner in agreement with satan in their lives on earth, they become adopted as children or subordinates of satan by Lucifer.These visible satans may live next to us and pretend to be kind to us, while they are actually vigorously eager to recruit people to be their brothers, sisters or subordinates.They want to recruit as many adjutants as possible, whom they think would fight against God at the end of age.It is as if they do not know that there will be no more war as the Bible says (Revelation 20:10).

The invisible satans, to a few people who can see, exist in the form of ghost spirits like genie, kuntilanak – long-haired female ghost dressed in a dim white costume, and many others.

I.b. A discernment

Discernment or Holy Spirit gift of differencing spirits is an act of determining whether a spirit is from God or from satan.

For years, I had conducted it in many ways as I am afraid of being bullied by satans.

One of the many ways is by asking Holy Spirit in my heart.I had asked Holy Spirit for so many times whether a voice was the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, angels, holy people or human spirits and whether an appearance is the appearance of the Lord Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, angels, holy people or human spirits.

Another way of discernment is by depending on my own judgment based on my experience. From my over ten year experience in the world of spirits, I learn that the invisible satans can change their forms so as to bully us that we may see them as the Lord Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, angels, holy people, or human spirits.However, these satans have never been able to masquerade perfectly.It is because that they do not really know what the Lord Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, angels, holy people, or human spirits look like because they were not able to see the faces of the Lord Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, angels, holy people, or human spirits.Another reason is that the satans have such limited capability that causes some weaknesses to their appearances.One of which is that there is often no light surrounding the satans’ forms. When they masquerade as God, Mother Mary, angels or holy people, they often use light.But, if there is light, the light surrounding their forms is not as shiny as the light surrounding God’s, Mother Mary’s, angels’, or holy people’s forms.In terms of light, the satans could not at all imitate the soft colorful rays of God, Mother Mary, angels or holy people. Furthermore, the satans’ body smells like rotten meat although they can manipulate the smell of their bodies to be fragrant.Fortunately, the fragrance cannot be compared with the fragrance from Heaven, i.e. the fragrance which cannot be found on earth. Furthermore, the satans’ body temperature is as cold as the temperature in a freezer.But, when they masquerade as God, Mother Mary, angels or holy people, they usually manipulate the temperature of their bodies to become hot.In Revelation 13:13, we learn that satan can cause fire to come down from Heaven to earth in full view of men.Satan can create heat.Nevertheless, the heat created by satan is much less intense than the heat from Heaven.

Unfortunately, satans could masquerade perfectly as human spirits or the spirits of dead people.Why?It is because a person, whether he or she is a Christian or a non-Christian, is usually followed by satans who has observed his or her habits during his or her life. Different from the non-Christian who has been followed by satans only, the Christian – although he or she has been followed by satans - has also usually been protected by one or more angels from Heaven.Besides, there is both no light and no smell surrounding the human spirits.

The human spirits cannot be categorized as satans if they are not subordinates of Lucifer.These spirits, if not owned by Lucifer, after their death, they would not wander aimlessly on earth.Instead, they would go to either Heaven or Hell, depending on their deeds while still living on earth.But, if the spirits of dead people are owned by Lucifer, they would become satans, and after their death they would normally be picked up by satan to the satan’s world named as magic city or be delegated by satan to mislead and disturb people on earth.Perhaps, not many people know that these satans can be thrown by archangels to Hell after their death immediately.

Satans can manipulate their voices to be like the voices of God, Mother Mary, angels, holy people or human beings. But, there is apparent difference between the voices of satans and the voices of God, Mother Mary, angels, holy people or human beings as satans could not remember the voices from Heaven.

I had also done discernment by feeling with my gestures. In term of gesture, God told me that satans have no tears, and when the satans laugh, their bellies do not shake naturally.

Holy Spirit said that so far most people, who claimed to have seen or heard the Lord Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, angels, holy people, or human spirits have been bullied by satans who have masqueraded.In 2 Corinthians 11:14 St. Paul writes that satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.By begging for the help from Holy Spirit, let us be as shrewed as snakes and as innocent as doves (Matthew 10:16) in facing the deceitfulness of satan.

But, Holy Spirit later told me that discernment is misled.Why? Because we all may know that Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God Himself.It is as if we are attempting God’s Spirit while at the same time are testing God’s patience.To me, discernment may discomfort God as well as may show impoliteness in His presence.

Father, please forgive my sin....Holy Spirit, please forgive my sin....

I.c. My testimonies

I.c.1. Disturbed by satans

One morning while sweeping the floor, I could hear some people talking.I thought my neighbors were talking.So, I ignored that and continued to sweep the floor.It was around the month of November 2002.I had wondered why I could hear my neighbors’ voices all the time.I felt I was being affected by a black-magic practice.So, I went to a white-magic practitioner who told me that I got affected by a kind of black magic practice, ordered by my neighbors.While looking at a flower’s calyx, she said that they sent some satans to make me crazy.She also mentioned that they were jealous with me.I did not know why they were jealous with me.I did not even know them.The white-magic practitioner, then, gave me some salt which had been prayed by her.She told me to cook the salt and pour it in front of my neighbors’ houses.She said that the salt would make the black-magic practitioner stop ‘playing me’.In addition to the salt, she also gave me some written prayers to be raised three times a day for 40 days. But, they had never worked although I had prayed for more than 40 days.Things had gotten worse.I could not eat well.I could not sleep at all.I could not concentrate on whatever I did.I felt that the whole of my body was stuck by nails.I felt like dying.So, I went to some other white-magic practitioners, all of whom had never given me any remedy.

About the beginning of July 2006, I attended an Anglican Eucharist in order to meet a famous Bethel pastor, who then becomes an expert in occultism (defined as supernatural beliefs and practices that actually originates from satan).I wanted to meet him because I wanted to get his confirmation on whether a black-magic practice had affected me.But, I had not gotten any chance to talk to him on that day. Even so, there was a pastoral service after the ceremony.A pastor gave me some blessed olive oil.He suggested that the oil should be splashed on my bedroom’s doorframe so that wicked spirits could not enter my bedroom.

On the next day, I had a chance to meet him because he conducted a seminar on occultism.He immediately told me that I had been affected by voodoo.From him, I learn how to fight against voodoo in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

There was another pastoral service after the seminar.Through a woman blessed in Holy Spirit, the Lord Jesus Christ told me that He is my God.It is the first time that the Lord Jesus Christ talked to me.I was very happy, and I wished to go to such pastoral service again and again until I could hear the voices of the Lord Jesus Christ myself.

One day, I really chopped off Lucifer’s head using the sword that the Lord Jesus Christ has given to me.I did not realize that he hates me so much that on the following days, all types of satans, the subordinates of Lucifer, came to my bedroom, trying to kill me.At first, I was using my cunningness to protect my own life although I later found out that the Lord Jesus Christ has always been watching me from Heaven.

One day, I could hear an angel saying “Islam is misled…, Islam is misled….”The words were repeated so many times that they are still on my mind until today.I wondered whether Mohammed, the Islam prophet, went to Heaven if Islam is misled.On the next day when I was trying to sleep at night, a dark greenish fat figure in faded white dress with dim white cloth covering his head came approaching me. There was a no light surrounding his form, and his body smelled very rotten like the smell of rotten meat.He stared at me and tried to chop off my head with his rusty sword.His sword could not chop off my head;Nevertheless, the sword was broken.When he tried to attack me again, I uttered, “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, this satan will be bombed with the bomb from Heaven.”I believed that only satan could be adversely affected by the bomb from Heaven.Angels could not be harmed by any weapon. While thinking of this, the satan exploded in front of me.His body was shattered to pieces;Only his head was left.Holy Spirit let me know that he is the Islam prophet, Mohammed.He is a satan.The Lord Jesus Christ further let me know that Lucifer offered him some wealth and man honor as long as he wanted to be a false prophet and spread the Islam teachings originated from the king of satan.

My heart was questioning on whether Buddhism, Hinduism and any other religions were also misled.The next days, I was visited by the Buddhists’ idols Siddharta Gautama, which has been known as Buddha, and Kwan Im as well as the Taoists’ idols Lao-Tse and Chi Kung.Buddha’s and Kwan Im’s appearances were just like what could be seen from their figurines in Buddhists’ temples.Buddha was wearing dim yellow cloth, and Kwan Im was dressed in a dim white costume with green pandanus leaves in her hand.Lao-Tse’s and Chi Kung’s appearance was also like what could be seen from their figurines in Taoists’ temples.Lao-Tse was wearing a dim white outfit, and Chi Kung was wearing a dim grey monk outfit with a big bamboo fan in his hand.But, all of them had no light surrounding their forms.Their bodies’ temperature was as cold as the freezer temperature, and I could smell a rotten meat odor from their bodies.They are satans.God told me that they became satans as they accepted Lucifer’s offer as idols.In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I expelled the satans.

When I was sitting on my desk one evening, I was also visited by the Hindus’ idols Vishnu and Shiva.Their appearances are just like what could be seen from their figurines in Hindus’ temples.Vishnu came in the form of ox, and Shiva had four hands.There was no light surrounding their forms, and their bodies’ temperature was also as cold as the freezer temperature.Another Hindu’s idol Brahma visited me while I was trying to take a rest one evening in October 2008.His appearance was just like what could be seen from his figurines in Hindus’ temples;He appeared with his six hands.His body was very stink like the smell of rotten meat, and his body temperature was as cold as the freezer temperature.Holy Spirit let me know that all of these idols are satans.So, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I expelled these satans.

One night in January 2009, I was visited by the Persian prophet Zarathustra.He appeared in front of me in his red costume.There was no light surrounding his form, and his body temperature was as cold as the freezer temperature. He became a satan as soon as he accepted Lucifer’s offer as a false prophet with some wealth and man honor.In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I expelled this satan.

Other satan who came to attack me is Nyi Roro Kidul, who has been worshipped in Indonesia as the queen of the South Sea.She has been described by many Indonesians as a beautiful female figure who was always dressed in a dark green outfit.She asked me whether she was pretty.But, I could see her real form.I could see her not in the form of a beautiful female figure.I saw her in the form of a grandma ghost with her scary old wrinkled greenish face.She does not have a black long hair as many Indonesians described;She has a grey short curly hair.She was wearing her dark green costume, and her body smelled very fishy like the smell of rotten raw fish.I just knew that she is a satan at that moment.Holy Spirit let me know that she is one of Lucifer’s wives.In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I also expelled this satan.

Dewi Sri is also another satan who had tried to kill me. Holy Spirit told me that just like other satans, Dewi Sri had tried to kill me because in addition to Lucifer’s order, I am also a prophetess.This satan had been worshiped by many Indonesian farmers as the idol of rice plant.She is also one of Lucifer’s wives.When she came into my study room one night, she was wearing a yellow egg color outfit.There was an odor of rotten meat when she came approaching me.Her body’s temperature was also as cold as the temperature in a freezer.This satan was also expelled in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Once, I was visited by another form of satan:a big long python spirit, approximately 30 centimeter in diameter and more than 3 meter in length.I could feel this satan moving under my body when I was lying on my bed at night.So, I immediately snapped the satan’s body off into two with my bare hands.Suddenly, another satans in the forms of large tarantula spirits and giant scorpion spirits appeared.I could feel these satans crawling on my feet.I did not feel scared because I believe in God’s power.In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I bombed those creatures and expelled them.

From my experience of being visited by so many satans, I learn that satans are cunning creatures.Lucifer has been creating many misled religions in the world, which may teach some good deeds, so that we have a thought that they may come from God.That satan wanted to claim that the misled religions believers are his followers.That is why a misled religion believer who wants to convert the religion to the Christianity needs to be ‘released’ from the satans who have been following him.Satans’ deceitfulness is also mentioned in 2 Corinthians 11:14:“And no wonder, for satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.”Here, I found out that satans like to listen to God’s children’s conversation on the Bible verses.When they masquerade as angels of light, they may mention one of the verses so that God’s children may presume them as angels.

Satans are also poor.Unlike what many people think, Lucifer does not own the hell.The Lord Jesus Christ owns the hell besides Heaven and earth.Lucifer does not own anything except the satans’ cities that he underneath the earth.His palace is made of stone, not gold, although he can manipulate our sight so that we can see ‘false Heaven’.He also does not provide any food for his subordinates.His subordinates have to work hard to look for some food for him while at the same time they have to look for the food for themselves.That is why satans have disguised as the spirits of dead people.They need the food offered by the dead persons’ families who believe that their dead beloved ones could enjoy the food from the earth.Yes, the dead persons who then become angels in Heaven can taste the food from the earth.But, it is not the case for the dead persons who go to the hell;They are not permitted to get out of the hell.Then, how about the spirits of the dead persons who wander aimlessly, the spirits who could not go to Heaven nor to hell?There is no such spirit.When a person dies, there are only two destinations:Heaven or hell.The spirits we may see on earth are actually the satans who disguise. Some people may remember the temptation of the Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 4:8-9, where Lucifer took Him to a very high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor.The satan said that he would give all that to the Lord Jesus Christ if He bowed down and worshiped the satan.Because of the verses, some people may think that satan own the world.But, the satans are liars.The truth is that the world is owned by our God.In John 1:10-11, it is written:“He was in the world, and though the world made through Him, the world did not recognize Him.He came to that which was His own, but His own did not receive Him.”

As the enemy of God, satans like to play one God’s child against another God’s child. They are afraid if all God’s children get together, fighting against satans.So, the satans might say that one God’s child is loved more than another so as to make another God’s child jealous.If one God’s child becomes jealous, God becomes very sad because He gives equal loves to all of His children.But, the satans would try very hard to pull the jealous kid to become the misled kid, the follower of satans, or the army of satans.

I.c.2. From a coward to a chopper

Before getting to know the Lord Jesus Christ, I was extremely afraid of satan although I had been surrounded by satans since my childhood.

When I was still a child, I had stayed in my parents’ home, which was so haunted that many people could see ghosts in that house.A lot of people could see ghosts from both outside and inside the house.Almost every midnight I was awaken from my sleep and could hear the voice of motorcycles accident across the street where the house was located, while actually there was nothing happened.Sometimes, I could also hear my father’s foot steps on the living room at around 2 p.m. in the morning, although I finally knew that my father was sleeping.Once, the household workers in the house screamed frightfully as they could see satan kuntilanak at the house’s backyard.

So, when the household workers told me their scary experience – about the appearance of satan kuntilanak at the backyard, I was willing to sleep crowdedly with my sisters in a room which I considered ‘free satan’ area.When there was a horror movie on television, I did not dare to see the face of the ghost in that film and immediately closed both of my ears when the satan was laughing.

After being baptized as a Catholic, although not that afraid compared to before knowing the Lord Jesus Christ, I was still frightened with satan.Even so, I prayed to the Lord Jesus Christ so that He would not give me the Holy Spirit gift of exorcism because I was afraid of being killed by satan. I had ever seen a movie where a priest had to die in his exorcism attempt.

Until one day, a God servant who has a vision told me that there were some people who was very jealous towards me, attacking me by sending satans through black magic practice to disturb me.She told me that she could see a white voodoo doll splashed with water and thrown to the floor; They had tried to kill me.I had been voodooed! But the Lord Jesus Christ told me that He was showing His love to me by wiping out all of my sins and has been protecting me all my life.I feel very grateful;Because of the Lord Jesus Christ’s love, I am still alive until the present time although I am His sinful servant.

I remember my past that is full of sins.Apart from being afraid of satans, I also had no faith.When I had problems, not only did I pray to God, but at the same time I also went to some white-magic practitioners.The white-magic practitioners claimed that they could help me through God’s help.But, I later find out that just like black-magic practice, white-magic practice also employs satans.I did not know that white-magic practice is as wicked as black-magic practice although it seems harmless.

I did not know that by not depending on the Lord Jesus Christ totally, He felt sad. First, He felt sad for He could not protect me because satan would consider me a misled kid, who was not suitable for being one of His chosen children – anyone who deserves to go to His Kingdom in Heaven.Believing in white magic or black magic makes us to become a misled kid.Second, He also felt sad for our disloyalty.In Exodus 20:4-6, it is implied that we must not bow down or worship any idol as He, the Lord Jesus Christ our God, is a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate Him (until they repent), but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love Him and keep His commandments.Here, the idol is the satan who invents the white magic and the black magic practices. The satan wants to claim the soul of anyone who gets involved in the white magic and the black magic practices, or at least wants to make the misled kids to live in misery for seven generations.

One day, a Christian told me about a well-known Christian pastor’s speech; i.e., the Christians could not be voodooed.In my heart, I had a strong will to be a good Christian who considered the Lord Jesus Christ as my God, not the Son of God.At that time, I felt that only the Lord Jesus Christ could help me so that I could be free from the voodoo.So, I prayed to the Lord Jesus Christ only to beg for release from the black-magic practice.I promised to myself that I would not go to any white-magic practitioner anymore.

Day by day, satans had continuously disturbed me.I could not eat well.I could not sleep well, and I could not concentrate on whatever I did.So, I thought it would be good if I could do exorcism.I finally learn that the satans would not go away if they were not exorcised.Then, I prayed to the Lord Jesus Christ so that I could get the Holy Spirit gift of exorcism.In the next couple of days, Holy Spirit told me that the Lord Jesus Christ had given me the Holy Spirit gift of exorcism by fighting against satans.I immediately agreed and want to do anything for the Lord Jesus Christ.

One night, when I was about going to sleep, I felt that the nerve of my neck was being sliced and all parts of my body were being chopped off.But miraculously, I did not feel hurt at all.It seems as if there was a warm air shielding the whole parts of my body from the wicked power.I told God about this on the next day.The Lord Jesus Christ said that He was showing His love again to me.He told me that the black-magic practisers who black magiced me were jealous with me when I asked Him why they did that to me all this time.The Lord Jesus Christ also said that that He would give me a power to repel the wicked power.

Day by day, my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, angels and holy people in Heaven are getting closer.I want to make them happy.So, I made a commitment to chop off Lucifer’s head.I immediately thought that the Lord Jesus Christ’s sword is a powerful weapon that could fly and chop off that satan’s head.Thus, I borrowed God’s miraculous sword and shout, “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord Jesus Christ’s sword flies toward Lucifer’s head and chop it off.” Unfortunately, this time it did not happen.God told me that the time has not ripened yet.God wants to make even what is written in the Bible.

I thought Lucifer might come again in the future to attack me.So, I bought an iron cross with a sharp end which I could use as a weapon.A couple days later when I was about going to sleep at night, Lucifer came to my bedroom, attempting to kill me.He was dressed in a long black outfit with dark greenish face and tousled black hair.The rotten smell of his body occupied the room;It was the odor of rotten meat.He starred at me.When that satan came approaching me, I immediately took the iron cross and pointed the sharp end toward him.I could see Lucifer trembling when he saw the cross.Then, the satan went away.

On the following days, all types of satans, the subordinates of Lucifer, came to my bedroom, trying to kill me.At first, I was very afraid of satans.But, I felt that the Lord Jesus Christ has always been with me; He had always been protecting me.He had also delegated St. Michael the archangel, the King of angels, and Heaven’s armed forces to take care of me night and day.There are twelve angels who had been guarding me for twenty-four hours everyday.I have no reason to be afraid.

I remember that the Lord Jesus Christ gave me a luminous golden sword from Heaven, the sword that I could use to fight against satans.The Lord Jesus Christ wants me to fight against satans.I said that I wanted to do it.I would do anything for God.So, I raised my sword, fighting against satans.

But, St. Michael the archangel later told me that no Heaven’s armed forces have been protecting me anymore since I chopped off Lucifer’s head for the first time. Until today, I have chopped off Lucifer’s head fifteen times…

Chapter II: How to not to be afraid of satans

In my testimonies, I have told you that I was afraid of satans to death. I forgot that God had given me the power to fight against satans.But, each time I found out the ways for facing satans’ attacks so as to make me brave against the wicked creatures until the present time.

For you, I have arranged the steps you can practise so that you can be prepared when satans suddenly appear in front of you (for those who can see and hear satans) or when you can feel the presence of satans (for those who cannnot see and hear satans).

In the first step, you can imagine that the Lord Jesus Christ is standing in front of you.You may think that the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, not you, is the One who faces against satans.We should believe that the Lord Jesus Christ has always been with us.So, we should not be afraid of any satan.When we read the Gospel of St. Matthew, St. Mark, and St. Luke, who write about the life story of the Lord Jesus Christ, we can conclude that satans are afraid of the Lord Jesus Christ.In Matthew 8:28-34, Mark 5:1-20, and Luke 8:26-39, we found that the Lord Jesus Christ has the power to repel satans from the demon-possessed man.Mark 9:14-29 and Luke 9:37-43 also talk about the power of the Lord Jesus Christ in expelling satan who entered a deaf and mute boy. So, we should not hesitate that the Lord Jesus Christ Almighty has unlimited power against satans.

In the second step, when we have become braver against satans as we have believed in the unlimited power of the Lord Jesus Christ, we can call the name of the Lord Jesus Christ repeatedly.So, when satans appear in front of you, shout the name of the Lord Jesus Christ repeatedly, “Jesus...Jesus...Jesus....”Satans tremble when they hear the powerful Name.One of my friends ever told me about her friend’stestimony on how he, at one night, was visited by a genie, the subordinate of Lucifer.Fortunately, he has ever red Bible which talks about the power of the Lord Jesus Christ over satans.When the genie came approaching him, he shout the powerful Name, “Jesus...”And, the genie looked trembling.When, the name ‘Jesus’ was shouted repeatedly, the genie ran away.

In the third step, when we become braver because of satan trembling and running away from us, expel satan in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, satan go away!”So, any satan will immediately go away from out sight.

In the last step, when we become even braver because of satan running away in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, request for the Holy Spirit gift of exorcism from the One who has the authority to give such gift, i.e., the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.When the gift is given to you, the Lord Jesus Christ will delegate His angels, the Kingdom of Heaven’s army, to protect you.The Kingdom’s of Heaven’s army would fight against satans together with you.So, there is no reason for you to be afraid of satans at all.

Closing Remark

Perhaps, you may want to ask, “Is it appropriate for me to receive the Holy Spirit gift of exorcism?

Humbleness is good.But, in the Gospel of Mark 16:17, the Lord Jesus Christ said, “And these signs will accompany those who believe:In my name they will drive out demons....” God will give you the Holy Spirit gift of exorcism if you want to show your loyalty to Him.

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