His Fairy Tale for Me - Poems

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His Fairy Tale for Me - Poems

Welcome to His Fairy Tale for Me. We hope you enjoy these poems from the His Fairy Tale for Me collection. With God all things are possible. Within is a message to enhance your Christian walk.

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In my eyes
There tells a story
Volumes of which have never been told
Never spoken on my lips

In my eyes
There lies a need
An aching truth that lives
With my every breath

In my eyes
There is feeling
Feeling so deeply hidden
Yet honestly exposed

I wish you could look
At what I tell
What I need
And what I feel

If only you would see me
Through His eyes

Are you there?

That little feeling inside
That turns into shivers of crystal anticipation.
Waves that bathe my doubting heart
In cleansing hope?

Are you there?

That living, breathing entity
Whispering deep within.
That mysterious voice crying to be heard
Throughout the world?

Were you there?

When I was lying in dirty flesh
Burned crimson sheets
Lost in the shame of my mind
And aching soul?

Through all the fear and despair
I found a waterfall of peace,
A strong declaration of courage,
And a blanket of white gold reflecting pure love.

It is now I know
By grace and sacrifice

You are here.

In the piercing dark I lie
To try to stop this racing heart
Is futile.

For my mind is lost in places
Unspoken to most
But I know not to You.

I deeply breathe to venture
That first step
For I feel a warmth from within
That yearns to glimmer without.

Courage and confidence
You grant me
Where the black had given me none.

What then I see through Your eyes
But a radiance of light
Unknown sadly to most
But shining for all
Who choose to Seek
and Hope.

It's then I know to be in that light
One must also choose
To accept and to give
That perfect gift
Which is true Love.

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