A Firm Foundation

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A Firm Foundation

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

A Firm Foundation

Written by Luz Leigh - 16 January 2008

For many years my family and I attended a small Southern Baptist Church about six miles from my home. Then the Lord led us to other churches. During the years we were at the small church, we took turns giving a devotional before we went to our respective Sunday school classes. About once every two months the lady, who was in charge of seeing to it that a devotional would be given, would remind me that the following Sunday would be my responsibility.

Well, speaking was never a problem for me, once I found that I didn't have to hide behind my mother's skirt tail. So, having been reminded, I would make a notation somewhere around the house or in my Bible "Devotion Sunday". Then on Sunday morning, a few minutes before time to depart for church, I would pray, "Lord, help me". Opening my Bible, I would choose a scripture verse, select an appropriate hymn to be sung, and make a decision on whom I would call to lead in the opening prayer. Hurriedly, I would jot down some notes.

This morning, when searching for something in one of my many notebooks around here, I found notes that were dated 02-24-02 and contained the following:

Hymn 338, verse 1
Prayer, Cousin Clyde Colburn
1 Peter 1:23 Prov 29:17
Remember these 2 statements
1. A solid foundation
2. The ability to bend
These are 2 primary factors that keep tall buildings safe during earthquakes.
These are 2 necessary factors in a Christian's life.
Last verse of Hymn 338

Today after reading the two scripture references, I searched around for a hymnal, one that we would have been using at that time. "How Firm a Foundation" was the chosen hymn.

Cousin Clyde was a dear sweet man, in his nineties by that time, who had the most beautiful bass singing voice one could imagine. And pray ... that man was no stranger to the throne of God. He prayed from the heart.

"Bending" was something I wrote for one of my sons when he was having some difficult times in his life. It has been shared with many folks prior to its being posted on my webpage in a feeble effort to bring hope and comfort to those who might be struggling.

I know not how I tied in those scripture verses, the song and the story, but the Lord gave me the message to speak. He guided me that morning as I stood before the handful of Christian brothers and sisters, many of whom were my blood relatives. And you know how much harder it is to speak to relatives than to strangers. Our relatives know our weaknesses as well as any strengths we might have.

Think on the third verse of "How Firm a Foundation".

The soul that on Jesus hath leaned for repose,
I will not, I will not desert to his foes;
That soul, tho' all hell should endeavor to shake,
I'll never, no, never, no, never forsake.

It is my hope that anyone who reads this will have his foundation planted on Jesus the Rock and will lean on Him for repose, which means rest. Sorry that I can't remember all the words I shared with the folks that morning back in 2002, but maybe I have given you enough encouragement that you will look up those scriptures and maybe find the words to the other verses of the song mentioned. Then pray for His enlightening.

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