Modern Day Prophet
Lawrence Loi M.K.

Christianity Oasis has provided you with this End Times Modern Day Prophets Study on Lawrence Loi, m.k.. We'll look into all aspects of the Bible seeking truth, understanding and then peace within.

Modern Day Prophets
Lawrence Loi M.K.

Modern Day Prophet Lawrence Loi M.K.

Welcome to our Christianity Oasis End Times Modern Day Prophets study program. This is our Modern Day Prophet Lawrence Loi, M.K. study taking a look into the Modern Day Prophet Lawrence Loi, m.k. story relating to the End Times.

The Modern Day Prophet - Lawrence Loi, M.K.

Prophecies Unlocking Revelation

My simple introduction: My name is Lawrence Loi m.k., aged 29 (as in 2007). The following is a series of prophecies unlocking some biblical quests on the book of Revelation and some end-times prophecies given and told by the Spirit of God through me for the past months and years. I was under tremendous heaviness of mind for keeping these words to myself so I've made up my decision to let the world know, as directed by the Spirit of God. May God open up your mind and spirit to His truths for the benefits of all His people. Wherever you are, God bless you.

"My son, the Iraqi war is the window to World War III, it's more than a quagmire to the US and it's allies. You will see them sending troops to North Korea as preparation for another great war is looming. But this time it won't happen as they plan as China will rise up and get into action. When they prepare for this war, the US will suddenly be hit by nuclear devices as they stand vulnerable after almost all of their armies are deployed out around the world! The nuclear attack will first be seen as an industrial accident but the Russians are behind the attack! Not only this, you'll see the chemical and the biological attacks follow up on the streets and the buildings as well."

"The US economy will definitely slump to the all-time low as the result of this nuclear attack and the whole world will be affected as well, plus the fear will be seen everywhere. Their banks have run out of money and full of debts as wars prolong. At the same time, China will rise up to the stage of a Super-power, with the strength in economy, politic and security, taking over the US."

"My son, you are witnessing the historical greatest weather changes around the globe as the result of a passing planet. This planet, as the scientists call 'Planet - X' or 'The 12th Planet,' is a rocky planet, measured at 4 times larger than the size of the Earth. It will pass through near to the Earth's axis, causing the Earth to tilt and thus you'll see more and more earthquakes, volcano blows, tsunamis and high tides. Three days without sunlight and the world will be in a mess. Famines, diseases, accidents will claim 2 billion of lives! New continents will rise up at the Pacific Ocean and many places will be covered under water."

"My son, you've seen what President Bush has done to the world. As I've told you before, Bill Clinton has brought great test to the US but Bush has brought great judgment to the US! There will be an assassination plot against Bush and he will be killed, together with Bush Sr and Dick Cheney! Bush is the last US president! You will not see peace in that land until the return of My Son. Hillary and the Clintons will try to run the government but end up putting the US into the UN's New World Order - The forerunner of the Beast System."

"Iran-Syria attack against Israel will cause nuclear World War III in Mideast. The Arabs coalition together with Libya, Turkey, Germany and Russia will attack Israel from all fronts but the tiny Israel will survive. This is the War of Ezekiel 38 and 39. This war will bring the rise of the Antichrist. This war will mark the beginning of the final 7-year of tribulations. The return of My favor unto My First Love will be seen in this war!"

"Queen Anne will rise after Queen Elizabeth, so the England's Monarchy will be torn apart. Expect the collapse of the British Empire, with wars looming. My judgment will befall Europe, Canada will be invaded together with the US, terrorists will strike Australia. Germany, where the Phoenix Bird will rise, will take over England as leader. Behold, communism is on the rise! The Chinese and the German troops under the UN will go door to door among those countries in troubles. You are to witness worldwide Christians' persecution as My people will go through much test and trial to be purified, refined and to be counted worthy as the Bride to My Son!"

"My son, many are doing research and seeking answers, trying to unlock some pivotal figures and symbols in the book of Revelation - The Revelation of My Son. Here I'll tell you the answers but the DATES of those events and the persons' NAMES will not be unfolded. The evil spirits from the Hell have been unleashed unto the Earth by Satan all to make them geared up for WWIII. And the very same spirit of Adolf Hitler who murdered millions of the Jews will again be used by Satan as his very own Puppet, dust off from his magic box and raised to life in the body of the Antichrist! The Antichrist ( Beast out of the Sea) will be a leader of the German-Arab descent. He will first rise up to power in the current war-torn Iraq as 'King of Babylon.' He will be successful at early stage, uniting all of Europe and causing it to become a world power. Yea, he is the 'Little Horn' spoken of the Prophet Daniel, even the 'Man of Sin' and the 'Son of Perdition.' The woman riding on the Beast is the Roman Catholic Church. You'll see the last Pope be elected by this man as the 'Head' to unite all religions in the world. After a while, the Pope will be stamped to naught and the Beast will become the leader! The same Beast, together with his UN machine, shall take over Israel and bring 'Abomination causes Desolation' unto Jerusalem in the middle of the final 7-year tribulations." (Read Revelation 13 & 17)

"The Two Witnesses mentioned in Revelation 11 are two prophets of the old. Many researchers, even My faithful ones, believe that these two prophets are Elijah and Enoch who had been translated to Heaven. They are NOT Elijah and Enoch but Samuel and Zechariah who will soon return from other part of the world to Israel to serve Me and My people! The 'false prophet' mentioned in Revelation 16:13-14 is a leader of the Kurds."

"The Second antichrist (Beast out of the Earth) will be a Syrian leader. This leader will arise and come to the stage of being the 'world savior' under the UN machine, 6 months prior to the Second Return of My Son. The power of this leader will be 'overwhelming' as Satan will embody himself in this man! He will travel around the world as a leader to bring the ultimate peace. '666' will be the number of this leader. As '6' is the Number of Man, so shall '666' be 'Man is God' or 'Communism to the Core' - the Ultimate Deception to the world! The computer tracking and buying system will be issued, as being a chip to be injected into forehead or right-hand in order to gain access into countries and to have power to buy and sell. New rules will be brought on and implemented through the UN envoys. The world population will be controlled by this evil leader. This leader will ascend to a new high of power and will call himself 'The God of all Hosts!'"

"Mark My words, My son, I will raise up, in fact I've already raised up, a multitude of My Beloved during this very end times, to carry out My works assigned to them before the foundation of the world. As you already know the 144,000 are called 'Pure of Heart' or ' Saints,' chosen and sealed on their foreheads before foundation. Then you have the 'Supernatural Army,' whom is part of the Pure of Heart and those who are given command to return together with My Son to fight the Antichrist and his dark forces. They shall receive new bodies with new DNA attached to them when they return. You have the 'Seven Thunders' as seen and heard by my servant John in the book of Revelation. These are seven seasoned prophets whom I put My warnings and judgments on their mouths in all 7 continents of the world. After that you have 'The Faithful' whom consists of many among you in the Body of My Son."

"My son, as you've been shown and nurtured much of the 'meat' of My word, as your spirit is ready, so your inward man bears witness with My Spirit. My Spirit is the Spirit of Truth, so you're able to discern from what is right and wrong just based on the intuition of your mind, even to know directly of all those warnings and prophecies that I gave to my prophets throughout their generations. When you read newspaper and watch TV, your mind and spirit are focusing on Me and My word through you and thus you're My Mouth and Ear indeed! You are to tell My people of all that you received from Me as time is running out as My people are perished because of the lack of knowledge."

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