Christian Life Poems

Christianity Oasis has provided you with this Christian Life Poems site. The poetry herein is written by Larry Leeson, a fire burn victim, who at five years of age suffered a traumatic life altering experience and through his faith in God's healing power, survived against all odds.

Christian Life Poems

Welcome to Christianity Oasis. This is our Christian Life Poems from our Set Free Collection. We hope you enjoy this enlightening reading and it helps you on your own be-YOU-tiful Christian walk.

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Set Free

by Larry Leeson

Christian Life Poems
by Larry Leeson

Spiritual Trial

Now I lay me down to sleep
My soul wasn't mine but His to keep
I sought and I fought His will to obey
To not trust in His word a price to high to pay
But a coward I seen as in the mirror I did stare
The most selfish a man and of this now aware
I turned my back on everything good
I'd turn back time if only I could
The best of everything I held in my hand
But then came the test and I was unable to stand
I thought of only me as up at the stars I did gaze
And the choice I then made would to all amaze
To leave the greatest of gifts and the best of the best
The story to be told to give understanding to the rest!
God's word is true and His judgments are real
don't take life for granted to do so is to steal.
Cherish each moment a gift given of time
And learn a valuable lesson from this tragedy of mine!
Eyes to see but nothing I seen
Ears to hear but now dull and not keen.
Life is fleeting me as the anchors away

Battle Poem

As it was in the days of old so it is with me still,
I march upon the battle fields the enemy desiring my kill.
My helmet is Salvation, And Faith this is my shield,
in my right hand the Word of God, my sword, to whom the enemy must yield !!!
The blood, the screams, and do not forget, all the agony
has marked upon my body these scars for all to see.
I never quit, I never yield as defeated I will never be
for in these battles throughout this life I march for eternity!!!
So let the dark skies rise, the storm clouds fly
they do not bother me for I know my King who leadeth me
through battles into eternity!!!
Times past I've marched through hell and back for the sakes of them I love
That they might see within this vessel the Spirit that soars from up above!!!
Flesh and blood will pass I know as this body cannot withstand thee
Then I will march in the Great Army as the Mighty Saints Before Me!!!
For thirty years in battle fierce I have marched like none you know
but for those who I have stood beside there is now an eternal glow!!!
A little candle is all I am and nothing great to behold
but within my vessel you should see a mighty warrior of old!!!
Some say a myth, merely a legend nothing like this can be
But others who have stood at my side said this one you should see!!!
My Samson like strength is not my own
but within me it doth dwell
for when the cry for help comes forth
I answer in full armor, against me none can prevail!!!
You may ask what burns within him
that moves him forth while battles are all in array
A truth I tell you, so listen close
It is Love that leads the way !!!
The Spirit of truth you may see
as marching onward in battle,
But do not dare to go against
lest you desire to hear deaths rattle!!!
I fight with you, not against you
so with me take your stand,
for in this life though you may not see
Gods Army is marching across this land!!!
To those who desire my closeness I can give it only a bit
for death and danger are all around me and to protect you from it requires my wit!!!
Pain and suffering I know beyond compare
As beholding me it's plain to see
But someday soon this will all pass
as I move forth into eternity

God Fights For Us

The Victory once again is had
as in the battle we did not do bad.
We stood, we fought, we bled a little
and a hurtful thing was felt,
but the Victory is had once more
as God's Spirit is what was felt.
He moved us forward pressing on
thru death and evil real,
but the hearts of God the adversary
had not the power to steal.
God is leading us in this fight
like times of ancient old,
and so I write strait from my heart
and these words I give you bold.
Hold fast, don't fret, do not give in,
as the times ahead will be worse,
but defeat is not an option,
to surrender a damnations curse.
I encourage you all to join me
as the battle is coming to you
and by keeping the faith in God alone
the Victory is ours to carry us on.
Put all your trust in Him and fear none other,
for God himself fights for us and brings us close together.

This soldier is for real,
and the battles I speak of from the battlefield
are not things I dream up in my head,
you do not have to believe just me
you could hear from others
all these things I have said.
Many at first do not believe
until with their own eyes they've seen
and once they do, there's no turning back
and their senses become so keen.
You think not much of me,
for really you know men not,
but given the chance to meet with you,
within your heart is just a certain spot.
Where His Spirit seeks a home with you
to fight for you these days,
and bring peace eternal
that no man can take away.
I have seen the enemy in such a way
I dare not even speak of
and tell you from within my heart
look now to God above.
Time is short and fierceness comes
to destroy all whom he can,
but trust in God with all your heart
and you have to fear not any man.

Blessings to you all from the Lord of excellence.
Praise be to the King of Glory!!!


It breaks my heart dear Brother, that you've often prayed to die
But I know of all the reasons, I don't have to ask you why.
I know that you are tired, and life's been far from fair
And you have so many burdens, almost more than you can bare.
I pray God's Love and Mercy will come shining down on you,
To give you strength and courage to face all the things you do.
And when you go, I just don't know, of a pain that could be worse,
I don't think that I could take it, and I hope that I go first.
So as you pray for the day, to enter Heavens gate,
Know that I'd be hurting, and I'd miss you as I'd wait.
And so I have another prayer, I lift to God on high,
That he would let the Death Angel, pass you right on by,
And fill your life with happiness, and take away your tears,
And give you joy in living for many, many years.
I love, admire, and respect you Brother more than you could know
You're my best friend and I need you always.
You have been such a blessing to so-o many people,
And we are all better off just having known you.
May god bless you and yours today tomorrow and always.


God sent and Heaven bound Nothing here shall hold me down
Filled by His Spirit so much Love leading me back to Heaven above
So follow along, arrive there too His guiding Spirit will see you through

There is that in this world strong but there is This in me greater
So by His Grace through Faith in This I have victory in This my Creator
He is my God my Savior
In that there is no doubt
So I have gone and proclaimed it
By His will I do shout it out!!!

Choose to Praise

Try hard enough and in every circumstance
we can find reason to complain and reason to rejoice.
To praise is to feast on the goodness of God.
To complain is to languish in the squalor of self.

It's your choice to rejoice
Or to blame and complain.
To sing a refrain Or refrain to sing
Is to gain new ground,

Or go round and round

Raise your praise
Or weep in defeat
Make the gain
Or remain the same
Curse and be worse
Praise and be raised.
It's you who choose
To win or lose.

To praise is to party.
It is cutting the cords to earthly burdens
And heading for heaven's joys.
Praise magnifies God.
The alternative magnifies the problem.
The last thing we need is a 'small' God and large problems!
What will we choose to exalt: the mighty, eternal God,
Or the puny, temporary problem?
Praise pricks bloated problems
By empowering us to glimpse the enormity of God.