A Friday Night Visit

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A Friday Night Visit

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

A Friday Night Visit

Written by Luz Leigh - 27 February 2010

"Mam Maw, it's me." Oh, how many times have I heard those most welcome words? They signal to me that my oldest granddaughter, Patsy, has arrived for a visit. With her busy life, sometimes the visit is only a few minutes in length. However, last evening she was able to remain for about four hours. Her boyfriend was busy coaching a group of T-ball players and later he had some plans of his own. So, we were free to just enjoy each other's company.

Of course, the first item on the agenda was supper. She helped prepare our simple meal ... taquitas, cheese dip, whole kernel corn and a green salad. She drank her water while I drank iced tea.

The evening included several stories about my children when they were young ... whether she likes to hear me reminiscing she never says anything ... just listens and laughs, if it is a funny episode. "Did you ever hear the story about the pickled okra?" I asked. She had not so I proceeded to share it. Jack and I would pinch our pennies all week so that on Saturday night we could take the children to a nearby town where there was a Bonanza Restaurant. The steaks were priced low enough that we could treat the children to STEAK. One night, after the waitress had taken our orders for the steaks, we all went to the salad bar. I spied something that I thought was sliced, pickled okra. Decided to try some.

Back at the table I picked up a couple of slices of the "pickled okra". Now let me explain something ... I did not then, nor do I now, like anything pepper hot. In my mouth went what I perceived to be okra. Wrong. It was jalapeno peppers which set my mouth on fire. The waitress had not yet made it back to our table with our tea. So here I am, fanning my face, hoping to put out the fire that was raging (or so I thought) inside my mouth. Tears were streaming down my cheeks by the time the waitress rushed to the table with the tea. Patrons around our table were looking at us as if I were a side show freak at the circus. As I gained my composure, we realized Heather, our six-year-old daughter was crying. I was so touched ... she was upset over my dilemma, or so I thought. When her daddy asked her why was she crying, she said she was afraid we would have to go home before she could get her steak. I thought her tears were in sympathy with her mom when in fact, she was concerned about her food. Patsy said, "That's my mom, alright."

As we sat in the living room following supper discussing things of great matter, not sure what they were, but I'm sure they were important, our talk turned to vehicles. We remembered the time that I took Patsy with me to go to a car dealership and pick out a new car. This was the first such undertaking I had experienced since Jack's death a year or so earlier. Patsy, at nine years of age, had some suggestions as to which car I should choose. I suppose she did well in helping me select the car because I'm still driving it. She reminded me that I let her drive the car the first day I owned it. Yeah, I know by now you are thinking, "Did she really let a kid that young drive?" Sure, she had been driving out in the country for over a year. This is Texas, isn't it?

We discussed the upcoming county and state elections. One of the candidates running for a state office got a thumbs down from both of us, so we shared our reasons for not supporting him. We tried to think of something positive to say about him, but we drew a blank.

Finally, I reminded her that she had to work today and I really wanted to get some sleep, so we said our goodnights and she drove away. House sure seemed empty. Until we can have more uninterrupted time together, I shall savor the memories of last evening. God is good.

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