A Parent's Love

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A Parent's Love

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

A Parent's Love

Written by Luz Leigh - 13 February 2008

One of the things I do once a week is laundry for one of non-married sons. I have been asked more than once by friends who know of my habit, "Why do you spoil him?" ... "When are you going to make him grow up?" ... "Don't you have enough to do without laundering his clothes?"

Well, first off, to be real frank and not very tactful, it is no one's business but MINE, what I do for my children. There is no way I can outdo giving to them. The three of them are always here when I need something.

The one for whom I do laundry sees to it that my yard is taken care of, even to the point of mowing it himself at times. I never have to worry about that task, although for years mowing and weed eating was something I looked forward to during the growing season. That is not the only thing he does, but he and I sort of have an informal agreement. Trade yard work for laundry. Besides, I get to go to his home to do the laundry where, in good weather, I can sit on the front porch and reminisce. You see, he lives on the home place ... where I was born and lived for the first thirty-five years of my life. In the summer I use his electricity to power the air conditioning; in the winter I use it for the central heat while doing my "maid" work. When he does my yard, he provides the lawn mower, gas for mower and uses his weed eater. Are you beginning to see that old Momma is actually getting the better part of the deal?

In Matthew, Jesus speaks of how we mortals who are evil give good gifts to our children. He further, through the Apostle Paul when writing to the Ephesians, admonished parents to bring our children up in the training and instruction of the Lord. If Jesus cared enough to be concerned about the children, can a parent do less? Yeah, I know ... you are thinking, "But these are GROWN children." True, but Jesus does not say when, if ever, we parents are released from our duty to show His love through our actions toward our children. So, when I launder my child's clothes, I do it out of love for him ... and he knows it.

Aren't you glad that our heavenly Father does not stop His love toward us just because we have become "grown?"

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