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Welcome ... Prepare to experience some of the most awe inspiring Church Signs sayings with Church signs messages possessing thought provoking Christian morals. We also present you with hundreds of deLIGHTful Christian Walk Studies which share secrets on how to obtain and maintain faith in an untoward generation as well as many enLIGHTening End Times Studies created to uplift the soul, enhance the Christian life and make one aware of the multitude of lures and traps that one may encounter as they sojourn along the Christian path.

Short Church Sign Sayings About Faith

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Have you ever driven by a Church and read the Church signs sayings out front of many Churches which share witty Church sign quotes? These Church signs are actually billboards for the Lord, planting righteous seeds of Truth within those who partake of the Church Sign messages. There are lots of absolutely adorable short Church sign sayings about faith and perfectly precious short messages for Church signs written upon hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of one liners Church signs sayings around the world. It is an exceptional way to share the Gospel.

You may find the righteous Church signs sayings below to be perfect for your own Church sign quotes, online signatures, profiles and/or other places on the Internet to show others your faith as well as plant the seeds of Truth which are found within the free Church sign sayings about faith with interesting and intriguing Church signs messages. In truth, you too could become a billboard for God's cause by choosing to share your Faith by way of these Church signs sayings. In short ... Christians who share these Church sign messages can be walking and talking Church Signs for our Heavenly Father to reach for His lost and lonely souls.

Free Church Sign Sayings
YOU-nique Church Sign Quotes

Some answers just cannot be found on Google
Try the Bible ... God

Have you read my #1 best seller
There will be a test ... God

My way is the high way ... God

Don't make me come down there ... God

What part of "Thou shalt not"
Did you not understand ... God

We need to talk ... God

You think it's hot here? ... God

People are at the heart of God's heart

24 hour Lifeguard on duty - See John 3:16

God's promises are guaranteed for eternity

Only God's love will change our world

Slow down and let God love you like never before

God's love tough and tender

Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life

Free trip to Heaven - Details inside

God has no problems just plans

God's righteousness is available
To anyone who asks Him

God cares about you

God's love for you is real

Ultimate reality: God is, God loves, God can be found

Sin Burn Is Prevented By Son Screen

God's Grace:
Nothing will make God love us more or love us less

Forbidden fruit, creates many jams

One Liners Church Signs Messages
Free Church Sign Sayings About Faith

Will the road you are on get you to my place?

Sin will always take you farther than you want to go

Sin will always keep you longer than you want to stay

It is unlikely there'll be a reduction in the wages of sin

Will your eternal home be smoking or non-smoking?

The sin we try to cover up will eventually bring us down

We can only appreciate Grace
If we understand the sin in our hearts

And who do you say He is?

Friends don't let friends die without Jesus

If God seems far away, guess who moved?

In the dark? Follow the Son

Together in Christ

Christians are not perfect and innocent,
But guilty and forgiven

Going the wrong way?
God allows U-turns

Great things the Lord hath done

Jesus died, He arose, He is coming again

Jesus is risen and He is Lord

Jesus Savior, Helper, Friend

Jesus Savior Son of God

Only one Messiah has an empty grave

God does not forget the sinner
He forgets the sin

When God forgives,
He removes the sin and restores the soul

Jesus is life, the rest is details

Salvation: free to us, costly to God

Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift

BE-YOU-tiful Church Sign Quotes
Church Sign Sayings To Share

The best gift anyone can receive is Jesus

Put fears to rest, by faith in Jesus

Accept Jesus Christ, or prepare to take the heat

Social distancing is not referring to God
The closer you get to Him, the more you heal

Don't gamble with your soul

When Jesus comes into a life
He changes everything

Must we die to live?

Christ takes us as we are
And makes us what we ought to be

What can we expect from Heaven?

Alive is better, Jesus lives

Christ believed, His salvation received

No Jesus, no peace?
Know Jesus, know peace

Do not wait for the hearse,
To take you to church

He that is born once will die twice,
he that is born twice will die once

God doesn't want ability, just availability

Salvation is received, not achieved

It's not what you have in your life,
It's who you have in your life

Don't let a dark past cloud a bright future,
Today is the first day of the rest of your life

A Bible that is falling apart,
Usually reveals a life that isn't

When trouble grows, your character shows

Love does not dominate, it cultivates

I will go anywhere God calls me at any price

Hope Filled Church Sign Sayings
Church Signs Messages of Love

Love one another

Brush your mind with the Word of God,
It prevents truth decay

Gossip the Gospel

Lost time is never found

Can't sleep?
Don't count sheep, talk to the Shepherd

Jesus is the Shepherd

You can't get into Heaven until you get into Jesus

To love God is to obey God

Prepare your heart for Christ's return

Drought got you down? Living water here

Jesus -- Our rock and shelter in the storm

The deep peace of God

Truth is always the strongest argument

He still speaks to those who listen

God meets our needs in unexpected ways

The Lord is my helper, I will not be afraid

Not able? - Jesus is!

Glory to God in the highest Heaven

If you find it hard to stand for Jesus
Try kneeling first

Prayer is an open line to Heaven

If we are too busy to pray, we are too busy

The best way to remember people is in prayer

Thankfulness is the soul, that joy thrives in

God never tires of hearing us in prayer

Heavenly One Liners Church Signs
Short Church Sign Sayings For Use

Prayer often begins with a confession of sin

Let everything alive praise the Lord

Great praise often grows out of great pain

The best things in life, are not physical things

A word of love can make a world of difference

Children are an heritage of the Lord

Blessed is he who trusts in the Lord

Count your blessings, not your troubles

The Lord blesses His people with peace

Discipline is doing something you dislike
To create something you love

Contentment - Enjoying the scenery on a detour

At the end of your rope? Look up

Trouble looks back, worry looks ahead, faith looks up

Tell the kids I love them ... God

Let's meet at my house Sunday before the game ... God

C'mon over and bring the kids ... God

Keep using my name in vain and
I will make rush hour longer ... God

Loved the wedding, invite me to the marriage ... God

That "love thy neighbor" thing? ... I meant it ... God

I love you and you and you and you ... God

Will the road you're on get to my place? ... God

Follow me ... God

Big bang theory? You've got to be kidding ... God

Church Signs Sayings Bring Joy
Church Signs Quotes From Christians

Need directions? ... God

Do you have any idea where you are going? ... God

Believe to receive

Show love in words and deeds

Put your trust in the Lord

Truth crushed to the ground will rise again

SONrise, a gift from God

3 nails + 1 cross = 4 given

Keep the faith and share it with others

No problem is too big to place in God's hands

When God saw you it was love at first sight

7 days without prayer makes 1 weak

God can make all things new, even you

A half truth is a whole lie

Make prayer your 1st choice not your last resort

Jesus died for you, live for Him

Christ's return is near. Don't miss it for the world

Prayer need not be eloquent, only sincere

Morning praise will make your days

Tomorrows forecast, God reigns and the Son shines

Christianity Oasis is sharing these extremely extraordinary, exhilarating, exciting short Church sign sayings from our massive collection of free Church sign sayings about faith and cool Christian Church sign quotes which will bring a smile to the lips and heart of those who are led to the Christian message within. These one liners Church signs share the Spiritual Word of God which you can choose to share with others to bring forth a grin or maybe even hope into their life. It is a FUN-tastic way to spread the great news of Grace and Love. What better gift to share than the gift of faith, love and hope which can be found within these Son-sational Church signs sayings messages contained within many short Church Sign sayings about faith?