Modern Day Prophet
Lynn Clark

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Modern Day Prophets
Lynn Clark

Modern Day Prophet Lynn Clark

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The Modern Day Prophet - Lynn Clark

"I Saw the Line in the Sand"
Several Visions - by Lynn Clark (June 13, 2005)

Two years ago I was given this most amazing vision, you know, like one that can begin to change your whole life. It was as if I were actually standing on the sand and it really got my attention. I saw a hand with an arm reaching and extending down from heaven. I knew immediately within my spirit it was the hand of God. A finger began to point and began to draw a line in the sand. Once this line had been drawn, I began to hear: "No longer can you be My unfaithful adulterous bride." I then began to have understanding that there has been this gray area where the church has stood for quite a long time now in her lukewarmness, and our Father has been patient and longsuffering. But - now He has begun to prepare His Son's bride to make herself ready, for soon the Father will tell his Son to Go!

The Lord was showing me it is no longer acceptable to be in the gray area. -What does darkness have with light? The line has now been drawn and it was now either black or white and we must choose which side of the line we will stand. Gray represents the bride's lukewarmness and now that the line has been drawn it is no longer acceptable for it makes the bridegroom sick - Nor are our lusts for this world's pleasures, our idols, any longer an option. Both of these represent the unfaithful and adulterous bride.

It was as if the wheat and tares were beginning to be separated. A separation of the real church from the false. I believe the real bride of Christ is beginning to make such a departure from this world's system and the standards of the lukewarm church - it will soon be mind-boggling to many. It will soon be evident who belongs to Christ and who is the false church - who preaches a Jesus the early church would not recognize.

God is beginning to separate the precious from the vile and in this, the pure word of God will spring forth with a vengeance and will begin to expose many lies. God's remnant will begin to turn to that which is pure.

Revival will come and this is what it will take - A Holy people - consecrated to a Holy God - speaking forth the unadulterated pure word of God, bringing truth to a dying world, and many will be set free.

I was also given a dream late last year, 2004, about the Laodicean church we see today in most of our churches, and it literally shattered my heart, so many falling away from the truth of God's word. It is still hard to think about.

The Lord woke me up this year, February of 2005, out of a dead sleep at 2:22 AM. And I heard "TELL THEM I AM COMING SOON AND TO PREPARE!" I immediately sat alert and said, "Oh Lord, if only the five Christians virgins had been prepared in Jesus' parable, they would not have had the door shut on them. If they would have been prepared!" This kept going through my mind. It was very sobering. I asked the Lord at least three times if not more, "This is what you would like me to tell them? Am I to tell them this now?" I pondered for a few minutes more and I was reminded of the scripture 2 Peter 3:4, where it talks about people scoffing at His coming. I knew I was to begin to tell people, He is coming soon.

I see such an apostate falling away from sound doctrine and accountability to our Lord by those who claim Jesus that I am very concerned for their salvation. They are so week in their faith and struggle with so much sin, I fear for them for what is about to come upon us will take them totally by surprise, and many will walk away. Even some of Jesus' disciples walked away from Him and they had been with Him.

Most are still on milk and I believe it is because the gospel for the most part is a soft shoed gospel ... The word says "Sin separates you from God." It also says God does not even hear your prayers when you are living in sin, especially against your wife. And even though repentance has come forth and forgiveness given there can still be consequences to sin.

I John 3:14 - "Dear children, DO NOT let anyone DECEIVE you about this: When people do what is right it is because they are righteous BUT when people Keep On sinning it is because they belong to the devil. Those who have been born in to God's family DO NOT SIN because God's life is in them. SO they CAN NOT SIN because they have been born of God."

Does this sound like the "security in sin" doctrine preached today?

Romans 8:13 - "For if you live according to the sinful nature YOU WILL DIE, but if by the spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the flesh YOU WILL LIVE."

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