Faith is the Answer

Christianity Oasis has provided you with this Faith is the Answer study for those who need to know this Truth ... Faith IS the answer. This and many other enLIGHTening Christian studies and Christian programs are available to you. Enjoy!

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Faith is the Answer

Welcome to our Christianity Oasis Holy Ghost Fire study program. This is our Faith is the Answer page. Find out how Faith is the Answer and how it can affect your be-YOU-tiful Christian walk.

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Faith is the Answer

Is Death a Dark Valley or a Rainbow Bridge?
by Norman Vincent Peale

Check out this short story on faith being the answer:

"If a baby not yet born, still tucked under his mother's heart, could think, he might say to himself, "This is a great world where I now am. It is warm. I'm taken care of. I like it." And then someone might say to him, "But you're not going to stay here. You have to move on. You're going to die out of this place. You're going into another world." That baby would look upon the process of birth as if it were death, since it would be the end of the pleasant state he was in. And he would protest, "I don't want to die, I want to stay here." What to us is birth, to him is death, and he resists it. But the day comes when he does die to that life and is born into our world.

What happens to him? He is cradled in loving arms. Everyone that comes near loves him. He is the king of the world he surveys. Then he begins to grow and he finds life good. He has some difficulties, but he loves GOD and people love him. And he loves this world with its seasons, its beauty, its mysteries and its human companionship.

Finally he gets to be an old man and he is told, "You have to die." He protests, "I don't want to die. I love this world. I like to feel the sun on my face, and the cool rain. I love the faces of my wife and children. I don't want to die." But he does die to this world and is born into the next.

Now can you believe that all of a sudden the character of GOD and the constitution of the universe are going to be changed so that a person will be born into a place of gloom and terror, or will be left in a state of nothingness? That is preposterous.......

He will awaken to find himself young again. Loving faces will greet him; loving hands will touch him. More beautiful sunlight will surround him; sweeter music will sound in his ears. All tears will be wiped from his eyes, and he will say, "Why was I so afraid of death, when, as I now know, it is LIFE?"

When we come to the sad experience of losing someone you love, cling to this conviction of the goodness of GOD and believe that your dear one has gone not into darkness, but into light. So much depends on your point of view! You can think of death as a DARK VALLEY--or as a RAINBOW BRIDGE between two marvelous worlds, a bridge that all our departed loved ones have crossed and which we too, will cross one day to be reunited with them.......

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Faith ... Truly is the answer to most problems that you will ever encounter on your Christian walk.

Hope you enjoyed ... Faith is the Answer.