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What is the Holy Spirit of God

Christianity Oasis has provided this deLightful Holy Spirit of God quest for Spiritual understanding. Who or what is the Holy Spirit of God? We will be looking into that as well as all aspects of the of the Holy Spirit of God and the Christian Walk as to enLighten your Christian walk.

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The Holy Spirit of God

What is the Holy Spirit of God Adventure

Welcome to our Christianity Oasis Christian Walk Bible study program. This is our magical, mysterious and miraculous Holy Spirit of God Bible trek for truth seeking the true essence of the answer to the question ... What is the Holy Spirit of God and how the Holy Spirit affects the modern day Christian. The very exciting and holy heartwarming message that you will find within this, be-YOU-tiful, What is the Holy Spirit of God journey will truly bring a smile to the lips and heart as you establish a better understanding and relationship with the Holy Spirit of God.

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Let's begin our Spiritual journey, shall we? I have so much to share with you about the Holy Spirit of God, and then you will truly want to get to know the Holy Spirit better yourself. You will find that He's your best friend, and that He's real, and that you can't live without Him.

God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit (Holy Ghost) are really one being, as you may know and if not you can learn more in this What is the Holy Spirit of God study.

What is the Holy Spirit of God? The proper way to ask that question is Who is the Holy Spirit of God? He is a gift from the Lord. Our Comforter. He was revealed after Jesus was crucified, resurrected and returned to Heaven.

Acts 1:2-9 It was Pentecost (50 days after the Resurrection of Jesus ... "Easter") and the followers of Jesus were all gathered together in an upper room and the Holy Spirit, introduced Himself to them in a most unique way.

Acts 2:2-4 ... From that point on, the Holy Spirit of God has been a Comforter to all Christians and still is even today.

Getting Acquainted

So, now you know a little more about the Holy Spirit of God, but chances are, you don't understand Him, and that's because you've never gotten to truly know Him. It's almost as if we're not sure if He's really there or not. He's not like an imaginary vapor that floats around ... He is real! Do you ever acknowledge His presence? Here is the opportunity to actually experience God's Spirit

The Hand of God

In the world, in which we live, some things that occur are hard to understand and even harder to believe. There is an evil force out there who is attempting to overtake Christians who is called Satan. There is another force out there who is protecting Christians from Satan; He is the Holy Spirit. This is a battle for souls. This battle is called Spiritual Warfare, and like it or not ... You're right in the middle of it.

I would like to share some excerpts from a free book on how our Lord created Christianity Oasis. The following is inspired by a true events. It is titled:

The Spirit Within and the Beast Without

Extremely Exciting Excerpts:

He saw many orange shadowy figures walking to and fro in the hallway, as though wandering aimlessly, and, there was one lime green shadowy figure standing on the outside of his hotel door. These figures were somewhat transparent, but were definitely shaped as humans. The colors were florescent in nature. There was something moving all through their bodies, like the TV screen when the television station is off the air, but it was moving left and right in a wave as it traveled up and down their shapes.

As he stared into Heaven, a lime green glowing face appeared in the East sky. It looked like what you would picture Jesus as looking like, from most of the paintings one might see in a Church.

He heard the gentle voice again, and it said ... Look. He looked up at the ceiling and a transparent, lime green colored hand with outstretched fingers proceeded towards him and when he was touched by it, he felt a jolt go through his entire body. The voice said, Do not fear; I am with you.

They decided to take pictures of the new office and noticed that in a few of the photos, there was also a haze on the photographs, just as it was in the office, only it was lime green on the photo. Being all too familiar with this color, they were excited about its presence being in the Church. It would blur the picture somewhat as though something was in between the camera and the item being photographed.

They examined the pictures for quite some time, but could not figure out what it was. They wanted to be sure that it was not just the film, so they went out and purchased more film. It happened again with the new film. They decided, that to be certain that this lime green glow on the photos, was indeed something spiritual, that they should purchase another camera. So they purchased a new camera thinking this might solve the mystery of the photographs, one way ... Or another. The new camera revealed the same lime green glow in the photographs. He was now sure that the lime green shadowy haze on the photos was definitely spiritual, by nature. He also knew, that it was a good thing, because of the color representing good, from events in the past days.

Still pondering on the pictures that they had taken the night before. He decided to take even more pictures around the office, to see if the lime green haze, would be on these new pictures. The first few photos were normal. They had nothing out of the ordinary on them. Then he suddenly felt that intensive chill feeling, that the voice had told him to be aware of, and to trust in. The feeling was coming from his right side. He took a picture of the area, to his right, where he felt the feeling emitting from and when the photo had developed, the photo came out with the lime green haze, as it had the previous evening. He called his friends into the main room and had them watch as he would take a picture of one area, show the picture to them and show them that it was "normal" ... But, then he would seek out the origin of the "feeling" which felt like an intense chill, and told his friends "now watch" and would take another picture of that area and the lime green shadow-like haze was on the picture.

This took place for hours. At one point, he took two pictures of the same area which was in a corner of the office above the receptionist desk. When the two photos had developed, Brandon heard the word "difference" in his head. He looked at the two photos and there was a difference in the photos. One had a lime green circle on the acoustic ceiling tile above the desk. He showed his friends the photos and they all looked up at the ceiling where the lime green circle was on the photo. They were astonished to see that there was a cross being formed, without hand, right before their eyes. They stood in awe. It was exciting and even a bit scary at the same time. They continued taking pictures and everywhere that he would sense that spiritual chill, he would turn and take a picture.

As he thought on this, he became aware that perhaps the lime green haze that had been appearing on the pictures that he had taken at the Church and the hand that came from the ceiling and the face in the east sky, might also be the Holy Spirit of God. The book had said to ask the Holy Spirit of God to come and sit with you and that the Holy Spirit of God would do so.

He decided to test this and asked if the Holy Spirit of God would come and stand beside him. There was a cool breeze-like feeling beside him immediately. It was the same feeling that he had days before as he watched the cross being made on the ceiling of the Church. Brandon took a picture of a chair sitting next to his desk.

The picture developed and looked normal. He then asked the Holy Spirit of God to come sit in that chair. The tingle in his soul answered yes. He took another picture. As it developed, that familiar lime green haze appeared in the picture, but only in the chair. In the area around the chair, the pictured developed normal. He asked if this was the Holy Spirit of God, and the intense chill feeling inside of him went crazy.

In the Bible, speaking of the color which surrounded God's Throne:

Revelation 4:3

And He that sat was to look upon like a jasper and a sardine stone: and there was a rainbow round about the throne, in sight like unto an emerald.

In the Bible, Ezekiel, described a Spiritual entity that he saw as:

Ezekiel 1:16

The appearance of the wheels and their work was like unto the colour of a beryl: and they four had one likeness: and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel.

In the Bible, Daniel described a Spiritual entity that he saw as:

Daniel 10:6

His body also was like the beryl, and his face as the appearance of lightning, and his eyes as lamps of fire, and his arms and his feet like in colour to polished brass, and the voice of his words like the voice of a multitude.

Below are just a few of the pictures taken of the Holy Spirit of God which reveal the color of the Holy Spirit of God. Click on the images for a more in depth view.

Holy Spirit of God 4
Holy Spirit of God 7
Holy Spirit of God 8
Holy Spirit of God 2
Holy Spirit of God 3
Holy Spirit of God 5

Find out how God's hand created this ministry by way of the Holy Spirit of God ... You can read the Holy Spirit of God book for free on line by clicking the Holy Spirit of God book link below.

Prepare to Enter the Awesome World of
Spiritual Warfare

What is the the Holy Spirit of God? He is God's Spirit and the Holy Spirit of God was given to us by the Lord to comfort us:

Want to really get to know the Holy Spirit of God?

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