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Super Tetris game online is a casual game where the blocks fall and must be placed in the empty spaces. To play Tetris free online, you need only fit blocks and form an entire line to destroy lines of blocks and earn points. Accumulate combos by destroying consecutive lines and try to win with as many points as possible. This Free Tetris Game Online is inspired by the original acclaimed Tetris game and you play Tetris Online here, in the same way.

Did you know that the original free Tetris game was one of the first games ever created? The game of Tetris is a puzzle game created in 1985 by a man from the Soviet Union. Wow, have things changed over the years. It has withstood the ever changing Games demographic which has evolved into demon-grapghics.

It is good to still have some decent and righteous games to play online like free Tetris. Good luck and have fun because despite the game that you play, if you have fun ... You are always a winner!

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