The End is Near

Christianity Oasis has provided you with this The End is Near Bible study. We are all becoming aware that the end is near by the signs of the times that are occurring all around us. From wars to weather changes, natural disasters, terrorism, etc. Let us seek and find within the Bible if the end is near together shall we?

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The End is Near

Welcome to our Christianity Oasis Holy Ghost Fire study program. This is our The End is Near page. Find out how knowing The End is Near can affect your be-YOU-tiful Christian walk.

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The End is Near

Many people have considered that the end is near but just exactly how near is the end? Come check out this and hundreds of other Christian walk studies and End Times studies within our Christian community. The end is near.

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How close are we to the end of the world? If only by watching the news, at least what they tell us anyway, it seems obvious that we are living in a time that just boggles the minds of the people of God. Jesus said that when the end comes it would be as it was in the days of Noah and of Sodom and Gomorrah. (Luke 17:27-30) What exactly does that mean? Well, Jesus is saying that the end of the world in Noah's time was a set day by God. He had already decided that He was going to destroy the world with water and start afresh. Yet He also found Noah to be a righteous man. Of course, they all laughed at Noah because they did not believe him. How do we know this? Well, none of the people were on the ark except Noah and his family. These people were laughing because to them all seemed well. They were doing their own thing, marrying, owning land and having children with great plans for the future. However, God said that all of mans imaginations of the heart were evil. It was so evil in fact, that God was going to destroy it all. God felt bad that He even created humanity it was so evil. (Genesis 6 & Genesis 7) Nevertheless, God being very merciful and a God of Love He had a greater plan. He saved Noah and his family including Noah's wife and his three sons and their wives and two of all the unclean animals as well as seven pair of each clean animal to give humanity another chance. The Bible says that Noah found grace in God's eyes for Noah walked with God. For this reason, God spared Noah and his family. Now all these people who drowned, Jesus said that they were all eating and drinking and marrying and they did not know the end was come until the great waters swept them all away to their death. Right before this flood occurred; the fallen angels had left their home in Heaven and mated with the women of the earth. According to the book of Enoch, out of this unholy mating, came forth giants who were killing, feeding, and destroying the earth's resources just to satisfy their bellies. Now, have we come to this point yet in our times? Are the giants now major corporations who for their own bellies are destroying God's green earth and the earths resources? Watch and be prepared is one of the constant messages both by Jesus and the Apostles in the New Testament. Look at the world we live in now; is there any reason for God to let this go on any further? Everything our society is telling us to do to be good normal citizens is this: First, forget about God and lets all believe in what we want to, we are our own unique creatures and we all have the power to save ourselves. (2 Timothy 3: 1-5) Read that verse and ask yourselves if this is not already happening in the world today. Every soul has to choose and we as Christians know and understand that there are choices we have to make and God has left it up to each of us to make that choice. But, up until the last several years, God has been an option as a choice for mankind. But now, they have taken God out of our schools and we get shootings like in Columbine where these kids with guns said anyone who believes in God will die. There were a couple maybe only even that one girl who kept standing and she was killed. There are so many more other situations that we see on the news concerning schools that it would take months to write them all out. Most of the time these events do not even make the news. Just recently, a young girl in junior high was expelled from school for mentioning the word God. Have we gone too far? Our forefathers fought and died for this great country so that we can be free from the tyranny of dictators. They fought in the name of God and freedom. Most of our military today have a saying that they will fight till death for GOD and country. Well that was several years ago, maybe they are not allowed to say that anymore. Meanwhile, we have the Supreme Court who is the highest law of the land. They make the laws and they all agreed to not only remove God from our schools but now they are removing the 10 commandments in heavy stone from our public places such as courtrooms, libraries etc ... All in the name of what? So that some people will not be offended because they see God's laws that they choose not to follow? Are they really that spiteful to remove the very foundation on what this country was founded on for their own comfort so they will not be offended? Yet I ask you this, and believe me I do not agree with the majority of the Jerry Falwells and the moral majority movement. However, I can remember years ago and I guess they are still doing it today, they are protesting TV, movies, and music of how they have become filled with violence and sex and drugs and all kinds of filthy immoral living standards that are being taught to our children and us. Yet it seems to me that they are not getting any help from the Supreme Court in this matter. Have you heard of any TV shows, movies, porno and violent and sex ridden video games being removed? I have not. These violent video games and satan inspired death metal music that these Columbine kids were listening to repeatedly and finally made them snap and go on a rampage; can we still get these materials at any local store that sells these goods? Yes. I can not turn on the TV today to find a good movie or to catch up on the news without being made sick to my stomach with all the new shows and commercials that are filled with sex, violence and where they make it cool and normal to commit adultery on one's spouse or loved one. That if you are not doing these things there is something wrong with you. This stuff is all around us in this world constantly. Satan inspired advertising and media events promoting sex, violence, adultery, looking out for self instead of helping our neighbors in need. We store up our own little materials and riches for our own comforts and convenience. Now tell me, out there in the world and this includes churches, what percentage would you say on TV, radio, movies, bill boards, buildings, cars, monuments and everything else would you say pertains to God? I will go overboard here and say maybe 10%. Yet now, they are offended by a few 10 commandment statues and plaques because the word of God offends them? I wonder what is next. Knocking down churches to the ground because they have crosses out front? I know in the state I live in a few years ago they outlawed placing crosses on roadsides where a love one died in a car wreck or drive by shooting. Grieving families and friends would plant a small wooden cross with flowers at the area where the accident occurred. Well, these so-called freedom fighters were offended at that too so they got the lawyers to have them removed as well. I think they said we could place a star instead. Is this ridiculous? All so that they would not be offended. I tell you this and I feel that I speak for all my fellow Christian brothers and sisters. I am offended at your worldly TV shows, your movies, your music, your bumper stickers and little Darwin fishes on the back of your cars. I am sick and offended that you have allowed homosexuals to commit sodomy as a legal act. I do not like to go to the grocery store and see two men in a deep passionate kiss while my children and I are looking for some ice cream for after dinner tonight. I am offended that you will not let our children say a prayer in school or wear a t-shirt that says Jesus on it yet you teach them the religion of witchcraft and sorceries and let other kids wear shirts that promote satanic music, sex and violence. We are offended at your acts and deeds oh world because we as Christians have to live in your world for now and it vexes our spirits just as it did Lot in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. Yet you won't find us praying to your lawyers or your wanna be gods in their great black robes up on a hill in Washington. You will not find us on the Bill Maher show or some other talk show whining about how we want this or that song removed from radio because it talks bad about God or says He does not exist. No, instead you will find us on our knees in prayer to the Only God, to Jesus Christ of Nazareth the Son of God. You will find us praying for those who are being deceived by your satanic inspired movements. You claim to be activists in freedom yet you shy away from your convictions if it means public embarrassment or being physically accosted yet we as Christians would count it as being a medal of honor to get beat up and even killed for our beliefs. Soon, very soon, as this is already happening all over the world, violence against Christians who stand up for their beliefs will be more of a common occurrence. Even in this country, I am sorry to say. Seriously, what is next after all the 10 commandments are gone? Church steeples? Crosses? It may sound far fetched but look at all that has happened in just the past several years? This world has slowly been turning into a giant cesspool of sin and not only the sin, we all sin and are sinners, but the practice of loving and enjoying the sin. We are the minority in this world but we have a God who is majority over all. All we can do is fight the good fight, convert others to Jesus or rather let Him use us, as tools to do His will. Although from where the world is standing they think they are happy but we know they are not. Yet if they see the joy and love in us through all the tribulations that we go through how can they not seek and desire to be where we are? For they know inside they are unhappy and helpless. They are just doing what they have been taught. Like cattle to the slaughter. Not too long ago an evangelist, who deals in spiritual warfare, went to a California high school to give an hour-long sermon about Jesus to the school. The school at first thought he was going to give a speech about spirits, you know like there are spirits out there unseen and we can tap into them and such like with a ouija board. However, when he got there and they found out he was a preacher and he was going to be teaching people about Jesus they denied him his sermon. They would not let him speak a word yet that very same day a few women from a witch's coven came and gave their sermon to the English class. This man wanted to sit in just to see exactly what they were saying yet he was warned very strongly not to even mention the word Jesus or else he would be removed and very possibly be put in jail. So he witnessed these witches pull out a big black blanket and they started writing on this blanket satanic symbols and such and then they lit their candles and had a type of a s éance ceremony.

Now, the law states and this is what the atheists and all the little civil rights groups and all are complaining about is separation between church and state. But aren't the wicca witches, muslims and satanic groups religious organizations as well? They have their ideals and they gather to worship often. If it is to separate church and state then why do these other religions get to share their views but if a Christian stands up to speak of God, we are going to jail. Apparently, their only agenda is to remove God from our society and it is working. Strange don't you think? Not really, not when you look back to all the prophets in the Bible. They except for a chosen few were murdered, imprisoned, executed, tortured, shamed, spit on and laughed at. (Matthew 23:34-35) They were the minority and the world did not like what they had to say because it was from God so they took care of them. (John 15:18-21) What happened to Jesus? Same thing. His apostles, all the followers after that except of course for the 'self-proclaimed' followers. You know the ones who live in million dollar homes and drive expensive cars. They make a pretty penny off God's good name yet they do not do to the least of Jesus brethren as they do unto themselves. These people are false teachers and false christs. They have made being a Christian be a bad thing and have turned away many. Probably one of satans greatest tricks. Because if he can make a self-proclaimed man of God get busted for things that he preached against what would you think? I used to think before Jesus saved me that all of that Jesus stuff was a joke because of these self proclaimed men of God. I mean look at these people, they prey on old widows inheritances, they say all the youth is evil because they listen to rock and roll yet at the same time they snort cocaine off of a whore while their wives sit at home high off their rocker on their own prescription dope piling on more makeup then the law should allow. I bet the cost of one day's makeup would feed a family of four on the streets for a week, maybe 2 weeks. How do we as Christians look upon such behavior? We are sickened by it. How do you think those who do not believe in God react? They know that they can't turn to Christianity because those people can't even practice what they preach. So where do they turn? The only other place to turn is the world. What is everybody else doing? I tell you within days of writing this statement, I have seen on the news that a new show called 'Queer eye for the straight guy,' which is a show about five homosexuals who seek out straight men and make them fashionably acceptable. They change their wardrobes and their home decorating and everything. What kind of show is this and who would watch it? Well it is on basic cable but last week they aired it on a major network. Guess what? It was the second most watched show of that week. Well, if that's what the people want then they will get more of it. Expect more of these kind of shows in the future and probably more provocative as well. I remember when the Walton's and Little House on the Prairie were the popular shows. Now its gay guys converting straight men and violent cops who cheat on their wives/husbands. We have been conditioned as a society that this is normal behavior. I am sure that before the flood came the world didn't become filled with the love of sin overnight. I bet it was gradual. Satan doesn't pop out of the shadows with a monster mask on and say boo I am the devil. If he did, no one would follow him or his ways because it is too scary. But he is smarter than all that, he gradually drops seeds of filth that captivate peoples' minds and slowly but surely what we once thought was filthy is now not only acceptable but embraced as normal behavior. They tell us it is a healthy change and that we are growing inside and becoming more accepting of all kinds of different people and their behaviors. That is a lie, we are becoming brainwashed and the only result is spiritual death, which is what satan wants. Satan doesn't want to be alone for eternity for he knows what is coming in his future. (Revelation 20:10) Catholic priests who 'self-proclaim' to represent God on this earth are molesting little children and getting away with it. The ACLU in the name of freedom has removed God from our schools and our public buildings. What is next, our homes? If we wave a flag in our front yard with the cross of Jesus Christ, will that offend our neighbors who are atheists? Meanwhile we, as Christians, have to be offended at the filth that we see just driving to work on billboards, in passing cars and even at the workplace. We may have to listen to Bob's husband whom he found cheating on him and all the people there feeling sorry for Bob. I don't care what the world says is right and acceptable it is not acceptable with God. A friend of the world is an enemy of God. (James 4:4) That's the truth. The world did not like what all the past prophets were saying and they are not going to like what we are saying either. So what are we to do about this situation? We after all are God's representatives in this world. God did not save us and call us to be in Heaven with Him forever just for us to sit around and count the days until He comes back. We are to go and spread the good news to all creatures on this earth. (Mark 16:15) What is the good news? The good news is that we do not have to be a slave to satan's ways anymore. We do not have to be accepted by this world and by our peers to be able to feel good about ourselves. All we have to do is recognize in true and complete honesty with ourselves that we are lost, that we are sinners against what we know is right from God's laws and we cannot save ourselves. There is a God. We are here because He created us. We need to accept that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He died without ever sinning for us that did sin. (Romans 5:6-8) So do we do as the Muslims do to convert others or as the Catholics used to do? Do we say believe in our way or die? NO... So what do we do? Do we form militias and fight those who try to crush us underfoot? NO ... (Revelation 13:10) Do we, so as to be accepted by others that believe in something a bit different, change our beliefs so that we can all just get along? NO ... (Galatians 1:6-9) We do what Jesus said to do. LOVE one another. For when the world sees that you LOVE one another they will know that we serve Jesus and that we are His disciples. (John 13:34-35) Jesus also said that when we are brought before worldly leaders that we should not practice on what to say but the Holy Spirit will speak through us in that hour. (Mark 13:11) People; imagine if all the filth and sin and anti-christian mentality floating around in our world today was mud. If we did not constantly shower and clean the mud off us, we would soon be overtaken by the mud and then we would become the mud as well. So we must be constant in prayer and constant in cleansing our spirits from the spiritual mud that tries and covers us daily. It's either that or we become consumed and die off. We all know the trash out there and we all know how vexing it is to us. Yet we can overcome it by loving one another and especially those who are lost. We need to be the light so there is something they can see for they are surrounded in darkness. (Matthew 5:16) If we do not shine the light God has given us who will? Satan is transformed into an angel of light. (2 Corinthians 11:14) His light is all over the place yet it is fake. It is like a light bulb that flickers and eventually burns out. But the light of God that burns inside of us will never burn out. Those who know Jesus voice will come to the light. Many of them now are lost. Jesus said those who know His voice would hear Him and come to Him. (John 10:16) Read your Bible then turn on the news. Read the End Times page on the Christianity Oasis website and look around at the world we live in. This is the end times; it has just been creeping up on us slowly. It is going to get darker and harder for those of us who believe but if we withstand until the end we will live forever in peace. We are going to get dirty, that is a fact. But we must not be overcome with the dirt. We must overcome evil with good. Spiritual warfare is rampant around us. The board game Monopoly was for many years the number one selling game in the US. Now it is the Ouija board. Kids are killing themselves and practicing witchcraft because of what these evil spirits are telling them through the Ouija board medium. The woman who wrote Harry Potter claims that her books are fantasy. Yet she also admits that all of the witches and warlock ceremonies and ingredients are exactly how it is done by those who practice witchcraft. She did her research and learned it all from a witch's coven. The people who publish her books are Scholastic publishing. These are the same publishers who publish all of our children's schoolbooks. What are they teaching our children? I tell you what they are not teaching them ... God. How much longer will it be and is already happening now until our children are practicing witchcraft? A little 12-year-old girl told her mom she is a witch. Her mom asked her why would she say such a thing? She told her mom that her teacher in school, who is also a wicca witch, told her that if there are black spots on her privates then she is a witch. A 12 year old little girl people was told this by her teacher in school, her mentor, an adult she looks up to and believes what she says. A 15 year old boy who learned from the Ouija board the day he was going to die. This boy was so scared and was told by all his friends that it was true he really believed it. The day of his foretold death was his 16th birthday, the day before his birthday this boy put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger. These are not even a needle in a haystack of incidents occurring all over the world. Why isn't the media telling us these things? How come they only pick and choose what to tell us? Well CNN is owned by Ted Turner, he is the biggest professing atheist out there and he has the money and power to back up his beliefs. We as Christians do not need money or worldly power. David as a humble shepherd boy killed Goliath by the power of God. (1 Samuel 17:42-51) Elijah lived in caves yet he had the power from God to raise a child from the dead. (1 Kings 17:17-24) Paul by the power of God was able to blind a sorcerer who was hindering Paul in saving souls for Jesus Christ. (Acts 13:9-12) All the prophets and people of God have power because it is not our power it is His. We as a Church have become weak. Why? Because we have lost our faith. The world has broken us down so much that we do not believe in the Spirit and Power God has given us all who believe in Jesus anymore. We do not believe that Jesus promised us that when He is in Heaven and we have the Holy Spirit in us, which we do, we can do even more miracles then Jesus Himself did. (John 14:12) I do not mean slapping people on the forehead and saying you are healed and by the way send me your money. I am talking about what the apostles did. They stood up to those who told them to stop preaching in His name. They spoke out boldly not caring what was done to them. They had nothing to lose and yet everything to gain. (Acts 4:16-21 & Acts 5:40-42) We have become too comfortable. Just like in the Rocky movies. Remember when Rocky was poor and struggling through life but he wanted to be a boxer no matter what. Everyone told him he was no good and wouldn't make it yet he kept on and on. Finally, he got his break and when he did, he fought with all he had because he knew that he had nothing to lose yet everything to gain. He succeeded, he had passion, he had the eye of the tiger. But later after he was rich and got comfortable, he lost his edge and he lost. He lost because inside he felt he already got all he wanted, if he lost, he would still be ok. But he wasn't. Yet he came back and went back to his roots and he won again. We can do that too. Jesus said to the church of Ephesus in Revelation You have lost your first love. Go back and find that love again. (Revelation 2:4-5) That's what Rocky did and that's what we need to do. We feel that we know we are saved and if we lose we will still be safe. According to Jesus in His Olivet discourse when He was discussing end times He said, Whoever seeks to save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life shall preserve it. (Luke 17:33) Why would He say that out of the blue in the midst of describing end times? With the end coming closer and closer it is not a time for us to sit in ease and comfort with our salvation, it is a time to get out there and risk our lives for Him by saving those who are lost and by standing up and not conforming to worldly ways which we know are wrong. When we were first saved, we felt the power, we felt the boldness, we felt we could take on anything. Yet after time goes by we get complacent. We need to earnestly pray for that first love to return to us. What good are we as soldiers in the faith if we cant even stand up much less fight for what's right? People ... we were dead. Literally dead, He saved us; He bought us with the price of His own blood. We are His now. That means we can't fail if we let Him use us as He will. It's when we get our own ideas on what we should do and how we should live, that's when the enemy satan gets a foothold in us and slowly takes us back to where we were. We were dead. We are now alive. We need to feel and live the power of God in our lives again because the time is at hand. Look around, people will say oh, there were always homosexuals there was always wars always murder and sexual immoralities and sin. Yes, that is true but Jesus said it is like the birth pangs of a woman. As the child gets closer the pangs get more often and more stronger. We can't get through one day anymore without a new war or new immoralities and now not only is the love of sin run rampant God is being taken away from our society. Our God is a jealous God and an all-consuming fire. He knew this was going to happen and He knew what He was going to do. It is upon us as saved believers to do something. If we do not stand up in the face of our enemies and Love one another and stand up and speak out against the injustices we will be just like them. Someone once said Evil is triumphant when good men do nothing. If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice. We have nothing to fear, we have God in our corner. If He tells us to do something and we go do it, can anything hurt us? Will He not take care of us? If we do not believe that He will, then why did we go do His bidding in the first place? If we do what He says then we believe He is real. So with that same belief we should believe His other promise that we will live forever. It is time to make a stand. Pray globally and act locally. But remember, Jesus came not to condemn the world but to save it. We are not here to judge others we are here to save. Yet, when we see injustice, we need to speak out. Did not Jesus when He saw what they were doing in the Temple making money off God turn their tables over and proclaim that they were wrong? (Matthew 21:12) Yet when they came to kill Him did He not allow them to do so? I believe He is giving us a strong message here. When He saw God being mocked or offended, He spoke out. Yet when it was His self that was being attacked, He allowed it. All through His time here, He tells us to lose ourselves for His sake and we will be saved. Love God first with all your heart and love our neighbors as ourselves. He who would gain the whole world but lose his own soul then what kind of trade is that. We stand up for our God and our brothers and sisters but if someone offends us, our self, we are to turn the other cheek. There is a difference and we all know it between someone offending our pride and someone offending our cause. Our cause is God and His work. We need to pray and find out from God what His purpose for us is here on earth. If we do not already know what His plans for us are, we need to find out. And when we do and if we do already know, we need to act. It is time. For time is ticking away. Watch and prepare. Get prepared is a constant in Jesus preaching. (Mark 13:35-37 & Matthew 24:42-51 & Luke 21:34-36) If we are caught sleeping when it is time like the five unwise virgins were, it will be too late for us. (Matthew 25:1-13) Let us go out as sheep amongst wolves and stand up for what is right in God's eyes and bring our lost brothers and sisters home. Stay blessed and keep your eyes open for I think we all know there is not too much more that can happen to make this world as it was in the days of Noah and in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah. Read about Noah, read about Lot read about all of God's people and see what they did that made God proud of them. For God and Heaven (Our Country) ...

A fellow servant of Jesus Christ and Soldier in the Spiritual Fields of Battle ...

Hope you enjoyed ... The End is Near.