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Christianity Oasis has provided you with this Are You Ready study. We'll be looking into that and all aspects of the Christian Walk. This SON-derful study reveals truth as to bring forth understanding and peace within.

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Are You Ready?

Welcome to our Christianity Oasis Holy Ghost Fire study program. This is our Are You Ready page. Are you ready for the End Times? Find out how asking Are You Ready can affect your be-YOU-tiful Christian walk.

There is a force out there that is attempting to overtake us all; it is Satan. There is another force that is protecting us from him; it is the Holy Spirit. It is a battle for souls. This battle is called Spiritual Warfare, and like it or not, you are right in the middle of it.

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Are You Ready?

The Bible tells us that dreams can come from God. (Job 33:14-17) They can also come from too much business, which means stuff that we are thinking on during the day that we either do not resolve in our thoughts and are still thinking on it or stuff that really touched us. (Ecclesiastes 5:3) Jeremiah in his book claims that those who claim to have a dream from God yet it did not come from God are in big trouble. (Jeremiah 23:32) I am going to tell you of a dream I had several years ago during a time that we were really studying the Bible and especially the End Times prophecies. I am NOT claiming that this was a dream or a vision from God because I do not know for sure. Yet, please discern for yourself, I believe it was from too much business since at the time all we were doing were reading and studying the Bible. I can still picture the dream very clearly today because it really was a sort of wake up call for me.

Anyway, here goes ...

I was in a wooden storage shed, filled with wooden posts, having been captured and taken prisoner by antichrist's people. There were several of them around me, they had some type of marking device for the mark of the beast, and they were constantly threatening me to take the mark of the beast or they would kill me. It was all dark outside and I am not sure if it was night or day. I was in my mind holding on for dear life with my faith in Jesus. These people who were trying to mark me were not only speaking with their mouths but also to my thoughts. The noises of their voices were so overwhelming and overbearing in my head, that I could not even keep my own thoughts straight with me. I could not focus. Try to imagine yourself in a room full of people who are yelling and screaming angry threats at the top of their lungs towards you. Then imagine yourself putting on ear muffs in hopes it would stop the noises yet you come to realize that the voices were inside your head as well. Many movies such as the Exorcist, Lost Souls and Stigmata as well as many others had scenes where a person was trying to shut their ears up because of voices and noises of evil spirits were taunting them. It was kind of like that, but even more intense. Because not only were there angry threats, but there were every temptation ever known to me that I had fallen for in my life and others I hadn't fallen for being thrown at me at once. I was being seduced by the most beautiful woman I had ever seen right in front of me while others were offering me drugs that I was addicted to for years and so on and so on.

As I was there trying, not very well, to overcome these things I remember very clearly telling myself this, "I should have, when I had the chance before all this started, prepared myself better for these days." I am telling you it was utterly impossible to overcome all these thoughts at once. If I had only practiced more at focusing on God and ignoring my surroundings. If I would have prayed more deeply and more often. If I had sacrificed more of my self and selfish ways it would have been easier to overcome this. Because, as I was trying to pray and focus on God during this time, they got louder and louder. Finally, when they saw I was not going for the mark they began to mark me anyway saying, 'It's too late, you have taken the mark, it is over for you.' I was able to tell them, " You can't just mark me with that and condemn me; I have to choose to accept it." Apparently they were trying, with fear again, to make me think I was lost because they marked me against my will. Never was there any other expression on any of their faces but just pure evil. Not a crazy laughter kinda thing either but pure hatred and violence. I also remember that as they were marking me, that I had picked up some wood and started swinging and hitting them with it knocking them down attempting to defend myself since I couldn't focus properly. Finally, after what seemed like hours of this I was told to pick out my wood for the cross they were going to nail me to. I grabbed two pieces and they shoved me out of the storage shed in to a room the size of an average living room. In there, were my two friends nailed to crosses. One of the devil people was constantly stamping one of my friends foot with the mark of the beast. My friend was crying and yelling out "Jesus is my Savior" you cannot mark me. I was told to place my cross into a hole in the floor and when I turned around and looked back my friends were gone. Then I was like taken back, a few hours before this I guess, into a dark prison cell with one of my friends with me. The one who was being stamped on his foot wasn't there. My friend and I were there waiting to be taken and killed by the antichrist's people. I remember feeling scared and not so much being scared to die but being scared within myself of not making it. Of being taken by antichrist and being damned for eternity. I told my friend of this, we both talked of these fears, and it was better after we talked and when they came to take us, we were ready. That is it ...

Dreams can be so strange cant they? Like how my friend was already on the cross dying and I was being prepared to being placed on the cross to just appearing in that prison cell with one of my friends waiting to do it over again. Like I said it's a strange dream, yet I still can see it just like it happened yesterday. Again I want to impress on you that I am NOT claiming this was a vision from God for I asked and asked many times over but I never got an answer from God confirming or denying so I am interpreting it as too much business from all the studying we were doing back then. Yet, the feelings of fear of failing and the feelings of being overcome by evil thoughts was very real to me. I learned some things from this dream. I learned that I was not ready if the end were to happen that day. First off, I could not focus and pray with all the evil thoughts and people surrounding me. Second, I resorted to violence by hitting them with the wood. Jesus never fought back with violence when He was being taken. I know this was wrong and that he who takes up the sword shall die by the sword. (Revelation 13:10) So what is the point to all this you may ask? Why is this person sharing this weird dream if it is not a message from God? Well I firmly believe in the scripture that says ALL things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28) Meaning to me that I am going to use that dream and put it to good use for the glory of God. For it has helped me to become more prepared and I hope it will help you as well. So then, we can overcome evil with good and not overcome evil with evil. (Romans 12:21) If it was from God as a warning for me to get more prepared for the evil days that are coming, evil that has never been seen on earth since God created the world nor will it ever be so evil on the earth in the future for ever, (Matthew 24:21-22) then God's will to protect His children and servants will be done to His glory. If it was from too much business of my own thoughts then the too much business being constant studying of Gods Word and seeking the essence of how the end times will be then God's Word is still the foundation of the dream and God's will be done to the glory of Him. In overall, these writings are for the glory of God and His Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

One of the devil's biggest weapons against us is FEAR. Fear leads us to start doubting that we are really saved and then we start thinking of all the bad things we had done in our past and present. We then start feeling that we could never be worthy of God because of our past deeds so we lose our faith in God by telling ourselves that God does not Love us. Which of course is a lie to think that way. (Romans 8:38-39) We then, by that doubt, start getting depressed and the next thoughts the devil hits us with is, 'Well since we are damned anyway lets go ahead and live it up.' I am sure we all know or can imagine what can come after that. Hopefully, if you ever get that far, God forbid, you will come to your senses before it gets too bad and realize that God loves us no matter what. Nothing can separate us from the Love of God and Jesus Christ. We are to repent our lack of faith, in His grace and mercy for us, and come back home for satan is the father of lies. (John 8:44) There is no fear in perfect Love and God's love for us all is perfect. (1 John 4:18)

In my dream, the evil thoughts that were bombarding my mind along with the screaming in my ears caused me to fear my own salvation that I had already received freely from Jesus. I found myself wanting to give in to that beautiful woman. I found myself wanting to take the drugs that I used to love to do. This really scared me for some time after this dream. I wasn't sure if I was really called by God or if I would even make it if I was called. Finally, after I told my best friend, who I was with at the end of my dream in the prison cell, about the dream and the fears I was feeling he told me that if I didn't give in to the evil in my dream then I wouldn't in real life. He was right of course. But the only thought I remember that wasn't evil during that awful experience in the woodshed kept echoing through my mind. If I would have only prepared MORE for this day, it wouldn't be so hard.

What can we all do as Christians to prepare ourselves for the supernatural evil that will soon be unleashed on the earth? Should we go and learn karate and body building so we can whip those evil peoples' butts? Of course not for we fight not against flesh but against principalities and evil powers. (Ephesians 6:12) So let's look at the Master and see what He did. He overcame the devil in the wilderness face to face. He fasted for 40 days and nights and after the fasting, He was hungry. Then the devil came and tempted Him and it says after that the angels came and ministered to Him. I am sure that means that the Angels had food and drink for Him. (Matthew 4:1-11) It didn't say that Jesus couldn't eat it just said He was hungry. Maybe Jesus would have turned a stone into bread to eat after the fasting. He did after all turn water into wine. What's the difference? The difference is that it was the devil who suggested it to Him. The devil asked Him IF you are the Son of God do it. So it wasn't a sin that Jesus was hungry for He did eat afterwards. It would have been a sin if He would have followed the devil's suggestion. Jesus chose to wait a little while longer and be fed by His father instead of eating right then at the advice of satan. In the dream I was being told just take the mark and you will live. Yes, for a while, I would have, and then I would have died and suffered forever. (Revelation 14:9-11) But by waiting a little while we can live and in waiting we will live forever. (Revelation 14:12) So by fasting and praying for 40 days Jesus was fully prepared as a man in the Spirit to overcome the devil head on. Moses fasted 40 days and nights when he went up to the mountain to receive the 10 commandments. (Exodus 34:28) Elijah went 40 days and nights on the strength of a few cakes brought to him by an angel. (1 Kings 19:8) Now I am not suggesting that we all go out and fast for 40 days and nights although those who did fared very well. So what should we do to prepare for the outbreak of evil spirits on us in the end times? One time, Jesus told the Apostles who were confronted by an evil spirit that was too powerful for them to remove that this type of spirit can only be removed by much prayer and fasting. (Mark 9:17-29) Lets look in the old testament at how God wants His children to fast. (Isaiah 58:3-7) Fasting is done to break down our selfish needs. By denying ourselves food, we train ourselves to not constantly go toward the call of our flesh as it calls us often but rather to sacrifice ourselves to God by denying the calls of the flesh. This is good to do but let's not forget how we are saved. Jesus sacrificed His own life for us to be saved. So all the fasting in the world will never get us to Heaven, it is by Jesus that we are saved. God calls for us to fast in this way: To lose the grip of wickedness, to set free those who are oppressed, to break the hold of evil. To feed the hungry, house and clothe the homeless. Sounds familiar doesn't it? Jesus tells us to do the same thing. (Matthew 25: 34-40) So it seems that the fasting that is acceptable to the Lord is that of allowing ourselves to suffer or be uncomfortable so that others who have not can be filled. Be it food, clothing or offering our roof to a homeless person or sharing the Gospel to those who are still under the imprisonment of satan's power. Setting them free even if it means we may have to go to a place that is not comfortable to us. Risking our lives for to save another is true fasting. Jesus did. He didn't fast for 40 days and nights before the day He was to be crucified. He ate at the last supper just hours before He was arrested. His fasting was to lay down His own life for all mankind to be saved. Fasting of this sort is needed to give us the right frame of mind that we are to be in especially during the end times. Since we are going to be confronted with all kinds of evil spirits, it would be good to be prepared to not only remove them but to not fall for their deceptions. Much prayer and fasting is needed according to Jesus. Let's look at what God promises those who fast in this manner in the old testament. (Isaiah 58:8-14) The glory of the Lord shall be our reward. We shall call on Him and He will answer. He shall guide us continually and satisfy our soul in dark times. Many lost shall be found by our decision to do His will and let Him work through us. We give Him ourselves and we shall find everlasting joy in Him. So by fasting in this way we can get prepared for what is coming. There is nothing wrong in not eating for a day or three for the Lord. With the flesh weakened, we can become more spiritual and there is nothing wrong with that. Yet, an easier and better way is to sacrifice our self by helping others. This too puts us in that same spiritual good feeling and we can enjoy a nice juicy cheeseburger as well without feeling guilty. We need to practice on this constantly. Practice giving to others, making sure all that you are with are comfortable and satisfied before you fulfill yourself. Feed the poor, if you have two coats give one to one who needs it. If you have several coats give them out and keep yourself one. This is nothing new of what God wants us to do. You saw that it is God's will in the old testament. John the Baptist said the same thing. (Luke 3:11) Jesus constantly preached it and so did His apostles. (James 2:14-16) It's nothing new we just need to do it so we can feel the power and the miracle will occur before our very eyes.

Prayer is the other thing we need to practice to be prepared. This is easier on our selfish souls isn't it? Most of us, myself being the most guilty of this, pray only when we are in trouble. Daniel was one of the most beloved people of God. He prayed three times a day. (Daniel 6:11-13) King David was the apple of God's eye. He prayed so much that he turned his prayers into songs. If you ever find yourself lacking in why you should pray be you happy or sad, read the Psalms. It's all in there. Jesus constantly went off by Himself to pray. (Mark 6:46) Paul tells us to pray constantly. (Ephesians 6:18) The best prayer is when we are alone and secluded. It is great. Yet, we must practice for the prayer we will need in the end times. Like in the dream I had, I wasn't given an opportunity to slip away by myself for a few minutes to pray so I could be strong in the temptations and outright evil attacks. It just happened. BOOM ... Are you Ready? An excellent way to prepare for this is to at least 5 minutes a day just sit and be still. Do not think do not move. Sit in a quiet place and just focus on God. It may be tough at first but with practice it will become second nature. You will hear minor distractions. Perhaps as soon as you sit down the phone will ring or a knock at the door or sirens from the streets outside. Do not stray. 5 minutes is nothing in one day. Do not let yourself be carried away by your own thoughts either. Just be still and seek to hear the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. As time goes by and you get good at it then you will want to test yourself in other situations. Before you do your 5 minute focus on God session, crank up the TV or radio and practice tuning in to God with loud distractions and in so doing you will tune out the world. Even play one of your favorite songs or put on your favorite TV show or movie. Something that would tempt you to call you away from what you are doing. Once you get that down go out in public and do it. Be it at the mall or at work. Loud crazy situations in public. Believe me, when it comes down to that evil time coming you will be glad that you can immediately go in to prayer and tune into God at anytime. Paul said to be instant in Prayer. (Romans 12:12) This is what he meant.

At the end of my dream, I was scared. I talked to my best friend who is a Christian. That helped too. Sometimes we just can't get things right on our own even after trying prayer and meditation on God. The best way to fix this is to confess to God what we are fearing or feeling. But when we can't, talk to a brother or sister in Christ and God will use that person to get through to you that way. (Galatians 6:1-2) Whatever method as long as it works for you in the end. We have many resources and tools made available to us by God. All we need to do now is use them. We need to actually do it and we will succeed in His grace. Billy the Kid once said that we must test ourselves daily or we will get too slow and end up dead. It is so true. Musicians who are any good at making music practice constantly. Same with artists, actors, football players and etc. How much more should we be practicing for what we KNOW is coming? Our lives and even more importantly, the lives of others will depend upon it. Let us test ourselves instead of watching too much TV. Just sit back and think of what the end times will be like and how you may be used as a tool by God in the end. Practice being instant in prayer no matter what your current surroundings may be. Practice going inside your heart where you talk to God in an instant. Perfect it for we will need to be ready. I know that our enemy and his people are practicing and getting ready. BE PREPARED for the end will come when we least expect it ... UNLESS ... we ARE expecting it AND are prepared for it ... (1 Thessalonians 5)

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