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Saved Thru Christ Poetry

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Saved Through Christ


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Far From Perfect

I used to see life as nothing more than pain
And the countless tears I cried
Why fight when there was no gain
No matter how hard I tried

I can't lie and say I have the perfect life
Or that the pain is no longer there
But now I see more than just the strife
I have found a reason to care

I know all of my pain is not yet gone
But in my darkest hour, I'm not alone
I have battles I must fight dusk to dawn
Instead of just moan and groan

I don't ignore the whispers in my heart
Because God's kept his promise to me
I understand why he allows the pain to start
And that the suffering in our lives is to be

At times it seems too hard and we fear
And we lose our faith in God's Word
But soon after we've cried our last tear
God brings beauty from the pain when we're heard

And one day what we have lost will be found
I pray that day is not too far away
Life can't be replaced when your in the ground
So we have to press on and fight every day

An Age of Confusion Tied With Understanding

A stream of light found in the darkest corridors
an island of hope amongst a sea of sameness
eyes full of mystery lost behind walls of pain
triumph in a battle of losses
strength found in the weak
a mind full of wisdom in a room full of foolishness
"everything", made out of nothingness
God, found out of pain and darkness
few chosen out of myriads
a world full of good found in a universe full of evil
good has been prevalent yet forgotten
the beginning just started, the end about to begin
memorable faces in a room
filled with unmemorable details
light harboring in the shadows of dark
people brought together being the same yet different
our age being confusing yet enlightening
hope found in the halls of the dead and pained
life filling the hearts of the once dead
change overcoming lies and deceit
our world brought together by understanding
hope found in the confused and the lost

Prayer of a Cutter

It's getting worse this feeling won't subside
I promised I'd never do it again. but I have
I feel like its breaking me from the inside
Its a compulsion, a burning desire

Just one more cut
just do it says a voice from the inside
the door is closing soon it will be shut
all I want to do is hide

it has to all be a dream
a senseless type of world
it has to be different than it seems
I wish I had something different to hold

I've screamed for it to be over
wishing I was able to cope
this feeling haunting me
I can't escape from these ropes

one the cliff of distinction from right and wrong
to drain myself from all the pain
saying I can make myself go on
but I'm caught out in the pouring rain

the words they say are hollow
it burns deep inside.
hearing them pretend they care
but never catching a glimpse of the pain I hide

I pray my words are heard
I pray that this pain dares not defeat
I want to drop this blade
and never look back again

I'm walking away and praying I've been heard
its not as easy as it looks
but I think I'll make through it alright
maybe someone can take away this addictive hook

I dare hope that someone will see
and maybe catch a glimpse of the help I yearn for
hear the broken prayer of a helpless girl
hear the prayer of a cutter

In the Mirror

When I look in the mirror
I've seen things no one else sees
faded hope and heart wrenching pain
sadness and tears have stared back at me
and the fear of everlasting pain
I've looked into that girls eyes
and seen a reflection of me
I've seen hopelessness for the future
afraid of being alone
fear of abandonment from all she loves
faith vanishing before her eyes
and hopelessness dwelling within
but looking up again not every day holds pain
some days she looks into those eyes and sees hope
a happiness too large to contain
darkness wont forever dwell tomorrows a new day
faith and hope stay strong in heart
some days the path seems beyond reach
twisting, and turning and leading her far away
despair and fear cloud her thoughts
her escape will take the one thing most important
but she holds fast to the hand that guides her
and soon the light shines thru again
some days she looks up into those eyes
and sees a happiness beyond belief
and I'm happy that girl is me

What Would Happen

I wonder what must be hurting you so much
makes you want to take your own life
wonder what seems so unbearable
makes you wish that you had died
I want you to know that nothing good that's ever happened
could replace your precious life

chorus- I wonder what would happen
if you decided to end everything tonight
I wonder what people would say, or would u even care?
don't you understand that life is not over?
pain is not the only thing for you in this life
I know that your life is worth more than it seems-

you cut new scars upon your wrist thinking one could never care
you think no one could understand the pain you go through in life
you think that no one ever listens but you couldn't be more wrong


would you dare to even try?
if there was hope for your broken life
would you stop and reconsider if you knew what could happen
would you give life another try and step back into the light
would you try to see past the here and now
if you knew what would happen

Prayer for You

your pushing me away, saying its your own fight
I hope you understand I won't turn away and leave
your fading quickly before your eyes
forcing everything, saying you were never strong

chorus- you expect me to turn and walk away
but I won't leave you to die
I pray to God he'll touch your soul
and bring you out of this dark pain
I will be there for you when you reach out
so this is my prayer for you tonight-

inside of you, inside of me
honestly what is the most we can ever hope to be
on our own?
he's holding out his hand to you
and as you turn and walk away you hear him say
you'll never make it in this way alone


deep inside your mind your falling
let him take your hand and lead you out of the dark
open up your eyes and see you can't do it alone
this is my prayer for you

In the Shadows

In the shadows you hide from the pain inside
deep in your eyes I see how lost you really are
you close your eyes wishing everything away
and my heart hurts for you, as tears fall from your

chorus- you've run so far
you fall to your knees you've lost all hope
behind your smile I see how fast your dying
there's no time to delay
take my hand and trust me
take my hand and let me take it all away-

you try everything just to rid yourself of all the pain
you cut the blade across your wrist
in answer to what you cannot escape
I know you can't see another way
but I need you to take a leap of faith
listen to me tonight, my words can set you free


let me help you
let me save you
let me take the pain from you
listen to my words tonight
and let me set you free my child


Illusions in Your Mind

you feel your walls are falling down all around you
you can't see any way out
it seems like your running in circles
you cry out loud for help
but your trapped in the illusions of your mind

chorus- your looking for something to believe in
relief from all of this pain
look up and see the new day
Jesus can break down those walls
and bring you back to life again-

let Jesus break through the illusions in your self
touch where no one else can reach
speak through to you as no one else can do
ant take away what no one else can see
let him take these illusions away


your life seems like broken glass
millions of pieces are scattered
no one can fix all this heartache inside
but I want to tell you again
that Jesus heals,
he'll break down the illusions of your mind.


I Know

I watch you standing there
a hopelessness deep in your eyes
you look at the passing people
but they don't even know you exist
your hurting so much and all you want
is for someone to reach out and take it all away

chorus- everyone rushes past you paying no attention
tears fall from the corners of your eyes
but I want to say to you
Hold on, hold on to me. I know its hard, I know it
hurts, I know you can't see it now
but I promise you this will end someday
hold on to me, hold on. don't let go, hold on to me-

no one sees it but slowly your withering away
you try to fake a smile, at least for appearances sake
inside no one sees what you don't want them to see
all you say is I'm doing ok and they walk away
and they don't see how far your falling.
your dying inside, but what I want to say to you
is hold on, hold on


I know the pain
it hurts like a thousand knives
I know the pain
it hurts more than they can see
your dying and your falling away
I know the pain, give me your hand
hold on, hold on, don't fall away


Lost and Found

when times were hard and I was feeling low
you touched my heart and showed me where to go

you guided my steps and brought me home
even if I thought I was on my own

you took my by the hand
even if I did not see or understand

a broken life with nothing to give
thoughts I had no reason to live

trial after trial until I started to fall
you grabbed my hand and heard my call

you proved to me there was a way
though words could not explain

something was weighing me down
but you picked me up from the ground

you healed my heart and re-pieced it again
and showed me how to start living again

when I was confined in my own dark prisons
you unlocked the doors to free me

on the darkest night when I couldn't see
you lit a light and showed me, here you'd forever be

when all my hope was gone
you told me to just hold on

when an empty room was just too loud
and there was too many tears and I started to drown

when all I wanted to do was just let go
you understood and you said "I know"

the dark seemed like an endless chasm of pain
but you opened up the sky and down fell the rain

you washed away all my tears
and took away all of my fears

you gave me a life a reason to live
and know I feel I have something to give

You Were There
To my best friend
You know who u r

In the nights when I was dying
like a rose slowly withering away
when I was broken down and crying
and no one knew what to say

you brought a smile to my face
and were there for me even if I just complained
you understood my thoughts and all my tears
you know me inside and out as no one else does

in the tumultuous waters and in the raging storms
when I lost all breath and decided to give up
you were someone on whom I could depend
someone who was forgiving when I needed it most

its hard to be so many miles away
because your my best friend
you know exactly what to say
even if the truth hurts and does offend

linked together in an unbreakable chain
no one could take you out of my heart
when no one wanted to soothe my pain
you were there from the start

I don't know what happened
but you came into my life
exactly when God knew I needed a friend
when all I could see was strife

there's so much I could say
but not enough words to express
but one final thing I gotta say
is I love you with every piece of my heart

You're Gonna Make It
I got some lyrics I wanted to share with you.
They're not by me but I think they're awesome.
They are by KJ-52

Your gonna make it
Yes your gonna make it
Don't you worry about a thing that's happened in your
Your gonna make it
Yes your gonna make it
Don't you worry about a thing it's gonna be alright

You may feel like your just starting over
Mistakes from your past that just want to hold ya
Down to the ground its all on your shoulder
You'll never make it now that's what they told ya
You start to figure out who really cares for ya
When no ones around no one is there for ya
When I was down and out and life was getting colder
I found that's when God showed up
Your trying to make it right they make it hard for ya
But God will take a life even if it's broke up
Give you strength to fight whatever's coming toward ya
And don't forget that I'm always praying for ya

It's not fair all the things that just had to happen
Some days you wake up and feel like you've been
Life didn't shape up in the way that you planned it
The life you live is not the one that you imagined
I know they laugh and pick on you
I know you've had a lot of junk that you gone through
But I know who would never ever wrong you
Never quit on you and help you get on thru
When you fell he was the one who caught you
With every single tear see he saw you
He was right there every time he called you
And I'll be praying for you gonna get on through

You try to pray but feel too ashamed too
Cuz those around you they just wanna blame you
But don't listen now just to what they say dude
God loves you he never hates you
You can count on the fact that hes faithful
Always exactly on time always came thru
When your blind you feel you lost your way too
He'll guide you and help you to find your way through
He knows you he's the one that made you
In anything you go thru now he can save you
And help you and plus give you strength too
You're gonna make it man you're gonna be ok

Where Are You, Angel
Written by Inhabited

She buries her head in her pillow again
She's looking for love
Oh, she's wondering when
And it's always, always the same
just another smile, just another face
And she's looking for You
Will You tell her
I know you feel all alone
I know you've lost all your hope
But God
He's right there where you are
I know a love that is real
A forgiveness that heals, reach out
God is where you are
She wants to go home
But doesn't know why
She's never felt love wipe the tears from her eyes
As she picks herself off the floor
And reaches for the clothes that
She wants to throw away
And she's looking for You
Will You tell her
When you can't speak
He's listening
When you can't reach
You're never too far
When you're crying
He sees your tears
When you're alone
Reach out. He is there
And He's looking for you
Just reach out
She buries her head in her pillow
She's looking for love oh, she's wondering when

If Only
Original Lyrics

she paints her smile for everyone to see
but no one knows the pain that she hides inside
her heart is shatter like a broken mirror
and she's gasping for every breath
it seems the miles are getting longer every second
and its all she can do to make it through the day
and she's tired, so tired
but there's no place to rest

chorus- she's so confused, so confused
she's losing sense of what is real, she feels alone
oh oh, she feels alone
she's crying out, crying out
Jesus save me
she's crying out, crying out
Jesus save me
and as she drops down to her knees she hears a voice say
If only you knew I'm right here
If only you could see I've heard your cries
oh, oh
If only you knew I can save you and carry you through
I love you, there's so much more than this-

she cuts the blade across her wrist
in answer to what she cannot escape
God knows she sees no other way
but his words can set her free from her chains
if only she knew he knows her name
If only
If only she knew


she's run so far
oh she's run so far
she's lost all hope
it seems like she stands alone
its hard to bear
so hard to bear
oh, oh
but he's right there, he's right there
beside her
he knows she's hurt, he knows she's lost
but he's right there, he's right there
to love her and to guide her
If only she knew she's not alone

If you are one of many Christians with depression, know that many are able to overcome by counseling and those who care.