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Down the Road

Chapter Twenty-Four

by Melinda Kay Jenkinson

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There is a force out there that is attempting to overtake us all; it is Satan. There is another force that is protecting us from him; it is the Holy Spirit. It is a battle for souls. This battle is called Spiritual Warfare, and like it or not, you are right in the middle of it.

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Down the Road
Chapter Twenty-Four

Kaye Leigh got up the next morning feeling as if she had never been to sleep; she had been dreaming that Jeff was with Morgan and that they had taken her baby.

"Are you ok mom?" Josh asked.

"I'm fine honey." She said. The boys went outside.

"Are you sure Kaye Leigh you don't look so great." Becki said.

"I'm tired I had a bad dream last night." She said.

"About what?" Jeff asked.

"Good morning guys." He had just come out of the bedroom.

"Morning." Becki said.

"Excuse me." Kaye Leigh said hurrying to the bathroom.

A few minutes later Jeff came in.

"Are you ok?" he asked. Kaye Leigh was sitting on the floor, she nodded her head.

"You are avoiding my question about your dream, so I am going to assume it was about me and Morgan?" he said sarcastically. He handed her a glass of water.

"Thank you. You and Morgan took the baby." She said. Jeff shook his head.

"I would never do that. Have you even been to the doctor yet?" he asked.

"No not yet." She replied.

"I want you to go as soon as possible, I realize that I have nothing to do with you but this is my child too." He said.

"I'm sorry Jeff." She said quietly with tears falling down her face.

Jeff fought to take her in his arms again, but he just turned and went out of the bathroom. He heard her crying get louder as he shut the door behind him.

"Is she ok?" Becki asked when he sat down.

"She's sick again. Her dream was that Morgan and I took the baby." He said. He put his head in his hands. "Becki she's tearing my heart out, I want to comfort her and protect her, but I can't just do it for a day, I want a lifetime." Becki gave him a hug.

"I'm sorry Jeff." She said. Jeff hugged her back.

Kaye Leigh had come out of the bathroom and saw the two of them hugging. She was furious; she slammed the bedroom door shut. Becki and Jeff broke apart and looked at the door.

"Are you ok Kaye Leigh?" Jeff asked. She did not answer but came out a few minutes later fully dressed.

"Something wrong Kaye Leigh?" Becki asked.

"Of course not I just want to get out of here and away from him." She snapped.

"Josh get in the truck." Kaye Leigh went out the door.

"Kaye Leigh what's up?" Jeff asked bewildered.

"I've got a house to clean." She replied.

"I'm going to help." He said.

"No you're not, I don't want or need your help, and if you step on my property I will have you arrested." She said as she went to the truck.

"Kaye Leigh wait for me." Becki said.

"The same goes for you!" she called over her shoulder. Jeff and Becki just looked at each other.

"Can I have a hug mom?" Dan said.

"No, and I am not your mom." She yelled.

"Kaye Leigh!" Jeff and Becki yelled. Dan just stood there. Kaye Leigh slammed her truck door shut and floored the truck throwing gravel everywhere.

Jon and Curtis were already at the house by the time she got there. She slammed on the brakes, put the car in park, shut it off, got out, and slammed her door again. Jon and Curtis watched her.

"Where's Becki?" Curtis asked when she got to the porch. She did not answer but went into the house.

"Mom's upset with her and dad I think, but I'm not sure what. She told Dan that she wasn't his mom and wouldn't give him a hug." Josh said.

"Stay out here for a few minuets Josh." Jon said.

"Are you going to yell at mom?" Josh said smiling. Jon just went inside with Curtis.

"You ok Kaye Leigh?" Jon asked calmly.

"Fine, thanks for getting the dumpster." She said.

"Jeff called said he and Becki would be over in a while." He told her.

"If they show up either get rid of them or I will call the police." She said.

"Kaye Leigh wait a minute." Jon said.

"I don't have a minute; I've got work to do." She said.

Jon grabbed her arm. "I don't know what happened between you, Jeff and Becki, but don't ever take it out on the kids again. Dan didn't deserve your attack." He said angrily.

"Don't you dare tell me what to do Jon, you have no idea." She said.

"I don't care what they did or didn't do, Dan did nothing." He said.

"Shut up Jon and get out of here! I don't need your help or anyone else's." She yelled.

Jon went outside.

"You're being unfair Kaye Leigh." Curtis said.

"You're fired Curtis get out of here." She snapped.

"Why for stating a fact?" he yelled.

"Get out of here now!" she hissed. Curtis followed Jon outside.

Jeff and Becki pulled in shortly after Curtis joined Jon. Dan had been crying, Jon told him and Josh to go to his house and stay with Alexis.

"What's going on?" Jon said. Jeff shook his head.

"I have no idea, she was sick this morning, then took a shower, came out, slammed the bedroom door, came out grabbed Josh, told us to stay off her property, told Dan she wasn't his mom and took off like her truck was on fire." He said.

"She was fine when she got up; she was tired she had a dream apparently about Morgan and Jeff taking her baby." Becki said.

"Well she told me to get out of her house and off her property." Jon said. "She didn't like what I had to say about her attitude with Dan."

"She didn't like mine either and fired me." Curtis said. Jeff and Becki were shocked. Jon's phone rang.

"Hello?" he said.

"Hey Jon it's Jones here, we just got a call from you're sister, apparently she's a little upset that you, Curtis, Becki and Jeff are on her property." Jones said.

Jon laughed.

"She's a little moody right now, being pregnant, having her house destroyed, it's all taking its toll on her." He said.

"I figured as much because she was kind of hysterical on the phone. So I'm not going to send a car out there, but if she calls again we will have to." Jones said.

"Give me ten minutes if she calls after that you can send a car." Jon said.

"Sure thing and good luck with her." Jones said laughing.

"It seems Kaye Leigh called the police to have us arrested or removed, but they aren't going to send a car, but if she calls back after ten minutes they will so we have ten minutes to get the phones disconnected and to get her cell phone from her." Jon said laughing.

"I'll disconnect the phones; I've had experience in this." Curtis said.

"Who's going to be brave enough to get the cell phone?" Becki asked.

"I will." Jeff said.

"Do not hurt her, no matter how angry you are at her." Jon said seriously.

"I wouldn't hurt her intentionally." Jeff said.

Jeff went inside; Kaye Leigh had seen him coming so she started throwing things at him.

"Get out of here!" she yelled. Jeff dodged most everything.

"I'm not leaving Kaye Leigh so stop it." He yelled.

"Yes you are or I will call the police again." She said throwing some other things at him. One of the items hit him in the head and he fell down. Kaye Leigh was shocked.

"Jeff?" she said. He did not answer or move.

She thought she knocked him out or hurt him in some other way. She dropped the thing in her hand and ran over to him, kneeling down beside him she said "Jeff?" She was expecting him to answer or move so when he jumped up and grabbed her she could not fight him by the time he had her pinned.

"Get off of me." She yelled.

"No! You should really learn how to tell if you really did damage to someone." He said laughing.

Kaye Leigh was furious.

"I should have done a lot more damage to you." She hissed.

"You couldn't be because you love me." He said.

"No I don't!" she replied.

"Don't lie Kaye Leigh it isn't nice." He said, he took her cell phone.

"Give that back to me." She said.

"Sorry but we don't want the police coming after us." Jeff said. "Now while I got you here, we're going to have a little chat. First of all don't ever talk to any of our kids like that again."

"Don't tell me what to do." She said.

"I am telling you Kaye Leigh and you will listen, you can hurt me all you want, but you devastated Dan and I won't have it." He said.

Some of the fight went out of Kaye Leigh, she knew she never should have said that and she was ashamed of herself for doing it.

"You need to apologize to him later. Secondly tell me what happened between the time I left the bathroom and the time you went into the bedroom that got you so angry at us." He said.

"I'll apologize to Dan, but you and I have nothing to say, now get off of me." She said.

"Tell me what's wrong!" he yelled.

"I can't stand any of you now get off of me!" she hissed. He could see she was not going to budge, he knew it was the anger talking, so he let her up.

She stood up.

"Give me my phone." She said.

"No." he replied and walked away. Kaye Leigh went out the door and headed to the stable.

"Hey boss where are you going?" Curtis said.

"I'm not your boss since you no longer work here." She replied. He ran to catch up to her.

"Slow down a minute Kaye Leigh." He said taking her arm and pulling her to a stop.

"What?" she demanded.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm trying to get my house back in order." She said.

"Kaye Leigh we've been friends for a long time and I don't know what is happening to you but I am here for you." He said.

"We're not friends Curtis, if you were my friend you wouldn't choose Jeff over me." She said.

"I haven't chosen either of you over the other, nor would I, but if I am being honest with you I think you're acting like a fool. Jeff would not have an affair with anyone, much less Morgan. He loves you way too much. If I was him I think I would have put you over my knee by now." He said angrily.

"I don't care what you think Curtis, you were nothing, but hired help, remember that." She said and walked away.

Kaye Leigh had gone and got some of the guys from the stable to help.

"Just throw everything away." She told them. "My darling brother got a dumpster which is out front and extremely appropriate for the situation." She said.

"Kaye Leigh knock it off, hasn't that mouth of yours done enough damage today?" Jon said angrily. Curtis had told them what she had said. No one knew what had happened to make her this angry.

Kaye Leigh glared at Jon, and then finally went upstairs.

"Salvage whatever you can." Jeff said. Kaye Leigh sat down on the window seat and starred out at the open range. She was hurt and she was angry. She had cried all night, been sick this morning but not once could Jeff hold her even for a second, but he had absolutely no problem holding Becki or Morgan. She wanted to scream at everyone, throw things, and hit someone. After about fifteen minutes, there was a knock and Jon was in the doorway. She wiped her face and looked at him.

"Kaye Leigh talk to me, tell me what happened." Jon said. Kaye Leigh was crying again. Jon sat down next her.

"Jeff and I were in the same bed last night and I cried all night, I was sick this morning and crying not once did he put his arms around me, he never even attempted, but when I came out of the bathroom he had Becki in his arms." She said, crying harder. Jon shook his head and tried not to laugh.

"Kaye Leigh you know that Jeff loves you." He said.

"Really Jon, he's signing the divorce papers, building a new house." She said.

"I'm sorry Kaye Leigh but you did file for the divorce. I'm not trying to make this harder but what do you expect him to do?" Jon said softly.

"I expected him to love me and be faithful." She said completely breaking down. Jon held her.

After a little while, Jon said, "Sis let us clean this up and you go into town and get everything you need to replace this stuff. Take Becki with you." She shook her head.

"I'll go but I want to go by myself." She said.

"If that's what you want." He said. They went downstairs and Kaye Leigh left.

"She's going to go replace everything; she also told me what the problem is." Jon said laughing.

"That good huh? Well let us in on it." Jeff said.

"She said that last night and this morning you didn't even attempt to hold her or comfort her, but this morning you had no problem hugging Becki." Jon said laughing.

"She thinks something is going on with Jeff and me?" Becki said.

"Not really everything is just taking its toll on her. Plus Jeff said he's signing the divorce papers and he's planning a new house." Jon said.

"What?" Curtis said. "What are you doing?"

"Stating the truth, I'm giving her exactly what she wants." Jeff said.

"Does it really sound like that's what she wants?" Jon asked.

"So you're just going to up and divorce Kaye Leigh?" Becki said shocked.

"You guys are forgetting that she filed for divorce, she kicked me out." Jeff said.

"This isn't what she wants, she's hurting, and doing what she does, that doesn't mean you give up and walk away!" Becki yelled. Tim had come in and was listening.

"What do you want?" Jeff yelled at Tim. Tim smiled. "Don't get any ideas, Kaye Leigh is my wife, and you need to stay away from her."

"Doesn't sound like she'll be your wife for long, Kaye Leigh is going to need someone to lean on." Tim said laughing. "Maybe I'll even get to help her raise her baby." Before Tim knew, what happened Jeff had hit him and they ended up fighting. Jon and Curtis had to stop him from doing it again.

"Tim get out of here!" Curtis yelled.

When Tim was gone, Jeff said, "We need to get this cleaned up before Kaye Leigh gets back."

Kaye Leigh had decided that she was going to wipe Jeff completely out of her house, not that she could wipe him out of her heart or mind. She picked out all the furniture and got a nice little bedroom set. She was thinking she would make their bedroom into a guest bedroom and that she would take either Faith's or Dan's. The furniture would be delivered Monday afternoon. Next, she went to get dishes, bedding, clothes, paint, and everything else she thought she would need.

They had everything cleaned up by the time she got back. Kaye Leigh gasped when she seen Jeff's face.

"What happened?" she asked.

"Don't pretend you care Kaye Leigh!" he snapped.

"Oh knock it off I do care." She said. "I may not want you around, but that doesn't mean I want you hurt." Everyone went to get stuff out of the truck.

"Really Kaye Leigh well you've been doing a great job of hurting me." Jeff said. "Your new boyfriend decided to take a swing at me."

"My new boyfriend, what are you talking about?" she said confused.

"Tim your..." He started.

"Jeff shut up and come with me." She said taking his hand and leading him upstairs.

Kaye Leigh made him sit on the window seat and she went to get a wash clothe to clean up his hands and face with.

"Jeff, you and I need to be friends so please stop attacking me." She said.

"Like you don't attack anyone?" he said.

"I know that I was a jerk today Jeff and I am sorry, I will apologize to everyone else also." She said. She was gently wiping away dried blood from his lip. "Tim isn't my boyfriend and you know it, there won't be another man after you, I can't go through this again." She told him.

Jeff was watching her as she cared for his bumps and bruises.

"You want to be friends Kaye Leigh but you're quick to jump at the idea of something going on between Becki and I." he said. He wanted to grab her and kiss her, she was so beautiful. Kaye Leigh went back into the bathroom.

"You could find reason's to hug and hold Becki, but you couldn't attempt to hold me." She said to him.

"I wanted to hold you and comfort you, but I don't want just a night or a moment Kaye Leigh, I want a lifetime." Jeff said.

Kaye Leigh was crying again. Jeff had gone to the bathroom door,

"I can't do that Kaye Leigh, I can't have you one minute and you pushing me away the next." He said looking at her. Kaye Leigh was facing away from him.

"You won't have to worry Jeff; I won't expect anything from you again." She said.

"That isn't what I want Kaye Leigh!" he said.

"What is it you want Jeff?" she said finally looking at him.

"I want my wife back." He said giving into the desire to grab her and kiss her.

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