Heaven on Earth

Christianity Oasis has provided you with this Heaven on Earth Bible Study on how to have a Heavenly Life for those diligently seeking to partake of this Heaven on earth. This and many other enLIGHTening Christian studies and Christian programs are available to you. Enjoy!

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Flaming Holy Ghost Fire

Heaven on Earth

Welcome to our Christianity Oasis Holy Ghost Fire study program. This is our Heaven on Earth Bible Study on how to have a Heavenly Life and how it can affect your be-YOU-tiful Christian walk.

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Holy Ghost Fire
Heaven on Earth

Chapter 1
God & Christianity

GOD the Father, or GOD
created the stars and the moon, the sun
and the universe God wanted to come to us
in a way which would make and help us understand
he came in the form of man by a humble virgin Mary
an Angel told her she would bare a child
Jesus had no interest in romance
he was sent to fulfill a prophecy
to fulfill a mission to die for our sins
cause he knew he would be betrayed
mankind needed a savior and salvation
I think by 2013 everybody on Earth will be Christians
baptisms are every year the light is what keeps us strong
God said not to worship the sun nor the moon
mankind needed a savior and salvation
I am a Catholic Christian ...
Protestants preaches Hellfire and Brimstone
more and Catholics preach his love and mercy
and also his wrath Orthodox is a generic form of Christianity
there are also coptic Christians

An Everlasting Light:

Throughout the wondrous galaxy
and the beautiful real stars above...
through the universe shines a bright light...
to shun out all the darkness...
everybody who needs an Angel...
may one be at your side in times of need...
as I listened to that song send me an Angel...
it touched me...like a feeling I never felt before...
Angelic warriors of the light...
feel the Angel effect of might...
I shall fly...I shall fly...
feel my beats become entranced...
in my musical conduction...
feel these lyrics of light...
you need me...with or without me...
if I shall die I'll be back again...
I have no fear...my poetic grace
and humble beauty...beats within me...
a warrior of light...
who stood tall ready for the fight...
who stood alone in darkness...
to slay evil throughout the universe...
I love trance dance...and I love romance...
Ooooo Ooooo an Everlasting Light...

The Light Shun's Through The Darkness

and through the mist of things...
been alone for four seasons...
I've accomplished greatness yet I want more...
I've been through loneliness but now I've gotten used to it
light please shine for me everyday...
the light shuns through the darkness...
a guide for those who are lost...
the light will see me through...
and my dreams will all come true...
I've been believing listening inside the self spirit...
I've made it this far...I've come so far...
I will...I will...soar through the sky...
and in my times when I had darkness...
the light shun through the darkness...
The Light Shun's Through The Darkness
and through the mist of things...
the light will see me through...

Creatures of the Light

I see the angels overcome
we're creatures of the light
and we're ready for the fight
I see the angels up high a shield of light
to protect is to see
we sing about truth and we are
the truth warriors of our time
we're creatures of the light
we're creatures of the light
we're creatures of the light
I see the angels up high a shield of light

Chapter 2

I was told in church that Marriage is not a
religious issue but it is in fact my church
said to vote yes on Amendment 43
and I will cause Marriage since the 1200's
and 1300's and 1400's there has been only
man and a woman marrying and that's
how it should stay I find it stupid
that we were actual debating this
Marriage is something sacred
only get married if it's your soul mate
divorces happen but they should happen
only if it's truly not meant to be
gay marriage would be an abomination to GOD
civil unions are acceptable marriage is not
Marriage is also a morale issue
man and woman are meant to be married not
man on man and woman on woman
Even wildlife animals mate solely with female partners

Chapter 3
Islam Is Evil

Since high school Muslims
have been killing each other
and non believers of their pagan cult
Hubal was and is a pagan moon God
which Allah was derived from Greeks
converted and stopped believing in
false gods known as the gods and converted
then they later became Orthodox a generic form of Christianity
there was Greek and eastern orthodox
Moses did exist though this was before Jesus
the Son of God. God the father is saying God in general
thee creator of Heaven, Earth and the stars, the moon
Islam uses a pagan symbol the Crescent Moon
and they proclaim they worship God but he's not the father
he's Hubal otherwise known as Allah
God the father created the sun as well even the universe
Islam it seems would be Insane Sacrifice Lust And Murder,
or Insane Suicide Lust And Murder
Muslims means Men Under Satan's Legs In Mental State

Chapter 4

Politics these days are stupid
I've seen on the yahoo message boards
that the Conservatives are just senseless
though I am not Democrat I am of the Independent party
from the Foley scandal to Bush many people
will vote Democrat not to mention it seems
as of 2007 even since 2004 there has been a war
on Politics we are a Democratic Republic just like
back to our first Forefathers utopia doesn't exist
and it never will the New World Order already
happened in WCW saving us from there
ever being an NWO in real life as that would
mean literally the end of the world
Clinton was great for our economy
he should have never been put on trial
it was only oral sex not actual sex to our knowledge
The war in Iraq is an illegal invasion and we need to
get out I did very well in government in high school
Iran is also a threat and their president is a liar
Iraq is not a true democracy for democracy is about freedom, love,
more importantly morale meaning values love is equally important
Love means Love of Virtue Eternity

Love-(Love Is What Makes The World Go 'Round)

Love is worth more than money it cannot compare
Love is a compassion Love shines brighter than a diamond
If you truly love someone tell them Love is beauty
Love is great there will always
be love cause love is beauty
without Love there would be nothing...
Love is beauty there will always be love
Love is what makes the world go round
Love can be a dream Love is beauty
Love is being in that sweet embrace
When you find your love embrace it
To you that one person may mean the world
Love comes from within embrace her with all you've got
Love is what makes the world go 'round

Chapter 5

Sex should be something that is sacred
homosexual sex is wrong and Sex is something
that teenagers want starting at 15-16 years of age
they are very curious and want to experience it
that's why they need to wear protection
Sex is that of two lovers having intimate intercourse
compassion to the first degree

Chapter 6
Online pornography

While looking at naked women
and women's nudity up close is something
that of natural human instinct and desire
it's not bad though there are a lot of sites
that are just plain nasty and those explicit
and disgusting sites should be banned

Chapter 7
The Afterlife

I think it would be stupid
if one died never to return again
here's something below that is very insightful

The Afterlife:

The Afterlife a second life after death to live again...
will you go to heaven or will you go to hell...
if a person was to die not to see life again...
then what is the point of living in the first place...
to live then to die...that's why I believe in an afterlife...
I believe I will comeback as me better than I ever was...
ashes to ashes dust to dust and you shall return
but will you go to heaven or will you go to hell...
forgiveness of sins yes that is true but only...
if you're truly sorry deep down...
if you listen to satan you will go to hell...
if you continue on that path you're on...
you won't see heavens golden gates...
I've been through a couple of set backs...
yet I stay strong...I'm not afraid of death...
I'am not afraid to die...
if death is a spirit then so is LIFE...
the Afterlife...I have a friend who believes in reincarnation...
but I don't believe you come back as a different person with a new name...
that's just a thought cause you want a new life...
or is it because you think that GOD...
will allow you to be something your not...
maybe a person can comeback as an animal...
a part of wildlife...but I believe in an Afterlife...
I will comeback better than before...
with my name...that I was born with...

Chapter 8

I feel their will be another Holy war
between Christians Versus Islam which
I think the majority of muslims are evil
and that muslims are still pagans
GOD said not to worship the sun nor the moon
nor the stars Aztecs used to worship the sun
and a false sun god for there was no sun god
nor moon god as they were deceived by the Devil
I believe the Devil's End will be in 2007 and
that the devil's arrogance and the devil will be rid
of this world the devil stands for all that is evil
Satan he's a fallen angel he thought
he was better than God
he offered false promises
he is the Prince of Darkness
1/3 of the Angels betrayed GOD
and they were kicked out of Heaven
Slay the Evil and that's how satan will
be no more the devil has been known
to everyone as Satan and or Lucifer

Chapter 9

Animals are such wondrous creatures
they make the world so much more interesting
and there should be an international law protecting them
Animals deserve an everlasting protection and tough
protection law meaning no poaching and no hunting
Animals are God's creations and we are too
Animals have souls especially dogs and cats
we buy their food, which is what they need
and they play a big role in our lives
Wolves are very Godly creatures and have
been misinterpreted Wolves are Guardians
and are special creatures

Chapter 10
The New Earth And Heaven

The New Earth and Heaven
will be a Christian like world
where morale will be high
and severe lust and evil will be no more
The new Earth is one where it will
be pure paradise with no conflicts
Jesus said all will bow before God the father
and shall love me and do what is right
Jesus had a lot of morale he was sinless
Jesus will come it depends on how you look at it
spiritually, he will come


LightDark-(Angelic Warriors and the Seraphim Angels)
You tried and threaten me with your scheme
A dark knight was coming for me there was a place to run
there was a place to fight you thought you had me in chains
a warrior of light is coming for you
perversion and hate will be destroyed
good will prevail oh yes it will
we need ... peace ...
peace on earth oh peach on earth
the darkness will be destroyed
I believe ...
I believe
In the Angels the ArchAngels,
the Seraphim Angels
There is a Heaven and a Hell

Angelic Warriors:

Angelic Warriors are here for us
They're here to fight they're here for
a good reason, don't look down on them
they are here for you there's even the Angelic Elv's
Angelic Warriors are here for us
They're here to fight they're here for
a good reason, don't look down on them
they are here for you Angelic Warriors
The ArchAngels stem from the light
Angelic Warriors aren't just Angels
they're Angelic Warriors.
Let The Angel Effect hit you
cause you've been needing
the Angel Effect you just
didn't know how to keep it
the Angelic Warriors are here for you
The Devil is a fallen angel and his arrogance
was his downfall the devil's end will be soon
2012 he will end for GOD is tired of it all
GOD is perfect GOD is love GOD is morale
The devil is already weakening for love will conquer
and hate will die and morale and virtue will make
this country strong and the world will be rid of evil

Hope you enjoyed ... Heaven on Earth.