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Modern Day Prophet Helen

Welcome to our Christianity Oasis End Times Modern Day Prophets study program. This is our Modern Day Prophet Helen study taking a look into the Modern Day Prophet Helen story relating to the End Times.

Modern Day Prophet Helen

Hello all,

My Name is Helen, I'm 24 years old, currently living in North Staffordshire, England, but am moving to Arizona United States soon as my fiancé is American. I'm an outgoing person who loves socializing, modern technology (okay, computers and video games), science, and most of all I'm a born skeptic, I question everything in order to arrive at the truth of things. I spend much of my free time philosophizing, and over the years have learned that much of what we are taught as fact is a false reality ... as I will explain in great detail a little later. There is no easy way for me to explain everything that's happened to me since September 2006, so I will start at the beginning.

It all began one evening when I got back from work, it was seemingly a normal evening like any other, I had something to eat, surfed the 'net for a while, watched a bit of TV and was getting ready to go to bed. I'd just about put the duvet around me when an energy being entered my room and began communication with me on a psychic level, it wasn't in words or even in symbols, it was like it was transferring energy and clarity to me, like being bathed in light. A few moments later the presence had vanished.

I contemplated the possibility that I had been dreaming, but how was that possible? I'd only just gotten into bed after all. Had I imagined it? I have a healthy imagination but I'd never in my whole life hallucinated, so that wasn't possible either. I wondered if the presence had been an alien or a spirit being, that made sense at least because I knew that I had seen ghosts before. I ruled out extraterrestrial possibility on the basis that this encounter was nothing like other people's alien encounters, and that most alien encounters were hoaxes anyway.

I puzzled over it for days, but there was something very different about myself. I felt energized and refreshed, I began to see through falsehoods in a way that I never ever had. It was at this phase I rejected multiculturalism and leftism as answers to the worlds problems, because I recognized them for what they were... great evils which are hostile to the truth.

Over the course of a couple of months, the energy being made contact with me, helping me to identify what was wrong in the world, I could see so much that I'd never seen before. Time and again I would ask the being for his name, and time and again he told me that he would tell me when I was ready to hear it. Whatever he was, he was helping me, and I began to wonder if he might be my guardian Angel.

At this point it was a month shy of Christmas time, and I was was working night shifts on a temporary but decently paid job. This was a Saturday and I had got back from Shopping for people's Christmas gifts, he contacted me again. This time he told me that I was ready to know his identity because I had now been prepared for the first phase of my mission. I did not understand back then, but now I understand clearly. He told me that he was an Angel, John the Baptist that we know from the Gospels. Now bear in mind that I'd never really been much of a religious person but had been raised in a rather liberal Christian family with people of different denominations, although as a child I used to go to Sunday School at a local Methodist Church. I hadn't been going to church regularly or anything and I still don't.

John explained to me that God had a very important job for me to do, a job which I was to share with six other individuals on the Earth. I was told that I was to 'write the truth,' and that the other six were charged with the same task. There is one of us per continent and that each of us is to enlighten our own people, in my case that is the European people. He told me that when the seven of us had completed our message to mankind then Christ would return. He said that he would be in touch shortly.

For a couple of weeks I was in denial, so I went back to normal things like Christmas preparations and concentrating on work and mundane matters. I thought it was crazy, I mean what made me so suitable for such an important task anyway when there was plenty more righteous people than I, like anyone else I am a sinner and have made some pretty dumb mistakes in my teenage years.

Up until this point I had told nobody about it, but I spoke to my fiancé about it in February 2007 when I could no longer bear to keep it all to myself ... he was very surprised to say the least, and even thought at first I might have been mentally ill. I don't blame him for his original reaction though because from his perspective it must have sounded insane. I also told my best friend that I've known almost all of my life, and he seemed okay about it but said that it did sound rather weird.

So I prayed, I asked God to send me a sign, a confirmation that I hadn't imagined all of this. Only two days later I was sitting in the lounge with my sister, watching TV and talking about random stuff as her son was playing with his toys on the floor. She told me that she had had a very strange dream, that she had seen seven lights and a very large light that engulfed all the lights, and a voice that told her that the seven lights were seven prophets, and that one of them was related to her, and that the large light was God and his Angels. Now you must understand that my sister does not believe in prophets, she's an agnostic, and she said that she felt that the dream wasn't a normal dream, like it was coming from an external source. She asked me if I had an interpretation of the dream; I was on the spot here, how could I tell my sister that she had received this dream in response to my prayer, so I told her that I didn't know how to interpret that dream and just suggested she read the Dream book that used to belong to our late mother.

Now I had the confirmation, and John visited me again, telling me that God had given her that dream so that I may not be filled with self-doubt. I now felt ready to begin writing the truth as I had been instructed to. So taking hands to Keyboard I began (don't worry, when it is complete my book will go online for everybody to read) writing about the Divine Law ... which is to ALWAYS SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH AND TO ACT IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE LAW OF LOVE. I include also the definition of God: Truth, Energy and Love, and the divine law is derived from that knowledge.

Since then every day I've prayed to God, to help me help whoever I can in whatever capacity I can. I hate to see so many people trapped in such intellectual and spiritual squalor using drink or drugs to numb the pain, and material things to fill the void. All the time they are thinking that if they just have certain possessions or make money they will be happy, but only God can heal their pain, and it is God they are rejecting. From my perspective right then it seemed that I was watching a game of Lemmings where no player was playing and they all went off the cliff. It's painful to watch people suffer like that, and I praise God that he has given me the opportunity to do something about it.

Now on the week leading up to Easter I felt the need to be alone, but my work schedule would not really allow for much time out. I decided to go into the small patch woods near the Golf course close to my house on that Sunday, my day off. I'd just take with me a bottle of water and spend some time alone with my own thoughts without my family bothering me with trivialities such as the huge basket of laundry or the yet to be washed pile of dishes in the sink.

So on Easter Sunday I went out into the woods just as I planned at about 10am, everyone else was still sleeping. I found a comfortable spot to relax in a tree. I climbed up onto the branch, and sat there for the better part of an hour thinking about things. I wondered what I would do, how was I to help these people, would they even listen to me when the time came. I again prayed for guidance.

Just then another being came to me, dressed in simple robes. I could feel his presence before I saw him, and knew that it was not John, his presence was far greater. When I saw him I asked "Who are you?" and he simply showed me the palms of his hands, and sure as the spring sunshine there was a round shaped scar in the middle of each palms. I instantly knew it was Jesus, and I pinched my arm imagining that I might wake up and this be a dream. Jesus said "No Helen, you are not asleep, I was expecting you to be here today, there are things we need to speak about." So we talked for the better part of an hour, about the state of the world. He told me that I would find the other six prophets and that together we would guide people to him, and thus save many people from their own misguided beliefs which are ruining the Earth. He told me not to be afraid, that although there were to be some tough times ahead he would be watching over me, and that John would continue to serve as my guide.

Since then I've spoken to John a few more times, and I have continued my writing. John tells me that a war is coming between Heaven and Satan's rule on Earth. The stirrings of violence in the Middle East is Satan's desperate last grasp at harming mankind. Satan has so many people fooled that he tries to fool himself that he can win this battle. The truth is that when Christ returns at a later point this century, Satan will be imprisoned just as he has imprisoned mankind in a web of lies. World peace will then be a reality for a thousand years, and during this period those of kind heart will be taught all about God. Everyone gets a second chance to learn about God and to love him. Satan will then be destroyed by the double edged sword of truth and love wielded by Christ.

In recent weeks, Satan has tried to bribe me with offers of being richer than Bill Gates and being the Undisputed Ruler of Europe ... I told him no, that I don't need any more money than what is comfortable to pay bills and that I don't want power because I am an imperfect human and any society made in my image would reflect my imperfections. The ONLY legitimate rule is the rule of Christ, because he is perfect. This rule is the God's Kingdom: this Kingdom will be set up via democracy once all learn to love God and to abide by the Divine Law. In response to my response to his disgusting offer, Satan has vowed to make my job difficult ... I told him to bring it on. I stand here today truthfully not afraid of the future, because the Devil cannot win, and those who have had the wool pulled over their eyes will learn to see. The truth is far stronger than any lie, and love is far stronger than hate. I place my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and promise to fulfill my task of helping my people to the best of my ability.

May the Holy Spirit be with you all,


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