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Modern Day Prophets

Modern Day Prophet Psychiceyes

Welcome to our Christianity Oasis End Times Modern Day Prophets study program. This is our Modern Day Prophet Psychiceyes study taking a look into the Modern Day Prophet Psychiceyes story relating to the End Times.

The Modern Day Prophet - Psychiceyes

On september 18th 2001 I had a dream. I was at a small church in a town not familiar to me. I was at the bottom of the steps, outside of the church with a group of unfamiliar people. Talking to us from the top of the steps was a young girl, who was the minister of this church. The people and I seemed really interested in what this young female minister had to say, although I don't exactly remember what that was.

She explained to us that she would be back momentarily. She walked inside the door and was literally right back out again and she had on a white robe and a pope's hat, I am not sure what the name for it is but that's what it looked like to me. The girl had a different look to her as if this was not the same person. She was not wearing this attire before she went back in the door. Her eyes scared me because they looked like a goat's eyes.

I ran and tried to hide behind a fence, but still wanted to keep looking at her. It was a chain link fence so I could still see her suddenly she turned her head and those goat eyes strait to me and pointed and started to take a step down from the steps and started floating.

There was a big open field and the people started running behind her and floating up and forward with her so I followed behind and I couldn't float with them I went back in the church looking for my son and they said the children will be safe in the churches.

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