Abduction on Christmas Eve

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Abduction on Christmas Eve

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Abduction on Christmas Eve

Written by Luz Leigh - 22 December 2009

Setting: my humble home in deep east Texas. Christmas Eve about 25 years ago. I'm busy doing my usual preparations for the Christmas Day meal and wrapping gifts. Phone rings. Police dispatcher in a nearby city identifies himself to me; he's one of several officers with whom we are friends. "Ma'am, do you own a (here he described a pickup truck that my sixteen year old son drives, but it is titled in my name)?" I answer in the affirmative. "Has it recently been stolen?" Why in the world is he being so formal ... and why his he asking such a question. I assure him the truck has never been stolen. At the moment it is parked in the driveway of our home, I advise him. He then explains that within the past hour that truck was used in a possible abduction in his city. Knowing that my son and a friend had just arrived home from a trip to that city, I told the dispatcher I would speak to my son and report back to him.

"DAVID, GET IN HERE." Running from his room to the kitchen, David appears as if by magic. "Yes, ma'am?" Almost afraid to hear his answer, I asked what he and Russell, the friend, had been up to while in town, relating what the police dispatcher had told me. The two boys began laughing. When they could stop laughing long enough, they explained about the "abduction." They had stopped at the Sonic drive-in where David had purchased a hamburger and drink. After pulling back onto the street, he drove a block before deciding he would let Russell drive so he could eat his 'burger. David had a cap pistol laying in the seat of the truck, so on a whim, he left his 'burger & fries in the truck, picked up the toy pistol and ran to the passenger side of the truck and pretended to "force" Russell to drive the truck.

Someone in a nearby liquor store saw the incident, copied the license plate number and proceeded to call the police of an "abduction." At this point, I relaxed and even laughed a bit. As promised, I called the dispatcher and explained that it was nothing more than a prank. The dispatcher, who knew David and how he could think up more foolish things to do, chuckled and thanked me for clearing up the matter. Of course, there were several officers who saw no humor in the situation and expressed their opinions to me and to David, saying how immature he was to do such a thing.

Several hours passed. David and Russell are in David's room wrapping the Christmas gifts they had purchased that afternoon. Suddenly David gets a fire call, so he drops everything, rushes to the fire station to join the older volunteers. He dons his fire gear, hops in the back seat of the pumper truck and prays it won't be a bad fire. He soon learns there is a house on fire about three miles from the station. Although he is only sixteen years old, he has been volunteering as a junior fireman for several months. This is not this first house fire. After fighting the fire for several hours, he is one of the "lucky" volunteers who gets to remain at the station, clean the hoses and roll them up so they can be placed back on the truck in preparation for the next call. It is nearing midnight when a very tired, dirty firefighter returns home.

As I watch him enter the front door, my heart swells with pleasure to know this "immature" kid willingly left the safety of his home to help save someone's property, and possibly life. I really wanted to pick up the phone and call those officers who had labeled him immature and tell of how he spent his Christmas Eve, but I didn't. I just bowed my head, thanked our Father for having kept him and his fellow firefighters safe, one more time.

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