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Christianity Oasis provides this Cool Bible names and meaning site with Religious names in the Bible. Looking for cool Bible names as possibilities for naming your child or pet? We have over 2,500 possible cool Bible names and meaning prospects. Come, Check out these awesome cool Bible names and see if you find a match.


Welcome to our Christianity Oasis Community. This is our absolutely awesome and very popular Cool Bible Names and Meaning program providing Religious Names in the Bible and the meaning of the Bible names. There are so many deLIGHTful and potentially cool Bible names and meaning possibilities shared with us throughout Scripture.

So, take your time especially if you are choosing to name your child or maybe even your pet after one of these super cool Bible names and meaning prospects. You would certainly want to be sure that the Religious names from the Bible fits their YOU-nique personality.

This is page 2 from the Christianity Oasis program of Cool Bible names and meaning for a child or pet. To return to the home forum page of this excellent religious names in the Bible program ... Click the link below:

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Below is a list of absolutely adorable and terrific tough Cool Bible names starting with the letters "C" through "G" in the alphabet. ENJOY !!

522 Cabbon as though understanding
523 Cabul displeasing; dirty
524 Caiphas he that seeks with diligence; one that vomiteth
525 Cain "possession, or possessed"
526 Cainan possessor; purchaser
527 Calah favorable; opportunity
528 Calcol nourishing
529 Caleb a dog; a crow; a basket
530 Caleb-Ephratah see Ephratah
531 Calneh our consummation
532 Calno our consummation; altogether himself
533 Calvary the place of a skull
534 Camon his resurrection
535 Cana zeal; jealousy; possession
536 Canaan merchant; trader; or that humbles and subdues
537 Candace who possesses contrition
538 Capernaum the field of repentance; city of comfort
539 Caphtor "a sphere, buckle, or hand"
540 Cappadocia the same as Caphtor
541 Carcas the covering of a lamb
542 Charchemish a lamb; as taken away; withdrawn
543 Careah bald; ice
544 Carmel circumcised lamb; harvest; full of ears of corn
545 Carmi my vineyard; lamb of the waters
546 Carpus fruit; fruitful
547 Carshena a lamb; sleeping
548 Casiphia money; covetousness
549 Casluhim hopes of life
550 Cedron black; sad
551 Cenchrea millet; small pulse
552 Cephas a rock or stone
553 Cesar a name applied to those who are cut out of the womb
554 Chalcol "who nourishes, consumes, and sustains the whole"
555 Chaldea "as demons, or as robbers"
556 Charran a singing or calling out
557 Chebar force or strength
558 Chedorlaomer roundness of a sheaf
559 Chelal as night
560 Chelub a basket
561 Chelluh all
562 Chelubai he altogether against me
563 Chemarims black ones
564 Chemosh handling; stroking; taking away
565 Chenaanah broken in pieces
566 Chenani my pillar
567 Chenaniah "preparation, or disposition, or strength, of the L"
568 Chephirah a little lioness
569 Cheran anger
570 Cherethims "Cherethites, who cut or tear away"
571 Cherith cutting; piercing; slaying
572 Chesed "as a devil, or a destroyer"
573 Chesil foolishness
574 Chesulloth fearfulness
575 Chidon a dart
576 Chiliab totality; or the perfection of the father
577 Chilion finished; complete; perfect
578 Chilmad teaching or learning
579 Chimham as they; like to them
580 Chios open; opening
581 Chisleu "Cisleu, Casleu, rashness; confidence"
582 Chislon "hope, trust"
583 Chisloth-tabor fears; purity
584 Chittem those that bruise; gold
585 Chloe green herb
586 Chorazin the secret; here is a mystery
587 Chozeba men liers in wait
588 Christ anointed
589 Chun making ready
590 Chushan-rishathaim blackness of iniquities
591 Chuza the seer or prophet
592 Cilicia which rolls or overturns
593 Cis same as Kish
594 Clauda a lamentable voice
595 Claudia "Claudius, lame"
596 Clement mild; good; merciful
597 Cleophas the whole glory
598 Cnidus age
599 Colhozeh every prophet 600 Colosse punishment; correction
601 Coniah strength of the Lord
602 Coos "top, summit"
603 Corinth which is satisfied; ornament; beauty
604 Cornelius of a horn
605 Cosam divining
606 Coz a thorn
607 Cozbi a liar; sliding away
608 Crescens growing; increasing
609 Crete carnal; fleshly
610 Crispus curled
611 Cush "Cushan, Cushi, Ethiopians; blackness"
612 Cuth "Cuthah, burning"
613 Cyprus fair; fairness
614 Cyrene a wall; coldness; the floor
615 Cyrenius who governs
616 Cyrus as miserable; as heir
617 Dabareh the word; the thing; a bee; obedient
618 Dabbasheth flowing with honey
619 Daberath same as Dabareh
620 Dagon corn; a fish
621 Dalaiah the poor of the Lord
622 Dalmanutha a bucket; a branch
623 Dalmatia deceitful lamps; vain brightness
624 Dalphon the house of caves
625 Damaris a little woman
626 Damascus a sack full of blood; the similitude of burning
627 Dan judgment; he that judges
628 Daniel judgment of God; God my judge
629 Dannah judging
630 Darah generation; house of the shepherd or of the compan
631 Darda home of knowledge
632 Darius he that informs himself
633 Darkon of generation; of possession
634 Dathan laws or rites
635 David "well-beloved, dear"
636 Debir an orator; a word
637 Deborah word; thing; a bee
638 Decapolis containing ten cities
639 Dedan their breasts; friendship; a judge
640 Dedanim the descendants of Dedan
641 Dekar force
642 Delaiah the poor of the Lord
643 Delilah poor; small; head of hair
644 Demas popular
645 Demetrius "belonging to corn, or to Ceres"
646 Derbe a sting
647 Deuel the knowledge of God
648 Deuteronomy repetition of the law
649 Diana "luminous, perfect"
650 Diblaim cluster of figs
651 Diblath paste of dry figs
652 Dibon abundance of knowledge
653 Dibon-gad great understanding; abundance of sons
654 Dibri an orator
655 Dibzahab "Dizahab, where much gold is"
656 Didymus a twin; double
657 Diklah "Dildah, his diminishing"
658 Dilean that is poor
659 Dimon where it is red
660 Dimonah dunghill
661 Dinah judgment; who judges
662 Dinhabah he gives judgment
663 Dionysius divinely touched
664 Diotrephes nourished by Jupiter
665 Dishan a threshing
666 Dishon fatness; ashes
667 Dodai "Dodanim, beloved"
668 Dodavah love
669 Dodo his uncle
670 Doeg "careful, who acts with uneasiness"
671 Dophkah a knocking
672 Dor "generation, habitation"
673 Dorcas a female roe-deer
674 Dothan the law; custom
675 Drusilla watered by the dew
676 Dumali silence; resemblance
677 Dura same as Dor
678 Ebal ancient heaps
679 Ebed a servant; laborer
680 Ebed-melech the king's servant
681 Eben-ezer the stone of help
682 Eber one that passes; anger
683 Ebiasaph a father that gathers or adds
684 Ebronah passage over; being angry
685 Ecclesiastes a preacher
686 Ed witness
687 Eden pleasure; delight
688 Eder a flock
689 Edom "red, earthy; of blood"
690 Edrei "a very great mass, or cloud"
691 Eglah heifer; chariot; round
692 Eglaim drops of the sea
693 Eglon same as Eglah
694 Egypt that troubles or oppresses; anguish
695 Ehud he that praises
696 Eker "barren, feeble"
697 Ekron barrenness; torn away
698 Eladah the eternity of God
699 Elah an oak; a curse; perjury
700 Elam a young man; a virgin; a secret
701 Elasah the doings of God
702 Elath a hind; strength; an oak
703 El-beth-el the God of Bethel
704 Eldaah knowledge of God
705 Eldad favored of God; love of God
706 Elead witness of God
707 Elealeh burnt-offering of God
708 Eleazar "help of God, court of God"
709 El-elohe-Israel "God, the God of Israel"
710 Eleph learning
711 Elhanan "grace, or gift, or mercy of God"
712 Eli the offering or lifting up
713 Eli "Eli, my God, my God"
714 Eliab God is my father; God is the father
715 Eliada knowledge of God
716 Eliah God the Lord
717 Eliahba my God the Father
718 Eliakim resurrection of God
719 Eliam the people of God
720 Elias same as Elijah
721 Eliasaph the Lord increaseth
722 Eliashib the God of conversion
723 Eliathah thou art my God
724 Elidad beloved of God
725 Eliel "God, my God"
726 Elienai the God of my eyes
727 Eliezer "help, or court, of my God"
728 Elihoreph "god of winter, or of youth"
729 Elihu he is my God himself
730 Elijah "God the Lord, the strong Lord"
731 Elika pelican of God
732 Elim the rams; the strong; stags
733 Elimelech my God is king
734 Elioenai toward him are mine eyes; or to him are my fountai
735 Eliphal a miracle of God
736 Eliphalet the God of deliverance
737 Eliphaz the endeavor of God
738 Elisabeth "Elizabeth, the oath, or fullness, of God"
739 Elisha salvation of God
740 Elishah it is God; the lamb of God: God that gives help
741 Elishama God hearing
742 Elishaphat my God judgeth
743 Elisheba same as Elisabeth
744 Elishua God is my salvation
745 Eliud God is my praise
746 Elizur God is my strength; my rock; rock of God
747 Elkanah God the zealous; the zeal of God
748 Elkeshai hardiness or rigor of God
749 Ellasar revolting from God
750 Elkoshite a man of Elkeshai
751 Elmodam "the God of measure, or of the garment"
752 Elnaam God's fairness
753 Elnathan God hath given; the gift of God
754 Elohi "Elohim, God"
755 Elon oak; grove; strong
756 Elon-beth-hanan the house of grace or mercy
757 Elpaal God's work
758 Elpalet same as Eliphalet
759 Eltekeh of grace or mercy
760 Elteketh the case of God
761 Eltolad the generation of God
762 Elul cry or outcry
763 Eluzai God is my strength
764 Elymas "a magician, a corrupter"
765 Elzabad the dowry of God
766 Elzaphan God of the northeast wind
767 Emims fears; terrors; formidable; people
768 Emmanuel God with us
769 Emmaus people despised or obscure
770 Emmor an ass
771 Enam "fountain, open place"
772 Enan cloud
773 En-dor "fountain, eye of generation, or of habitation"
774 Eneas laudable
775 En-eglaim "eye, or fountain, of calves"
776 En-gannim "eye, or fountain, of protection or of gardens"
777 En-gedi "eye, or fountain, of the goat, or of happiness"
778 En-haddah quick sight; well of gladness
779 En-hakkore fountain of him that called or prayed
780 En-hazor the grass of the well
781 En-mishpat fountain of judgment
782 Enoch dedicated; disciplined
783 Enon cloud; mass of darkness; fountain; eye
784 Enos mortal man; sick; despaired of; forgetful
785 En-rimmon well of weight
786 En-rogel the fuller's fountain; the well of searching
787 En-shemesh "fountain, or eye, of the sun"
788 En-tappuah "fountain of an apple, or of inflation"
789 Epaphras covered with foam
790 Epaphroditus agreeable; handsome
791 Epenetus laudable; worthy of praise
792 Ephah weary; tired
793 Epher dust; lead
794 Ephes-dammim effusion of blood
795 Ephesus desirable
796 Eph-lal judging; praying
797 Ephphatha be opened
798 Ephraim fruitful; increasing
799 Ephratah "Ephrath, abundance; bearing fruit"
800 Ephron dust
801 Epicurean "follower of Epicurus, i.e., of one who gives assis"
802 Er watchman
803 Eran follower
804 Erastus "lovely, amiable"
805 Erech length; health; physic
806 Eri my city
807 Esaias same as Isaiah
808 Esar-haddon that closes the point; joy; cheerfulness
809 Esau he that acts or finishes
810 Esek contention
811 Esh-baal "the fire of the idol, or of the ruler"
812 Esh-ban fire of the sun
813 Eshcol bunch of grapes
814 Eshean held up
815 Eshek "violence, force"
816 Eshkalon same as Askelon
817 Eshtaol a strong woman
818 Eshtemoa the bosom of a woman
819 Esli near me; he who separates
820 Esmachiah joined to the Lord
821 Esrom dart of joy; division of a song
822 Esther secret; hidden
823 Etam "their bird, their covering"
824 Etham their strength; their sign
825 Ethan strong; the gift of the island
826 Ethanim strong; valiant
827 Ethbaal "toward the idol, or with Baal"
828 Ether talk
829 Ethiopia blackness; heat
830 Ethnan gift
831 Ethni strong
832 Eubulus prudent; good counselor
833 Eunice good victory
834 Euodias sweet scent
835 Euphrates that makes fruitful
836 Eutychus happy; fortunate
837 Eve living; enlivening
838 Evi unjust
839 Evil-merodach the fool of Merodach; the fool grinds bitterly
840 Exodus "going out, departure"
841 Ezbon hastening to understand
842 Ezekiel the strength of God
843 Ezel going abroad; walk
844 Ezem a bone
845 Ezer a help
846 Ezion-geber the wood of the man
847 Ezra help; court
848 Ezri my help
849 Felix "happy, prosperous"
850 Festus "festive, joyful"
851 Fortunatus "lucky, fortunate"
852 Gaal contempt; abomination
853 Gaash tempest; commotion
854 Gabbai the back
855 Gabbatha high; elevated
856 Gabriel God is my strength
857 Gad a band; a troop
858 Gadarenes "men of Gadara, i.e., a place surrounded or walled"
859 Gaddi my troop; a kid
860 Gaddiel goat of God; the Lord my happiness
861 Gaius lord; an earthly man
862 Galal "a roll, a wheel"
863 Galatia white; the color of milk
864 Galeed the heap of witness
865 Galilee wheel; revolution
866 Gallim who heap up; who cover
867 Gallio "who sucks, or lives on milk"
868 Gamaliel recompense of God; camel of God
869 Gammadims dwarfs
870 Gamul a recompense
871 Gareb a scab
872 Garmites "men of Garmi, ie., bones, or, my cause"
873 Gatam their lowing; their touch
874 Gath a wine-press
875 Gath-rimmon the high wine-press
876 Gaza strong; a goat
877 Gazabar a treasurer
878 Gazer a dividing; a sentence
879 Gazez a passing over
880 Gazzam the fleece of them
881 Geba a hill; cup
882 Gebal bound; limit
883 Geber "manly, strong"
884 Gebim grasshoppers; height
885 Gedaliah God is my greatness
886 Geder "Gederah, Gederoth, a wall"
887 Gederothaim hedges
888 Gehazi valley of sight
889 Geliloth "rolling, wheel, heap"
890 Gemalli wares; a camel
891 Gemariah accomplishment or perfection of the Lord
892 Gennesaret garden of the prince
893 Genesis beginning
894 Genubath theft; robbery
895 Gera "pilgrimage, combat; dispute"
896 Gerar same as Gera
897 Gergesenes those who come from pilgrimage or fight
898 Gerizim "cutters, hatchets"
899 Gershom a stranger here
900 Gershon his banishment; the change of pilgrimage
901 Geshur "Geshuri, sight of the valley; a walled valley"
902 Gether the vale of trial or searching
903 Gethsemane a very fat or plentiful vale
904 Geuel God's redemption
905 Gezer "dividing, sentence"
906 Giah to guide; draw out; produce; a groan or sigh
907 Gibbar "strong, manly"
908 Gibbethon a back; a high house
909 Gibeah a hill
910 Gibeon hill; cup; thing lifted up
911 Giddel great
912 Gideon he that bruises or breaks; a destroyer
913 Gideoni same as Gideon
914 Gihon valley of grace
915 Gilalai a wheel
916 Gilboa revolution of inquiry
917 Gilead the heap or mass of testimony
918 Gilgal wheel; rolling; heap
919 Giloh he that rejoices; he that overturns
920 Gimzo that bulrush
921 Ginath "Ginnetho, a garden"
922 Girgashite who arrives from pilgrimage
923 Gispa coming hither
924 Gittah-hepher digging; a wine-press
925 Gittaim a wine-press
926 Gittites "men of Gath, ie., of a wine-press"
927 Goath his touching; his roaring
928 Gob cistern; grasshopper
929 Gog roof; covering
930 Golan passage; revolution
931 Golgotha a heap of skulls; something skull-shaped
932 Goliath passage; revolution; heap
933 Gomer to finish; complete
934 Gomorrah rebellious people
935 Goshen approaching; drawing near
936 Gozan fleece; pasture; who nourisheth the body
937 Gudgodah happiness
938 Guni a garden; a covering
939 Gur the young of a beast; a whelp
940 Gur-baal the governor's whelp

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