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Jesus Poetry

Bible Poetry

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This Floetry Bible Poetry was created by a member who goes by Hflo.

She calls her Jesus poetry ... Floetry!

Ode to Jesus

O Holy Night, blessed Savior is Born
For unto us a saviour came
To release us from the devil's scorn
A gift from God, Jesus was his name

He was born in the company of cattle
Yet became King and Lord of all
To help us overcome every battle
And help us when we fall

Born of the virgin, tempted yet sinless
At His feet, we kneel and bow
And the devil finds himself winless
Jesus' blood was shed, that's how

Born a King, but had no sword or lance
He died to abolish all man's sin
To offer every soul a second chance
For He loves all women and men

He came to pardon sinners
He loves them all the same
Those that believe are winners
That trust in His holy name

We deserve it not, yet Grace abounds
We lived in shadows but now in light
He came along, His love surrounds
He helps us carry on and fight the good fight

Jesus was born in a lowly manger
To one day die for mankind's sin
To keep our steps from every danger
From spirits, principalities and evil men

When our souls are anxious and full of fear
We look to Him, and His will be done
When in the sand one set of footprints appear
That's when we're being carried by the Son

He and His laws are flawless
In Him we conquer trials
Those of us who are Pa less
Upon these souls He smiles

He teaches us right over wrong
We are now Stewards of his Word
For His presence our hearts do long
Or just for his voice to be heard

Our Saviour, Our Jesus, Our best friend
You see who we are, and change what we do
Our knees we will always be ready to bend
Jesus, we give ourselves freely to you

Please never forsake us or leave
Keep us from temptation and sin
The enemy we choose not to believe
We will let Your Spirit speak within

No matter how fierce the trial and storm
God will see us through it all
A new path within will begin to form
All we need to do is call

Jesus was tempted and so are we
God give us perseverance and power
We need only seek TRUTH from thee
And the enemy will flee in that hour

Alpha and Omega, beginning and end
His blood brings Grace and eternal Love
A precious sacrifice God did send
From His awesome heavenly throne above

When we become Christian and born again
And abide by the flourishing Spirit
The seed of the Spirit is planted within
If we will listen, we can hear it

He is our only Savior and Master
He is truly everything we need
During every tribulation and disaster
His Words of instruction we will heed

Whatever we lack in our life
We still have reason to be grateful
Despite the reason for strife
We shouldn't be prideful or hateful

Each day may bring a new reason
To say why we should not or won't
Focus on what we have in due season
Instead of that which we don't

Jesus is the King of Kings
The only one that we serve
We may be given robes or wings
But we could never deserve

He is Lord and that's why we sing
He lifts us up in time of need
To Him ... Ourselves we will bring
We will follow and He will lead

We ponder on your Love and Grace
It keeps us going in dark of night
We know that we can finish the race
And one day see your Glory's white light

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