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Christianity Oasis Ministry has provided you with this End Times Modern Day Prophets Study on Patrick. We'll look into all aspects of the Bible seeking truth, understanding and then peace within.


Welcome to our Christianity Oasis End Times Modern Day Prophets study program. This is our Modern Day Prophet Patrick study taking a look into the Modern Day Prophet Patrick story relating to the End Times.

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Please note:
We report the contents of this Patrick - Modern Day Prophet study because it was shared with us. However we do not suggest anyone adhere to anything but that which is written in God's Word and we only share this as to not be negligent in sharing something that is available in the event that it possesses truth.

The Modern Day Prophet - Patrick

I had this dream in 1997. I was sleeping and I had a magnificent dream. In this dream, I saw what looked like a giant indoor movie theatre. In the seats were people of all walks, nations, races, and creed. However, in the dream, the people looked like they were half awake. Their clothes and hair were messed up and wrinkled. They had sleep in their eyes. In front of the crowd was a huge giant stage with a giant red curtain. On the other side of the curtain I saw a gold chair. The chair had a gold glassy look with intricate carvings in it. Also, there was this light, blue glory coming from the chair. It shined for as far as the eye could see. Then there was a part in the curtain in the middle. It was very tiny. Some of the glory from the chair escaped through the tiny part, into the section where everyone was seated. The glory shined upon this one man in the very front of the seating. He then began to get up and praise God and sing. The blue glory was coming out of his eyes and mouth. As he rocked to his left it began to spread to those seated next to him. Likewise, the same thing happened when he rocked to his right. Pretty soon, everybody in the auditorium was up, awake, singing and praising God. Then I heard a voice say, “The Lord, The Lord lives in a inapproachable light.” Now, this is the interpretation of the dream. The large theatre of people represent the church or body of Christ. However, God is showing that the body of Christ is “asleep.” There are Christians who are not living up to their full potential in God. The Gold Chair represents the Judgment Seat of Christ and His reward is coming. The red curtain or veil represents of course the blood of Jesus Christ. God is going to show His people how holy and precious the blood Jesus is. The glory that came through the veil was made possible through the Blood of Jesus. It is through the Blood of Christ that we will fully awake in God. When the glory shined upon the one man in the front of the theatre, it was coming out of his eyes and mouth. This represents the believer seeing and speaking things the way God does, because the Blood of Jesus has purified and cleansed us to be like Christ. With the body of Christ awakening, there will be a one accordness between denominations like never before. Everyone will have the same understanding about God and division will disappear overtime. Finally, the comment about “The Lord, the Lord lives in a inapproachable light.” Is in reference to His holiness and purity. The veil in the dream is going to be fully parted and lifted and we will see the full holiness of God and His second coming. However, whoever is going to see that holiness must be pure as He is pure.

I had a dream during the month of June 2005. In this dream, I saw huge mountains in front of me. Then as I was looking at them, they crumbled into nothing. Next, I was looking at high hills. All of a sudden, the high hills turned into dust. Out of nowhere, my best friend comes up and grabs me by my arms. He is disturbed and shaken. He says to me “The Lord, the Lord has shaken the earth!!!!” This is the interpretation of the dream. The mountains represent the worldly establishments. They can be governments, corporations, system, economy or anything that is highly exalted against God. Also, the hills are representative of things seated and uplifted regarding men. God is showing that anything that is not rooted and established in Him in these lasts days is going to utterly fall. Things that stood in opposition to God's kingdom are about to be made flat so that God's people will prosper greatly.

September 2005

I had a dream. In this dream I saw what appeared to look like the seating in a movie theatre. Only, the sitting was outside in the open. There were people of all walks and nations sitting in the theatre seats. The sky was like a dark blue and purple. It was beautiful. Above us was a smokey mist that was immensely bright. It was hovering above everyone who sat in the seats. Across from the seating, I saw a huge multitude of people. When I looked to the left I saw no end to the people. When I looked to the right. I saw no end to the people. Also, when I looked from the front to the back, there was no end to the people. All of a sudden, a baby appeared in my arms. I kissed the baby and cared for him. Then the dream ended. This is the interpretation of the dream. The people who were sitting in the theatre seats represent the church. The smoky mist that hovered above the theatre seats was the Shikinah glory of God or the evidence of His Presence. The huge multitude that was across from the church represented the harvest of souls. The baby in my arms is symbolic of newborn believers who will come to Christ.

November 1997

I would like to call this a vision and dream. The experience was so real I can not tell the difference. However, one night I was sleeping and I felt something beautiful all over my body. It felt like hands were rubbing themselves across my legs and chest. These hands went up and down over my body in a zipping motion back and forth. I awoke and I notice that the Presence of God was in the room. Then, I felt something like hands on my chest pushing me back down. When I laid my head back down and close my eyes. I saw a man dressed in white sitting next to my head. I opened my eyes and raised my head back up, but I could not see Him. Next, I laid my head back down and closed my eyes again. As before, I could see a man dress in white sitting next to my head. I could see His body, but not His face. He bent over and began to speak in my ear. He told me “Prophecies and prophecies are about to be fulfilled ...” His voice went silent after spoke those first words but He was still speaking. What felt like hands ministering to my body, continued to do so until I woke up in the morning. This experience was a “visitation” from the Lord. The Lord came to tell me that prophecies written in the bible are about to come to pass. In addition, prophecies that have been spoken over my life are about to come to pass. The Lord Jesus Christ is coming back soon.

March 2004
The Tornadoes

I had a dream. In this dream I saw a gigantic tornado. I was running from it. Where ever I turned to run from it, it followed me. As I ran, I spotted a huge rock and ran towards it. When I got to it. I saw steps which led into the inside of the Rock. I went down into the middle of the Rock and grabbed a piece of it. The tornado set down on top of the Rock, but from the inside of it, I could feel the vacuum trying to pull me upward. My body was pulled upwards into the air as I held on to a piece of the Rock. Then I felt the Presence of God and I began to come back down slowly. I walked back up the stairs to the top and I saw devastation. The sky was black. I heard people crying, houses were missing. Then I saw a man dressed as a pilgrim. His face was very radiant. I asked him what happened here? He just stared at me and said I do not know. He had great peace in his face. Then I saw what appeared to be a giant box made out of logs (like a log cabin). It was shaped like a carrying case, only it was made out of tree logs. Inside, there was a man crying. He was saying, “Is anyone out there, can someone help me please.” Then the dream shifted. I was at a house and I saw my mother, brother, and sister in this house. All of a sudden, we heard the sound of a tornado. All three of my family members ran to room. They put furniture up against the wall and climbed into the bed. They pulled the sheets up over there heads and trembled at the sound of the tornado. I was still in the first room. I was looking through a sliding glass door. Out of nowhere, a tornado came by a blew the glass sliding door to pieces. I fell to the floor and tried to keep from being sucked out by the tornado. After it passed, I began to get up and another tornado came. This happened 4 times. However, before the last tornado came, I saw a man I knew who was a carnal Christian. He was standing in the house. He had a look on his face as if he had no care in the world. Suddenly, the 4th tornado came by the house and took him away. I got up finally and looked outside. The dark clouds began to break and the sun came out and shined brightly. This is the end of the dream. This is the interpretation of the dream. The huge tornado represent “destruction” and the judgment of God. The Rock I ran into represented of course “Christ.” God was showing me that destruction and judgment was coming. However, I was going to be hid in Him. When I came out from the Rock I saw all kinds of destruction. This destruction is actually in reference to Katrina and troubles to come. People were missing, houses were gone and people were crying. As for the man in the wooden case, he is symbolic of those who would be shut up, isolated with no one to help. Next, I mentioned a man dressed as a pilgrim with a radiant face. He represents the believer who is just a sojourner in this world who has been in the Presence of God. The believer is considered a citizen of heaven and not this world. Those who are “sojourners of Christ” will not be moved by the troubles to come in, but shall be at peace. However, the rest of the dream is in reference to how these troubles will effect my family. They will be troubled, shut up, and scared. In addition, the 4 tornadoes which I saw are in reference to 4 types of destructions which will come. 4 is the number of perfection in the earth. Lastly, I mentioned a carnal Christian being destroyed by a tornado. God is showing what will happen to Christians who walk in the flesh and not the Spirit.

June 2005
The Fire

I had a dream. In this dream, I was walking and I saw what looked like a shopping cart. I walked up to the shopping cart and I saw newborn babies inside of it. I picked up the babies and took them into what looked like a giant trailer home. Inside, I nursed them and took care of them. Theses babies looked like they were a week old. I left the children and went into room which had a gas stove. All of a sudden, the gas stove began to leak gas badly. I opened the top of the gas stove and there was a shut off valve inside. When I turned the level it broke. Then gas continued to accumulate. Now, the lever which broke had turned into what looked like a bolt. I then grabbed a crescent wrench a begin to turn the bolt to shut off the gas. As I turned the bolt, sparks and fire began to come from under the bolt. In the dream I knew there was going to be an explosion. I kept turning and the bolt finally broke. I screamed “Oh no!” Then a giant fire ball appeared because of all the gas. I began to run and the fire ball pursued and overtook me. But I was not harmed. I ran to where the babies were. I came to them and said “We have to get out of here right now, before this place burns down” I began to pick up the babies. However, one of the babies was about 5 years old. The 5 year old said to me, “Why do I have to leave? I don't want to leave. The child argued with me. I grabbed as many babies as I could. They were on my shoulder, in my arms, between my legs and I took them out of the house. This is the end of the dream. This is the interpretation of the dream. The newborn babies are new believers who will be birthed out and cared for. The stove is symbolic of judgment of God. The gas leak symbolizes the fuel or circumstances in this world which will cause God's judgment to be unleashed. The Lord was showing me in the dream that I was working on the stove to stop the leak, but it could not be stopped. I was caught in the fire ball, but it did not consume me. The Lord is also showing me that the newborn babes in Christ will be spared, because they are still innocent and ignorant. However, the one child who was about 5, symbolizes the believer who has matured somewhat, but is rebellious. This believer will be consumed in the fire.

March 2003
“Hidden Treasure”

I had a dream during this time. In this dream, I was coming out of what looked like a fairly large school building. In the background, there was this beautiful bright green ocean. It was a beautiful, gleaming, living ocean. Then I saw people run out onto a field which was connected to the school. They ran out onto the field praising God like they were out of their minds. They were in a hysterical type of praise. Suddenly, smoke began to appear on the field. The field became so smoky that the people who were praising God were obscured. After this, the beautiful, bright green ocean that was in the background was either parted or the water receded. Me and some other believers walked into the dried up ocean. Is was like walking down into a deep valley. But as we walked into the valley we saw gold articles everywhere. I saw what looked like a scroll, and it was also made of gold. They whole valley of the ocean was filled with treasure. This the meaning of the dream. God is showing us that a time of revival is coming like never before. The praise is going to become so intense in the last days. The Presence of God is going to be manifested among believers in a mighty way. The bright, green, ocean is symbolic of ministry that will be prosperous, alive and thriving. Also, the reason why the ocean water dried up or was parted. God is showing that through ministry and the reaching of souls, great wealth and treasures are going to be handed over to the body of Christ to the praise and glory of God. God is getting ready to turn over the wealth of the wicked into the hands of the Christians.

January 2001
“The Show”

I had a dream. In this dream, I had a suitcase and I was walking into some kind of auditorium. There was a stage before me and the place was full of people. I walked on to the stage and I began to open the suitcase. I stood up and there appeared in front of me a child of about 2 years of age. Her head was badly deformed and oversized. In the dream, I put my hands on head and her head was made normal. Next, I saw a young, girl about the age of 5. Her head was clean shaven. However, in the dream I knew that she had leukemia. I put my hands on her head in the dream and hair instantaneously shot out of her head. Lastly, there was a man standing before me. I told him in the dream that he had 3 credit cards, red, white, and blue in his wallet. The man was amazed. However, when the people in the crowd saw everything that was done, they became angry. The began to say, “He's phony,” “I don't believe it,” “He's trying to trick us.” They were very offended by what they had seen. This is the meaning of the dream. The Lord is showing that He is about to perform before the world, as if a performance on stage. God will perform miraculous and supernatural works on a grand scale before people. But, some in the world will harden their hearts and not believe the miracle working of God. Hence, they will persecute the church.

April 20 2006
Tornadoes part I

The Lord had been showing me last month that I needed to go on a 20 day fast without food. I did so as the Lord showed me. Into the the third day of my fast I had a dream. In this dream, immediately, I saw huge tornadoes that filled the background. As far as I could look left and right I saw awesome and fearsome tornadoes. As I turned and ran I saw people who were standing in a line. They were not afraid. I said to them, “Tornadoes are coming!!” But, they were not afraid and did not care. I ran to another group of people who were lined up the same way. Again, I said to them, “Tornadoes are coming!!” This group did not seem concerned either. Lastly, I ran to a third group of people and I said, “Tornadoes are coming!!” This last group acted just like the two prior to it and the dream ended. This is the meaning to the dream. The tornadoes represent the coming judgment of God and destruction. God is showing that destruction is coming. The people I warned in the dream are the church. There are some people in the church who will not heed the warning of God and be consumed in destruction. Judgment begins with the house of God. The Lord has sent His warning out repeatedly, but people have not listened, nor hearkened to his voice. 3 is the number of perfection in regards to the Trinity or things of God. At the time I had this dream, the tornadoes seemed to be far off in the back ground but not close yet.

May 11, 2006
Tornadoes part II

I have almost come close to the end of my 20 day fast and I have had a very vivid dream. In this dream, I am inside a church. I go outside and I am walking up and down a street. In the dream, I am saying, “Where is the prostitute?” “Where is the prostitute?” I walk down the street and and I come back towards the direction of the church I left. As I am walking, I see another church and the members of it began to come outside. They line up and they are all cheerful and they look as if they do not have a care in the world. They are looking at something but at the moment I can not tell what they are looking at. As I walk past the end of the line, I finally see what they are looking at. I see these awesome and fearsome tornadoes just like the ones in April's dream. Only I see something different this time. I see smaller tornadoes in the middle of the sky. They look like they are about ten feet in length, but they have what looks like a cloud underneath each one of them. The sky was filled with them. When I saw this. I immediately ran into the church building and upstairs. Upstairs there was a door open. One of the smaller tornadoes came to the door and tried to enter in and I slammed the door shut and it could not enter. I fell on my face and begin to pray. I was so scared in the dream that I did not know where to leave the lights on or off as I tried to pray. Then the dream ended. This is the meaning of the dream. As in April's dream, the tornadoes are symbolic of the judgment of God and destruction. In the beginning of the dream I was looking for a prostitute. However, God is showing that even the prostitute will heed His warning quicker than His people will and will run for cover. In this dream, there were huge destructive tornadoes and small tiny ones. The huge tornadoes represent events which will engulf many and cause much destruction, chaos and death. However, the smaller tornadoes represent judgments which will not kill, but they will grievous and painful to those who are engulfed by them. They represent judgments coming because of undealt with spiritual issues. Such as believers who live in the flesh, but refuse to be purified of carnal filth.

However, the Lord is still showing that many Christians are living carelessly and not heeding His warnings.

I just wanted to share with you a dream that the Lord gave me about three days ago. I am not going to tell the whole dream, but just what He said to me. In my dream, the Lord said to me, “I am going to ‘visit’ in eight days. So, that morning when I got up. I went to look for a calendar. I counted off eight days. The eighth day landed on September the 6th. I just wanted to share that with you.

I just wanted to write you and follow up on something that was sent to you a few weeks ago. I wrote another brother in Christ about a dream I received from the Lord. This brother took part of my comments and sent it to ModernDayProphets. In my comments, I said that the Lord said He would visit in 8 days. The end of that 8 days would come to be September the 6th. I just wanted to share with you what has happened since September the 6th. There have been new outbreaks of plagues in our country if you have been listening to TBN and an increase in violence. Even in the city where I live, the planes have changed their flight paths and there are fighter jets flying in the middle of the city. Helicopters are filling the skies at night flying one after another. People have been calling the news station in regard to these strange incidents. However, the news stations have to declined to answer these actions truthfully. I can not mention the name of my city for panic sake. But three days ago, my pastor had a dream. In his dream, he saw the sky was filled with the blackest clouds you could imagine. But at the edge of the black clouds you could see a blue sky with a plane flying in it. He said all of a sudden a huge man fell from the black clouds and stood in the middle of the air. He said when he saw this huge man he thought at first that Christ had returned, because the dream was so real. He said then the air plane that was in the blue part of the sky ran into the dark clouds. He said as the plane entered into the black clouds it turned into a huge man also. The second huge man fell from the black clouds and began to wrestle and fight with the first one. He said as they fought. He notice there was a expanse of water beneath them in the air. He said the first huge man knocked the second one down into the water beneath and he began to drown. This was the end of his dream. This is the meaning of his dream. The black clouds represent the judgment of God that has come upon the earth. The first huge man represents the spirit of the world and the carnal nature. The second huge man represents the believer who in God, but is not walking in his full potential in God. When the believer who is lukewarm or not does not exercise his full potential in God, encounters the dark times ahead. He will try to rely on his flesh, rather than the anointing, to overcome the troubles of this world. He will wrestle with flesh and the spirit of this world and perish, because he failed to heed God's warning to put his “faith” into action. He will fail because he did not apply certain principles of God's Word which would help him be victorious.

Jan 5, 2007

In my dream, I was on a bus trying to go somewhere in Las Vegas. Then I realized I was going in the wrong direction. So, I got off the bus and began to head back in the opposite direction. As I walked, I came across St. Louis avenue. I saw what looked like a bridge and underneath it was a concrete slab where homeless people were sitting. I went and sat down with them. All of a sudden, a van pulled up with children in it. The children got out and began to pass out food to the homeless people. One child came up to me to give me something. I happened to have a black cap pulled down over part of my face because of the cold. I told the child he was mistaken, I am not homeless. As I talked to him, in the background I saw a train coming over a bridge support. Suddenly, a dark cloud appeared over it. The dark cloud turned into a fist and smashed the train and the bridge. Immediately, I yelled to the people with me, “Did you see what just happened? Run everybody, run.” The train was smashed along with the bridge. All of the people in that area began to run in a panic. I ran also. As I was running frantically, I heard the Lord say, “I’m taking all of my metal back. They can use lumber. Lumber can be used for many purposes.” After I heard the Lord say this, a huge black hole appeared in the sky and began to suck anything metal into it. I had all kinds of metal objects on me and because of it, the black hole pull me towards it. I was trying to get rid of all the metal objects on me. I yelled out, “Lord help. Lord help me.” As I cried for help, I managed to find what looked like a shelter cut out of the side of a building. The shelter was opened in the front, but it was quiet there and the storm did not bother me at all. Once the storm ceased, all kinds of people of different races came out from where they were hiding. Then one woman began to jump up and down like she was crazy. A woman who was watching nearby said she was hysterical. So, I went over to pray for this woman. But when we held hands she began to praise God like crazy and pray in tongues. All of a sudden, all of the people around me were praising God and praying in tongues. In addition, the Presence of God was in the midst of us. This is the meaning of the dream. The Lord is showing that He is going to withdraw His blessing from the metal industry and even cargo transportation will be hindered. As a result of this, the economy is about to go into a severe depression. This depression will be so bad that when people come out of it, they will glorify God. Moreover, people will give their lives to the Lord and be filled with the Holy Spirit. God is going to glorify Himself through what about to happen in the near future.

I just wanted to update you on some information concerning end time prophecies. About a year ago, I wrote in regard to a dream the Lord gave me concerning a city the Lord showed me. In that dream, I saw a dark cloud turn into a fist and smash the Interstate 15 highway and a train. Later the Lord revealed to me that this was in regard to a terrorist attack. Also, a black hole opened up over that city and started sucking metal up into the black hole. Well, I wanted to inform fellow believers today that the city was Las Vegas where I live.

Just in case for those who may have family members and may have felt the Lord giving them a warning concerning Las Vegas. This dream was a little more than a year ago. But a good friend sent me 3 days ago a dream he had concerning Las Vegas. I want to share it with you. Here is his dream word for word as he wrote it to me.

His nickname is “prechaman.”

“My dream was I was in some hotel and I was trying to get a job and I was trying to get this woman to not lose her cool going off on me. Then they announced that a tornado that was very destructive was heading fast to Las Vegas and everybody was to leave. Then Jamie Fox tossed me the keys to his car and ran like crazy and so did everyone else. I ran outside and looked in the sky and I saw that one part of the sky was red and the other side blue. I drove this brown looking car until it broke down and I jumped on a bike and start riding like crazy. Then I paused while riding the bike and I couldn't remember where my home was so I headed to Tropicana & Maryland and I saw car clubs in this business center flirting with the ladies like nothing was happening. The tornado is closer and I look up in the sky and the hurricane was caused by 2 weird looking spirits that looked like lightning and electricity the tornado was 2 tornadoes that came down like a V and formed one devastating tornado that destroyed everything in it's path. One spirit was on the left and the other was on the right that formed each part of the V shaped tornado. I could not make it home so I ran to a hotel and told them that I needed shelter and I wanted a room for the night and an old lady standing in front of the desk said that will be 199.00 dollars and she walked away. The front desk agent said pay her no mind. It will be 118.00 for the night with deposit.”

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