A Hardy Crowd

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A Hardy Crowd

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

A Hardy Crowd

Written by Luz Leigh - 10 October 2008

As we sat at the dinner table, memories crowded in. There was Bryant; the only person I have known who survived a full blown case of West Nile virus a few years ago. Many prayers from people across the nation were lifted, both for his life to be spared and for his wife to have the strength to face this time in their lives. The Lord was gracious, having restored Bryant's health and Kelly was made stronger for having gone through this ordeal.

Seated next to me was Martha. She and I each lost a parent when we were very young, so we've always had a special closeness. In the year 1997 her older sister died in the month of May; then just a couple months later, her only brother was called home. She misses her siblings. But she turns to her musical talents to help her give praise the Lord who has been with her throughout her life.

Across from me sits a lady who is not only a relative, but was my math teacher in high school. A few years ago it was determined her robust husband of many years was suffering from a heart condition, from which he would not survive. She bravely stood by as she watched this man who had always been the epitome of health slowly drift away. He was the dominate spouse in the marriage, so following his death Ginny had to learn to take care of finances, make decisions that always been the responsibility of the husband.

Another widow at the table had given up her husband to death to a sudden heart attack when both were pre-retirement age. She picked up the pieces of her life, leaning on the Lord for support. Many times she has been asked, how do you do it? How do you seem so content? With a smile, she shrugs her shoulders and says, "The Lord's will be done. He will not place more on me than I can handle. He is there by me each step of the way."

Those words reflect the lives of each of the people mentioned above. They are dedicated Christians who look to Him for strength, daily, not just when trouble comes. The family name of these people is Hardy; and when checking the definition of the word "hardy" we see it means strong or robust. These individuals are from what we call "good stock." They have been through the fire and came out refined, stronger, ready to face life.

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